Conservatism and Stringency

August 26, 2014

It is quite fascinating to realize on the thinking space that exist between any given individual in due course of time, which they call, the time when the paradigm shift occurs and before such happening is come on one’s life, and between individuals as well. And one was wondering on what people think, such as from silly to abstract ideas—which is subjective and relative and contextual—and the time frame and gap that exist between a given thinking and its translation to objective reality, which vary on different kinds of circumstances people face and due to many different factors, internal and external ones. This is one aspect of one’s given life.

As a man thinks, one creates a space between the old oneself and the new oneself since thinking is an energy that galvanize and transforms one whole being and reality in to something else. And the space that exists between oneself and others will increase by virtue of such thinking. In this case, it is not possible to regress and see the back, but one feels and thinks something different about oneself, other people, the environment and the world at large. In this case, it is easier to change cooper into gold than bring back such person to old oneself and old aspect of one’s life who is transformed into different reality and being by the instrumentality of any given thinking a person has. Hence, one lives in different realm that one only feels and knows.

When any given individual develops certain behavior in life, in terms of thinking and working on such given thinking on consistent manner, meaning for years, not months and days, which is regularly repeated behavior pattern, an action or pattern of behavior that is recurring so often that it becomes typical of somebody, although the person may be unaware and such way of life is known as and considered as habit. And such habits have dual effects on the person’s life. These are constructive habits as there are bad or destructive habits. The habit of reading books and the habit of smoking are few cases that relate to such given aspect of habits and human life.

Stringency is useful as it has its own destructive part. Great peoples in this world have this character which is considered by other as threat and bad, but such people are heard of the merits such rigidness contributed in their undertaking and they are successful towards the things which they regularly do in life since they stick to the plan and visions they set in life and they do things accordingly as well. In stringency, they develop certain habits and customs that lead to kind of discipline on the way of life they set and develop. As they stick to what they think and believe in, they at last become successful and they rest assure of the final victory which they seek in life.

Such attitude or way of life is done in group basis; it becomes custom or tradition which is something that people always do in a particular way. This is like in cases for those people who interact and communicate based on profession or hobby, they develop certain pattern and thinking and way of life since it is their work and the type of things they do have an impact on who they are, what they think and they are dictated by certain thinking and mindset and as result of such group mindset they formulate; they communicate accordingly and they develop certain custom according to the practice they have in life.

While such practice is enlarged in bigger scale and scenario such as in terms of nation building, it is done under political ideology in which people acquire their nationalistic feeling and thinking by a given political program in which a given politics serve as being instrumental in promoting and promulgating peoples’ emotions, feelings and thinking they have towards their nation and country which they particularly belong for a given period of time. Such given political ideology develop certain guideline in administering any given nation; it has its own disciplines and rules. It tells its citizen on how to pie, where to pie, why to pie and the like.

The same is true in creating imaginary communication and communion people want to make and have towards the Absolute Reality called, God, in which religion plays significant and major role in helping people to create both vertical and horizontal relationship they want to create with the Super Power and with those people who live on the earth. Hence, religion helps as bridge in creating what people desire and wish since they want to live with certain type of belief and faith with the absolute reality and thus, they create something. As political ideology dictate, religious ideologies govern people’s behavior, attitude and thinking. They ask their adherents which way, what, how and when to pray.

However, conflicts and contradiction arise when people think and believe that there is only one single rigid way to create nation building or create certain type of communion with the absolute reality. We live quite in different century and time in which people should seek alternative methods and approaches in creating and building nations and making their own communions with the absolute reality. Nation has been built upon imaginary concepts in past, politicians have played eminent role; and the same is true on the connection and ideologies people make with the absolute reality, advocators of religions have played prominent role in shaping peoples’ belief towards such reality.

Rigidity and conservatism have been what this world has undertaken and is undergoing, there is no such flexibility in many and significant aspect of human conditions and lives. People and systems are flexible as far as those significant matters do not affect their shape and form, but the moment such significant thinking and changes do affect the entire shape and structure of the form, even if it is true and real, people and systems are change resistant, even those people and system who think that they are ready for change or they claim that they can bring about change to the world. They always forget something.

This is one of the becoming natural characteristic of this world and its peoples and adherents. Change resistant is not normal way of life; it is one of the universal sicknesses this world faces to date, thru the entire history of human kind. The most important aspect of such life should be, not on who originate the idea and the concepts, but rather, what the concepts are and the advantages and disadvantages. Even if it has its own consequences, if the matter is true, people and systems should acknowledge accept the truth whatever costs it makes them incur. Past and history has cost this world very much since it dwells on personalities than the truth. One should not necessarily belong to the royal family or to the root of Abraham or whatever in order to come up with ideas that can transform this world.

Bias and prejudice have been the root cause of the sickness and social traumatic conditions this world has faced to date. This world has inherited not only good aspects but also the bad aspects, bias and prejudice are in cases considered as correct and true, in fact rightful realities of life. Most do not even realize that this world has undergone universal traumatic conditions of life, and they pretend as if it is not, and they relate such traumatic conditions to poor nations and societies of the world, in a world the scars are still on the rich nations, whose reflections and manifestations in their life is shown by the stressful and arrogant society they have fabricated and created to date.

Whilst such scenario of life is going on, in which bias and prejudice along with change resistant conditions of such given world, life is no easy since it is not possible to change fundamental and significant things in this world. This world has been created not only with the sun and moon things, but also with the root of Abraham theory, the royal family hierarchy and style of life, western democracy and supremacy thing in this world and the like.

In such given world, it is not possible to think of significant change in this world, but this world welcomes all kinds of changes that only give comfort to the comfort zone and world it already creates to its own world and to date since it is only possible to change the type of flavor an ice-cream has than the ice cream itself even if the wrong is gone to the ice-cream. Otherwise, they consider any thinking as wood worm, as beasts and the like, they confuse their given political ideology with its respective religious mentality they have on stage and they complicate the lives of those people who are ready and determined for such major and big change in this world.

Habits, custom, tradition, culture and ideologies are living in companionate marriages along with other types of companionate marriages this world has undergone. Hence, any given individuals measure and value anything according to habit, culture and any given political or religious ideology one follows and practices. When the big scenarios in which individual’s standards and measurements are made are inaccurate and wrong, the way and what that given individual thinks and values is wrong and in accurate. Hence, the blame shift thing goes on and such act and thinking become usual routine and could in fact be considered as normal way of life, which is insane.

In this case, the individual has two choices. The first one is to correct oneself and come to the right and accurate standards and measurements of life by oneself than go with the blind move and way forward; the second one is to correct and rectify the system, and bring those systems that help oneself to come with any given standard so that one performs a task as responsible citizen to the system one belongs, not only by adhering to what the system says and tells, but also telling that that given system is wrong, delivering constructive critics and should correct itself for its own sake.

For example, a nation could be built on past or historical values, present conditions and future aspirations. The most important aspect of nation building is not past and present, but future dreams, wishes and aspirations. In this case, there is no wrong any given nation aspires the most elegant wishes since it is nice to aspire high and it does not cost anything. But, the point is that wish by itself is no guarantee and has no value, but the strategies and tools any given nation uses in order to implement and reach to its future aspiration is the vital aspect of any given wish. This is the most fundamental aspect of a nation building.

When there is common understanding and consensus on the nation’s future aspiration, accord in past and present matters is simple since future is the one that determines past and present. Even present condition has no that influence since determination, zeal, enthusiasm and detachment are the most significant aspect in reaching and working to the future aspiration. In reality and as one’s part of perception in life, future is non-existent, but it is possible to create it. It is possible to invent it since it is future. It is easier to create the future than correct past and present since it is not yet come and it is in people’s hands.

Although past and present conditions are the basis to the creation of the future, maturity of such people who arise to create the future of any nation, which is the determinant factor and element of life in here. Do they focus on goals, visions and processes, or do they prefer to dwell on the blaming, blame shift approaches of life, regrets or whatever destructive and negative constraints that pulls back or is set back to the progress of that given nation? There are few things that come void of reasons and arguments in this world as they say truth is derived in two ways; the first one is by scientific method, but the other is with faith and conviction people have to certain matter, which is belief.

When one thinks of creating the future, it is not with the intention of putting lion and sheep in a house together since the lion will continue consuming the sheep as far the law of nature does not change. But rather, it is with, the intention of integrating both methods of acquiring and reaching to the truth in which the combined effect of such truth do have an impact in creating better destiny and bright future to the nation and the world at large. Although past and present have an impact on our future, the future is still in our hands.

The point is that are people connected in good things or hating the bad ones, love or hate, which is the most important matter. People can be united under two conditions. The first one is out of love for something; the other is out of hatred towards something. When people are united for the love of something, they in most cases release good and positive energies since they are embodied by good things; whereas when people are united since they hate something in common, they do no achieve great results since the bond is hatred.

In order to create a prosperous nation, people should delete their hatred towards to the ruling class, which is the primal cause and responsible in manifesting hatred between such peoples, but they should create immense love and treasure to the nation which they belong, love and long for. In this case, the case of the lion and sheep still remains constant, but the love and affection they have towards their nation should win their hearts and minds since the question is not about past and present, but the fate of the nation towards the future. Where are we heading?

When people have belief or faith towards common nation building, they do not give spaces and rooms for suspicion, but rather sacrifice, courage, determination and detachment will be on stage. In this case, strong nations will be on stage since it has strong basement. Otherwise, when people live in suspicion, remembering past sours and sores of life, the future of any given nation is under jeopardy. The present one is under paralysis since history and past is accountable for the existence of present bad conditions of life. Hence, there is no point that any given people could respect its past, by having bad present and worse future.

Since future becomes common concern, individualistic ideas, group concerns and thinking and other divisive matters do not have enough space since future is derived out of past and present failures and past and present strengths of nations. Identifying and sorting out weaknesses and strengths of such nation indeed requires capacity since what is considered as good values could be wrong or what is considered as weakness could be found as the contrary. Thus, it needs quite good time to reflect on such given values, on the impacts and consequences of such values in the life of society and its relation with other people.

The realities of life in here has two features; the first one is scientific approaches which cannot be rejected since it is scientific, and facts and information are certified by objective methods and evidences; however, the most difficult aspect of life in here is on those truths derived out belief or faith since such aspect of life is subjective and relative. In this case, time tells the truth, it is time that disproves such wrong and untruthful conditions of life since it is not possible to deny certain realities when they face except accepting them as evident even if people believe them as true, but proven wrong in due course of time. In this case, those who like to continue being tricked can continue, but they do not last longer, but those who have obtained the truth will live accordingly.

We live in time and nation that it is possible to think deep inside, but it is not possible to translate and put into practice what one thinks deep inside since people still survive with traumatic conditions of past and present day rulings and they are not willing to open and give chance to the multitudes. All of them are successful in creating their own islands and those people who are residents of such given island. In such world and nation, it is difficult to imagine bright destiny of nation to the future unless and the ruling class is well determined and willing to change the way things are and open its many doors to everyone who belongs to this nation. Everyone is equally responsible and accountable to this nation, those who claim they love their nation and those who do not.

Economic growth is not warranty to justice and security within a nation and its people but it gives an opportunity to do much better things to the society at large and to the future of the nation. There is no point that any given nation creates rich people who have access to such economic growth, who have huge mansions, deluxe automobiles and the like, who are responsible creating wealth imbalance in any society while living amidst poor nations and poor peoples of the society, and such way of life is considered as norm; this is totally insane and it leads any given nation to chaos and frustrations at last. To be rich in poor society is a liability; it makes them to pay huge costs of life in different ways.

The gap between the rich and the poor, the space that exists between the ruling class and the multitude, the differences in thinking between the intellectual and the educated—as every educated person is no necessarily intelligent one as the vice versa is also true—the gap in understanding that exists between the educated and the lay man, and so on have an impact on the magnitude of change and the type of change any given society want to undertake. In societies where consumerism is the agenda of life and where the balance of societies lies, life become hard to those who think different and are thinking.

When most people are consumerism, they do not go far beyond in the level of understanding on why certain things happen, they just complain without understanding the root causes and they are simple to be tricked. When people become thinking, they try to see what is going on behind, they analyze on the root causes on why certain things happen, they cannot be easily tricked since they have better grasp than other people. Hence, there is need, they are determined to change and they change bad conditions to good and better ones.

In such society, it is very hard to have such future since such gaps and spaces between and within societies are always constraints. Unless and otherwise few people who have the authority, power and capacity to change the destiny of nation who have all kinds of perspective in designing and all kinds of resources to contribute, have joined efforts and are willing and determined to bring significant change on the destiny of a nation. This is not the day of armaments, force and pressure but, this is the day of thinking and perspectives. Those who think by armaments will be consumed by their own armaments. They are like tapeworm and jardias parasite stories and games of life. They consume with each other. Those who think better and bright will be triumphant. This time will surely come!!





One Overrides the Other

August 22, 2014

Time is one of the outstanding gifts of nature and life. People live base on time and they live in time. Although it is very hard to understand what time really is , people use time as tool to do many things in life, in time revolutions and revolutionary leaders are borne, in time heroes are borne, in time society perishes and reborn in thinking and value as well. Time is one of the precious gifts of nature and people vary on their usage and exploitation of time.

They say, time will tell, time will judge, time will tell the truth since there are certain things that are resolved out thru time due to the fact that such things do not need human interferences, but by the process of life, they are cleared out, things change in the process of life as time is governing factor. Time tell the truth. Few people have gambled in time as others play on it, and few have discovered something in time and others just live the obvious and traditional away of life which people are bound to pass according to the context and perception of society which they belong and there are members.

Life is like the way you take it on today take which does have an impact on our tomorrow since yesterday and today are the basis for tomorrow’s yet come. And one was wondering on why people live with conflict and contradiction in world where love becomes an expensive commodity item since the human heart is getting spoiled with many fake and artificial things in this world.

Such love is defined and expressed in many aspects such as the law of attraction, positive interactions, harmony and unity, peace and stability, the law of energy and force and so on. Everyone defines such love in a way their life exposure and experience dictate. When people love something like tangible realities such as another human being and intangible reality such as nation, religion or God, the way they interact, manifest and communicate with both realities differ since what matters is the object of love.

Most people prefer to show greater love to intangible realities whose reflection is measured on the degree of sacrifices they make towards the object of love than to the tangible realities such as another human being since the prefer to do much things to such realities. In reality as thinkers in former ages define such manifestation and reflection of love people should manifest to intangible realities thru the instrumentality of tangible realities, people still continue to show greater love and affection to intangible realities than the tangible ones.

One of the instruments people use to show their degree of affection they have towards intangible realities such their nation is politics and the other instrument which people use to reflect the degree of their affection and connection they have towards to the Absolute Reality, God, is religion. Both create certain kind of identity in which politics in case overrides the identities people want to create towards the religion they follow and the religion plays same role in overriding the kind of identity people create by the politics.

In fact, people in most cases confuse in applying what and when to use the type of identities they have already established within their own reality and thus people start living in contradiction and conflict with their own inner self, with their neighbors and wit the surrounding environment at large. When religion and politics is integrated in way one creates conflict with the other, it is indeed a catastrophic failure and reality people create in their own territory.

Politics help people in creating national unit and thinking between peoples of same nation, where as religion broadens such unity in terms of universal scale and level. Both unity and thinking are important since loving one nation does not lead in hating others but rather it gives a chance and a capacity on loving and appreciating others which have an impact on the global unity people should think and develop. Both can be integrated.

Otherwise, when people start appreciating their own territorial thinking and unity by neglecting other people treasure than lead to undermining the capacity and nobility of others, such people live in catastrophic identity crisis and conflict which cannot be remedied by any foreign mentality and pressure, but rather by their own reading for change and determination due to the fact that such ignorance has caused huge damage on their inner reality and thinking, in which the world will let such people realize that they are ignorant, and due to such processes of life and they learn on the consequences of what their arrogance and ignorance has caused them to find out which takes quite good time to reflect on.

Then, change will inevitable come and such people will genuinely start appreciate others, not on superficial basis but rather the world will given them nice lesson since there is much thing to learn from other society and people, other people have their own treasure and values which should be respected and acknowledged. Religion and politics should help people in integrating love, respect, dignity and honor people should have and give and value towards their nation and other people, since both are significant tools that increase or delete people’s love and appreciation towards such intangible realities.

For instance, there is fundamental and big difference between leading political party and fate of any given nation since a political party is an instrument that permits people to behave in certain manner for a given period of time. Any given political party cannot determine the fate of any given nation since it has its own term and fashion which cannot get along with the need and destiny of any given nation, be it civilized or modern state or backward ones.

When any given political party tries to override its limit, it breaks down into pieces and it will not survive any more. Political party has limit and is instrumental to forward any given nation to activate its own undertaking. Once the purpose and mission is finished, that given political party collapses, and another one replaces in its stead and will lead any give nation to certain period of time.

The same is true for any religious organization or any religion. When any given religious organization or religion tries to override its own limit, it has no such power to attract other people in its domain since the very nature of love or positive energies such religion emanates have an impact others people’s hearts and minds, and thus it is inevitable that it attracts. However, when such religious organization or religious ideology has no such influence over the people of the earth, it lacks something, and it has to revise or reconsider and check itself before the worse is come.

And one was questioning about story of people who live in abroad, who have built church based on ethnic concepts and ideas in which they want to create idolatry God as per the context of their political belief and mindset, telling their reality that God has certain citizenship or ethnicity. How come an Absolute Reality called God can be reduced and put under a container which has color, size, width and the like? This is very ridiculous thinking and idea in which such universal idea and reality cannot have limited shape and color since Universal Realities has universal manifestation and reflection than getting condensed and narrowed into limited way of life and thinking. This is one of the shameful act and thinking one share in one’s entire life.

When freedom is excessively exercised, it is a poison. Freedom is very natural and one of the human needs of life. However, such freedom is required to be exercised in civilized and trained minds. The amount of freedom any given society deserves and should have is directly proportional and related to the degree to which civilized and well trained minds it possesses in any given social dynamics.

For example, when people exercise and debate in intellectual thinking, there must be a moral consciousness that dictate their own reality as to how they can go and the limit they are bound to accept and not to pass, than the laws and policies society formulate in respecting and appreciating and welcoming other peoples views and thinking and nobility. In civilized mindset and society, freedom is must and basic need any given society should seek. However, in uncivilized and illiterate society, freedom will cost very much than it should be considered as basic needs and society should focus on those human elements that are important as priority tan they seek such freedom since it is like playing with fire and such freedom will vanish everything in any given society.

This does not mean that oppression should be on stage. NOT. Excessive freedom to person who seeks piece of brae will not help but rather people should be directed and oriented on setting their priorities of life such as the economic freedom and other related freedoms than insulting or bragging on others as if it is fundamental human rights which could put certain and other societies in danger if the amount and type of freedom society seeks is not clearly identified and sorted out in way it helps its economic aspiration and progress or not.

There is no western type of liberal democracy in China, but China has its own prestigious human values and culture by its own, and has shown profound and significant economic change and growth in past few decades. For few countries, western style democracy is venom. It is not even a priority since such kinds of democracy for few societies is not a priority to have strong economic reserve since their social structure and dynamics is not compatible to have such liberal and western democracy even if it is basic human right and ingredients of social life.

Human consciousness is the one that should tell what is appropriate or not than the laws and rules any given society formulate. In such given social dynamics and society, people know what type of freedom and the limits of freedom they should seek in life since they have learned thru experience and they have well trained mind in respecting and welcoming other people freedom and rights too. When any uncivilized society enters into civilized society in cases of immigrants’ way of life, life becomes more of haphazard and this is like a type of person who wants to wear a tuxedo suit in bare foot type of life style. They are incompatible. 





The Number Four

August 4, 2014

Over the weekend, I was reading an interesting article relating the significance of number four in religious history and spirituality in which the article wants to deliver that four is mentioned in few places in the Holy Bible, which relate to being holy or saintly character as there are number of things that are mentioned in the Bible, especially in the New Testament, which has four gospels, that persuade people to deduce that the number four is just holy number. This is very traditional thinking and belief, which forget the relation of such number four with kings and beasts in the Old Testament.

People relate the number four with something good and holistic matters and aspect of life since they inherit such thinking from their parents and fore-parents who are dictated by the belief systems and values which they give high value and respect. Although numbers have significant connection with objective realities as Spinoza pointed out that life is written in the language of mathematics, people could get confused when such given aspects becomes cliché in life and people tend to worship in numbers. Numbers and numerical values are, in fact, indicators of significant aspect of human life.

When doctors use numbers in telling heart beat or temperature, they use numbers and the numbers in here tell certain human aspect, status of the health conditions of life so that they can prescribe the appropriate medicine and deliver the necessary treatment otherwise they cannot do their jobs. Numbers are reflection of certain truthful aspect of human life but they are not something that they can do by their own since they represent and reflect something in life and they tell any given aspect of human reality due to the fact that they state certain truthful aspects and realities.

Having said this, one was wondering on a given experience one had while one used to live in abroad, there were people who tried to relate my stay there with the four new born babies in there, which they showed to me on a video projection while I had some kind of strange experience in there, in one of the rooms, in which two men and one woman was involved in acting such drama, and they showed to me all kinds of picture and photographs of many people whom I knew in there, they made me think that four children baby boys were born in my stay, four fathers and four children whom I knew although one had no clue on the intention of such peoples behind. I am glad that I am not the one who made their wives pregnant since I am very private person which they knew.

The other quite interesting drama is that there are people who correlate and make intellectual analysis and formulate theories and other scholarly features of their given undertakings, relating and correlating with the number four with the deliberate intention of making other people think something different in way their belief and value systems dictate, making certain types of analysis and understanding of realities with the number four relating with holy aspect or satan aspects of people lives though such way of understanding realities leads to stereotype of perceiving realities. This makes people live to be monotonous and even boring. Life has no definite recipe.

What is the number four beyond its numeric value? Is there genuine and true connection between the number four and other aspects of social and human realities? Why is four assumed as something good even if something bad could happen thru it? Although there are other connections and values people attribute wit numbers such as three, seven, nine, twelve, nineteen, one hinder forty four and the like since they are mainly and fundamentally derived out of belief, which is the major actor of such theater and drama of the human way of life and relating numbers and other aspect of realities of human lives.

In reality, there are certain natural and universal good and true things that are related to the number four such as, the four seasons, winter, summer, spring and autumn; as there are also four direction that exist in this world such as the north, south, west and east; there is a tendency which most people or societies claim by correlating certain aspects and features of their conditions of life by creating obvious connections with the number four. They also claim that the human brain has four parts. Can such connections be justified as being holy or devil?

There are also the following conditions of life that exist both in the eastern and western world in which both categories of societies and people try to connect and perceive the number four as if it is heavenly and saintly in character since it could be just the number four.

Four Freedoms, human rights principals formulated by United States president Franklin D. Roosevelt on January 6, 1941, in his annual message to the Congress of the United States. President Roosevelt made his “Four Freedoms” speech almost a year before the United States entered World War II (1939-1945). In his address Roosevelt envisioned a postwar world in which four freedoms would be guaranteed: freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. In a world society based on these principles, he said, no nation would be able to commit aggressions

In 1988 the US Congress abolished almost all mandatory jurisdiction so that today only a tiny fraction of cases now must be heard on appeal. The Court otherwise has complete discretion to control the nature and number of the cases it reviews by means of the writ (order) of certiorari. The word certiorari comes from Latin and means “to be informed.” The writ of certiorari is an order from a higher court directing a lower court to send the record of a case for review. The Court has long considered requests for writs of certiorari according to the rule of four, which says that if four justices decide to “grant cert,” in the usual colloquial phrase, the Court will agree to hear the case.

Confucianism itself was changing during the Song dynasty. The chief architect of what became known as Neo-Confucianism was 12th-century philosopher Zhu Xi, who incorporated aspects of Daoist and Buddhist thought into his commentaries on the Confucian Classics. He further abstracted passages from the Book of Ritual and combined these with Confucius’s Analects and the Book of Mencius to create a core curriculum for students entering civil service education. This collection was known as the Sishu (The Four Books), and these works are sometimes counted among the Confucian Classic.

Four Noble Truths (Sanskrit Catvari-Arya-Satyani), is the four fundamental principles of Buddhism, expounded by the Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, after his enlightenment in the 6th century BC. The first truth is the Holy Truth of Suffering: All existence is suffering (dukkha). The second is the Holy Truth of the Cause of Suffering: The cause (samudaya) of suffering is ignorant craving (tanha) for pleasure, striving for life, and the assumption that everything ends at death. The third truth is the Holy Truth of the Cessation of Suffering: Suffering can cease (nirodha) by withdrawal from and renunciation of craving. The fourth truth is the Holy Truth of the Way to the Cessation of Suffering: The path (magga) that leads to the end of suffering is the Eightfold Path.

The four-color theorem stated that four colors are sufficient to color any map, given that any two countries with a contiguous boundary require different colors. Mathematicians at the University of Illinois finally confirmed the theorem in 1976 by means of a large-scale computer that reduced the number of possible maps to slightly less than 2,000. The program they wrote ran thousands of lines in length and took more than 1,200 hours to run. Many mathematicians, however, do not accept the result as a proof because it has not been checked. Verification by hand would require far too many human hours. Some mathematicians object to the solution’s lack of elegance. This complaint has been paraphrased, “a good mathematical proof is like a poem—this is a telephone directory.’

Thermodynamics, is a field of physics that describes and correlates the physical properties of macroscopic systems of matter and energy. The principles of thermodynamics are of fundamental importance to all branches of science and engineering. The laws of thermodynamics, discovered in the 19th century through painstaking experimentation, govern the nature of all thermodynamic processes and place limits on them and these are the Zeroth law of thermodynamics, first law of thermodynamics, second law of thermodynamics, and third law of dynamics.

Whatever classification or category of people live exist and whatever way of perceiving realities exist, there are certain conditions and experiences of life that dictate and oblige people to perceive such aspects of lives in four features and aspects, but in cases where there are only three or five options or aspects of life and when people try to force their thinking and understanding to perceive in only four ways and manners, here, they live in dangerous intellectual area and zones of life since they are blinded and poisoned up with beliefs and superstitious that lead to wrong and bad end than they are guided to the true path of realities and life.