Brief Stay in My City

July 20, 2015

Everyone has one’s own sense of humor in life. And such given senses of humor to one person could be considered as something serious matter to others and thus people vary on the type of flavor and taste they have in life. Even jokes and humors are relative and contextual and people understand based on their likes and do not like in life. This is very human aspect of life and thus people converse with people in order to share perspectives of life and share something in life. If people could not laugh at jokes, they could probably laugh at serous opinions that are delivered at any given conferences.

When one makes conversation with anyone person, the color and flavor of such given conversation is mainly dependent upon the subject matter, the depth in knowledge both people have, the type of understanding and degree of their understanding level and the kinds of interpretations they have in life, and other factors are important since it is of no value and sense to have any given conversation with a person who has no clue of what one talks and shares about.

In such cases, when one talks about any given subject matter, with one person, with two persons, and with ten persons, the type of subject matter one discusses varies based on the type of people one faces and meets. When such people become 100, then, the conversation will be formal and one delivers a speech based on any given subject matter, one make various research, does interview and the like so that what one talks about could given meaning and sense so that others could appreciate and learn something and it is not here possible to speak the way one talks with one or two people, since one faces in here more than 100 people and the range of the audience level do matte as well.

In such scenario of life, there are people, they are one person, but who think like they are in conference and who are like 100 people since they need to converse with other people by having title or subtitle on the subject of conversation, and whatever thing one discusses with them, one should tell the title or the topic of the subject matter one would like to talk. They try to be formal in very informal way of life. In this case, such people suffer from the desire to be formal while living and having informal world. Such disorder comes to place in their reality thru their personal interests and desire of being formal in any undertakings they have in life. This world is not only formal but also informal and people should sort out when and where to be formal and informal.

Last time I face someone who was trying to challenge on what I say at the grocer where few people meet to have fun and discuss gentle ideas.  I was aware that this person was committed to make something against so that I could be demoralized. After observing what that person move was, I tried to divert the conversation I was having with that person. And then the person still was interfering on what I tried to say, and in this case, what I did was to leave the place since there is no time one could spend arguing and confronting with other since life can bestow by far better things in different places by joining different people.  This is one aspect of life in here.

People understand better when they have mutual understanding in terms of belief and thinking. Such people can discuss and share views in better manner than those people who met suddenly by accident, like the man I met at grocer,  and talk about things which they like to share about. However, this does not mean that they are absolutely correct and what they and believe is the beginning and end of this world and everything. Sharing view while belonging to similar belief system make their life simpler, this could mean that such people could trick and deceive themselves since they think and talk about something which they do not know, but they have reached to common understanding and agreement.

What is quite funny and strange I had in life is that I faced when I used to belong in previous religious system which I used to belong. I was into middle of discussion in that given time which I remember, and these people told me that they are not allowed to discuss with me since I was covenant breaker. And I asked them what do I lose in being covenant breaker. They said, they are not allowed to associate with me. I replied I am happy since I am very private person and I am happy also not to converse with few hundreds people out of the seven million people in the city. Some people want to be very important since they are narrow minded and they think that they are special, but they do not see life from different perspectives. And what they think and believe is measured by different aspect, it has no impact and is with zero effect.

Such comfort zone which such belief system creates to their followers is hiding place to them, and everyone shelters oneself in there. They think that there is no better world outside that given system of thinking and belief. Where one opens one’s eye wide out, one sees the entire world in different scenario of life. One cannot limit one’s thinking and belief to rigid way of looking at things since one has no group or organized system of thinking in life, one become free thinking, one opens one eye to everyone and everything since one seeks knowledge, truth, freedom and other good things in life. When people are confined to system of thinking, they cannot go outside the box, and they are not limited by few people thinking and understanding of life which are in most case, narrow and biased.

When people belong to particular system of thinking and belief system, they type of conversation they make with those who belong to similar way of life is totally different from those who do not. The first reason is obvious in which they have common way of life, and common thinking which they share in common. The other and different reason is that they want to make others feel and think that they have something different and special. But in reality, as one goes and enter into their rooms, verandas and everywhere, they have no such no such thing which can be considered as the way they think except their own ego and ambitions surrounded with self centered personality and what they consider as something precious is tantamount to childish cheap psycho and foolish drama and play they have and they make in their life and with others too.


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