Indistinguishable Duties

June 25, 2015

There was a prophet few thousand years go. And he used to comment on every people and society he came across in which when he meet a Philippine people, he praise that given land and people; when he met Canadian people, he praises its land, rains and forests; when he meet Chinese people, he gratifies and praises their eyes and its treasure as well. But there was one thing he did not mention, in which since all people he met did not like one thing in common, the devil, he never praised.

And one day, he met the devil. The devil heard all kinds of invitations and presentations such people gave to such man. The devil and the man met and the devil made prestigious invitations and presentations in which none of the above did. The claimed prophet had nothing to say about such given invitation about the devil. If he mentioned good about the devil, all would hate; if he commented bad on the devil, he did good things none of the above did. In the middle of such confusion, the man came to an idea that there is no such devil, but the devil is in you, the force that make you do bad and if anyone does good even the devil, accept that good since there is no such devil power.  They have divisions in the belief and understanding of God, but hey all agree wit one concept, the devil. This is quite funny and strange.

Last time, someone came into me and tried to preach in regard to perfectness and competences of the Bible. I asked him, how. He replied, it tells about past, present and future. I told him, I respect the book he mentioned since it tells many things, but it also lacks fundamental things on life and what is happening on the present day world such as the coming of internet technology, and the advent of other scientific discoveries except it gives apocalyptic warnings which put stresses on human consciousness which put those who follow to wait for destruction and end of the world, but things are currently going to the contrary and there is no end of the world coming. The United States of America, for instance, is not even mentioned in the book but it becomes of one of the fundamental forces that change and affect the destiny of this world while those mentioned have no impact on this world.

Further on, one mentioned that the book he is talking about is not perfect and complete for two major reasons. The first one is there are many assumptions and figurative expressions which lead to corrupt way of understanding in which few people—priests, pastors and evangelist—happen to be rich due to weakness of the mass since it has not put things in precise and clear manner. In favor of interpretations and teaching what is written in the book, such people have devised their own mechanism; they divide it into many sects, which lead to conflict and contradictions. The second one is it lacks logical sequence such as things created in the book of creation, the second and fourth day are contrary to what the objective reality speaks in which there cannot be day without the sun. What is quite strange is, few people have come up with the intention of magnifying its glory, they try to mystify things that do not even deserve mystification and they complicate lives of many people.

Life is created by nature. Such creature of nature—life—should be simple. Life should have meaning when people try to craft it in simpler way than make it thorny thru doing hard choices and decisions. Few people complicate their way of life since they think that they are special and number one. These two feelings and thinking—the desire to be unique and the ambition to be the best—put many people into comma of life and they suffer and take wrong way and paths of life. Such given people do end up complicating and making intricacy on other peoples since they interfere on their personal choices and affairs of life, which they should not.

Such simplicity is not related into being foolishness and stupidity. Simplicity in here means doing things on the proper manner without getting into further complications and disappointments. Doing things on the right way mean being truthful, honest, genuine and other related aspects of life. Doing things in wrong way mean sabotaging and conspiring on other peoples’ lives and destiny, being jealous and envious, and related. When more people do things in right way, this world will be in good; when more people do things in bad way, this world be in bad. By doing things in right manner, there are possible human mistakes which are obvious, but such failures should not get confused with deliberate bad drama people do to justify their bad.

People do bad things on people on deliberate manner and they later on ask forgiveness, which is the becoming practice of those who seemly are good but inwardly bad, but this is one of the most foolish dramas such people have, and they claim such practice in their personal doctrines of their life, which is not written on the book which they believe and follow, but hidden in their thinking and belief since they are bad ones, which is connected with popular saying, it is better to ask forgiveness than permission, is one of the worse dramas many people have at this is point of time; but one advise such people, the reverse one to practice, which is, it is better to ask permission than forgiveness, which is the right and appropriate way of doing things in a nice way.

Everything in this world germinates from thoughts and feelings. People feel something, that feeling is later on converted into thought which they relate or know and they do not know based on their experience and exposures of life. And then they act based on what they think and understand. People might not act on what they think for various reasons since what they act on is mainly dependent upon external factors. Courage, magnitude of understanding, willingness or volition, and other related aspects are important factors that contribute for translations of thinking into action. Such given undertaking requires quite a perspective.

When people think that what they know, what they think they know, what is in existence on objective reality in relation to mentioned two aspects of their given life are in contradictory terms, such people should wonder in here that there must be something they miss and mess up, wrong and they should contemplate in such given aspects of life and revise their own thinking and belief before they take wrong move and go to bad directions since in such scenario of life, their decision is wrong and is unacceptable due to the fact that such given three aspects of their realities do not go in conformity, they lose harmony; and contradiction and confusion is one of the characteristics and realities of such given types of people.

In the above scenario of life, there are three spaces that exist in their given life. The first one is the space that exist between what they think they know and what they know; in the second aspect of their life, what they know and what is existing on the objective reality; in the third aspect of their life is what they think they know and what is existing on the objective reality. If they can, they should narrow the spaces and gaps of such contradictions. Otherwise, they should keep it as it is before such gaps get wider and wider which could result in the final extinction of their aspects and realities of life. Spaces are dangerous things.

For instance, assume in here that I am considered as special person by given people and such people derive certain understanding by the belief and thinking they have as matter and result of following certain religious doctrine. In this case, they have developed an understanding that they think that they know something and they know something. In such valley of life, their given understanding could be developed from tale and traditional stories they inherit from past, in relation to concepts and beliefs they have as per their given understanding of certain books. This is one aspect, which s they know something in one part, and they think they know something in other part.

In the second scenario of such given people life, they think that they know something about the person whom they think as special person as result of gossips and rumors they collect all around from those people whom they think they know. In this case, they think that they know something about this given person whom they think that given person is special person and they collect all kinds of information. Here they have an understanding that they think they know something.  This is the second aspect.

When both aspects of life are seen on the objective reality, the objective reality about this given person could one found contrary to both given aspects as there could be few obvious similarities, and such people cannot say and tell anything about the fate of this given person whom they think as special or bad person in which both aspects do not exist in most on the objective plane of existence. The reality is totally different from the two given aspects of such given person life. This is the third aspect.

While such theatrical of life is going on, one wonders on the space that could exist and the life of this given person in which this given person was supposed to be a prisoner of such given peoples expectation and decision, but in reality, the person happens to be a prisoner of one’s own choice and decisions one make in life. In such theater of life such people have enough resource to kill or give life, they can destroy or deliver new life, they can harm or help this given person. Hence, such given person lives under certain amount of stresses of such people sabotage and conspiracies while the person goes by one’s own thinking and belief which does not belong to the above aspects of one’s given life.

One is neither dictated by fake destiny such people derive nor goes by what on the rumors other people say and tell. One live by one’s own way of life than go by what other people tell, think and wish. Life is not about seeking destiny, but settling one’s bill along with designing one’s good future so that one can live better life as day goes by day. One has good experience in life and one designs one’s life so that one has good end since one knows very well on the practical skills one should obtain in life. Hence, one does not seek any elderly or other people advice or guidance since one think that one knows better than them about one’s given life.

And such contradictions of life is going on, those people who think they know, those people who rumor about this given person on what they know and things that are going on the objective reality along with that given person’s reality and life, one wonders as to what makes such people to be in such state of being and reality, such people to be in such state of thinking and belief. The first one is their own understanding and interpretations of religious belief and thinking that they follow. The second one is the type of conditions and situations of life they are in. The third one is that given individual thinking and belief along with personality.

What is crucial in here is that the truth is the one that dictate any given reality. Such given aspect of life has two types of manifestation in this objective world. One is seen; the other is hidden and such hidden aspects of life is relative and contextual based on peoples’  willingness to know, magnitude of understanding, positive mindset and other related factors which are revealed in due course of time. It is not possible to fabricate any given truth. It is crystal clear to see the end or fate of fabricated truths by just looking at world history. It is not possible to make many false ideas into one truthful aspect. It is not also good idea to use political and religious methods to arrive at any single truth with the intention of meriting any given religious or political doctrine along with the intention of collecting the people of the world into any given old or modern religious and political belief or thinking.

Now, one lives in such state of life in which it is the process of life that dictate and such people start checking and un-checking, collecting statistics although one is not governed by any given statistics as well. It is good and praiseworthy to realize that there are number of people who give recognition, such people tell who they are since they respect other peoples’ efforts and works, and they should be respected and honored as well. Although they start collecting all other information with the intention of justifying their claim or falsifying, making that given person whom they think to be treated as special person or as deceiver or traitor and the like.

In such given undertaking, a traitor is defined as conspirator, double agent and the like. In one’s given case, one is not a traitor since one is not involved in any conspiracy theory; one is not involved in any religious or political group undertaking; one has no any given agenda except expressing and sharing personal opinions but rather informed about any given drama to legitimate government bodies of the things one understand and interpret such peoples conspiracy theory; in fact, one stooped a given conspiracy theory from getting translated to this objective world as result of one’s own personal understanding and beliefs.

Whatever aspect of life is going on, one lives by one’s own way of life as they go by their own too, in which both aspects should be respected. There are no cross sections and common things that exist between one-self and them, since they believe and think that personality is the most important point of their belief but one thinks that it is the truth that is the central and focus point. It is not possible to make any kinds of justifications and argument and proof about a person who lived 100 years ago except on what is written and told. It is formidable to believe on what is written since we live in quite age and time since history tells something. Truth and personality cannot go hand in hand and thus, things could fall apart at this given point. One does not care who is the owner or author of any given system or way of life since human beings are fallible, forget about the systems which they bring about.

One thinks in here that life is not about politics, what is important in here is not being follower of certain dogmatic principle and beliefs, but it is matter of searching and knowing the truth which has no specific homes. Most people have desire and quest in life such quest of life is satisfied at the moment they belong to a particular belief system and way of life and by doing so, they think and feel that they are secured. One respects that. But one believes and thinks that life is about finding and living for the truth, which has no specific formula and author. Truth has no particular group and shelter. The truth is homeless. One wonders in every valley and finds out the truth. The purpose why one is created is two folds; the first is to know the truth; and the second is to share the truth one knows to others. And one lives accordingly. There are no bad, crime, sin and wrong in that.


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