Dereje Amera Personal Posts

The Shadowy

Posted on: 25 May 2015

May 24, 2015

As a man walks for freedom

Oppression follows and get close

Living with freedom is no easy

Oppression lives in shadowy

When quest causes the thirsty

As it is very nature and reality

How can one kill such a nature?

Quest, thirst and freedom are one

Need become the primal causer

None can avoid for it is sure

It is a constant unpaid bill

That should be paid by for all

As life is going on as process way

People ask for things as they are vague

They seek answers for such quest

It is nature, they can’t remove it

They need answers as thirst comes

Freedom is borne as they satisfy

When answers come that can fly

In such city, as man walks on

Freedom follows, oppression is gone

Harmony is come, unity is borne!!


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