Life as Chewing Gum

June 10, 2015

Efforts and choices along with thinking and belief are determinant factors for those people who achieve and succeed by having upright character and use legitimate way and applications of life since principles and doctrines of realities are key factors to shape ones’ personality and thinking and especially on successes people gain as who they are on the earth. When people set certain standards which are based on thinking and beliefs, which they call, values, and these values are measured and tested by the amount of accomplishments people obtain as they put into practice and thus, they happen to be attractive disciplines since they are practical and realistic.

People vary from people on the amount and degree of understanding they have in life and such given perception is derived out of personal experiences and exposures they face. Thinking and belief are about understanding and interpreting realities and different aspects and circumstances that they come across. People understand and misunderstand things and they interpret and misinterpret situations and condition which they are in their own style. Understanding and interpretation are ingredients that add flavor to one’s stay on the earth. Attractive understanding and interpretations add certain amount of vigor in peoples’ stay on the earth.

For example, I had a conversation with followers of Orthodox Christians in here in the time of the Easter. It was on the Good Friday in which people bow down for prayers in the churches. This is very nice and it is good to be in state of prayers and meditations. However, in that given time, it was raining on Friday. They interpret the rain as if the bounty and grace of God was showering on that given day. Whereas other people interpret, the rain was disturbing their prayer ceremony at the Churches. If it was sunny, they did interpret in sometime in past, God was assisting them to pray harder since it was convenient.

Both conditions of weather have their own interpretations since such aspects of life are more of subjective matter. People can think and understand in way such conditions merit their belief and thinking. But, it is not possible to mess up with some given aspects. If the rain was in bad time, untimely rain, in farm places due to the fact that it spoils and damages the farm, whatever interpretation is delivered, the crux lies on the effect and consequence it is bringing about hence it is not possible to mess up with nature since its consequence is feasible and people cannot be deceived and tricked by whatever types of understanding and interpretations delivered by any group of people who belong to any given thinking and belief system since the truth speaks for itself louder than what other people interpret and understand.

Interpretations of realities of life are mainly dependent upon how that given understanding and interpretation merits ones’ given way of life and thinking and belief system. Such things can be neither true nor false since it is not possible to tell due to the nature and character of such given kinds of subtle and ambiguous realities. Hence, it is not possible to claim that one is correct or not by the types of understanding such given aspect of life, but people live by another element which is known as “faith”, which is considered by one segment of society as blind thinking or belief, in which reason is void, but by another segment of society faith is conscious effort.

When interpretations and understanding of realities of life are people oriented, meaning if the intention is to convince and attract people, such given interpretations and understanding are like nice chewing gums. They are temporal since they can be disproved by another aspect in due course of time. When interpretations and understanding realities of life are truth oriented, they are like basic and delicious food since they are permanent and they stay longer and they cannot be affected the changes and chance of this world since they are true and correct. They give life to peoples undertakings.

In like manner, similar thing happened when I used to belong to certain religious group of people in past. I read books and was told that the lesser peace they claim will come by the year 2000. Then year 2000 came, no lesser which they claim did come. Among the seven characteristics of the lesser peace which they claim, the political unity of the east and west is one factor. In fact the political gap between the east and west become wider after the year 2000 in which the September 11, 2001 is one good example.

And I asked one of the old men, he stayed for many years as follower of that given claim. The man was shut up he did not want to say anything, even from his personal pocket as he was doing to other people for many other occasions but for this specific question he had no answers from his drawers and pockets. Later on, the head of their religion released a statement about the matter, and they start saying, followers should not be afraid of fear of failures. And one understands by now, they accepted and confessed their failure in the claim they do even if they continue giving interpretations and understandings like the nice chewing gums we buy from department stores.

Religion and politics are clever and good in delivering understanding and interpretations like the chewing gum with all kinds of flavors and they make their stay bit longer and interesting since they convince most part of their believers and followers by offering seemingly attractive and interesting interpretations and understanding realities of life. They differ like the flavors in the chewing gum differ.  They make their stay and life interesting since they live a life of chewing gum.

They give all kinds of promises and hopes, and when they fail, they ask their people to be patient, tolerant and understanding, and see it in different eye and angle, mostly they claim, buy God’s eye as if they had seen by God’s Eye. What does the eye of God look like? Is it black, purple, white, American, Chinese, Israeli, African or what? But if they make grievous mistakes, they have no other choice since the truth speaks for itself and they ask an apology. This is their style and how they lived with their people and they understand with each other since their adherents are in same type of thinking and belief category and way of life.

The point in life is that whatever nice or elegant trade mark of garment we put on our body, whatever fresh and expensive perfume we do on our garments, whatever sophistication type looking we are in life, there is one thing people should accept—make bold, italic and underline—and cannot deny in life. If that given body has cancer, the nice garment, perfume and elegance look can be helpful but they cannot remove and make void the cancer that body has. In this case, whatever style and way of life people follow; it is the truth which is proven out in due course of time that makes their given claim alive although what they have to date are helpful and useful ones.

The mystery of life is not written in bold a and in black and white, but people find mysteries and secrets as matter of their own efforts, volition, choices and decision they make in life. Truth has no definite given book, group, color or ethnic group and personality as well but it is something people think, sense, feel and find in due course of time as matter of their personal exposures and experience in life.The author and owner of the truth is still unknown.


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