Realistic or Novelistic

April 13, 2015

A boy and a mom are conversing. The boy asks his mom, mom I need to have a sister. Mom replied, sorry we cannot have by now since your dad is on the field trip. Then the boy replied, why do not you surprise him. Surprises are good when they have good impact on the person to be surprised, otherwise such kinds of surprise are not surprises but they are like electric shocks.

Life is fine when there are different kinds of surprises come in different occasions and circumstances of life. Both conditions and kinds of surprises, good and bad, should be accepted since one cannot do anything with such scenario of life as far as they are once happened. Hence, people live by the way life dictate since they cannot reverse certain things and aspect of life.

One was in fact surprised, by a different kind of surprise factor, by the conversation one had with other people last time. They are followers a particular religion. They claim that we can not be perfect in the religion since there are many things we do not perform right. One replied to them, if you cannot perform all, then you should stop claiming you are part of it since that given period and era of justifying one’s shortcomings and failure is over since it is time to be or not to be, to do or not to do.

The point in here is that do it or do not do it. If you cannot do it, stop to have it or claim you are part of it and then be by your own. The claim is to be or not to be , if you cannot be, there is no point one claim that one belongs and is part of that given drama. The moment people start giving excuses and reasons for their failure as they are imperfect in way that the particular system or belief is complete and perfect, this is very funny and obsolete way of justifying that any given system is correct.

Any given system is correct if followers perform it correctly, if not, it cannot be justified as it is complete and perfect. One of the most significant aspect to justify any given system is correct and complete and the way any given system rightness and correctness is justified is how it is reflected in any given ordinary follower life style and thinking. If it does not exist in any given follower, the system is under jeopardy. It is not possible to claim in one aspect, I am imperfect and incomplete, but the system I follow is complete and perfect in such practice and thinking. If the thinking of system and way of life does not dwell in every individual and ordinary follower home, it is more of novel story than a realistic thinking and belief.

There are many followers of different religions who surprises their life partners in wrong way in which many wives surprise many husbands and many husbands surprise many wives in bad way even if their doctrine or the principle which they follow in that given particular religions or way of life tell and dictate that do not have sex without your husbands or wives. People keep on breaking laws since it is not laws or policies that dictate such given aspect of life and peoples thinking and feeling, but rather peoples own carnal desires. We live in quite strange time.

In such scenario of life, given the claims of having perfect and complete system of life as many people declare do exist in this world, perfect system creates and yields perfect people where as imperfect system and way of life produces and creates imperfect and incomplete community and people . Every individual and community, any given way of life creates, is a reflection of what that given particular system and way of life tells. In this case, it is not possible to find perfect individuals, communities and institutions since they all are reflections of imperfect and incomplete way of life and doctrines of life too.

The more and greater numbers of followers manifest and reflect the principles and doctrines of the way of life they practice and follow, the higher and greater success and achievement that given system and way of life is doing and undertaking. This can be simply illustrated on how they behave, think and practice. However, this world is not going in way the systems and way of life tell, but rather most followers are having high romanticism with the form in which they prefer to proclaim that “I am like this or that” than they reflect the teaching and principle in their life. Such way of life is creating chaos in community and social life since the form cannot give deliver greater transformation and change since it is the content or the spirit that matters.

In such given scenario of life, fanaticism and fundamentalism become the king in this world due to the fact that most people are not following the teachings but rather they are attracted to styles or fashion of the thing which they follow, they do not know what it is, but they prefer to go by what few people tell and understand due to the fact they have no capacity and understanding in perceptions and thinking. Hence, few people play the drama and they perform the theater on this plane of existence which is the reality. This should not continue and the world must stop such given practice and way of going and operating. Ignorance should not be the king in this world since knowledge is the one that should take over. Ignorance and knowledge in here are not related with paper and ink, all kinds of certificates, people receive from schools, colleges and universities.

We live in world in which one way of life and any given community is living in way competing with the other and such given way of life is tantamount to the childhood age of any given human being in which in such given age any given child tries to become more of possessive and have the feeling and thinking of winning due to the fact that this given age is the age in which egoistic and selfish attitude and thinking is mostly reflected. In such given age, any given child thinks that one is better and greater than the other. That is why they use more of childish psychology on other people, especially, when they try to attack others. This is how far they can go. People live up to their capacity and thinking. The same is true in what we see in this world in which any given system thinks that it is the centre of everything and one is the best as compared to others.

It is not the quantity or numbers that matte in any given system of thinking and way of life, but rather the quality of life it contains in which the touchstones in valuing way and system of thinking to date and underway to date are fake measurements in which they are designed in way they merit particular belief system and system of thinking. Life is not about material possession, but rather what that given material possessions deliver in terms of thinking and way of life. If they have one plus one two thing in life, life would be more of machine thing in which it is time to reflect in many human aspect of life due to the fact that people seek one plus one become three with what people posses in life due to the fact that what people posses should deliver synergetic effect on the life and daily activities of the human life.

For example, most people are becoming very nationalistic in feeling and thinking in which their patriotic feelings in case get beyond and far fanatical and they tend to forget that loving their beloved nation in certain cases is reflected in hating other segment of any given society or other people which they do not personally like in which few try to confuse patriotic feelings and thinking with personal thinking and attitude and they confuse personal matters with patriotic aspect of their life. In this case, people should re-consider on what they are in love with in which extremity in feeling and thinking in case create biases and prejudice which puts their thinking and feeling in contradiction and confusion too.

The other aspect of life in which community and social life is constructed is by the institution of marriage in which what is quite funny and strange in here is that most people have different personality in which what they look inside their home and households and outside their home is very different in case diametrically opposite, and as there are different followers of religions who get divorced many times, but they preach and advice many others on the significant aspect and usefulness of marriage and they use all kinds of quotations from the books which they practice and follow. We live in quite funny and strange world in cases, world in which what people say and do are falling apart. One of the reasons why this world gets such given shape is because of such given wrong and fake advisors and counselors which advise and suggest things they have no clue but by virtue of the position they are delivered, they live misleading and deceiving many others and they advise other people from their experience in which their experience in life tells something and what they objectively look are very different in which we live in world where things are falling apart .

As religion and politics are playing their drama on stage, one was having last time a couple of beers at the grocer in here in which there was kind of conversation going on that given place with a fanatic patriotic person in here. The person said, the flag of independence has three colors and these are green, yellow and red. One replied what do you mean by that, and asked that given patriotic person, do you believe in science. The person replied, yes. In this case, the flag of independence you claimed has four colors. And the person asked, how. One replied, green is not color by itself, it is combination of yellow and blue, and thus, as per your given claim, the flag of independence goes to four, blue, green, yellow and red. Such given kinds of conversations and claims are endless and in most cases are subjective and contextual ones. This is to state in here that both scopes, religion and politics are mostly subjective ones and they need quite contemplation…


Fear, Anxiety Vs Excitement

April 9, 2015

I was into a dream of talking to myself in the world of my own dreams; there appear two scenarios of life. The first one is a scenario of life in which the feeling of boredom comes to being in the world of comfort as one lives a life in the world of everything. The other scenarios of life comes to being is the world of fear and anxiety in the world of poverty in which one lives for the existing day since tomorrow thinks and takes care for itself.

In these two scenarios of life, life becomes interesting since boredom, fear and anxiety exist and want to get married in somebody’s life in two different conditions and aspects of life. When boredom comes in the world of comforts, one has nothing to do in life since one does everything since one has everything although there are missing items and elements of life. This means one gets bored since life is not about material things and settling monthly bills.

In the other scenario of life in which fear and anxiety come in the world of poor condition of life, one struggles and survival comes as result of such fight and struggle in life. The moment one gets something for life, here , joy and excitement comes to being since such state of being come as result of having something in life since one get excited when one has something in life.

When both states and conditions of life are integrated in which the world of everything along with the world of poverty, one could experience such state of being in different aspects and conditions of life. Meaning, at one point of life, one lived in the world of something in which comfort was good experience in life and life was not only good but also boring since there was no such struggle and one would not have as such challenging life in term of the economy and material needs.

In another conditions of life, the poverty comes to being, fear and anxiety, becomes the prince in one’s life. In such scenario of life, one experience a life of struggle and fight and one observes many miracle and mysterious things coming to being in one’s scenario of life. Excitement, joy along with fear and anxiety come to being in one’s life and life has its own different color, taste and flavor, when such state of being come to being in one’s life.

In such gallery of life, life is not only an enigma but also in cases so predictable and known for many reasons. Experience becomes one thing in which one come up with certain recipe of life as age passes by and time goes on and one lives with mixed feeling and thinking of the predictable and the unpredictable in which there are certain things that hit in one’s life which are predictable ones as there are certain things that happen in unpredictable way. In such conditions of life, one has come up with certain color of one’s life in which the boredom, fear and anxiety along with joy, excitement and contentment has yielded a level of certain confidence in life one has come up since this is one given experience of life.

In very fact, one has come up with certain mindset of the comfort zone thing as problems and challenges one is surrounded with in which such given circumstances of life change their color and content as time goes by since challenges and problems are mainly dependent upon the type and nature of people one interacts, work one does and they change according to the nature and communication one makes in life accordingly.

The other side of the coin in the world of comfort beside the boredom thing is, there is no such stress or anxiety of settling bills, securing other economic aspect of life in which in such zone, worry is not that  a matter one should consider. Such given comforts in having what one wants make the boredom thing to be in less percentage than it should. And the other side of the coin in the world of poor condition of life is that contentment and gratitude for the daily meals one is having in which such conditions and state of being make the anxiety and fear to get oppressed and of no value since confidence and hope along with faith germinate in such given way of life as result of such given exposure of life one does face in such life.

In the time of comfort, many people were hanging around and they look for company where as in the world of poor condition of life, there is none around and people give their back to oneself since they rather are bored of one’s face and presence due to the fact that life is about material things and company is mainly based on as per the economic status of individuals. In such world, to be lonely in poor condition of life as compared to the many people around while in living in the comfort zone, such given loneliness is indeed by far nobler, and better since in such state of being, one truly searches for meaning for life and it also is a testimony that those people who were around in that given comfort world are wrong and fake people, and one had fake company.

Life becomes scary when boredom, fer and anxiety are mixed up in way that they effect to disappointment and dissatisfaction in life. However, life becomes spicy and interesting, when contentment, joy and different way of perceiving such aspect of life is derived by oneself, which is personal, contextual and subjective. In this case, one looks to hope and faith that give birth to to shaping one’s reality to good and betterment in one’s own way than go by the usual and suspected and traditional approaches and perspective this world has known to date. The good thing in this world is life is about perspective and thinking which is merely dependent upon how one  perceive this world and human reality.