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May 30, 2015

Son – “Dad what is the difference between confident and confidential?” Dad-“Hmm. You are my son. Of that I am confident. Your friend Timmy is also my son. That’s confidential. These two words confuse many people for those people English is their fourth and fifth language since both have share many letters in common. But, they differ after the ninth letter. This requires quite a skill in telling differences and one of the skills people should acquire in the process of learning, is the power of memory, which help people, not to forget, in recalling and associating things in way they would not be lead to mistakes and other wrong ends.

One sometimes wonder as to how words are formulated and their meaning change as per the number of letters increase and decrease in any given word, which vary as per the nature and character of the language. Although language and words have their own historical background, laws and rules, such kind of alteration in meaning, at times diametrically opposite, makes one to contemplate on few aspect of the human life. They pronounce, for instance, knowledge as nowle(je)ge, and people are asked to keep quiet, silent, on the, k, thing. This is one aspect of language and words. Hence, such given aspect of human way of life  needs  certain given skill especially in the power of memory in retrieving words as they are required and needed while interacting and communicating with other beings.

Few people could have exceptional gift in their power of memory in which they do remember things in precision. One could relate such given experience in way what one used to think and feel in past when they happen afterwards, not like in déjà-ouvu, but when they happen again at any given scenario of life. For instance when one smells a perfume, deodorant spray or odor of soap, one used to have in past, one could relate past ten years same experience and the type of incidents that were get along with that given perfume or whatever things. This is one faculty the human mind is bestowed by nature.

The power of memory is not only about remembering one particular matter happened on past, but relating other scenarios of happenings connected with that given experience of life. For example, when one walks on the street, one observes many types of activities are going on the road. People are walking, cars are moving, kids could be playing, a person is playing guitar and asks for money, man and woman are walking hugging by having love songs, a person could be taking by oneself without carrying a mobile phone, few people could be walking together and shout loud asking for their freedom of domestic partnership rights, and all kinds of related activities at one given moment. When certain experience comes on stage, one person relates one experience and other people relate two or three other activities happening at that given and moments of occurrences.

And when one smells a perfume of someone one which one could used to get along in past, but now in another person, one could remind that given person, a friend or an enemy since that given smell had some kind of experience at that given point of life and thus, one remember someone in past. Hence, people are on people, they stay on people, they keep thinking about them for many reasons. There are many ways and reasons on why people think about people since it is conditions, circumstances, events, interactions and so on that make people to stay on people, thinking and feeling, about them. Hence, people do think on people for many reasons and ways.

They say, the best way to make somebody remember you is to borrow money from them. This is quite an interesting way that people make other people thinking about them by giving headaches and expectations in way that the lender keeps remembering the borrower that someday, the borrower will return the money. When the money is back, then the person could not think about the borrower and life goes on.

Why do people remember or do not forget other people unless and otherwise they are affected by Alzheimer and dementia, which cause memory loss to peoples capacity of remembrance. The memory is the most thoughtful and sensitive aspect of human reality and without it, life is not possible. The power of memory is a mysterious and sophisticated human reality. One,  for instance, meet someone in life at one cross section and one could keep on thinking and remembering that person or events or whatever human dramas people faced in life. What makes people to retain such people are dependent upon the tie or bond factor.

Experts believe that memory is in fact more complex and subtle reality. Since time immemorial, humans have tried to understand what memory is, how it works and why it goes wrong. It is an important part of what makes us truly human, and yet it is one of the most elusive and misunderstood of human attributes. The popular image of memory is as kind of tiny filing cabinet which is full of memory folders in which information is stored away.

Memory is our ability to encode, store, retain and subsequently recall information and past experiences in the human brain. It can be thought of in general terms as the use of past experience to affect or influence current behavior. Memory is the sum total of what we remember, and gives us the capability to learn and adapt from previous experiences as well as to build relationships. It is the ability to remember past experiences, and the power or process of recalling to mind previously learned facts, experiences, impressions, skills and habits. It is the store of things learned and retained from our activity or experience, as evidenced by modification of structure or behaviour, or by recall and recognition

Memory is related to but distinct from learning. Thus, memory depends on learning because it lets us store and retrieve learned information. But learning also depends to some extent on memory, in that the knowledge stored in our memory provides the framework to which new knowledge is linked by association and inference. This ability of humans to call on past memories in order to imagine the future and to plan future courses of action is a hugely advantageous attribute in our survival and development as a species.

Memory makes human reality to be in state of life. When person’s memory is dead, that given person’s life is dead since everything exists in the power of memory. The reality of human existence lies on the power of memory since it is with memory that person’s sharpness and reality is tested. If we couldn’t recall the who, what, where, and when of our everyday lives, we would never be able to manage. We mull over ideas in the present with our short-term (or working) memory, while we store past events and learned meanings in our long-term memory. Memory is malleable–and it tends to decay with age.

What makes the human memory proactive, alert, highly functional and powerful, is this the natural diet, harmonized diet, Yoga, prayer and meditation, doing benevolent deeds, work, education, or the type of things people think, type of activities people are engaged, what else?

According to an article which was published By Rhodi Lee, on Tech Times Web magazine, the following article was read.

Curiosity boosts brain learning and memory power. Curiosity stimulates the brain’s ability to learn and retain new information. New study reveals curios people have increased activity in areas of the brain associated with reward and memory information.

A person is more likely to learn about a particular subject if he is curious about it. Now, a new research published in the journal Neuron on Oct. 2 finally reveals what is going on behind the brain when curiosity is piqued that helps facilitate learning and memory power. Curiosity stimulates the nucleus accumbens (NAcc) and substantia nigra/ventral tegmental area (SN/VTA), which are part of the brain circuit associated with reward.

It also triggers increased activity in the hippocampus, the region of the brain associated with memory formation, suggests Matthias Gruber, from the University of California at Davis, and colleagues. For their study, the researchers asked a group of volunteers to rate how curious they were to learn the answers to a set of trivia questions. The volunteers were then shown a neutral face for two seconds after each question before they were able to view the answer. Later, the participants took a memory test that evaluated how they remembered the faces and the answers.

“Curiosity may put the brain in a state that allows it to learn and retain any kind of information, like a vortex that sucks in what you are motivated to learn, and also everything around it,” Gruber said. These findings suggest a link between the mechanisms supporting extrinsic reward motivation and intrinsic curiosity and highlight the importance of stimulating curiosity to create more effective learning experiences,” the researchers wrote.

Therefore, curiosity in here can not kill the human reality since it helps human beings to have higher memory capacity. One guesses here that it is the noble type curiosity that can upgrade peoples memory capacity than the idle one since in the noble type curiosity  people eagerness and thirst for knowledge and good things is very high and the memory capacity and intensity also increase since it is about good things to have in life. It is the idle curiosity that kills the cat, but also the human since in such given curiosity  people are eager to know garbage things about people and they live in the world of garbage as well. The good always win the bad at last.


May 24, 2015

They tell us, mankind is one

Practical or dream thing to have that

Or it happens because of wishful dream

And a dreamful thought that can come

Or it is by choice people can have

In world, quest becomes a prince

Looking for answers to what people owe

Where the idea of freedom is opaque

How can unity be done on stage?

As freedom is secure, so shall be unity

Both are connected as prelude for to be

When there is freedom, unity is secured

Oppression is on stage, so hard to get it done

Where is freedom, it exists in people songs

People praise it in verses and poems

Is it subtle reality to possess

For it needs quite mindsets

Is no fiction or novel stories

As it exists as quest in many beings

While there is freedom, unity is guaranteed

And it is time, it should happen more than words

It should be our friend in real worlds!!

May 24, 2015

In a world of plenty

Living with no penny

And nature is calling

The Created is waving

As one speaks, others do not even listen

While one talks, others go by their own

Singing the songs of freedom, if any,

Truly  living way far from reality

Going by as where the wind blows

But few choose to be by their own

Inhabiting in a paradox world

Telling hard to know what is ahead

What a confusion this world face

As days goes by, people are jaded

Is this what they call it life

One page is red, the other one is blue

Diversity means one but when it gets hard

Cause everyone to be in mad and bad

So, what is life, to be in one

Where freedom is in quest, hard to have

Unity is null, as freedom is no on stage

Life loses meaning when true unity is in vague!!

May 25, 2015

What is the song of freedom

Where is the song of freedom

Is it in reggae or in museum

Where one can find its true emblem

Is it in paint works or literature

People can tell of the very noble one

Where is its city, people can find

Or it has secured a place of its own

People sing and make a paint

They still search, long for it

Is it the unknown, or a mystery

A subtle one, imaginative or illusory

Who can tell, who do find

But, as history tells, it is premature

Shall we live singing for it

It gives a sense to make a prose

Playing with words along thoughts

Sharing views with analogies

Living with fear to possess it

For it demands peoples’ lives, courageous moves

They say to all, sacrifice, sacrifice

To have it in every day menu of life

Killing the fear inside, and living by the side

Sowing the seeds of bravery, having a confidence!!

May 24, 2015

As a man walks for freedom

Oppression follows and get close

Living with freedom is no easy

Oppression lives in shadowy

When quest causes the thirsty

As it is very nature and reality

How can one kill such a nature?

Quest, thirst and freedom are one

Need become the primal causer

None can avoid for it is sure

It is a constant unpaid bill

That should be paid by for all

As life is going on as process way

People ask for things as they are vague

They seek answers for such quest

It is nature, they can’t remove it

They need answers as thirst comes

Freedom is borne as they satisfy

When answers come that can fly

In such city, as man walks on

Freedom follows, oppression is gone

Harmony is come, unity is borne!!

May 21, 2015

Is our freedom a natural one, which is borne with us or fake one which is created after everyone gets birth and reach to age of maturity? Life in this world is not an easy matter where we face circumstances that restrict our reality, and limit our interaction by subjecting to the rules and regulations of the environment we are living in.  Originally it is not our choice to be borne in any given family; it is a result of the exercise of the free will of the individuals before us.  We are created without our consent, and nobody was provided a choice to be created. Coming to existence until one reached doing things independently, one’s whole reality is shaped by the rules and regulations of the society one is living in, which shaped our mentality and rational as well.

Laws and rules are the primary actors in the drama of freedom that take away every freedom a given individual should have—think and ac—in which every code and articles and behind every article a given freedom is removed and taken way. Although it is very hard to claim that laws secure human freedom, in which laws help people to interact with each other in good manner since the idea of freedom is merely connected to the idea of thinking and doing whatever a person wants to act and react regardless of the human maturity.

Who formulate laws is one matte to discus in which basically there are two types of laws. The first one are natural ones in which nature does by its own. The second one is a fabricated one which change from time to time by the need society creates in which society and institutions formulate different kinds of laws in order to establish law and order—the rule of law—within any given social dynamics. They have the power either to suppress or give excess freedom to society by the types of laws they issue from time to time.

The primal purpose of power is to serve society, not to abuse by the gesture of authority and opportunity people are provided to serve. When power becomes as means of oppression, the fate of those who lead and use power for destructive purpose is crystal clear; they harm society for the time being and but they end up at loss at the end of their drama and theater they perform. When people use power for the right purpose and goal, they yield its noblest fruits, they get respect from the societies they serve out of admiration, not fear of consequences, whom they serve and they live happier life. When love and respect is maintained by the use of power, leaders deserve honor.

What is the point behind suppressing human freedom or delivering excess human freedom to everyone on the earth. Both are not possible since both have their own consequences. A simple example can be, a given mini-bus that contains twelve passengers. What would be the result if everyone wants to exercise whatever thing they like to do such as opening up and making the sound louder on the radio they have on their cell phone, they all want to listen without their head phone. This is one scenario. The other could be, to suppress their freedom such as not allowing them to listen to the radio with their headphone.  Both scenarios tell something.

If all the people of the world have similar thinking and follow same type of belief system and philosophy, this world will be boring and there is no need to have such number of people and population in this world since human reality is directly connected with the question of freedom and such freedom is mostly exercised in thinking, belief and way of life. It is also good to think that diversity is not only in belonging to a particular belief system and way of life but also appreciating the difference that exist in such systems, and creating better environment to accommodate all such existing systems as they are than demolishing them and making them to belong to one form of system, which is again boring and not important since this makes this world monotonous and other belief system as if they are useless and worthless. It is indeed a chimera to expect that all people in the world will belong to one or same belief system since it is against the law of nature and objective reality too.

The concept of Freedom is one of the intricate subject matter in this world not only for discussion but also for its practical translation and experience of life in which there are people who claim that they are free beings where as others claim to the contrary and we all live in such paradoxical world since the concept of freedom by itself is a paradoxical reality. Few claim they have freedom and they are free beings while others claim they lack freedom. And they live in chains and fetters of this world. In reality what is freedom and why do people need it in their daily routine or is it necessary to be free or the mindset to be free, which is important?

Freedom is one of the fundamental questions that should be addressed before its practical translations are put into place. Without knowing what it really means and the need to have it, it is not possible to make any possible argument as to whether it truly exists in any given social dynamics or not. Or its practical translation and interpretation I daily routines of any given social dynamics is mainly dependent on how far any give society perceives freedom and how they translate into their daily routines since the consequences of being free could in cases result in being slave to certain mindset and habits or what’ve practices people could come up as result of the choice to be free in their lives and activities.

For instance, there are group of people who claim that they want to be free in whatever thing they do and they like whichever thing they want to have in their lives. To be specific, those teenage groups who want to be free in their own fashion and way are good examples. They hate laws, rules and do’s and do not do’s. They come up with certain habits such as taking drugs, smoking cigarettes, drinking too much alcohol and so on. The desire to be free, in which such given age group demands by its character, do make such give group of people to live under vicious circle of bad habits which do put their life to be a prisoner of bad habits which eventually could result in poor health conditions and other severe mental illnesses. This is not to preach about any religious dogma or other doctrines but rather this is something any layman could observe in any given social movements and dynamics.

On the contrary, there are people who are deprived of fundamental and basic human rights such as the right to share one’s opinion, the freedom to exercise free speech, the right and freedom to propagate ones’ own ideology in public, the right to share and express one’s opinions to others, the right and freedom of movements, the freedom to life and to live and so on. The idea of freedom live behind such city of existence in which freedom is more of physical, economical, intellectual; and moral consciousness, which people require in life and it is also something that can be created by one’s own moral choices in life and it is also something that can be granted by those people who have power and authority over others.

Is freedom mean to be like anything one wants to be or to have anything one wants to have, or it is just matter of putting certain choices and alternatives and perspectives for life and to matters which people want to undertake? And one can be  free as to how far and vast the mindset and thinking  is since everyone thinks and becomes by the cup of want and need one has since one cannot be like or think like one’s brother, friend or whatever due to the fact nature is one big factor and everyone is distinct and unique by nature. There is no such repetition in nature since it is peoples way of perception that make everyone to be duplicate and get cloned in thinking and perception.

In the valley of Freedom, one of the means where by checking and telling the existing of any given freedom in any given society is the existence of varied opinions and perspectives which are justified by their respective adherents in their own way and fashion and such perspectives, no matter how few number of followers are there, there exist in any given community as part and parcel of that given social dynamics and they are practically implemented. The more voices and alternatives of life exist, the better and more freedom society has with its own dynamics.

However, in any given social dynamics, if society has one and similar perspective, it is very hard to claim that freedom exists since this society has one sided and one ideology in its implementation of thinking, such given society could be likened to having one or similar type of food on a table in every day and time in which this society has no buffet to share or different menu of thinking in world where varied thinking should be implemented and practiced. This can be known by the daily undertaking society is implementing within its own domain.

Freedom starts from a single individual level then enlarges its inquiry and need to group and societal level upon the need and maturity of individuals and societies. This depends on how far individuals and societies are aware and the state of awareness is the crucial factor and point in darning on the need to have it or not. When a person is hungry, the person realizes that one should search for food since one’s state of being is the determinant factor. The same is true to those individuals and societies who look for such given reality, in which they should at first be in need of it otherwise they could not even recognize that they need to have it or not. Otherwise, they just live as the way of their life in past dictate since it is not their need.

When people are in need of freedom, they talk about it, they share views about it, and they write all kinds of love and struggle poems about it, they write articles, essays and books since it is their need and they consider it as part and parcel of their life. In fact, few could go different way and take other means to secure it in their lives such as they could go to gorilla fighting and they sacrifice their lives although such give people are found doing the contrary when they achieve at last and they could forget for why they have gone to the fields and took armaments against the oppressors in their course of time. Once they assume power and authority in offices they held, they oppress others since they forget many things. They were considered as freedom fighters, but, later on they happen to be oppressors and dictators. This is in fact one of the hobbies of most African leaders.

On the other corner of life, there are developed societies who claim that they are free beings since they exercise certain amount of freedom in better manner or different way than others. Does this mean that they are truly and honestly free or they are tricked by few master minds or manipulators since they are given what they like and they want which is not warranty to that exact amount and the right way of practicing freedom is done? Is betterment means being or having perfectly? Can there be other ways and means of possessing and translating freedoms, different and far from what is now and existing? Is being different warranty for the success and achievement of having freedom, which few societies claim and exercise now in their own social dynamics?

Getting one likes and getting one should are two different human conditions of life. People like things since they see it on the table, on their neighbor’s house, or in the market or some other place or some other people are having it. However, what they should get is something that could exist in the imaginary or non visualized world, but could exist as matter of people own deliberation to bring them to this world as result of their efforts and choices they make in life and in due course of time they happen and come true since they should. Both conditions are different matters since one could get on what one like since existence is precondition whereas in case of what one should get, one could imagine certain things and one should make it to translate or objectify it in this world since one should get it.

Freedom is an abstract reality that needs abstract way of perception. The amount and type of freedom a hungry man seeks in life and the amount and type of freedom a rich woman seek in life cannot be equal and same since freedom is mainly connected by and dictated by the human need. Human need is changing thru time as people progress and change in economy and perception. In such given scenario of life, freedom comes to exist since there is quite a need and want to have it, otherwise it cannot exist and manifest in any given individual, societal or group and institutional levels. The amount and type of freedom they seek in lifer vary as per their given nature, need and character.

Society can be healthy when freedom is purely and its proper sense is installed and practiced otherwise the freedom and rights could look appearing on the outward looking orientation due to the fact that the institutions are formulated and the like but when one goes into its practicality, is the system or outward mechanism that could possibly exist, but such given institutions could be found doing another job and business since in few societies it is done for the prime intention of seeking funds and fake recognition from others. Freedom is an intrinsic human reality, it is not something that few people formula and decides and offers as birth day cake or gifts, as the way is going on this world, this should happen since it is one of the fundamental aspects of human reality.

For example, an election is going to be held in any given community. I asked a person, are you going to participate in this election. He said; No. I said why. He said because in my religion, it is forbidden to participate in this and other kinds of activities. Here, this person has been hijacked by other rules that are not of his own native land, but alien types of laws that could make him ex-communicate with the rest of the surrounding world. If I were him, if that election has an impact on my life, I could participate whether there is a law in my religion or not. In reality and in many cases such aspects of life have an impact on out life. This person assumes that he is free, but he is already captive under other system and way of life.

Freedom come to being as there is oppression. If there is no oppression, the idea of freedom will not dwell on stage. In oppression, there are two types of oppression society do face. The first one is the oppression that comes to being by the majority to the minority group. The second one is the oppression that comes to being by the minority within the minority. Both are oppression in which power, authority, resource and other monopolization of the oppressive instruments goes to the side of the oppressor. In regard to the majority and minority group oppressors, they share same character and nature since they oppress the other minority group within their domain. However, in the case of the oppressor and oppressed with minority group, both share same pain since they are minority groups.

Oppression comes to being since it is not possible to satisfy human needs. Oppressors are in most cases ruling and governing parries. They take power to administer the affairs of the public. When they fail, oppression comes to being. In such case, they violate individual, societal and institutional freedoms and rights and injustice takes place. There should not be confusion people should make between, the seemly no oppression and the oppression yet to come within any give social dynamics in which any given government could give whatever thing society needs up to certain level, and when society ask for other needs since nee is unending and continuum, which are matters beyond capacity of governors, in such case, oppression comes to being since oppression is always a hidden phenomena, I such cases, and  comes to being when circumstances society face change.

One of the difficult problem societies and institutions face in any given social dynamics is the balance that exist between the amount of freedom they deliver and the amount and need for obedience to certain rules and regulations in which individuals revolt against systems and ways of life since they want to be free and the balance between both entities are not equivalent. Hence, society lives in having its own shape and color by the balance it creates between the amount of freedom and the degree of obedience it seeks.

While both entities and concepts of life are integrated, in many societies they are like oil and water in which freedom and obedience are not in way they can be integrated and coordinated in any given social dynamics unless both are established under certain boundaries and margins since both need certain perspective and medias in which any given people who want to be free may not be in a position to exercise the obedience since both are dependent upon conditions and situations. In societies where even democracy and freedom are exercised in legitimate way, such ideas are still challenge.

Modern man wants to wed with two great potent Forces—The Truth and Freedom. However, both are partially possible and practical in this world due to many reasons and factors. We live in the middle of times and generations. And we inherited many types of things, processes, visions and desires and ambitions of many people in the past, we can posses both to the extent and degree to which the nature and character of society matter, based on types of and thinking and values society has treasured in its domain.

May 19, 2015

The road to success is not a smooth nor easy one, as these quotes from successful businessmen prove. Nor is it a road that a person without vision, perseverance and a sense of pride can negotiate  Successful businessmen come from all countries and economic, educational and family backgrounds, but what they all have in common are the abilities to learn from their failures and to persevere even when it would be so much easier to quit.

Henry Ford “Life is a series of experiences, each of which makes us bigger, even though it is hard to realize this. For the world was built to develop character and we must learn that the setbacks and grieves which we endure help us in our marching onward. Walt Disney “All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me. You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you. Soichiro Honda “Success represents the one percent of your work which results from the 99 percent that is called failure. Warren Buffett “It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently

According to an article authored by Isaiah Hankel, Contributor, Entrepreneur Speaker and Business Consultant, which was published on the Entrepreneur Web Magazine on January 20, 2015, it is published under the title, 10 people who will destroy your business, which advises on how business men should behave while interacting with other people.

However, who are business people and how they are behaving. Accordingly, business men have at least five faces and personalities when they interact, with the objects of interaction, which vary as per the nature of the thing or person which they interact. Although it is proper to interact with others as per the nature and character of object of interaction, when such interaction loses fundamental verities of life, people could fall under wrong tragedy and trap.

The first face and color they have is when they interact with the government. The second face and color is what they have when they interact with customers and suppliers. The third color and faces they have is when they interact with their personal friends. The fourth color and face they have is with what they have with families and related people. The fifth color and face is what they have with their employees.

They have different features and personalities and they act and react accordingly. They make communication and interaction base on advantage and disadvantages and they do things in like manner. Successful business people should have smoother action and reaction, interaction and personalities with all these objects of interactions and communications otherwise their success and achievement will be under question.

Coming back to the view of the article, it is read as follows.

If you want to build a great business, you have to be very deliberate about whom you let into it.

Emotions and behaviors may circulate through social networks in patterns similar to what’s seen in epidemiological models of the flu virus. Every positive person you let into your life increases your chances of being positive 11 percent, estimated a study published in 2010 in the Proceedings of the Royal Society.

“Just one sad friend was needed to double an individual’s chance of becoming unhappy,” Wired summarized about the report.

Figuring out whom to avoid and whom to let in won’t always be easy. But with a little practice, you can get really good at staying far away from people who might bring your business down. Here are 10 people (whether employees or clients) you should avoid if you’re starting a business:

1. The siren

Sirens are those amazing and enticing people who come into your business and completely distract you. More than anyone else, these people have a way of stealing your focus and throwing your efforts off track. A lot of promising futures have been sacrificed to sirens. Some people have sold their businesses for way less than they are worth and others have given up on their businesses to chase a get-rich-quick scheme than some sirens pitched them. Don’t let this happen to you. Don’t let an amazing person make you forget that you and your business have something amazing to offer the world, too.

2. The goat. 

Goats are those wildly charismatic, big-talking and full-of-luck people who seem to get away with everything. These people have many strengths.

The problem is that they use their strengths in devious ways. Goats have little ambition beyond convincing others to make bad decisions. If you find yourself constantly making bad business decisions every time you’re around someone in particular, it’s time to cut that person out of your business.

3. The elephant.

An elephant never forgets. Elephants are those people in your business who never let you live down past mistakes. They never let you live down who you used to be or how many times you’ve messed up.

4. The hater.

Haters are people who want to be on top but don’t want to work to get there. Instead, they want to push everyone else around them down so it will seem like they’re on top.

Haters are losers but they also can serve as a source of motivation in a strange way. Don’t let haters into your business but use them as motivation to make your business as strong as possible.

5. The narcissist.

Narcissists are talented people who are too consumed with themselves to take action. They’re especially bad at taking team-oriented action.

A narcissist might even encourage you to put the image of your business over its reputation. This is always bad idea. When starting a business, it’s best to be transparent and authentic. Don’t try to make things seem bigger than they are and avoid trying to be something you’re not. Instead, be real. Keep narcissists out of your startup and stay focused on your reputation, not your image.

6. The nemesis.

When you’re starting a business, sometimes you’ll have to work with someone whom you can’t stand and who can’t stand you. If you’re not careful, this can become a major distraction.

Try to realize that what you don’t like about a nemesis is probably something you don’t like about yourself or it’s something that you like too much about yourself. Either way, something is at odds with your identity and the only way to fix it is to turn the mirror on yourself, not the nemesis.

Your adversary can be your advisor in a way. If you bring a nemesis into your startup, use this person to learn about yourself. Once you do this, he or she won’t be your nemesis anymore.

7. The Ares.

Ares is the Greek god of war. Ares-type people love conflict. They are addicted to drama and winning at all costs, even if there’s nothing to be won. Any time spent trying to correct or even understand an Ares is a waste of time. You are better off ignoring these people and keeping them out of your business altogether.

8. The Dionysus.

Dionysus is the Greek god of wine, parties and pleasure. Dionysus sorts are pleasure seekers who have very little patience for anything other than instant gratification.

Be careful when letting these people into your business because base pleasure of any kind is both addictive and time-consuming. It’s important to have friends and have fun, but you should never sacrifice your startup to a string of late nights.

9. The black cat.

Some people can walk into a business and light it up. Others walk in and kill it. Black cats are the latter. They are the people who seem to have a dark cloud following them everywhere they go.

These people are unlucky, negative and always depressed. Don’t feel bad for these people. Odds are, they like sitting in the pits. They like the attention it gives them. So, let them sit. Just make sure they’re sitting outside your business.

10. The fat cat.

Fat cats are those people who will come into your business, throw a bunch of money around and offer you the world. Whether these people are angel investors or venture capitalists from top firms, don’t let their flash or their cash distract you from the fact that they want to control your company and make money off you.

Be very careful with whom give your business to. You didn’t work this hard to watch your brand and reputation go down in flames at the paws of some fat cat who is now calling the shots.

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