Ego and Reality

September 29, 2014

Death is the worst enemy of egoistic personalities and minds and the fear of death make such people to live fretful life since ego makes people to think that they are center of everything than they live at the corner side of life. Ego manifests in abundant such as in fame, rank, position, money and power with excessive emotional make ups and thinking. The easiest way to accommodate ego nicely is die before you die so that one cannot find death anymore; the fear of death cannot exist anymore since one is already dead in the psycho makeup.

Most people are egoistic since they neglect present, but they dwell in past or future although present conditions are equally important. Ego is mostly created with possessions, the thing you do, social status, knowledge and education, physical appearance, special talents, relationships, personal and family history, belief systems, and also with political, nationalistic, racial, religious, and other collective identifications. None of these is you. You create them and you can delete them since they are created out of choices and efforts people make in their daily routines and undertakings.

And any given person could change one’s title or name which one is identified from other objects or people. Changing one’s title or hiding one’s title cannot truly mean that one’s reality is changed. A person who has cancer cannot be cured or be free from such illness since one has changed one’s name or title. Although such title or name changes do have an impact on the person’s psycho and emotional make up of the individual, but they do not significantly change the height or color or facial stricture of that person since they are just a means of identifying an object, but they do not truly tell who that given person is since the person is very far and different from the title or the name one carries on.

However, ego truly describes a person’s reality than the name or title one carries since ego in most cases tell the reality of person due to the fact that it is inner and core aspect of one’s reality and it is not something that one can hide. Although it is possible to oppress ego, but it manifests itself in many aspects of one’s life since it is central and internal reality which springs from and within self. None cannot deny and reject such aspect of human reality.

Ego is derived out of different ways in which such development varies according to the nature and character of the process of life of that given individual. A person could derive certain egoistic attitude and thinking since one has excelled in certain profession, which they call achievement. A given person could be egoistic since that person has huge material accumulation, which they call wealth. Another person could be egoistic out of desire and ambition a given person does have. In all aspects, ego has its own character and manifestation.

When a person becomes egoistic, one tend to create different types of imaginative worlds and thinking and such thinking and worlds are translated to this objective world according to determination and capacity of that given person in which it requires wisdom and tact in its application. There are individuals who ruin in overnight what they have constructed for decades since they are egoistic and such egoistic thinking and emotions reflect in ambition as there are individuals who transform their reality into nobler ones since they are determined to do it. Ego plays significant role in creating one’s reality since one could easily be driven to go good or bad way, but it requires maturity.

Freedom and wealth require maturity on how to make use of them; ego requires same aspect and mechanism in making use of it in proper way. When any given thinking and ideology goes out of normal scenario due to the fact that freedom and wealth are excessively practiced and translated, the end result of such thinking is bad since the end is justified by the means, which are excessive freedom and wealth. Any given thinking becomes a disease; when it gets bad ideas in it and disease happens when things get out of balance. In such aspect of life, ego is like fire which consumes people’s realities for bad cause and reasons.

When a person lives ego free life, one could say, I cannot live with myself any longer. This means one is in divorce state of being. And one decides to live a life of ego free environment since one is separated from one’s past or present in which the future is something different than is and was. They say, egoic mind ruins since one cannot truly be at ease. Ego is a reality that bonds person’s achievement with personality or individuality in which a given person is egoistic since one loves, which is the way and what one really is that is defined.

Ego, in psychoanalysis, is a term denoting the central part of the personality structure that deals with reality and is influenced by social forces. According to the psychoanalytic theories developed by Sigmund Freud, the ego constitutes one of the three basic provinces of the mind, the other two being the id and the superego. Formation of the ego begins at birth in the first encounters with the external world of people and things. The ego learns to modify behavior by controlling those impulses that are socially unacceptable. Its role is that of mediator between unconscious urge and acquired social and personal standards.

In philosophy, ego means the conscious self or “I.” It was viewed by some philosophers, notably the 17th-century Frenchman René Descartes, I think therefore I am, which is translated and interpreted by others in a way that, I do not think therefore I am not, and the 18th-century German Johann Gottlieb Fichte, as the sole basis of reality; they saw the universe as existing only in the individual’s knowledge and experience of it. Other philosophers, such as the 18th-century German Immanuel Kant, proposed two forms of ego, one perceiving and the other thinking.

As such drama of life is going on, most egoistic personalities are the types of people who do not care about what is going on around since they revolve around themselves and they are pretty much concerned about their own stuff in their own way. Although it is not as such life and death thing to know about certain aspect of life in this world since they do not affect us in our daily routines. Our daily routines are occupied in settling our daily bills and needs in which most people are occupied by family routine and personal activities. But, at one day, there are certain things that could hit the beyond family affairs and aspect of their life, and then, they start asking and questioning few things in life. Such aspects of life could affect the whole dynamism of any given society.

For instance, there are certain things that affect one nation and there are other aspects that affect two or three nations. Contradictions and conflict are becoming more useful and important in this world in order to create relative unity and peace than peaceful things since in contradiction, people learn many things and conflicts and contradictions are becoming instrumental in unifying and integrating people when they seek solutions to the problems they face, which is one thing people could observe as they learn the history of this world. Conflicts and problems give people more energy and enthusiasm in delivering solutions.

In fact, one of the challenges and difficulties people could face in settling disputes is the ego factor. Few problems and difficulties take longer since there are two types of problems which people face in everywhere the first ones are the real problems that happen as result of actions and reactions people make in their daily routines, and the second ones are those problems that are created out of people’s imagination and they are not real problems and they can get easily removed as people are not ego centered.

People are egoistic, institutions are egoistic and other entities are also egoistic. In such egoistic personalities and egoism world, it is not possible to resolve many complicated issues since ego adds fuel to the fire. When people are egoistic, problems get complicated than get solved since such people fight between egos, in cases they forget on why they are fighting, which are problems, and they could be found meddling contrary to what the problems are since they forget the real things, they fight with positions or status or whatever personality they have in their given office or whatever. And in such cases such people forget on finding root causes to the problems they face, they end up fighting with egoistic thinking and personalities than talk about problems they face.

When people join small size and content institutions, and people who join big and gigantic institutions, the requirements could be similar but the magnitude of such requirements vary according to the nature and character of such institutions. They should be freed from egoistic thinking and personalities since egoistic attitude and thinking have in most cases destructive and negative impact on the undertakings any given institution is having since ego in most cases interferes on the person’s own plan and vision, and it could be setback to the individual, what more or worse thing can happen to the person next oneself since ego is like an opium due to the fact that the more egoism one develops, the more possessive one is. In this case, detachment and courage plays eminent role in shaping one’s reality.

While such theater of life exists on this world, individuals interact in such given institutions since institutions cannot function without individuals and they are maintained by group of individuals with adequate knowledge, required skill, useful attitudes and other factors which are necessary and useful so that the integrity and competence of such given institutions are preserved. Hence, members of such given institutions make that given institution function and operate in way their personal realities along with synergetic effect they bring about create and they formulate the destiny of their society as well by the decisions they carry out in performing their daily routines in their offices.

One of the things one wants to deliver in here is the ego factor in which there are basically four types of ego factor which one could observe. The first one is the ego factor at any given individual level. The second factor is the go factor at group level which is related to group egoistic aspects. The third aspect is the ego factor which is reflected at any given institution level. The fourth factor is the ego factor which is reflected at society or community level. Each of them has their own peculiar characteristic and nature, which depend upon the nature and makeup of object of interaction and communication.

Ego manifests within a given individual in different ways and a manner since the reflection of such reality depends on the nature and character of the person. The egoistic personality of educated people and the egoistic character of a lay man cannot be similar since achievement plays significant role in shaping the reality of such people and thus, people vary on who they are based on the type of personality and achievement they have acquired on this plane of existence.

An achieved person is more egoistic than layman since achievement plays eminent role in the egoistic path people have in life in which ego is an intriguing human nature which manifest thru the process of time as people develop certain actions and reactions in life. When an achieved person reflects ones’ ego level to another individual or to another group or society, one reflect on the nature and character of the object of interaction accordingly.

When any given group of people reflect certain egoistic thinking and behavior, such ego level and thinking vary according to the nature and character of individuals who join such given group. The ego level and color between achieved personalities and lower class of people cannot be similar and equal since the achieved people are more egoistic than the lower class people who formulate their own group. In this case, the lower class people could be humble or they could show humility where as those people who are achieved and who formulated any given group.

The same is true to the egoistic thinking and behaviors that germinate and activate within a particular institution or societies and between institutions or societies too. As institution is formulated by rules and regulations along with policies, individuals face struggle and constant fight with their own egoistic thinking and behaviors along with rules and regulations, that they should abide and they live with constant struggle and state of being of questioning their integrity and individuality.

One asks, where’s the proof of this greater reality, the ego factor? And there is offered only an analogy: a series of scientists can get together and state that all the scientific proof and arguments for the fact that lemons are sweeter. However, all one has to do is to taste, once, to realize that there is this whole other aspect to lemons. Eventually, the proof lies not in intellectual arguments, but in being touched in some way by the consecrated self within and without.

This is like the person who has tasted the burning aspect of fire for ten minutes and a scientist who explain on historical background, objective, mission, strategies and other form letter aspects of fire cannot have similar grasp since both are knowledge, the knowledge of the experience and the knowledge of literature reviews are very different. When both learning are integrated, one good thing can be achieved. The ego factor that is derived out of experience and the ego that is derived out of book learning also vary since the nature and character of both egos are different.

The former is like the air within the balloon and the later is like the cover or the plastic aspect which looks great and big. However, both shrink and convert into nothing when small and sharp needle is put on it since they are fake and empty and they look great since they are never tested and challenged by such small and sharp needles. Ego is a tricky and intriguing human nature and character which seems existing and real, but it is found fake and empty as tough tests hit it.

I love the Buddha’s great definition of enlightenment as “the end of suffering” in which Nirvana is the station one can reach out of enlightenment and refinement although there is nothing superhuman in that is there. Of course, as a definition, it is incomplete due to the fact that completeness can be derived out of incompleteness and it is not even possible to be complete since there are always certain amount and kinds of spaces that exist in human existence and experiences of life, and it only tells you what enlightenment is, no suffering. But, what’s left when there is no more suffering? In this case, the ego factor is dead.

Or the super human experience or being is an extraordinary activity that goes beyond ordinary human activities and experience of life in which the ego factor cannot have any control over since it is already governed and controlled by super human activity and power. In such way, one could live with the controlled and suppressed ego environment or the ego free environment in which in the former case, one lives a life which is sophistry since one could tend to think that there is no ego, but it manifests according to situations and conditions, but in the later cases, one could live a life which they claim and call, the selfless one in which the I factor is dead and buried under oneself.


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