Democracy and Its Surgeries

March 30, 2015

According to Journal of Contemporary World Affairs, Current History, January 2013 edition, it is expected that the global temperature will increase by 4 degree Celsius by the year 2100, which causes unpleasant consequences in, inundation of coastal cities, risk for food production, unprecedented heat waves and water scarcity. This is quite threatening and the world is quite aware of such bad condition and aspects ye to come since such consequence could demand certain policy changes on the affected areas and sectors of the human life.

What is quite interesting is not on the weather threat, but the other research that was published in that given journal, in which in another page, it states that the number of people in poverty fell from 1.9 billion to 1.4 billion, and the number of people who are in below poverty line( $1 per day) fell from 1.5 billion to 0.8 billion from and between years 1981 to 2005. It is quite something to wonder in here that global warming and temperature is raising in past decades which do have an effect on global productivity in which change in climate alters agricultural productivity which is directly linked to way of human life in securing food and other necessities of human life unless and otherwise other possible mechanisms are employed.

The point in here is that poverty and poor way of life is directly related with way of life in which food security is one thing in which such given food security is commonly linked with productivity and production in which weather is one big factor for such given growth and developments nations acquire since water is one source of making plants grow and thus climate is another factor in which conducive climate is helpful not only for agricultural products but also human way of life.

When productivity is in question, the idea of demand and supply thing come on stage in which when there is low productivity, price goes to high. In this case, as per the case of inflation in which inflation hit almost all currencies in past decades, the purchasing power of every money is getting depleted year by year which do increase as one of the reasons, the cost of living to be on raise. In such plane of existence, we are given data that people in poverty and below poverty line do decrease since nations and societies have their own style and way of keeping such data to down, which one could understand from both data presented.

Although artificial methods, by means of technologies, are applied in preserving and controlling such threats, since the are only helpful in artificial manner, their long term consequences, their impact on long term health conditions and aspects of the human life are not that clearly studied and known, people live using them since the have no choice. What is mostly connected in here is beside such given global temperatures threats in which as global threats goes to different direction—the way of ruling also changes in the political movement and directions in this world—which is more of beyond control thing since it is shift toward nature, but how those people administer such given shift of nature from one color to another. Is such shift of nature reflection of type of leadership or governing system nations and societies are doing? Or it has many other scientific justifications as delivered as of today?

This world in most parts was governed and is now also under way, by three different styles and way of governing society, which also exist on the present day society. The firs one is way of ruling society by self claimed authority and power from God in which divinity was mixed up with leadership in which kings and monarchs used to govern this world, and all claim that they receive power and blessing from God and they rule their respective society by the claimed grace they have acquired from God which their respective society have no clue. This was more of dictatorial leadership.

Such given dictatorial leadership was later on overthrown and removed by another dictatorial style in which they were remove by coup deta and revolutions which their respective society have put on the stage due to the anger and frustration such given way of leaderships have resulted on the side of the public, this is mostly true in Europe and other developing countries as well. Amongst such dictator leaders that were borne in that given movement were Adolf Hitler, Napoleon and the like, could be mentioned. And then such given way of leading society was later on replaced by democracy. People and society start replacing dictatorial leadership into democratic way of life.

These three stages and ways of governing people and society are inevitable in most cases and part of the world although both three ways and styles of leaderships are still on stage. Few countries have dictatorial leadership; other has still kings and monarchs and others use democratic way of ruling society. The rest are details and mini- classifications and they do some kinds of plastic surgeries and some kind of adjustments to such given and such basic leadership styles.

They say democracy immunizes a society from the worst form of government, democracy also protects society from the worst form of economic disaster, in way that they connect democracy with any given prosperity any given nation and society aspires and achieves. Thy also say dictatorship results in famine and poverty in way that they connect such way of administration with disaster and stresses any given nation and society suffer.

To the contrary, there are countries and societies which are labeled and categorized as dictators and dictatorial style of leadership, but they do have registered greater economic strength and growth than to those nations and societies who are assumed that they have employed democratic style and democracy in their leadership style such as Cuba, Venezuela, China and the like. This does not mean that democracy is not the cause of prosperity in which the United States and other European countries are good examples in this regard as they have installed stronger and better economic growth since they have established democracy in their culture and leadership style.

Most relate the idea of democracy with freedom in which freedom is mostly connected with way of life in which there are people who claim that freedom is luxury to starving society, which should not be the case and reality since freedom can be necessity to starving society since people in here fight to have both bread and freedom on simultaneous basis. Bread is the daily and basic necessity of any given individual as freedom is one of the basic necessities of life as society. They are both basic distinct needs and prerequisites of life.

Few experts claim that the expected life of democracy in those nations whose per capita income is below $1,000 is maximum of eight years; to those nations whose capital is between $1000-4000 is 18 years, and in those nations whose per capita income is more than $4000 is 100% in which they purely associate and relate wit GDP. In reality, political system has direct relation and is reflection of economic growth and structure which is the fact and reality, but there are societies who claim that they have more than 8 years experience of having democracy within their nations even if they have per capita income of less than $1000. It is crystal clear that such nations are expected to install the type of democracies which are experimented by those who have more than $4000 per capita income.

Such given way of perceiving democracy is derived from the idea of believing that some societies are not even ready for democracy since they think that societies who do not achieve certain level of economic development are not matured enough to develop and practice the idea and practice of democracy. Such given way of perceiving democracy is narrow minded since there are societies in the middle eastern part of this world that have higher per capita income but they have closed their homes and doors to such democracy since they have preferred their own way of ruling and administering their nations and societies by virtue of their own principle, morals, belief and ideology they have selected to practice in their life and world too.

Afterwards, people start deriving and make all kinds of plastic surgeries to the basic idea of democracy and they come up with labels and tags like commodities in the market, and they categorize and divide into different features and colors since labeling ad categorizing is one of the becoming nature of this world, and they say, liberal democracy, neo-liberal democracy and other types of democracy in way they use the basic tenets of democracy, but do some kind of plastic surgery to it, to the extent opposing the idea and concepts of democracy, but they go forward in way the get merit out of it. If democracy is about freedom, equality and justice, it is useless drama to put all kinds tags since it is only one democracy—which is about respecting the right and freedom of the mass— that should exist as basis. The Muslim tradition says, knowledge is single point but the foolish have multiplied it.

While such theatrical drama is on stage it is not possible to correlate wealth and democracy  since there are nations and societies have developed and acquired greater economic growth and wealth strength without democracy. Both are not something at can be related and correlated and connected in way social scientists claim. In this world, social realities are one of the difficult arguments which are hard to be accurate and exact like the case and the field of psychology claim and the like. There are many inaccurate findings that exist to date which govern human society and the dictate as if they are touchstones and truths, but they should be verified and rechecked again.

It is important to underline and take a note in here that democracy and its values are something that can not only be incorporated in nation’s political institutional structures and framework, but also the concepts and its principles should be manifested and reflected in every house since the purpose of buying democracy as way of life is not only to have showy image and structures by the outward looking orientations such given nations employ but rather it should be induced in every household by delivering vibrant energy so that real change and transformation can take place, otherwise if societies just copy and paste the outward form, it cannot bring about real change in any given society undertaking.

Democracy and democratic systems is also criticized in its slowness in decision making and solving things in immediate basis by its very nature and character democracy and its systems are managed. Hence, most put harsh criticism on such given system since it does not resolve conflicts and problems on immediate basis. Consequently, it incurs any given system to pay expensive costs due to such given reason since it is tie where time is running and slipping way from every hand since things are changing in fast and so quick in time.


This World is Sick

March 25, 2015

Global wealth has hit a record high of $241 trillion, seeing a 68 percent boost over the past 10 years, but the distribution of all that money is “vastly different”, this is figure taken from October 2013 according to the source and such wealth is divided into 7 billion population, everyone receives 34,428.71 and this amount is distributed in here in local currency, it goes like ETB 688,571.42. This is quite something and it changes the life and destiny of every person in which the above figure is what is known but the question of transparency is something.

What is quite interesting in here is that there are only few people who took over the whole thing in which the majority is living as recipient of grace and mercy of the few people. The wealth of the one percent richest people in the world amounts to $110 trillion. That’s 65 times the total wealth of the bottom half of the world’s population. The bottom half of the world’s population owns the same as the richest 85 people in the world. And this means that 85 people can define and control the fate of this world since this world thinks in economy than any other matter.

In other words, all governments and other giant institutions are dependent upon the breathing system of such people since taxation, donation, grant, business and other transactions that depend on money do come from such people who are the source of every financial and most business transaction. The rest lives by taking what is left over from such people.

In such scenario of life in this world, tiny sized population like an ant and gnat controls the entire wealth and take the lion share in which such given and aspect of life make things mysterious in which the mass lives by being observant loyal, obedient and servant of such tiny and ant sized population.This does not mean that they are like an ant, but such few people have built a kingdom and an empire by the power of money and wealth they have already acquired.This is a theater this world inherited from past which cannot be irrevocable and reverse since all live in the middle of such thing. However, this world has to do something. This should not continue like the way it is.

Although there are various agents working on to balance such wealth disparity by all kind of policies, theories, philosophies and other means, such disport is one of the becoming nature of this world as it has many other becoming natural characteristics and inherent natures which could seem that they are created as inbuilt attributes and way of life since they lived with humanity for centuries and ages. Whatever prophetic statements we have been delivered to date, constitutional statements and policies delivered by nations and leaders, economic formula and algorithms acquired and suggested and other taxation policies nations and societies have develop to date, such given wealth disparity is challenge which makes all such given statements to be more of novel than something that can happen to this objective reality.

Few economic actors play such drama on stage nicely where as the mass becomes honest and loyal observant and spectator of such drama and theater. Why such theater is let it to go is still question unanswered. This world is sick. This sickness is reflected by considering such wealth disparity as normal and acceptable condition and way of life. One of the reasons why feeling of insecurity in life comes to existence in this world is due to such given and sensitive factor of life. People do not accept to have such condition and way of life in which one segment of population is having ice-cream on daily basis where as the other segment of society is watching such people having ice-cream on daily basis. One segment of population tastes life and the other segment only sees. In such unfair world, fairness becomes more of novel and fictitious reality.

Wealth disparity is not only a result of intelligent, brave and nice people in the world of economy, such as business and money making individuals, but also it is a result of unfair, unjust and disloyal governments and state that exist in this world. Ruling should be just to have just society and nation. In such malfunctions and unfair administrative systems that do exist in this world, it is not possible to expect just and fair people, individuals and society. One of the reasons why such wealth despair is becoming nature and characteristics of this world is due to weakness and shortcomings of rulers and ruling classes in every time and in every society.

This world could be likened to a person who takes shower with cold water in which it is the first touch of the cold water to the body that makes the person get shrink. As the cold water goes on and goes on, the person gets used to it and the person could think that one is taking shower with warm and hot water. The person even will not prefer to stay out from such give shower since one is already getting to adapt to it. This person lives in such state of being as result of the adaptation one develops thru time and the same is true to this world in which as it has inherited most problem, the world could think that most of the things inherited from past are normal and even could take them as touchstones to label and categorize people as bad and good and judge people thinking and behavior as if such bad conditions and bad way of life are correct and appropriate.

The wealth disparity between the poor and rich in these days is getting wider and it sounds that few people are living in different planet without using satellites and other means of transportation. Life is mostly about what you think and feel and you do it since one has the capacity to do it, which is in terms of satisfaction people derive about life and living. Life is about satisfying needs and such satisfaction comes as result of possessions of coins. For example, if I have something to achieve in my mind, it is not possible to have such dream fulfilled without single coin. In such economically controlled and dictated world, even God begs and asks for money as we see it on the streets and venues everywhere since it is not possible to have it unless and otherwise people do have coins in their pockets. This does not mean that one begs and asks assistance in terms of money from others by losing one’s integrity and values, which is indeed shameful act and thinking.

For example, one person in here has net worth of 226,800,000,000 in local currency, which is 1.376 times of the annual operational budget and need of the entire nation. This is the registered and known fact. If one person can accommodate nation’s one year and four months needs, how far other few people could sum up and manage the entire need of the nation. If such few people conspire, they can freeze the entire nation. If such few people cooperate and work together, they can advance and forward the entire nation to greater height in few years. And such few people can save the entire nation when it suffers too. in this case, they are known as savior angels, guardians and the like. The point in here is not about wealth accumulation, economic growth and other political motives and agendas, but the idea of working together and cooperating to common land and cause to forward a nation than put private and personal interest and agenda as priority in life.

It is not only taking money from the rich to the poor that can adequately solve the economic and other problems of this world, but enhancing the capacity in thinking and way of life of the poor that can remedy such given problem. This can be achieved when people have intense desire for life and living. Money cannot create and increase people intense desire for living, probably it could complicate; this world truly needs purposes and causes that create certain amount of vigor in life. Even the rich are getting bored of life. Hence, this world needs to have truthful, interesting and spicy causes that augment peoples intense desire and need for life, which solve not only economic problems, but also intellectual and emotional problems within this world. Religion, politics, science, philosophy and other causes have tried something and delivered one aspect of life. However this world needs much beyond such given causes of life which the world should think further and ahead.


Not what it says, but what it is

March 16, 2015

They say, the Bible is the most hotly debated and influential book of all time. Christians vehemently disagree with one another about what the Bible says and doesn’t say; which Biblical laws are eternally proscriptive; and what the Bible actually means and who gets to decide. However, most people dwell and spend most of their energies on less relevant things and matters.

The point in here is not about what any given book says or not, but is this thing appropriate or not. We live in quite different time and century. Most people justify their thinking and action as per the context of their culture, thinking and belief system in way that their actions and reactions go in conformity with their given way of life. If they think in way their belief system dictate even if it is wrong, they think that they are safe, secure and correct.

There are many things that do come to happen as a result of the need of the age and such actions and reactions do happen since things change thru the process of time. The whole world is put into many divisions and sects in terms of such given way of life since new and different needs arise in due course of time, and people search for meaning and purpose for life make them have their own sects and divisions in such ways of life so that they live with purpose in life.

For example, if someone meets a needy person on the road, one could justify that I should not give any single coins to such person since the book says so. The point in here is not about justifying for not giving, but magnifying one’s greed and selfishness from the point view of one’s belief. If one has coins that do not even do singe thing to oneself since one has million dollars in the bank account, there is no harm that comes to one’s home by delivering few coins to the helpless which could buy them pieces of bread. But most people live and go by justifying their belief in way their selfish advantages and desires are merited. In this case, people are making their own personal businesses in the name of belief and books. This is one type of tricking oneself.

When one says trick is one of the becoming nature in this world, one is not attributing to particular society or nation, but rather it is very historical and this is one of the things this world has inherited from past and what vary from one society to another is on how it is manipulated and used which vary according to the nature and character of any given society. Why do societies do tricks is one factor in which such tricks are mostly exercised by politicians and religious leaders in every part of this world since they are the ones who have self claimed authority, accountability and responsibility in shaping this world, and they have their own hidden agenda and they want to protect themselves from their enemies as well. These are few reasons why tricks could be used as means of shaping this world or society:

  • When there is lie and deception; (Deception)
  • When there is hidden agenda and motive; (secrecy)
  • In order to protect something valuable;(Protection)
  • In order to promulgate and propagate something;(Attraction)

In the first place, as tale stories tell in that given book, the Bible, Adam was tricked by Eve although the snake was responsible for such drama of life. Life begins with trick and continues with trick, but in no way should end up with tricks. Since point of awareness is the first step one should do. Afterwards, investigation and research process should be good idea one should work on part time basis that lead to the final step, which is the conclusion. In the final stage, once one is aware of the truth, that some deception or trick is going on, one should work for converting the trick into truth. In this case, people integrity and level of consciousness vary. The foolish go on with the trick, but the wise take one step ahead, they stay away from tricks and trickery, and make diversion, which they call deviance, but they work and live for the truth.

Politicians use tricks especially in times of election period since leadership, power and authority are the main questions. The need to stay in power is the life and death thing since being involved in by the every nature of political fields is cause and effect and result of seeking personal and hidden interest and desires along with interest to work with other people toward the same and common goal and cause too. In this case, it is not possible to trust the mass since the public also tricks on leaders too. Since suspicion is the thing that connects and disconnects the public at large with leaders, politicians should manipulate with the intention and desire to stay in power and hence they use tricks as one means of holding and staying in power.

Most citizens are the product of at least one of the two social systems, religion and politics, and they cannot escape from being an actor in the world of tricks due to the fact that one is a cause to the other. In such world, trick is mostly caused by deception in which when people want to protect something which they hide from others, they prefer to dwell in the world of tricks and tricks become the core of existence and the source of their life. When such tricks are done in regular basis, they happen to be something credible and most people get use to it and they consider it something truthful.

Whilst living in this plane of existence and world, for instance, if there is statement  that exist in any given book, which says, be obedient to just government, such statement is tantamount like to be disobedient to any government in this world. Any government in this world act, interact, communicate and work with other government based on mutual understanding and commitments in way that any government does things in way such interaction merits its own agenda and mission, otherwise one cannot interact and communicate with other. In such way of interaction, to have just mindset is equal to chimera since justice is expressed in one aspect by respect other government agenda by losing one’s own in cases others have truthful and honest ground. In this case, no government works with other government without obtaining its own benefits and advantage from the other.

Likewise, there are other things which books say, but when they are put to objective realty and world, they are more of tricks than any other thing. In this case, wise are they who make their own judgments accordingly.

Fake and Empty

March 13, 2015

One is wondering on how experience in life changes as circumstances does change. And one could come about as exposure in life vary from time to time, and when one faces certain experiences in life, one could tell that from such given experiences of life, the long term effects and consequences since as they say, one does not have to taste the existence of salt in sea by drinking the full content of the water in the sea, and few glance are enough to tell that this is like this or something.

Accordingly, there are two types of sheep. The first ones are those sheep that do have huge weight of the skin and they are so hairy, but when they are put to surgery, the amount of flesh or beef they contain inside is like 10 percent of the total weight of they have and the weight of the skin and hair is by far greater than they beef they have. The second ones are those sheep that do have considerable amount of hair and skin, but they have more flesh than the skin and hair thing they have.

Businesses and organizations are like that. There are businesses and organizations that do have huge building complex and portrayed outward looking orientation, but as people go inside, they are empty and fake. There are also organizations and businesses who have huge building complexes and structures, and the outside also looks great and profound, they deliver attractive an interesting employee benefits and packages.

When one enters into life where the sheep’s hair and skin are greater than the beef they have, one could be attracted for few months, but people get bored as result of deceiving and tricky images such businesses and organizations have built. People could stay longer in here since they have no choices and other alternatives. They prefer such businesses and organization from those who are worse. And people go out by the entrance gates they entered into such businesses since they cannot be tricked and deceived twice and even for more years. Life becomes boring since people see and hear similar things.

Why do such people and businesses want to have tricky and deceiving personalities and images is one question most people have, and one observed the following:

  • When their ambitions exceeds their resources; they cannot achieve their desire and dream by the limited resource they have;
  • The desire to be number one and leading others;
  • Seeking power and authority over others(monopolizing);
  • Self centered and selfish intent and desires as their personal character;
  • The desire to be rich and wealthy in short period of time;
  • Fear of failures;
  • The desire to be smart over others, ego centered;(manipulation)
  • Hidden agenda and interests they hide from others;
  • As result of few successes they have done by past few trials, or they took wrong lessons from other people who are like minded like them, doing tricks and deceptions, they think that they can go forward;

Coup d’etat and Revolution

March 7, 2015

History testifies that the above conditions and state of life are objectively translated in different nations in different times in various circumstances. They happen since they are dependent upon many things in which the mass is in most cases the author of revolution since revolutions involve and contain the anger and frustrations of the mass unlike coup d’etat which is secretly plotted by few key people. The first and major condition is the anger, discontentment, dissatisfactions and frustration of the public at large which is mainly caused by the way existing ruling systems govern and administer the affairs of society. When they truly fail, such conditions of life happen within the social dynamics.

In such state of affairs of life within any given social dynamics, the idea and feeling of change germinates in anyone’s mind and heart. People start contemplating on why they live and how long and far they continue like this.  And they reach at the climax and point of no return and they overcome the fear that pulls them back before, and they kill the fear inside which is embedded in their hearts, and they come up with the idea of transformation with courage and detachment. Hence, society revolts to seek new changes in life. Here, they change the proverb, the known devil is better than the unknown angel into a different story, which goes like, let us create the unknown angel since we are bored of the known devil.

When society lives and reaches to such heightened bad conditions of life, people think the above both conditions to happen since change becomes the ultimate concern of everyone, even those babies who are in the womb of their mothers cry for it, since the power of change is natural force that integrates and connects people who live with same frequency and magnitude of thinking. When both conditions are mixed, the existing system and government collapses and it is totally in danger. Before the worse comes, it needs to revise and reconsider many things. Such both conditions do happen since the government has created its own island, and forgets and ignores the woes and pains of the public; the public and the government in two different islands, but within one nation.

In such scenario of life, both the state and the society should get married than live in such state of separation and isolation since their marriage is helpful and useful for both of them than their divorce and separation. The marriage should not take place with the intervention of tradition and cultures such as engagements and involvement of elderly people. They should get married by truth and the power of truth. When both are truthful, they remove tricks and trickeries within their reality. In this case, both can have bright future and they can knock and enter the house of prosperity.  Tricky societies give birth to tricky leaders and administrations.

What do most historical social movements—Revolutions—uphold to the world and the public at large? Are they significantly important and they are life and death aspects of social transformation and progress to any given social dynamics and society? Why? Why does any given society seek revolutions? Are revolutions the only way to bring radical transformation to the slow operating and corrupt systems and governments? What do historical trend in such given aspect of life tell and deliver?

Most existing systems and societies have passed both situations and conditions of life, such as the developed and developing nations, thru their historical process of time since both were inevitable due to reasons that those existing and governing systems were corrupt, unjust, abusive and oppressive. Hence, they were removed suddenly by power and then, they come up with their own type of historical revolution. Once they have finished both states and conditions in their own good time, they devise their own administrative system and way of government and established and live with their own political system and mindset, be it democratized or liberalized ideology.

Revolution is defined as forcible, pervasive, and often violent change of a social or political order by a sizable segment of a country’s population. Revolution is the most extreme political option of a dissenting group, a course taken generally when more moderate and legal attempts to achieve recognition or reform have failed. Even when fomented by a political minority, revolutions usually reflect a general climate of discontent. Whether occurring spontaneously, which is rare, or through careful planning, revolutions depend for their success on crucial timing, the fostering of popular support, and the nucleus of a new governmental organization.

Revolutions and coup d’etat are two different aspect although they have something in common which they share—discontentment on the existing system—they want to remove the existing governing system. Revolutions put alternative to ideologies and they want to bring change thru the process o time. A revolution is distinguished from a coup d’etat, which is a sudden seizure of state power by a small faction or element of the government; a coup does not necessarily cause profound, far-reaching change in the social system. Revolutions are mass supported and mass oriented unlike coup d’etat which is done by few key people with intention of seizing power, not change, as priority.

One of the dynamic and exemplary revolutions take place in history of our world is the French Revolution. It is in indeed the exemplary one for many reasons and most societies do take lessons from such given revolution since it has its own historical and peculiar accomplishments and successes in overthrowing that given strong and untouchable monarch system in which the French use to be governed in its own history.

French Revolution, major transformation of the society and political system of France, lasting from 1789 to 1799. During the course of the Revolution, France was temporarily transformed from an absolute monarchy, where the king monopolized power, to a republic of theoretically free and equal citizens. The effects of the French Revolution were widespread, both inside and outside of France, and the Revolution ranks as one of the most important events in the history of Europe.

During the ten years of the Revolution, France first transformed and then dismantled the Old Regime, the political and social system that existed in France before 1789, and replaced it with a series of different governments. Although none of these governments lasted more than four years, the many initiatives they enacted permanently altered France’s political system. The end came in 1799. Military reverses, a domestic political crisis, and the ambitions of a military hero, Napoleon Bonaparte, combined to give rise to the Revolution’s last major coup and the creation of a dictatorship

At its core, the French Revolution was a political movement devoted to liberty. But what that liberty actually was and what was required to realize it remained open questions during the Revolution, as they have ever since. Some historians have suggested that what the revolutionaries’ liberty meant in practice was violence and a loss of personal security that pointed to the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century. This negative view had its roots in the ideas of many counter-revolutionaries, who criticized the Revolution from its beginning. These ideas gained new popularity during the period of reaction that set in after Napoleon’s final defeat in 1815, when the monarchy and its counter-revolutionary allies were restored to power.

Revolutions in most cases are socially significant and important. Though the matter and agenda behind such revolution is one aspect in which the issue an given revolution raises should have common and sharing ground to the mass, otherwise  if the issue is something that puts differences in cultural and ideology gap within society, it is even disaster since it divides people into man sects and bloodshed will be inevitable. When such revolution touches aspects related to culture, religion, race and the like in way that they address a particular group, it is better not to have them. When such revolution raise issues related to economy, justice, rights, freedoms and so on which most share in common in terms of oppression and depression a given system deliver, it achieves since the ground has general media to which most people would like to act and participate.

However, revolutions have an adverse effect in the economy and the economic growth any given society wants to achieve. Revolutions quicken the dead spirit going on, adds flavors to the frustration any give society has, and removes the tiresome and boredom feelings society are having due to the traumatic vaccines the existing governments and system and leadership inject to the public at large, but they have their own consequences on the welfare and economy since they happen in riots and violent means to achieve their purpose and mission in life.

Consequently, revolutions always give birth to dictatorial systems and leaders as history testifies. They are inmost case secretly devised by few and key people since such master minds know the anger, disappointments and dissatisfactions of the society at large, and they know how to manipulate such bad emotion into the goal and end they want to transport and thus, they design their own plans and plots behinds as to reach to the desired end by the instrumentality of the woes of the majority. They make business out of society’s anger and frustration since they know how to manipulate due to the fact that they have organized force operating behind in which the mass participate in such drama out of spontaneous feelings and as an outburst of their own emotions.

When they achieve, they take power and they in turn come to place back to their own agenda, in which they, at first, try to stabilize and regulate the society by drafting few laws, policies and regulations to merit the public in a way calming down the anger and frustration society was having. Later on, they adjust to their own goals by turning to their own agenda, to their own personal interests and ambitions. In such cases, they happen to be dictators since they stick to power and they need personal benefits such leadership bestows to their personal and hidden interests.

Historians claim and state that the French Revolution did not succeed in establishing the national school system it envisioned, but it did found some of France’s elite educational institutions that have produced some of that nation’s greatest leaders. Its attack on the church had profound repercussions, making the status of the church a central political issue, which even today divides France politically and culturally; and as for economic development, the Revolution probably hurt more than it helped.

When any given system gets corrupt, is unjust, abusive and socially and politically unacceptable, it is not what such given systems claim on their constitutions, policies, laws and rules—which could end up being mere ink and paper if not translated into objective world— but what it practically manifests and reflects which is most important. If it does not serve the society, society should find its own mechanism and means in obtaining the rightful services it deserves by its own means.

Can We Touch the Future?

March 5, 2015

Can we touch the future if seeing the future is possible? It is possible to feel the future if knowing about the future in terms of thought is possible However, is it possible to know to the future? What bothers or triggers people to know and feel about the future as one of the cases is the boredom and less excitement people have on the present and past and the desire and intention to change such past and present to better future is one reason most people seek to know where this world should end up and their keen interest of transforming this world into better conditions and living is another aspect which they wish to themselves and to the next generations that come afterwards.  Hence, people live predicting and telling about the future.

Generations commit suicide when beliefs and thinking are proven wrong by the passage of time and by the objective truth and reality. Most beliefs in today are relative, subjective and contextual and there is no way that they can be proven correct or not in objective manner due to their nature and character. Hence, people live by virtue of past thinking and belief since it is the way of life and system of thinking in the past still dictate. Past doctrine of life and the way, especially, divinity is conceived still govern most peoples’ mind and thinking and none cannot escape such trap due to the fact that most are shaped and molded by past way of life. Hence, religion, supported by politics, play significant role in shaping this world and the way most people think and behave.

Those people who are engaged in the field of religion and politics manipulate time and they live doing things in time with the intention of reconciling past, present and future with the type of ideology and belief they adhere. They are highly and mainly interested in such arena of life since the core belief and ideology of such fields are mostly focused on designing and creating the future based on past and present beliefs and systems of thinking they respectively belong. In reality, do such people have succeeded in their prediction of the future in precise manner or they still suffer of doing the plastic surgery things in which they still ask adherents to stay with them by the balance of power which they maintain in which faith, hopes and promise are still components of their survival and existence to the fulfillment of their own dramas of life.

Knowing the future and future events and happenings are mostly connected to wishes and imaginations, in one aspect, and such given wishes and imaginations are in most cases crystallized to this objective world by those individuals who like to know future events. When such individuals have resources, ambitions and commitment, they labor something towards the fulfillments of their dreams and imaginations. And thus they recreate and reinvent this world and the world remembers them with greatness and gratitude. Such people have devised their own dreams with visions and they call upon others to cooperate towards such given accomplishments to the future of the world.

For example, British utopian socialist, Robert Owen, generally considered the father of the cooperative movement, believing that environment directly influences character, in 1825, purchased land in Indiana and Illinois and established a communal village based on cooperative ideals. Although sweeping reforms for the workers in his own manufacturing center in Scotland were successful, his attempt to establish a utopia in New Harmony, Indiana fails. His philosophy, however, influences the development of the cooperative movement. Accordingly there are different experimental communities created based on few peoples’ perceptions and perspectives, wishes, dreams, visions and imaginations in which few still survive to date and others vanished like clouds on the sky.  All are created based on intention of creating the future and knowing the future things.

The history of the future originates back centuries and ages. And it gets different shape in old and New Testament. People desire of knowing the future and sticking to the words of such prophets become a living and life for many millions of people. Even if such prophetic conditions are inaccurate and imprecise, people keep on hoping in such incomplete and inexact prophesies of the history of the future since they have desire to make what they believe or the belief systems which they belong and are categorized are true and correct and they prefer to be conservative in such aspects of life. The world is heading in its own direction.

In such give undertaking, there are quite certain things that can be known ahead of time as there are quite many things that are not even possible to know their future. Science has helped this world in telling the fate and cycle of certain things by the instrumentality of the investigation and experimentation process it undertakes in the laboratory in which, it is the most accurate and precise model in telling the future of certain things that can be proven and found out in scientific method and manner. Hence science is a powerful tool to know about the future when such matters are something that can be proven in the laboratory.

Written materials state that prophecy has been the subject of much debate among scholars, whose discussion has often centered on the question of whether or not prophecy derives from some force external to the prophet. One tendency is to view prophecy as an essentially subconscious psychological phenomenon, involving hallucination, wishful thinking, guesswork, and sometimes forgery. Another theory also relates prophecy to the subconscious mind, but ultimately traces it to the workings of God. Some historians of religion regard the true prophet as one who, like the mystic, is raised to a supra-normal psychological state by divine intervention

Occultism is a belief in the efficacy of various practices—including astrology, alchemy, divination, and magic—regarded as being based on hidden knowledge about the universe and its mysterious forces. Occult knowledge characteristically depends upon the notion of correspondences, or postulated relationships that unite all things—stars, planets, gemstones, colors, or even parts of the human body and life events—to one another and to invisible realities as well. Occultism may also include a belief in beings, such as angels, deities, or spirits, who can be contacted by those who possess the appropriate knowledge. Occult knowledge is believed to be obtained through initiation by those who already have.

Despite both religious persecution and the rise of modern science, occultism continued as an intellectual presence in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. During this period, occultism came to be valued more for its spiritual meaning than for its prescientific world view. In the 20th century, another rebirth of occultism can be seen in the counterculture movement of the 1960s, with its interest in astrology, divination, and magic. The New Age movement of the 1980s and 1990s may be considered another manifestation of occultism. Though severely criticized by some orthodox religious groups and mainstream scientists, occultism has remained vital.

When reality speaks louder in the objective reality, in cases contrary to what any given belief and ideology tells, people are not ready to listen to such given melody of truth since most people are trained and molded by the prevalent culture, thinking style and way of life which make most people to be passive and reluctant when things opposite to what they think, wish and imagine do happen. In such scenario of life, most people are captured by the programs and ideology of existing system which they practice even if things divergent to what they think and believe do happen that influence those core belief values and system of the way of life which they respectively belong.

Brian Horrigan exhibit curator for the Minnesota Historical Society and the author, with Joseph Corn, of Yesterday’s Tomorrows: Past Visions of the American Future, wrote, One popular anecdote recounts how 100 years ago, just before the start of the 20th century, the head of the U.S. Patent Office went to the White House and said that his department should be closed because “everything that can be invented has been invented.” Similarly, in 1912 the magazine The Independent predicted that discovery and invention was at an end: “The Earth is nearly conquered now.… There are not likely to be any other great chemical or physical discoveries which will much affect the conditions of humanity.”

After nearly a century of ever-accelerating and breathtaking change, we know this obituary to have been premature, if not completely absurd. We also know that while predicting the future is easy, predicting the future accurately is close to impossible. As recently as 1982, Omni magazine predicted that by the year 2000 more than 1,000 people would be living and working on the Moon, that Earth-orbiting solar generators would be supplying much of the world’s energy needs, and that manned expeditions to Mars would be routine.

Such theatrical and drama of the world still continues even if past predictions in cases are found as lie and deceptions as there are re truthful aspects too. If we know everything of the future, life would have been more of machine thing than being human, and being human will not be necessary. As there are certain and fundamental things which are known ahead and there are other aspect which should not be known since as being human and the exercise of our freedom and freewill should decide as to our destiny and fate. If one knows the whole story of one’s life ahead of time, life would be boring. It is the sense of excitement, woes, up and down that make one’s life interesting and stirring.

The same is true in regard to fate of our world in which this world has particular end and life will stop afterwards, what is point of having such huge cosmos and the entire purpose of such creation which is tantamount to ridiculous jokes and idea since life and this cosmos has purpose and is continuum. This world cannot be destroyed and cannot come to end by the coming of one person even if there is a book that says so the truth is different matter. It is possible to predict about the future, but it’s not possible to deny since future should have its own time frames as once it is said. Such given stories could be likened to those tale stories which are out dated and they are mere imaginations of people’s idle fancy and thinking.

As the ends of days in the books are told and things happen in that way, there is no surprise thing and intense desire people should reflect in life since they told us in the books on what is going to happen and it is already known. What makes life in this world quite puzzling is that there are prophetic and apocalyptic   conditions that keep this world waiting for years, telling such given promises, but nothing happens to date since they also put certain precondition that are tantamount to stories of novel books.

Life should be challenging and interesting since new and different things should happen and visit. People should wait for someone if that someone is a person whom they know, love and respect and such virtues are acquired thru past interaction and communication with that person. Otherwise if I know that someone whom I do not know from heaven or unknown place is coming, I am not surprised to wait for that since I have information ahead. And people live waiting for one person all their life, what is the point of having any kind of interest in life since people are waiting someone which they do not really know and meet, but they think that they have love and respect, and which they are not sure. However, if that someone whom they wait for such many years comes and is a boring and ugly type person which they do not expect, their immense expectations and interest for life will be turned out into huge frustration and devastation in seconds.

It is indeed proper to seek the knowledge of the future, but it is inappropriate and worthless to open portals of complications when certain things and prophetic conditions do not meet the need and urgency of the future in cases when such given prophecies and predictions are failed and are found as lies. As people stick to false ideas and predictions, with the intention of adjusting past predictions and failures as if they are correct, they put themselves and others in bad shoes and underwear. When people exert energy and time in such bad field and business, they create all kinds of complications and such complications are hereditary since people pass such matters with sins and crimes. Bloods of many people have been washed. In such setting of life, the world becomes more traumatic and takes in bad shape since it is inbuilt by lies, deceptions and failures.

Generations hereafter should contemplate on how this world is going to end up in which this world commits suicides, in one aspect, day by day. The end of such foolish drama, the drama of having endless waiting and unending promises must come to an end. How long this world waits for destruction and end of the world, but objective reality tells that the world is, in one aspect, continuous and more constructive things are going on? How long such world lives with dreams and nightmares that put more value to individual salvation than the common and universal good and salvation? As the world is connected and interrelated into tiny point, the thinking and mindset should change and transform to betterment since the thinking of thousand years ago should deliver the stage to new way of thinking and seeing the world though few things do not change but profound change has come to the world to date. In reality, they should.

Work is Enigma

March 2, 2015

Work is a purposeful effort and system which people employ in order to fulfill their focused mission. Even those people who think that they come to build new world order, they use the system and power of work in their daily undertaking. Working for political program and party, undertaking any kind of business within any given religious ideology and belief, doing business so as to make personal benefit and profit, and the like are all related to work and the power of work. Work has no specific nation, has no particular politics or religion, definite race or language, explicit color or group, ethnicity or tribe.

Work is embarked on in various nations and countries in different kinds of work laws and customs and traditions, it has universal impact on the life of every human frame since it is the source of existence and life on the earth. Work is just force that integrates intentions with people’s purpose. International and local laws and policies are designed to protect the nature and character of work along with its purpose and intents so that those who are involved could not abuse the nature and function of it since it is one of the noblest human activities in this world. Laws and policies are required to protect the integrities of work since it touches the aspect of freedom, justice, rights, duties and responsibilities along with functions and benefits.

It is an instrument by which people use to accomplish their own mission and purpose in life. Most people are focused on the objective, mission or vision they undertake, but they achieve something thru the means and instrumentality of the system and power of work. Work is in most cases unnoticed since most people focus on what they are doing, why they are doing, when they are doing, how they are doing and the like, but the holistic and overall framework by which they undertake whatever thing they claim and have is with assistance of the system, and power of work which is unnoticed and even ignored and deleted. It is powerful media by which people do something in life.

And one, last time, asks someone whom one knows for many years, why do you work, the man replied, I work just to pay my bills. Is that all, the man again replied, and if there is any other thing beyond this, tell me. And one is wondering as to the benefits of work in terms of one’s own experience and exposure in life beyond settling one’s bill. Although one would not say, work is a connection people create communion with God, such as prayer or worship since one does not feel and think that way; one has personally experienced the effect of having and doing work, in one’s existence especially with its structure and shape, as being employed as part of one’s reflection and view about life.

Life becomes more interesting, it is because it makes everyone live with mixed feelings of joy and sorrow, excitement and woes, ups and downs that are part and parcel of any given individual’s life in which it delivers both paradoxical feelings and thinking in different circumstances and situations of one’s life. Hence, life has its own flavor and color when both bad and good conditions and aspects of life visit one’s reality since they are inevitable aspect of being human. In such process of life, there are people who appreciate such given values of life as there are people who curse the value of life since such experiences and exposures of life are personal, contextual and relative.

What makes life more colorful is the idea and practice of work. Work is done for the sake of being human. Work is one of the mysterious phenomena of life. Without work, life would have been boring, difficult and tiresome. It is not even possible to assume life without work on this plane of existence. Work assist everyone in many ways, besides the economic benefits it delivers, it has profound social and psychological impact on everyone’s life. Work is huge universal force that maintains the balance of this world. Work is an effort people apply and necessary to satisfy their human needs

In work places, people interact with people, people meet people, people understand and misunderstand people, and people interpret and misinterpret people. One of the most important aspect of work places, they are places people meet and interact with other people. They get to know with other people, whom they call friends or enemies of their lives. Hence, it plays significant role in shaping their reality, in cases, their destiny.  In work places, people show their performances, skills and communications abilities with others since they spend much of the hours in same place within a day. They spend in cases much time with the workplace than with their family members too.

Work is an unfathomable force that delivers dynamism and momentum on existence and every human frame. Work is an indispensable human reality that connects the human mind with the thinking world. Work is an enigma. Work is a healing power that cures the sickness of the idle thinking and idle world. Work is a time spent for noble purpose to attain righteous mission and causes of life on the earth. Work has no pension plan and pension period and pension fees. Work is beyond economic value and terms.

Work becomes interesting when it is organized and integrated in logical and intelligent manner. Work becomes pleasing when it encompasses, material, intellectual, emotional and psychological needs and satisfaction. Work becomes rewarding when it integrates such needs in a way that high, medium and lower level needs are combined so that it delivers satisfaction and fulfillments of life on the earth.

While such drama of life is going, work has two features. The first one, it creates happiness on the well being of the work force and the other one is, it delivers boredom and stressful conditions of life. Both situations and conditions of life are mainly dependent upon two aspects—internal and external aspects—of the work force in which the internal is connected with psychological and emotional readiness of the work force, one is related to inside make up of the individual and the other is related to external aspect which is the work environment, employee packages and the like.

Work should be challenging without being stressful; it should also be balanced by a healthy amount of play and it should give happiness than boredom since one spent at least8 hours of the day, 1/3 of a day at the work place. When such places become traumatic, it is useless and senseless to stay in such given places. Being challenging with less stressful conditions and being challenging wit much stressful conditions are two different aspects of any given work.

When works become challenging without stressful conditions, one is able to take care of all kinds of difficult conditions and challenges with cheerful attitude since one is confident that one can come up with solution to the problems one face at the work places. One always faces new problems and challenges that make work very pleasing and exciting. However, when work become challenging with stressful conditions, one is boredom since there are certain difficult conditions one cannot remove and solve for many different reasons such as skill, knowledge, or other external factors.

What makes a given work challenging and stressful is one aspect in which when they do not have adequate skill on the job they are carrying out and doing and they become more stressful if they do not have sufficient information and knowledge on the type of things they do at work place, and they might be assigned on the job since it is rewarding in terms of monetary terms and they are connected to one of those people who give opportunities within the office and hence they suffer since the work itself speaks louder than whatever position they hold since they are not well qualified for the job.

The other basic reason is that people do not have right passion to the job they are carrying out. This is related to one’s own and personal matter although the nature of the jobs one is undertaking is another big factor. What make a given person passionate for the job one is doing is that the nature and character of the job itself in which it is the job and type of tasks one is doing something that requires innovation and creativity or something routine in which one is doing similar things in every day. In this case, when jobs become repetitive by their very nature, the degree and probability of making people to be passionate for the job will be lesser and insignificant.

The other aspect is that the working environment is not established in way it creates festive attitude to the workers in which stressful workplaces are heavy when they are not supported by welcoming attitudes and festivities within the surrounding work environment in which few companies deliver free lunch services, coffee and snacks and the like besides attractive employment package they have for the staff so as to change stressful conditions into relaxing and better conditions so that workers could be motivated and encourage to stay bit happier at work places.

Work and work place should be integrated and harmonized. In order to correspond the balance of work and work environment, there are quite certain aspects which should be underlined. Human dignity, nobility and honor by the very nature of being human should be the ultimate priority, no matter what type of title and positions people hold in work places, fundamental and basic rights worker should enjoy accordingly. Of course, there are differences in few aspects workers vary since skill and relevance of the job people do in work place matter, beside such and importance, all should be considered in way their benefit and package should be equivalent.

It is not what type of organized and systematized workplaces one is working for and with, but it is how far such given places deliver the rightful and appropriate satisfaction and fulfillment which is the significant matter. In this world, there are great places that do have complex buildings and work structures, but they do not deliver the rightful joy and happiness individual should enjoy. Hence, such places suffer immense since they cannot deliver true components of life such as happiness, contentment and relaxation.

To the contrary, there are simple work places that do not have such complications and complexities in the work they carry on, but they deliver immense joy and happiness to those individuals who are in it. In such given cases, it is the amount of work and the type of works such individuals carry out, which is the most important aspect and they obtain the rightful components of life such as happiness, satisfactions and leisure.

Work is not connected with high rise building complexes and other outward looking orientation which do have political image and political influence people are trying to exert, but it is a natural phenomena and aspect of life individuals who carry on since work is natural task people should perform in life. Work is magnificent phenomena by the force and energy it delivers in everyday life. Work is indeed one of the mystic phenomena people should enjoy in life since it brings joy, exhilaration and satisfaction to human existence in life.

Work is special undertaking which unites people of diverse background and experiences of life. Religion and politics unite people with similar belief and thinking styles, but work unites those people who have diverse religious and political background since it is mysterious phenomenon. Although the monetary and economic value and reward everyone receives at the end of every pay period is one thing, work creates far beyond connection between individuals, societies and institutions thru the potent force it is naturally bestowed by its very nature and character. Work creates profound impact on the life of every human frame since it has social, psychological and mental satisfaction it delivers to everyone by its own way and applications in life. Work is indeed power.