Virtues of the Genius

July 30, 2014

Most people correlate and relate happiness with the attainment of goals they set in life. This is one of the deceiving touchstones people devise in everywhere since such state of being is in cases confused with being better than others in world where such touchstones are relative and subjective, even are opaque, and being better than others are more of egoistic and phony and people could do much better than what they have already set as goals in life. In fact, they could do much better as result of such given capacity they already have acquired.

However, they claim that they are content, which could bring some sort of fake gesture of happiness in world they can change many things to better and best and they could do many other profound things better than ever. One of the interesting people one ever met in life is those people who have checklist on the type of things they do on daily basis, in which they make kind of check and uncheck things and they claim that I am okay in life. These people have devised their own way of life but they do not have adequate and complete touchstones of life since people in most cases are self-centered and their standards could not escape from being self-centered due to human nature in which people cannot get rid of, which could be positive and negative self-centered activities.

Last time, I opened an accidental conversation with someone since we met in café and we share a common table. And that someone is like one of the achieved person in town. And he said, I am convinced that life is less on what happens to me but more on how I act and react to what happens to me and the sum value and cumulative effect of such actions and reactions of life molded my reality and my life by now. Although such statement and saying sound familiar to me since I read it somewhere, but I realize that what the person says and what he is in reality are in conformity since he achieved something in life.

I, in most cases, take the spirit of what that person claims than the form since it is the spirit of the person that is more significant to that given conversation I had with that given man, than go for investigation to what that given person sayings since it is irrelevant, one does not spend a single minute on investigating such given conversation on the remarks that given person did, by going to the internet or other sources such as who said that, when, where, why, who and the like since it is just futile. Although, there are other people who should be checked on what they say since their motive or intent is not clear. However, that person delivered something and shared me an idea that has a good value and one appreciate and give respect to what the person tries to deliver than go on further checking irrelevant source since it is meaningless.

One believes and thinks that most people are successful in what they are doing since they have some kind of conviction or faith on what they are doing even if they live in amidst darkness and they live in most state of desperation, but they have one thing in their heart and mind, which they claim and call, faith or determination in what they are doing. What they do, they choose and they act is important, but what they believe in is something different and significant since such conviction is not something that cannot be imported or exported, but rather it is a conscious activity and thinking people germinate by their own. One call such conviction or faith as an energy or powerhouse that release unseen force to the undertaking people have or do in their daily routines and it is a driving force that catalyze what most people do in what they achieve and accomplish.

Scandinavian proverb says, faith is like a bird that feels dawn breaking while it is still dark. There is always one thing that hits my mind in which every proverb in any given society is used in form of parables and animals are good victims of such given parables due to reasons that they do not speak and communicate to humans in human way, but societies and people write as if animals such as birds and elephants or rats said this or that. They speak on behalf of them on ideas which humans want to translate and transfer to others. This is obvious and very traditional expressions of passing ideas and sharing experiences of life. We inherit such traditions and go on since we find it appropriate especially in cases when people would like to express their own ideas in different manner, it is a nice way of expressing and describing views too.

The most successful people in most cases are those people who go against the direction of the wind or they are like the law of gravity since they have some sort of determination in what they think and believe. This does not mean that they think and do in opposite to what the mass says for the sake of obtaining such success, but rather what they think and believe in is germinated out of personal experience and exposures and this could be contrary to what the mass think and even if the world gives its back to them, they do it in their own way and style no matter strong oppositions they face in life, they just keep going and doing it. We call such people and they are known as genius people, but they are not arrogant.

The word genius means innate talent. It derives from the Roman mythological belief that everyone has two guardian spirits which attended from birth to death; geno is Latin for “to be borne”. One of the spirits was a good genius, and brought good fortune and the other was an evil genius and brought bad fortune. And accordingly, the name genius is given to those people who have demonstrated outstanding human achievements, endurance or accomplishments.

What make genius people, genius, is one of the interesting aspect people seek since everyone wants to be genius, but the few only posses it since it is derived out of efforts and choice people make in life in which whatever choice and decisions people have in their daily routine will somehow have cumulative effect on the foregoing process and future destiny of their life and reality. What do people find in being genius—knowledge and discovery, courage and confidence, money and wealth, fame and rank, power and authority, respect and honor, arrogance and pride, ego and selfishness, happiness and joy, sorrow and pain, freedom and liberty, slavery and oppression, and what more else?

Tony Buzan and Raymond Keene in their book entitled “Book of Genius” define on what it means by being genius; according to their researches which they made on those people on what made them genius or, in other words, the characteristics of genius people in history and they displayed the following qualities, as one of my sources of references indicate, though one did not read the mentioned book:

  • Vision: the ability to see yourself in succeeding your goal
  • Desire: the passion or wish to accomplish the goal
  • Faith: the belief that you will succeed
  • Commitment: the willingness to act on the vision
  • Planning: the definition of how to realize the goal
  • Persistence: the dogged determination to reach the goal
  • Subject knowledge: a thirst to know about your subject
  • Mental literacy: an understanding of the brain’s power
  • Positive attitude: a belief that things will work out
  • Intuition: the ability to sense that something will work out
  • A master group: a team of others who support you
  • An internal master group: a mental image of supporters
  • Truth: an awareness of what is true and real
  • Courage: the ability to face fear and go on.

These are indeed awesome attributes of what it is to mean by being genius and as one goes on the checklist and verify the claims amongst the genius people in history, they have almost most of the characteristics stated by such authors who have made wonderful researches and delivered profound ideas. People can be less than what they can be or think and imagine or greater than what they can imagine about themselves for many possible reasons, due to internal and external factors and reasons as well. Thus, people end up in being dull or genius in life for many reasons. Such characteristics cannot be acquired in artificial way, but they are very natural and they are what genius people acquire since they live in the valley of genius-hood and city of the genius.

When people are self actualized and live in higher state of purified or reconciled personality, they do things independently since they just enjoy them doing those things. They think that it is possible to change things and they are confident and courageous to change everything in life. They prefer to transform and convert those uncomfortable things and people that are found in their surroundings to comfortable and conducive ones and they face every situation and problematic conditions with confidence and they use such hard conditions of life as opportunities to do something good and better things in life, and thus, they become successful in overcoming them.

Such people are liberated people since they do not attach anything to personality, it is to mean that they do no interpret things in superstitious ways and manners such as they face bad things and conditions of life since they are bad people, but rather, it is part of human activity and this is one of the facets of this world and they manage to change convert bad conditions to good things and they are bestowed with skills and gifts on how to do such things in good way. Most accomplished people on earth have passed many difficult conditions of life and they are challenged by many bad things and conditions of life, but they overcome them and they do not even surrender to any one of them. They are good examples of life since they tell something on how to have a good life on this world. This does not mean that one uses every recipe of life they apply, but life on this world is contextual and one uses one’s own accent of life.

As there are good people who give good things and are helpful on daily basis; there are also bad people who become obstacle and give bad things in life on daily basis. Both live hand in hand and one should be aware and alert of such people on the action and reactions of what they deliver than on what they wish and they think since what they think and they act could fall apart. One should know on how to face them since they need skill and gifts on how to manage such people with what they call the wisdom thing so that one live with good things of the world even if one is surrounded by bad things and bad people around.

There are few things that do not change and are useful and so important in every century and time of human life. These are universal and they do not have any citizenship, religion, profession, politics, color, race, sex, age and other human category and class and conditions and features. These are patience, serenity, fortitude, insistence, tolerance, forbearing and the like since people obtain something as result of practicing them since they are helpful for such people who acquire them in order to avoid mistakes and failures. The more patience and tolerance people acquire while living amidst bad conditions and bad people, the better fruits and noble results people could see and obtain since change is inevitable and inescapable aspect of this world and human conditions of life.

To add one more characteristics on what genius people are is that they live in forest amidst the big cities in which they could not find anyone who could resemble like them in character, thinking and attitude since they think and live different live. Life in here becomes a matter of thinking which makes them unique and they live by their own state of mind and thinking, since it is the state of being that dictates their reality than changes and chances of this world.

Henry David Thoreau says, “All endeavor calls for the ability to tramp the last mile, shape the last plan, endure the last hours’ toll. In the fight to finish, spirit is the one characteristic we must possess if we are to face the future as finishers”.


Espionage and Its Relevance

July 24, 2014

Sources revealed that total U.S. spending on intelligence gathering during fiscal year (FY) 1997 was $26.6 billion. The figure includes the budgets of the CIA, the National Security Agency (NSA), the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), military intelligence, and other intelligence agencies. This figure is 17 years old, and it is possible to guess that such figure has tremendous raise in the current year, but it is surely at least two or three fold times greater than the total operational and capital budgets poor nations allocate in the current periods and years, which is obvious.

This indicates that intelligence work is not game or something people make foolish and garbage drama. This is not about labeling and removing people whom few people who have authority or prestige in any given community dynamics do not like. This time has passed. This is about obtaining truthful information. This is about sorting out dangerous ones against useful ones. We live in a time that the truth of any matter will be sorted out whatever time and energy it takes, the truth will be out on the stage. Healthy and capable intelligence office can reach and derive the truth of any matter in their own good time while those defiled and sickened ones still indulge with fabrication of fictitious stories to make the false as true.

When any given intelligence office is established in a nation, the primal and major function of such office is to fill the gap and space, which is not filled out by both military and police force and other government agencies and offices so that such offices could function in nicer and health way. The most important and useful task of any intelligence office is to provide useful and important information which are helpful and truthful data so that correct and true decisions can be made by such given offices. Otherwise, if such intelligence office is structured to mislead and deceive such offices and the society at large, it is better not to have it since it is working in wrong and bad manner, and it lacks integrity and is not even honest to the purpose and function of being an intelligence office.

The purpose of having an intelligence office is no to make the false matter to be true or to convert any false idea to be truthful. In this case, if there is such an undertaking, the resource, time and energy of the public and society is wasted for nothing since such an office does not protect the society, but rather it takes the society into jeopardy and hell. In this given case, such an office has to perish or reborn in value since it is not doing its job in the right manner. Intelligence work is not about informing and knowing the obvious thing but rather it is about knowing the hidden and behind drama that is going on so that it alerts government and society from the shocking tragedy they are going to face.

Intelligence office does not take the society and government to bad and wrong end, and guide them to make huge mistake and failure by delivering wrong and false information on daily basis. If it does so, such given office is not capable to reach and investigate to the point of truth due to the fact that finding out the truth needs capacity, or else there is another drama and intention behind such undertaking, which tell that such intelligence office uses trick and other untruthful data for removing people whom they do not like. In this case, such given intelligence office does not worth to be considered as intelligence office since it does not accept truthful conditions and matters and it lacks integrity and honesty in its undertaking.

There is a trend that is going on this world that when they do not like few people, they fabricate fictitious cases, they rumor all over, and they gather all kinds of data that are helpful to remove such people. This is very traditional approach. We live in world and time that whatever intelligence work is done, it should have truthful ground; lie, trick, deception are old way of life and they are obsolete. Society is hunger and thirst of the truth and truthful aspects of life. Thus, it requires knowledge, skill, attitude, determination and courage, faith and conviction. It needs to be virtues to work with truthful base. It is not religious dogma and those politically religious organizations that dictate the truth but rather the truth itself since the truth has no specific or particular home and place.

Modernity in intelligence work does not entail and accept any kind of false undertaking since every nation and society is trying to forward itself to the path of truth since truth is homeless and has no definite group. Everyone seeks the truth in one’s own way. There is no need to have only one way or belong to same church or book in order to find and come to the city of truth since we all live in the middle of this world; and in such world and processes of life, all inherit both truthful and false matters and conditions of life. Although it is very hard to come to this level of society and way of life, a society void of false and deception, everyone is in the process of seeking it since all live in boredom world which is falsehood, deceptions and tricks.

If any given intelligence office does not fill the gap and space that exists within any given nation with data and information that are reliable and accurate, it has failed in meeting its objectives and goals. It puts suspicion and mistrust between the state, society and individuals in any given nation and people feel confused and frustrated in life since they could not obtain truthful ideas and decisions which affect their daily dynamics and routines of life. Especially, when such an office wants to make any false or wrong idea to be truthful, the goals, strategies and tools and others means and ways it employs are wrong since wrong end cannot be justified by correct and right instruments due to the fact that the beginning is false which even leads to wrong and bad ends. The cost, time and energy it employs are useless since it is doing nasty and garbage drama and job. It is just waste of time and energy. Its capacity and undertaking is originally tested by the skill and knowledge it already possesses in sorting out truthful and falsehood ideas.

Professionally, intelligence work or Espionage, is defined as, the secret collection of information, or intelligence, that the source of such information wishes to protect from disclosure. Intelligence refers to evaluated and processed information needed to make decisions. The term can be used with reference to business, military, economic, or political decisions, but it most commonly relates to governmental foreign and defense policy. Intelligence generally has a national security connotation and therefore exists in an aura of secrecy.

When secret and hidden dramas are going on, which are known as plots, such office obtain information ahead of time and save any given society from the danger it is going to face. It is in very fact the minds of any given society since they know things before they happen. Such an office listen to the heart beat of society so that the heart of any given nation could function at normal heart beat and temperature. However, what is going in the current world is that they tell you the obvious, they state that Mr x wears black suit and underwear, he was in such restaurant having coffee with woman and the like, which are obvious ones and trifling matters and aspects of life that lead to silly way of life and make any given government dwell in trivial matters and aspects of life.

Doing intelligence work in secrecy is the nature and character of any given espionage work, however this work should not be confused with making or converting any false idea to true, but rather this is about sorting and finding out any truthful thing which is operating and functioning in hidden and behind, and there is clear difference between converting any false idea to truthful condition and find out any truthful drama behind and under cover. Although secrecy does not give chance to tell the truth in clear manner since it gives opportunity to spread the false information as true since the task is done in secrecy.

When any given intelligence office cannot tell any definitive conclusion about any given matter and it takes long years to arrive at truthful, not with false or deceiving idea, then it lacks capacity or the matter it investigates is wrongly perceived and understood and thus it should revise and reconsider in different perspective and angles with its methods, processes and ways of investigating any given matter; when the matter takes complexity in character and nature, and thus, it should be revised and should work out harder so that it can be able to reach to the point of truth it should, otherwise, it is like a virus or bacteria to the government and society where it belongs since it deceives and mislead the government and the society at large.

In this case, such given office should be re-checked and reinvestigated further on the types of information it supplied in past so that many wrong and bad decisions done based on such given office should be re-considered so that future can be good and brighter taking lesson from past mistakes and failures. The first method of telling such given office is unreliable and inaccurate, is by ignoring all kinds of data it delivers at present as far as that matter is not such significant ones; the other is sorting out such past data so that future cab be road mapped nicely so that appropriate personnel of capacity can be deployed as the exigency of the time permits which will reinstate the health of the government and society.

The consequence of corruption in the intelligence office ultimately leads to the corruption of the government who make decision based on such corrupt office even if the hands of the government is clean, but it make biased and wrong decisions based on biased and wrong data. Although it is not possibly to verify all kind of information, it supplies by the intelligence of due to failures of such given office, it is accountable and responsible for one thing, not identifying and sorting out by such an office is bad and corrupt. This kind of office is like a cancer since it disturbs and kills the rest part and organ of the society as it expands and it is not early cured and totally remedied.

For instance, every nation in this world has its own intelligence office and they have organized offices and structures. In the United States, the Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA, is the main agency for gathering secret information that may bear on national security. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI, has the primary responsibility for counterespionage activities within the U.S., coordinating its work with the CIA, which is responsible for such operations outside the U.S; similar office is organized and under function in Israel, which is the MOSAD, and the Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (KGB), of the former USSR, but now for Russian Federation. Every nation has its own intelligence office and network as well.

These offices live the life of cat and rat in which one live spying the other, one lives inventing and fabricating case and crime on the other. They live a life of complicating their daily routine with each other. These are offices which complicate the lives of many people well as they save society from dangers and jeopardy. One should work on the check balance of their function in which what balances is the most important aspect, is this the good or the bad, since it is time to make a pause and think little bit further. Society is in fact pretty much aware of the conspiracy drama and theory they fabricate all over since the public find out information from many other and different sources to verify their claim.

Most relate and claim that the breaking down of KGB from Soviet Union large network into different and broken down pieces of its parts after the break of the Soviet Union is initially plotted by CIA. In the wake of the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the breakup of the KGB into several new units, the mission of the CIA came under reexamination by both Congress and the administration. At least initially, the agency remained responsible not only for the collection and analysis of information, but also for counterintelligence overseas and for various forms of covert action (political intervention, secret propaganda, paramilitary activities) that require deep secrecy.

They say, in reality, espionage exists in a secret world of deception, fraud, and sometimes violence. They are instrumental to the political strategy and methods nations employ since they are gadgets of political agenda. They are purely reflection of the political agenda of any nation. They propagate and protect any given political agenda of any nation. They are puppet of government politics than they serve more of the public interests and protect society’s advantage in societies where the government and society lives in state of divorce since the balance of power in such given nations are maintained and controlled by the use of armaments the government possesses.

In such societies, the intelligence work and offices lives delivering anesthesia to the public on daily basis so that the society could take everlasting and eternal siesta so that such given society could not even have its own sleep in its own good time and the public could not have its own dreams and nightmares due to the fact that it is injected a deep sleep by such given offices on daily basis. In this case, it is better to stay away from any possible information sources such given offices broadcast and deliver since this is the only safe and free approach so that people can be freed from the type of anesthesia drugs they are provided.

One of the most common approaches such offices employ as common practice all over although the act could have different magnitude and potency is the attention diverting drama they have everywhere. They could fabricate something and they publicize, which might not even deserve as such magnification and propagation, but with sole and intention of attention diverting agenda. However it is useless to make individuals victim of their sheet drama at the expense of such foolish display, which is still most do not get it. In this case, most people divert the source of information which they receive since they always think and speculate that there is always a conspiracy theater going on behind and thus majority of the public will be captives of sources of information of the opposite ones in order to arrive to the point of truth which they seek.

Veins of Knowing

July 18, 2014

Knowledge, wealth, culture, politics and belief are partners and they are married with one another in this world since many years back and this world lives with kind of polygamy relationships in which one is married with the other on alternative basis and on simultaneous manner. In cases, knowledge seeks the company of belief, and it does; in other occasions, culture seeks the company of politics, it does as well. Whatever and whichever company they have and make, all of them have their own offspring’s in this world and life goes on as the world continues to advance its own civilizations and life to the future.

They have off springs like discoveries or inventions, science and education, philosophy and thought, system and way and art of living as well, which are borne as result of combination and interaction of two or three even more of such elements and causes of such mentioned life. There are also unprecedented off springs the future is going to bestow to this world since it is very hard to predict on how the future should look like due to the fact that prophecy is one of the risky businesses and no prophet has precisely told us about the future and fate of this world and its people except mere hope and promise which they claim and is found in their armpit, which cannot be void by any deodorant spray on earth.

In such way of life peoples’ undertaking, and as result of people’s exposures and experience in life, in which opportunities and choices of life do matter, people know something in life which is limited and dependent upon educational factors, profession they possess, business they have and daily routines they do in regular manner in life. They have various levels and station of knowing things which are mainly dependent upon the access they are provided and opportunities they create in life. People know something in life and such people vary from no knowledge up to highest level of knowing things and they live accordingly.

In such given world, knowledge has different kinds of layers which depend on how one obtains any knowledge. Knowledge here is about any information people obtain which is considered as general awareness of information, facts, ideas, truths or principle of any given aspect of life be it about people, events and ideas and discoveries which people know in the process of life. Hence, people know as result of experience and exposures they have in life.

The first type of people are those people who know nothing and they do not have any information about specific people, particular event and any kind of idea and or discovery that is going on the earth. These people live in the ignorance level in which they are not even aware and they do not have any information about any given matter and aspect of life. This is the ignorance circle in which such layer does not allow people to know or obtain any information due to lack of interest or access to information.

The second type of people are those people who know something out of hearing in which they just hear or they took from other people and they do not have any access to have it from other sources or they do not want to obtain any given information due to lack of desire or intent to know further. They just hear and they do not have any other information other than what they hear. Hearing is the source and means on how they obtain information. People have both truthful and false information, in cases biased information and they live with this kind of mindset. The source of information they obtain matter on the type of decisions and choices they make in life.

The third type of people are those people who obtain information on what they see since they have access to obtain information due to the nature of functions they undertake, opportunity they are provided in life and desire to know things further and thus they prefer to go and watch things from the source so that they can have better knowledge and grasp on the matte or things which they want to know further. This is different and better level than the previous ones. What they hear should be certified on what they see as they say, seeing is believing!

In such valley and city of life, such people are those people who know something out of reading since they add one other faculties and senses; they start to understand things and they try to relate and correlate things, what they hear and what they see, which could lead to understanding something on what they read, thinking, memory, analysis and other things are better utilized although they also exist in every human activity such as on hearing and other activities. There are people who understand what is written between the lines as there are people who understand on what is on face value. There are people who understand things far beyond what is written as result of their own understanding level, which could vary on the type of maturity people possess.

The fourth types of people are those people who taste something in life, which is connected to what people feel and think about any given matter which is found out as result of peoples experience and practice on that given matter and aspect of life, and this is greater level of knowing in which it is experiences and exposures of life that make people to know better aspect of any given matter since experience is higher level of knowledge.

The fifth type of people are those people who find out something as result of the experience and process of life in which they find out better and higher level of knowledge as result of passing certain experiences. For example, people could face any given aspect in life which might be strange. In such given case, people face all kind of processes such as tests and difficulties or whatever obstacle life could deliver them. With such processes of life, few people enter new city of life when they overcome all kinds of things they face.

The six type of people are those people who know something that does not exist on this plane of existence, which could be considered as—hallucination or personal imaginations—but they happen something in future time and years in which such people know something that actually does not exist, but something that is going to come and happen. They might know what is hidden, but not manifested in the outward and objective world in terms of knowing. This is different layer and station of knowledge in which the dwellers in this city are by far better and greater than the rest since they know something.

In all levels and layers of knowing, truth and false live hand in hand, it is dependent upon the experience and maturity of the knower’s ability in identifying, sorting out, investigating and researching and coming to definitive conclusion in terms of any given undertaking. They say, the false spreads and reach to every ear quicker as the truth works and goes out in slow motion. This is evident and real. This is what is observed in this world in which the false in cases could possess mansions and everything while the truth lives in cave and shallow.

With all such theatrical events of life is going on, it is important and essential to know on what other people think and act since we live in cat and rat world, and knowing what other people think is not about telling them who they are or not since this kind of life is more of speculation and wild guess people can make, which could lead to disappointing end and dissatisfaction when people try to overpass their limit and act on what they have known on speculations. There is a big difference on level of thinking between those claims done by others who say that they know what other people think and those who possibly know future events and happenings due to reason that both are separable elements of life.

Knowing future events is a thinking that few people claim in which such experience and practice is not something that can be generate by the person, but the person receives information from different source which one is not sure or one cannot tell but few people claim that such information come from unknowable essence which they think that the power is God. But, in case of claim dome by others who think that they know what other people think, the source of information to the person who claims one knows is the person who thinks although such style of thinking in most case is done by wild guess.

These people are called and widely known as prophets and psychics in which both are separable functions and claims. The prophet is the one who knows and sees future events but the psychic is the one who claims that one knows what other people think. Both are different ways of life and thinking in which the former is mainly dependent upon unknowable source in which the source is not even controlled by the prophet oneself, but one just receives information and tells that such information comes from unknown source which is known as God.

In the case of the psychic, one claims that one knows what other people think which is mainly dependent upon what other people think. This is good when such gifts are used in order to protect the society in a time and situations where secret games and foolish dramas are going on behind, such gifted people are helpful since they inform the mass on what they know, to investigate and make decision is up to the society, but not to such individuals, otherwise, if this is done for the sake of playing foolish and childish drama and garbage theater, it is futile and waste of time. People should use such gift for productive purpose to obtain noble fruits that benefit the society at large.

Various level and types of knowing exist in this world which depend upon peoples’ taste, opportunities of life, ambition and desire, need and want. People vary from people on what they know, how they know, where they know and why they know. Hence, people live in different conclaves within this world, knowing with each other and also not knowing with each other. And they meet at some juncture of life since they join at a cross section on a point and such given point make them friends—whether they know each other or not—and the moment they start joining in order to promote for the success on the thing which they know in common; they here become coworkers.

The point and drama of life is not on how people look like and who and what they are, but the drama behind, the experience and exposure of life on earth which is personal and contextual. A given people could sound nice to few people eyes and minds, since they could come like as tourist and such people are nice to the tourist like mentality. However when people live on their daily and regular routines, they have different image and they could be bitter. Few people could be like as wine in which they could be like souring at the beginning or on the outside, but as people take more wine, the taste will be different and becomes sweeter. This depends on the type of mindset people have in life. Fake people admire and respect people with similar mindset.

Whatever thing people know, in whichever method people know, people cannot be similar and equals since they have different taste and way of life. Few people change their way of life as result of shift in thinking which they call paradigm shift whereas others live with stagnant mentality, they live for 100 years telling similar stories, analogies and preaching of one bird to other people. Few people could traditionally think when others change their way of life and thinking, they get lost though such people who change could obtain different and better life than the lifestyle they used to have and belong. Freedom is nice thing to have.

People vary on the choice they make in life. One is interested to talk and live with new and different thinking and sharing different experiences of life than telling about one bird for time and time again. When people change in outlook and thinking, they meet other people who resemble in thinking and choice since the law of attraction is the one that governs their life and their future, not past thinking and people and system of life. Past is gone, but the future is different.

Success VS Failure

July 14, 2014

When the Brazilian government wrote a letter—at the commencement of this World Cup—to the religious organizations, requesting their blessings since it was host nation in this time, most relate such demand in way that Brazilian would win the trophy of the world cup beside the strength and skill the team has acquired in history and its own good-time although the Octopus in Germany has passed way few years ago. However, Brazil could not renew the history it wants to rewrite by its new authors. In fact, it was forced to take an embarrassing lose by Germany that beat over 7-1 in the semifinal, putting to an end the dream and drama of Brazil’s journey to be on the final stage of the trophy.

The God of Germany was dancing over the God of Brazil, on the Brazilian soil, the first in its kind and history, a host nation losing by such wide goal differences, whose psychological impetus add its own flavor to the German team, which hold victory of the 20th. World Cup beating Argentina with a win over by 1-0. History repeats itself after 24 years with similar incidence with shift in T-shirt did happen to Argentina as was in the case before, but with a different history making, a European team wins for the first time in the Latina American soil. Few things happen for reason, and it is not possible to change. Germany deserves to take the World Cup.

William Shakespeare said, the world is but stage, and its adherents are the actors; this is quite an astonishing statement and expression since the theater in this world is unending due to the fact that the actors change from time to time, but they perform similar dramas and in cases they perform new and different ones as they did in soccer, but such new and different history making stories do not bring significant change on the life of the society except delivering certain kind of emotional satisfaction or anxiety which depend on the nature of the story. What could vary in here is the color and flavor since such changes lack strength and momentum to bring about the right and significant change on the lives and conditions of society at large due to their nature and character.

The condition of the world, in one aspect, is better since there are no such organized wars and the number of organized wars between nations are getting in decline; but the threat that affect the condition of the world is becoming worse, in another aspect, such as terrorism which put the lives of innocent civilians and citizens under big jeopardy. Both optimistic and pessimistic attitudes, thinking, feelings and conditions of the world are going hand in hand.

Whilst living in such paradoxical events and drama of the world, there are basically two types of people in which the first ones are those people who get achieved and the other ones are those who fail in their daily undertakings they do in their life. This world is ready in welcoming both kinds of people, in past, present and future. What is different between people is the color and flavor and taste of life they have in life since such aspect of life depends on people’s capacity—understanding and perceptions they have for life and this world too.

Achievement and success are certifications and warranty given by others to the type of things people do in their daily routine and undertakings. When people get achieved, they feel happy since they feel and think that what they do are recognized and acknowledged by others as something noble. Thus, they need this to happen in their life besides the good things why do on daily basis deliver since they need to be recognized and they want to know that they are paid attention by other people. Attention grabbing is one of the natures of human realities since people live within social dynamics and they want to make sure that such dynamics is active and takes a part in their life.

However, the drive and the motive behind such recognition vary from person to person and the magnitude of such given success varies accordingly. What is interesting in here is that there are two types of successes and achievements people possess in life. The first ones are recognized and certified; the second ones are not recognized and certified, in fact they could be considered as bad or curse but later on, and as time permits, they are considered as success. They are not recognized and certified since people have no capacity to understand what those given achievements deliver due to lack in capacity and gap in understanding on what that given achievement could deliver, which requires quite a mindset.

When people are highly achieved and they somehow obtain prominence in their daily undertaking within the society, such as in education, profession and whatever thing which they do within the society and community they belong; they want to be recognized as good and someone in every day activity. And this kind of feeling and thinking gives birth to an attitude in way that they are always perfect and complete and they want to be accepted by the society even if they fail and commit big mistakes in life as if they are correct and truthful, in which they make the union between egoistic attitude and fearful thinking, which make them to be instate of self denial and which lead in cases to self deception.

They do not want to fail and make mistakes in life especially in the undertaking they are successful that can be related in their profession or whatever for dual reason and these are ego and fear, since they are egoistic in attitude and thinking and the other is from fear of failure. Both conditions and state of beings are results of the desire to be number one and hold top rank within the making up of any given society. They want to stay in power and authority, and hence, they do not want to accept failures and mistakes they commit in life and they suffer because of these major aspects of their life and they get to deny certain human realities and aspect of life. Life becomes hard since they cannot accept failures and mistakes. They make hard choices not to accept failures and mistakes in life.

Prominence and fame people acquire in any given undertakings make and feel such people to reject inevitable human realities and inescapable human conditions which are mistakes and failure to do the right thing in certain circumstance though they become successful by doing right things. When people are achieved and obtain certain success in life, the probability of making mistakes and failures on the matter they get achieved will not allow them to make grievous mistakes and be on failure due to the experience and exposures they already acquired, but such given attitude and thinking make them deny, in one aspect, they are humans who cannot make mistakes and be on failures and they get tricked by the success they already have and they should reconsider and rethink on such aspect of their status and life before the worst comes.

When people are achieved, they do not make ordinary mistakes and failures; in fact they make grievous mistakes which could not be noticed and considered by the public and the mass as mistake and failures due to gap in understanding and capacity level of the mass, in fact the mass could consider such mistake and failure as something correct since they are the ones who guide the mass. Instead of leading the mass to the correct way and path of life, they justify mistakes and failures they make in life by the achievements and success they obtained in life as means of justifying their claims even if they know they are wrong and they have failed to do the right thing.

This is like on what they say the place where angels are afraid to step on but the foolish dance on it. This is matter of station and level of thinking people have in life and exposures and experience in life, according to one’s own understanding in here, which could also have literal meaning in way that there are many sacred places by all kinds of religious organizations. What could be interesting in here is that everyone claims that they have their own holy places and churches and worship places, but what one considers as holy spot, is considered by another as bad and dirt although it is very hard to tell in which place where angels are found and the dirt and bad ones do dance and also belong since all claim they are holy, but one does not go to pray to another place and the like.

Success and achievement have two aspects; the first one is the drive and energy to do more and greater works; and the second is ambition and egoistic attitudes that could result in the destruction of their own reality and being, which consume the achievement itself and their entire being since they cannot resist the type of things which surround them as result of the success and achievement they are crowned with, and thus they could fail at some point of their life due to the fact that they cannot go further. It is just one time event and happening and they could not go further since they cannot go beyond.

They say, perfection has no limit and it is relative. When people are proficient on one field, it is not even complete and perfect since it is not possible to understand and know the essence of any given matter in this universe due to limitation of the knowledge factor people have about the universe and nature. None is proficient about the nature of the cosmos since knowledge is very limited what people can tell and know up to this point is infant. Due to such given aspect, failures and mistakes people have in life exist at all levels. What vary is on the consequences of what failures deliver to people in life, which is relative and contextual since few failures and mistakes in life could have court procedures but others do not have such process of life, but people obtain in process of life.

When people are egoistic, the drama of their life become more different since they might not get things in way they should go since things happen contrary to what they think and wish for dual reasons. The first one is there are certain mysterious phenomena which is hard to define and tell and these are in fact the natural processes of life which prohibit them for things which they aspire and think could not happen; the second is due to interferences of other people and their inability and inadequacy to make things to happen in way they think, wish, plan and desire for many different reasons. Hence, they are egoistic; anger could take place in their life which could result in confusion and frustrations.


Stratum of People


July 9, 2014

Language is a key that unlock the gates of the world of thinking. Words are tools by which languages are expressed and described. Letters are fundamental basis of such words that unlock the gates of the world of words. One is a key to another and one unlocks and locks the other. The power of language in any write up is not mainly dependent upon the usage and combination of strong words; when strong words are combined to express powerful idea, they could in cases lose meaning, beauty and even lack strength. Strong feelings can be expressed by silence and soft words too. It requires attitude and skill.

This is like putting expensive, highly articulated and big size furniture’s in very big houses in case such combinations could not even make sense and could not give comfortable feelings to any by passer even if the house is very big and nicely done, but the color and size or the interior designs are not well done and nicely articulated. Color contrast and other artistic beauties such as simplicity is in most cases are preferable; color arrangements give more comfort and delight than adding all kind of expensive and big things in the house. In such cases, the house is asphyxiated with junk and boredom since size and content of the room does not get along with the household furniture’s.

A place or any idea that make most people wonder and feel great could in reverse make others to be in different situation. Such feeling and thinking by people are not touchstone for others since other people could think different in way that they could see the motive behind such big drama and big building complex and garden, which could put everyone in shrinking as they understand and know better. When most people see things on the outside and they have profound feelings, but few people get into inside and find out shameful and awkward things in this case, there is no such feeling, but they see what is going on behind that given big and great mansion as the most popular saying goes like, behind every fortune there is crime and do not judge any book by its cover.

When any undertaking is expressed in big mansion, beautiful flowers and gardens, although it is good to have an outward looking and appealing presentation, but such outward looking orientation with houses and gardens are not warranty to the success and truthful aspect of such give undertaking since it is mere political drama and it cannot go beyond such aspect since few people did find out that there is huge sheet inside and within that given undertaking, not from rumors they take, but from their own person experience too.

The way people express and translate any undertaking by big and powerful things, such as money, beautiful compounds and garden are not life and death aspect of everything, but they could end up being mere stones, grasses and soils at last. The same is true in the world of write up in which using strong and powerful words, beautiful literary styles are not guaranty to the success of any write up but the motive and strength of the view one wants to share and express is the most crucial aspect besides the style one follows.

When people want to express strong and powerful ideas in very simple way, one can tell that this is one of the reflections and manifestations of the degree and extent of knowledge, which is simplicity in expressing on what one knows, in which those people who express abstract aspects and matters in simple and ordinary manners in a way any person can clearly understand, tell the magnitude and potency of the knowledge than those people who use many powerful and words that make everyone need dictionary to verify and understand and the like. When people express any idea in way any layman understands, this tells the complexity of the person’s ability in expressing big ideas in very simple and ordinary manner. This is by itself a level.

This does not mean that using strong and powerful words are not important in expressing and manifesting big and strong ideas. Both are equally important, since both are stations and levels of thinking, in which there are people who can express big and strong ideas in profound words and strong words as there are people who express strong and big idea with simple and common words. In fact, those who use strong and powerful words in their expression could add certain flavor on the development and progress of any given language since such trend could lead in inventing words that everyone could use in their undertaking.

When powerful ideas are combined with powerful expressions, they induce vibrant energy and force within the human frame since words have power in shaping human thinking and this world. This world is shaped by word. Word is power and force that can give life and kill peoples’ lives since words are not just mere combination of letters, but behind such combination and arrangement of letters, there is huge drama which is unseen force going on since it is the very nature of any given word. In words, peoples undertaking gets life, and in words, people undertaking get lost.

And in any given undertaking, there are two types of things and people could exist and these are positive and negative energies and bad and good people since both are inevitable aspect of any given thing and task one should do on this world. It is indeed chimera to expect anything can happen and can be translated to this objective reality without these two aspects of life.

In the first types of people, there exist two kinds of positive ones. The first ones are higher one, who are those people who really support any given undertaking with rational and argument and they have enough reason and motive behind supporting any given claim and the second ones are those who are lower ones, who support any given task and undertaking without any given rational and logic, they just support since others support or they do not have such rational and argument for the support.

In the second types of people, there are also two kinds of people in which the first ones are those people who have personal interests and advantage and any given undertaking could harm what they have on their own and in order to protect and preserve their own personal advantage and interest, they oppose and they have enough reason behind such given oppositions they do; and the second ones are those who just oppose since they do not have enough and basic reason, could be prejudiced and bias and they do not have enough reasons behind their opposition. They just oppose since they like to oppose.

One should not be tricked and deceived by those types of people who support and oppose one’s undertaking without any rational and argument since both people are good for nothing; one should obtain certain amount of vigor and life from those people who support and oppose one’s undertaking with rational and argument since both of them have positive impact, on one aspect, on the undertaking one is doing for two different reasons and causes, which augment the magnitude and potency of one’s tasks and process of activities.

The good people with enough rational and reason sound more genuine even though there is another matter one should consider which is the motive behind such reason and logic. There are people who support one’s undertaking even if they have rational and logic but one should be clear with the motive and intention behind such claim, is this pure or not, is there any agenda and drama behind supporting one’s undertaking is another factor. Do they have personal interest or what, is something that should be investigated further.

Beyond all good reasons, the most genuine and profound people are those people who support any given undertaking without any ulterior motive behind, but they are solely attached to any given undertaking since that given undertaking is good and nice to have or be with. These are precious people since they do not have any personal or any other kind of motive behind such drama and they are attached to the given undertaking both at face and back value and thinking of their undertaking. These are nobler ones!!


Parables and Time

July 2, 2014

If anyone tells me that someone is messenger or manifestation of God or son of God or whatever, my answer is I do not care and who cares. If my age was in my 20’s and mid 30’s I could say and even ask further questions, I could seek more parable and analogies to make research on this subject. However, at this age and passing certain hurdles and experience of life, I have no time and am not even willing to discuss this kind of garbage drama; in fact, I prefer to read the history of different societies that exist in this world. One is interested to know mysteries and histories of societies, since knowing mysteries and secrets of societies is tantamount to knowing who create them, by logical argument.

Those parable which are used by preachers or those who advocate particular religion to convince many people especially in attracting numerous individuals towards their domain need further investigation and research since people are deceived and tricked by such given explanations, but thru the process of time and as people mature in experience and exposures of life, the analogies or parable are not that deep; they do not have that strength in their arguments but such people have used the space and gaps that exist in society—shortcomings and ignorance of the mass—they tricked the mass and such analogies and parables are used as sticks to govern the mass.

We find different kinds of parables in most religious teachings so as to deliver certain understanding and interpretation to the society so that society could live with given mindset, understanding and better enlightenment. Parable is basically a short simple story intended to illustrate a moral or religious lesson. This is of course nice. However, we live in a time that science and the invention of science and technology has pretty much changed people’s perception about life and the world we live in and on the thinking machinery and perception of society and society could tend to question those analogies presented in form of parables with the intention of convincing and delivering certain perspective.

They told us that it is written in the Bible as Jesus Christ left the house and went to the lake side and sat down to teach and the crowd gathered around him was so large that he got into a boat and sat in it while the crowd stood on the shore. He used parables to tell them many things. “Once there was a man who went out to sow again. As he scattered the seed in the field, some of it fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up.

Some of it fell on the rocky ground where there was little soil. The seeds soon sprouted because the soil was not deep. But, when the sun came up, it burned the young plants; and because the roots had not grown deep enough, the plants soon dried up. Some of the seed fell among thorn bushes, which grew up and chocked the plants. But some seeds fell in good soil, and the plants bore again: some had one hundred grains, others sixty and others thirty.

Such given parable has something to tell in which everything has its own pros and cons on the life of the human society especially when this comes to the world of thinking in way such give undertaking involve and require the contribution of many other people towards its achievement and fulfillment. There are people who produce noble fruits as there are people who deliver bad fruits too. This is an obvious phenomenon of life on the earth in which such happenings occur due to various circumstances and reasons.

On the first place, the man who was supposed to sowing should be able to identify the type of seed one contains and the type of places one should sow since resource management in here is the main issue and the man should be able to tell what one has and which place and what time or season is the right time to collect the best fruits; lf one knows where and when to sow since it is proper and appropriate to find suitable places and fertile soils that could go in conformity with the nature of the seed. This is what the man should identify before one goes to the process of sowing any given seed since here needs capacity and an experience to tell and identify what and where to sow, when and why, since it is possible to tell the fruits of such process of sowing ahead of time.

Once such process is clearly identified and known, the next stage of this process is doing the right thing in which the cultivating process, in way that the seed give its nobles fruit is the second stage. In this given case, nature pays significant role since the weather is an important aspect. When the normal condition or weather is found out, and the man sow the seed, unfortunately, the weather is changed to different one in way unexpected, the seed cannot give its noblest fruit, and the person who sows the see should rethink and reconsider something else. In this case, this is not superstition but rather this is how people receive answers and one of the natural answers people receive for the things which they try to find out in their own way before they receive worse consequences in life.

They should stop it since this one of the means people find out something from life, they find natural answers to the natural quest they have in life. Then they should wonder other options of life since the seed somehow has to obtain its noblest fruit, but the challenge in here is the weather condition. One of the things people in the current days in here is they could use artificial weather and artificial fertilizers in order to make the seed give its fruit which do have its own consequences since artificial matters can in no wise replace natural and organic matters since nature can never be replaced by artificial matters and aspects.

In cases, where meteorology is the main problem and difficulty, if this was in the former days, it was very difficult, but thanks to the science of today, since the science in here can provide weather forecast and prediction in relative good manner, they can find suitable meteorological prediction and they can find possible and suitable weather condition. Then the man who should sow the seed has to do something. The person has to wait for the right weather condition that makes the seed to be in comfortable condition. Then, time shall tell the right and fruitful condition for the seed to bear its noblest fruits.

In places where the right weather condition is come, and the seed has been sown, the plant start to germinate; there could appear another challenge which is obvious, the weed, which look like the plant that is growing up. The weed look like friends of the plant, they are highly attached to the growing plant, they are highly dependent upon the life of the plant, they take what the plant takes but they simultaneously kill the right plant, they harm the plant that is growing since this is their nature and character though the plant does not like that. When careful and knowledgeable identification process is undergone, the plant can survive otherwise the weed could kill the plant before it delivers its noblest fruit.

In such process of life, there are different and possible strategies and methods people should employ on their own undertakings and on the effort they apply to the success of whatever thing they have in life, be it simple or complex and everything needs something like endeavors. Life in here is constant struggle to achieve something since it is unending process until the last breath of one’s stay and life. When one method fails, people should seek another one; when the other one fails, one should keep going and continue with the next one. By doing so, people learn how to persevere and they learn to achieve something at last.

When the seed is sow on the sand or unfertile soil could not bear any good fruit and it is not the fault of the seed but rather the man who sow the seed since it is not the job description and responsibility of the seed and the sand, but the man who on the first place identify the right place and time to make that given seed to have fertile fruit. Whilst the man fails to do the job, the seed and the soil cannot be blamed for such given undertaking. The fault or the blame cannot go to the man when the man did the right thing such as identifying the right weather type, the soil type and cultivating it, such as watering and removing the weed, once this job is done, if the seed fail to give its fruit, the man should not be blamed.

One of the interesting things that exist in such undertaking is that such parables become job and there are people who happen to be millionaires by delivering all kinds of interpretations and understanding, by fouling the majority and society at large using the weakness and ignorance of the mass, they do their business and income. They say, we do not know what it means by that we guess this could mean like this or that, according to my understanding it is like this or that, but in reality, they are telling foolish or garbage stuff. However the present day society still lives with past dreams and drama of such life, it is not still awake from the deep sleep it is injected by the vaccines of such way of life in past.

Even if the person who write such parable could say it in one way, but most people interpret and understand in way far from the way the author originally intend, but they are found understanding and interpreting to different end which is beyond the expectation of the originator and most people interpret and understand in many different ways and manners that could not go in way the author of the parables wanted to deliver; hence most people live in their own imagination, they live and die in the imaginative world of their own fantasy. In fact the simplest thing would have been to directly ask and obtain the right understanding from the author of such parables than waste their energy and time for entertaining garbage dramas of interpretations and understanding.

The other interesting feature of such drama is that is underway is that after the authors pass away. This is the ripe time for such people to undertake another huge drama on their behalf in which they could look like as if they are their helpers and coworkers to such authors undertaking, but they are the ones who tried to complicate their lives in their existence but at later times, when they see certain indications of achievements, they try to seem friends and good people.

Such people play the drama of fake games and theater, and when such authors are removed or dead by natural causes, they try to be the major and primal promoters of such causes such given authors in way far beyond the intention and motives of such given authors. They pretend that they were mistaken, but they consider that they have corrected their failure in way by making another mistakes and failures in which one already knows their different plans they already set on stage in which they are correlated to gambling and the way gamblers handle their affairs.

When all those theaters that exist on earth to the authors of different causes on stage that exist on earth who passed away and come gain back to this world and are asked, is this what you have already said in your original thinking and drama, and they could all without any exception reply, this is not my world; this is not my home; if this is not what I already thought, I would not say single words since the community and society they have brought up date are united to certain extent and schism in all places are inevitable aspect of their life. It is written in the Bible that they say unto me that we know you, but I say unto them, I verily do not know you.

This is to tell that we live in a time where the way people used to think and live has pretty much changed in today in terms of what they think and the lifestyle that originate as result of such thinking. Hence, the parables and all kind of expressions and proverbs should also be adjusted in relation to this age of thinking and way of life so that the future can ably create its own needs and requirement in its own goodtime otherwise the agenda of making one single way of life as holistic approaches of life and as if it is the only requirement and need of the age make everyone and this world to live in paradoxical way of life as the world and the condition of this world is doing as well.

Most people think that the way this world is going as the only choice and way of life that should be on since most is not aware that there are better and best way of doing things and way of life that could be better than the way existing on earth. The point in here is that the way it is sheer reflection of what this world has undergone to past and present which reflect not only masculine orientation but a result of armaments as well. Life should be simple and better to everyone on the earth and it should not be the play game of few people who have power and authority over the mass. It is rudimentary reality that those who think better and different are removed, their life gets complicated and their survival is put in jeopardy since they think better and they know the secrecy going on behind the stage as history tell everyone. This is the crystal clear truth.

What makes such parables and arguments that exist in promulgating religious doctrine and agendas that do not get along with the way scientific minds inquire which put under big question is due to the emergence and advancement of science and technology make the human mind to question and investigate everything in scientific method since scientist claim that the impact of scientific method, scientific discovery, and technological change has been such that some have argued that religious faith has become wholly outdated. Instead of believing on authority, one has experimental proof, and instead of hope for a better afterlife, one has hope for progress through technological change. So, one consequence of the scientific revolution has been the claim that religious belief belongs only to past history. Science replaces religion. That is the first main view of the relation between science and religion.

We live in quite good and new day and time since traditional beliefs and thinking and mindsets, which are relative and subjective, are out of the need of this age and time, and they are not valid since none consider them in; people seek answers since they have questions and it is not possible to have answers or replies without any given queries, otherwise a person who just answers questions without being asked is not normal. Although people share their view and opinions in their own style and method since they like to do so.

Similarly, the parables and figurative expressions mentioned in the so called books like the Bible, since it is assumed by the mass that it is perfect and truthful and complete, the idea that are entertained could not be considered as something they could fail such as the idea of beasts, dragon, other illustrations presented in such books by parables, people prefer to live delivering unending interpretation and understanding. If the happenings are over, which they do not want and like, the drama of their life is over; but they prefer to make life continue than make things complete and finish. This is how they sustain their life for thousand years, by deceiving and tricking themselves for their own sake and survival.

One think and believe that the autobiography of one’s life is written by the daily ins and outs of one’s reality, by the dream things one have in one’s state of sleep since in the power of true dreams, there is no lie and trick since dream is one of the powerful means to know the hidden truth and anything that is going on behind and under cover. For example a given dream one a sees in last year and a dream one sees in today about one similar person could change since the action and reaction of that person change thru the process of time. Here, it is not analogies and parable or other arguments and justification that matter, the real action and reactions and time gap matters since they are useful and important indicators to what is happening and going on. One is not suckling baby in here.

In general, parables, analogies and other arguments people develop to justify their given claim is good, but they should be holistic, they should go with the need and requirement of the age and time, so that what they preach and teach could be accepted as legitimate and credible by others. Otherwise, they will be like those causes going on this world and they attract numerous individuals, but their respective followers have no transformed lives; they are just followers; they just hide in them; they need them for cover and for sake of fashion. In this case, it is better to have no cause that contain millions or billions of people who just play the cover drama and game, but their inner lives are vain and empty, which is non sense, foolish and rubbish drama on the earth.