Curiosity—Blessing or Curse

June 14, 2014

The American psychologist Abraham Maslow, who developed a theory of motivation describing the process by which an individual progresses from basic needs such as food and sex to the highest needs of what he called self-actualization—the fulfillment of one’s greatest human potential, devised a six-level hierarchy of motives that, according to his theory, determine human behavior. Maslow ranks human needs as follows: physiological; security and safety; love and feelings of belonging; competence, prestige, and esteem; self-fulfillment; and curiosity and the need to understand.

Curiosity is defined as the desire to know something, eagerness to know about something, or to get information; an excessive interest in other peoples affairs, unusual object, or phenomenon. Curiosity is about the desire of knowing what one does not know, and people develop such sense of quest in life since they have rationale and mind that is able to ask and question everything. According to the given capacity and inclinations people have in life, the color and flavor of curiosity varies since experience and exposure in life are important factors as to the type and magnitude of curiosity people acquire in life.

U.S. writer, cartoonist, and humorist, James Thurber (1894 – 1961), wrote it is better to ask some of the questions than to know all the answers. There is no point that one should find all kind of answers to all kinds of quests we have in this world; when we find all the answers for all kind of inquiries we have on earth, we stop living since questions are an integral part of human life and it is the power of questions that maintain the balance of this world since one of the things that make life interesting on earth is the existence of questions and the process of finding answers to the questions we have on the living earth. Quest gives life to the world as answer maintains the balance of life on the earth too.Irish novelist and poet,James Stephens (1882 – 1950), wrote Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will. When people are curios, the desire and thirst of such state of being will be fulfilled by the answers they seek in life. When people obtain definitive and satisfying answers in their life, they complete one cycle of search in life and enter another cycle of search since the search is unending journey one makes in life; but by virtues of the answers and information people obtain out of the curiosity they have developed in their way of life, they acquire confidence which by itself removes every trace of uncertainty in life, which is the cause of every fear people hide in their reality.

British writer and poet,G. K. Chesterton (1874 – 1936), wrote there is no such thing on earth as an uninteresting subject; the only thing that can exist is an uninterested person. This is absolutely correct since interest is dependent upon the type of curiosity people develop in life which is mainly dependent upon the type of queries people have in which family, community, the way of life one practices, surrounding environment such as nature and the like are factors that cause any given interests on life on the earth.

To have no interest in such life and in this world is by itself also an interesting subject on life which can further be examined and processed and in the process of such life, people develop certain kind of interest on this life on the earth. There is no definite recipe of life and people are observed in showing certain inclination towards different things in this life in different circumstance. People could have no any interest in life in yesterday, but in today, things change, they could develop certain sense of inclinations in life since change is one of the natural laws in this world. When circumstances in life change, people also change too.

A friend once I met in life in past said I never planned to be into the subject of medicine by my sense of right and wrong but by wild curiosity I had and something drove me into this subject which I had no clue, and now, he said, I am a doctor. Curiosity could drive people as to the highest level and state of being in life as it drives people into the lowest level of human life since it depends on what type of curiosity people acquire, on the methods and process of life. A person could be curious as to know and discover something and another person could be curious as to the affairs of people, both are types of curiosities, and what could vary is the object of curiosity and the purpose of being curious.

Why are people curious? Is curiosity important virtue? Is curiosity a virtue or a curse? What more else could be raised? People are curious since the desire to know something is an inbuilt human nature which they cannot avoid. However the curiosity level; and the type of curiosity are directly related to the given capacity of individuals. A person who is drop out in high school, could not be curious to know as to the most sophisticated subject which could be studied at six year university level since the subject matter requires an understanding level.

The other cause why people are curios is the type of interest people have acquired in life since people have different tastes in life and they have different exposures. A person who is interested in soccer game could be curious to govern mysteries and histories of soccer since one already is in the mood of soccer games. This person could not be interested in the mountain climbing; one even may not like to hear such stories. Hobbies or interests or inclinations in life are important in developing certain amount of curiosity in life.

While such process of life is going on, one wonders as to those people who become curious to know about peoples affairs. Most people, one could say are curious to know peoples love or relationship stories and they are found in interfering as to gossiping or becoming jealous on the relationship affairs of other people. They become curios as to what they eat, where and whom they sleep with, how they sleep and the like. The point in here is, what is the motive behind such drama. They take pictures to create complications in their life and so on. Those famous and big people are victims of such theater. This is futile and one of the foolish and garbage drama going on the earth.

This reminds me to story of man and woman who were in relationship and planned to get married in which there were different kinds of arrangements going on their behind as to such final marriage could not happen, and many people were involved no to make such marriage to happen. People were curious as to their daily relationship since they were jealous and envious against them. While such drama and theater were going on, both parties receive bad information so as to make them quarrel by the daily fictitious drama and stories they fabricate; there were many people who approached them as seemly friends, but they were their enemies behind. Such kinds of curiosities are the ones that kill the cat since the motive behind such drama is bad and wrong.

Bearing this in mind, there are three basics aspects on why people are curious as to the desire of knowing something, in which the object of curiosity is the major factor which decides as to the type or cause of curiosity people develop in life. If the object of curiosity is nature and the environment, this is about knowing something such as the mystery or something people do not know, that goes on up to invention or discovery which is commendable aspect of curiosity. If the desire to know something about what drives the interest, such as activities and events, this type of curiosity is dependent upon interest people develop in life and thus they become curious to know about the activity which they like. This is also nice and one of the fruitful activities people have in life.

When people become curios about other people’s lives and conditions in which they become concerned in case at the worse aspect and they throw single stone to destruct their lives. The curiosity here is a bullet and poison and kills those people who become curios and those people who are the subject of curiosity. This is very destructive since people are curios in order to create bad things to happen in such people’s lives. This is one of the ruinous aspects of curiosity since this put people in vicious circle of worse activities that have backfire since those who are victims could go for revenge and put the entire social frame work in worst social illness. Whoever the person carries this, the act is rubbish.

The other and very different type of curiosities people could develop in life is as result of unique and strange experience people face in life. This could happen in circumstances where people live as community or as nation, something that cannot be expected or cannot be believed by the mass could happen in one man or few people lives as result of certain experience of life. If such people tell to the mass, the mass could ignore them or dismiss their claims. As result of such experience they face, such people become curios to know about the matter and later on they could find out it as true though the mass live with fear and ignorance. And as result of such given curiosity, they could save the mass and the future. This is one aspect of curiosity, people could face in life.

Whichever type of curiosity people are having, people should be curious to the good of others and this world, this is commendable virtue and this can be considered as blessing. However when people are curious to know what kind of underwear people are having people are having on daily basis, in which such intention is to destroy other people’s lives, this kind of curiosity is a curse. One wishes to everyone in this world to acquire sense of curiosity that enlightens and add value to one’s life than work for destruction of other peoples’ lives.




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