Assumptions Vs  Confusions

November 29, 2014

Sigmund Freud said, every action and thought is motivated by your unconscious at some level. In order to live in a civilized society, you have a tendency to hold back our urges and repress our impulses. However, these urges and impulses must be released in some way; they have a way of coming to the surface in disguised forms. This is indeed true statement and such urge takes place and is crystallized in the human life and way of life in and thru different means and methods although Frued suggests one possible way such as is the dream; while others suggest is thinking or developing ideology in way that given ideology transforms the life of human society at large.

And people develop various methods in life in order to at arrive at the point of truth since urge is most cases is connected to the possible quest people have in life, which  is not only business and an aspect of regular and daily routines of life, but also a reality of life anyone who lives in whichever part of this world shares something in life, the quest which leads to finding and looking into possible answers to the quest people have in life. Quest is not something that can be answered by formulating laws and policies, telling people be like this or that, to behave or not, and the like. Such way of answering people quest leads to another valley of quest, which is the human factor, the rebellion.

In this case, people live by two human factors in which the insane personality of peoples thinking ask for more as the normal one tries to balance and get fit into the system and way of life people adhere. People are somehow live under pressure when they do not find answers to the quest they have in life and they find their own way of life as the stronger quest insist the normal personality and people enter into new valley and way of life. In this case, it is natural to accept that people deviate from the way of life which they belong since there is strong urge that come within and such urge forces them to seek another and better way of life.

Being rebellion in such aspect is found as good answer until the best answer is yet to come since force and pressure cannot let such people to set back and come back to the way of life before, but rather, it gives them a chance to look other possibilities and ways of life, one is to seek and invent for their own and by their own. This world is vast enough to accommodate everyone in one’s own way. The point is to open up one’s eye and mind for better and best, which is still relative and contextual.  As one goes further far beyond what is on before, better thinking, better truth and better people are found which makes one’s life more enjoyable, practical and realistic than ever.

When people presume something in relation to the idea of abstract realities, such assumption could be true or false, since they are not proven due to the limitation of what people can think and objectify as true on what they presume. There are basically two types of knowledge that can be derived; the first one is objectified and the other is subjective. On deriving the subjective knowledge, people use their own sense and other means and way of life so as to find the truth.

One way of deriving knowledge and reaching to the point of truth is on what people think and such thinking could have its own structure in any given society and it gets crystallized in the daily routines and way of life. Although there are various thinking people could develop thru the process of life, there are certain agents of life which are identified to date and societies practice and follow such given thinking according to the tastes and capacities which they can undertake and they practice in their life.

In this case, it is obvious that people join a particular way of life and they adhere to the philosophy and doctrine of such way of life. Joining such way of life or philposhpy does not mean that one has obtained the absolute truth one should seek in life. However, what all ways of life—be it political or religious— tell one aspect and way of life in which they give clue to something higher and better since they are beginning of journey of life which people undertake and they cannot be fulfillment and accomplishments of way of life people should have in life. Thus, they have their own doctrine and dogmas and when one like them, one join; whereas one does not like, one deviates which is normal human activity.

All ways of life are disseminated in great by one big factor, which is reproduction. Sex has helped them in the continuation of their given cause. People give birth to children in order to multiply their beliefs and ideology. Reproductions serve such people with the intention of expanding their given ideology. Such way of life is considered as normal practice although various and other kinds of justifications are delivered, but people have promulgated their religion or whatever ideology they have in life by mean of reproduction. Man and woman serve as bringing a generation that can promote past cause and ideology to the present and the future which most are successful in doing that, and they justify on what they do under or over blanket,  be it midnight or mid day, with the intention of justifying as means of promulgating on what their given cause tells.

Khalil Gibran in his write up, entitled, the Prophet—On Children—said, And a woman who held a babe against her bosom said, “Speak to us of Children.” And he said:  Your children are not your children.  They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. They come through you but not from you,  And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you. You may give them your love but not your thoughts.  For they have their-own thoughts.

And one is wondering on life in which there are people who think that they get married to give an offspring’s’ that could raise the name of God than their name in which such philosophical thinking are result of such write up and thinking in which such parents claim that the children belong to God, not to them. And how far such thinking is true and is realistic is another story, but what reality tells and experience is different in which most people suffer due to the fact their children are going in way contrary to their wishes and thinking. Is this true reality, and how far?

In fact, in one aspect, we live in world where children are called by their parents name, but they could in case forget their parents name and realities of their father, as  they reach maturity, forget about remembering God which they do not know,  and parents subsidize their children until they reach to maturity in one segment of society, but in another part and segment of societies parents subsidize their children until they die or they are at age 60 since such aspect of life depend on what type of societies people live and thinking is dependent upon how society is structured and social realities of life are formulated.

One of the methods of life which induce such way of thinking to people’s way of life and thinking is religion. Religion is a knowledge based on set of assumptions. Religion is a way of life that develop thru time by delivering different kinds of philosophical thinking and way of life. In fact, there are practical thinking that are of benefit to people and society as there are fictitious and novelistic thinking which are enveloped under the cover such as, blind faith, hope, promise and the like. It gives unending hope and promises which cannot be fulfilled at any point, but it fouls its followers under many excuses, such as it is mysterious reality, it is not possible to understand by now, we have limited understanding to g rasp this and that  and the like, which are fake and wrong.

A friend of mine once shared which one agrees with that given person view in this regard, he said, those who advocate and follow any kind of religion are selfish, wicked and the like type of people who give priority to their personal and carnal desire, but which are justified as spiritual aspect, and one look back as to one’s experience in past, it is true. One was living a life which was fake and wrong, although it was useful to certain aspect and experience since one had passed in the twenties as using it as cave and hiding oneself, but as one goes further and look into searching eye for reality and truth, it is indeed deceiving and lying oneself for nothing,

Religion is becoming more synthetic in which one way is made upon others and they justify their given claim by the plastic surgeries they make on themselves.  The concept and idea of religions that come afterwards are more of repetitions in which the claims they do are artificial and they make their own judgments based on doing careful researches on what others lack. It is business and market oriented aspect of way of life, and people take one way of life since it satisfies their egoistic thinking and aspiration and ambition in life.

It is quite appropriate to share someone’s experience in terms of religion which I found I my face book account. It goes like this,…  every time I ask a theist if God exists why do millions of innocent children in third world countries die of starvation and war every year, they respond by saying that it is all a part of God’s plan. Which is why I hate religion. How can you fix your mind to JUSTIFY the deaths of millions of children? Religious people are truly messed up in the head… And one wonders in here as to what does it mean by God’s plan, how can such people tell the plan of God  as they tell in another aspect is that God is unknowable, this is quite funny and strange.

Knowledge, experience, assumptions, beliefs, intuition and other facets of life are means and sources of knowledge and life. When such means and sources of knowledge and life are integrated and combined, they make sense and give useful perspective and dimension on the way of life people do in life. When people forget to combine and integrate all means and sources of knowledge, they get useful dimensions and they take advantage of what life is going to bestow. It is good to have best things than better and good.

Immanuel Kant said, in his work, The Critique of Reason state,  t hat all our knowledge begins with experience there can be no doubt. This is true. Experience is the best source of knowledge since it is objective and true. One’s experience with followers of certain religious people one face in life is a good indicator and experience on the knowledge of the matter one used to practice and experience. They are tricked and there is no such good things and holistic result and fruits one could expect from tricked people.  A  tricked matter produce a tricked and tricky people.

Life is mystery when there is no tricky aspects in which when people are tricked, in which trick is one of the becoming nature and character of every religion, the whole world lives in such theatrical and dramatic way of life, life becomes displeasing or the claims which most do, I am m content, calm, happy, while residing in such given realm is tantamount to joy and pleasure others obtain in taking opium’s and drugs since it delivers temporary contentment and calmness and joy. In fact, Karl Marx said, religion is the provider of illusory happiness as people observe on what is going on the planet and is the becoming reality and aspect of such way of life.

In another aspect, the source of religion is the eastern block and par of this world which it is more of cultural, tradition and way of life to such people which are accepted by others and acceptance and agreement does not comply to the truth. If  people of the world agree on the concept and reality of God, this does not mean that their agreement is not warranty to the truth and reality of God since it is not possible to think and agree on matter which is unknowable essence although it is possible to think and agree.

The beginning of ignorance is to agree on matters and realties on people cannot and do not know and tell the size, color, height, width and other aspect of such unknowable aspects of realities of life such as the idea and reality of God. When people agree on such given aspect of life, it tells who they are than what that given matter is. Other aspects and thoughts that are derived from such conception are misconceptions and misunderstanding and misinterpretations and consequences of such aspect of life. When ignorance become a king of such aspect and way of life, it is not possible to tell who is normal and abnormal since the basis is wrong and fake realities of life. And it is not possible to agree and unite such people, but contradiction and conflicts are the fate of such way of life since the root cause is ignorance.

When there is knowledge, there is clarity and harmony since it is not possible to contradict while there is true knowledge. Knowledge is light that is casted up on those who are enlightened. There is no confusion in the city of knowledge since guidance lives in the valley of knowledge. Knowledge is the basis of unity and greatness since it is knowledge that re- creates this world; it is knowledge that re-creates the human frame into better and nicer way of life than ever. Knowledge cannot be derived out of speculations and assumptions and thus those knowledge that are derived out of speculations make their adherents to live with suspicions and ignorance; those knowledge that are derive out of true and useful basis make their adherents live with freedom, confidence and brilliance.


The Journey in Life

November 24, 2014

They call the journey of life which people make in organized way of life, as an ark or arc of salvation and people develop certain pattern and life style in thinking and belief in life and they could follow particular doctrines and dogmas which they call principles or way of life and people abide by such given ways of life and they shape their own reality accordingly. In such way, people are categorized under certain classifications since they think, believe and practice in similar and closer way and manner. They live and reside under one ship, and they could be considered as passengers of such ship since they start and end their journey in one way.

When people start their journey on the water, such as sea, or ocean using one means of transportation, such as the ship, they have different circumstances that they could face before they complete their travel as they can accomplish their journey in peaceful and calm manner. When there is no difficult on the journey, they complete such process without many trials except getting tired since it is something else that consume certain amount of energy. Or else, they face difficulty, their journey get aborted and they are forced to accept certain tests an difficulties in life and they should know and experience certain processes of life before they complete their journey and they start the next chapter of their life once they are done with current trials and difficulties of life since life is continuous process and unending journey until the last point happen, which is departing from this world.

Everything in this world needs conviction and faith before it gets achieved and there is no need to go to any church or follow any particular religion or believe or think about God in order to have conviction or faith in something since it is experience and knowledge that has an ability to bring or produce certain amount of conviction or faith to do something. In this case, people could have faith while believing and practicing the idea of God as there are people who have acquired faith without such applications and methods in life. Faith or convictions is contextual and mysterious realities of human life and none has the right to develop certain recipe since it is very subjective, contextual and relative aspect of life on the earth.

If there are people who think regarding a problem they face 100 years ago could be solved by similar method by now, by buying the idea of God, at the same time, they claim that God is unknowable essence, they live in here fouling themselves since, in one aspect, they think God is unknowable, but, in another aspect, they tell that they have similar faith like those who live 100 year ago, which make God, knowable essence, by limited beings like them. Here such people live in confusion and frustration since the root cause lies in their thinking which is found in their minds. In order to solve such problem, they should remove their thinking before the blame shift goes to others. They say, when you do not like something, change it; if you cannot change it, change the way you think about it.

Every problem has any given solution. However, it is quite strange to think that a particular problem which any given society face and a particular solution which that given society deliver in order to solve that particular problem, and if same problem arise but to a different society or to that given society after a later time, it is not possible to provide similar solutions since time is one factor, type and nature and character of societies is another factor and thus people should develop their own mechanism according to the time, nature and character of society so that similar problems could have different solutions, which vary according to the nature, character and time of interaction and communication which any given problem with the society it interacts.

When people face certain difficulties in life, it is obvious that they ask help from the power on High, which they call, God since they think that God could help them out from complicated problems and difficulties of life. This is like a ship that faces certain difficulties while travelling on water, be it sea or ocean. This mainly depends upon the external and internal factors since the journey of life is similar unto the journey people make on water. The ship in most cases is mentioned as ark of salvation of life since there is no other way and means by which people can travel and complete their journey with peace and safety once they are in the water.

However, the ship could face different circumstances such as disturbances within and outside the ship and it could be stranded in the middle of nowhere when catastrophe hit on it. In this case, there are different possibilities people can do in order to save the life of the passengers in the ship since there various kinds of mechanism people have developed to date on the life saving projects and techniques before the worse is come and the passengers are told and informed of such give aspects once they are on the ship.

The internal factor on the side of the ship is engine failure and other technical and mechanical aspects of the ship that could possibly put the life of the ship on danger on danger in which such given ship could fail when the ship by itself is not functioning well or the captains of the ship are not feeling well or somehow failed to manage the health and safety of the ship. The external factors that can happen or harm the journey the ship is having are due to natural catastrophes and disasters such as the hurricanes and storms that could jeopardize the passage of the ship. Both are inevitable realities that happen.

The idea of the professor and the layman case, for example, come in here on what type of knowledge and skill people should acquire in life in which whatever type of schooling or educational environments people are shaped in and passing thru, such knowledge and skill should help them in having the right grasp and understanding about their life, other peoples’ lives, the surrounding environment and the world at large, and it should alert them on what is going on so that they can have a good life which is void of disappointment and dissatisfaction. This makes them very human.

The professor and the layman were riding on boat together. The professor is well versed on the length, width, color and type and number of fishes that reside within the ocean, where as the layman has no clue of such information regarding the ocean. And natural disaster come on and they do not know what to do, and the information which the professor has regarding that given ocean could not help since such knowledge are important for workshops, conferences and lecturing to university professors, politicians and other prominent leaders in the world; whereas the simple skill that the layman has at that given disastrous point save one’s life since the layman know how to swim whereas the professor is well versed in all aspects of the ocean, but could not even tell and know how to swim.

Life in this world is about knowing the relevant knowledge and applying it to the relevant place and environment in which whatever information people could possess and acquire, when that given knowledge does not help them fix the particular or crucial problems they face in life, the prestige and other achievements people possess is futile. If a man has trillion dollars at the age 70, it is not as worth as the man possesses 200,000 dollars in the early 30’s since the 200,000 dollars in age 30 is worthier than the trillion dollars in the age 70 due to the fact that one can do something at early age.

Whatever things people face in life, tolerance and forbearance, understanding and interpretation, faith and hope, truth and justice are interrelated and interconnected human elements of life, people communicate and interact with other people in relation to the amount and nature of situations they face. Tolerance 100 years ago and tolerance by now are not different, but what could vary in here is the nature, color and magnitude of tolerance which vary according to situations people are in and passing thru. In complicated and sophisticated situations, the amount of tolerance people should have is not similar and equal to the amount of tolerance people require while they live in simple societies and situations.

In this case, a layman could have better grasp and wise solutions in life and way of life when any given danger and problems one face in life and a person who is in age 30 could have better and reliable solution to a person who is in age 70 since life in case is not about age and achievement, but also about certain practical experiences and exposures of life which people experience and face in life. Hence, life becomes more of experience oriented which is connected to the amount of ins and puts people have in life than numbers, years and amount of money which they count since experience is the best advisor and teacher of one’s life than what other people could deliver and tell in one’s life.

Wisdom has no direction, location, culture, color or age and it is subjective and contextual realities of life. Tolerance and forbearance has no ethnicity and race since they are reflected based on type of situations and conditions of life which people face in life. Understanding is a gift everyone undertakes which is mainly dependent upon experiences, exposures, education or training, tradition and culture, custom and habit and other aspects of human life. In all these aspects, people live by choices, efforts, opportunities and decisions they make in life and they shape their own reality and matter accordingly.

Structured Vs Spontaneous

November 19, 2014

Soccer game is one of the structure games that require spontaneous feelings and emotions from people. It is one of the interesting games which take rapt attention from the public at large since it is not only game, but also is an industry and series business which people make their life and their living. It is one of the phenomenon worlds which give a different flavor and color to the world at large.  Soccer is beauty.

When two teams meet on a soccer game at a friendly soccer match and at a real soccer competitions games which one should make a point, the type and color of such given competition vary as per the nature of the game, friendly or real competition, in which such teams show and manifest their group efforts coordination in way the nature and character of competition that really dictate. In this case, such teams act according to the nature of the competition. Teams fight in order to take the trophy when the real competition is on, but teams just play when the friendly match is going on stage.

In both soccer games, the number of players, coaches, referees and all kinds of arrangements are similar but the spirit and motto of the game differs and teams play accordingly. They just do the game since they should in both cases, but the thinking and motive and way they do things vary since the drama behind such games is different; the first one is, friendly soccer, is to get prepared for the real soccer matches team face, so as to enable them take trophy, but on the real competition field, there is no such game, but the real fight is on stage since teams here do not play for this  is game, but it is because it is  business and they should do the right thing on the field, to win and make business since the purpose of organizing and building such  team is to win the trophy.

Life is like that and people act and behave with other people according to the nature and character of such people in which one interacts and communicate with others based on the tones, steps, looks, perceptions, understanding, interpretations, and other given aspects of such peoples’ lives and conditions. One listens and understands people with careful observation and understandings, and one act accordingly. With those who have good on oneself, one give them back same, but with those who try to sabotage and conspire and complicate, one walks with care and tact and stays away from such people and when such people come up with a deal, which is of course bad deal, one makes no deal since it is wise to have no deal than have bad deal.

While such theatrical drama of life is going on, one wonders as to how far people can go with people in terms of doing good and bad things towards each other in which there are people who do good to one extreme as there are other people who do worst on others to the other extreme, which is in fact, goodness and badness are subjective and relative aspects of the human conditions and life. Hence, people are forced to live with precaution while interacting with others, as they say, make my enemies closer, but my friends close, with intention of separating and sorting out peoples intention and move on others in which such saying and thinking works true to those people who are engaged in the field of politics and leadership, since such people are in most cases surrounded and enticed by many people and they could not tell who is their friend or enemy while they undertake their daily business and jobs.

In such process of life, people are forced to accept and undertake two different ways and processes of life; one is organized way of life and the other one is spontaneous way of life and they perform things accordingly. Both are not free from errors and failures, but everyone faces such given aspect of life out of daily actions and reactions and transactions people are having with other people. People live and die out of two conditions as well since they know they are going to die out of sickness and illnesses and they die out of accidental and spontaneous reasons and causes.

Accordingly, there are two kinds and ways of making sure that things occur on peoples’ lives on our living world. The first one is positive ways and checks in which people, society, individuals and institutions do things in organized manner such as they plan, implement, follow up, adjust their plan, and do things in such vicious and continuous circles and ways of life; the other one is the negative checks in which such things happen outside peoples thinking and beyond the conception of anyone and people are forced to accept and abide on what happen since they have no choice and other alternatives, except accepting on what happen and adjusting their thinking and plan on what happen.

One example on the negative checks that exist on this living world, taking the big scenario and picture of life, is the Thomas Malthus theory of population in which there are two different checks that exist in such given theory, which are related to the limitation of population, in which people die of natural and other catastrophic conditions as way of limiting population growth, which is connected to the negative  and the other one is the usage and implementation of birth control plans such as the use of contraceptives and other birth control pills, which is related to the positive checks.

This world is going on, one on the plans and organized way of life it tries to undertake, and the other is it is forced to accept unplanned and unseen circumstance that visit this life on the earth in which there are other factors that try to create some sort of balance and norm in this world, no matter how ill or negative perceptions and understandings people could deliver on such processes of life such as the case of famine and illness that has an impact on population reduction is inevitable e and true, although there are other segments of people who try to be positive but unrealistic in this case and regards. Truth cannot make everyone comfortable since it is very hard to accept it in certain cases due to attachments and comforts many people are having in this world. And organized way of life is not warranty for any people to have truthful and secured way of life though it helps and is useful to have it.

As such given theater of life is going on, people continue living and life continues on the earth, no matter wide differences and contradictory thinking and understanding and perceptions on life people have on the earth, one live with others as tolerance and understanding is one aspect, but survival of the fittest is another aspect of life on the earth. Both conditions and aspect of life are going on and one segment of people claim there is no free lunch but others deliver free lunch. The way forward is clear and going on as past is responsible for present failures and successes, but also to the future prospects and threats as well.  This is part of life.

Dream is Objective

November 17, 2014

A singer says, when woman loves, she loves for real. They also say, when a man loves a woman, he gives his back to his friends. Love is an interesting human nature and reality and manifestation of abstract reality to something tangible and sensible in this objective plane of human existence. One of the experiences that tell to any human experience is to at least be in affection to opposite sex once in a life time, they say, which is true. This makes everyone human. As such abstract realties have ways and application of translation to this world, there are other mysterious realities and worlds that do visit and come to one’s being and such realities have their own way and methods of objectification to this world. Part of such human experience of life and world is the dream world.

Dream is an actual reality that exist in the unknown plane of existence; it is an abstract and objective phenomenon world that exist in anyone’s being, whose reality and dramas of life is entertained in one’s passive state of being while the other reality and nature is active, in which such paradoxical aspect and nature of human reality is reflected and manifested, in which it tells the unknown, undiscovered and mysterious realities of life that exist in both objective and abstract world and connects such realities and activities of life to daily routines and regular activity of human life. Dream combines both abstract and objective world together.

And one sees the hidden and unknown aspects and activities of life in the dream world in which it begins and finishes many things that do exist on the objective world. One starts something in the objective world, and continues and completes what one has already started on this plane of existence in the dream world. In the world of dream, many complicated things become simpler; problems are resolved; hidden things are found out and other difficult matters and aspects of life become easier. Dream is powerful tool that help the human activities to be nicer and simpler since people find out many things in the dream world since one of the natural characteristics of this world is hidden.

When one thinks and believes that dream has something to tell, this is derived not from the weakness and shortcoming point of view or being desperate in life, but rather from the desire and inclination of telling and knowing mysteries and secrets of life in which dream is part and parcel of sense organs anyone carry in one’s world and in one’s communication. This is just like people sharing experiences on what they see and hear things on this objective plane of existence, by the solid eyes and ears they carry on their physical being and the same is true in the dream world. And likeminded people interact and communicate with likeminded people too.

One share one’s certain experiences of such life since one believes and thinks that dream has something to tell. Although such practice and experience of life in past has been known by others in different scenario such as those who see truthful dreams are spiritual or religious or saints, this is practiced in here from not the point of claiming any particular station and position in the spiritual or religious realm, but one shares one’s experience since dream is just rudimentary human reality which cannot be touched, and seen by objective means and methods, but it is what people can sense and feel since it is different but ordinary human reality and nature.

As there are things which should not be shared since they are just obvious matters and few people could choose to mute such experiences of life and silence is the core aspect of their existence; however, there are other people who like talking and sharing such given experience of life. People communicate and interact since communication an interaction between people of same frequency is natural and thus, people speak, talk, hear, and listen people due to the fact that such experience of life is part of human activity and human reality and there is no wrong and bad in sharing such practices since people like to do it.

This does not mean that one waits for everything until any given dream to happen before one activates or enters into action and reactions of this world, which make such human reality to be dependent and slave of such realities of life, the dream; but not. One uses such powerful tool to those aspects of peoples life in which one cannot find any give solution or anything to tell about a particular matter, it is just automatic nature and human reality, the question and answer thing is found in the dream world since such difficulties and complications of life could not be resolved by daily interaction and communications with people around and other aspects of one’s life. This is very true and useful experience of one’s life. And this happens true in one’s life.

Knowing certain thing ahead of time could not prevent such things to happen, but one could do preventive and corrective things before they happen, if possible, if such happenings are not beyond the capacity of one’s being. For example, there could be military officials or government authorities or military personnel who think to throw another person whom they hate from an aero plane or helicopter, top of any given building complex  so that the man they hate could die of in horrific condition or manner; and this person could see this experience in one’s dream, but the power and authority belongs to such people and they could do it since they can and they have the authority to abuse their responsibility, but what one can do in here is to inform other people or those who are related to such act and other authorities for follow up. Although the cost of the pilot, fuel and other public costs are still under question they play with public funds like this and this tells who they are . But, dream tells something.

People do good things towards other people for many reasons as they do bad things on others for different and several reasons too. This depends on the magnitude and type of relationship people establish with each other and the type of motive they have in life and with other people. In such process of life, there are forced and mandatory reasons on such given undertaking as there are also voluntarily conditions that force people to do good and bad things on others. The good thing is that people receive the consequences of their thinking and act on others accordingly.

When people lack such experience of life in their human reality, they lack one thing such as they say, when person cannot see, one is called as blind; when a person lacks hearing, one is known as deaf; and when a person lacks the faculty of dream, one misses, lacks and loses something in one’s human reality of life and thus on should be aware that such reality should visit and come to one’s life, not from the point view of being spiritual, saintly or holly or religious, but such human aspect is universal reality as everyone possesses the eye, ear, tongue and the like.

An experience of any given dream comes to one’s being not by chance or luck, but it is way of life and processes where by people acquire at any given age since they pass in certain hurdles of life. When life becomes smooth, there is no point that one is attracted to the dream world. Most people who see and face such experiences of life are in most cases when they pass thru hurdles and difficult conditions of life. When people make hard choice in life, they are attracted to such world as part of one’s experience of life, and those people who are heard of such experiences of life are in most cases those people who live in the city and valley of difficulties and trials of life and as the magnitude of tests and difficulties of life become stronger, the refinement and accuracy of the dream is directly related to such clarity.

The good thing in the dream experience, for example, is that it is also possible to know what other people think and feel towards oneself, and thus, one make one’s own decision based on such predetermined and pre-knowledge as far as those people whom think good or bad about oneself, which is known and judged by their actual contribution towards the success and good of oneself in the objective world regular activities and interaction of life in which such information is measured and finally decided not as the dream tells, but it raw date and further processed on actual and objective terms, and people make decisions on other people based on the information one receive from the dream world. Dream is an objective world and it gives clue to the future and hidden realities of life, and based on such experience, one makes decision in one’s life.

Relativity and Subjectivity

November 10, 2014

This morning while I was heading to the office, I have seen the moon on sky while the sun is loud out and people do receive the huge heat and light of the sun. Most do not even notice that moon exist on the sky since the sun is seen out and none bothers about such existence of the moon due to the fact that everyone is influenced and affected by the great source of heat and light, the sun. And this could have its own interpretation and understanding in human life on factors that contribute on both the sun and the moon to exist on same plane and geographical zone, although there are certain mysteries that could be connected in life.

If it was in darkness, everyone could notice the moon on sky since there is no other choice, but there was no such circumstances that could make most people see and observe that the moon is on the sky since the sun is very loud out on the sky.  Accordingly, few things become hot issue on this world when there are no such great things that hit everyone’s mind and such irrelevant things could be consider as relevant and they could be considered as big issue. Although the motive behind such given drama is still a question; there are always certain things that are considered as something, even if they do not even worth, but they somehow take shape and form in this world.

In world where there is no such activities going on and small or trivial activity could be considered as giant and something important since there is no life or any given activity such society is having. And thus people are stuck in the middle of nowhere since they could not know or tell what to do due to lack of experiences and exposures the face in life. In whichever society people live, it is quite the mindset and the thinking that governs the human environment and any given matter that is considered as life and death thing for one society could be the most irrelevant and the least priority thing for other societies and communities. In such cases, the efforts or conspiracies people should be involved could be vast enough since the drama of making certain things as least priority for one segment, but as top priority for others create by its very nature a vast field of gambling and corruptions.

Where there are biggest and largest events going on, the big and bigger ones are swallowed  by them and they are oppressed since the best t always suppress the better and the good ones as the worst is always and by far worse than the bad and the worse too. This is true in everywhere in which people live by preference and they get along with the best ones than the better and good ones due to the fact that everyone likes to have best life. When people choose to be alone as best way of life, this by itself is a preference since loneliness for such people is best, but to be with those people whom they like to be with could be good and better.

The ideas of subjectivity and relativity is important to note in which most of the things people notice and know are subjective and relative since such things are considered as something due to the fact people have compared them from other things which they know and experience in life.  Otherwise, such things are not something. Everything in this world which are created by the artificial intelligence are subjected to perish or reborn since the need revision and reconsideration thru the passages of time, except the nature since nature is something that governs the human environment although few things are possible to control, but it is not possible to control or reverse the nature. Can anyone stop the sun from giving its light?

Even though it is possible not to receive the heat and the light from the sun, by building homes and houses and installing air-conditioning system with that given complex, it is not possible to stop the sun from giving its light whatever sophistication and complex mechanism and scientific human thinking is employed in the human world, nature is still going on as the human mind still continue, in certain cases, to replace nature and the desire and ambition of controlling the entire nature is going on, there are still certain dramas and theater of nature that could reverse what the human mind has create to date.

For example, the hurricane America faces in every year is one good indication to the way Americans think and have life in those hurricane oriented places in which such people are asked to think that there are certain matters and things which they can know, but they cannot do anything to stop them since they are natural to happen, such certain things do happen due to geographical and other environmental conditions of such places which nature has to deliver. Can they stop earthquake, thunderstorms, hurricanes, and so on? Although it is possible to know such things ahead of time, it is not possible to stop certain natural aspects and realities of life, in both good and bad conditions of life.

Another instance in here on could be considered as someone important for one segment of society, but this same person could be considered as non-important in another society since they value that person based on their own touchstone. Such degree and relevance is something related to what that person contribute in which a given person could be considered as best person for one society is dependent upon the degree of one’s contribution in the advancements of that society. Both societies could be correct since they judge that person based on the contribution that given person is having and thus, there is no point in here that such given societies should quarrel since they judge that person based on the contribution one makes; however, if there is a contradiction beyond that, it is something else since another investigation should be made further so that e truth should be out to the public at large.

The idea of being relative and subjective is done based on the context of that given person thinking in relation to the society undertaking on how that given person thinking benefits, in which any given thinking could be important to one society as it could be something irrelevant to the other, and thru the passage and process of time, the irrelevant thinking could be found relevant on the passage of time. Few people are fast in receptivity and other people are slow, this depends on the receptivity factor, on how a given people and society perceive such thinking, the way they understand and interpret realities of life and other factors.

On the receptivity factor, society background is important such as culture, politics, habit and custom, language and tradition and other related matters are something important and contributing factors. People in most case are change resistant in which change is not something that comes on the table by chance or ease; it needs sacrifice and determination, courage and detachment, faith and conviction, and as people pass on ever valley and cit of change, receptivity is something that surely comes as far as that given thinking has something to contribute to one person, group of people, nation and societies and to  the world at large depending on the magnitude of such thinking.

Conditional and Non-Conditional

November 7, 2014

A day is a day whatever name, title or number is assigned and whatever designation and color is given to any given day, such assignment and designations cannot change certain fundamental aspect of the day which is the sun, the light or the heat in which such assignments and designation cannot reduce the intensity of heat, the amount of light and other natural aspects of that given day. And there are other aspects of the human life in which there are certain colors and flavors delivered to the many aspect of the human conditions, but they do not have an effect and an impact on the nature and significant aspect of any given undertaking since such undertakings do naturally happen when such possible human interferences could be there in.

Basically, there are fundamental realities of the human life which do happen on this plane of existence since they are natural and they are obvious ones. Growth is one human condition and reality; death is another aspect which none can avoid. Such realities are not conditioned by any human way of life, but by nature since they are natural to happen. There are also other aspects and fundamental verities of the human life in which such realities do visit people life by people’s choices and efforts in which people do make certain efforts in life and they happen to be someone and something in life. The profession people acquire, the wealth they accumulate and other aspects of the human life are mainly conditioned upon efforts and choices people make in life.

In such process of life, people make their own decision and choices based on the type of preference they have in life and circumstance the face, and people shape their reality and fate base on such choice and efforts they do in life. Although it is very hard to claim that there is the so called predestined reality which they claim, in which such predestined reality is something that can be known out of efforts and choices people make in life, it is formidable to trust that people find out their predestined reality by the choices and efforts they make in life since it is hard to trust such claim and it is one of the sophistry claims one ever heard in life.

One reason in here is that people make their choice and efforts not on what they know, but on what they do not know, but on what they like and aspire to be, this should be basically underlined otherwise it is futile game and sheet business one make in one’s life. One does not make any effort on what one already know and where one is going to end up since this makes life to be more of game thing or movie thing than an objective reality which people should seek in life. If one knows where to end up, life would be boring and disinteresting since one of the good things people have on this plane of existence is not about knowing beforehand the end of everything and where and how they end up before the natural death occurs in their life.

For example, if one knows that one is going to be an engineer, and to be an engineer is predestined reality of one’s life, such given aspect of life could lead oneself to make no efforts and choices on the opportunities that do come to one’s life since one has already marked lines and boundaries in life in a world of plenty of choices and opportunities that could lead oneself to be engaged in another field such thinking could lead such people to wrong ends as they wait until they become an engineer if the winds of opportunities do not allow them to be an engineer, which is one of the challenges people face.

If people make efforts and choices on any give undertaking to be an engineer, such as going to the university, choosing engineering as field of study, working hard to be an engineer and passing those given exams, working and getting employed as an engineer, and the like, there is no point that such people are already predestined to be an engineer since such undertaking is not known by such given way of life, but rather it is something which people govern as part of their reality by the daily choices and efforts they make in life. It is not possible to claim in here that such people are predestined to be an engineer although it is possible to think, but it is appropriate to think and state that such people choose to be an engineer.

This does not mean that there are things and circumstance that visit peoples life out of their plan and out of their given thinking and imagination, which they call expectations, in which expectation is one of the spices of life. There are certain experiences of life which do happen in cases contrary to what people plan and think and there are occasions and conditions that could surprise other people as result of such occurrences of life. People get excited as things go beyond their expectations in good way as others get depressed since things happen beyond their expectations and plans in bad, but unexpected way. These are obvious aspects of human life which should not surprise anyone at this given point of life since they become normal conditions of life in everywhere.

There are quite few people who are not surprised by both conditions of life since they have already acquired a mindset in which they face both good and bad conditions of life thru the experiences and exposures they have already acquired in life; they have already designed a mindset not get surprised since such realities and occurrence of life are obvious things that visit everyone’s life, but the point could be they do not know who is going to give them good or bad surprises, the time and places in which such happenings occur as the right time comes, which one is pretty much aware.

If everything happens in what people plan and think, the idea and question of freewill will be under danger and there is no need to have freedom and freewill and people will be automatic machine and everyone thinks in machine way than the human way. The good and the bad, expected and unexpected and other aspects of such life in which when things do happen and come contrary to what people think and imagine, it gives a chance so that people are forced to think and plan in very organized and systematic way. This is the point of being human in which planning ahead of time in multiple way and method, the idea of backup plan will be onstage than people get stick to one method and way of life and thus, change and accepting any kind of change in life will be inescapable reality of every human being activity and life.

For instance, there is no need to make any given research activity to state regarding on the destiny of candle since it is already known and objectively tested that the candle will be consumed and gone after it gives light since the purpose and intention why any given candle is made is already known and clear by the one who makes it and by the one who use it and there is no point of formulating any given recipe for such object. The candle has no free will, cannot talk, cannot read and the like. However, when such reality get into the human aspect, unless and otherwise, the one who make the human frame, the nature, tells such thing, it is not possible to tell the destiny of the human frame base on personal and individual experiences and exposures of people experience in life, since it is not possible to know the fate of every human being ahead of time.

Although various people make all kinds of dramatic and theatrical experiences and research  activities on such arena of human life, with the desire to know the future and nature, their research and idea are still incomplete and inaccurate for many reason since they make superficial activities and fake realities of life, especially with the desire and intention of claiming and justifying beliefs and ideologies within their own domain and respective way of life which they think true, with the intention of legitimizing and justifying the correctness of their belief system and what they believe and think is true and holistic. Thus, such people are impartial, unjust and unrealistic since the motive behind such drama and acrobatic theater is fake, unending and wrong.

When they fail to achieve and obtain the desired result on the individuals which they make their own research activity, they start blaming other people, they point fingers on others than they see their inward realities and the touchstones they have used, which are imperfect, untrue and fake. Ever standard in this world is not perfect and complete, when things contrary to what he standards claim do happen, but true aspect and thing happens, it is the standard that should be revised and blamed than the truthful reality wince truthful things cannot be justified and measure by false standard and inaccurate touchstones. This is very obvious.

Falsehood cannot be truthful even if professionals and experts, wealth and ignorance, and the like are assembled and gathered since the false which they assume as truth will consume at last since the power of truth will at last have power over everything on the earth and that is why they say, the truth shall set you free, but not your prestige, achievements, wealth, social status and the like. It is not what you achieve matters, but how far one is truthful in one’s life that truly determine one’s reality, the more people are close to the truth, the better they are achieved; the less close people are to the truth, the lees achieved such people are since we live in world where trick and trickery is considered as normal condition and way of life.

While living in such theatrical world, it is pointless to be tricky and falsehood, but it is wise to be tricky and truthful as well since in tricks both falsehood and truthful conditions of life exist, but this depends on how people use, on how they go about on certain way of life as they say, even truth is harmful when it is placed in wrong places and conditions of life. Wisdom and tact are subjective and relative aspects of human life in which people should know what to talk, whom to talk, when to talk and the like, which are not discussed in any book, but such way of life requires sound judgment and maturity in the grasp people have on the process of life which they undertake.

This world has two great books; the first one is written and discovered; the other is not written and is not discovered. In the process of life, people govern secret and mysteries of life and existence, and thus, they write their own as they govern, in which those who take lesson from such people experience and exposures of life due to the fact that they have useful perspectives and mechanism of life that can be of benefit and advantage to others. This is done on voluntarily basis and people do partake of such peoples experience of life since they choose by their own, not by the pressure and stresses of what people put on others.

In this world, there are two processes of life; the first one is conditional in which certain things happen since they are conditioned upon other things as there are other things that do occur since they are not conditional and they happen since the must happen and none has control over. In such process of life, people vary from people, on how they understand and interpret such realities of life since they are conditioned upon experiences, exposures, culture, way of life, religion, politics, habit, and so on factors.

One thing for sure, the truth Is not conditional reality, it just happens, is natural and is something what people feel and sense where as tricks and falsehood are conditional and they are conditioned upon many things since they are failures and people are into them since they fail to achieve and do something in life and they justify by delivering fictitious analogies and they do all kinds of plastic surgeries of life with the intention of validating that their given claim is true and correct, but in reality, they are found fake and empty.

They say miracles have never been by their own; yes, they are!!

The Company in Loneliness

November 4, 2014

Last time I met someone and that someone was sharing certain experiences of one’s own life. The person was into someone as romantic relationship in past. They had broken up for some time. And the person knew that the relationship was not originally right. And later on, they met accidentally after they broke up, and one of them tried to insist the comeback project since the person was in desperate need of this person’s help and company. According to the person, the person informed and told to that one who was in desperate need of the company, since the person stated that one is living in the middle of the desert, alone and lowly, the other one replied, I will send you abundant water by camel. Meaning, the person does not want that person to die of thirsty or get hurt and at the same time, the person does not want to meet and see that person again. This is one scenario of most people’s life.

When people live in confused state of being of interaction and communication, it is better to stay away than insist for better closeness since confusion in terms of relationship is sign of illness and difficulties which people could face in life. Although illness can be cured, it needs to have its own proper medication and applications since unwise friendship could lead and end up in destruction and wrong and disappointing ends. And here are two possible methods, the first one is to diagnose with the right method, and the second is to remove such company. Few say, it is better to obtain the right and clear answer by departing and closing such chapter of life and start new one since the new and different one could offer better life and better way of life since they are new and different and one get lesson from past experience of life on what to talk, think, feel and do and do not. It is better to have nothing or no one in one’s life than live confused and frustrated way life while being next to someone as company or partner of life, who is means and source of confusion and contradiction.

Why do most people get into divorce? What is the root cause of most people into separation as they can get live closer or together? Is living together simple or difficult? Why? Why do most people in these days live or consider singlism as proper way of life than living with frustration by being couple? Why do most people prefer into self centered and ego centered way of life as if it is better and wise than being humble or selfless? Why do people prefer to be lonely than having company? In one’s case in here, one is very fine with one’s loneliness since such loneliness does not disturb and is not even confusing, but in fact becomes the cause and source of calmness in life.

And someone asked, are you married, I replied, no and the person asked, why, I replied, because I do not find it important and as priority in one’s life. That person replied, you must be self centered. I replied, yes I am selfish as other people too. Of course everyone is self centered and selfish. Even those who are married are self centered otherwise they could have married other people since they are emotionally centered and ego centered, they choose someone as their life partner. Although they pretend that they are not, but the driving factor for their engagement in marriage activity is that since they are self centered. Selfishness is natural aspect and it is obvious to those who are married or not, what could vary in here is the color and nature of selfishness.

One of the simple reasons why most people live into singular or lonely type and way of life is that their need and thinking is not compatible with other people. This is simple calculation and there is no need to develop theory or formulate religious doctrine for such given aspect and way of life. When one prefers to be alone, this does not mean that one end up in committing suicide. Such people prefer to be alone since they are happy to be with their own and by their own.  In fact when such people are into many people company and such company could disturb their privacy and taste of life, such company could lead them to end up in committing suicide since they are daily injected with vaccines of bad poisons or things which they do not like from such company.

Loneliness is better than bad company, and it is wise to be alone than have incompatible company and people into one’s life since life is not about being around people but being around people who think and behave in similar manner. In world where it is not possible to have the right company, prudent people employ their own mechanism. For example, one lives with many people in around. In terms of office related issues, one talks and have company with office people, when one wants to discus about soccer, one goes to the stadium and find likeminded people; and one likes to have few  glasses of beer, one goes to grocer to take few glasses of beers ad have one’s own company. And one knows whom to meet, what to talk, or not according to the nature and character of media and people whom one interacts and communicate. One make ones’ way of life in one’ own accent.

Most people suffer while they have wrong company since they do not know the nature and character of the company they are in. Money is the core and integral media of most people’s interactions and establishment of the company or circle of friendship although people could have similar background, profession, work status and the like, in which behind all company of people, money is hidden and money governs all kinds of interactions and communications. Money talks in all people tongue and money live in all people’s hearts without prejudice and discriminations. This is obvious.  Money buys all kinds of company in everywhere such as in grocer, stadium or wherever.

They say, loneliness is better rand wiser than evil company. This is very true. One had observed many people in having bad end since they do not enjoy their partners or friends ends company due to the fact that they could be surrounded by envious or jealous people and they do not even realize they are in such way of company. It is sometimes takes too long to identify or sort out that person next to you is jealous or envious against the achievement or personality one is possessed. The moment one governs and finds out that such people are doing for bad, it is too late to rectify and go back to the point. In such cases, people could end up in bad ends as they live cursing all kinds of people.

For instance, in one’ life experience, one has great tool to find out that one is bad or good, which is called the dream. In one’s dream one knows the bad the good, the truth and the false, past and future and the like. In a dream world, one knows the hidden and the things yet to come. Thus, one makes a pause and thinks and process and analyzes the dream and makes one’s own decision. One does not act as the dream tell, since the date one receives in the dream world is just raw data and one make one’ own decision based on one’s own state of being.  One could see one person in one’s dream as good in last year since that person was good, but in the current year, one could see in one’s dream bad things since people change in behavior. This is another scenario of people’s life.

Based on such way of life, one makes the necessary precaution in terms of one’s interaction with other people since most people are tricky in behavior and thinking and they do act contrary to what the inwardly think. According to the dreamful experience one has, peoples regular routine and thinking, and one’s own personal observation and thinking, one analyzes and makes one’s own decision. Thus, one make better decision since one has good experiences in making correct decisions with relation to people who to interact, what to talk or not and the like. This is good experience of one’s life.

One does not need to go to the shrines to make personal decision about whom to marry or not. This is one of the foolish and garbage ways of life. One marries other person since the other person is compatible in character and thinking and one can tolerate on the shortcoming of other person to be with.  Communication, interaction, getting close to with each other and other useful mechanism are important than spying such people, complicating such people’s lives with noises and other unacceptable means and methods of life. This is not possible and is not possible to have marriage with using irrelevant and wrong mechanisms which other party does not like. This by itself is a failure at the beginning step, easy to tell that such mechanism do lead to wring end.

There are people who get into divorce at their day of marriage or on their wedding day, as there are people who stay longer years since they know how to handle with each other. It is possible to tell that relationships workout nice when they have no gaps, no noises and disturbances in between. When there is misunderstanding and misinterpretation, it is wise not to have it, but to look for others who can understand and interpret better. Otherwise, such people could end up living a life of explaining on why and what they do or think at every time, which sound up surd and tiresome activity.

Life is created to be simple than it get complicated. People make our life simple as the complicate. If someone goes to shrine in order pray to marry other people, the motive behind such drama is unclear and there are confusions and ambiguities which could get even worse as day goes by. The seed of suspicion grows faster than the seed of trust. It is possible to tell and it is prefer to have nothing than get wed into such people due to the fact that they already lack confidence and trust.

When people employ any kind of company with others, the first and primal criterion for such people to have is trust and confidence. When there is suspicion, the prayers they make, and other goings all around the bush are not effective and solutions since the motive behind such drama is remedied by wrong and inappropriate mechanism.