Why Do People Judge!?

June 24, 2015

Sir Winston Churchil said, attitude is little thing that make big difference. Of the good attitudes and virtuous thinking people have towards other people is being respectful, encouraging other people efforts, being grateful and appreciating other people efforts and achievements they make in life as well. One of the poisons that kill other people efforts and achievements people have in life is being judgmental toward other peoples’ efforts and achievements even on their given personality too.

Judgmental people are in everywhere. Such people judge people based on their own personal behavior and thinking since they judge them in cases and in way that their opinion merits their own things than the reality and other people. Most judgmental people are highly ego centered and self centered people as all individuals are but such people are considered in here as all animals are equal, but few animals are more equal in which they are in the circle of fewer animals too.

Being judgmental means tending to judge people too quickly and critically of, relating to, or involving judgment. Most people are good at being judgmental but what matters is that what they judge comes out to be false in due course of time since reality speaks louder. Why are people judgmental on others? What are the root causes for judging other people without knowing truthful reality, who they are, getting to know better? Why are they in haste in judging other people? What make them in hurry?

Being judgmental on people and being critical in ideas are two different ideas and perceptions of life. When people become judgmental, they affect other people negatively and they could destroy their destiny as well which is merely dependent upon how the victims of judgmental attitudes manage. In being critical in terms of views and perception, such people deliver ideas and other perspectives which could give to new way of looking at things. When people are judgmental, the focus on personalities while hen people are critical, they focus on ideas and perception than personalities.

One of the categories of people who are judgmental are in most case followers of any given religious or political or promoters of any philosophical or experts in academic studies and ideologies since they define other people based on their understanding and interpretations of life and the reality. They have come up with certain touchstone for life since they think and believe that what they have in their hands is the ultimate truth, and there is nothing beyond that. Hence such people judge other people base their given belief and thinking they have at their veranda.

This is to mean that when people think and believe that they know something, they become judgmental since in such knowing world, ego and ambition are mixed up. Thos who balance the knowing thing with ego and ambition factor do reduce the amount of being judgmental, but those who maximize ego and ambition along with knowing things are highly judgmental since they think that they know about things better than others. Knowing things better than others does not mean knowing the ultimate and perfect reality since there are people who confess their ignorance as they know better. In such given knowing, those who are experienced people are the ones who judge pope on other since they assume that they know better that others due to their experience of life, but in cases, they could fail since they are also unique experience people face in which they do not and they cannot due to various circumstances and reasons of life.

For instance, usually, Christians judge others because they are proud and think that Christians never sin and never give in to temptations. They also claim that nothing could be further from the truth! And they regard to see others with humble gesture of come to our way thing and we need to humbly admit that sin is a problem for all of us and treat others with love and compassion. This is one aspect of such life as other segments of people do similar judgmental behavior thinking and attitude towards other people. In such scenario of life, such people think that they are clean and holy, but in practical life, most people observe and understand, they are not.

The other factor for being judgmental toward other people is the hate factor. When people hate other people, they become judgmental on others. It is not the fact or the truth that plays significant role in shaping such thinking, but feelings and emotions that dictate such given aspect of life. The hate factor is toward any give individual, other society and institutions too. In such given thinking, most people fall into wrong trap since the motive behind such drama is wrong and far from truthful grounds.

The other given factor for such judgmental behavior and thinking toward others is the envy and jealousy thing. When people are jealous of other people achievement and accomplishment which they are yet destined to obtain, they happen to be judgmental towards others with the intention creating obstacles and hindrances in way that other people have bias and prejudice on the recognition such people are yet to have and achieve in their life. They create biases and misunderstanding on the sight of others by having judgmental thinking towards such people who are yet to accomplish or do something in life.

In fact, there are possible mistakes that are done while being judgmental on others as genuine mistakes and failure individuals make without correlating the above connections in which there are certain failures people do towards other people by being judgmental. They are genuine failure and wrongs in which such judgmental behavior could do with the intention of protecting other people and the like. However it is still wrong and unacceptable since it is far from the reality and truth too.

A good example can be the relationship that exist between any given book and its readers. In such relationship, there are peep who judge the book by its cover, as there are people who judge that given book by reading and understanding what is written up to page number four; there are people who understand and make judgment of the book by going up to middle of its pages as there are people who go up to last page of the book and make judgments on the book. In this scenario of life, the proper way of judging any given book is by going with the whole of its chapters and pages since judgment is on the book mean one read and understands on what is on the cover page, introduction, on the entire pages and even the back of its page too. Otherwise all other views delivered without doing these things are tantamount to being judgmental and it is not even ethical eve if one reads and writes 1000 books.

For whichever reason and motive, when people are judgmental toward other people, as most people state, do not judge the book by its cover, the haste is what they have in common. They are in haste. In this case, people should take time and read and understand the motive and message of the book in careful manner before they make judgments. They can judge, the book as if it is like this or that. However, while they are in the middle of its page or they hear from other people, if they throw a book as if it is useless, they are the ones who are useless since they have to compete reading, understanding and then tell others that such book is useless.

This kind of judgmental behavior and thinking put such given people in bad shape and make them dwell in the circle and world of regrets since the failure goes not to the book. Hence, such people lack something and they fail in their given life and undertaking by becoming judgmental.

One gives a bit of advice to those people who are judgmental towards others never judge other people without knowing the whole story and all chapters, pages and history of the story of their life since what you judge could be wrong and misleading when the whole story and chapters and pages of the book are unraveled in future time. Judging the person does not define who the person is but rather it defines and tells the person who make that given judgment in better way.


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