The Other Pages of Life

July 9, 2015

I was into grocer the other night having few glasses of beer. I had conversation with someone in which one of the subject of conversation was on the idea of suicide bombers in which few people do kill others under the name of belief in which the person said, even if those kill other people due to firm conviction they have for their religious view, both, the killer and the killed will go to heaven. I asked him, how, he replied, those who kill are promised to go to heaven, those who die are martyrs of their faith. This is one of the preposterous thinking and perception one heard since such kinds of thinking originate from the idea of religious belief and if there as was no such religious belief, both people will not die in this manner.

The idea of heaven and hell come to existence as matter of facts mentioned in the scriptures in which the old and new testaments are widely mentioned in most avenues of such life. Such given ideas in these books come to place in past 8000 and 2000 years respectively, and the life here after was not even an issue in this plane of existence before then since understanding and thinking is one given factor; the other is  peoples’ keen interest and desire to know such aspects of life is another matter.

In such given aspect of life as being human, the question of the other life is not even answered to date except mere speculations people have which is resulted due to belief and religious conviction people have in this world since the other life is not something that cannot be objectively proven out and it is something that could require certain level of consciousness that cannot be certified by fake gesture of mere ink and paper people could have in schools since it is different phenomena of life.  Is there life after this world? How do we know? Who is to be trusted in telling rightful and authoritative information regarding the existence of such world and why do we trust such given source of information?

People should think about the life here after just like a young person aspire to one’s future such as type of profession one should have and type of job and family life one should do since such life is inseparable from all kinds of people routine and daily activities and it is not something that should come to old ages while people are pensioned and nothing to work with. Most associate the life here after once they get retired, have no choice in life, or fail in life on what they want to achieve, which should not be the case since it is something worthwhile to spend some time due to its being inescapable reality. Such life is something that puts everyone under vague perception and thinking since it is one of the hard and difficult subject matters to discuss and come in agreement with, but it is sometimes good and deserving to share views since it is not harmful to share one’s perceptions.

However, life on the earth is unpredictable to anyone and the point of death can visit anyone at any given point due to the fact that it is inevitable to happen in one’s life whether one is baby, young, old, man, woman and the like. What could vary in here is that the amount of thinking and contemplation people make along with efforts and choices they make in unraveling such secrets and mysteries of life in their own way and fashion which none has the right and authority to stop and dictate on them that vary on the amount of thinking and time and energy people deliver, which vary upon individual’s choices and decisions they make in life. The point is who is going to tell us.

Politics shape this world and gives some kind of perspective on how to live on the earth—both by force and by peace. Religion helps politics in this manner and tries to give ideas and information about the world hereafter. Even if politics is mainly responsible for the affairs of this world and religion claims that it knows something beyond, which is about the world here after. Both shape human thinking about life and living in this world and the next one according to what they understand and comprehend, this does not mean that they are absolutely correct since there are many failures in managing the affairs of this world, forget about the worlds here after and yet to come. It is possible to tell that both put the two worlds in different color and shape. And it is possible to make wild guess that this world is no good shape as it is possible to tell about the hereafter too.

What makes life very intricate—besides human way of perceiving and understanding of nature and life—to this plane of existence on the earth is two folds; the first one is there are many unknown aspects of life in this world, and the second is the where to go from here in which many people are not sure where they are going after this life unless and otherwise they are dictated by some kind of belief which they are molded by any given religious ideology and belief. In this case, people live with hope, and faith in which promise is what they underline and tell aloud.

While such theatrical drama is on stage, one wonders as to what make people think that there is life after here in which people are shaped to think and believe that there is life after death in which there is beginning to another end. Death is a point in which it proclaims final stage of existence on the earth and it is also beginning of existence to another world. Death is a point where the two worlds meet. If such is the case, why do we fear death? Why do most people are anxious not to die even if they are occupied and filled with hope and faith supported by their given promise which they are delivered, which vary according to the nature and character of belie system which they respectively belong? Is it because they think they have failed to meet the standards to be in the next world, which creates feeling of uncertainty and insecurity or due to their high sense of attachments to this world of existence?

Can we accept few people claim that such people say the next world is fabrication of few powerful and imaginative individuals who want to manipulate this world and its people with their own given ideology and belief so that they keep maneuvering peoples thinking and belief in way they desire and aspire? Though many people claim and think that there is next world yet to come, but the way they live and practice their given way of life in here does not make others to think that such given world exist since they live in and or this world too.

There are certain hypothetical ideas in relation to the existence of next world in which the communication with the deceased people, the dream experience which many people have with their departed relatives and parents in their dreams, and the like. For example, when I used to live in Israel, in one of those end days, I had a strange experience there, not at night, but in my state of alertness, day time, in which certain given experience hit and occurred in my inside, call it mind, and the Center of authority was walking and I was under him and there were few people in front of us. I was not sure on what to think and say, but i felt something very personal which is to be kept to one’s own. And thus such given experience is still question unanswered and I do not even expect anyone to answer since it is very personal and one of the mystical experiences I ever had in my life. But, I came to understand something in life.

However, I got to an idea that there is still communication and interaction people can make with other people in the other world since life is continuous, and people go on communicating with those people of the world hereafter and those who live in this world do it without heir control and will since it is one of the fundamental forces of life, since such communication is not something one can stop but it comes out of the beyond control factors. In this given case, people can have their own subjective and contextual understanding, but this does not mean that other people should buy it, but they can buy something from the department store, but not from here. This point become tasteless and colorless, when one claims certain authority since one made such communication, which one has no clue and one has never been in such city.  One does not even say, look at me, follow me since there is nothing to be looked at and there is nothing to be followed with as well. One prefers to live by one’s own than follow other peoples thinking.

Based on one’s own personal experiences of such life, it is possible to tell in here that there is life after here, but it is not possible to tell the color, size, height, size and other aspects such world and life since such given experience and conclusion is derived out personal exposures, but one cannot tell that if one is good or whatever, one goes to heaven since goodness by itself is relative and subjective. It is not possible to make such given judgment and deduction, but it is possible to come to an understanding that life is a continuous process, which never stops.

There are certain confusions which most people make in which having sense of humor and being serious are not integrated in many peoples’ lives in which when one has some sense of humor in life or likes to make joke about something, this does not mean that one has lost purpose in life or is considered as if one is not something serious about life. This is one of silly people ideas about life and their given understanding about life. Life for those people who make joke and have sense of humor is serious in its own way and conditions, but having sense of humor and making jokes is way of life and approach to such life since they do not have carry gospel or any book on Sunday or whatever and show off on the road or to other people, walk on the streets in order to see serious in life.

Life is about perspective and approach. One thinks and believes that there is life after here, but one has no clue on what it looks like and what type of land management and policy , be it lease or other type such world do have even if one is not sure there is land there or not. But, on rejects any religious claim all have in relation to next world, which one does not agree and is not completely interested to hear about their propaganda.


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