The Drama of Hate Politics

June 15, 2015

Why do they hate us, is one of the most memorable statement quoted in the speech made by the former US President George W Bush, when the September 11, 2001 attack was hit on the World Trade Center and other three significant, historical and important places within the compound of the Unite states of America. Why do they hate them is still a question that remain being quest to many of us, in which the so called hate politics is one of the drama of this world which govern the entire political world.

However, most Americans are not in way what the American political leaders are. They become victim of the theory of political leaders and their therapy all around the world. Most Americans hate politics and they do not actively involve in the American and World politics. In an interview made by one of the American Televisions, while I was watching a program, the journalist was interviewing many Americans whom he met on the roads walking. The question was, is it terrorism or the global warming you consider as threat. Almost most of them said, it is the global warming. They do not even consider the American political propaganda of terrorism as a threat. This is quite interesting.

In a time of political polarization, one thing still unites left, right and center: the disdain people have for Washington, their elected leaders and the political system. Everywhere people look, there are reasons to feel shut out, manipulated or deprived of the whole truth. Big money permeates political campaigns. Political rhetoric is frequently a vehicle for half-truths or pure spin. Members of Congress too often posture rather than legislate. The impact is all too predictable. Three in four Americans are dissatisfied with the way the political system works, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll. More than eight in 10 say they trust the government to do the right thing only some of the time, according to a Quinnipiac University poll.

With all these nuance of truth and what the objective world is telling, Americans are still in bad and hate shape by other people who does not belong in their territory although they are also well respected, loved and appreciated by others. Although, the balance of hate and love relationship to date is not done and reconciled since it requires its own further and deep investigation and study. Most Americans think that they are in hate relationships with other people, by just having one’s wild guess.

The recent statistics show that Russia is in 82% [rank no 1], Iran is in 61% [rank no 6], Egypt is in 58% [rank no 7] and many more listings were found in that given research. Why do they are in such hate relationship with other people, and why do they become sleepless in doing all these funding and many more researches are going on all over since they cannot and they do not want to sleep with the enemy of the state which they claim.

They say, why do they hyena walk at night with freedom and confidence. Others replied, since it knows what it did in during day time. This is to mean that people go all around the bush and do things on behind the bush due to the fact they have done something wrong in life and they are ashamed and embarrassed to have confidence since that given shameful and awful act make them disappear or live wrong and unclean life due to that given misdeed, misbehavior and wrong and false thinking they have already set, but they are eventually disproved and are found wrong and fake. In such case, they walk like the walk of the hyena.

Accordingly, when such people make such given research, they must have done something wrong and they have done something unseemly. The ranking and rating is something that can be connected with such relationships they have created with other people. Otherwise other people do not hate American since Americans were delivering nice fresh juices and ice creams in daily manner. However, they might give something like honey with poison thing so that such given recipe of life is not liked by anyone and thus, such people are not in way and position to love the American political drama.

Here there are two distinct matters that should be considered. The first one is the American huge political drama that is going on all around the world. The second one is the participation, attitude and thinking of most American towards the American poetical drama is which is very less. Hence, the most American people are victims of the American political drama. Will Smith or Denzel Washington or Julia Roberts or Mr Robert have not done anything wrong to Dostovosky or Pushkin, Svetla or any other Russian personality as any ordinary American does not either. But, what governs most people in people’s relationship is the hate politics which is invented by the political leaders, not by any ordinary individuals.

Many people like any political system since that given political system deliver effective and efficient service to the public at large due to the fact that what they claim and what they do are integrated and combined in way such claims deliver satisfaction and good understanding within that given social dynamics. Otherwise politics and government are about education, health, public security and safety, and transportation and when such given services are disturbed and put into chaos and any given political ideology starts having traffic jam and interfere with those basic services, many people start hating politics. This is true not only about Americans, but to every citizen in the world.

We live in world which is quite programmed by political ideology along with religious belief. The software that operates this world is political ideology. The hard ware the keeps and protects for smooth functioning, software, of any given political ideology is religion. Politics and religion are the software and hardware of this world. They are integrated in way they assist that given computerizations work right or wrong. What is quite interesting in here is that most of the things we see and face in this world are not put in way they are compatible since the software and hardware compatibility is one arena which should be figured out so that the networking and its higher connectivity of life should be checked out.

In America, there is one thing which most people who reside outside that given domain do not know and understand. Besides and beyond one United States of America, there is different America such as the Latino America, White America, Black America, and the elite America and so on. In fact what is quite strange is that the minority such as Jew community who are highly secured in which they have different privilege such as they have their own police and other institutions as any given government does, which create kind of certain amount of query, why for them, why they are like in this mechanism, which others relate these queries as envy and jealousy quests they have in that given social dynamics even though such given people live under certain amount of external pressures that they have from other people whom they hate and they do not even like to interact and communicate due to past and historical bad ties they have come about in life. It is still hate politics going on.

Why do other people hate Americans? Is it because they are making and baking nice ice-cream and pancake to everybody in the world send by quick airline so that other get such gifts before they are spoiled and expired  or they are sending such things they make and deliver them by late flights?  Is America a promise land or desperate land? Is America a Hollywood land or holy dead land? Is America a place of righteous or a place of wronged people? Is America a place of safety and security or place of insecurity or pity? Is America place of life or death? I have no answer since I do not know America even in my dream.

It is quite interesting to note the struggle its current political leaders are doing in relation to the conversion of the image they have on the eyes of the world. Why are they determined in changing their image to the outside world is still a fundamental question unanswered? Is it the eye of the world that is changed or it is America? Does this mean that they know things they did behind? Or what? What other political scientists claim that the current US President, Barack Obama, in his first presidential campaign in 2008, promised to rehabilitate their image in the eyes of the world. And it worked—for a little while: His election was followed by a statistical bump in international goodwill as nations far and wide were swept up in the wave of warm-and-fuzzies. But that euphoric embrace swiftly turned into disappointment, and then into anger as we entered a new era not of progress and liberty but of peeping and prying and “black site” detentions.

2013 wasn’t a good year. Edward Snowden’s revelations about the N.S.A. and its spy games weren’t a hit with Angela Merkel, in Germany. Pakistanis—who once had been so in love with the romance of America, protestors carried signs that recast Martin Luther King Jr.’s phrase “I have a dream” in the image of Obama: “I have a drone.” In Hungary, President Viktor Orbán—taking a cue from his chum Vladimir Putin—decided that the American model of liberal democracy had failed completely; he encouraged state-controlled media outlets to ratchet up to a rabid pitch their editorial rants against America, an “obese society,” in the words of one prominent Orbán crony, that “marches under the faded flag of liberalism, pitifully”.

Hate is hate and it cannot be love. People hate people since they have done something wrong and bad on other people. In this case, there three sweet and potent forces of life that maintain the balance of the Universe. The first one is to forgive and forget which is mainly dependent upon the extent and degree of bad and wrong things people do on others. When such conditions cannot be cured by the first element of life, the second is to seek for Justice. When both conditions of life are not working out, Silence is the best instrument and power of life that keep things going until the desired result is obtained and do come.


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