Wrongs as Rights

September 22, 2014

Marx and Engels conceived of communism as a society of abundance, equality, and free choice, but the rest of society that do not belong to such school of thought and those generations that come afterwards perceive Communism as dead, community of oppression and dictatorship, in cases of greed, along with inequality and discrimination and also as impractical, obsolete and novelty reality. Such contradiction in perception of realities is obvious and common way of life. Hence, people look and define on who they are based on what they think, understand, interpret and comprehend realities of life.

However, there are still people of communist thinking and ideology in which the remnant are still looking forward to such school of thought since they find it realistic, practical and appropriate to the world which considers inequality, injustice and unfair way of life as regular and common in its daily routine and undertakings. While living in such paradoxical world, one should make a pause in here since it is quite right time to meditate on certain aspects and matter of life in this world; it is because one thinks that one is responsible citizen.

Few people could choose natural darkness than artificial light since they like to be close to nature where as others prefer artificial light from natural light since it is more of décor thing and gives comfort to physical eyes. They say, artificial and fake people like artificial and fake things. In this case, when people are interested in artificial ones, they look superficial, they could prefer to say, for any given idea which can fly, this idea cannot fly since they tend to forget few and crucial things in life. Every idea has a right and obligation to fly since it is an idea. Idea is something a lurid in here, and it is something considered as an idea when it has organized and systemic thinking in its content.

Every idea has every right to get translated to objective reality. The first point is the idea exists in one’s mind. The second step is it gets distributed to the next person. The third step is it gets translated to practical reality by one person. The fourth step is it also gets translated by other people. This is natural process and flow of any given idea since every idea is like a seed. First it is borne in one’s mind, then it get birth to one person reality and life. And then it is seen evident by many people since they see it and they see it translated in their own homes and reality. This is very natural and obvious.

When people claim that be the change you want be before you change others which looks sophistry claim since it is not possible to be the change itself since change is not something that has an end point, but rather it is a process and never ends. This depends on what type of eye glass people wear since there are certain people who live the life of the change they want to be, but they have no clean and clean eye and failed to see what they are and thus, they keep on giving destructive critics on those people who already live the life of the change which they claim and they aspire for.

There are many reasons why people cannot be holistically and entirely be the change itself which they claim for since the distance between any given idea and its objective translation is far and need two things. The first one is time, and the second is opportunity and exposures in life. In this given case, when anyone claims certain change to happen, the reason or the root cause for such change is derived out of critical thinking. Such thinking does not come by chance, but by observation, imagination, comprehension and analysis of realities of life. Hence, people need to take certain quality time to derive any given thinking since such thinking is necessary to the world.

For example, great thoughts that change this world have taken time and as they are practiced and they get opportune for such exposures to be translated into the objective reality, they work out true and thus they change the entire world to a different realm. This is one of the experiences of life in this aspect in this given world. No given thinking has overshadowed the whole earth overnight as they say, Rome is not built in overnight and the Chinese also say, one thousand mile journey starts with single step.

However, this needs faith and hope that such given thinking will work out true thru the process of time since everything needs time, opportunity and understanding and receptivity as well. This needs determination and conviction along with courage and detachment. Sacrifice is borne as result of such processes and actions and reactions, in which when people are faithful and determined, they sacrifice to the cause or whatever thing which they claim truthful or something that deserve to sacrifice. It is just automatic and one comes after the other since they are interrelated and interconnected realities of life in this world.

What makes any given thinking fail or any give ideology to be impractical, in cases, is sabotage and conspiracy even if such given idea or thinking is prolific to the future and the world at large. Conspiracy and sabotage are enveloped under power and money in which money talks in every language and culture along with tribes and tongues. What make money such powerful agent of change is still mystery and misery since those people who have money are in most cases not scientific people and thus, money does not anyone to be scientific in order to multiply it with exponentials. Money often attracts those people who are not that educated and scientific. And thus, it could not be possible to think in scientific manner in order to multiply it with trillions.

One of the reasons why most educated or scientific people are into money thing is that they assume and believe that money is the process of life where as others think and believe that money is the end subject and object of life. In this case, fighting and all kinds of bad things exist in the money realm and process of life since they assume that money is the end of everything. To those individual who assume money is the process, they do not allow such bad aspects since it is just one of the top priorities of life and necessary aspect of life due to the fact that they have already employed the tool on how to secure money in their life, which is their profession, skill and the like.

Societies in every part of the world have employed bad mechanism in securing money into their accounts which are related to superstitions. Most are rumored that they go for witch crafting and other unacceptable source and methods of obtaining money and wealth in different mechanism, but they justify the success which they obtain by fake and wrong realities since they cannot be good examples and they will lose respect from societies which they respectively belong. This exists in all societies, be it developed or developing societies.

Due to such and other factors, great and prolific thoughts benefit the mass at large, but they are found fake and wrong, where as the wrong and fakes ones are found working on stage. This is reality since the existing thinking and ideology benefit only the few, but the truth and reality should be in a way that the mass should be beneficiary from any given ideology. The imbalance of power and wealth in this world is not only unjust and wrong, but also unacceptable and scary as the worse is going to come on stage in near future since existing ideology gives power and authority to few people and the mass is deprived from such blessing.

The point in here is that one wonders as to where this world is heading as such imbalance of wealth and power is on stage, in which the gap and contradiction that exist within and between societies is getting wide and wider, which is a reflection of mal-management and administration of public and state affairs. In other words, existing governments have failed to narrow the gap that exist between and within societies since the ideology and thinking which they promote is wrong and they have failed in delivering the right benefit and rights to the mass, but they keep it working since they have wealth and power.

They say, money is not properly speaking since it is distributed in wrong way and manner to members of societies. Money is just tool which those in charge and power have fabricated and thus, it goes distributed accordingly. In such way of life, conspiracy and sabotage is the key and significant actors of such dramas since advocators of any give system are the primal beneficiary of any give system which is obvious. When such people try to revolt against the system, they get easily removed. It is a simple mathematical and arithmetic formula to know this.

While such huge theatrical drama is going on, it is possible to guess that existing governors like the way it was and is and they want everything to go in way as it was, by doing few plastic surgeries since they are sacred of new thinking and practices, and the like the box they are in since it is warm and comfortable and it has its own merit. It is not simple idea and matter to reverse such huge human drama in way that the mass should be beneficiary. When the mass is beneficiary, it is obvious to imagine and think that the few will no longer suffer. However, in world where few enjoy comfort and luxury, it is plain fact that there are people who can die of hunger since greed is the result of such human activities and experiences in terms of wealth disparity and other elements of life.

The seed and root of money is money. Money is not come from a tree or sky, but it is derived in most cases out of trade and commerce. They say, trade or commerce is just legal robbery. Most people become rich out of bad mechanism and method of acquiring income, and in such mechanism, it is not possible to expect healthy society and communities since such way of life is manipulated and tricked by wrong way of developing economy and wealth. It is not possible to create health society by wrong and unacceptable means and way of life.

In this case, leadership of any given society is in jeopardy, but they assume that everything is all right and safe, in reality, they are not safe. When wrong is repeated many times and occurred in daily lives, it is assumed that it is right and regular since people are accustomed to such way of life. This world has been shaped by significant wrong things and aspects of life and thus, the wrong is assumed as right. The moment people are aware, it is good start, and when such awareness is further processed and independently investigated, then it is better and nicer, and at last, when people reach to correct decision and start working to reverse the wrong human drama to right ones, this will be one of the nobler achievements people can make in life.

Good people work on the good ones and they are reserved to involve in changing the bad ones to good ones since they do not want to sacrifice. They like the good ones and they are happy to join such causes and activities of human way of life. Better people are those people who work on betterments of this world and they are happy to reverse the bad ones to good ones since they need better things in life. Best people are those people who involve in good activities, are happy to change bad one to good and better ones, and they also come up with new and different ideas to transform this world into better and best place.


Catastrophes and Opportunities

September 15, 2014

They say, from catastrophes, opportunities are borne, and they also say that  extinction has a cause of evolution rather than the result of it is perhaps best demonstrated in terms of our own ancestors—ancient mammals. During the time of the dinosaurs, mammals constituted only a small percentage of the animals that roamed the planet. The demise of dinosaurs provided an opportunity for mammals to expand their numbers and ultimately to become the dominant land animal. Without the catastrophe that took place 65 million years ago, mammals may have remained in the shadow of the dinosaurs.

Khalil Gibran said and as it is quoted many times in various places since it is necessary and relevant to the point of time people live at this point of time, which goes like, perplexity is the sign of knowledge. And knowledge is derived out of personal experiences and exposures people face in life, as natural inspiration in which the source is not known and as result of people’s capacity and ability to interpret and understand things in correct way. When such means and methods of acquiring knowledge are combined and integrated, useful and truthful knowledge emerge as result of such mix, humanity and this world then make use of such aspect of human life.

When people correlate and relate experiences and exposures of life with natural environment and the surrounding atmosphere, they get many answers of life than what they obtain from school and other people who are by products of schools since schools and other people tell us very limited and known things. But when people relate such given personal experiences of life with nature and surrounding environment, they learn and obtain natural knowledge and they could solve many of the personal difficulties in life which they face.

Extinction is not exclusively a natural phenomenon since there are human and artificial factors due to the fact that human have demonstrated the power to cause extinction and to upset the world’s ecological balance. The excessive use and exploitation of human freedom results in extinctions to those values to those that are precious and useful to the world and humanity at large. People use their freedom and power for both productive and destructive purposes since selfishness and self centered approaches of life is the one that govern the entire world in many aspects of life in this world.

We live in world and time that freedom and freewill of few people overrides and deletes the majority in which freedom and freewill are exercised and practiced in way the past and old fashioned world is designed manipulate the current and the future as well. In such theatrical events and drama of this world, courage and detachment are key aspects which people seek to demonstrate along with knowledge and wisdom since such trend of life will surely change the functions and activities of this world to a different color and beautiful shape due to the fact that ignorance and arrogance are the ones that shape this world which are inherited as wealth from the past life and world.

Scientists have often studied systems by breaking them down into their most basic components, such as cells or atoms, and the same upholds true to social reality in which this is not the time when people accept everything as tradition or culture since this was custom or tradition in past. Things should be sorted out in way such systems function and should be broken down into pieces and facts than take them fore-granted and accept them as legitimate information and treasure since they are historical heritages and treasures of any given society.

History is made up of politics and the way few politicians and figures of societies wanted to be and that is why in cases historical realities are contesting and mere opinions than people take them as facts. There are many controversies in historical aspects of any given nation or society since history is about what happened in past and such happenings are understood and interpret in way such happening merit a given people or figures of such segment of society. Otherwise it could be neglected and ignored since such happening has no merit.

What could be important in here is that people learn great deal out of passing difficult situations and conditions of life since the learning that comes out of bad conditions and circumstances of life are unforgettable and they are indeed noble learning. People learn big deal out of bad things as good things are nicer too. In such cases, the wise learn from other people as the foul never learn since they wait until they taste the fire and the burn.

One wonders as to the trend and hidden drama that are on stage in which such dramas are discovered by those who have discovery eyes. The obvious people see obvious things and aspect of life while unique people see unique realities and aspects of this world. This is just matter of eyes. It is not the size, height and width and color of eye that matters, but the content and ingredients of the eye which goes deeper and further. Few eyes could see what other people hear whereas others see what is not even heard and seen, since they just see what others could not see and others could not ably tell. They have such gift.

In death, they sense and see life; in darkness, they watch and sense light. The eye they carry is not about seeing and watching, but also goes far beyond these aspects, it gives them the power of understanding and comprehending realities with their multi dimensional aspects of life and reality. They see and understand life far beyond what is already know and discovered, since they can ably see what is not seen and yet undiscovered.

Historical trend of this world has told one big thing to the world at large which we live in world of war and peace. The two woes that occurred in this world such as the World War I and II, have brought relative unity and peace on this world after such catastrophic events in the history of nations in which such relative unity and peace this world is undergoing is a result of the bad conditions and difficult circumstances this world has passed due to the fact that such opportunities are raised and borne after such disastrous and ruinous wars of resources, properties and loss of human lives.

For instance, when a person sees a carrot, the person see it far beyond it is a stick, usage, pros and cons of life in which such given aspect of the carrot is not seeing it as if it is a stick, a root or vegetable, but one simply in today understands its vitamin content, for what type of disease protection and prevention it can be used, and its excessive usage and intake could result in its complications and negative impact on the health of any given person, without taking such data to the mind and rational of any given personal idea.

Accordingly here are many aspects of life and this world in which there is no need to be rocket scientist or an atomic power researcher to figure out the pros and cons, the hidden drama and strange incidents, the bad and good and so on that are going on stage since the internet technology, movie industry, gossips and rumors, people stories and experiences in life and other such given aspects of life that shape the people of the world in nicer way and in an alert manner.

That is why, society, individuals and institutions, whatever different kinds of vocabularies or new wordings are tagged and put on them, they live in such days in suspicion. The mistrust and confusions and contradictions that exist between such three actors in this world are result of past catastrophic events and processes of life and they lead such agents of change in this world in such amorphous shape, though they look they have forms but their inside is amorphous.

We live in such paradoxical and balloon like world in which most of the things we see on the outside are fake and empty as people go inside and further. This is one of the aspects of life in this world. One just play the game they play in which the referee of the game sound is dead and until the referee come and get back to the stage, one feel like playing on what they play on. In such world, chaos and confusion in this world is considered as order and clarity since people are accustomed to it just like the person who takes shower with cold water as the cold water goes on and more and more, the person could assume that one is taking shower with hot water.

The Ladder of Past and Future

September 12, 2014

Any given individual has different types of realities and life, which vary according to one’s thinking, belief and the way one is shaped by the family and community one respectively belongs. And one lives one’s own life according to the way such conceptual frameworks dictate such as one’s own, family and community and society where one belong and when one lives away of life something that does not belong to what the majority think and live, one is considered as strange or unique since one has different way of life and thinking which the majority do not like to share or cannot share.

In such aspect of one’s life, a given individual can have various styles of life in terms of one’s interaction with the surrounding environment such as another individual, institutions, society or community and other aspect of one’ life. These are what an individual thinks within oneself, but one does not share to others, what a given individual think and one shares with other people, what any give individual rejects, but others believe and think and so on.

While such theatrical events and drama of ones’ life is going on, one wonders as to what other people think and translate in this objective world, concerning the idea and thinking of God and other abstract realities in their daily routines. These people are divided into three aspects. The first ones are very traditional and they go to one extreme and thus their love or blind belief they have for the divine tend to take them to be fanatical in their thinking and beliefs. They confuse their nationalistic feelings and thinking with the idea of the divine, which is very contradictory and even confusing.

The other people are the types of people who live with the valley of search for something, the inherit thinking ideas from past generation and society they belong, but they still question and they think that something has to be done since reality proves something as true which is contrary to what they think and believe in, what they believe and inherit are not working and they think that revolution or something new and different thinking has to be on stage. They think that revolutionary ideas are good since they ask for change to happen, whatever ideologies are on stage, due to the fact that reality proves them wrong.

They seek newer ones, but they are not sure of them since they are suspicious. They seek different ones due to the fact they are bored of existing and older ones. Confusion is the state of being for such people, and majority of the population who is educated and intellectual belong to such category. They live in the middle of two realities which are the old ones and the new ones yet to happen. In such state of being, fear manipulates their reality and thinking since they have middle life and middle way of life. Such people take the lion share in every society since they think, but they lack courage and confidence as result of such thinking and way of life they acquire.

The other types of people are those people who are always ready to change for something in which they think that something has to be done regardless of what society or community which they belong inherit as treasure, be it culture or belief or historical treasure it possess for centuries and ages. Such people are revolutionary people in which they could destroy what the society has developed for centuries and ages, as far as they found it impractical and unrealistic, they reject historical treasures, cultures and other aspects of life with society considers as values.

Life in this world is game that is going on between such aspects of life. In all cases, one wins the other, one is merited by the claim one has for years but the trend this world is going in case is far beyond such claims such people do since life is not only about what people know, understand and translate, since there are other and different aspects of life that happen in mysterious way and manner which is far beyond the human calculation, imagination, thinking and comprehension of men, angels, divines and other aspect of the human life.

In such world, it is always good to have open and reasoning minds since there are occurrences that go contrary to what people think and wish. Life has no definitive recipe. Belief is the result of people rational and emotional way of life in which convention is an aspect that dictate people’s life and thinking. Culture is the totality and sum value and thinking of people way of life. God is the result of human imagination and understanding of realities in life.

The happiness and well being of any given individual , society and institution is manly dependent upon how far one is open and ready enough to accommodate those ingredients of life such as material, intellectual, emotional, spiritual elements and so on and any given individual is happy by material, as others could be happy by emotional elements. Any given society and and institution could be happy by intellectual elements of life as others could happy by spiritual elements.

When such elements are combined and integrated, the well being and stability of any given individual, society and institution is securely established. It is obvious to realize and consider  that any poor nation and society is happy, when they obtain material benefits since most people and society are happy when they obtain what they lack in life, and they can not go far beyond that. However when there are individuals and society that are happy, even if they lacks such ingredients of life, there are quite something within them and one should think and contemplate in here since happiness is not something that can be reached out of fake and artificial elements of life.

However, people should use what exist on earth as rudimentary aspect that help them to reach at certain and any given point they want to reach due to the fact that what exist on here is the result of experiences and exposures of life, although they are not complete and perfect. People seek something from what is already on stage and that exist on the earth so that the future is something that can be derived and found out using the present and past as ladder to find out the noble truth and the truths yet undiscovered.

In such discovery of the undiscovered but what exist due to peoples incapacitated and unwillingness to see the noble truth, people should combine and integrate all aspects of life so that the truth and the future can be melted together and they can be better and best. Hence, past helps as treasure, present is an aspect and as resource people should consider, but the future is the crucial aspect of their life since people should live up to the truth and it is possible to create the Truthful Future based on tricked and falsehood and deceiving past, but people should have the right mindset although the future is non existing, it is possible to invent it.

Stages of Existence


September 1, 2014

In one of the days in life, I met someone one whom I knew in past life and one was wondering on the issues that given person was trying to entertain, and as an experience of life, those people whom they like saying in their conversations which they make with others, trust me or count on me and the like are the types of people whom one trusts least or no trust should be counted on such peoples undertaking or one does not count on the promise they deliver.

When people like saying such words such as trust me and so on, it is one indication and one could understand what is written or spoken between such lines in way that they have lost trust from other people as result of their exposures and interactions and communications they had with other people. In most cases, one found out that such people are cheating type or tricky ones. This remind me to people whom one knew in past life in which the man was kind of liar and the woman was kind of cheating type wives and anyone who interacts with oneself by using such phrases of communication, one is forced to relate anyone with such people even if this is one of the biases one could have in life.

And coming back to conversation one had with that given person, one was thinking as to how far and up to when shall we live with such styles and stereotype thinking and approaches which all are destined to pass since they are working under a system of life. And the person asked, are you willing to forgive me for what I have done to you in past, and I replied, I do not understand what you are talking about, can you explain further on why and what you did so that I can have time to rationalize and think on how and when to forgive you if you deserve to be forgiven. And the person was the type of person who like saying, trust me and the like, which one hears with one ear and neglect with the other.

Life in these days are about rational and reason than the traditional since one lives in the path of thinking which needs to be figured out. As a man thinks, one rationalize and reason out and reason is the power that is embedded in one being. People should be forgiven if they do bad things on others on unintentional basis. Otherwise, it is just waste of time even if such practice is done by God, any prominent person or system or way of life since it is very wrong and unacceptable. They always say, forgive others so that you could be forgiven. And such practice aggravates others to do bad things since it does not stop deliberate wrong doings on others. In fact, one should ask forgiveness when one does bad things on others on emotional basis or out of control things, otherwise whatever bad things people do on others should not deserve an apology since they are done on deliberate manner.

When people are forgiving, they smoothen the interaction and actions and reactions that go between people and amidst people since people regret and they ask an apology due to the fact that they commit bad act on others without knowing and realizing the consequences of such bad acts. However, when people ask an apology while performing deliberate bad act on others, such people have killed their sense of shame in their own reality and they do not have sense of shame which makes their personal reality under danger even if they look nicer and they have prominent position in any society since one of the virtues and virtuous things of being human is to have that sense of shame and regard to others. While intentionally committing bad and asking an apology, this tells who they are and such people do not even deserve such forgiveness. When people commit bad on other unintentional basis is being human, but to forgive others while they commit bad on other on intentional basis is stupidity and foolishness. This is pointless and useless.

One of the most important aspects of life in this world is on how society formulate its own inner social reality in which the ingredients that bond people, individuals and the society at large is crucial aspects of such life since they affect the daily and general dynamics of any given social reality. The time and energy people spend in building and destructing such given realities affect the future prospect, present aspect and the type of development any given society seeks to undertake. In places where culture and belief dominates any given society, to be scientific and achieve scientific progress is chimera. Such traditional styles and way of life hinder the progress any given nations aspire to achieve.

Scientific way of life is not dependent upon the amount of money people have in the bank account, the type of household they have in their own respective household, family size and status which they do, but rather it requires everyone in the community or society to have scientific thinking and approaches and way of perceiving realities. Not all educated society or people are scientific as they say do not judge the knowledge of divine since the person wears cleric hut, since such claims are sophistry and tricky. In cases, education lacks strength and power to remove traditional beliefs and thinking, and people are meddling between being traditional and being scientific in their given undertakings.

Hence, such society and people mostly live in fixing what is broken than plan and work on the future based on reason, arguments and making use of scientific justifications and truths in order to construct true social reality. When the inner social reality and the foundations on how such given social reality is constructed and established are fake, wrong and inaccurate, the entire structure and image of such social reality is directly related and connected with such basement. How come one expects strong band beautiful building complex having an ice basement since such basement is conditional upon weather types and one could not find trace of such building as strong heat and light hits on it?

And those who live and work on such building could think that everything is fine since they are daily working and living on it and they have not tasted the real disaster in their daily routines. They could take most things as fore-granted, but in reality, they are not. They never faced challenging aspects and they could think that everything around them is working for them. They could even create sense of comfort and confidence out of wrong conditions and reality of such building. However, when the real damage is come, it is not something they can hide and deny and since reality speaks louder.

Experts in the field of development state that there are three stages and states of being which people face in their adulthood and these are connected on actions and reactions people undertake regardless of type of societies which they belong, type of things they do on daily basis, and such stages of existence are survival, maintenance and development. These three stages of beings are dependent upon the type of state of being they have developed and acquired thru the process of time and life. And thus, people vary on such state of being which they choose and undertake in whichever environment and society they live in.

Survival means just getting by, a state that is like a shipwrecked sailor afloat on a lift raft in hostile sea struggling to any particular wreckage. Maintenance means reaching a safe balance between ourselves and our environment where with luck will come out all right. Development is the only state that people can control and determine over.

If survival is like a swimmer in hostile sea, maintenance is like a plumber on leaky boat, development is a like an oarsman with a course, a plan and destination, one could think about where everyone belongs according to such given analogy, which illustrates the types of realities people have in terms of their stage and state of beings accordingly. Where are we?

Accordingly, one could relate such given analogy to different aspects of human lives such as individual, community or society or in terms of any given institutional lives and state of being and people can judge by their own on where they are and who they are based on such given way of perceiving realities of lives.

And one was wondering in here a life which is combined and mixed of such given aspects and states of existence in life in which at one time one lives as swimmer, in another time, one lives as maintainer and in another time and condition of life one lives as developer in which development is the core concern of one life and thinking. These are mainly dependent upon on the type of social reality one faces, situation and circumstance of life which dictate peoples objective realties and one inner vision and realities of life too.

When society lives as developer as whole, it is health sign of success. However, most nations in the world live as swimmer and maintainer since they are tied up with up daily routines and they do not have energy, zeal and focus on the future development even if they are heard claiming, they live the life of swimmer and maintainer. These are detected by the chaotic situations and conditions which the society they lead face and live. People are heard of complainant of what is going on within the society and they are not satisfied in the life and conditions of the world they live and belong. Hence, they are force to live as swimmer and maintainer. People live such life out of no choice and they are obliged to accept.