The Three Gospels

January 22, 2015

I was reading interesting news this morning which is a practical experience of an old person, a Scotland woman, who state and shared her own experience in her such long years of existence on earth, which is quite contrary to what most social scientists and psychologists claim in which I read the following on the News.

Jessie Gallan celebrated her birthday this year with a single slice of cake. A pretty low-key birthday party considering it was her 109th birthday and she’s now thought to be officially the oldest person in Scotland. And she’s happy to share her secret: “My secret to a long life has been staying away from men,” Jessie told The Daily Mail. “They’re just more trouble than they’re worth.”

Is staying away from men to women, or for women to men possible is one argument which people could raise since both are created by nature and what could be possible in here is to sort out and identify for what and which purpose man and woman should share life in which compatibility in physical, thinking, character, emotion, psycho make up, philosophy, perception and understanding, economy, hobby, priorities in life and the like are important factors which are heard as compliment, which are suggested by many people as to why they stay with each other longer and have happier way of life.

One is not pleased and rejects the way of life just going on between man to man and women to women relationship in way one replaces the other. One does no appreciate anything going on which is against the law of nature which is man is to woman and woman is to man, and one disagrees on the concept and practical application of the same sex relationship underway in this world. Although people could have their own reasons and rights on why they are forced to establish same sex relationship, but one thinks that one does not see such relationship a natural and legitimate although it is becoming practical. Life on earth as being human is about having the right relationship with the right person, but not wrong type of relationship with wrong person though whatever claims and justifications are going on.

In reality, the Scotland woman is just one of the experiences people have in life even though what social science and social truths claim are one thing and falling apart but what the individual believes and thinks deep inside is another reality and facet which should not be ignored, but rather respected. In fact, married life makes many people stay happier and healthier as far as that given connection and relationship has positive elements by both agents of such way of life, the husband and the wife.

On the contrary, married life becomes ill when both parties have negative elements, unwell communication and interaction, which have an impact on their thinking and health as well since life in certain cases is more of what one thinks and acts than what other people study and tell since this world has an infant study, limited information and researches to date and it is not possible to claim that everything is fully known and discovered to this date.

There is no such complete recipe for life and the way of life that benefits one person is not warranty to the other one since way of life is a personal experience people can come up as result of their personal and contextual experiences in life which is mainly dependent upon peoples’ observation, imagination and understanding capacities they obtain in life that do have an impact on how they interpret and misinterpret realities and experiences of life as they communicate and interact with the environment.

Accordingly, there are basically three types of laws and principles in life in this world of existence. The first is natural and universal law which cannot be altered by an human and artificial thinking, interference and way of life such as the sun gives light; but what artificial and human intelligence can do is it utilizes the natural light and heat to different and various purposes for life for its own benefit. However, artificial and human intelligence cannot remove and ruin the natural heat and light since it is not avoidable.

The second one is the law of human and social aspects—which vary as per the nature of social dynamics and nature of society and nations—in which such laws are designed to create the norm and balance of everything within the society and thus people come up with certain conception and mindset so as to make life smooth and safe. These are such as the laws of marriage in which people are socially bound to get married since it is way of life and is social law. People get married so that the husband and wife thing is established in a home in a way people live by ingredients of the law of marriage such as loyalty, obedience, truthfulness, honesty and so on.

The third one is what at any given individual comes up as result of one’s own deliberations in life such as the Scotland woman, who come up with her own thinking and perception in life and which helped her in her own way even if it is contrary to what the society and earthly institutions think. People come up with their own way of life and philosophy so that they can make life easy and simple in their own accent and style. This is indeed contextual and personal.

While such theatrical drama is on stage, one wonders as to what it means by staying longer on the earth in which there are many communities and societies who perceive age as one of measurements of employing healthy way of life and thinking in life although there are people who live long years on earth, but with suffering and woes. Is age a requirement to measure the achievement of a person or the achievement by itself is another story since there are people who live few years but they have done outstanding tasks and jobs in their life as there are people who live for more than 70 years, but they just live the way society lives and nothing outstanding comes from such people?

Researches to date indicate certain facts, but they are not holistic, complete and perfect for many reasons. The first one is the accuracy of sample or data which people use; the second one is the loyalty aspect in collecting data; the third one is the capacity of researchers; the fourth is motive behind such research is it for economy, for political or religious agenda; the fifth one is the objective of such research, is it to attack individuals or group of people; the sixth one is the nature of the object of research or matter and the like. Hence, we live having partial truths and live partial life to date. This is also life.


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