Bird—Cage and/or Sky

February 2, 2015

At some point of my life, past few years back, I had even nothing to eat, I used to belong in certain religious doctrine and belief, and experience clicked on my mind and wants to share. In one of those days, I had no thing in my stomach or belly, and I was asked by one of the people there, to tell about the doctrines and principles of the religion which I used to follow, to those people or guests who wanted to get introduced. The person who asked me to share such experience was follower whom I knew very well, but had big and nice breakfast.

And I wanted to share, but in my inside, something bad comes to my mind. I said, can I get break since I am not feeling well. But I had personal discussions with myself  in which that given religious agenda and program could not deliver a specific solution to this person who has nothing on his stomach and one was wondering, how could I explain to such people, this program and ideology can solve the problems of the world. I made a pause by my own and told myself, I am not sharing this kind of things to any one since it is experience that should dictate myself and reality than what any given book or people claim that can tell something that what other people could tell. Though it it looks very personal, one was in position to see it in another perspective at global scale.

In a very fact, there was information that came to one’s mind at the end of one’s stay there, which made me confused about the religion since there were foggy things which one found out by oneself in one’s stay there, and there was personal understanding which was going in one’s inside after working at the head quarter, whether to continue or not since the thing looked very controversial and contradicting, and one was in process and position to quit that form of belief since there was also strange experience going over and in one’s mind which one came about after more than two years of personal research and in fact concluded that this is not the thing which I seek for life and to the future. There is no haste in such process since it is very personal matter and decision one should make and one truly did.

When I used to practice and follow that certain religious belief and ideology in past life, I also used to work at the head quarter and that given experience is considered as useful experience in life, but not something as life and death thing for these days and even to my future since life in my city has pretty much changed at present and will be same in future too, but not by any religious belief or any given ideology, but by the experience one acquired in life. Hence, life is an enigmatic experience since one has come about such way of life by a given experience.

Religion has played significant role in my past life and shaping my reality. I am grateful for that given experience of life. In these very days, I have my own accent and my own way in life which cannot be dictated by any religious life and doctrine or any other people or group since one believes and thinks that one is matured enough to separate or sort out things—what is good and which is bad—and one knows what is useful for oneself than what other people could deliver, advise and decide since life is in the eye of the beholder. One does not need any help from others and one can go by ones’ own.

In such a place, there was kind of customs or tradition in which people go to shrines to pray. This is just personal and subjective experience people make since it is not possible to make anyone to have or make prayers by policies or rules and regulation. This is done by an individual own volition and effort and decision and none has control over such activities and experiences of life. And most people who are on the outside and who do not go to such shrines since they are not allowed or they do not have the grasp on why such people do inside, they were wondering to see what the inside looks like since curiosity was developed in their mentality.

And one day, they were allowed to enter to the inside of shrines, they find out nothing and they say it is just nothing. But, people still continue to go to such places to worship and have prayers. Such people still think that there is nothing that exists. What exist is in what people think and believe which is found out in their inner being and reality. It was the mindset and perspective such people which made them go to such places, be seeking visa and paying air ticket. Since it is belief and thinking that is greater than what is existing inside the shrines that made such people, bow down and pray. This is a very personal, subjective and contextual experience.

While I contemplate on that given experience one had in life, that given experience was found out by the type and amount of thinking and belief one had in past. However, that belief and thinking has gone and washed away by now since experience is the best teacher and advisor one comes across in life. When one goes to such places, one goes there as tourist not as believer or follower since one does not believe in places and buildings due to exposures and experience one have developed in life. One fully thinks that it is more of psycho game and psycho arrangements than the claims truly do.

Accordingly, it is not possible to go back and look for nobility by religious agenda or belief, but it is possible to see the future with greatness and honor since experience is great source of knowledge and one constructs one’s own pavement by one’s given experience of life and one has already put boundaries and limits since one already knows what, which, why, how and the like things by personal exposures one has already developed thru years and times and with types of interactions and communications one has already made with other people too.

And there is no point that one can come with certain formula, calculation and recipe to falsify one form of belief and justify another since all religions have similar characteristics as they differ too. In these broad similarity and differences they have in life, it is pointless and useless to justify one class or segment of society at the expense of the other since they all have something that make them similar and as they have something that is peculiar. The desire to justify as if one is bad and the other is good come from ambitious and hidden agenda such people have, exaggerated value they give towards themselves and feelings of uniqueness, which is wrong, unacceptable and divisive.

One rejects such given claims and justifications at all cost. Everyone is unique, what is the big deal about this. And when people with experiences or whatever seemly good on the outside who are old aged want to come and give and advise or lesson, one does not have time and enough or a single ear to listen to such people since their experience matter to themselves and to those who are like minded like them, but not to oneself in here since one has already shifted mentality and way of life, which should not necessarily be similar to such people since way of life is subjective, contextual and personal. One is not even childish to listen to any one since one does not seek anyone’s advice since life is personal and contextual too.

Such people can deliver advice to others but one thinks and believes that they do not have enough morality to give any kind of piece of advice since experience is the best teacher and advice one can have in life. Every problem has solution in which it is not only yes that is solution and an answer, no, by itself an answer and solution. People should not expect type of solutions which they like and want. In this case, one knows and is aware of type of consequences both answers such as the —yes and no—deliver since they have their own outcomes.

Basically, there are two types of solutions. The first one is a solution which most people think and want. The second one is a solution which most people do not like and do not want. Hence, such answers and solutions are in most cases are dependent upon type of problems and challenges people face in life. In both cases, the easiest way that makes people life simpler is to accept the solution and go for the next step and stage of life since life is a continuous process.

Dwelling and staying more and spending much time on problems consume people’s energy and enthusiasm for life and yield nothing. Wise people go for next step and stage of life than stay time and again on same problems every time since no result is obtained due to the fact that people are seeking one solution for problems they face in life which they like and want it to happen. What if there are things and occurrences that do happen contrary to our wishes and thinking and expectations since life in most case do not go by the way we think and plan. There is nothing that can be done in here except, accepting the consequences of what people think and make, which is very crystal clear.

Elementary science principle states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is very natural. One thinks that religious belief and doctrines are good until one reaches to certain level of maturity. Afterwards, one can go by one’s own since there is point and stage one reaches that one feels that one can do things by one’s own and there is no point one seeks such helpers since maturity is reached by all kind of possible social instruments one can use in here.

Then, one can go up to no limit even those limits that are put by religious agendas can be broken up since such social and spiritual realities are limitless and cannot be bound and marginalized by such religions and their advocators. They call such aspects as exceptions, but in reality it is not such exceptions since most people are bound and shaped by fear and confusion and suspicions due to policies, laws, rules, regulations and the like which shape their mentality and reality. And most people do fear to take step. They live by the norm and the mindset they are asked to go. Thus they confine themselves to the environment which they belong. They claim the environment which they live in are warmer and comfortable since they have already created their own comfort zone.

In fact, they are justifying that they are good and nice people by justifying that such given people are exceptions due to the fact that they have found that they are foolish and stupid after such given peoples experience and exposures in life. Hence exceptions in here are not beyond normal. Once, that comfort zone is broken, one goes like that given bird who escape its cage since it finds out vast spaces on the sky. It lives with comfort and delight since there is nothing that binds it to that given cage. Freedom becomes the main issue and it is not possible to build the sky on or in any given cage and thus the bird prefers to live soaring on the sky than confine itself to that or any given cage.


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