Sex—Natural Human Activity

February 27, 2015

They say, God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth. This can happen only in one and lonely way and method, but not surely thru prayer and meditation, in which a man has to sleep with a woman, wherever, be it on grass or on water and whichever way they like, not to watch a movie or play chess game, but rather to make the sound and music of love so that they fulfill the promises which they were delivered in that given book.

This is one of the fundamental universal reality in which man has to sleep with woman in order to multiply themselves even if they have to wait for 9 months to see the product of their laborious work that took few seconds and minutes of explosions of exotic feelings and emotions, which they exchange with each other. What if the waiting period is six months, and one can imagine what the world look like in terms of population size in which the horizontal aspect of human life could be more of vertical since space is one aspect. People would have focused on vertical dimension since the horizontal could not be enough. This is good that people wait for 9 months until they see what they have done in private, but they officially and publicly confess and testify on what they have done after 9 months.  This is one of the universal social and human customs in everywhere

They also say that, historically, Adam sin while eating that forbidden fruit with Eve, which could be left to the judiciary system of that given era and age. But, in today, things are very different. We live quite in different century and world. Leaving aside that given allegory to its own, one is not intending to defend why Adam is not sinner since there was no other woman— besides the instruction given on that given book, to replenish the earth—and person whom one could share what one thinks and feels at that given moment and there is no point that he should be cursed and the rest of generation inherit such given sin since sex is a sin. This is one of the unacceptable myths and theories which humanity has inherited as wealth since it is illogical and irrational. But rather it is holistic doing delivered by nature since it is not possible to have no feeling to woman one is attracted unless that person is sick or abnormal.

Sex is enigmatic force humanity is bestowed by nature. One of the precious gifts humans have received and bestowed by nature is sex. Sex is a drive that energizes people’s reality with vigor and energy. Hence, it needs mindset, interest, affection and desire. It is not possible to have sex with a person whom one does not like or is not attracted even if such given person is rich, educated and outwardly appealing to others unless one is attracted and affectionate to this give person. Hence, sex needs its own dimension, and it has its own realm and works in its own way and method.

One of the interesting human activities that connect man and woman is sex. Sex is natural and holistic activity creatures do with excitement and eagerness. It creates positive energy by transferring and transmuting natural feelings and emotions which cannot be obtained by any artificial means and manner. Sex connects man and woman to different realm which they do not know, but they surely like. Sex is an elixir. Hence people enjoy having sex with one another with the opposite sex which they are attracted and they are affectionate of.

Sex, is also officially defined as physical and behavioral difference that distinguishes individual organisms according to their functions in the reproductive process. For information on issues of sexual health, sexual behavior, and sexual activity. Sex occurs at all levels of biological organization, with the exception of viruses. At the lowest level, bacteria conjugate and a length of the single chromosome is passed from the male, or donor cell, to the female, or recipient cell. At more advanced levels, multi-cellular individuals have specialized organs that produce specialized sex cells.

When such human activity is going on natural manner, it creates immense psychological and emotional satisfactions to the doers of such human activity in which such human activity has natural instruments and natural way of doing it. Thus, people enjoy sex since it is not only a natural activity, but also it is something that endows certain energy and galvanization process to the undertakings everyone is having. Hence, sex is one of the spices of life that augment peoples ken desire for life and living.

Traditional society performs sex in traditional way. Modern societies do have sex in different manners. Thus, sex is mostly connected upon thinking and thinking machinery of way society perceive certain aspects of life in which one of the consequences of living amidst modern society as technology and advancement is going on, sex is performed in many different manners other than the physical and natural connection and exchange of feelings people should have. These are like phone sex, internet sex, and the like in which people exchange feelings and emotions while chatting and conversing about it.

When society wants to copy and imitate things from others, its life and security will be in danger since sex needs mindset. A person who has not satisfied one’ basic needs and lives in poverty line cannot feel and be seduced by any given pretty woman since the priory of such peoples life is not sex, but basic needs and things, which are food, shelter and clothing. Although sex is one of the basic needs of people in developed societies, it is secondary level need in poor nations since those people who live in poor society might not find it in their dictionary of life unless they satisfy their basic needs.

In these days, sex is not only mere exchange and transactions of feelings and emotions between man and woman, it is commercial industry. In fact, in few societies, it is an industry in which certain societies use it as one source of raising national revenues since it attracts numerous tourists all over the world. People travel to such given places in order to have sex with selected women who are solely dedicated and committed to serve rich men by having sex. Hence, sex in such societies is considered as legitimate human activity which is as part of lawful activities they perform in raising their national income.

Understanding the processes and underlying mechanisms of sexual arousal and orgasm is important to help people become more familiar with their bodies and their sexual responses and to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunctions. Nevertheless, it was not until the work of American gynecologist William H. Masters and American psychologist Virginia Johnson that detailed laboratory studies were conducted on the physiological aspects of sexual arousal and orgasm in a large number of men and women. Based on data from 312 men and 382 women and observations from more than 10,000 cycles of sexual arousal and orgasm, Masters and Johnson described the human sexual response cycle in four stages: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution.

The excitement stage of sexual arousal is characterized by increased blood flow to blood vessels (vasocongestion), which causes tissues to swell. During the plateau stage, vasocongestion peaks and the processes begun in the excitement stage continue until sufficient tension is built up for orgasm to occur. Breathing rate, pulse rate, and blood pressure increase. Orgasm, or climax, is an intense and usually pleasurable sensation that occurs at the peak of sexual arousal and is followed by a drop in sexual tension. Not all sexual arousal leads to orgasm, and individuals require different conditions and different types and amounts of stimulation in order to have an orgasm. During resolution, the processes of the excitement and plateau stages reverse, and the bodies of both women and men return to the unaroused state. The muscle contractions that occurred during orgasm lead to a reduction in muscular tension and release of blood from the engorged tissues.

Except the stage three, the other three processes and stages of such sexual activities are common to everyone since they are natural and familiar to all. However, there are certain individuals who have that sense and practice of the orgasm level in which such level which is conditional and dependent upon sexual awareness, degree of satisfaction and potency of the need level of individuals do have I life. It is mainly dependent upon exposures and experiences people come across in life. Not recognizing and realizing such level of sex does mean that they are ignorant of one way of life. But people are found having it, this does not mean that they are evil and bad.

Accordingly there are societies who ask their members of their given society to perform sex in certain manners and ways. They have laws and policies; in fact, they are inclined to deliver manuals on how to perform sex. They ask their citizen to have sex on bed, under blanket, the woman on the right and the like thing; they ask their citizens in way that the man should be on top and the like. In this case, life become to mechanical and people are becoming more of machine thing in which the live under given programmed way and manner. The idea of rightful freedom and freewill is put under jeopardy. Sex is not something that requires laws and policies in its methods since it is exercising and exchange of feelings and emotions between man and woman.

This is not to deny that there are certain inappropriate misbehaviors and misconduct that arise due to the consequence of excessive pleasures and carnal desires people have in life in which such experience make them change their natural identity and reality in way that the idea of homosexuality is one aspect that could require certain contemplation, which is deviation from the normal and natural character of sexual activity. Sexual activity is in here considered as an activity that is performed by man and woman, in whichever way and method they like. The point in here is that laws and policies are not required to tell, which way to do it and what time man and woman should do it.

Having said this, it is quite interesting to state that there are certain societies who put margins and boundaries on such activity while people are activating their daily routines, the exercise of people emotions and feelings in which as more advance societies are on stage, the idea of freedom and rights are interpreted in sophisticated manner and they get to complicate simple matters into highly complicated one in which they come up with the idea of sexual abuse, sexual harassment and the like which give more freedom to the feminine aspect than that of men.

Sexual Harassment is a form of unlawful sex discrimination. Under federal law in the United States, sexual harassment is unwanted verbal or physical behavior of a sexual nature that occurs in the workplace or in an educational setting under certain conditions. Such behavior is illegal if it creates an environment that is hostile or intimidating, if it interferes with a person’s work or school performance, or if acceptance of the harasser’s behavior is made a condition of employment or academic achievement.

While such given ideas are transported and translated and interpreted in developing countries like here, such given ideas get worse and even more aborted and take different color and shape.  And those feminine in here who have never been touched by men in most of their entire life time due to the fact they are not attractive to sex, they do not even persuade others to have sex, in fact they could make one lose the natural appetite and they are type of women who cannot even seducing type; they start coming up with such harassment thing, with the intention of playing conspiracy, revenge on people they hate, and receiving and obtaining personal advantage, the money thing, and few people such as the rich and others became victim of such cheap women sabotages and campaign.

This is one of things which one is pretty much aware but such wrong act needs due consideration and rectification. When one needs woman and want to have sex, one knows where to do it, but surely not at work place, on the public streets and the like since one does not confuse place and time, responsibility and personal desires; one is matured enough, where and whom one look for having it.  This is one of the silly dramas few leading cheap women along with their evil plotters and gangsters play in here so that they achieve their bad theater and foolish display in way they keep their own fake reputation and wrong status they have amidst the society at large.

This is like knowing which ice-cream flavor and what type of ice cream one seeks to have and one goes to the good and right places where one can find the better ones since one seeks good taste in life. In such cases,  every ice cream one finds in everywhere are not the right and healthy ones since it needs to have one’s own experience in the taste and flavor world. Once one identifies the right taste and flavor of ice creams, one knows where to obtain them and have such given ice creams since such nice ones deliver profound pleasures. One pays well to such delicious ice-cream since they charge and energize and they help well in the activation process of life and daily functions. One knows where, what type and when to have them and one does not need any help from others.


The Act of Terror?

February 26, 2015

In the ninth month of the year, on September 11, 2001, the United States suffered the most devastating terrorist attack in its history. On that day 19 terrorists belonging to bin Laden’s al-Qaeda organization hijacked four passenger aircraft shortly after they departed from airports in Boston, Massachusetts; Newark, New Jersey; and Washington, D.C. On September 20, President George W. Bush addressed a joint session of Congress to discuss the tragedy and the U.S. response to it.

He spoke of the country coming together and the need for patience in the face of a long battle against terrorism.  He said: “My fellow citizens, for the last nine days, the entire world has seen for itself the state of our Union—and it is strong. Tonight we are a country awakened to danger and called to defend freedom. Our grief has turned to anger, and anger to resolution. Whether we bring our enemies to justice, or bring justice to our enemies, justice will be done.”

Before long, it was clear that September 11 would alter the course of U.S. history. President George W. Bush announced that fighting terrorism and preventing future attacks would be his administration’s top priority. Governments around the world were told they must decide whether to stand with the United States in this antiterrorist effort or face U.S. wrath. Americans had to accustom themselves to new security measures that complicated their travel, work, and recreation.

Bush said the United States would not only target the terrorist organizations themselves, but also those governments that support them. “Every nation in every region now has a decision to make,” Bush said. “Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists. From this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime”. That warning, new in U.S. foreign policy, came to be known as the Bush Doctrine.

Terrorism has occurred throughout history for a variety of reasons. Its causes can be historical, cultural, political, social, psychological, economic, or religious—or any combination of these. In general, democratic countries have provided more fertile ground for terrorism because of the open nature of their societies. In such societies citizens have fundamental rights, civil liberties are legally protected, and government control and constant surveillance of its citizens and their activities is absent. By the same token, repressive societies, in which the government closely monitors citizens and restricts their speech and movement, have often provided more difficult environments for terrorists.

But, even police states have not been immune to terrorism, despite limiting civil liberties and forbidding free speech and rights of assembly. In broad terms the causes that have commonly compelled people to engage in terrorism are grievances borne of political oppression, cultural domination, economic exploitation, ethnic discrimination, and religious persecution. Perceived inequities in the distribution of wealth and political power have led some terrorists to attempt to overthrow democratically elected governments. To achieve a fairer society, they would replace these governments with socialist or communist regime

Presumably, the human body politic is assumed in here as the entire world as whole and terrorism can be connected and related with those three tiny matters but they have huge negative impact on the human body putting it under jeopardy such as—the bacteria, worm and virus—since such things do affect the human health and system, and they disturb the function of the human anatomy. When the human body is created with its metabolic activity and metabolism, it is assumed complete. When one of the above things faces the human frame, the metabolic activity is put under danger and the entire human system will be in state of illness that could result up to death. When anything comes in with any given system since it does not belong to such system, it creates complications and problems within the system at large.

When Americans removed Osama Bin Laden—leader of Al Qaeda—as revenge to their counter terrorism campaign, they did not remove terrorism as whole although they put certain amount of pressure and stress on those who are involved on such given act since terrorism is not something that is related and connected with few key individuals, but rather it is indeed connected with belief and thinking in which there are certain individuals who are committed to the attainment of their own goals and objectives since they hate to cooperate and work with existing ruling systems in this world so that they think they can obtain better freedom and rights by overthrowing legitimate ruling systems by force and violent acts.

The aphorism —succinct statement expressing an opinion or a general truth—“One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” underscores how use of the label terrorism can be highly subjective depending upon one’s sympathies. At the same time terrorist acts—including murder, kidnapping, bombing, and arson—have long been defined in both national and international law as crimes. Even in time of war, violence deliberately directed against innocent civilians is considered a crime.

Such given interpretation and translation of peoples act are relative and subjective since there were people who were considered as freedom fighters in past but they happen to be legitimate leaders of nations and peoples. However when there are other people who happen to be rebel forces as they were doing in past, and they come against them, such legitimate leaders of nation do in turn consider such rebel forces as terrorists since they come against their ruling and authority. This is one of the theatrical and dramatic aspects of this world in which such given scope of life is going within present day society. This happens in an affair of a given nation’s autobiography of life.

When such act of terror is viewed in global perspective, it goes far beyond geographical margins and locations since it has universal characteristics and natures. It has no boarder. The issue and agenda in here is more different than to those who are categorized under any given nation. For example, two of the most important developments in international terrorism during the 1980s were the rise in state-sponsored terrorism and the resurgence of religious terrorism. An example of an attack believed to be state sponsored was the attempted assassination in 1981 of Pope John Paul II by a Turkish citizen who allegedly was working for the Soviet and Bulgarian secret services.

Such incidents happen it is because they have ideological gaps and contradictions, which is mainly dependent upon the way they perceive certain aspects belief systems and thinking along with interpretation and translation of such concepts into practical reality in which the desire and the freedom to practice what they believe and think with independent mindset and with freedom is also another quest such people have. Historical relationships—the east and the west—is also another aspect which should be figured out which do have an impact on the conflicts and contradictions such groups of people are having in these very days.

Accordingly, instead of using peaceful mechanism and strategy, they prefer to use acts of violence and force as mean of promulgating their own agenda. Hence, they induce fear, feeling of insecurity, less confidence on the side of the public to the existing legitimate ruling systems, put depression and pressure to the ruling systems; they also create perilous psychological stress and disaster on the world at large. That is why legitimate nations gathered and discussed about such given threat they are facing and they derived laws and regulations to such given act due to the fact that its far reaching consequences are obvious, which are chaos and destruction.

Terrorism is the deliberate creation and exploitation of fear for bringing about political change. All terrorist acts involve violence or—equally important—the threat of violence. These violent acts are committed by nongovernmental groups or individuals—that is, by those who are neither part of nor officially serving in the military forces, law enforcement agencies, intelligence services, or other governmental agencies of an established nation-state. Terrorism is by nature political because it involves the acquisition and use of power for the purpose of forcing others to submit, or agree, to terrorist demands.

Terrorists attempt not only to sow panic but also to undermine confidence in the government and political leadership of their target country. Terrorism is therefore designed to have psychological effects that reach far beyond its impact on the immediate victims or object of an attack. Terrorists mean to frighten and thereby intimidate a wider audience, such as a rival ethnic or religious group, an entire country and its political leadership, or the international community as a whole. Terrorist groups generally have few members, limited firepower, and comparatively few organizational resources. For this reason they rely on dramatic, often spectacular, bloody and destructive acts of hit-and-run violence to attract attention to themselves and their cause.

When an ordinary individual lives in the valley of search, quest and searching for meaning for life and such way and process of life any given individual could come up with one’s own perspective and view, even if such individual could have many admirers in the world, the pursuit of meaningful knowledge in life of such given individual cannot be considered as terror act, both technically and politically even if what that given individual think and believes could induce certain amount of fear and in-confidence on certain individuals who belong to particular way of thinking and system of life.

The first and major basic reason in here is that such given individual is not determined to change the political environment if this was the case, one would have joined a political party or established one’s own political agenda and program, but rather one prefer to live by seeking knowledge and mysteries in life by one’s own way. The second reason is that such given individual is just making personal research and one prefers to have quest in life, searching and investigation of truth is the primal motive behind what is going in one’s reality. The third reason is that the nature of the work one is undergoing is not political by nature but seeking and knowing the truth in its entirety and wholeness.

The fourth reason is the strategy and instrument and act one use to share one’s personal view is by peaceful means, not even single act of violence is practiced and allowed, and there is no way that one induce fear or act of threatening on other people in here. The fifth reason is that one does not saw panic since one lives after seeking the truth of something in life. In this case, there could be individuals who get panic because they have committed something bad on oneself in here and thus, it is their own bad and wrong doings and drama which is the primal and root cause of their frustration and confusion in life that make them frightened and irritated since one live after seeking and investigating the truth and the fact. The sixth reason is that one does not have any member and does not use any destructive means such as bloody and destructive acts of hit-and-run violence to attract attention.

While such theatrical drama and display of life is going on, one wonders as to why certain groups and individuals try to connect what one is doing in here, which is sharing views and perspectives on life—as if one is doing an act of terror—in world and time one was victim of unknown psychic therapy of those people whom one is trying to find out the truth of their garbage drama going on behind and within their offices. Such people are having their business plan everywhere and they are doing something behind in which it is strange mechanism and drama they are having although such people are prominent on the front and face value, but they are doing something cheap and evilstic theater on the earth, which should be removed, and time will tell the truth in its own good time.

In this case, it is the reverse which is true since they are the ones who commit an act of terror since they have resources, they are organized as something on their face value, but they are different something on what they do behind, they have members, they are operating in secrecy and behind, they do everything up to overthrowing any given government, they could bomb passenger planes and the like out of the funding they have and secrecy of their theater in behind in way that evidence are removed, traces cannot be found out, which goes up to  killing those innocent people who cooperate their sheet drama behind without knowing such evil people motive and evil drama.

One ordinary person can do something useful and significant to the world at large than such bad people, who look good on their outward looking orientation, but they are inwardly worse, they have their own hidden drama on behind. This looks more of novel book, magic movie, fancy and hallucination, and something that happens in the dream world in which such given person is becoming nightmare to such people. This is not about one person and them, but it is about the power of truth and the power of falsehood in which when the power of truth is carried by one person, it has tremendous influence and control over the power of falsehood even if such falsehood is carried by big people.

Irony of Science and Religion

February 25, 2015

Does science have to agree with religious tales to be truthful even if religious tales sound wrong, inaccurate and fake? Does science have to be inconformity with what any given belief dictate even if belief is the product of imaginary thinking, illusory world and idle imaginations? Does science have to surrender to religion even if trick and deceptions are the becoming nature of religious ideology?

One was wondering on what one has heard a story in last time in here about the cross, which came down from the above, the cross in gold which they claim came from heaven and such given cross as they state was sent down from unknown place and just found near an orthodox Christian church. Most people were into visit to that given place after such things were rumored in town and it got wide spread all over. Most were forbidden to get close by since it was forbidden. But none did see that claimed cross objectively, by being close or being at far distant, and they all rumor all around with the intention of justifying that their belief or religious system is holy, the best and come from God.

This is quite strange and funny in way that such people claim that by lying and making tricks, they think that they get close to God or they come from or belong to God, however, they forget that by doing such things they become very far, disgraced or they are disregarded and dishonored, since the God which they claim do not like lies, tricks, deceptions and the like. It is possible to lie and deceive individuals, but it is not possible to trick God since all think that God is the absolute reality which most think that such given reality knows what everyone think and does behind the curtain and stage.

In such cases, more people do start the doubt thing in their reality since they have good grasp of Geography, Space, Astronomy, NASA, other planets and other information and knowledge related to Cosmo and cosmology and they are put in difficult shoes to trust the above claims since what they think and what they are asked to believe in are falling apart. They start asking, why do we have to believe in cross that come down from unknown place in order to believe in God, what is the motive behind sending the cross in these very days in such particularly place, why not such a thing did happen 10 years ago, and the like kinds of related questions. They are indeed absolutely correct.

As such drama is going; most people tend to shift to think in scientific way. And science is in cases found more rational and realistic than such given religious thinking since science does not ask anyone to make it believe or accept its finding without arguments, experimentations and objective evidences. Although they say, blessed are they who believe without seeing, which could make sense in certain ways and manners, but such way of thinking could put most people under trickery and deception since it is also possible to think, while such kinds of tricks are going on in every place and community, and such tricks are on stage, wise are they who believe with seeing, investigating and figuring out.

How come a given cross come from heaven or unknown place and just comes by its own thing, using its own transport mechanism, to a given country, a particular place, to a place where there is mud, to a given and particular church, and the like. When one see it in its practical sense, such things sound wacky since it is not possible to trust certain things even if extra ordinary things do happen, such things are the product of idle imaginations and illusions and fabrications of few people with the intent of magnifying and exaggerating one’s belief system, which make it even more difficult to believe.

Such theatrical displays induce in most people’s mind, doubt, questions and suspicions and thus most people get departed such given system of belief as result of such theatrical dramas are going on since the current need of most people while walking in the valley of the truth is connected with the power of reason and rational. People need more truth as result of their thinking and rationales. The power of reason overshadowed the power of blind faith and blind imitation of past way of life and thinking.

Reason and rational doubts irrational beliefs and faith and they have power to convert such irrationality into rational by the power of faith that dwells within the world and city of reason and rational. The power of reason can change illogical items into logical and irrational aspects into rational aspect since reason is a power and means by which human reality can make meaningful and sense-full thinking and way of life. Thus, reason is power. Reason is energy. It emanates rays of energy to achieving the end goal in life.

Faith, is an attitude of the entire self, including both will and intellect, directed toward a person, an idea, or—as in the case of religious faith—a divine being. Modern theologians agree in emphasizing this total existential character of faith, thus distinguishing it from the popular conception of faith that identifies it with belief as opposed to knowledge. When faith becomes irrational and illogical, it carries superstition that burns the power of rational into nothingness, which do affect the reality of being human. Faith should be supported by reason and logic so that human reality can have meaningful and thoughtful life. Otherwise life would be up-surd when such faith overrides the power of reason.

When one take few words of expression of the apostle Paul, who argued that the sinful human being cannot achieve salvation through good works, but only through faith in the free grace of God. In this view, forcefully revived by Martin Luther at the time of the Reformation, good works are consequences of faith. The faithful relation to God enables the believer to transcend limitations and bring forth good works.

Both are followers of similar doctrine of life, but they differ in the way they interpret certain concepts of such give doctrine in which the former separates faith and good deeds where as the later mingles both aspects, faith and good deeds. Accordingly, if good works are the result of faith, what is the point of salivation to those who sin without good works, but with faith, which is contradictory since faith should be the engine to bring good deeds into one’s life otherwise what is the point of acquiring faith since as they claim if faith is power, such power should be reflected and manifested in good deeds in one’s life and this is the truthful and consistent reality.

Basically, the field of science is more clear, straightforward, logical and convincing than the scope of religion in which religion tries to give facts without objective evidences, experimentation process, logics and arguments, since it incline more into the blind faith thing than rely on the power of reason. Religion is more focused and more into spontaneous way of life than organize and systematized way of life. In fact what is quite interesting in these very days is that as more educated people join and practice religion, it is getting systematized and organized better and such ways of life make it look more of a person who is with bare foot, but wearing tuxedo suit thing.

When people try to integrate science into religion, there are certain facts that should be underlined in which in certain cases science and religion cannot get married together and they prefer to live in separation and they get divorce since there are certain realities that cannot be reconciled and agreed as there are certain matters that can be integrated and harmonized. They cannot fully and completely get into marriage ceremony since they get divorce on the day of their marriage.

For example, In 1973 Donald Johanson began to search for fossil remains of hominines, the primitive ancestors of modern humans, in the Hadar Valley in the Afar region of northeastern Ethiopia. He made his most famous discovery in 1974 when he unearthed a 3 million-year-old skeleton of a female hominine. Johanson informally named his discovery Lucy, after the song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by British rock music group the Beatles. Formally, Johanson decided the skeleton belonged to a previously unknown species of primitive hominines belonging to the genus Australopithecus.

Consequently, the above scientific result is evident and most widely accepted in this world to date. According to the given research which is the leading scientific finding which is apparent in the field and assuming that it is the last and the best to date, such given finding cannot be accepted as legitimate and true by followers of certain religious group for two major reasons. The first one is the time frame; Lucy is 3 million years old, in which the Bible claims that this world is created for about 8000 years of age. The second one is the finding state that Lucy is female hominine, in which the Bible claims that the first person created was Adam, which is male.

When such science wants to get married with such religion, it has to revise its findings in way it fits the ideology or the belief system ideology. In this case, it gets corrupted and the findings could be aborted in way that any scientific finding could fit any given religious ideology and system of belief. And this is what is going on this world in which as more scientific people enter such religions, they lose their identity and they live with identity confusion and crisis since they try to sort out what is good and true and what is bad and false from the point view of their religious doctrine and agenda of life.

In such case, it is time to reflect which and what type of science and which and what type of religion one should talk about in which when both work for the truth, they can be integrated and harmonized, whereas when both talk about political party program and some hidden agenda of their own, they cannot get married forever. In this case, they should clean the garments they both put on their bodies since both need to be cleansed and purified. When science and religion talk and work for the truth, they can get married forever and no divorce enter into their household and homes.

Let them get married forever by making vows in the house and homes of the truth, singing the melodious songs of the truth; at first, they should officially confess on what they did in past since both lived and worked for penny and coins since they were corrupt; at second, they should promise to the world that both are committed and determined to work for the truth. There is no other precondition as to the marriage ceremony both are going to have, science and religion should perform except revising their past trends and how they were acting and reacting, and based on such interactions and communications they were having, they have to re-think and re-consider on how their marriage should take place since both in one aspect lived as lying, making tricks and deceiving to the world as they were, in another aspect, delivering useful perspective and guidance to the world. They both should remove their bad past and focus on good future.

Factionalism is Norm

February 24, 2015

Factionalismthe existence of or conflict between groups within a larger groupis one of the becoming natural characteristics of this world and those people who work under one program, system of belief and way of life. This is an inherent characteristics and nature of those systems of thinking and ideologies and political party program face since they obtain clarity and refinement after they pass such hurdles thru factions. There is no system or organized group that exists without faction unless it is something else, or lies and deception, since it is one of the trends and process of life in this world.

There are few basic reasons why factionalism comes on stage. The first one is due to few ambitious individuals who have personal and hidden interest to power and control of leadership. The second reason is that party program could be inconsistent and incompatible with objective reality and the program could fail. Third reason, leadership or those in charge could fail in adequately managing conflicts and contradictions within and outside the system.  Fourth reason is that ideology gap and contradiction that arise in due course of time due to misinterpretation and mistranslation of certain concepts of the program whose primal cause could be the desire and need for change, new things.

This is intrinsic since any given system should pass certain process of conflicts and contradictions, within its system, before it gets matured and complete. It should pass and manage complications since growth and complications are two sides of a coin and they are inseparable characteristics that get along, and in order to reach to the desired end point, it should reach due to the fact that imperfection and incompleteness is one point people should underline. It is natural process and way of life any give system,—be it religious or political system, or group should undergo. Then, refinement comes to place since factionalism is one way and stage of identification between true and good against bad and false. This is natural cycle and process of life.

One can take in here as good example, the case of the American politics, especially the history of the Democratic Party. This Party was born out of factionalism and it faced its own factions in its own historical process of time. Democratic Party is one of the two main political parties of the United States. Its origins can be traced to the coalition formed behind Thomas Jefferson in the 1790s to resist the policies of George Washington’s administration. This coalition, originally called the Republican, and later the Democratic-Republican Party, split into two factions during the presidential campaign of 1828. One, the National Republican Party, was absorbed into the Whig Party in 1834; the other became the Democratic Party.

And in the political process of its own political movement and development, factionalism was there and a reality within the Democratic Party. Written materials state that factionalism had always existed among Democrats, as different regional, social, and economic groups maneuvered to define the party’s stance and candidates; sometimes, as in the realignment of the 1850s, such factionalism cost the party dearly. Late in the 19th century, however, it got entirely out of hand, as three groups fought for control in an increasingly harsh atmosphere.

One bloc comprised the traditional Democrats behind New York’s Grover Cleveland, who was president from 1885 to 1889 and from 1893 to 1897. Strong in their memories of Jackson and the Civil War, they still espoused the conventional policies of limited government activities. A second group consisted of the urban political machines, which won the support of immigrants by helping them adjust to conditions in a new country. A third faction was made up of restive groups in the South and West, reacting against the new industrial and centralized economy.

What makes such party alive and strong are two basic factors as they say, among many others, The Great Depression after 1929 and the coming to power of Franklin D. Roosevelt, with his New Deal, solidified and expanded this new commitment. Increasingly, under Democratic leadership, the government expanded its role in social welfare and economic regulation. Given the economic situation, this proved to be electorally attractive. Traditional Democrats surged to the polls, new voters joined, and the party won over groups, such as the blacks, who had been Republicans for generations—at first haltingly, then enthusiastically and overwhelmingly.

The same is true in the history of the Republican Party in which written materials state, factionalism continued to divide the party. Prohibitionists and those who wished to exclude foreigners, for example, demanded heavy emphasis on their particular concerns and were not always enthusiastic about the party’s other commitments. At the same time, another group, the Liberal Republicans, disgusted by corruption in the Republican administration of President Ulysses S. Grant, fought against the party’s unwillingness to do anything about it. The party bosses, needing money to run expensive election campaigns and not particularly scrupulous about its source, resisted the reformers.

What makes such party alive and strong beside its party members commitment and steadfastness on the party program is as they say, the Great Depression, which began during Hoover’s administration, destroyed America’s belief in that dream of unlimited prosperity and its faith in the Republican Party. The disastrous economic collapse and extraordinarily high unemployment that followed made a mockery of Republican claims. The slow and limited response of the Hoover administration was ineffective and seemed to indicate too much indifference to the people’s suffering.

The Democrats made full use of the depression as an issue, capturing the presidency by a large margin in 1932 and winning the election of 1936 by one of the greatest landslides in history. The New Deal coalition, headed first by Franklin D. Roosevelt and later by Harry S. Truman, remained in power for a generation, the Republicans losing five presidential elections in a row. So great was the reaction to the depression that the Republican Party controlled Congress for only 4 of the 48 years between 1932 and 1980.

In the consolidation process of both parties, it sounds that great depression has its own contribution towards such strength and this sounds that difficult conditions and situations of life do have an important milestone in the process of consolidating any given party program and ideology or any organize system of life since most of organized ideologies and systems sustain by both internal and external factors even if internal factors play eminent role, external factors do have significant contribution and impact on what they undergo.

This is not to deny that there are certain committed, farsighted and profound individuals—leaders— who play magnificent role in the leadership process in creating unified and stanch members of any given community. It is with the instrumentality of their thinking machinery such communities are created but such leaders use bad condition and difficult times as means and fertile conditions of creating hope and good opportunities to the success and achievement of the thing which they seek to establish in life. In such conditions and situations of life, leaders are borne.

Now, people see both parties, not only ruling America, but also creating immense political influence in the history of the world politics. The election time and the way they are handling their electoral process is an exemplary one and most people in the world watch such process with excitement and eagerness. They passed horrible times of crisis on their historical process of political development; they deserve to be watched as most people watch European soccer games. When few things are genuine, they deliver rapt attention of others since such things have natural impact on this world.

Factionalism is common and norm in every nation politics and to any given organized ideology and way of life since it is one process and stage of development of life, to exist as a system and gets more organized. This is something that occurs before strong and profound organizational structure comes to place. It is like as the removing of weeding process is going on, good plants could be hurt or even be killed in the process of the removal of such weeds. It is very natural. What could vary in here is the amount and extent to which such damage occur, which is mainly dependent upon the skill of the gardener and the type of remedial actions the gardener use in order to remove the weeds and by having great care, most good plants could be saved.

Reversing the Drama

February 20, 2015

An old man of his eighties was once sharing his experience on his stay on the earth in which he made his own personal great remarks on his personal views on life. He said, many things have changed so far but there are quite few things that do not change. In his remarks, though he wanted to give emphasis on his religious doctrine as per his personal exposures in life, this made me contemplate on certain aspect of life in this world. He is absolutely right. Few things do not change. This is one of the conservative aspects of this world and there are certain things do not even change as the world changes.

Few things do not change for two basic reasons. The first ones is that people are conservative and they are attached to the way of life they get used to since most people are change resistant and they are conformist on the way of life they are due to the fear of the new and different ones which are to be in place. They prefer to be with the old ones since they are not only their preferences but also they have already created comfort and warm zone with them.  The second one is that new ones who are in charge to replace the old ones are not better and stronger in taking rapt attention of the mass and they do not influence that much thus people seek to stay with what they used to.

The same is true to one’s life style in her in which even if one rejected former system of belief, one do not even change to another way of life or system of thinking but rather one prefer to be by oneself for past few years. By doing so, one is very conservative on being by oneself since there is no better way of life that can fit to one’s thinking and belief except being by one’s own. Being by one’s own is better than joining any other particular system of thinking and belief or changing to another or getting even back to the former since one can come with better mindset on life by one’s own.

One in here is also traditional in certain aspect of one’s life. Being conservative has its own advantage in one’s own way of life and this will continue further since one finds it useful and important. And one continues working and living by being conservative in certain doctrines of one’s life. When people want to impose certain things in one’s life, one rejects and refrains to be cooperative in certain matters which one does not agree, matters which are unnecessary and less useful to one’s life since such things are not life and death things and one rejects such claims people do to one’s life.

And in one of the companies I used to work for, it was in the process of opening a medical centre within the compound and we were somehow into the process of obtaining legal permit from the government health office. And the person whom the company grants to outsource the permit is a medical professional in which the person was one of the freedom fighters and worked as military personnel in the current government structure, though he retired few months ago. He was also rebel fighter with these ruling people while they are in the field.

In the middle of such process thing with the government health office which does give the permission, the company failed to obtain such permit since area of the land for the medical centre does not fit the standard which the government put as requirement. The government health officials declined to give that given permission. And this military medical person came to my office and told me that why do not the company give them some coins, which means the bribe thing so that permission can be granted.  And I declined to accept such bribery request and I told him that it is not possible.

And later on, he regretted for what he did say since he realized that the reason he was on the field as rebel fighter in the past was to stop bad practices such as bribes, corruption and the like. And I was wondering how life on this world is going on in which there is no need to go the field or be as rebel fighter to fight corruption since we live in a time that those people who were on the fields to fight such bad doings by now have possessed millions of dollars and they live luxurious lives by forgetting why they were on the fields, fighting against the system that was ruling with oppressions.  Today, they have forgotten everything and they are different people.

In such theatrical happenings of life, one wonders as to certain incidents in which most people become against towards any given system since they do not like oppression and depression any given system impose on their life, but also to take personal and hidden advantages which they seek in life as most ordinary people do; but they claim to themselves as heroes since they were living in forests, fields and the like and fight any given system which they do not like. As I wonder such life is going on this plane of existence, these ruling people sound that most of them fight for their own personal benefits and such way of life they have now do not require being in forests and wilderness since any business people can have it, what they have by now.

This makes anyone to contemplate about how material things have many influences and power over many human values which many people claim since life is not possible to have it since anything and everything requires penny. Life costs anyone a penny. It is not possible to move from one place to another without coins and thus people are in cases obsessed with penny thing since they cannot have life. In such cases, coins manipulate human values and objectives of existences.

Money is not the end goal of one’s life; one does not measure peoples success not by the amount of money they have in the bank account or whatever, but by what they think and do since most people one came across in life are outwardly looking good but inwardly, they are evil whisperers and people of conspiracy theory thing. In such world and living amidst such people, it is not possible to communicate and interact with such ones with genuine grounds and common values, but one should develop one’s own mechanism sine care and safety are the first thing one should carry on in everywhere along with tact and wisdom which are very personal, subjective and contextual since one interacts and communicate with other people based on their motive and thinking.

One believes that there is transcendental reality, which is going on in everyone’s reality, which cannot have any form, shape or color and sound which is beyond the thinking, conception and imagination of any one’s mind in which it is only experience with such given reality that make such reality reflected into tangible and intelligible manner, which is very subjective, contextual and personal aspect and matter which one should keep to one’s own aspect and reality in life. Such transcendental reality works within anyone’s life in its own and mysterious manner which one can ably and adequately tell.

When certain experience in life are kept personal and confidential, they make sense to the possessors of such drama, but when such experience are shared to others, they are considered as silly, idiocy and the like. Since experience in such given aspect of life are personal and they make more meaning to the author and owner of such drama than other people. Experience in life has no definite recipe and they are subjective and contextual since life is a personal aspect and matter.

Such mysterious experiences of life are not like musical arts to be performed on stage, paints that can be portrayed and displayed on the exhibition, scientific formulas to be derived and shared to others, achievements or findings that do not seek certification or power point presentations to audiences and so on. They are just personal matters one should keep to oneself since they are personal matters than seek and hang around everywhere for veneration, high attention and official recognition. Life is full of mysteries whose secrets are endless and countless. Yes, it is.

Politics—Creator of the Balance

February 17, 2015

When any given individual works for citizens and for this world at large, the idea and feeling and sense of ownership and possession in terms of on what one does and think are not significant and important since personal advantages, ranks, positions, fame, ranks, titles, copyrights, patents and the like are trivial aspect of one’s life. Prestige is not an issue since the individual is above and beyond such ways of life. Selflessness means having disregard to one’s honor and dignity, but working hard for others honor, respect and dignity. This is purely a station that does not exist since our world is highly manipulated by words and acts and thinking of politics and politicians in every land.

Politics (is derived from Greek: meaning “of, for, or relating to citizens”) is the practice and theory of influencing other people. More narrowly, it refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance — organized control over a human community, particularly a state. Furthermore, politics is the study or practice of the distribution of power and resources within a given community (a hierarchically organized population) as well as the interrelationship(s) between communities.

A variety of methods are employed in politics, which include promoting one’s own political views among people, negotiation with other political subjects, making laws, and exercising force, including warfare against adversaries. Politics is exercised on a wide range of social levels, from clans and tribes of traditional societies, through modern local governments, companies and institutions up to sovereign states, to the international level.

A political system is a framework which defines acceptable political methods within a given society. History of political thought can be traced back to early antiquity, with seminal works such as Plato’s Republic, Aristotle’s Politics and the works of Confucius. Formal Politics refers to the operation of a constitutional system of government and publicly defined institutions and procedures. Political parties, public policy or discussions about war and foreign affairs would fall under the category of Formal Politics. Many people view formal politics as something outside of themselves, but that can still affect their daily lives.

They say, politics is power, but rather, it is a powerful tool by which people employ certain methods in administering social affairs of the public in more scientific, democratic and logical way and manner. In this, it becomes a power since it induces vibrant energy within any given social dynamics. Informal Politics is understood as forming alliances, exercising power and protecting and advancing particular ideas or goals. Politics in practical sense is about power and manipulating such power.

Basically, there are two broad categories of politics and political systems. The first one is a politics and political systems exercised by western or developed states; the other one is a politics and political system exercised by developing and growing nations. The developing nations in most cases do not have their own political identity, but they copy and paste political ideology and program from others and developed nations, and they claim they have unique political program and strategy.

Amongst political strategies governments employ, taxation is one concept and policy, which any state comes up. The quality of any state is dependent upon how far it is clear and transparent on its tax policy. Taxation, is a system of raising money to finance government. All governments require payments of money—taxes—from people. Governments use tax revenues to pay soldiers and police, to build dams and roads, to operate schools and hospitals, to provide food to the poor and medical care to the elderly, and for hundreds of other purposes. Without taxes to fund its activities, government could not exist.

Political science is important because politics is important. The study of political science is motivated by the need to understand the sources and consequences of political stability and revolution, of repression and liberty, of equality and inequality, of war and peace, of democracy and dictatorship. Political Science is the systematic study of and reflection upon politics. Politics usually describes the processes by which people and institutions exercise and resist power. Political processes are used to formulate policies, influence individuals and institutions, and organize societies.

More people can be influenced by politics when it practices and translates its theories to reality in more meaningful and thoughtful way. As Politics is “of, for, or relating to citizens”) is the practice and theory of influencing other people. Any given politics and political system is meaningful, when it objective abstract thinking and theory in more tangible and visible way. Otherwise, it is just promulgating novel books with rudimentary methods and means. When great theories are translated with incompatible tools, they fail since great theories need great minds tools to their success.

What is going on the world politics, trick is one of the tools such political systems apply especially as election time is due. The use tricks since they want to integrate and confuse certain religious beliefs with political ideologies. While such theatrical drama is on stage, history testifies many failures in this regard since such systems try to validate fictitious political agendas with abstract realities that could not even fit to and with each other. Hence, failure becomes their hobby and they justify their failures with fictitious analogies, and when such failures get even worse, they use forces and armaments. This is one of the trends this world is having on stage.

Though, every politic systems employs its own mechanisms on how it becomes to power as a government such as the election and the electoral process, and when failures become norm and those who win on the election process will be under question. In this case, the electoral process should require an overhaul since it cannot escape from being a marionette of the ruling party since in such growing nations, it is not possible to have matured and strong politics and political systems, which believe in rational, arguments and challenges and it cannot escape from being mere puppet of any given system. It is indeed a chimera to expect a political system that is created by majority people since any given political systems is created by few people, but ratified by the public as social system since it is compatible and in conformity with majority peoples’ thinking. Then, it goes on since the public like to have it.

This is like an ice-cream business within the market. A person comes up with one’s own ice-cream recipe. One does it in one’s room behind the kitchen. Then, one tastes it. Afterwards, one shares the ice-cream with few people around and then such few people around like to have more. Next, they tell to the ice-ream recipe owner, why do not you share it with other people, you will be rich if you sell it to the market; then the person put it to the market. If the person is successful in receiving positive responses and replies, the person open up a shop to sell it to the public at large. Then the person becomes rich, only when the person knows how to manage the money, customer satisfaction and control the market. Politics is the same business.

More narrowly, politics refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance — organized control over a human community, particularly a state. It is indeed more challenging to administer and manage human needs with theories, policies and rules since human free will is the most important element in exercising any given political drama and system since politics is not about animals, but humans in which human reality is mostly dictated by human freewill. Since, it is not possible to bring all people under one given thinking system, politics in most cases work for the majority vote and that is why election and its process become more important in such given process.

In such case, it becomes important to exercise force since the space that exist between societies and within individuals cannot be managed and controlled in peaceful mechanism and thus there must be something that should create the norm and the balance of any given social dynamics. If such forces such as the power of law and use of armaments are not exercised, it is not possible to create certain stability amongst any given social dynamics, when any given society or individual tries to override the margins and boundaries set. Furthermore, politics becomes the study or practice of the distribution of power and resources within a given community (a hierarchically organized population) as well as the interrelationship(s) between communities.

Source:  25% is taken from Microsoft Encarta 2009.

Food and fasting

February 16, 2015

Over the weakened, most people in here were into the meat thing in which they ate both raw and cooked meat since most of the followers of the Orthodox Christians are into fasting period starting this morning and they are not allowed to eat meat, milk, egg and other protein oriented foods. And they fast. Fasting is good, but not to eat is bad. When such fasting is supported by true and good deeds, it will be nicer.

And I was into one of the places in here where I could have meat. One is not fasting but one just liked to have. One is not into raw meat, and is not used to the raw meat thing either. One has no bias against it, but one is not into such way of life since one prefers to have cooked ones. In one of the places, one had been, it sounded that the end of the world is coming since people eat with great excitements since they know they are not going to have it for the coming 55 days.

People fast in order receive blessing from God, spiritual reinvigoration and renewals so that they live the life afterwards with betterment, and happiness by being closer to God. This is just an assumption people have developed for centuries and ages. And one used to have that given experience in past since one had similar assumption as those people do. In today, things are very different since one goes by one’s own and there is no pint that one draw circles on days on the calendar to do this or to do that.

There is no bad or wrong in fasting, but there is bad and wrong in forcing or threatening others on fasting since it is just personal connection people try to develop. There are people who obtain good things and as there are people who are on the reverse after hey fast. Everything is based and effected upon on what that give individual think and do. To few people, fasting helps and to others, it is not even helpful. Life in here is subjective and contextual since everything is dependent upon what that given individual thinks and does at that given particular moment of life.

One does not fast since one does not want. It is just personal matter. One does not pray since one does not want. This does not mean that one does think and do bad. They are things that cannot be connected in one’s life. One always thinks and does good things in one’s life since one does not any need any advisor, tutor or mentor. One is matured enough to do and think good in one’s life. Albert Einstein said, doing good is my religion. This is just enough for one morality in one tries to bring to one’s life since this is just general and core principle of life one should follow and practice as being human. The rest are details and accessories to this core theme and perspective for life.

Basically, there are two broad categories of fasting. The first ones are relate to Christianity concept in which times and what to eat or not are not specified in books, but they are dictated by regulations and rules designed by particular church people follow. The other is the fasting type which is connected to Muslim religion in which dates and times are set and the type of things people should eat are specified. In both scopes and systems of life, the purpose and motive is similar, but what vary is the strategy or method people practice such way of life.

Fasting is primarily an act of willing abstinence or reduction from certain or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time. An absolute fast is normally defined as abstinence from all food and liquid for a defined period, usually a single day (24 hours), or several days. This is just general definition in which people abstain from drinks and foods they consume in their regular time, but what they change in here is the schedule and way they do it in which day time is changed into night time. They reverse their drinks and foods on what they used to do in their regular time. Bu they do not reverse the good thoughts and the good deeds since the intent is to increase the good thoughts and good deeds in abundance.

One of the interesting drawbacks of the fasting rules is the age limit it puts since it uses universal scale and length in which a person who is borne and lives in poor society and a person who lives in rich society cannot have equal metabolic strength in which such age limit is put and measured by physical and material conditions and it disregards and puts more pressure to poor conditions and ways of life. When poor people fast, they do not realize that they are already fasting in their daily routine as a result of the way of life they employ, but such fasting laws has greater impact on the rich way of life since they abstain from what they used to do and such people could show certain progresses in their way of life.

In this given case, general research and particular researches are required—far beyond personal confessions, assumptions and statements people have such as, it makes me happier, spiritual, excited, and the like things—on how far fasting is helpful in the activation and interaction of society in terms of reducing crimes, conflicts between people and the like since if such act is not helpful in reducing such crimes and sins within any given society, it is just nothing. This means that people do it for fashion and since it was in historical records and practice. It is better not to have it since it has no significant impact on the life of any given society.

What we hear on the Medias is in relation to crimes, conflicts people have and the like, are daily increasing although organized wars nations are going on down fall. Personal satisfactions and contentment in life is doubt and in question. In such world, this world needs quite revision in terms of its practices and undertakings so that the world with most happy and content people will be borne and the world will be better places. People should revise methods and systems of life in this regard, not by establishing any other religion, but by different and useful method and way of life. This should happen.

Although the individual is solely responsible in creating content and happy life for oneself, the external world should facilitate in establishing instruments that help the inward looking orientation of the individual. Otherwise the effort of the individual will be futile. Both should go hand in hand since the existing ones are lamentably defective to provide remedies to the afflicting people and society on lasting basis. They are like pain killers since they do not remove the root causes and problems on large scale basis.