A Bit Tricky

July 15, 2015

I was reading very funny article last time and the article states about Africa and its nation’s economy and goes on listing African richest countries from one to some few nations’ lists. And the list goes down. I never laughed in my entire life by the way the article was written since the writer must have written it for joke or to make many people laugh although one could feel and understand the desire and good feelings behind such motive and write up, it is not yet ripe to connect the word “Africa and rich” since the continent lacks many things and steps, stages and ages yet to come. It is good to hope bright things, but it is foolish to deceive oneself and others with false hopes and visions.

A disciple once asks his master, oh wise and all-knowing one, take me to the realm of perfect peace; and a master replied, If I take you to that realm, it will no longer be peaceful. One finds this given claim very interesting for different reasons and aspects. The first one is what one assumes that peaceful realm to one person is not conducive to the other, in which life is relative and the other is that the way both people perceive with each other even if there is a such thing exist, peoples personality and thinking matter on what a place to be called peaceful or not.

Few people can discover peaceful realm in chaotic conditions of life since it is their own state of being that matter that external conditions and situations of life; the other is the place itself matters in which even if there are peaceful places, if the person’s state of being is not calm, whether one is put in peaceful place, it does not matter. Even if the above claim is to indicate that the person’s noisy behavior could make that  given peaceful place into chaos, it is also sometimes important to consider in here that the person could also be transformed to peaceful situations of life as matter of joining such calm places too.

Most of the things we perceive in life in relative, contextual and subjective. For example, there is no such a thing direction when one lives on the Sun in which direction works better for the human society in order to sort out things. There is no such a thing years, months, weeks and days but such designations and numbers work for human society in order to organize and manage their resource in efficient and effective manner. In such given aspect of life, the truth which the human society claims is very relative and subjective in which they are mainly dictated by few people who understand and interpret such things in better manner, which does not mean that they are holistic and truthful since the truth require all absolute components of life.

This is like one eyed man is considered as king in the world of the blind in which when few people know something better, they are trusted and respected. Betterment does not imply that one has complete and perfect knowledge and information about any given subject matter since knowledge and information people have on any subject matter is tantamount to what is discovered, known and communicated, and this does not mean that there is no such thing that does not exist since it is not discovered and shared to others.

For example, they say that the Age of Enlightenment (or simply the nlightenment or Age of Reason) is an era from the 1620s to the 1780s in which cultural and intellectual forces in Western Europe emphasized reason, analysis, and individualism rather than traditional lines of authority. How do they arrive at this particular year and time? What about those ages before, what about those ages before in which those people is in such countries reside were doing? What about those people in Asia, Africa, Caribbean and the likes were doing in such ages, when is their days of enlightenment? Such given subject matters are also relative and contextual. They live under the mercy of such researchers since most people in this world are subjected to the mercy of few individuals, which does not mean that they are truthful and absolute.

This is not to deny that there was no enlighten in Europe, but the type of understanding and interpretation at which few people arrive, but to indicate that there is something missing in its accurateness, and truthfulness in which such given types of realities of life are more of secondary information and data than being first hand since such given deduction lacks accuracy and concrete data and information due to many factual reasons. The other is the field which practice in telling the different types of the human species in which such given historical information are not life and death thing since they are not exact and they need to have many checking before one accept as true.

The ambition and desire of being patriotic or nationalistic—to have love and regard for one’s nation and something one belong—is very good, but to hate or disregard is others is bad. People should not confuse such aspects of life since the trend is seen that most people are attracted to one side and they get bias on the other side of the coin which they should not. When any given nation gives high values to its own, it should not forget that others do also give same value to their own. In this case, the idea of cooperation and working together will be on stages of workshops and conference, but not on the daily menu of this world and social life in the entire world.

This world is more of individualistic in concern in which every nation or group is more of territorial in thinking and personality in which I am better than others is a feeling which is reflected many arena and venues of the human life. In such world, to have communal betterment is no easy, in which individualism is one of the characteristics of developed nation. Going back to that given article, the richness such people aspire for such continent will lead to more individualistic way of life and they lose such inherent nature and characteristics of those given way of life, which is emerging in the continent. And the way forward is crystal clear. As more rich people are coming out, the individualistic way of life is inevitable.

One of the challenges of growing nations the individualistic way of life which such people who are growing too create since such given way of life will create turbulence in society life since in places where communal way of life is norm, individualistic way of life cannot be easily accommodated. Here, resource sharing will be the agenda of such given community life in which those who are growing in economy will not allow and permit to do so. Thus, they become more of territorial and individualistic in way of life that have communal thinking. In such given undertaking, confusion and contradiction will be on stage the government or institutions support those who have strong economic reserve since they are also beneficiary from such people income.

Such transition period will not be easy since it creates some sort of turbulences in thinking of what an identity means. For example, I feel in here as if I am second or third citizen person since I am watching other peoples living, what they eat, what they do and the like. It is the system that makes people like me to be observant of what is going on the drama. This does not mean that good things are not happening, but I and most people in her are not benefited from such good things since we do not belong to the system.

And that given article claims and what people like me, in which this could be more than 95% of Africa population is, it sounds funny and deceiving to put such nations as rich. Consequently, to be rich in poor countries is a liability but to be rich in wealthy nations is commendable and praiseworthy. In fact, the poor in here are rich in vocabulary and there are quite few people who become lords of poverty. In that case, one agrees with that give write up.

Even if one feels and thinks that one is second citizen in here, most citizens of the world in most countries share same feeling and thinking, and change cannot come overnight since it needs more things and components of life. Politics and religion can change the life of few people, but what the world needs is quite different approach and scenario of life since neither of the two have provided everlasting and reliable solution to the world at large. Both have failed in bring betterment to the world at large, though they have done well in past, but is not enough. Both have employed sabotage, conspiracy, armaments and hypnotism a tool and weapon to install their ideology within this world. However the world has to re-think and re-consider since it has failed in all the approaches it employed to date.


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