Change—Past Vs Future

July 30, 2015

Greek philosopher and the most erudite person on the earth—Socrates—said, the secret of change is to focus all of your energies, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. This is quite amazing since most people spend all their energies and time by wasting their time and energies on fighting back old systems of thinking and way of life than inventing and creating new and different ones.

Fighting back to old one does have its own back fire which put one’s energy and time for nothing, in fact such given undertaking pull back one’s future undertaking to be under jeopardy and it could paralyze the vision one wants to have and set to the future. Whereas, focusing on having new vision and dimension to changing the future is by far worthier and nobler undertaking people should focus and carry on.

Sufis say, before you speak, let your words pas through three gates. At the firs gate, ask yourself, is it true; at the second gate, is it necessary; at the third gate, it is kind. Accordingly, when people think of bringing change, and changing the future, there are certain things they should ask their own selves before they tell others to change; these are, do what they claim as change is something worthwhile and something that can bring significant change to the life of the society, are they freed from ego and ambition, are they honest with what they claim for, are they courageous to do it even if whatever resistance they face from the mass.

Why do we need change? What are the root causes for people to make the think that change is the necessary step society should take in order to secure its own rights and freedom in the world? Who are the authors of change? What are the driving forces that make society to think about change? Where does the change people claim should drive and lead them to? How do changes come? What is change?

If change is talking about new and different way of life and thinking, what does it mean by such given undertaking? Is it something that is different, but that different thinking could lead society to worsen conditions or better conditions and state of being? Change is something new and different in which it is not about what people think, do and behave as in yesterday, but it is something different and that different thing is new since it is different.

There are two basic reasons why society or individuals needs change. The first one is that existing systems and way of life cannot manage the existing and current affairs of the public in expeditious manner and it fails to administer society’s need, freedom, rights and it creates some sort of disturbances and chaos within the social dynamics. Thus, the existing system and way of life lives in crackdowns since it has many oppositions and opposition parties from the public at large in which foreign parties observe and reflect upon that given contradiction and negatives aspects of any social dynamics.

The second one is change is natural phenomena and human aspect of life since human beings by their very nature need change in life even if they have balanced and harmonized way of life, they by their very nature require change. Change is an inevitable and inescapable human reality and it is something people require even if they have well organized, balance and peaceful society. Change is natural way of life which people seek and since it is something that they cannot avoid.

When any given individual life loses meaning in life, be in chaos and seeks certain amount of guidance, for the way of life is not clearly set and conceptualized, individuals could require certain amount of contemplation on how to bring change into their lives so as to have harmonized, unified and organized life that lead to the battement of their own reality. The second one is, even if they have harmonized and organized and peaceful life, change is not something that stops at any given point since life is continuous process.

Such a change people seek in life is at all level in which any given individual, society or community or any given institution should have since it is one of the natural and intrinsic characteristics and way of life this world. It is not something that people seek as part time lover but rather it is a duty, sacred responsibility and purpose of life people should perform in life.

Most people are afraid of change since they are accustomed to any given way of life, be it they are shaped by any given religious or political ideology which they are programmed and molded to think and behave in certain manner. Such people lives and life style is likened to a fish in fish bowl due to the fact that such given way and style of life does not seek by its very nature any kind of change that change the color, structure and content of the bowl since the fish could think it could die as the bowl form and content of the is changed and they prefer all kinds of change within the bowl, but not the significant changes.

Change must happen with one ground, which should be based on truthful grounds otherwise the existing ones are enough since most of the things we have on this world are lies, tricks and deceptions, but they are assumed and considered as truth, but in reality, they are not since they reject facts and factual presentations and justifications of other people who found out something on them, they remove such people with wrong means and unacceptable methods since they know that they are wring and fake.

Truth can be applicable to politics and political world. People should not necessarily be tricky in order to be politicians since being truthful is a value people should undertake of being a human, be it politician, religious, journalist, engineer, doctor and so on. There are possible failures and weaknesses people face while living in political world, such wrongs and failures should not be justified by lie, deception and trick, but accepting failure and mistakes in truthful ground and manner. In such connection, politicians can gain confidence among the mass which they lead and develop mutual trust with the society at large.

Change in general could be connected like a person who was not writer before become a writer, and copper becomes gold in which any given thing can change into another form and content be it by transmutation or whatever. And this is possible since people can change from one state of being into another due to the fact that this is part of natural human activity. To deny such given accepts of people lives is denying natural characteristics and laws of this world and nature. It is not possible to argue in here that why Mr X or Ms Y is changed since they seek it in life, they have change into something.

Among the factor on why people change, especially in something prolific manner and way of life is the thirst and quest they have in life which give birth to an identity which they do not even realize by the process of life which they employ, with the path to searching meaning and answers to the inherent quest they already acquire in life. Next is efforts and choice they make while following such path of quest in which they in here come up with certain disciplines and mindset to their life. This is different process and way of life and they happen to obtain a different identity than former ones by virtue of such process of life recreate and reinvent to their reality into different identity.

Every inquirer and searcher for meaning for life has distinct characteristics and identity which vary on the nature and character of quest they have in life and answers and opinions they obtain in search for meaningful and thoughtful life. The meaning and color of life here vary on the eye of inquirer and beholder.

It is possible to predict in here that the current social systems and way of life—religious, political, scientific, philosophical—communities, institutions and system of thinking focus and give more respect and more honor to personalities than the truth. When they focus, in some time on to the future, on the truth, they will come to realize that they were wrong and fake due to the fact they spent many years of company giving due respect to those personalities who are created by the power of truth than the truth itself.


Problems for Thinking

July 29, 2015

A person was in difficult situation of life. This difficulty of life stays too long and for many years. When such problems are integrated with no penny, life has its own different color. He has no penny for life and he was looking possible solution without any given cost. And he did not know whom to consult. And then, he came with an idea of consulting professional people. He went at first to the psychiatry, and the person told the types of problematic condition he was and the Psychiatry after listening to what the person said, he gave bit of advice. He said, when you are in difficult conditions of life, your nerve gets cracked and the enzyme called something will be busy and then stress will surround you. And the person asked, how can I remove the business of that enzyme, the psychiatry advised, you need to buy a medicine and he prescribed a medicine to buy.

Then the person was not satisfied with such given advice since one he has no penny to buy and he wanted to solve this condition without penny. Then, he went to a consultant and he explained his condition to the consultant. The consultant said, you know, when you are in such situation, because you are hanging out or having cup of coffee with people whom you do not like, but you are forced. In this case, you need to go movie places, sport or other recreational places. The person asked, what do I need to buy; the consultant replied, you do no need to buy, but it charges you the entrances fees.

The person was not satisfied with such suctions delivered by such professionals, since he was looking solutions that cost him of no coins. And then, there was no other way the person could turn around. And finally, he opened his own prayer book and asked God for help. He said, God, can you remove my problems without any given coin since you know my condition. Then the person heard a sound, it says, yes. Then, after the prayer he made, the person went for walking and he faced another and different and new problem, which make him forget the previous one which bothered him for years. At night, he went to his bed, thank you God, you solved my problem without penny.

Most people think that many of the problems which bothered them in life are solved but not necessarily. In cases, the problems could be there, but it is the shift in thinking and way of life they make that make them think that they have their problems solved since as they get back to former way of life, similar problems which they face in past, which they think are resolved out could come gain and they could face similar kinds of situations of life due to the fact that problems are realities of life which are directly connected with the way and system of life people employ to their life.

Life is on what you think and perceive. What make life interesting and boring is the types of problems which people face in life, as one aspect. When one faces any given problem that stays for many years without any given solution, life becomes colorless and tasteless. In this case, such problem has influence on what one thinks and perceive about other people and the world at large since problems define one’s reality. In this case, it is not focusing on the problems or staying to much thinking and contemplation on the problem that is important, but diverting one’s dimension and perspectives of life to a different arena of life so as to forget the non-resolved problem which is good remedy. Hence, one forgets the problem, but the problem does not forget oneself.

What makes any given human being human is not on what one looks or reflects to the outside world, but rather on what one thinks deep inside since the reality of any human being lies on what one deeply thinks inside, which they call the inner most reality of self. Thinking emanate from the very essence and reality of being human otherwise it would not. Any human being is human since one thinks.

Thinking is the touchstone for any being to be human. What made people think, how does thinking germinate, when, where is a quest people can have in their own beings, which is relative contextual, subjective and can be a subject of concern which is still unanswered.  Sometimes, such given quest could be related as to the quest people have on the power and source of the sun, in which people ask, where is the source of energy for the sun and where is such power come from.

When one thinks, one releases certain energy. The potency of such energy could touch the person next to oneself, surrounding environment, the entire village or town and city, then goes to the whole nation, and then goes far beyond one nation which happens to be universal in due course of time. This makes any given thinking a mysterious phenomenon as the source of energy of the sun is too, since the potency and magnitude of such thinking is measured on how far it goes far beyond one person. What makes any given thinking to go far beyond one nation is the magnitude of the thinking it self

When one says and talks about the magnitude of thinking it is related to the subject matter it discuses, the ideas and arguments entertained in such given thinking, its relevance and importance, its connection and relation with the daily activities and routines of individual and society’s life, its style and way of presentation are some of the aspects of any given thinking as to its attraction and influence towards any given human framework. No thinking can be attractive to another person without any given reason and cause. In this case, such given thinking must be timely and useful for ones’ existence and future of life. If many people are interested, this means such thinking has some kind of mystery and connection with such given individuals that deserve certain amount of consideration and respect.

What make any given individual thinking, in most cases, is certain different and strange incidents of life they face. While making investigation and search for mysteries of such given incidents of life, they come up with something which they do not know, but useful and important to one’s life as they keep on making their research onward, they come up with more truthful and undiscovered aspect of their life. As result of such processes of life, they share what they have come up to other people, and others become interested in such given thinking since they share similar incidents and experiences of life. Hence, a circle of such given thinking is formed which could later on attract other people in their domain and such thinking becomes one perspective to the world at large.

When such people face strange or different circumstances of life, few people carry on them and keep going and working out so that they can find something; where as other just try to forget and live with up to daily silly ins and outs of life; other could live with confusion and frustration, and so on. People’s capacity and exposure of life is important to what such people deliver and find out. Fewer ones come up with something that is useful to themselves and other people and they deliver perspectives and views to the world unlike other who live with frustration and confusion. This makes such given people of perspective— unique and special—since they pass such hurdles of life and obtain clarity on life unlike others who face similar kinds of problematic conditions and situations of life, but they live with confusion

Eye, Eye Glass and Telescope

July 24, 2015

The world we live in is made up of—not blood and flesh—but by desire and keen interest to live and search meaning of life in every corner of the world, in which the following entities and components of life have contribute to the advancement and ever continuing of life in this world in which generation from generation live by inheriting what they have delivered to date. They shape the human way of life and the human thinking in one or the other way and they give some kind of perspective about life in this world and what this world means to everyone.

Based on what they convey, generations have been shaped and society has been invented in which the world lives by whatever thought they have thought and delivered. Principles, thinking and concepts, values, deeds and behaviors have emerged from such components of life, and people have sacrificed their lives for the success and achieving of their purposes and goals. People have lived worshiping and dying for them.

Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. In an older and closely related meaning, “science” also refers to this body of knowledge itself, of the type that can be rationally explained and reliably applied. Ever since  classical antiquity, science as a type of knowledge has been closely linked to philosophy. In the West during the early modern period the words “science” and “philosophy of nature” were sometimes used interchangeably, and until the 19th century natural philosophy (which is today called “natural science”) was considered a branch of philosophy.

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind and language. The Ancient Greek word was probably coined by Pythagoras and literally means “love of wisdom” or “friend of wisdom. Philosophy has been divided into many sub-fields. It has been divided chronologically (e.g., ancient and modern); by topic (the major topics being epistemology, logic, metaphysics, ethics, and aesthetics); and by style.

Religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence. Many religions have narratives, symbols, and sacred histories that aim to explain the meaning of life, the origin of life, or the Universe. From their beliefs about the cosmos and human nature, people may derive morality, ethics, religious laws or a preferred lifestyle.

The ‘philosophy of science’ is the branch of philosophy that studies the philosophical assumptions, foundations, and implications of science, including the formal sciences, natural sciences, and social sciences. In this respect, the philosophy of science is closely related to epistemology and philosophy of language. Note that issues of scientific ethics are not usually considered to be part of the philosophy of science; they are studied in such fields as bioethics and science studies.

In particular, the philosophy of science considers the following topics: the character and the development of concepts and terms, propositions and hypotheses, arguments and conclusions as they function in science. The manner in which science explains natural phenomena and predicts natural occurrences. The types of reasoning that are used to arrive at scientific conclusions; the formulation, scope, and limits of scientific method. The means that should be used for determining when scientific information has adequate objective support, and the implications of scientific methods and models, along with the technology that arises from scientific knowledge for the larger society.

Even if religion is older than philosophy and philosophy is older than science and science is the youngest of both, there ar still unresolved issues of life going on between them as one live opposing the other, one live rejecting the other, one lived criticizing the other. Such contradiction and conflict should come to an end since we live quite in different time. Three of them should be judge on one touchstone, how far they are truthful, trustworthy, honest and useful to the world at large and the future of the world even if all of them are important and useful. What is not important is their contradiction and conflict they have created to date.

Can science agree with philosophy? Can religion agree with philosophy?  Can science agree with religion? These spaces that exist between these three agents of knowledge have left human kind to contemplate on certain aspect of life in different way on which the existing institutions human made institutions are lamentably defective to remedy the social and complex issues of our time even if such components of life have helped the human society to live up to now and the way this world is heading and living.

Even if scientific methods has its own ethics, rules and regulation along with its approaches in which science and philosophy and religion are still falling apart, there must be mechanism and way that should integrate such given branches of knowledge in way one helps the other and one can be integrated with the other. While such harmony is done, it should be done not for the sake of harmonizing them, but by the truthful realties and concepts they are enshrined within their own beings. Otherwise, contradiction will be the nature of this world and will continue to be.

When more contradictions between such agents of knowledge are resolved, the world conditions will be better since one of the root problems of this world is thinking and belief. Thinking and belief germinate out of such given comments of life as they are getting close with each other most societies will get close. The more close they are, the better world condition will be, the safer community and society dynamics will be on stage.  In such given cases, as more harmony and organization is created between them, the more peaceful world and people can come to existence. The point is how and when?

The disciples of such scopes and components of life should meditate and reflect on the root causes of their conflict, on the methods and approaches they deliver and they should come to truthful ends. When philosophy speaks the truth, they should accept and respect that truth as both science and religion do state same thing, philosophy should behave in similar way. As far as all are leading the human kind to the truth, there is no point they should be in conflict. But, the point in here is that, forget about science and philosophy, or science and religion, religion by itself and within its own domain is under big contradiction and conflicts, which needs quite contemplation and meditation. Religion cannot be one and it suffers from the fear of being one due to the varied nature of belief and thinking people have come up in formulating their own religious beliefs. in fact, schism is the becoming natural characteristics of all religions which result out of any given understanding and interpretations of concepts, rituals and thinking within that given and any religious thinking.

Philosophy in its own domain has its own arguments and different kinds of classes and classification, which do give birth to its own contradiction and conflict in thinking. Such contradiction and gap exist due to the nature and character of the subject mate itself and due to the fact that thinking is the basis of such life. It is not possible to expect similarity and uniformity which do lead to boredom and dictatorship in such realm; and all people think and behave in same way and such given diversity do give birth to kinds of disagreement as there are thinking that can be integrated as well.

Science has its own circle and campus in which it has two big categories, namely, the natural and the social. The natural science deals with what is objective and seen, dealing with nature and its laws; and there is evolving methods going on stage as it is helping human society in solving its own problems, by the inventions and  discoveries. However, in social science aspect, the nature of the field goes on based on thinking and assumptions, but applying scientific methods and approaches that could not free itself from err. In such given aspect, there are different speculations that do have contradictions in and by its own. Both natural and social sciences have their own differences and gaps, there are also different gaps that exist between and within such fields of study.

Even if they have reconcilable difference within their own, and between them due to their nature. characters, approaches and methods they employ—especially between science and religion, in which science is more of linear thing, where as religion is more of spontaneity—they have also irreconcilable differences in which such given relationships between these three components and agents of life have been created in past as result of their interaction and communication with one another, they are more of more of dramatic and theatrical in many aspects since they have been engage in politics world than the world of the truth. They should give priority to the truth than the shape and form they already have since the truth is the balance and measurements of everything.

This world is far away from the point it should be since it is swallowed by silly ins and outs and daily routine of life, it cannot see the broader pictures of life and the future. The world is blinded with the dust of this world. People should see with their eyes, with eye glasses if they need help, and in fact with telescope so that they can see both near and far distant pictures.  Se the big and great scenario of life before it is too late.

Changing Times

July 23, 2015

I was into my tiny world of thinking and talking to myself. In such quality time of mine world, I wonder in those past foggy and stormy days of my life in past—those days of the no food, no penny, nothing—I come to an idea that why such thing visit one life even if there are outward and inward reasons and justifications one could deliver, there were quite few people who were around, who could change the color and flavor of my life at that given time to better ones, but I found them, complicating and trying to make it even worse.

In that given stressful and painful time, life has its own lesson and quality time to deliver. One enjoyed that given pain with hope and faith and expectations that good days will surely come and better things will happen. One was pretty much aware that things would change as they do in today, life tells another story in which today things are by far better than those dark days of past. One is respectful and grateful to those quite few people who unlike those mentioned people above, but they were of assistance in financial terms in those stormy and stressful times of past.

Both good and bad things happen in life whoever we are. The point in here is that the understanding, thinking, perception, attitudes and behaviors people develop in life, in which people vary on such level and how they have used both good and bad aspects of life, the purpose and goals they have come up. In such cases, there are people who are dead and killed by sufferings and pains such life deliver as there are people who are on the contrary, who obtain different life and perspectives out of calamities and stressful conditions of life. There are people who can laugh while they are in problematic conditions of life unlike those people who are stressed out in bad circumstances of life, which is mainly dependent upon perspectives and understanding people obtain and have for life.

This gives me chance and an idea to reflect on what is written in one book, which says, did you feed me when I was hungry, did you give me water, when I was thirsty, in which such noble saying has quite meaning and is worthwhile to meditate upon when people try to be close in times of one’s good, while they are away when one is in bad conditions of life in which they try to be nicer and good as people obtain certain success people have in life in which when they are out of problematic conditions of life, many people will try to get close and be around and be nice to people.

They say, it is how you see yourself that means something than what others see you, which is not important. This is very important aspect of one’s given life even if what other people could say mean and tell something. Other people affect us in both positive and negative ways and matters, but the crux lies on the attitude and thinking one has for oneself than what other tell since their motive and thinking is not clear.

Accordingly, I was walking last time and I met someone whom I knew in past life. The person is old. And one thing old people in here have in common is they want to give bit of advice when ever younger people they knew meet them anywhere. And after we greeted in traditional way in here, he just to got to deliver advice without even asking. I told him, are you trying to advise me, and he said yes, I told him, I have no single second to listen to your garbage advice since I know better than what other people could tell. The man was ashamed to talk further since one thought that this is what he deserved.

When people want to obtain certain amount of respect from other people, they should respect other peoples’ privacy and personality too. Even if they are older, this does not mean that they can abuse their being older by gesture of showing respect me attitude to younger ones since they are not perfect and complete. In fact, in old ages, they realize how far they are imperfect and incomplete in life, in which most of them are heard that their life is full of regrets and they live by saying, I wish I could have done this or that, I wish I could say or not say this or that. This is one on the features of the old ages.

The degree of uncertainty and anxiety for and in life increase since at old age, people are worried, where I am going after this world. They spend much time in thinking about the next world and the world hereafter and they revise all kinds of activities and thinking which they have done in life. Those who especially are religious, worried about where I am going, do I go to heaven or hell, and others worry, is there any life after or not, where am I going. They share one thing in common, deep concealed inside fear and anxiety which cause certain amount of uncertainty in life, which is dependent upon conviction and determination people have in life.  Even few people claim the go to eternity, they might not obtain since the future and the next world is not known to anyone and there is no absolute guaranty to what they claim in here.

Traditionally old people in here have much respect. This is very nice. This was in before, but not in these days, they are losing all kinds of respect for many reasons. One is they are the ones by their own who are the primal causes many contradictions and confusions of life in here since they interfere in many people lives and they complicate many people lives too. Many people observe them what they are doing, telling ad thinking which are by far contradictory. The second reason is the society itself especially the younger generation that has its own emerging social dynamics and wrongs which could give birth to such deterioration of good social value, respecting old people, which is not appropriate and unacceptable too.

One respect old people too. But, such respect should not be abused on every road and everywhere everyone meet them since they should not be abusive of their age and the respect they obtain from society at large in protecting falsehood and many wrong acts since such people could not be free from bias and prejudice as well. In this case, they deserve disregard and disrespect. Age is but a number. Age must be reflected in matured thinking, action, behavior and attitude otherwise it is just futile. They have marginalized line, if they crossed that line, they lose that given respect.

Accordingly in order to give advice to other people, they should know the person whom they want to deliver an advice, they should ask permission or the person should go towards them seeking an advice, and the like. Culture and traditions are the one that create norm in every society, but when such culture and traditions lose certain rightful and truthful principles and doctrines of life, they fall in wrong trap, they could create confusion and frustration in society and thus society will lose its balance and norm.

Culture is created by human way of thinking and perceiving life. It has its own wisdom and value. It has also its own biases and shortcomings too. Both should be sorted out. The balance is the truth. Everything is judge on the truth. And one does not accept the saying, which goes like, it is acceptable and good to lie in order to reconcile people even if harmony and unity are good, but harmony and unity should be established on truthful grounds, value, and thinking otherwise such unity and harmony is like a building which is founded upon ice basement. It is of no value since the foundation is wrong. In wrong and weak foundation, it is not possible to have strong building and blocks.

In such life, culture is good to consider, but it is not wise to assume that it is warranty to have truthful life since culture itself needs reconsideration and revision. Culture should be revised in due course of time since it needs care and wisdom in applying. In most cases, culture and its values are established by ruling class and people mentality and thinking and the mass has no choice except going by such ruling class dictates since it is of no choice and from fear of being rejected. In this case, such given society needs courageous people, who can change the way such given social dynamics operate so that society could live up to truthful and useful values than being obsessed and taken away by what past and culture dictate.

Brief Stay in My City

July 20, 2015

Everyone has one’s own sense of humor in life. And such given senses of humor to one person could be considered as something serious matter to others and thus people vary on the type of flavor and taste they have in life. Even jokes and humors are relative and contextual and people understand based on their likes and do not like in life. This is very human aspect of life and thus people converse with people in order to share perspectives of life and share something in life. If people could not laugh at jokes, they could probably laugh at serous opinions that are delivered at any given conferences.

When one makes conversation with anyone person, the color and flavor of such given conversation is mainly dependent upon the subject matter, the depth in knowledge both people have, the type of understanding and degree of their understanding level and the kinds of interpretations they have in life, and other factors are important since it is of no value and sense to have any given conversation with a person who has no clue of what one talks and shares about.

In such cases, when one talks about any given subject matter, with one person, with two persons, and with ten persons, the type of subject matter one discusses varies based on the type of people one faces and meets. When such people become 100, then, the conversation will be formal and one delivers a speech based on any given subject matter, one make various research, does interview and the like so that what one talks about could given meaning and sense so that others could appreciate and learn something and it is not here possible to speak the way one talks with one or two people, since one faces in here more than 100 people and the range of the audience level do matte as well.

In such scenario of life, there are people, they are one person, but who think like they are in conference and who are like 100 people since they need to converse with other people by having title or subtitle on the subject of conversation, and whatever thing one discusses with them, one should tell the title or the topic of the subject matter one would like to talk. They try to be formal in very informal way of life. In this case, such people suffer from the desire to be formal while living and having informal world. Such disorder comes to place in their reality thru their personal interests and desire of being formal in any undertakings they have in life. This world is not only formal but also informal and people should sort out when and where to be formal and informal.

Last time I face someone who was trying to challenge on what I say at the grocer where few people meet to have fun and discuss gentle ideas.  I was aware that this person was committed to make something against so that I could be demoralized. After observing what that person move was, I tried to divert the conversation I was having with that person. And then the person still was interfering on what I tried to say, and in this case, what I did was to leave the place since there is no time one could spend arguing and confronting with other since life can bestow by far better things in different places by joining different people.  This is one aspect of life in here.

People understand better when they have mutual understanding in terms of belief and thinking. Such people can discuss and share views in better manner than those people who met suddenly by accident, like the man I met at grocer,  and talk about things which they like to share about. However, this does not mean that they are absolutely correct and what they and believe is the beginning and end of this world and everything. Sharing view while belonging to similar belief system make their life simpler, this could mean that such people could trick and deceive themselves since they think and talk about something which they do not know, but they have reached to common understanding and agreement.

What is quite funny and strange I had in life is that I faced when I used to belong in previous religious system which I used to belong. I was into middle of discussion in that given time which I remember, and these people told me that they are not allowed to discuss with me since I was covenant breaker. And I asked them what do I lose in being covenant breaker. They said, they are not allowed to associate with me. I replied I am happy since I am very private person and I am happy also not to converse with few hundreds people out of the seven million people in the city. Some people want to be very important since they are narrow minded and they think that they are special, but they do not see life from different perspectives. And what they think and believe is measured by different aspect, it has no impact and is with zero effect.

Such comfort zone which such belief system creates to their followers is hiding place to them, and everyone shelters oneself in there. They think that there is no better world outside that given system of thinking and belief. Where one opens one’s eye wide out, one sees the entire world in different scenario of life. One cannot limit one’s thinking and belief to rigid way of looking at things since one has no group or organized system of thinking in life, one become free thinking, one opens one eye to everyone and everything since one seeks knowledge, truth, freedom and other good things in life. When people are confined to system of thinking, they cannot go outside the box, and they are not limited by few people thinking and understanding of life which are in most case, narrow and biased.

When people belong to particular system of thinking and belief system, they type of conversation they make with those who belong to similar way of life is totally different from those who do not. The first reason is obvious in which they have common way of life, and common thinking which they share in common. The other and different reason is that they want to make others feel and think that they have something different and special. But in reality, as one goes and enter into their rooms, verandas and everywhere, they have no such no such thing which can be considered as the way they think except their own ego and ambitions surrounded with self centered personality and what they consider as something precious is tantamount to childish cheap psycho and foolish drama and play they have and they make in their life and with others too.

Natural and Non-natural Rights

July 16, 2015

Natural and legal rights are two types of rights  Legal rights are those bestowed onto a person by a given legal system. Natural rights are those not contingent upon the laws, customs, or beliefs of any particular culture or government, and therefore universal and inalienable (i.e., rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws).

John Locke (1632–1704) was another prominent Western philosopher who conceptualized rights as natural and inalienable. Like Hobbes, Locke was a major social contract thinker. He said that man’s natural rights are life, liberty, and property. It was once conventional wisdom that Locke greatly influenced the American Revolutionary War with his writings of natural rights, but this claim has been the subject of protracted dispute in recent decades.

Thomas Hobbes (1588–1679) included a discussion of natural rights in his moral and political philosophy. Hobbes’ conception of natural rights extended from his conception of man in a “state of nature”. Thus he argued that the essential natural (human) right was “to use his own power, as he will himself, for the preservation of his own Nature; that is to say, of his own Life; and consequently, of doing anything, which in his own judgment, and Reason, he shall conceive to be the aptest means thereunto.

Accordingly, how do we know that such given rights are delivered by nature, since nature cannot speak itself out in human language unless and otherwise such rights are realized and understood and interpreted under common agreement by the human society. Although certain rights are born by nature, certain rights are exercised afterwards and with the will choices and imposed ones.

For example, everyone has the right to breath and is of no choice not to breathe as well. Such act of breathing is a natural right, but of no choice too. However, when one breathes in extreme large and such breathing affects the person next to oneself, this will be a different issue which does have further consequential aspects of life. The right to eat is another natural right in which nature asks everyone, although one has no right to eat.

Life, liberty and property is described by Lock are not rights delivered by any given human form of existence be it society or institutions since they just exist, but such realities that come out of our choices in which such given aspects of life are imposed by nature. Right is divided into two main categories, which is the right to something in which one is entitled to have something and the right to do something in which the right to see or buy and the like.

Having and doing are two parts of rights in which to have something and to do something are both inevitable aspects of any given rights people claim, but their practice and recognition vary on what type of social framework and system people and society reside. Legal frameworks facilitate and help such given rights by giving color and flavor to the type of both rights people should have while they live in their respective domain. This varies on complexity and simplicity of social frameworks.

People have the right to think whatever things in their mind—Natural Right—but they do not have every right to implement and translate what they think to practical and objective reality since there is another components and elements of life which delivers and rejects their such given right since other factors do have an impact on their inside thinking. Constitutions, laws, policies, rules and regulation affect people’s thinking since society has its own touchstone to measure the benefits and outcome what other people think in relation to its respective public thinking, belief, values and ideologies.

When one thinks something as being part of natural right, thinking, any given society could interpret, translate and understand that given thinking as if it is an act of terror, madness and the like. When one thinks something, any given society could interpret, translate and understand that given thinking as invention, discovery and something that deserve an award. This makes this world under certain dimensions and perspectives due to such variation and gap in thinking society have in terms of both natural and human aspects of life.  This is one of the norms of life.

While natural rights and non-natural rights are integrated and harmonized, realities of life gets more meaning and sense and value and the search for meaning for life becomes aromatic and interesting since both the inside and the outside world are integrated one powerful and mighty force, the Truth. The inside speaks the outside and the outside expresses the inside. In this case, there is no place for lie, deception and trick since both worlds are combined by one great factor, the truth.

However, we live in cat and rat world and thus, it is wise to live with care and wisdom since courage and honesty are worthwhile to consider; what one thinks could be mighty and great, but understanding, interpretations and translation of the external world would be a challenge and it is something that deserves contemplation. Thus, one continues with the natural right to think, thinking, but one employs care and wisdom in one’s interaction and communications with the external environments since interpretations and misinterpretation are the one that affects on what one thinks.

Great philosophers in history of human kind faces too much suffering not only physically, but also emotionally and intellectually, since they want to integrate the natural right—thinking—along with the non natural rights—its translation and interpretations. In the middle of their journey, they get stuck, and they get killed and crucified since they want to live up to the truth, but the external environment is not like them, and the external world puts their life under scrutiny and jeopardy. This is one of the becoming natural characteristics of this world due to the fact that it is not possible to integrate the inside thinking with outward manifestations and translations.

I think for myself and thus, such thinking could benefit the way I lead my life. In such world, if such thinking is helpful for others, it is nicer and one is very grateful to such people. But one does not ask anything for recompense, since they just buy one’s view which is enough. In such world, life becomes simpler as one stays away from those who complicate and gets closer with those who understand better. Hence, it is the power of understanding and understanding itself that connects people to live under same wave frequency level.

Such people live together, time and place do not affect them. They communicate in various means and ways of life. Consequently, as the bond that makes such people in harmony becomes stronger, they attract others into their circles and way of life. Life is continuous process as they integrate both the natural and non-natural rights in better and wiser manner, they flourish and prosper. This surely happens as far as what they claim is good and healthy to the future of this world since this is is one of the other becoming characteristics of this world.

These two worlds—the Inner and the Outer— are connected with mysterious phenomena in which it is tact, wisdom, care, honesty, integrity, courage and other related aspects of the human life that connects them. In such world, as far as what one thinks deep inside benefits oneself, what the outside world criticizes and tells are powerless and meaningless to one’s given undertaking. In this given scenario of life, those people who really know how to communicate and interact with their own selves and with the outside world are called, the wise and they know how to live in this world. Most people in this world are led by outbreak of ignorant emotions and meaningless thought; that is why misunderstanding and misinterpretation in this world is everywhere. But, to create an understanding and healthy interpretations of life is a task everyone should o non’s life. Even people have contradictory thinking and belief, it is possible to live with understanding since healthy and peaceful life can be created by having common understanding in misunderstood world.

A Bit Tricky

July 15, 2015

I was reading very funny article last time and the article states about Africa and its nation’s economy and goes on listing African richest countries from one to some few nations’ lists. And the list goes down. I never laughed in my entire life by the way the article was written since the writer must have written it for joke or to make many people laugh although one could feel and understand the desire and good feelings behind such motive and write up, it is not yet ripe to connect the word “Africa and rich” since the continent lacks many things and steps, stages and ages yet to come. It is good to hope bright things, but it is foolish to deceive oneself and others with false hopes and visions.

A disciple once asks his master, oh wise and all-knowing one, take me to the realm of perfect peace; and a master replied, If I take you to that realm, it will no longer be peaceful. One finds this given claim very interesting for different reasons and aspects. The first one is what one assumes that peaceful realm to one person is not conducive to the other, in which life is relative and the other is that the way both people perceive with each other even if there is a such thing exist, peoples personality and thinking matter on what a place to be called peaceful or not.

Few people can discover peaceful realm in chaotic conditions of life since it is their own state of being that matter that external conditions and situations of life; the other is the place itself matters in which even if there are peaceful places, if the person’s state of being is not calm, whether one is put in peaceful place, it does not matter. Even if the above claim is to indicate that the person’s noisy behavior could make that  given peaceful place into chaos, it is also sometimes important to consider in here that the person could also be transformed to peaceful situations of life as matter of joining such calm places too.

Most of the things we perceive in life in relative, contextual and subjective. For example, there is no such a thing direction when one lives on the Sun in which direction works better for the human society in order to sort out things. There is no such a thing years, months, weeks and days but such designations and numbers work for human society in order to organize and manage their resource in efficient and effective manner. In such given aspect of life, the truth which the human society claims is very relative and subjective in which they are mainly dictated by few people who understand and interpret such things in better manner, which does not mean that they are holistic and truthful since the truth require all absolute components of life.

This is like one eyed man is considered as king in the world of the blind in which when few people know something better, they are trusted and respected. Betterment does not imply that one has complete and perfect knowledge and information about any given subject matter since knowledge and information people have on any subject matter is tantamount to what is discovered, known and communicated, and this does not mean that there is no such thing that does not exist since it is not discovered and shared to others.

For example, they say that the Age of Enlightenment (or simply the nlightenment or Age of Reason) is an era from the 1620s to the 1780s in which cultural and intellectual forces in Western Europe emphasized reason, analysis, and individualism rather than traditional lines of authority. How do they arrive at this particular year and time? What about those ages before, what about those ages before in which those people is in such countries reside were doing? What about those people in Asia, Africa, Caribbean and the likes were doing in such ages, when is their days of enlightenment? Such given subject matters are also relative and contextual. They live under the mercy of such researchers since most people in this world are subjected to the mercy of few individuals, which does not mean that they are truthful and absolute.

This is not to deny that there was no enlighten in Europe, but the type of understanding and interpretation at which few people arrive, but to indicate that there is something missing in its accurateness, and truthfulness in which such given types of realities of life are more of secondary information and data than being first hand since such given deduction lacks accuracy and concrete data and information due to many factual reasons. The other is the field which practice in telling the different types of the human species in which such given historical information are not life and death thing since they are not exact and they need to have many checking before one accept as true.

The ambition and desire of being patriotic or nationalistic—to have love and regard for one’s nation and something one belong—is very good, but to hate or disregard is others is bad. People should not confuse such aspects of life since the trend is seen that most people are attracted to one side and they get bias on the other side of the coin which they should not. When any given nation gives high values to its own, it should not forget that others do also give same value to their own. In this case, the idea of cooperation and working together will be on stages of workshops and conference, but not on the daily menu of this world and social life in the entire world.

This world is more of individualistic in concern in which every nation or group is more of territorial in thinking and personality in which I am better than others is a feeling which is reflected many arena and venues of the human life. In such world, to have communal betterment is no easy, in which individualism is one of the characteristics of developed nation. Going back to that given article, the richness such people aspire for such continent will lead to more individualistic way of life and they lose such inherent nature and characteristics of those given way of life, which is emerging in the continent. And the way forward is crystal clear. As more rich people are coming out, the individualistic way of life is inevitable.

One of the challenges of growing nations the individualistic way of life which such people who are growing too create since such given way of life will create turbulence in society life since in places where communal way of life is norm, individualistic way of life cannot be easily accommodated. Here, resource sharing will be the agenda of such given community life in which those who are growing in economy will not allow and permit to do so. Thus, they become more of territorial and individualistic in way of life that have communal thinking. In such given undertaking, confusion and contradiction will be on stage the government or institutions support those who have strong economic reserve since they are also beneficiary from such people income.

Such transition period will not be easy since it creates some sort of turbulences in thinking of what an identity means. For example, I feel in here as if I am second or third citizen person since I am watching other peoples living, what they eat, what they do and the like. It is the system that makes people like me to be observant of what is going on the drama. This does not mean that good things are not happening, but I and most people in her are not benefited from such good things since we do not belong to the system.

And that given article claims and what people like me, in which this could be more than 95% of Africa population is, it sounds funny and deceiving to put such nations as rich. Consequently, to be rich in poor countries is a liability but to be rich in wealthy nations is commendable and praiseworthy. In fact, the poor in here are rich in vocabulary and there are quite few people who become lords of poverty. In that case, one agrees with that give write up.

Even if one feels and thinks that one is second citizen in here, most citizens of the world in most countries share same feeling and thinking, and change cannot come overnight since it needs more things and components of life. Politics and religion can change the life of few people, but what the world needs is quite different approach and scenario of life since neither of the two have provided everlasting and reliable solution to the world at large. Both have failed in bring betterment to the world at large, though they have done well in past, but is not enough. Both have employed sabotage, conspiracy, armaments and hypnotism a tool and weapon to install their ideology within this world. However the world has to re-think and re-consider since it has failed in all the approaches it employed to date.