Bon Voyage

January 31, 2015

Life is journey. A journey of any given individual starts from self in which such journey has a start and an end point on this plane of existence which are joined and connected by two great points which everyone in this plane of existence shares, and these are commonly known—birth and death. In such processes, what vary from one person to another is on the method and application of life which people intend to grow and it is in this growth thing people differ although all people share birth and death.

In this case, such growth is dependent upon many things and the most important aspect is on the way of life and thinking people employ in their daily routines. Consequently, people interact with other people based on such way of life they have in life and thus they make friends and enemies based on such standards they set in life. Based on such perceptions and understandings in life, people commit themselves in various undertakings of life. And they interact and communicate with others, and they hold different kinds of ceremonies of life.

Among-st such ceremonies people do, one of the most important things they do is the marriage ceremony they do with other people. However, most people get married with others before they get married with their own reality and selves and thus most people end up in divorce and they suffer due to such failures they make. And thus the divorce rate in this world is daily increasing. People should perform an official marriage one should commit with oneself so that the rest and other ways of life can flourish and prosper based on the marriage ceremony one has done with oneself.

Why do people get married with others before they get married with their one reality and selves in which such way of life do lead most people in disappointments since they have not checked themselves before they start checking on others. Thus, most people end up in checking others since they have suspicious life and thinking and way of life and they assume that other people whom they like to be with do cheat or trick on them due to the fact that they forget they have developed type of unconfident personality they have by their own.

Consequently, they forget to see their inside and their true reality since they spend much time on others peoples affairs and business, they mind other people way of life, and they get trapped with vicious circle of gossips and checking on others. And they forget their true reality in their bed room and in their underwear, but they focus on other people’s daily ins and outs. This put them in bad shape as they start coming back to their and by their own, where am I, what was happening on me and the like. This put them in vicious circle of stupidity. If they have checked themselves by their own and get married with their own selves, such things would not happen to them.

I find the following news quite interesting for many reasons.

Yasmin Eleby sent an invitation to friends and family asking them to come celebrate her 40th birthday in a “unique way.” Why was it unique? Yasmin Eleby had arranged a surprise marriage ceremony … in which she married herself. I’d been saying a few years that if I hadn’t gotten married by the time I was 40, I’d just have a wedding by myself,” Eleby told ABC News today. “I decided I didn’t want it to be a joke. I wanted to have a celebration of myself. My wedding was going to be about me making a commitment to love myself, to honor myself and to know my self-worth.

Many people get married with other people before they get married with their own selves in which they live with contradictory and inconsistent reality that they come about as result of the process and exposures of life they have passé thru and they come across in due course of time. Hence, they live in most cases dis-satisfactory way of life which could end up in disappointments and dissatisfaction thru the way of life they have already employed in their reality.  They claim, it is my mistake and it is my failure.

Why do people should get married with their own selves? What does it mean by getting married with oneself? In order to reduce the amount of mistakes and failures they make in life, but augment profound understanding in life, as one big reason, people should get married with their own reality. These verities should be clarified before what they claim is true and practical. Getting married with oneself is in most cases related in here having reconciled personality and reality in which person’s physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual realities are integrated and combined in one’s daily routine so that sound personality one creates in one’ being is done so that such peace and stability in one’s being should not disturb the person’s neighbor.

In this given case, there is no such straight-line marginalized and drawn, but such serenity and reconciliation process is manifested and reflected not on the households, automobiles and other objects one posses, but rather in one’s thinking, character, deeds, ambitions and visions which are detected by what that given person talks, shares and does in one’s daily routines. These are fundamental and significant aspect of one’s reality in which such reflections and ways of life one employs are beneficiary to the person in solving all kinds of difficult and bad conditions of life, thru delivering peaceful solutions and having health way of life in one’s daily routines in daily interaction one makes with the surrounding environment.

While such process of life is going, one should have certain things to take into account when one gets married with oneself in which such marriage thing with oneself is tantamount to marriage and divorcing with oneself since what an individual in most case seeks in life are connected with desires. Such desires have two aspects. The first one is positive ones that add value to one’s life and one should get married with such desires and the other desires are negative ones which ruin one’s destiny and future in which one should get divorce with such kinds of desires too.

In this case, one should be able to identify the constructive and destructive desires that come as result of individual thinking and feeling. There is no point of blaming other people but it is up to the individual to control and sort out such desires by oneself and make one’s own decision in as to such desires in which family make up, social an community dynamics one belongs, education, religion, one’s morality and maturity and other exposures and experiences of life one acquires in one’s life time are helping tools.

When one makes marriage with oneself, this is continuous process and is very dynamic since one lives by trial and error and one learns from past failures and mistakes so that the days yet to come will be nicer and healthier. Mistakes and failures are good opportunities of learning process as successes and achievements are engines of happiness and establishing brighter futures too. Such marriage with oneself brings up dynamic and progressive reality in one’s being which cannot be destructed by any external and outside challenges and difficulties since one develops strength and maturity on how to resist such challenges in life.

Presumably, people should love, honor and know themselves so that the private and personal marriage with self could be celebrated properly and such life will be colored with achievements and successes people should have on hourly and daily basis, not even weeks, months and years. It is such sound personality that should be invented and created with oneself so that life will be a celebrating event and joyful phenomena. In this journey of personal marriage people perform with their own reality, people should enjoy such valley of life with calmness and serenity than chaos and confusion. Bon Voyage!!


The World is Stage

January 30, 2015

African leaders are in here in these days in Addis Ababa as they proceed on their bi-annual meeting that concern and discuss on the continent most affecting and hot issues, but the residents of the city do not even show any concern on what such leaders are talking about as the most people in every nation do share same thing. Most citizens sound that who cares on why they meet and what they discuss since leaders cannot improve the living conditions of their citizens but they claim that they have economic growth thing as they claim that they are elected by citizens for citizens, however they sound they forget many things.

In these days in here, especially in election periods, it is bit tense since the game is about political drama few political parties play in which the ruling party is doing its own orchestrated play on stage since it like to stay on power otherwise life will not be easy and safe. We all like they should stay more since we need peace and safety and we live in quite growing and developing country. One does not like the ruling party and one has no confidence on other parties as to their capacity and maturity as well. Based on one’s own little mathematical calculation, even if one does not go to the election things since one does not like the way the ruling party administers, one prefers the current system go forward due to the fact that others are even worse.

Accordingly, few political parties have faced devastated since they are on split tea party time which are manipulated by their own tricky members and they make the election time even more boredom as it was boring  in past times as well. There is only one party with its own sub parties election time in which the lion is competing with rats and cats and it is obvious to tell that the lion wins unless the lion is removed by bullets, which is the sniper.

As I was wondering on the local news in here which is broadcasted in these days regarding election, the population size of election has increased in great numbers as compared to past election periods. This can be true. One has no objection with increase in numbers. What is quite interesting in here is that the way it is justified and the current increase in population is interpreted in which there are so called experts claim that people have developed profound understanding of democracy and election. However, the bold truth is quite different.

As one asked almost most people one meet in every incident which one come across. Most of them say, it is for the sake of personal advantage such as seeking shelter or home and other related ones people could obtain from the government and from the fear of those deprivations they could face as they have observed in previous times on other people. These two balances and truths of social reality maintain the balance of society in these days than people’s understandings and the exercise of one’s conscientiousness.

When researches are done and their results are interpreted and publicized, they should have truthful ground. Otherwise people could laugh at us on our papers and they scorn in what such people claim on their research and their finding. None can cheat others since we live in quite profound time and century in which most people have great understanding and perception of realities.

When our understanding and interpretation of realities become less and clumsy, people could assume that our years of experience in research become nil and such kinds of experience and exposures could lead us to disappointment and dissatisfaction at least.

Researches are basically required to be made for a purpose and among these reasons are few such as to find out the unknown, and to solve particular problem. Both are equally important and essential. When people make research about the type of fishes that exist in any given fish bowl, such research has no value, since it tells about a given fish in this given lake has two eye and the like thing, this does not require any give research since they are telling the obvious. Bus driver is better than such people researches since the bus driver give useful service to many people in daily basis.

Coming back to the idea of election time and the results of researches on why the increase in population size is come, it is quite interesting and funny since the research does not reflect the actual and objective reality in world where most people are not interested to listen on what such leaders talk about, on why they meet, when they meet, and when they come and go since most people are suffering due to the fact that cost of living is high, the purchasing power of money which they collect on every month is very low and lame; they cannot sing the song of bright future with leaders which the watch their face on TV screens.

And most people prefer to watch British soccer than go and watch and even discuss on social issues and watch TV on leader’s summit. British soccer entertains them unlike the leaders’ summit which delivers them stomach and head ache. We live quite in strange time as there are many stressful faces one observes in everywhere. And one asks such people, how is life, and most say, life is boring, we are watching and observing few people living. Our job description on what life deliver to us is to see few people living, and we just watch. Few people ask restaurant places, and we show directions. We know places from outside, but few people do not know such places, but they go the inside and take whatever thing they like since they have few coins unlike most which do not.

William Shakespeare said, the world is but stage, and its people are the actors. Yes, it is!!

More Freedom Vs Less Obedience

January 27, 2015

Freedom is defined in dictionary as the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants; the state of not being imprisoned or enslave. When people try to symbolize and objectify freedom, the west is considered as emblem of freedom and sign of liberty since they hate to be oppressed and depressed at any given individual level, which enlarge such dislike—oppression and depression—to society and institutional level. Thus, they promote the concept of freedom in their own way.

Obedience is defined as the act or practice of following instructions, complying with rules or regulations or submitting to somebody’s authority, the religious authority exercised by a church, a priest, or another member of the clergy or the people who are under this authority.

Obedience and freedom are in most cases inversely related since both are indirectly connected due to their nature and character. A person who wants to exercise freedom in one’s own way cannot be obedient to certain rule and regulation since such desire of being free cannot allow oneself to be submitting to certain rules and regulations and authorities. Both are important and useful attributes of life sine human being cannot be a machine and the desire of being human should not be exercised in way chaos and frustration should be the media of interaction.

One of the difficult problem societies and institutions face in any given social dynamics is the balance that exist between the amount of freedom they deliver and the amount and need for obedience to certain rules and regulations in which individuals revolt against systems and ways of life since they want to be free and the balance between both entities are not equivalent. Hence, society lives in having its own shape and color by the balance it creates between the amount of freedom and the degree of obedience it seeks.

While both entities and concepts of life are integrated, in many societies they are like oil and water in which freedom and obedience are not in way they can be integrated and coordinated in any given social dynamics unless both are established under certain boundaries and margins since both need certain perspective and medias in which any given people who want to be free may not be in a position to exercise the obedience since both are dependent upon conditions and situations. In societies where even democracy and freedom are exercised in legitimate way, such ideas are still challenge.

America is a symbol of freedom all over the world, enjoying as it does freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press. Our ancestors prized these political freedoms so much that many of them were willing to die defending them. And though many of us are often accused today of taking them for granted, we continue to see people rising up to fight for them when they’re threatened (when someone else’s freedoms are threatened, too).

Political freedom (also known as political autonomy or political agency) is a central concept in Western history and political thought and one of the most important (real or ideal) features of democratic societies. It has been described as a relationship free of oppression or coercion; the absence of disabling conditions for an individual and the fulfillment of enabling conditions; or the absence of lived conditions of compulsion, e.g. economic compulsion, in a society.

Although political freedom is often interpreted negatively as the freedom from unreasonable external constraints on action, it can also refer to the positive exercise of rights, capacities and possibilities for action, and the exercise of social or group rights. The concept can also include freedom from “internal” constraints on political action or speech (e.g. social conformity, consistency, or “inauthentic” behaviour.) The concept of political freedom is closely connected with the concepts of civil liberties and human rights, which in democratic societies are usually afforded legal protection from the state.

Political freedom, however, isn’t the only realm in which freedom appears to be greater than it is. It turns out that our freedom to make even the simplest of choices (e.g., whether to put on brown or blue pants) may not just be more limited than we think—it may not exist at all.

Liberty in philosophy, involves free will as contrasted with determinism. In politics, liberty consists of the social and political freedoms guaranteed to all citizens. In theology, liberty is freedom from the bondage of sin. Freedom stands for something greater than just the right to act however I choose—it also stands for securing to everyone an equal opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

To most reasonable people, freedom means more than just ‘free to do whatever I want’. Taken literally, that approach would produce anarchy—every man, woman, and child for himself or herself. Fortunately, none of us has to live that way (unless you’re reading this in Somalia or a similar disaster area). Certainly freedom does mean the right to do as one pleases—to think, believe, speak, worship (or not worship), move about, gather, and generally act as you choose—but only until your choices start to infringe on another person’s freedom.

One way to think of this is the difference between “freedom of” (or “freedom to”) and “freedom from”—a point eloquently made by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his State of the Union Address delivered on January 6, 1941:

We look forward to a world founded upon four essential human freedoms.

The first is freedom of speech and expression—everywhere in the world.

The second is freedom of every person to worship God in his own way—everywhere in the world.

The third is freedom from want—which, translated into world terms, means economic understandings which will secure to every nation a healthy peacetime life for its inhabitants—everywhere in the world.

The fourth is freedom from fear—which, translated into world terms, means a world-wide reduction of armaments to such a point and in such a thorough fashion that no nation will be in a position to commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbor—anywhere in the world.

Whatever conceptual definitions and interpretations are delivered, freedom is relative and subjective while it is put to place in any given society as obedience is a necessary element in forming society and community values. What any given society does is it takes the most important element so as to keep the integrity and sovereignty of nation or society and they focus on the obedience part.

As part of an individual and one’s own experience in life, obedience is less important than freedom one seeks in life since it is the amount and degree and readiness of free thinking and freedom that makes one’s own reality as one goes on in one’s own accent and way, one has obtained certain perspective and mindset in life and thus, one prefers to go by the freedom path in one’s life since knowledge is derived out of experience.

The Three Gospels

January 22, 2015

I was reading interesting news this morning which is a practical experience of an old person, a Scotland woman, who state and shared her own experience in her such long years of existence on earth, which is quite contrary to what most social scientists and psychologists claim in which I read the following on the News.

Jessie Gallan celebrated her birthday this year with a single slice of cake. A pretty low-key birthday party considering it was her 109th birthday and she’s now thought to be officially the oldest person in Scotland. And she’s happy to share her secret: “My secret to a long life has been staying away from men,” Jessie told The Daily Mail. “They’re just more trouble than they’re worth.”

Is staying away from men to women, or for women to men possible is one argument which people could raise since both are created by nature and what could be possible in here is to sort out and identify for what and which purpose man and woman should share life in which compatibility in physical, thinking, character, emotion, psycho make up, philosophy, perception and understanding, economy, hobby, priorities in life and the like are important factors which are heard as compliment, which are suggested by many people as to why they stay with each other longer and have happier way of life.

One is not pleased and rejects the way of life just going on between man to man and women to women relationship in way one replaces the other. One does no appreciate anything going on which is against the law of nature which is man is to woman and woman is to man, and one disagrees on the concept and practical application of the same sex relationship underway in this world. Although people could have their own reasons and rights on why they are forced to establish same sex relationship, but one thinks that one does not see such relationship a natural and legitimate although it is becoming practical. Life on earth as being human is about having the right relationship with the right person, but not wrong type of relationship with wrong person though whatever claims and justifications are going on.

In reality, the Scotland woman is just one of the experiences people have in life even though what social science and social truths claim are one thing and falling apart but what the individual believes and thinks deep inside is another reality and facet which should not be ignored, but rather respected. In fact, married life makes many people stay happier and healthier as far as that given connection and relationship has positive elements by both agents of such way of life, the husband and the wife.

On the contrary, married life becomes ill when both parties have negative elements, unwell communication and interaction, which have an impact on their thinking and health as well since life in certain cases is more of what one thinks and acts than what other people study and tell since this world has an infant study, limited information and researches to date and it is not possible to claim that everything is fully known and discovered to this date.

There is no such complete recipe for life and the way of life that benefits one person is not warranty to the other one since way of life is a personal experience people can come up as result of their personal and contextual experiences in life which is mainly dependent upon peoples’ observation, imagination and understanding capacities they obtain in life that do have an impact on how they interpret and misinterpret realities and experiences of life as they communicate and interact with the environment.

Accordingly, there are basically three types of laws and principles in life in this world of existence. The first is natural and universal law which cannot be altered by an human and artificial thinking, interference and way of life such as the sun gives light; but what artificial and human intelligence can do is it utilizes the natural light and heat to different and various purposes for life for its own benefit. However, artificial and human intelligence cannot remove and ruin the natural heat and light since it is not avoidable.

The second one is the law of human and social aspects—which vary as per the nature of social dynamics and nature of society and nations—in which such laws are designed to create the norm and balance of everything within the society and thus people come up with certain conception and mindset so as to make life smooth and safe. These are such as the laws of marriage in which people are socially bound to get married since it is way of life and is social law. People get married so that the husband and wife thing is established in a home in a way people live by ingredients of the law of marriage such as loyalty, obedience, truthfulness, honesty and so on.

The third one is what at any given individual comes up as result of one’s own deliberations in life such as the Scotland woman, who come up with her own thinking and perception in life and which helped her in her own way even if it is contrary to what the society and earthly institutions think. People come up with their own way of life and philosophy so that they can make life easy and simple in their own accent and style. This is indeed contextual and personal.

While such theatrical drama is on stage, one wonders as to what it means by staying longer on the earth in which there are many communities and societies who perceive age as one of measurements of employing healthy way of life and thinking in life although there are people who live long years on earth, but with suffering and woes. Is age a requirement to measure the achievement of a person or the achievement by itself is another story since there are people who live few years but they have done outstanding tasks and jobs in their life as there are people who live for more than 70 years, but they just live the way society lives and nothing outstanding comes from such people?

Researches to date indicate certain facts, but they are not holistic, complete and perfect for many reasons. The first one is the accuracy of sample or data which people use; the second one is the loyalty aspect in collecting data; the third one is the capacity of researchers; the fourth is motive behind such research is it for economy, for political or religious agenda; the fifth one is the objective of such research, is it to attack individuals or group of people; the sixth one is the nature of the object of research or matter and the like. Hence, we live having partial truths and live partial life to date. This is also life.

The Dual Facet

January 21, 2015

We all are humans. We interact and communicate with people. In our interaction and communication with people, there are two types of objective and truthful realities we face in life. The first one is seen and the second one is unseen. We believe and think that such things do exist and they are objectively felt to our sense in our life.

There is no need to be rocket scientist to feel the love and connection people have with other people since love is not only an abstract reality but also a reality that we face in our daily routines. In such interaction, people are encouraged and motivated to live and stay on earth. There are positive energies and as there are negative energies too. We love people and people love us as well. This is one of the basic human factors.

One of the interesting aspect of human life and aspect is that the consequences of such interaction and commutations people have with people in which being jealous is one aspect of human way of life which is considered as norm in one segment of society and it is considered as evil and bad in other societies since they become victims of such given way of life people do their life and reality.

In reality, jealousy is defined as feeling suspicious about a rival’s or competitor’s influence, especially in regard to a loved one; possessively watchful of something. This has many ways of reflections according to the nature and character of people interacting. People are jealous against people for many reasons and they reflect such being jealous in both visible and hidden way and manner. But the motive is same.

Jealous has two facets. The first one is positive. The second one is negative. In positive aspect, being jealous motivates and inspires people to be better and greater. In the negative aspect, being jealous drive people to do bad things on others who are achieved and accomplished. Hence, jealousy is not only about doing bad things on others but getting inspired to do profound things out of the achievements other people do in life.

Accordingly, when certain people or society is considered as jealous, it is possible on what kind of jealous things they are involved out of the achievements and type and level of developmental activities a given society is doing on stage. Hence, it is possible to tell that certain society is jealous by doing whether positive or negative aspect of being jealous. Poor societies reflect jealous on dwelling on negative aspects as rich communities and societies reflect jealous by focusing on the positive energy they get inspired since they are motivated.

Everything in this world has in most cases dual natures and aspects since it is one of the fundamental verities of life in this world. Life in this world is more of perspectives and perceptions in which people live by what they think and how they promulgate on what they think in their daily routines. A give person who wants to live one’s own life in one’s own way does not need recognition from others as far as what one thinks benefits and do not bring any harm on the way of life and on the daily routine one is having in life.

When one claims that there exists a society mostly focus on the positive aspect of jealous thing, this does not mean that jealous people in negative aspect do not exist. They do exist. The same is true about jealousy thing in poor societies in which there are also people who are engaged on the positive aspect and energy of the jealous thing deliver and people get motivated to do good things in life. Both type of people exist in both societies but what matter is the number and ratio in which in the positive aspect, more number of people who convert jealousy thing into positive way of life do exist.

For example, when one is achieved in any given society, in let us say in Africa, a given society could form task force and committee to complicate one’s life so that such given achievement could be removed and vanished. They rumor bad on the person who is achieved so that such recognition could be void. This is one of the reflections of being jealous in negative way and manner. Whatever justifications are delivered, being jealous in removing individuals who are achieved is considered as negative way and manner since good people will not buy pistol to kill an individual who is achieved.

The other type of societies are those societies who are jealous out of the achievement of any given individual, let us say in Germany, such given society devises and organizes oneself to be better person by copying and paste what that given individual has done, taking that given person as roll model, and they get inspired and they do something profound to their lives. If they can, but could not be possible, they could buy an ice-cream and have dinner with such person so that they get inspired by the accomplishments and achievement such people do in life.

Whatever justifications are delivered, when people are jealous in negative manner, it is destructive, unacceptable and is not appreciated. People should feel and think about other people, in positive and good manner unless and otherwise such people are trying something bad on people. In this case, it is preferable to stay away from such people since staying away is safe and nicer for both and it creates better environment and thinking for interaction and communication. Stay safer and nicer!!

Internal and External

January 20, 2015

I was into a conversation with a person whom have clear observation on what is going on the surrounding environment. The person pointed out an interesting point on how people celebrate holidays and festivities and the type of car accidents they are going to come about in celebrating such given festivities. I was impressed on how the person perceived this given society.

The person said, most people take lots of alcohols to celebrate holidays with joy and in state of happy situation. But they are afraid of what type of car accidents which they are going to face while they celebrate holidays. The paradox goes since they are not even aware on the type of alcohols and amount of drinks they take which they put many damages on their health and body metabolism, but they are observed that they give too much care on the car accidents, which might not even to happen.

This is quite interesting. One is such people are not even aware which accident or damage hum most and the type of priorities they set in life. Although holidays come in occasions, accidents do not come on occasions, both kill and ruin peoples lives. Festivities are good, but when they exceed their limit, they damage many things including peoples lives and futures as well.

Festivities need care and wisdom as accidents do need too. In cases, too much care are cause of accidents since as people try to take many tactics and cares, they are observed in creating and causing damages and accidents. Moderate care and wisdom, which is relative and subjective is essential and useful since too much precaution leads to disaster end in which people could lose their mental ability and thinking as they become more suspicious on activities and other people too.

When people do not know which one are more important such as in case of festivities, celebrating them by having to much relaxation or having the fear of car accidents, people are trapped in to two different moods and thinking. In here, they end up stretching up to both ends. It is quite good to celebrate festivities as it is essential taking care of avoiding accidents. In societies and places where both are inevitable to happen, people should avoid accidents than have more relaxation since future and the desire and intent to live is priority in life as they expect to achieve certain things in life.

In such scenario of life, it is quite to be involved in less risk situations and conditions of life than get involved in high or great risk of environment. Although those people who are highly achieved are those who take calculated risk in life as they take high risk, they achieve more and better. Life is in most cases dependent upon the magnitude of tests and challenges people face in life. As there are severe and challenging conditions and tests of life, the achievements and accomplishments people obtain life is directly related to the amount of tests they face.

The more tests they face in life, the great success they obtain. There is nothing happen without intent and purpose. Everything in this world has its own intent and purpose. When life and the way life is diverted to peoples reality, there is a reason behind such diversion. As part of one’s experience in life, there is a purpose and great cause coming on stage behind the deviations of peoples plan in life in which it is time, faith, hope, conviction, determination, courage, and integrity that are by far important than any other mater in this world. Time shall tell.

As people develop certain virtues behind every test and difficulties they face, they can see the possible end and the future from such challenges and difficulties they face in life. One is not created by one’s choice and freewill, and one lives to this plane of existence, not only by one’s will, choices and efforts but by the factor that causes that one is created by, and thus one prefer to see the future and the end, by patience, tolerance, forbearance and other essential human aspects of life on the earth since life is not only a choice and efforts but also opportunities and other mysterious phenomenons too.

For instance, when one hears a rumor, one does not go to a decision based on such given rumor. One filters out the rumors even if the rumors are correct, one goes further checking which is the motive behind such given rumors. If the motive is good, one accepts the rumor as correct where as the motive is bad, even if the rumor is correct, one consider such rumor as false and bad. Practically speaking, while living in jealous community and society, it is not possible to expect clean and good motives behind such rumors. Life is not only about what one hears and sees, but it is about investigation and setting priorities in life as the people choose to kill their inside by the alcohols or they live fear of accidents too.

Accordingly, life in most case is twined by two forces in which the first one is the one the person makes in one’s own and by one’s own, in which the inside and the inner reality of one’s being is one factor, and the other is the external one and the objective reality. In one aspect, what the individual set in one’s given reality is by far better than the external and objective reality; in this case, one goes by one’s own make up and way of thinking, and in another instance, the external reality is by far better than the individual own thinking , in this case, one accepts the external reality. Both are correct and useful. One takes the balance and live the life accordingly. The judgement goes to the individual, not to any other party.

Jokes and Life

January 17, 2015

I read an interesting joke on the net which goes like the following.

Teacher: “Kids, what does the chicken give you?”
Student: “Meat!”
Teacher: “Very good! Now what does the pig give you?”
Student: “Bacon!”
Teacher: “Great! And what does the fat cow give you?”
Student: “Homework!”

In life, there are certain people whom we meet or do not even meet in physical manner, but they come like as homework in our undertakings since they are jealous in what we do. They cannot do things in way we do, and the only thing they can do is to be jealous and they try to create all kinds of complications all over. Such people are like what the fat cow give to the student in which such people will not succeed since the motive they have is bad and they cannot be successful.

Jokes are defined as a story, anecdote, or wordplay that is intended to amuse. However, there should be enough care applied in delivering joke to people since it is very sensitive and interesting aspect of human life. What makes one person laugh could not make the other person same, in fact, could be annoying and disturbing. This is dependent upon the type and levels of understating people have in life and the taste they have in life. A given joke could make one segment of society laugh and such given joke could be irritating to other segment of people and in fact such given joke could be cause of contradictions and conflict. This is like racist and other related jokes which do affect people in negative way.

In reality, jokes are beyond entertainment and amusement, which are used to make people laugh but they have something to deliver. There are different layers of jokes in which jokes are invented for many purpose. These are:

1.        To entertain people,

2.       To deliver learning to people

3.       To deliver or pass certain messages in different way

4.      To insult or ridicule people

5.       To  deliver certain idea or concepts

For instance, the following joke has nothing to deliver except it is just game of words.

Wife: “How would you describe me?”
Wife: “What does that mean?”
Husband: “Adorable, beautiful, cute, delightful, elegant, fashionable, gorgeous, and hot.”
Wife: “Aw, thank you, but what about IJK?”
Husband: “I’m just kidding

However, it becomes boring when people go to places where there are so called comedians since they are ready to make people laugh. There are two different features of laughing. The first one is those incidents and jokes people hear while unprepared and the other one is those jokes which people hear getting prepared and laugh. As an experience, one never goes to such places to laugh since laugh is not something that comes like business or as job like one goes to such places and buy tickets and get laugh. This is quite boring.

But rather, one just laughs by all kinds of incidents and activities one observe on line basis in which a single activities man or woman does in the office, at shopping mall or a person telling stories of one’s or other people experiences in all kind of places which one come across make one laugh than going to places and watch a person standing in front of people. Laugh is more tasteful when it comes unprepared. This better than the one could see a person in front of people or before e audience and make people laugh, though it is good to make other people laugh and entertain.

In reality, people go to such places where comedians are on stage since they have stressful life in their daily routines. They need something to entertain and life is not entertaining by itself. In this case, such comedians are delivering brain massage to such people and such people laugh since they are already ready to laugh even if those jokes are not that entertaining, such people just laugh considering at least the entrance fee which they have paid for. This is one aspect of life in this world. Most rich people are found in such places since they have stressful life and they need to laugh and such people make them laugh. This is quite good and it is good to entertain other people too.

Life and this world are full of dual things and aspects of life such as good and bad, joy and sorrow and so on. This depends up on how we perceive life and people. There are certain things that make us laugh and as there are things that create boredom and boredom things in our life. This depends on skill and perception to create such boredom things into delight and comfort due to the fact that life is about skills and abilities. Hence, people live not by the things they face, but by the types of understating and perceptions that they have on what they face in life. This is very personal and contextual.