Past as Bridge

July 6, 2015

Over the weekend I had conversation with someone who was telling a story about his given life. The man was living in state of confusion in which the daughter which he claimed to be his own was found out that she is another person. He used to think that for the past eight years, he lived with no single trace of hesitation and doubt that due to the connection he had with his claimed to be daughter, but in unexpected situation and time, he heard rumor and later on, he find out that from his wife that the daughter does not belong to him. This is very catastrophic. This is what can happen at an individual level.

It is also quite interesting to find out same type of catastrophic situation at community and society level in which certain society was tricked about something in which a given leadership thing in past, and such deception and trick was found out later by certain given people, it was fake. But the claim goes on and things come to be real and as if nothing was fabricated and since money is the one that play significant role in shaping such peoples thinking. In this case, a false told repeated and many times can be considered as true since it is told in daily manner. When such false is told by claimed big people, the rest follow such given peoples’ personality than the truth.

In both scenarios of life, life in this world is featured in this way since both things do happen in this world at individual and community level. In both circumstances of life, trick and deceptions are found in common, and confusions and stresses also are the result of such confusions and complications of life since the truth is the touchstone which could take time, but it comes out on stage as time is due. Trust is the corner stone of both community and family lives, which they lack; it is not possible to have common good and bright future to the entire world. Trust cannot be established out of trick and fake systems and way of life since it requires certain level of maturity and understandings between people and on how they build their values too. Trust should be based on truthful values and thinking, not upon lie and deceptions.

In both situations and incidents of life, it is not possible to change the past since history is something activated and done, but it is possible to change in attitude and thinking. The individual can keep thinking that the daughter belongs to him, but not the wife since the wife cheated on him. The connection he creates with his daughter can continue since such kind of connection cannot be created out of the blue but thru deep feeling and thinking one has for the other. But, things will not be the same with his wife since cheating exist in his wife world and trust is the balance that keeps such relationships to norm.

In the community or society level, it is not possible to reach to the desired destiny to the future of the vision in which they set thru fabricated and tricked claim since the truth is the touchstone and the balance. The conflict and contradiction that arise in every society and community is the result of such confusion and trick  never society is the result of such trick and deception since fake and deception cannot create unity but rather such given act and practice is the cause all kinds of contraction in thinking and understanding.  It is possible to deceive and to lie many people, but it is not possible to mess up and play games with the truth since the truth speaks out for itself in its own good time.

For example, Jesus Christ had no home and even shelter, but the current followers of his teaching claim that wealth is blessing and bounty of God and they become rich. They assume that amount of wealth they have and the money they put in their bank account is tantamount to the degree and connection they have with God. If the personality and lives of Jesus is an exemplary lifestyle, they should not possess wealth since he taught humanity on how to be good, not rich, with each other. The same is true to other given teachers since they are not attracted to material possessions, but their followers claim that they have accumulated wealth since they follow their teachings; in other words many people are involved in commercial fields and way of life in which it is not possible to make money at least without even lying.

This is to mean that interpretations and understanding followers claim could lead to faulty perceptions and interpretation of realities of life and thus the standards and values of life could be depleted as time goes by as result of such given people views on such given realities of life. Hence, this could lead to wrong and bad end and the whole society could be put under jeopardy as result of such misconception and delusions. In this way, such people invent many other wrong people to their given domain under their footsteps and off springs, and they create wrong and catastrophic world as result of their faulty understanding and perception of such give realities of life. The world continues such style of life at present and to the future.

We live quite in paradoxical world. In such paradoxical world, to correct historical mistakes and failures by going far past is equivalent to wasting time, but what one should do to the future is the proper thing one should think and consider. In such thinking and understanding, it is not possible to come to truthful future by lied and tricked past, but it is possible to come up with common understanding and thinking even if past is wrong and fake, but the future is something that people can create with communication and interaction. In such scenario of life, it is not possible to forget past, but it is something that can be used as bridge to the present and the future.

The first thing such people should do is to develop the art and capacity of listening with each other. This is not easy skill since such skill cannot be acquired with ambitious, egoist and self centre individuals. The art and culture of listening requires a process and it needs such given people give time to think and meditate about, who I am, who I was, what I really need, What I think and do is for the sake of others or for my personal interest, and the like, and they should investigate themselves before they go out since such people are involved in creating common good and good future to the world.

Credibility germinates out of truthful and genuine authority, not on fake and wrong authority.  Dictatorial way of thinking and perception could not benefit themselves and the society at large. When they want to create common good to the future, they should detach themselves from their personal hidden ambition and perceptions since others should be involved in the common undertaking. In such listening and understanding world, they can firs create communicable environment to the whole than induce fear and frustration. Once such is done, the rest will be easier. The foundation work must be done since every view should be respected, not in its superficial aspect, but with genuine and truthful aspect.

People should not dwell in the city of obedience without reasoning and investigating things in independent manner as to their usefulness or harmfulness, and they should be free from biases and unbalanced way of presenting and interpreting information and thoughts—blindly rejecting and simple accepting—in way what they say and think merits only one party or one given system, by rejecting others even if they have truthful and genuine grounds. If all people in one single room talk and talk, the room is occupied with noise, not even single melody come out. If all people in one room discuss similar things, supporting one given agenda, claim and system, it is tantamount to noise since diversity of thinking and understanding is one of the normal practices people should entertain; one person should be enough, the rest are redundant.

In general, we live quite in the middle of things and time, in which past mistakes and failures are not warranty to healthy and bright future yet to come. The first thing such people should do is to revise their past, correct the present and design the future than build many blocks on past errors which could be destroyed and destructed in no time yet to come in the future since the foundation is wrong and fake. It is not possible to expect bright things upon cloudy and dark past and present since the present does not tell anything due to the fact that many of the things in this world are not going forward, but they get stuck as the world condition and situations tell in which this world is the world of the few people living, and the mass just watch such movies of the few. This is wrong and unacceptable.


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