The Aroma of the Speaker

July 13, 2015

Yesterday, I was watching a satellite TV broadcasting in which the program was about preaching the verses of New Testament by a pastor. I was listening to catch up on what he was trying to deliver, and he shout loud and loud and he said one statement and he repeated again and again, and there is no such  substance I could catch from what he was trying to deliver.

What was quite interesting in here is that there were many people in the audience, they were full of crying and weeping since the man was speaking with loud voice and he said something which they share something in common, in which he was telling them how they were blessed and sanctified in every day. I was wondering in here that such people think and believe that the man was speaking how they are saved and they are in heaven since they have accepted Jesus as their savior.

I was quite impressed on how people are ego centered and self centered since they like to be praised and glorified, and that was what he did so, in which they agreed to be in that given scenario of life. There is no such thing that makes them unique or special. Agreement cannot comply with the truth since they have made certain harmony in that given assemblage, they think that they are saved and holy beings, but in fact, once they are out of that given church, they could lie and do many bad things, they could be arrogant. But they come again to that church and meet on Sunday’s, they take same life style as most are observed. In fact there are quite few people who live up to principles and follow the path of good.

In that given speech the man was delivering, I was kind of stuck on my Sunday since I could not find any substance in his speech except the person’s own style and way of articulating on the speech he was trying to deliver. The speaker is no even attractive on his look and in the voices he was uttering except he was very emotional and passionate in what he wanted to speak and deliver. The audience sounded that they loved his style since he was shouting a word which they like to be uttered. I had attended such given type of gathering at young age, there is nothing change in style and on what they deliver even after two decades. But, now, I am matured enough to tell what is good or bad, what to believe or not.

When a person is more of style oriented and try articulate the way one is speaking than deliver certain truthful information about matter one wants to deliver, I come to an idea that the person lacks clarity of information or knowledge on what the person wants to deliver. When one is especially in front of an audience, one should know the range of the audience even if they share something in common, the way or method one tries to deliver to teenagers and experienced people should not be similar and one should find way to attract and influence both range of groups with similar frequency level.

They say, great oratory has three components: style, substance, and impact. A great speech must be masterfully constructed. The best orators are masters of both the written and spoken word, and use words to create texts that are beautiful to both hear and read. A speech may be flowery and charismatically presented, and yet lack any true substance at all. Great oratory must center on a worthy theme; it must appeal to and inspire the audience’s finest values and ideals. Great oratory always seeks to persuade the audience of some fact or idea. The very best speeches change hearts and minds and seem as revelatory several decades or centuries removed as when they were first given.

There are many people, who are always on stage, but the moment one delivers attentive ears to such people, they speak beautiful words, but they do not deliver any given thought except repeating what other people before them said and they forget and do not realize that articulation of words by itself cannot be a thought. People can speak of thousands words on stage, but they do not deliver new and strong thoughtful messages as they tell what has been told by others time and again. In such case, it is wiser and better to buy or borrow one new good book and read since one can find something meaningful thinking and perspectives of life.

Whilst such is the case, there are certain exceptional individuals who are endowed with such a gift in way they make and persuade everyone, to believe that this person is a magic, and everyone falls under their mercy when they deliver a speech, even the stones do give a witness that this person is a profound and real speaker. Underlining in one aspect of the  above three components of delivering speech, personal natural sound or voice is a great matter that give additional flavor to the speech one delivers Few voices have exceptional force and vibration that do have tremendous influence on the human frame.

Every person has gift. Such gifts cannot be similar since there is distinct nature and reality that is bestowed to everyone. The sound is a different nature and reality bestowed by life to every human frame and the speech is one of the most important attributes of human reality. Sound has its own color and flavor in which there are certain sounds that give comfort to hearts and minds and as there are certain sounds that are irritating and disturbing too.

When such speeches are made with passion and knowledge along with style and substance, which they call—the human utterance—it brings different kinds of forces in that given hall in which, such given deliberation doe have its own natural influence among the human kind even if type of language the speech is made matters, those who have no clue on the type of the language one speaks, they could at least feel the energy and spirit behind such speech. This is one of the natural characteristics of such given types of orators.

Such profound speeches made by such given types of great people are spices of life in which when they are especially made in dark times and despairs, they deliver light and hope and they reinvigorate hearts and minds of most people. In such places, people are thrilled with high spirits that give energy and motivate them to undertake their daily undertakings in nice manner.

Besides style and substance an oratory should deliver, impact is something worthwhile since style and substance should result in an impact since it is the end result. While having an impact, the volume and color of sounds one is employing and using, physical appearance, wearing, gestures and movements one make in front of the audience is an important components of oratory. A good speaker has healthy impact on the audience and it delivers something that can stay for decades and ages yet to come. A good speaker delivers vigor to the audience. A good speaker makes participants of that given gathering say I am glad I attend that gathering!!


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