Pains and Joys

October 28, 2014

Yesterday, I met someone whom I knew in past life. The person is one of the good friends in past and is prominent local journalist in here. We were somehow immersed into sea of conversation of life and the political situations and press freedom in this country, which is under jeopardy in these very days. The person was in court hearing in which his friend, a journalist, was sentenced to jail since he wrote something which leaders in here do not like.  Such people are moodiest people on earth. When they like you, they are around you, but when they do not like your face, they put you in a place far way so that none can be around you.

Politics is one of the stupid games and theaters on the earth. Trick is the actor of such drama and tricky people are the players of such theater on the earth.  They say, to be engaged in politics is to be in electric shock since most people receive certain kinds of shock as they go forward; manipulation and deception is what mostly exist as the foundations of most political parties and organizations, although, the fund, which is mere ink and paper, is the life and death thing in most cases, in which those people who happen to be leaders in such political realm are those people who know how to manipulate other people and play the game of politics and they invent tricks and they play with the tricks they should, especially on the life of many people.

One was wondering on why few people put their life under such hardship especially in terms of political grounds and activities of life since politics in third world and in Africa is like playing with burning fire in which most people are forced to work and be with the winning party; they like to have hot cake in every day and they live in peace until the party is in power and charge, however few people on the contrary choose  to be in difficult situation and amorphous shape in life; they feel and think something different. In this case, hardship is their fate and such people are always surrounded with all kinds of test and difficulties in life.

Why do people take or choose to be in hardship is what one makes one to be concerned about in here and one make one’s own superficial observations and understanding of such aspect of peoples life. They prefer to oppose or work against the governing system for many possible and different reasons. They make hardship as their daily menu with or without knowing the consequences of such way of life in which such people are daily committed to work something that is against the ruling party thinks and plans to do since opposition is one way of telling that what the ruling party is doing incorrect or inappropriate for many reasons.

For example, the Chicago Seven, is a group of men who went on trial in September 1969 for “conspiring to cross state lines with the intent to incite a riot” at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago. The Chicago Seven consisted of anti-war activists David Dellinger, Tom Hayden, Rennie Davis, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, John Froines, and Lee Weiner. The Chicago Seven were also individually charged with inciting a riot. Bobby Seale of the Black Panther Party was initially charged with this group, known originally as the Chicago Eight, but after he disrupted the trial proceedings and demanded his own lawyer, he was tried separately. The Chicago Seven trial revealed how polarized the nation had become in the 1960s. Many Americans saw the trial as necessary to restore law and order. Others believed that the defendants were being tried unjustly—that their protests against the Vietnam War (1959-1975) were protected by the Constitution of the United States.

Although the case of polarizing of ideas between various groups of people exist in many nations and countries, the idea of labeling and categorizing people with extreme differences in thinking is treated with ill methods and approaches in almost all nations and countries due to the fact that tolerance and forbearance are expensive items that exist in this world, and society are not welcoming diversities and such claimed diversities are considered as beauty as far as they do not influence or destroy the fundamentals of given foundation of society, even if it is useful and significant, society is not welcoming to such approaches due to the warm and comfort zone it is creating for its own sake and the existing ones benefit those who are ruling class  of such given undertaking and way of life; they claim opposing views as far as they live under tolerable boundaries and margins of such given undertaking.

People continue opposing peoples’ view and thinking since it is not possible to have similar or monotonous thinking styles and ways of life If all the people of the world think similar things or in similar style, one person is enough and the rest of the population is just a duplication of such given person’s thinking. What is the point of having numerous individuals since such way of life lead people to have bored thinking and way of life as monotonous ones has its own danger and negative consequences on the life of human society. Hence, having diverse thinking and understanding in many aspects of life is no choice or luxury, but an obligation and mandatory. Hence people make hard choices and difficult decisions in life and they happen to suffer since they oppose the ruling party in everywhere. Why?

One of the reasons why such people do have such shape of life is due to genuine and honest concern they have for the respective society which they belong in which they have deep sense of concern and responsibility and accountability which germinate as result of their own capacity of understanding realities of life and the surroundings environment in which the present undertaking could have possible future negative and destructive consequence on the destiny and future of the nation and society which they belong. Out of fear of possible future negative consequences, such people arise to oppose the ruling party since they think the present system is wrong, fake and inappropriate to the system and way of life of the society which they belong.

The other reason to why such people arise to oppose the present ruling system is due to ego and ambition factors in which when few people are achieved in certain profession and aspect of life, they want to lead the rest in which there is no other way or mechanism that can put them in such state of being unless and otherwise they put themselves into leadership status. Hence, they arise to oppose the system underway in order to justify their claims of ambition and power with blaming approach, criticism of negative types, and pin point negative matters on the system.

The other possible reason is to take personal and selfish advantages in which there are possible sources of incomes derived out of joining and maintaining opposition political parties against the ruling party in which money or other personal advantages are of primal concerns of such people. They join particular political system since it is not the agenda or the aim of such political party, but what type of personal benefit and advantages is the concern and agenda of such people and they join and promulgate the program since they meet their personal obligations and advantages.

The other possible reason on why such people join such oppositions is due to hatred or dislikes they have to the existing ones since the ruling party have done something wrong on their lives and they seek revenge and they design their revenge plan under program and party in which they articulate and organize their emotions such as anger and thinking in way it incorporates and touches the hearts of many people since they share their pains and woes in way they  achieve their purposes and objectives.

The life of genuine journalist is far from ideologies of any given opposition political parties or rulings and cadres of governing political party since the right journalists live for the truth, they dedicate themselves to the truth of any given matter than their own feelings and thinking in which they are detached from any personal interests and advantages. Life as such given journalist is very hard and is full of pains and joys since they dedicate themselves to the truth but they suffer due to the path they have chosen and they have painful way of life since most does not like to take the path of the truth.

Accordingly, there are other segments and elements of society, which does not belong to any particular form of political party, but they give their own honest and genuine opinion and they deliver criticism on the systems and way of life underway, and they feel accountable and responsible to the society, but they do not put their thinking, emotions and plans under specific program and group. They in case prefer silence, but they could forward few surprises and views in whichever way they feel and think appropriate and put certain pressure on the governing system.

A journalist is primarily obliged and accountable to the truth, not to the society or the government since there are cases where societies deviates from any given truth as there are government institutions who do tricks on society as in the case of west and everywhere in which what they claim on their constitutions and what they practically do are falling apart and they violate fundamental individual rights and  constitutional ones as they intercept their cell phone communications and interactions of their citizens, in this case genuine and responsible citizens act towards the appropriate things and they raise as one power and agent of change on the life of societies.

Such people do not belong to any particular party or ideal, but their primal concern is the genuine sense of responsibility and concern they have and they naturally feel toward the society which they respectively belong. Such people do not have any ulterior motives behind, but they feel and think that something has to be done so that change and transformations shall happen and new and better world should visit citizens which they belong. Misunderstanding and misinterpretations on the acts of such people is obvious but they do things in way they think proper and correct.

While such theatrical dramas of life is going on stage, one make a pause and wonders on such valleys of people, and they live with contrasting and contesting views and understanding although few taste bitter challenges which depend on the way their social system dictates. In such world, to die is to live as to live is to die. Whether people think positive or negative on the system, what and who judges best is the actual reality. Objective reality judges everything than what they claim. We watch such theater with eagerness until the end of such drama and theatrical activities and events are known which are still unknown.

They say, Miracles have never been by their own. Yes; it is true.


Epidemic and Business

October 24, 2014

Eyes are wide shut. Ears are deaf. Tongues are dumb. They say in the book that they have eyes, but they do not watch as they have ears, but they do not listen. Most people could have big ears, but they listen to silly things as they have big eyes they watch very small things. Silly and small things does not mean in size but in content and value. What they see and hear affect their thinking reality and the way they understand and perceive things since what people see and hear affect people’s integrity of life and how and what interpret realities of life, capacity of understanding and things since people live seeing and hearing many things in all their lives. Are they selective or do they take everything as they like, which depend upon the types of personality and thinking they have in life.

People still live with past dreams and nightmares although the present and the future is not far from past due to the fact that most things happen according to what is already dictated although deviations are also there in and they happen since they are out of control, and people cannot have manage over . The drama of being the unknown is still not far from the present and the future. Expectant eyes and hands are staring at what is going to happen since this world is under pregnancy and suspenseful activities which could give birth to handicapped or healthy child are on the stage, but the point lies on the capacities of the medical doctors and facilities and environment of the hospital to help in world such physicians are getting corrupt and business oriented while the woman is still crying for professional and honest help.

The present is mostly dictated by past unless and otherwise fundamental and significant revolutionary changes come to happen in the life of any given society that make any given society think and behave from left to right and vice versa. Spontaneous revolutions are sometimes good since they can bring about fundamental changes in quicker period of time than those revolutions that do occur on evolutionary basis which are slow and they could not even make any given significant changes in due course of time, they probably could forge their motives and objectives as time goes by on what they are doing and how they should do it, and they could make any society to obtain its nobles fruits since in due course of time many things change and the desired change could come to happen as time changes come. Past, present and future are connected with chains of activities.

Accordingly, they tell in the past and traditionally that it is eve who deceive Adam so that they ate that forbidden fruit in past and generation afterwards is cursed by the involvement of satan who was introduced thru snake and eve and thus Adam ate that fruit which put t entire generation and world under curse. Although it is very hard very hard to claim that sex is forbidden fruit since people could not escape from enjoying and doing it due to the fact that it is biological and natural human need. What could be arguable in today is that the fashion or method in which few claim that sex has identity, we have our own way, and unfortunately they do not have the manuals; others put it on shows and the like; others claim that it should be done under marriage or without marriage others say it is commercial, others do it in rape, and so on.

They say, when a man or woman sleeps with another woman or man, they assume that one sleeps with those people who slept with this person before. Meaning, when one made love with 20 men/women before, the current person who makes love with this person is indirectly sleeping with the 20 men/women before, though such theater make such people heterosexual or gay, even if the person is doing it for the first time. This sounds envious people thinking and theater since it sounds bit up surd. However, others claim that such 20 people are useful elements to this person current look since they have contributed great deal to this person current attraction or being attractive person to the current one. Otherwise, the current person could not be attracted to this person.

Anyways, who cares with such people saying since people continue doing all these dramas no matter what takes place in anyone’s life or how many number of people sleep their nights with others and none makes an inventory of such actions and reactions of peoples’ life, but people are attracted to people for various reasons and circumstances, but not only or bed reasons and sexually related ammeters of life.  If such was the case, none sleeps with other since most are victims of such dramas, but the good things in such life is that most people live by the current notions and thinking g in which they regard future as criterion of life although past is useful, but the present is what matters.

Yesterday, I was into a seminar related to HIV/AIDS which was organized by HIV steering committee of the Head Quarter of an organization, which I belong, which invited several sister companies that work under it. One was wondering in here that the drama of such diseases which is till the concern of Sub Saharan countries although Ebola is becoming a hit in these days at global scale since it spreads all over in fast and the case of transfer from one object to another is not controllable in places and cases and lifestyles where people are densely populated and connected with one to another with higher connectivity and other moisturized activities which humans cannot remove whichever place they live and this epidemic is replacing the Media’s attention and concern, and the west is paranoid of such deadliest virus which goes and get widespread thru out the globe due to the fact that such virus is not sexually transmitted, but by far worse and susceptible ways and killing people with shocking tragedy.

It is also quite note worthy to find such systematized organizations that dedicate and coordinate their daily businesses along with social issues, work and put in order things out in a way they discharge their corporate social responsibility thru participating and eradicating social problems of societies in expeditious manner. This is one of the healthy aspects and indicators of such given organizations that devote themselves not only on profit making agendas but also sharing social burdens and challenges as well with feelings of sense of accountability and responsibility they have to the society at large which they respectively belong. When private businesses integrate social and environmental factors and responsibilities and matters within their organization agenda, their success is rest assured and guaranteed. This is what it means by public-private integration and ownership in which profit making can be integrated with public and social issues in which the public serves private companies for its own sake as the private companies serve the public for its own sake.

Presumably, one could think and ponder in here that, is HIV Aids a threat in these days or not, is one of the issues since there are other possible threats hanging around on the world and Medias in which out of 7 billion people, 3.5 million people are infected with HIV Virus as they state, which could be considered as one of the negative forces that affect the developmental aspect of the developing nations especially in those countries which belong to Sub-Saharan countries. This country is on the list of the top 10 in as the positive growth in economy is considerable, hitting high and great in these days, which should have an impact on preventing the widespread of such virus, although 700,00 people carry such virus in relation 90-100 million.

One of the interesting ideas one heard on such seminar is about the current strategy on HIV prevention in which the investment base and approaches employed in preventing and controlling the prevention of HIV in which institutions have gathered learning thru time and they invest money to best practice and methods deployed in HIV preventions in past. It is business oriented approaches although they claim that they have scarce resources and it is not appropriate to go by the way they used to go, or what the private business call profit seeking oriented approaches in which donors or those who are engaged in such work invest money to best practice and methods that give best results. What is quite paradoxical in here is that they claim 50% of the population is hidden and they do not know whether they carry HIV or not in their blood, and in such scenario, it is doubtful to tell that there exists best methods or practice employed in such prevention and controlling mechanism although they claim that they have benchmark out of present scenario and experience.

The funny and quite strange part and the irony of such drama in here is that this country is telling its people it has registered double digit growth for a past decade but the claims or the ways and methods it employed in preventing and controlling such epidemic is till dependent upon donor’s hand or foreign powers assistance and aid. Economic growth should secure in reducing and solving social chaos and complications of any given society otherwise it is just number or digit change. Economic growth should be justified on how far such growth has an impact in solving societal political and economic affairs along with cultural and other socio-cultural factors. When economic growth has no impact on social issues, it is not growth, or it could be something else.

If economic growth does not participate and act as major actor of such huge drama such as  alleviating poverty, removing epidemics and other societal problems, what is the point of counting money or/ and numbers since the most important aspect of any kind of growth should be in  terms of helping societal activities and strengthening  organizational capacities and undertaking; growth should be measured on how far such growth has an impact in reducing and decreasing societal complications and problems otherwise the touchstone on measuring any given growth will be questionable and doubtful and the standard of measurement by itself will be handicapped and hard to trust and thus people should revise their mechanism and perspective in measuring and stating any given growth without putting the agendas of social aspects as priority.

What is quite interesting in here is not on the foreign aid, but the mentality which is still similar as in those days before such growth was not declared. When there is no mental shift, the number of buildings, roads and other infrastructure would be futile when the human mind is still thinking in its obsolete and traditional way and manner. In this given case, the mental shift should star to emerge on the leading arms; otherwise whatever claims are on, they are just fake dramas and continuations of sheet systems before us.

Economic growth by itself cannot prevent the wide spread of HIV virus. In fact, it could facilitate in the widespread of such virus since as there exist few coins in one’s pocket, people tend to contact and interact with many people and prostitutes are one of the highly affected category of people, and as there is economic growth, people move from place to place, and this is inevitable. However, economic growth do create capacity in terms of designing possible projects and plans or whatever strategies people and institutions do in relation to those ailments that affect the growth and future of any nation. Although studies tell that those people who have higher income are also affected with HIV Virus, which tell that such growth is not warranty to creating HIV free environment, but it allows people to buy drugs and develop more health centers, help in controlling such spread and decrease death rate as well.

When businesses integrate such epidemic in their plans and undertakings, and such epidemic become the concern of everyone, they help enormously, the drama of expecting funding and playing games with the sufferings of the mass will be over. The theater of being lords on poverty will come to an end when every businesses starts giving attention and directives towards eradicating and preventing all kinds of epidemic. The problem in here is the mentality and thinking which is not derived in overnight but takes centuries and ages of tradition and socio-cultural makeup in which transformation is not only required for economic growth but also in eradicating all kinds of epidemic problems.

Poor nations are well known as poor since they do not have resources, but they do not know how to make use of their resources to their own benefit, but they expect everything from donors and outside sources and thus, there is no need to develop recipe and make any given calculation to tell them that they are poor and needy and they are still in darkness and ignorance. They need to be trained in all aspects not only in terms of political behaviorism but also in their social and cultural make ups in which those problems and challenges they face thru life and time should by their own give them a lesson. If they cannot learn from such consequences of life, there is no point that other people should help them out but rather they could put them into sea of other layers and levels of poverty.

When society owns problems, then social focus and concentration is given to such problems. Although expertise help is one major drama and factor, social concern is what most people need since such victims require social and psychological support along with expertise advice and treatment. When such full collaborations and efforts are coordinated and integrated within an organization and social frameworks, the road is not such stony, but comes smoother. However, when societies and institutions are in contradiction and ambiguity, such epidemic gets its worst scenario and shape and thus, it is a disaster to the generations yet to come as the present one is suffering and experiencing such wild pains due to ignorance and arrogance factors.

Leadership is an accountable and responsible factor to such failure since it focuses on money or funding than thinking and perspectives since it is the core of any given social dynamics. Leadership should confess in its own tongue that it cannot lead its society and failure is the balance than the success story it gains except mere propagandas it spreads wide over and tell. Such leadership could not lead properly, it should outsource leadership from others or it has to reborn in value and thinking, otherwise the society should do something for its own good and sake.  This will surely come!!

Colonization Vs De-Colonization

October 21, 2014

They say, the foul gets a snake bite twice. The first one is unknowingly, but the second one is when one is asked to show the place where the snake bites occur before. This is one of the interesting remarks one heard in life since there is a similar incidence that is going on our planet earth in these very days, in which the current Kenyan president, Jomo Kenyata, went last time to Hague, The Netherlands, to hear a trail on the allegations presented on him due to cases of incidents occurred in the year 2007 election time in Kenya, in which number of Kenyans were killed due to such process of election.

Election time is always a challenge to such African leaders although the winner is always known ahead of time, but people face crisis as the election time comes for nothing. People spent their time for fake drama for no change to come, but the quite strange thing is that they lose many lives and time and energies and properties and resources for forged theater and drama since such periods are time of tensions and stresses to politicians due to the fact that they are primal actors and activators of such human drama. And who cares who wins in the election time since this is something that one bothers least and this is one of the phony dramas of life in Africa.

Most associate such theater of the Kenyan President in a way that this man is missionaries of western political ideology in which the current trend of the International Court of Criminals is directing and pointing its fingers on threatening the emerging African leaders. Although such drama of political theater state one thing in which Africans cannot have every right to administer the affairs of their society in their own fashion even if they are wrong which the west plays its own paternalistic thinking and game and drama on Africa. Are we still heading to Hague or …?

International Criminal Court (ICC), is an independent judicial institution with the power to try and punish individuals for the most serious crimes of international concern: genocide, crimes against humanity, crimes of aggression, and war crimes. The court was first approved in 1998 by a treaty known as the Rome Statute, and it officially came into being on July 1, 2002, after 60 countries ratified the treaty. The court has its headquarters in The Hague, The Netherlands. This given institution was not approved in treaty to place where third world or developing nation belongs and its head quarter is placed not even in Africa. They have their own stuff in their own fashion, but they ask Africans to live western thinking and way of life otherwise they will be punished in the western soil by committing western type crime in Africa. This is quite unacceptable.

It is quite noteworthy to state in here that there are certain crimes that are personified and identified as something like a gift to specific types of people such as war crime, genocide and the like are more of identified as African crimes and they are becoming nature of African leaders since African leaders are put to power by force, in which atrocities is one of the characteristic of African leadership. Most African leaders are pout to power by armed struggle and they kill people. This is obvious and this does not mean that they are correct, absolutely not. However, they should be judged by African judiciary systems than by west paternalistic thinking and judiciary system, since the continent by now is capable of administering its own affairs without western interferences. The current trend of lobbying one African leader by the other is an obsolete style of western thinking and conspiracy theory.

Africa has been colonized by foreign forces in few decades ago and the liberty it is enjoying out of armed colonization is not even over. However, the claim that goes like or the so called, the independence day and state is still on process, although the other way round and approach of colonization, in its current sense and way, which they call de-colonization, is going in every state. In the former days, Africans wee colonized by force and western armed powers, but in the current days, Africa is colonized willingly since it falls in love with and romanticism of western lifestyle and technology in which it is the citizens of Africa who advocate and promote western ideologies and positive aspect of colonization than the western powers and agents.

The interesting aspect of decolonization is it encompasses all sates in Africa even those who claim that they were not colonized by any western power in past, which they consider themselves as emblem of freedom and liberty, we have seen them submitting to the western politics and way of life with willing submission and the tragedy of losing their own respected identity is over and deleted with western way of life. They are poisoned by western mentality and they tend to lack and appreciate their own heritage and treasures its own citizens are coming up, they expect anything to be approved by the international standard or whatever of foreign mentality than they go by their own passion and thinking.

This reminds me to story of lady whom one knows while working in same office in past in which the lady used to be found in most of working hours in an office of the gentle man. And one day, one asked her, are you falling with this man, and she shout out loud as if she was not and she did deny that she was not in love with that man. And later on, we had calm conversation about life and we went into that conversation of love thing, she confessed that as she said, I do not know why, every time I pass by his office, there is something that pushes me to get into his office. And one remarked to her that, that something which pushed you to be in that man office is what most people call or say is love.

Most claim, in such love thing as if they are not but in reality they are even if the justify with various expressions such as , I was infatuated, I dearly love or whatever but it is what most people claim is love whatever color is given and entitled. Such people in most cases deny their past or whatever thing they have done with others since they get embarrassed thru time and they prefer to deny or belittle all kinds of things they had in past with others with the intention of magnifying the present ones and this is in reality what they call identity crisis or whatever personality disorder they have. The same is true to those people, who think that they are not colonized, but in reality the colonizing powers took their wives, and they were doing all kinds of things in their own soils without their permissions and the like.

History is not warranty to present and future identity. Colonization and decolonization are playing significant role in shaping people identity in which we live in time when money is the becoming six sense organs. And people intense desire for living is measure by the accumulation of money although money cannot buy certain natural and essential human realities of life due to the fact that natural realities of life seek natural elements and ingredients of life than artificial ways of life. The dire need for money along with the security of life which is the basis of any given economy, manipulates peoples thinking and reality than their own integrity and identity which they claim for themselves. When human values in every society declines, this is enormous sign of the failures of social systems underway, be it developed or developing nations and societies.

The diasporas is one of the chief instruments which western power use and implement and they induce their own strategy with such group of people since they have better resources and academic ground. Although, the diasporas could be suspicious of the western drama, they cannot do anything far beyond since they are tagged and carry social security number as the beast in the book state since their life and identity is already mixed and messed up with western life style and thinking, and they live with combined state of being and reality. They like their food, housing, clothing styles of the western than the indigenous way of life although the primal cause for their migration to the west is political and economic reasons, in which they seek their personal political and economic advantage than the future and their respective society think and belong.

As the colonial powers spent years and centuries for explorations in which historians claim that those years such as years 1450 to 1700 were times spent by the colonial powers preparing themselves to their future plan of their colonial implementations, as the colonization was not type of western spontaneous revolution but rather it was well articulated and planned thinking and practice of the colonizers that took centuries of surveys. Accordingly the diasporas should learn something from such people and they should play back their games of colonizers as they come back to their roots and to their respective homes than they become instrumentals and cheap tools of such western powers and thinking.

Motives of any type of colonization—be it colonization or de-colonization—could not escape from being economic reasons and advantage, in which possession of natural resources and raw materials are focus areas and causes, spreading religious ideologies and doctrines, is another major concern and cause, and power monopoly is one of the fundamental aspect of colonization in which controlling political power with the intention of showing one’s supremacy over others in terms of thinking and practice such colonizers are having in every veranda of life on the earth.

Few European colonizing powers justify their colonial interest under the cover such as humanitarian motives and interest, others deliver as justification of their colonial interest thru a claim which they deliver to themselves while interfering on other nation’s interest and internal affair, and they interfere under the claim, moral and social obligations, and the like. Everyone gives its own self convincing reasons which look like seemly and outwardly good, but inwardly something contrary to what they claim and justify for since the power or the balance of power which they deploy in what they claim for and what they do is apparently falling apart and so different.

In such theatrical world, life is still struggle. Few consider that everything is in order while the rest feels the imbalance and disorder hits and resides in every home. In such world, to reflect on the various aspects of life is not part time job or luxury but a mandatory way of life since situations and conditions of life force and dictate many people to wonder as to where this world is heading, why such things are happening, who are the responsible or accountable bodies and the like so that the future can be better and greater. The most important aspect of such life is not to point fingers on others but to reflect what should be done to the future.

The current trend of de-colonization is scary for one big reason. This is because, people are seeking to be colonized by the colonizers. Poor nations submit their integrity and sovereignty, one is unknowingly and the second is willingly although money is the primal concern. When both are integrated and they meet at cross section and the moment people are awake from the deep sleep they are injected by the romanticism of such western way of life and technological results, it is not possible to reverse everything and anything back to the point.

The presumption going on at this point of time is that poor societies cannot think far beyond economic security and stability and others play such stupid drama and game on poor societies and others. However, they forget one thing, money can be produced and found in here than seeking mental and social slavery in other places by being refugee of their theatrical drama in such modern time and world, and the idea of economic security is one thing although economic security cannot establish mental and emotional satisfactions and stability although it is important and essential.

Any people or society could lose its confidence on fundamental rights and freedom from others for many reasons. The first one is economic dependence; the second one is influence of political ideology; the third one is religious doctrines and principles interests and inclinations; the fourth one is need dependence which is reflected on technological inventions and discoveries; the other is historical backgrounds and relationships people establish and the like. Such interconnected realities are the ones that affect societies and people actions and reactions of life and thus one lives being interdependent upon others, which is vital.

Tricked Past Vs Secured Future

Monday, October 20, 2014

A tricked past cannot create secured and confident future. This is verily dependent upon how people perceive life and this world at large. Life is like on what and how you think and imagine than what you act and react since the media of action and reaction that exist on this plane of existence cannot allow most people to act as they think and imagine in which the media of communication and interaction is already dictated by past routine activities and undertakings, which govern what people imagine and think to be translated into this objective reality in expeditious manner.

In such tricky past world, to create confident and secured future, there must be truthful and genuine ground and one should do the proper ground works before the right work is done on the foundation or the basement. To remove the tricky aspects that are considered as good or true foundations though it is very hard but sorting out is the first step. Sorting out the weed from the genuine plant is the first step one should undertake so that healthy fruit can be expected at the harvest time, otherwise when the weed and the good plants grow together, life is in such farm is disaster.

Rule number one is to remove the weed. In order to remove the weeds, one should take good care of the good ones and have tact and wisdom so that right and good plants cannot be damaged. Weeds are enemies of the good plants. Weeds look like in outward appearances as the good ones look like, unqualified farmers could consider weeds as good ones due to lack of knowledge and experience on such farm, but inwardly they are different ones and they ruin the farm and the good plants slowly and step by step. In this case, weeds could consider themselves as if they are the good ones since they can trick and deceive such given farmers as if they are good ones.

They say, even God has enemies, and this is to tell that it is formidable to have no enemies. Although the God here is defined in way people perceive and understand, which is till has its own limitation in interpretation and perceptions. Is this possible to have no enemies in world of cats and rats? Not. But, it is possible to create enemy free environments in which the first mechanism is to change on what one think against the enemies which one claim or to disregard them in one’s own world so that one lives one’s own life as far as they do not cross the border or pass the limit which one sets for such people.

They say, love your enemies; others claim that love enemies means or is tantamount to have no enemies. However, when any people or society live or is surrounded by its enemies, it is obvious that it should protect itself from its enemies by putting or setting all kinds of protective mechanisms. As the enemies are stronger, laws and policies become similar. Laws and regulations in any given nations are directly proportional and related to the type and number of enemies any given nation or societies have since one of the chief protecting mechanism any given nation can have in protecting its integrity and sovereignty is thru laws and policies.

Laws, policies, rules and regulations and other restricting mechanism allow most people to live paradoxical way of life in which what they think inside is contrary to what they act outside due to fear of consequences of what they think or due to other fears which they do not want to express outwardly. For instance, when a woman wants to make love with a man on the street (even if they are husband and wife), it is not possible to do it since the law forbids, but in actual term everyone makes sex within wall. Wall in this case tells one can do it in secret although it is not allowable, may be the other way round, although it is very natural to do it.

If there are people who live with full consistency, meaning what they think and what they act are in harmony, they are one of the most wrong people since laws and other regulations are derived to protect the rights and benefits of the mass than the few even if they are in accurate or false, or inconsistent, they go for the majority. In fact, there are certain laws that are derived ironically to benefit the minority group or ruling class. In such world, human beings have rational and they think and they cannot go in consistent with laws and regulations at all times and conditions. Even if there are certain laws that go contrary to one thinks, one abides since this is how this world is designed and derived and the way it is.

In fact, there are quite few people who act as they imagine and think since they have adequately created such model within their being, they have precise and accurate thinking and imagination model within their internal reality and they act to the objective world accordingly. They say, in the world of the blind, one eyed person is considered as a king, in which any kinds of excellence we see on our plane of life on the earth is reflections of such given saying in which few people excel other by virtue of the efforts and choices they make in life, which they consider them as people of achievements.

When there are quite certain laws such as do not make love to woman unless you get permission from any given institution or one get married; in this given case, the feelings and emotions of sex does not wait or is not patient enough to obtain request certificate from such institutions. Most people do it as their emotions dictate and they later on ask for fake certificates of marriage from the respective institutions and communities which they belong. The feeling of sex is a fire that consumes the person whomsoever carries and it does not have enough time to wait for such people to ask for permission or whatever, and what they do, they just melt with such passion, and when the right time for calmness comes, they ask for certificate of marriage without even confessing as if they never do it. This is one of the becoming normal circumstances of life which people practice everywhere.

We live quite in interesting world in which what hits few segment of people in terms of thinking and feelings, could not trigger others and they claim that such diversity of thinking and feelings between the people of the world are considered as beauty since monotonous thinking and feelings could create sense of discomfort and boredom as difference in thinking and feelings create some sort of interest and eagerness in life in which differences in thinking and understanding in few cases is considered as healthy as it is the cause of enmity and hostility by others.

Difference in all cases mean disparity or discrepancy in which in accounting, it is not good or health sign even if in the thinking realm, it is something that can be tolerable or understood under certain limit and boundary. When people have irreconcilable differences, it is not possible to expect unity or kind of harmony since they have already irreconcilable contradiction. In this case, silence is good means and way of accommodating such gap and contradiction than make any effort and apply certain amount of energies to reconcile such gap people have since there is no sense or way of taking any kinds of initiatives to narrow such gap.

When people apply certain amount of energy or amount of efforts to reconcile irreconcilable contradictions, they get widen the gaps since they do not understand the root causes and problems of such contradictions and they have no adequate knowledge and understanding on the fundamental and basics of such contradictions people have in this world. When few people or societies own certain contradictions in historical background, the present ones could not even understand the root causes of such problems of the past but they inherit such given contradictions in historical perspectives even if such cause of contradictions could not make any present sense.

For example, the case of Germany and the foreign power alliance who tried to ruin German failed although they were successful in creating division between the Germans in terms of ideology, but they could not change the root cause of unification of Germany before the World War II although the four foreign powers were successful in dismantling Germany into two parts, by building huge Berlin wall for certain decades and time in history, although they failed at last since foreign powers trick was the root cause that manipulated such people and such trick was coordinated and organized by foreign powers.

Once unified under Otto von Bismarck in 1871, Germany experienced rapid industrialization and economic growth. During the early 20th century Germany embarked on a quest for European dominance. In 1945 the Allied Powers of the United Kingdom, the United States, France, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) defeated Germany in World War II. The Allies agreed to divide the country into four zones of occupation: the British, American, French, and Soviet zones. When the wartime alliance between the Western powers and the Soviet Union broke up in the late 1940s, the Soviet zone became the Communist-led German Democratic Republic (GDR), or East Germany.

The three Western zones formed the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), or West Germany. Control of Germany’s historic capital of Berlin was also divided between the two German states, despite its location deep within East Germany. In 1961 East Germany built the Berlin Wall and other elaborate border fortifications to stop the exodus of millions of East Germans to the more prosperous and democratic West Germany. In 1989 Germans from the East and West breached the Berlin Wall, an event that symbolized the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe and the beginning of German reunification. Amid joyful celebrations, the two Germanys were reunited on October 3, 1990, as the Federal Republic of Germany.

The other types of tricks any kinds of nations and peoples could face is the indigenous type tricks or internal power trick in which societies face horrible tragedy at last since they are tricked by their own people and those individual show completely know the culture and language and thinking make up of societies. Such tricks are horrible since they consume the society and the trickeries at last and in general due to the fact that such people have no truthful ground, and lie and deceptions are the natural characteristics of such types of tricks.

The root cause of tricks is lack of honest and genuine principles and doctrines of life people can come up in life. When people reformulate certain recipe of life and such recipe of life could go contrary to what they have imagined and planned while such recipe of life could face something contrary to what the outside and objective world really is, people in such cases are forced to use tricks so that what they have planned could go in accordance with the objective world sound and treats. Failure in life is the primal cause of tricks and people formulate confidence in life out of such given tricks they formulate and come up in life.

Fear from failure aggravate the ideas of trick with principles and formulas in which such people consistently and persistently go on with the tricks they have already established, for decades and centuries, and they could have numerous followers, huge funding and the like. They assume that they are the ways and paths of salivation and life since they have organized structures and educated and rich people within their domain. In this case, people get attracted to such domain since they assume that such people could not lie or deceive others since they are highly recognized people. In this case, trick has nice mansion while the truth has no home as few people use such proverbs out of such given understanding and exposures in life.

Growth is possible to certain extent to such tricky and trickery people and societies but they can go up to certain level. This world is full of tricks and trickery people as the great Book of Desiderata claims. They acquire certain level of growth in terns of quantitative aspect, but the quality of life they establish within their domain is still under question due to the fact they face more resistance in due course of time since they have tricky principles and ideologies which are proven wrong in due course of time such principles they have established are more of novelistic theories and ideas, they are products of few ambitious people than the genuine and urgent need of the world and its adherents.

When ideas are going in way original authors and organizers do, they are practical and realistic. Whereas when such idea are borrowed or stolen from others, they deviate from the original or intended purposes, and they end up in destruction and failures. Every idea has every right to be an action or a deed in this objective world but they should be translated by the original author for intended purpose. Failure in many aspects in this regards happen since original authors are removed, but fake owners or pretenders act as if they are original authors of such ideas, and the good news is, they fail at last.

In such world, one waits on the outside until God becomes and believes in woman or black, otherwise, one prefers to create one’s own God is one’s own way and accent. One breathes and walks in one’s own style and fashion; let us see who is the toughest.

Characters In Time

October 13, 2014

They say, the future is an imitation of the past. Shallow changes are possible, but true transformation is uncommon. The past continues thru lack of present although the future is hard to tell. It is estimated that more than 50 million people were killed to promulgate the cause of communism, to bring about a “better world”, “new world” in the Eastern Europe such as in Russia, and in China, and other countries. This is done not for game or joke, but in order to create confident and profound future, but it was not even possible. This is an alarming instance of how belief in a future heaven creates a present hell.

Because of such history and autobiography of our world in past, the future is unknowable as the Absolute Reality is too. The future is not, in one aspect, far from fear and anxiety and in another aspect from hope and faith, since past and present are married and they tell same stories of failures and successes in the many avenue of the human drama. Although most people sound that they are immersed in sea of desperate conditions of life, there is still an emerging optimism and belief that the future is bright and profound that comes out as result of peoples own volitions and efforts they undertake within their life.

They say, fear is just healthy self protection. Meaning, when one has no fear for fire, one was supposed to be in danger since one has that rightful fear in one’s heart, one protects oneself from the very danger one could have faced. In another aspect, fear is an enemy of the state of being of one’s reality in which it makes oneself to lack confidence in life and put anxiety in one’s reality.

In the positive realm, it is protective mechanism and thought, but in the negative context, it makes people to lose confidence and feel depressed about life. However, fear has common thing in both context, since it is an idea that makes one to drag back than go forward, whether in protective way or destructive aspect, it has a tendency of pulling back than going forward. The motive could be different, in which in the former case, it is healthy but in the later case, it is a disaster.

Consequently, two types of attributes or characters do exist in this world. The first ones are good characters and the second ones are bad ones. Both have no specific religion or identity, but anyone whomsoever is attracted towards them could carry on. They do not have specific color, race, citizenship or ethnicity, but whosoever wants or acquire them, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, one obtains them as matter of one’s exposures in life.

Although it is possible to attribute a given character to certain group of people as identity since that given group has already acquired any given attribute and it become a habit or a culture in one’s domain, this does not mean that anyone who belong in that given domain possess it since such aspect of acquiring any given attribute to the whole is not warranty and one should not even confuse the identity of the mass to single elements of that given group. Most people could posses it, but this does not mean that all do have it.

When people want to attribute such characters as if it is their natural identity or inbuilt ones in their own domain, one puts oneself in wrong shoe in which such attributes or characters have no specific language, color, race, culture, but it is just matter of acquiring them thru the process of life, actions and reactions and the like. Life is not about possession and inheritance of such matters as wealth, which can be transferred from one generation to another as one likes, but also it is a matter of conscious deliberations and matter of choices and efforts.

When people are willing to possess them, they can have it, but they are not something that comes to one’s own domain since one belongs to certain group and it is not just warranty if one generation possesses certain attribute, the next one can have it. Every generation is made up of in its own thinking and actions and reactions although what it inherits from past one is essential and important, but there is no such guarantee that every generation can think and behave in similar way and manner since the need of the time also changes as generation change.

Love, joy and peace cannot flourish unless and otherwise people are internally ready to accommodate such human attributes and realities of life. Most people correlate such given aspect of human lives with spirituality and religion, but they are something universal and natural realities that can be enshrined in any being as far as beings are willing and ready to accommodate them.

Love has no specific identity as joy has no particular citizenship and peace can dwell in any given nation, religious or political party and doctrine and tribe. Such universal realities cannot have specific personalities and identities but they are kinds of realities that happen as result of people readiness and willingness to lodge them in their own realities of life.

People say, emotion is the reflection of the mind. However, there are cases where the emotion says, yes, but the mind says, no. In this given case, emotion and reason lives falling apart and there are two types of realities going on within one personality and reality. This is what they call, the duality or dual natures in which most people employ kind of mechanism to reconcile such contradictions that exist within oneself or they try to integrate such human needs within oneself.

Religion, spirituality and other causes are instruments and mechanisms that help such realities to be translated and manifested in this objective world and realities, but they are not the end goals and objectives of such given attributes of life in this world. They are instruments by which such realities can be installed and embedded with than they become the end objective in which such tools play significant role since they create suitable media for such realities to act and interact within the human framework and action and reactions of life.

They help people to achieve them, when such tools and mechanisms fail to meet the desired goals and objective of life, people should change other means and mechanisms to achieve the desired goals in order to bring them on this given objective existence and world. When such positive attributes of life exist in any given society and community, the well being and security that given society is safe, but it is not warranty since other societies, the surrounding ones should also be safer, otherwise, the risk of being unsafe is always there since this world lives with the body politic mechanisms.

People do think and do bad things o others since they are emotional and they have certain kinds of bad feelings emerge as result of their interactions and communications which they face at work place, rendezvous and the like. When they speak with each other or misunderstand with each other, it is obvious that negative energies come up since such energies are result of negative thinking people have with each other. When one thinks bad on others, it is obvious that there is bad feelings emerging which cause people to be in bad form and shape.

Therefore, emotional pains are the main cause of physical pains and physical diseases such as resentment, hatred, self-pity, guilt, anger, depression, jealousy, and the like are all forms of pain. Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry – all forms of fear – are caused by too much future, and not enough presence. The fear of failing in future or the uncertainty that exist in the future create anxiety or frustration in people thinking, which could grow up as realities of such failure that can happen in the future.

There are basically two types of temperament people possess in life; the first ones are temporal one since they happen out of bursts of emotional actions and reactions of life; the second ones are temperament that could become part and parcel of one’s reality since they happen thru the process of time, any given individual could acquire certain attribute in life, and one could be identified by such give attributes since they happen thru time. Such characters are personified in one’s reality since they happen to be daily routine and activities of life.

As there are certain things one could take time to think while performing them as there are certain things that does not take any single minute to do or act on them since one is just aware and automatically perform them; they are routine activities and parcel of one’s reality. In this case, when people think something different, there are people who take quite long time to translate them and act on them as there are people who do not take single second to mediate on them though they are unique and different ones since such people have developed certain conviction on such realities and aspects of life. For everything, there is a time fixed.

Time is one of the precious tools nature deliver to human kind in order to do something in life. When there is no time, there is no thinking and this world at large. Although, it is very hard to understand what time even looks like and what it is, it is just one of the greatest means by which human realities can do something to its betterment and destiny. The time it takes between any given thinking and its translation to the objective reality is dependent upon many factors although few thinking have widespread in quick time frame-work as other walk like an elephant to obtain wide coverage on the whole earth.

Time is not only created by nature but also by the human reality and mind. For some, time is just twenty four hours a day, but for others, time is measured by the activities and numbers of incidents they meet and activate within twenty four hours. And for some twenty four hours equal a day, but for others, ten hours could equal a day and twenty fours could equal to a week. It depends on number and types of circumstances people face in life.

The crux is not on the time, but what people do in such given time—time created by nature or artificial reality—do they choose to do and think good things to others or bad ones, do they realize that every moment they spend in thinking and doing things affect their given personality and individuality on the long run in which few people are personified with good character as others are personified by bad one as result of choices and efforts they do in their life.

Rumi, the great poet and teacher of Sufism, declares: “Past and future veil God from our sight; burn up both of them with fire.”

Weekends or Worship

October 8, 2014

One wonders in life that Sunday is the end of all days and one thinks that it is just culmination of all things in life and worlds. It makes one to pause and think that there is no other day or world that is going to come after it since it is just Sunday and the end of everything. Unfortunately, life never stops and goes on going beyond the Sunday and one lives accordingly since Monday is going to come. This is quite good.

When Sunday morning comes, the first thing most people in this world in these very days think and do is to go to the any worship place which they think or like to go and be in state of prayer. Sundays is more of worship day and people worship the primal cause of Sun, which they think that it is God, and they go to worship not the sun but the God which they believe and think that it creates the whole world. And people like to worship their God in their weekends.

This makes them happy so that the next week could be spent with greatness and honor. They think for the next week based on what they have performed on past week and thus, they make going to worship places on every weekend is one of the regular activities which they do in their daily and weekly routines. Life is a continuous process and people look for emancipation of their realities from all kinds of worldly defilements when the Sunday worship and activities come to happen. This is just a tradition and way of life most people do according to their given belief, thinking and ideology.

We call such people religious people since they worship in religious places and they perform religious rituals due to the fact that they worship and believe in God in a way their religious ideology and practice dictate. Such people happen to be religious on part time basis since their daily activities and thinking could be found contrary to what their regular religious ideology tell and ask them to do but they obtain kind of emotional satisfactions since they go to worship places on weekends and they have different colors and taste of life.

Basically, there are different conceptions of the Absolute Reality—God which is defined by all kinds of religious people, which is the cause of confusion, contradiction and ambiguity in this world since the primal cause for such division, discord and contradiction is the unknowable aspect and essence of the nature of God. If God is knowable, there is no confusion and disagreement about it. Although most people claim that God is not the author of confusion and contradiction in which they are heard claiming that such puzzlement and challenge arise due to egoistic personalities and thinking of individual, societies or communities and institutions.

There are people who daily pray, as there are people who put numbers and types of prayers in worshiping their God. There are also people who pray occasionally as there are people who pray as their mood dictate. They say, prayer is ladder, and others say prayer is love language or communication language. In such way of life, as prayer is a ladder or language, people pray to have communion with the Absolute Reality. In this case, it is quite strange when people insult or curse other people by using such love language which they claim. How come love language could be used for cursing or blaming others to take them to hell?

A person who belongs to one religion or religious group is found cursing or praying something bad to happen on the other ones to go to hell, by blaming their idea and conception of God based on the color or type of rituals or other activities which they perform. In reality, all religions are in discord with each other with less significant aspect of the reality of God since they all think and believe that there is unknowable God, but all claim the they way to know and worship God is their way. This is very paradoxical thinking and approaches which they claim and they agree on the fundamental and significant aspect of the reality of God, which they claim but they are in contradiction on how to pray or what to pray, which is irrelevant and insignificant one.

For example, a person in one religion claims when one prays, O generous God, the other one claim in one’s prayer, o forgiving God, and in reality both of them do not absolutely and objectively know and comprehend that God is generous or forgiving since God is unknowable reality. However both believe that God is forgiving and generous since they traditionally inherit such thinking and belief from the former way of life and they live accordingly.

Both people have no proof of such realities of God, but both think and believe that God is like that. In such theatrical games of their life, they live with such mentality although they agree in some respect, they do not agree in other aspects since it is not possible to give enough proof and deliver objective evidences about an entity which they cannot objectively know and tell. It is just speculative idea and wild guess way of life.

Accordingly, there are four types of God that exist in this world. The first one is a God defined by religion, which has height, width, color and the like. The second one is a God defined by thinkers, which negate the God defined in religion and rejects most claims presented in any given religious ideology. The third God is a reality defined and known by others which does not exist by the two camps of societies since they accept few concepts in both, and they derive their own God in their own way. The fourth is God that does not exist in all since it is not knowledge ad something anyone in any group could comprehend.

Hence, most of such people know and live past and present, but they leave the future and their destiny to the Absolute Reality, since they believe and think that the faith they derive out of the communion which they establish with the unknown reality could save them from any danger or help them in their given undertaking and they become part and parcel of religious activities and party since the conviction they develop out of communications they make with other people help them in their daily undertakings in way their communion and mystic interaction and communication dictate.

If you go to a church, you may hear readings from the Gospels such as “Take no thought for the morrow; for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.” This is one of the manifestations of people’s faith and determination in religious dogma and party which they belong in which blind faith is one of the characteristic of such religious people. In most people lives, such faith shut down the power of reason and rational. In reality faith and rational should be integrated and coordinated to reach to the point of truth.

The reason why some people would love to engage in dangerous activities, such as mountain climbing, car racing, and so on, although they may not be aware of it, is to seek area and zones of free of problems, free of thinking, free of the burden of the personality, in which such practice could enable them forget certain stressful conditions they are in although they claim that it is an adventure, but the adventure is an escaping mechanism from stresses and difficult situations they are surrounded. They say, slipping away from the present moment even for a second may mean death.

In fact, faith should open the portals of reason since the power of reason is the key that unlocks the gates and supremacy of faith. Faith emerges out of reason and rational since people develop certain amount of faith due to the fact that they have used their imagination, comprehension, understanding, interpretation, memory and other faculties of the power of reason that dwell in the human realm and thinking.

There is no point to allocate any given day for worship and other days for other activities since all days and hours are equally important and relevant. In a given day, many other thousand days can be created and as many other days could be lost. A single moment could be enough to build or ruin one’s life, but the point is the mindset and the perspective is found in one’s own thinking and way of life, not on the name, type or color of days. Days are created to serve humanity, but humanity is not created to serve days is quite an astonishing remark since all things are created to serve human reality than human reality to be dependent upon what has been created for its existence and workings.

Ego and Reality

September 29, 2014

Death is the worst enemy of egoistic personalities and minds and the fear of death make such people to live fretful life since ego makes people to think that they are center of everything than they live at the corner side of life. Ego manifests in abundant such as in fame, rank, position, money and power with excessive emotional make ups and thinking. The easiest way to accommodate ego nicely is die before you die so that one cannot find death anymore; the fear of death cannot exist anymore since one is already dead in the psycho makeup.

Most people are egoistic since they neglect present, but they dwell in past or future although present conditions are equally important. Ego is mostly created with possessions, the thing you do, social status, knowledge and education, physical appearance, special talents, relationships, personal and family history, belief systems, and also with political, nationalistic, racial, religious, and other collective identifications. None of these is you. You create them and you can delete them since they are created out of choices and efforts people make in their daily routines and undertakings.

And any given person could change one’s title or name which one is identified from other objects or people. Changing one’s title or hiding one’s title cannot truly mean that one’s reality is changed. A person who has cancer cannot be cured or be free from such illness since one has changed one’s name or title. Although such title or name changes do have an impact on the person’s psycho and emotional make up of the individual, but they do not significantly change the height or color or facial stricture of that person since they are just a means of identifying an object, but they do not truly tell who that given person is since the person is very far and different from the title or the name one carries on.

However, ego truly describes a person’s reality than the name or title one carries since ego in most cases tell the reality of person due to the fact that it is inner and core aspect of one’s reality and it is not something that one can hide. Although it is possible to oppress ego, but it manifests itself in many aspects of one’s life since it is central and internal reality which springs from and within self. None cannot deny and reject such aspect of human reality.

Ego is derived out of different ways in which such development varies according to the nature and character of the process of life of that given individual. A person could derive certain egoistic attitude and thinking since one has excelled in certain profession, which they call achievement. A given person could be egoistic since that person has huge material accumulation, which they call wealth. Another person could be egoistic out of desire and ambition a given person does have. In all aspects, ego has its own character and manifestation.

When a person becomes egoistic, one tend to create different types of imaginative worlds and thinking and such thinking and worlds are translated to this objective world according to determination and capacity of that given person in which it requires wisdom and tact in its application. There are individuals who ruin in overnight what they have constructed for decades since they are egoistic and such egoistic thinking and emotions reflect in ambition as there are individuals who transform their reality into nobler ones since they are determined to do it. Ego plays significant role in creating one’s reality since one could easily be driven to go good or bad way, but it requires maturity.

Freedom and wealth require maturity on how to make use of them; ego requires same aspect and mechanism in making use of it in proper way. When any given thinking and ideology goes out of normal scenario due to the fact that freedom and wealth are excessively practiced and translated, the end result of such thinking is bad since the end is justified by the means, which are excessive freedom and wealth. Any given thinking becomes a disease; when it gets bad ideas in it and disease happens when things get out of balance. In such aspect of life, ego is like fire which consumes people’s realities for bad cause and reasons.

When a person lives ego free life, one could say, I cannot live with myself any longer. This means one is in divorce state of being. And one decides to live a life of ego free environment since one is separated from one’s past or present in which the future is something different than is and was. They say, egoic mind ruins since one cannot truly be at ease. Ego is a reality that bonds person’s achievement with personality or individuality in which a given person is egoistic since one loves, which is the way and what one really is that is defined.

Ego, in psychoanalysis, is a term denoting the central part of the personality structure that deals with reality and is influenced by social forces. According to the psychoanalytic theories developed by Sigmund Freud, the ego constitutes one of the three basic provinces of the mind, the other two being the id and the superego. Formation of the ego begins at birth in the first encounters with the external world of people and things. The ego learns to modify behavior by controlling those impulses that are socially unacceptable. Its role is that of mediator between unconscious urge and acquired social and personal standards.

In philosophy, ego means the conscious self or “I.” It was viewed by some philosophers, notably the 17th-century Frenchman René Descartes, I think therefore I am, which is translated and interpreted by others in a way that, I do not think therefore I am not, and the 18th-century German Johann Gottlieb Fichte, as the sole basis of reality; they saw the universe as existing only in the individual’s knowledge and experience of it. Other philosophers, such as the 18th-century German Immanuel Kant, proposed two forms of ego, one perceiving and the other thinking.

As such drama of life is going on, most egoistic personalities are the types of people who do not care about what is going on around since they revolve around themselves and they are pretty much concerned about their own stuff in their own way. Although it is not as such life and death thing to know about certain aspect of life in this world since they do not affect us in our daily routines. Our daily routines are occupied in settling our daily bills and needs in which most people are occupied by family routine and personal activities. But, at one day, there are certain things that could hit the beyond family affairs and aspect of their life, and then, they start asking and questioning few things in life. Such aspects of life could affect the whole dynamism of any given society.

For instance, there are certain things that affect one nation and there are other aspects that affect two or three nations. Contradictions and conflict are becoming more useful and important in this world in order to create relative unity and peace than peaceful things since in contradiction, people learn many things and conflicts and contradictions are becoming instrumental in unifying and integrating people when they seek solutions to the problems they face, which is one thing people could observe as they learn the history of this world. Conflicts and problems give people more energy and enthusiasm in delivering solutions.

In fact, one of the challenges and difficulties people could face in settling disputes is the ego factor. Few problems and difficulties take longer since there are two types of problems which people face in everywhere the first ones are the real problems that happen as result of actions and reactions people make in their daily routines, and the second ones are those problems that are created out of people’s imagination and they are not real problems and they can get easily removed as people are not ego centered.

People are egoistic, institutions are egoistic and other entities are also egoistic. In such egoistic personalities and egoism world, it is not possible to resolve many complicated issues since ego adds fuel to the fire. When people are egoistic, problems get complicated than get solved since such people fight between egos, in cases they forget on why they are fighting, which are problems, and they could be found meddling contrary to what the problems are since they forget the real things, they fight with positions or status or whatever personality they have in their given office or whatever. And in such cases such people forget on finding root causes to the problems they face, they end up fighting with egoistic thinking and personalities than talk about problems they face.

When people join small size and content institutions, and people who join big and gigantic institutions, the requirements could be similar but the magnitude of such requirements vary according to the nature and character of such institutions. They should be freed from egoistic thinking and personalities since egoistic attitude and thinking have in most cases destructive and negative impact on the undertakings any given institution is having since ego in most cases interferes on the person’s own plan and vision, and it could be setback to the individual, what more or worse thing can happen to the person next oneself since ego is like an opium due to the fact that the more egoism one develops, the more possessive one is. In this case, detachment and courage plays eminent role in shaping one’s reality.

While such theater of life exists on this world, individuals interact in such given institutions since institutions cannot function without individuals and they are maintained by group of individuals with adequate knowledge, required skill, useful attitudes and other factors which are necessary and useful so that the integrity and competence of such given institutions are preserved. Hence, members of such given institutions make that given institution function and operate in way their personal realities along with synergetic effect they bring about create and they formulate the destiny of their society as well by the decisions they carry out in performing their daily routines in their offices.

One of the things one wants to deliver in here is the ego factor in which there are basically four types of ego factor which one could observe. The first one is the ego factor at any given individual level. The second factor is the go factor at group level which is related to group egoistic aspects. The third aspect is the ego factor which is reflected at any given institution level. The fourth factor is the ego factor which is reflected at society or community level. Each of them has their own peculiar characteristic and nature, which depend upon the nature and makeup of object of interaction and communication.

Ego manifests within a given individual in different ways and a manner since the reflection of such reality depends on the nature and character of the person. The egoistic personality of educated people and the egoistic character of a lay man cannot be similar since achievement plays significant role in shaping the reality of such people and thus, people vary on who they are based on the type of personality and achievement they have acquired on this plane of existence.

An achieved person is more egoistic than layman since achievement plays eminent role in the egoistic path people have in life in which ego is an intriguing human nature which manifest thru the process of time as people develop certain actions and reactions in life. When an achieved person reflects ones’ ego level to another individual or to another group or society, one reflect on the nature and character of the object of interaction accordingly.

When any given group of people reflect certain egoistic thinking and behavior, such ego level and thinking vary according to the nature and character of individuals who join such given group. The ego level and color between achieved personalities and lower class of people cannot be similar and equal since the achieved people are more egoistic than the lower class people who formulate their own group. In this case, the lower class people could be humble or they could show humility where as those people who are achieved and who formulated any given group.

The same is true to the egoistic thinking and behaviors that germinate and activate within a particular institution or societies and between institutions or societies too. As institution is formulated by rules and regulations along with policies, individuals face struggle and constant fight with their own egoistic thinking and behaviors along with rules and regulations, that they should abide and they live with constant struggle and state of being of questioning their integrity and individuality.

One asks, where’s the proof of this greater reality, the ego factor? And there is offered only an analogy: a series of scientists can get together and state that all the scientific proof and arguments for the fact that lemons are sweeter. However, all one has to do is to taste, once, to realize that there is this whole other aspect to lemons. Eventually, the proof lies not in intellectual arguments, but in being touched in some way by the consecrated self within and without.

This is like the person who has tasted the burning aspect of fire for ten minutes and a scientist who explain on historical background, objective, mission, strategies and other form letter aspects of fire cannot have similar grasp since both are knowledge, the knowledge of the experience and the knowledge of literature reviews are very different. When both learning are integrated, one good thing can be achieved. The ego factor that is derived out of experience and the ego that is derived out of book learning also vary since the nature and character of both egos are different.

The former is like the air within the balloon and the later is like the cover or the plastic aspect which looks great and big. However, both shrink and convert into nothing when small and sharp needle is put on it since they are fake and empty and they look great since they are never tested and challenged by such small and sharp needles. Ego is a tricky and intriguing human nature and character which seems existing and real, but it is found fake and empty as tough tests hit it.

I love the Buddha’s great definition of enlightenment as “the end of suffering” in which Nirvana is the station one can reach out of enlightenment and refinement although there is nothing superhuman in that is there. Of course, as a definition, it is incomplete due to the fact that completeness can be derived out of incompleteness and it is not even possible to be complete since there are always certain amount and kinds of spaces that exist in human existence and experiences of life, and it only tells you what enlightenment is, no suffering. But, what’s left when there is no more suffering? In this case, the ego factor is dead.

Or the super human experience or being is an extraordinary activity that goes beyond ordinary human activities and experience of life in which the ego factor cannot have any control over since it is already governed and controlled by super human activity and power. In such way, one could live with the controlled and suppressed ego environment or the ego free environment in which in the former case, one lives a life which is sophistry since one could tend to think that there is no ego, but it manifests according to situations and conditions, but in the later cases, one could live a life which they claim and call, the selfless one in which the I factor is dead and buried under oneself.