Civilization and Human Society

June 30, 2014

When one wants to know and tell the size or page number of any given write up such as an article or an essay, this is merely dependent upon the nature of the write up whether it is hand written or not, and if it is computer print out, one should know the nature and type of the font style such as font type and font size so that one could tell the article has such number of pages since it uses such font style with its size number otherwise it would be misleading to tell although the size of the font and the font style could not change the content and objective of the article. They have to express themselves in unambiguous languages.

People should be clear in their communication and on what they want to deliver to others otherwise it is not possible to understand with each other with vague perceptions and sign language communication within people who can speak and exchange words of communications. For example if few people think that Jesus Christ is from Ethiopia since Ethiopia is mentioned in the Bible, it is their understanding which should be respected but it is not possible to impose such given understanding and interpretation on someone one from Ethiopia since that someone’s from Ethiopia’s understanding should also be respected too.

Yesterweek one was thinking as to a given exposures one could face in life while correlating such aspect and wondering as to an experience on the computer in which there is an icon on the computer desktop which all have on one’s computer called, recycle bin. One was thinking as to change the title or name of the recycle bin to another name called as best place, and in another time, one changed this recycle bin thing to waste basket. Whether one makes it as the best place or waste basket, it is just the title or name of that given icon changed, but not the true nature, function and character of the icon, which is still garbage icon.

This is one of the drama and theater on stage that is going on the earth in which most of the things we have on this world are in most cases are title change, but as one goes on checking the natures, functions and features of what is going on this world, they could be dated back two or three centuries back, but in today, they are known and identified by another name or drama, though the nature and function of any give undertaking is the same. Can a toilet room be dining room no matter paradigm shift in thinking occurs and beautiful perfumes are on it?

Or else an activity could be known by one thing in one place is introduced to another place by another, but the title and name of the activity could be changed with little modifications and most people could assume and tell that it only belongs to them, and such given undertaking makes them special or unique in the whole world. When one goes on and one travels and meets many people and one augments in the experience and exposures of life, one could find duplication of such given activities all over but when one live and reside in only one place, one could consider that what others claim is true and one could feel and think that one is unique and special.

For example, every human being has three basic needs as we were told and know in history books and we experience as well. Food, shelter and clothing are the inevitable necessities of any given person; they still work on true no matter complexities and advancement human society is undergoing in anywhere, it is not possible to live without them; what could vary in here is that few societies have fulfilled them which does not mean that they are not basic needs; the truth is out there, but other additional needs are discovered since the rudimentary aspects are fulfilled. The design is changed, the type of food people eat in today and yesterday is different; the design of clothes and type of clothes are different and the same is true in the housing aspect.

While such theatrical aspect of life is going on, there are individuals and societies who could feel different and special since they had something different in past, which is not a secured warranty to the present day society and thinking in fact it could become an obstacle to the progress and achievements any given society aspire to do due to reasons and complications of past and historical aspects of any given society undertaking since they could forget to analyze and investigate the root cause in wrong manner and they are attached to hindrances too.

Is feeling or thinking special or unique due to the fact that one is doing something which others are deprived of or cannot do is not warranty to a truthful aspect of on the claim people are doing since the feeling or thinking of specialty or uniqueness by itself cannot make any given person, society or institution as the most viable and truthful person and society since what one claims as true could only be justified when there are objective matters that are translated as true and correct and valid in today.

When any person lives with the idea of thinking that I am different gesture of life style, this given person suffers; the same is true to any society since such aspect of life is untreated, neglected and unidentified for many years and is considered as normal way of life. This is a social and psychological problem and difficulties of such given society is having since such kind of attitude and thinking needs social psychological treatments and those psychologists who live in such domain need to be treated first than they treat others due to the fact they share such social psychological disorder, difficulties and problems. A society who lives in such way of life needs to treats itself than it treat and medicate other people; or others should help them out.

When any people or any given nation has something special or unique thing on the earth, it adds certain flavor to the world. However, when people claim that the idea of having something as the only unique people on earth and as life and death thing, this is what one could learn from what any given society is going on since such attitude and thinking is not guarantee and merit to any civilization and best advancement any given society should undertake in this world, except empty pride and vain egoistic personalities and attitudes and thinking.

Any nation or society advances since it has unique things or natural resources, but it has great thinkers, visionaries and people who are determined to change and transformation. Those nations who attribute history and other traditional values as precious assets, but in other side of such things, such history and traditions do not warrant any success and observable advancements and development in the nation and in the world cannot be justified as national treasures since it is not plus point and warranty to the civilization any given society should undertake.

This can be justified in way that the balance is how is its impact in relation to its coverage is, does it encompass the mass or few group, and does it benefit the elite group or the poor majority and so on. Whatever civilization is there, in past or present, does such civilization have an impact on the mass or it is just the fabrication and fantasy of few people? Can we claim that such given civilization belong to the mass? When the mass feels and owns it and thinks like the way such claim does, yes it is; but any given civilization that make the mass to live in confusion and stress in way that such given civilization could eat and vanish its integrity, people should reconsider and revise its structure and ingredients.

One of the significant contributors of such drama in terms of civilization is the abundant existence of quality literature and power of literature in vernacular languages. When people have treasures in such aspect of undertaking, its own civilization and advancement is securely established. Otherwise, when people sleep on their own history, but it eats and drinks of the literature and styles of other nations and people literature, here, such given society lives in state of confusion and contradiction since the claims and what they are falling apart.

When the power of literature is married with the world of thinking in one’s own way, one’s own civilization is borne. Otherwise, any given civilization is borne out of copy and paste of other people civilization and culture is like a house which is founded upon ice basement since there is no such identity and one’s own thing one can claim in here is since it is already established with others thinking machinery although the land belongs to one’s own society. Here is like, the office where the municipality belongs to one in here but the administration and thinking machinery of the municipality belongs to others.

If it is not possible to have one’s own civilization in one’s own way, it is better and wise to copy and paste other people civilization since it is better than having nothing. Identity is important since it is a sign of independence, but such identity should not be confused with arrogance and pride that makes any society fail to appreciate and understand the values and gems concealed in other peoples’ and society. However such identity should add and augment the capacity of people and society to see the potential and beauty of other people in their proper, rightful and nice sense and manner.

When any given society claims that it has its own civilization, civilization is a continuous and dynamic process; it is progressive and does not begin and stop for a while since true civilization has strong foundation and others add up on otherwise it is not civilization and it is just something else. It is not a onetime event and drama like any given music or theater or movie but rather it is the emanation of the human mind which can see for several years. It is not like a love song one sing for a beautiful woman or man, but rather it is framework whose skeleton is visualized by the power of imagination, thru determination and sacrifice, such given vision and goals are met.

And such civilization is claimed, it leaves a trace to the next ones something else since it upgrades the human mind and has an influence on the whole who are beneficiary and surrounding. There are two ways people could be civilized even if civilization is brought by few people, the first one is by the awareness program which is done on institutional basis and undertakings; but second one is by the hardship and the consequences of what any given civilization has to bring about especially whet it comes to existence in places where people are backward, by the trial and error thing and the ins and outs of such advancement deliver and undertake thru such progresses achieve by the process of any given civilization.

Civilization is about satisfying the human needs and fulfillment of the human requirements of life; it does not happen for nothing. When any given civilization is come, it should address the human and basic needs in that give society, since civilization begins from addressing the natural human needs to adding other human requirements and elements such as wants and interests and likes and do not likes. In any given society it should properly satisfy basic needs such has food, clothe and shelter, and civilization matters in here on how such needs are addressed and articulated, the degree and color of articulation in such aspect of human life and conditions.

The west is civilized society since they know how to address their basic needs, they have nice foods; they have beautifully articulated clothes; they have nice automobiles; they have profound and beautifully articulated houses and roads and how they build houses and structures of such buildings are articulated along with needs of society, seeing present day and to the future prospects and needs as well; they care on how society should communicate in way time is one factor and they try to consider the concepts of time and space management in effective and efficient manner; when they are hungry, they know what and where to eat food since they secured enough stock in everywhere where as others deliver hope and promises, or pamphlets that contain the Biblical words and the like.

The other aspect of reflection of civilization besides securing and establishing basic human needs is thinking. Any society is civilized since it removes fear within its domain. When people think different, they should be nicely welcomed and respected. A society who removes such fear amongst the majority public has done well in the world of civilization. When the majority public lives in state of fear and traumatic conditions of fear, due to past and present condition of life— in the world of thinking—such society is in state of confusion and frustration, which is hard to imagine. Freedom is one of the best ingredients of life in the world of civilization. Without freedom, civilization is chimera.

Other social needs such as the idea of rights, justice and other related aspect of human lives and conditions are the other aspect of any given civilization, society should secure. Civilization is not about going to Jupiter or Mars, it is about securing and satisfying individuals and social needs and wants in rightful and correct approaches and way of life in this world regardless of articulations method which could vary on traditions, cultures and value makings of society, in a world where most people seek piece of bread on the earth.

In fact, it is considered as diverting the agenda of human needs and priorities of life on the earth such as individual and social needs, in a time and condition when any given state or government fails to meet its domestic agendas of life, it goes on to knock the doors of its neighborhood, the moon, Jupiter and the like; it considers others strategies and explores other means and way of life. Such practice of diverting the agendas of life is normal practice but wrong and bad that sound as bizarre to those destitute nations and people since they cannot think and it is not their priorities of life. This is, in reality, one of the failures this world undergo since it cannot think like one body and as organs of one body since pains and sufferings of others are not considered and felt in proper way.

We live in world and time that there are people of civilization with sophistication as there are people who still live the way they are and captive of nature in which such people belong to the primitive way of life. This world in time of creation and this world in due process of time in today do exist on the earth. Both live and exist in this world. The gap should be narrowed; the contradictions should be reconciled. In such world, to live is to die as to die is to live; when civilization replace nature; nature has to replace civilization as well.


Are Women Equal to Men?

June 28, 2014

Written materials state that the struggle for women’s rights began in the 18th century during a period of intense intellectual activity known as the Age of Enlightenment. During the Enlightenment, political philosophers in Europe began to question traditional ideas that based the rights of citizens on their wealth and social status. Instead, leaders of the Enlightenment argued that all individuals were born with natural rights that made them free and equal. They maintained that all inequalities that existed among citizens were the result of an inadequate education system and an imperfect social environment.

Kim Campbell, born in 1947, is 19th prime minister of Canada (1993) and first woman to hold the office. Born Avril Phaedra Campbell in Port Alberni, British Columbia, she adopted the name Kim as a teenager. Campbell received degrees in political science (1969) and law (1983) from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Condoleezza Rice, born in 1954, American professor and government official who served as national security adviser during the first term of President George W. Bush (2001-2005) and secretary of state during his second term (2005- ). Rice became the first African American woman to hold the Cabinet position of secretary of state.

Angela Merkel, born in 1951, German politician. In 2005 Merkel became the first woman and first politician from the former East Germany to hold the position of chancellor in Germany. When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 Merkel shifted to a career in politics. She joined a pro-democracy party in East Germany and advocated for German reunification. Her party was absorbed by the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), and Merkel became a party spokeswoman for the CDU’s East German leader, Lothar de Maizière.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, born in 1947, Democratic member of the United States Senate from New York, wife of United States president Bill Clinton and candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination for the 2008 presidential race. During her husband’s presidency, she became a powerful symbol of the changing role and status of women in American society. Her election to the U.S. Senate while being first lady was unprecedented in U.S. history. In announcing her candidacy for the presidency, Clinton was widely seen as the first female candidate with a strong prospect of winning her party’s nomination.

Maria Mitchell, American astronomer, born in Nantucket, Massachusetts, and privately educated. Her father maintained a small observatory, where she began her studies in astronomy. In October 1847, she discovered a telescopic comet, an accomplishment that brought her international recognition. The following year she became the first woman elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She became professor of astronomy at Vassar College in 1865 and held that position until 1888, when she retired.

Moseley Braun, Carol, was born in 1947, Democratic member of the United States Senate from Illinois (1993-1999). Moseley Braun was the first black woman elected to the Senate. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, and attended neighborhood schools on Chicago’s South Side. She graduated from the University of Illinois-Chicago and then earned a law degree from the University of Chicago in 1972.

The above mentioned few women are powerful people and one selected them in here that since they are not related to one’s family tree or blood line, but they are few of the women who make a difference and change in the history of human society by virtue of taking and shouldering that given positions and responsibilities in their respective society and nation where they belong. This is an absolute indication and reflection that woman can do everything as men do.

This present day human society cannot accept any thinking that belittle the significance contribution of women on the advancement and progress of this world since belief germinate from thinking and thinking germinate from human observation as well. Although there are still prejudices and biases that are going on this world to date, such women are models that show to the world at large that something should be done in this regard. The set back is still out there.

Women have played significant role in shaping our present world but in masculine oriented and shape world. They still live with paternalistic thinking and gestures delivered by the masculine since their independence and freedom is not yet ripe due to the fact that in every village and place women are still living in oppression and depression as giant women are making such influence to the world at large.

While such theatrical drama of women and men things are going on, there are communities that still do not allow women to play leading role and hierarchy in their structure even though they put in their books and constitutions and charters that both sexes are equal. We understand such statements in what is written between the lines that their equality is possible to certain extent, but not in way that they can be elected as top leaders.

In such undertakings of the sex theory, many people are forced to think and believe that there is mystery behind such way of life and factors although there is no such mystery since we have seen in the present day society that women are leading society and moving nations forward. There is no such mystery behind such inequality of sexes in terms of leadership quality and skill and they have shown and manifested that they can lead the world in way and fashion as the men do, regardless of sexual discrimination such given communities and societies think and believe and practice.

This is not a deception or a lie in here but this is what this world reflects to date, past and present. When people tell such aspect of life, if they are wise, they should correct their failures and mistakes than justify as if they are right and correct with their rigid and fundamental behavior and thinking in this regard in a world the sun and the truth is speaking out to the whole and it is widely and completely out on its full glory on the stage since it is not post possible to deceive people twice but one was deceived in past life as other people do just once.

How long this world could go on mystifying those mattes and aspects that do not deserve mystification? This is one of the foolish features and aspect of this aspect of the world since inconsistent way of thinking and way of life is going on and most people accept such thinking and belief without questioning, investigating and rationalizing even? Today, it is not possible to accept any thinking and go by what other people claim, since independent investigation of reality and any aspect of life is possible by an ordinary human being.

We live in world that few societies and communities inherit wealth, virtues and knowledge from the previous ones but others inherit failures, mistakes and regrets. This happen since such communities and societies lack great, detrained, knowledgeable, honest and reliable leaders due to the fact the good ones inherit the good things as the bad ones inherit the bad ones since this is the only thing what they can deliver and bestow and this is what they can offer .

Basically, there are three aspects of equality that should be underlined. The first one is an aspect related to function and responsibilities; the second one is an aspect related to right and freedom and the third one is related to natural functions and responsibilities. In the first case, both sexes have shown and manifested functions and responsibilities as per training and exposures and opportunities of life since functions and responsibilities depend upon how far people are matured and trained.

In the second case, it is what nations and societies grant in their constitutions and is political aspect since rights and freedoms are mainly related and connected to the political machinery and thinking of any given nation, and on how far women do participate and hold big positions is one aspect beside the constitutional rights they are bestowed. How many percent of the council or congress or top positions are deliver in respect the equality nations deliver as constitutional rights is one aspect.

In the third aspect is nature. In this given case, women can give birth to child but men cannot do that since they are dictated by nature. Such biological aspect of nature state that there is a difference that exists in the natural functions and responsibilities between both sexes. Sameness does not signify equality as difference does not signify in equality too. In most cases and in historical trend of human society, people used to confuse such concepts but as result of the process of human life and betterment of condition soft e world, such aspect is considered as legitimate space but it should not be confused with the idea of equality too.

What is quite interesting in here is that what is equality? Is equality possible with two people of similar sexes, forget about different sexes, such as male and female? The idea of equality is nice but it is not realistic and practical since communism have failed in applying its principles although such idea was introduced with wrong tools and strategies and it is not possible to be equal since we live in competitive world. One of the natures and characteristics of competition is inequality.

In such given undertaking, one partially buy the idea of feminism in here, in which Feminists are united by the idea that women’s position in society is unequal to that of men, and that society is structured in such a way as to benefit men to the political, social, and economic detriment of women. However, feminists have used different theories to explain these inequalities and have advocated different ways of redressing inequalities, and there are marked geographic and historical variations in the nature of feminism

French writer and feminist theorist Simone de Beauvoir (1908 – 1986) said, Man is defined as a human being and woman as a female—whenever she behaves as a human being she is said to imitate the male.

Virus and Social Reality

June 27, 2014

The author of Power Unseen, How Microbes Rule the World, Dr. Bernard Dixon, in his essay entitled, Microbes Fight Back, stated that there are three principal reasons to fear, despite the unquestioned successes of the past, the future could see the emergence of an uncontrollable infection with devastating consequences for society. One is the widespread proliferation of bacteria unaffected by antibiotics, and the rapid spread of resistance (to ten or more different antibiotics) in bacterial populations.

A second reason for very serious concern about infectious disease in the future is that microorganisms are relentless opportunists. Because of their astronomical numbers, their phenomenal growth rate and their adaptability, they can often exploit new circumstances to grow and cause disease. The third source of anxiety about our vulnerability to infections is that our surveillance over the behavior of microbial populations is far from adequate, especially with regard to the monitoring of genetic changes in disease-causing organisms. He further elucidated, the awesome power of microbes such as viruses and bacteria over human affairs is amply illustrated by the great epidemics of the past.

The same fear is true in other aspect of human reality, which could cause the present day and future aspect of social reality into jeopardy; the first one is the way society is programmed to behave and think in way belief and belief systems make the human mind to function in programmed machine way; the second one is the consequences of such programming of the human aspect along with the sophistication of science and technology that made the human reality dependable on machines and results of technology; the third is the possible consequences of such thinking that originate as result of those mentioned causes earlier which put the human mind, the idea of freewill and freedom under controlled programs and conditions—voluntarily and non voluntarily.

Such fear is indeed an appropriate one. Consequently people are disturbed and affected by at least three kinds of viruses in life that exist in this world. The first ones are the real and natural viruses which exist in the physiological make up of human beings, animals, plants and the like since it is their natural arrangement that make them exist as result of certain configurations of life which make it conducive for viruses to germinate and exist; the second ones are those viruses that are exist in the computer world in which such viruses are created by the human mind such as computer programmers invent; the other ones are those viruses that exist in the social reality that annoy social systems and institutions in way all kind of viruses do.

Leonardo da Vinci said, Close your eyes and look. What you saw at first is there no more; and what you will see next has not yet come to life. This is what is going on this world of existence in which those incidents and happenings which were ignored or considered as insignificant in past could cause to be significant matter and subject such as the case of corruption, terrorism and other catastrophic aspects of human conditions were considered small and something controllable and manageable, but in today, every government and nation is falling under such threat and calamitous situation, but the truthful point is that such nations did not realize and recognize such matter due to the fact that most of them are not innocent and have free hands, they are indulged with bloods of such crimes and they are major actors of such theater.

The other cases are those societies that a considered as legitimate and good ones are threats and illegitimate to others. The legitimacy and goodness of any given society is contextual and relative in which we live in a time that one s a threat to the other. For example, the Christians are threats to the Jew as the Muslims are threats to the Christians, and Christian denomination within each other are considered as threats to each others as others denomination within their respective domain see each other in same way. They all are bound by with what they call hope and promise in which they foul themselves in way that they will be united as one in the future. It is such foolishness that binds them and brings relative peace and order within this world. When such hope and promise is not in their dictionary of life, chaos and frustration will be the fate of this world.

The same is true in the political realm in which a given legitimate government is considered as illegitimate by others since one could be promoting an agenda the other does not like or is not interested to work with. Most nations have not yet established diplomatic relationship with one another due to three different basic factors. The first one is they do not have any political and economic tie since they could be at far distant in terms of geographical and social and economic ties; the other is due to past historical trend such people have and thus they do not have established such relationship; the third one is due to conflicts and quarrels on certain significant issues they have and thus one nation cannot consider the other as legitimate and good one. In this case, in case of quarrel and conflict, one nation could create a program which is tantamount to the virus we see on other aspects in order to put damage and create complications on the other, which is obvious.

Virus is defined in a science as  infectious agent found in virtually all life forms, including humans, animals, plants, fungi, and bacteria. Viruses consist of genetic material—either deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) or ribonucleic acid (RNA)—surrounded by a protective coating of protein, called a capsid, with or without an outer lipid envelope; it is submicroscopic parasitic particle of a nucleic acid surrounded by protein that can only replicate within a host cell. Viruses are between 20 and 100 times smaller than bacteria and hence are too small to be seen by light microscopy. Viruses vary in size from the largest poxviruses of about 450 nanometers (about 0.000014 in) in length to the smallest polio viruses of about 30 nanometers (about 0.000001 in).

However, such life science definition of virus does not encompass the current form of virus which is found in the computer world. Accordingly virus is malicious software program defined in the computer world as a self-duplicating computer program that spreads from computer to computer, interfering with data and software. Just as biological viruses infect people, spreading from person to person, computer viruses infect personal computers (PCs) and servers, the computers that control access to a network of computers. Some viruses are mere annoyances, but others can do serious damage. Viruses can delete or change files, steal important information, load and run unwanted applications, send documents via electronic mail (e-mail), or even cripple a machine’s operating system (OS), the basic software that runs the computer.

Researches state that years 1949, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989 and 2003 have historic and significant positions in the world of the computer virus program in which the theoretical idea of creating a replica of computer program which was later known as virus was conceptualized in 1949 whose practical manifestation and translation to this world get its own existence and shape in 1980’s especially in the 1987-1989. These years were so critical in creating and disseminating computer viruses globally whose processes did go in connection and simultaneously with the establishment of the World Wide Web, in 1989.

Computer viruses are of different types which vary according the nature and purpose of viruses; the type and extent of damage they make on the computer programs and files. They have different nature and characters although they all have similar function which is to create damage and to destroy working and operating computer systems, program and files. Accordingly, researches indicate that the following viruses exist. A stealth virus hides from the operating system when the system checks the location where the virus resides, by forging results that would be expected from an uninfected system.

A so-called fast-infector virus infects not only programs that are executed but also those that are merely accessed. As a result, running antiviral scanning software on a computer infected by such a virus can infect every program on the computer. A so-called slow-infector virus infects files only when the files are modified, so that it appears to check summing software that the modification was legitimate. A so-called sparse-infector virus infects only on certain occasions—for example, it may infect every tenth program executed. This strategy makes it more difficult to detect the virus.

In 1949 Hungarian American mathematician John von Neumann, at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, proposed that it was theoretically possible for a computer program to replicate. This theory was tested in the 1950s at Bell Laboratories when a game called Core Wars was developed, in which players created tiny computer programs that attacked, erased, and tried to propagate on an opponent’s system.

In 1983 American electrical engineer, Fred Cohen, at the time a graduate student, coined the term virus to describe self-replicating computer program. In 1985 the first Trojan horses appeared, posing as a graphics-enhancing program called EGABTR and as a game called NUKE-LA. A host of increasingly complex viruses followed, the so-called Brain virus appeared in 1986 and spread worldwide by 1987. In 1988 two new viruses appeared: Stone, the first bootstrap-sector virus, and the Internet worm, which crossed the United States overnight via computer network.

The Dark Avenger virus, the first fast infector, appeared in 1989, followed by the first polymorphic virus in 1990. The VBS_LOVELETTER script virus, is also known as the Love Bug and the I LOVEYOU virus, unseated Melissa as the world’s most prevalent and costly virus when it struck in May 2000. By the time the outbreak was finally brought under control, losses were estimated at U.S.$10 billion, and the Love Bug is said to have infected 1 in every 5 PCs worldwide.

The year 2003 was a particularly bad year for computer viruses and worms. First, the Blaster worm infected more than 10 million machines worldwide by exploiting a flaw in Microsoft’s Windows system. In January 2004, however, the MyDoom virus set a new record, spreading even faster than SoBig, and, by most accounts, causing even more damage. This drama and game of the computer virus theater is still going on to date since it is one of the means by which people secure means of income and they happen to be billionaires with it.

The same is true in the human and social reality in which there are various types and groups of people who have similar nature and characters like the computer and human viruses behave in which such individuals and groups of people exist in every society as threats and scary people to the system and organizations underway due to their character and nature which is to destroy and destruct what is going on at normal conditions and what is underway. These people are obvious to tell and know such as individual bad people up to corrupt people, and gangsters up to terror groups.

Researches also state that viruses often damage or kill the cells that they infect, causing disease in infected organisms. A few viruses stimulate cells to grow uncontrollably and produce cancers. Although many infectious diseases, such as the common cold, are caused by viruses, there are no cures for these illnesses. The difficulty in developing antiviral therapies stems from the large number of variant viruses that can cause the same disease, as well as the inability of drugs to disable a virus without disabling healthy cells. The same is true in social reality in which there are gangs and those bad people who still operate in way giving discomfort to the way of life society undertakes and they are not even removed by any police force and society’s endeavor to date.

Sometimes, one wonder on how come such tiny and microscopic particle, a virus whose length is like about 0.000014 inch do kill a person who is by far taller and wider than in fact more than 100 times great in size; one in here is in case forced to correlate such aspect of the virus and the man thing in great scenario of social reality and in human life in which great people, heroes of this world are overthrown by unexpected and unknown people; such unknown people do not exist in the dictionary and history of books of society, and by virtues of the act they demonstrate, they happen to be like the viruses, but in due course of time as they remove others, they happen to be giants in their own goodtime.

It is also possible to state in here that such viruses have direct correlation with social realities in which anything and everything that happens on this world is reflection of something which people do not realize which others prefer to call such aspect as mysterious phenomenon since there are many layers of worlds and peoples that exist in this world. One is a reflection of the other. One is a duplicate of the other as viruses do. What could vary in here are the type, content and color of the world which is dependent upon thinking and belief. In such cases, every world is connected with one to another world in unrealized and unrecognized way and manner.

Scientists’ claim that one of the weakest viruses in the world and the most disastrous virus which do not have cures to date is HIV virus. And one scientist said as a scientist I am fascinated by such drama of the virus but as human being I am compassionate and sympathize on the damage and harm it is having on human lives and society since we are challenged by the weakest virus ever, that one little virus has reminded us how much we still have to learn.

One of the characteristics of worm or virus as duplicating itself is deceiving to the extent it seems the original ones but someone opens any given file, it is virus and it destroys the whole operating system, programs, and files. One cannot function and one could probably lose whatever one has on the computer and thus one needs to reform everything. As such is the case in the computer world, the same is true on social realities in which there are communities that have deceiving nature and character and people join them from the outward looking orientations and images and pages they publish to others since they have big buildings and big image, but the moment people join them by virtue of what they have on the outside, and get into the inside of them, they are just nothing, the buildings are just like containers of big sand and clay boxes and they are vain, fake and empty.

Such communities are like such viruses that have deceiving natures since deceiving is not only their jobs and but also their hobbies; but people should reformat themselves or they could get destroyed by such deceiving natures of such communities and most people suffer out of deception and tricks on what such given communities play on others. In this case, it is not only antivirus programs of computes that should be created and invented but also anti-viral of such communities should be invented in order to reform and configure such people who are victims of such therapeutic condition of such given communities so that they come back to their normal way of life. We call such people not anti-viruses, but heroes and heroines since they know how to give life to the victims of such deceiving and misleading communities.


Thinking and Economy

June 24, 2014

In a state of sleep, people could see layers of dreams in which it is an experience in life that one can ably see a given dream in a dream. This is just a state of consciousness that dictate than the choice of a person once a person reaches to certain level and height of consciousness. It is a matter of state of being in which there are layers of experience as there are different layers of people that exist at all levels and such layers and circles of people are developed as matter of the thinking and act they undertake on daily basis. People get into a given layer or circle since they have practiced something in their daily routines.

Such layers of people do exist in the thinking and economy realm in which people could belong to same category or level of thinking, without knowing with each other, but they perceive and understand things in most similar and closer manner since they develop certain pattern and way of life in their reality, at the cross section of such exposure and experience of life, since one thinks and believes that the true reality of every human being on what one thinks and such thinking is the beginning and end of every human reality even if they belong to different systems and ways of life, different nations, colors, race, sex, profession, education, economic class, and age, they belong to same circles and conclaves of thinking by virtue of their understanding levels.

One form of people are those people who think that truth can be find out in anywhere in which they seek the truth in religion, politics, education, philosophical discourses and in everywhere. They think that the truth can be found out as result of unconditional search for truth in which they do not dichotomize truth since truth is something that can be found at any place and time and they do not attribute to any single way of life in which they think that the practice and ways of life underway in this world are summed up as prelude to search for the truth one is having and they are all portals to the path of truth since they are all means and ways that help people to come to the point of truth one seeks to reach and they are helpful tools and productive instruments to the truth. Such is the principle of their life and they do not even belong to any form of any particular way of life, and one currently belongs to here.

There are such kinds of people who think that religion or kind of philosophical thought or whatever belief and practice they have is the beginning and end of everything in life and they belong to particular form of religion or philosophy since they think it is the alpha and omega thing of this world and they do not think that it is not possible to imagine life without given thinking, they strictly adhere to the teaching and thinking of that given religion or philosophy which they follow and practice since they think that religious principles are life and death things and they could go up to martyrdom thing in order to protect their religion. Such people exist in all forms of religions and way of life and such people belong to one category of thinking circle since they think that principles of religion or philosophy or belief which they follow are core aspect of their life.

The other types of people are those types of people who think that religion or philosophy or one’s belief are one aspect of their life in which they are open to accept and understand other forms of thinking and ideologies which are in conformity with doctrines and principles of religions or way of life which they practice, and they are selective to read and accept other people thinking as far as they are going in accordance with what they think and believe in. They do not close their eyes to other forms of thinking since they think that other people could know better aspects in relation to what they know, but they do not and never accept any thinking which is contrary to what they think and believe in even if it is true. They still follow their way of life. They are open-minded.

When people find something contrary to what they think and believe, even if they have form of religion or way of life which they practice and believe in, since they have found out something truth and fact on the new ones—be it religious or philosophical thought—they deny the former one and join the newer one as result of the connection they establish. They are not cowardice to accept new mindset and mental thinking as far as it goes with their rationale and state of being. They do not think like the fish in fish bowl.

Such people could be called by others as deviants or traitors since they are assumed that they betray the former way of life and religion and they joined the new one as result the exercise of their morale choice and sound judgment which they make in life. Such people could be like the type of people who assume that the new one which the join as if it is life and death thing or as others who think that there are other forms of life which could have better answers to the quest they have in life, they are still open minded.

The other form of people are those people who do not have such organized way of thinking and belief system and they live in way the direction of wind blows since they are not those type of people who could have organized thinking and way of life to practice since they are not capable enough to tell things in independent manner. Such types of people could exist in organized forms and way of life since they use them as place of hiding and they are like refuges in such circles of life and most people belong to such category and way of life. They go by what they are told than investigate things in independent manner.

The most strange aspect of such life is that there are such people who have no grasp and understanding on what is going on this world; they have no clue of what is going on since they do not use the power of understanding which resides in their own reality and they do not even care to what is going on; they are the types of people who have opened their eyes, but they are in state of sleep. These people do have no life on earth since they should be at least opened up their reality into one or other forms of thinking and way of life. Understanding is one of the natures of human reality.

While such theatrical and dramas of life is going on such thinking world, people also vary on the economic gaps and wealth possessions they have everywhere due to the fact that we live in world and time where people have not secured daily bread as other people secure mansions and luxurious automobile with extravaganza life style in which such paradoxical aspects of life on earth is the reflection of on what the world truly looks like. We live in world where few have stopped praying to God, as most in their daily prayer say, O lord give us our daily bread, while others have created their own God that can buy them their 100th latest automobiles. Can you do that? How do people look like in economy?

In the world of economy, there are people who have no single penny in their pocket, who live just for the survival. They hunt for food, and they have no homes. And they are just street wanderers and they live by the grace and will of what the day is going to offer them. This is related to the absolute poverty thing in which such people have not secured job or any single penny for the day, they just wander on the street as they could beg or find something so as to earn a single penny. They are the most destitute ones.

The second kinds of people in such valley of the economy thing are those people who range like they have something for the day; they can secure at least one up to three meals a day, whatever quality it is, they have something on daily basis; they have secured something like bread on daily basis. They have a place to spend the night with. They secure everything on daily basis. And such people think on daily basis, as the prayer it goes like, O Lord, give us our daily bread thing, in which their prayer and thinking is based on a single day.

The other kinds of people are those people who secure their needs on weekly basis in which such people secure their basic needs on weekly terms. They live for weeks and such people could go up to securing weekly foods and shelter, but also, weekend beers and they add something to the way of life as compare to those people who live on daily basis. The pray here that O Lord give us our week long bread but also our weekend beers too. Here, the quality of life looks better.

Once people secure weekly stuffs and bills, the other types of people are those people who secure monthly bills in which such people are types of people who secure costs and expenses by the monthly income they secure, in which, they add something to the quality of life in which they develop certain social status besides the economic status they have within the society. Here, they are two kinds; one type of people are those who have additional savings in which such people save money to do something to the future as there are others who live up to the monthly bills too.

The other kinds of people here are those people who secure economic need and income for few months basis in which they are types of people who have enough income and savings that goes up to few months up to a year long. These kinds of people are type of people who have larger amount of money and they are types of people who were well paid ones and daily, weekly, and monthly bills are not their worries, and they live better life than others who receive lower income than them. They could be known as the middle income people. They have income on medium range and terms of life, which is relative and contextual depending on what type of society and system people reside.

Those mid rich and high wealthy people who count money on second basis are the one who belong to high class and category of people, not only they have higher income, but also they have greater responsibilities by being source of income to many people, since they are not the type of people who worry about monthly or yearly income, many kinds of bills such as expansion of businesses, hiring many employees and all kind of related activities. We live in world where people worry on how to secure their weekly or monthly income; there are people who worry on how to pay weekly or monthly salaries of employees they hire.

When people start counting millions of money in hour, they forget to think about hourly, daily, weekly and yearly incomes and so on, and they stop thinking about worrying whatever money to come into their stuff as income, their worries shift to another paradigm, in which it is on the quality of work they do, the quality of leadership they should establish, in which they seek to be number one, exemplary ones and the like in the field of work they are engaged with. Money is not their concern in here and their thinking shift towards different paradigm in which they could be ambitious and over ambitious to do too many things as others seek different kinds of recognition on what they do.

They sponsor various kinds of activities with the intention of getting fame and recognition from the public, government and the like. People see them everywhere with suits and the like. They like to obtain all kinds of attention just like the child at the age of 3-4 does; when people fail to give them the type of attention they seek, they get annoyed and disturbed since such people with status of being are encircled with such amount of money in most cases behave like the way teenager think and behave since money is like opium and has some tricky aspects which make such people to reflect on their lives.

Once they completed such level of multiplying money and the agenda of securing source of income is well done, and they have finished and passed the tests what ambitions and over ambitious feelings and thinking bring about, the good ones focus on how to create positive influence on other peoples’ lives; the great ones focus on investing their resource on philanthropic deeds; doing good to society will be the primal concern and the major area of focus they perform in their daily undertakings. Few do in spontaneous manner, and others perform such deeds in organized and scientific manner.

When more rich and wealthy people who focus on how to create positive influence on other peoples’ lives; the great ones focus on investing their resource on philanthropic deeds are created in abundance along with those people who think that that the truth can be found out as result of unconditional search for truth in which they do not dichotomize truth since truth is something that can be found at any place and time and they do not attribute to any single way of life, this world will be better, safe and secured place. The fights and contradictions that are going on, behind the curtains, in this world are the fights of ideologies and belief in which such beliefs and ideologies are creations and fabrications of the human mind—the human imaginations.

When certain people oppose or support any given argument in here, they have no positive or negative impact since it is fact and true in one’s own way. Other peoples’ agreement or critics or oppositions do not have any single impact on the life of this person. This is just personal and it is not done for the sake of publication or seeking other people approval. In such realm, one think, observe and write since it is just way of life, it is passion. One rejects the kind of politics other people try to induce. It is just an ordinary person personal experience which is found in one’s own way of perceiving and understanding realities.


Martyrdom and Truth

June 23, 2014

It was wordings and language space and discrepancy that caused the dispute and misunderstanding between two nations, Ethiopia and Italy—leaders of such nations in past—entered war widely known as the Ethio-Italian war which was caused by misinterpretation in relation to the Article 17 of the treaty of the Wuchale, with disagreement got along by two different versions of that given treaty, in relation to Ethiopian foreign policy, in which the Italian version says that Ethiopia should be mediated thru Italy, where as the Amharic version did say a different version, which did not give authority and power to Italy.

And later on, such dispute came to an end and was solved by war and struggle in which the Ethiopians won that given battle against Italian invasion although the Italians carry modern armaments of that given time, they had better strength in military forces and they were also supported by the Ethiopian insiders who were serving the Italians. Thus, hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian martyrs gave their lives without hesitation, they defended the sovereignty, freedom and independence of the country which they belong and have respect. Martyrdom here is related with an expression of great love people have for something, and such people had determination and they sacrificed their lives for their country.

When people are willing to die for certain belief or ideology, in other words, they are known as martyrs, can this act be a means as proof of the truth. This needs quite something a contemplation since many people die for many different types of causes or ideologies or belief system, and here, which one is true? We live in world where the mass is in cases always wrong, in which people are in most submissive than they question everything before they accept something as true, and they prefer to follow than lead. Being a follower in every century is taken as fashion and way of life, and in such world, how come to die for something is considered as rightful and correct aspect of reality and life?

People seek the path of martyrdom for many different reasons. The first one is due to wrong or abusive administration of political leaders who put some kind of pressure and stress to the mass at large, and in such cases, people prefer to stay away from oppression and depressions from such system of life or any government ruling. Such aspect of martyrdom is related as in the case of former times was against foreign power such as colonization or foreign power invasion, but in today, this has changed its color and content, since it is done against any oppressive and dictatorial political leaders.

The second is the desire to seek the truth of life in which people could be bored of lie and deception that exist in way of life they respectively belong such as religious systems. When belief system gets corrupted and leaders of such systems of life start operating by their own in which their carnal desires override their spiritual side, and chaos and disorder becomes a king in any given domain and way of life, people revolt against such system and they prefer to be martyrs on the path of truth which they claim to their own.

Both systems and ways of life are major causes on why people seek the path of martyrdom. In both scopes, people who choose the path of martyrdom are considered as noble and creditable ones. However, individuals pass different stages and processes of life before they take such path of martyrdom since most people live with ignorance and fear, they are not even aware of the corruption and the bad side of the system which they belong. Awareness, then investigation process on what they are aware of, and the point of knowledge, assurance, are three stages of life which people pass while living in such way of life.

Most have opened their eye-cover but they are asleep where as others have closed their eye-cover, but they are awake. This is how people differ. The most important aspect of human life is not on what one looks like and act, but rather on what one thinks. Life is not about on what and how one manifests something and reflects towards and on others or to the objective world, but rather on what one thinks, in which such thinking is the one that tells truthful aspect of one’s true reality. Most people manifest and reflect fake realities to this objective world than the real ones in which what they think deep inside and what they act are falling apart since trick is one of the becoming nature of this world.

In reality, why do people choose death than such life on earth, is this hateful attitude or due to sincerity, that force people to seek the path of martyrdom? Is martyrdom the last form or manifestation of one’s faith and determination towards something? Is this important to die for something or work harder for something, which one is better and wiser? Why ? Why do people choose the path of pain than comfort in a time and world, they are provided to live with the material comforts they could be in, but few people choose the path of suffering for their own different reasons.

Basically, martyrdom has two levels and states of beings; the first one is choosing the path of suffering in order to advance something; the other is to die for the advancement of something. Accordingly, marty is defined as to bring difficulties, suffering, or hardship on yourself for something; somebody who chooses to die rather than deny a strongly held belief, especially a religious belief; somebody who experiences frequent or constant pain from something; somebody who makes sacrifices or suffers greatly in order to advance a cause or principle. This is about to prefer the path of pain than life for something.

When people choose the path of suffering and they work for something, they could see the fruits of what they have scarified for and thus, they choose the joy that come as result of their pain and sufferings, and hence, they enjoy the pain in such arenas of life than the comforts they are to be provided by others. This is like what happens in people’s daily interaction and communications, for instance, a man sacrifice for a woman and a woman sacrifice for a man, in love relationship, and such scarification could go to the extent that people sacrifice their lives towards to the success and achievement of cause or something, and they prefer the pain to work for something than the comforts they could obtain by other means of life.

What triggers people to go by the path of martyrdom, is this the drawback of current or existing ways of life or their sincere needs and determinations for Change, in which people think that something has to be done than go by where the wind blows since they have come up with an understanding that there is a strong need to make significant change in the life of human society and they take the path of determination and sacrifice for change, by accepting whatever consequences such moral decisions they make in life could bring about.

Martyrdom is not a reality that comes by the choice people make in life, but a state of being which people could reach about passing certain processes of life in which at some given point of life, people are not even afraid of anything to come as result of the path or determination they have chosen to follow. In such state of being, fear and ignorance has no place since people have already overcome ignorance and fear by knowledge and determination. Knowledge and determination give birth to faith and conviction and they have opened their own eyes than follow the dictates of others.

Basically, there are two types of martyrdoms. Such martyrdom is based on the object or subject of martyrdom, what matters in here is the subject and object of understanding which people seek to be martyr for, is this on the personality or state of being of individuality, Personalities; or the other is subject or object of understanding, which is the idea or any given perception, which could be connected and understood here as The Truth. The truth and personalities have been struggling for centuries and ages since both are relative and subjective as they are objective and contextual too.

When people seek the path of martyrdom in connection with realities and personalities of individuals such as the case of the martyrs in all religions, which are mainly connected with identities and characters in which such people choose the path of martyrdom since they have observed and identified certain unique and different characters and thinking on them and they have chosen to suffer in their path and cause such people have preached and taught about, since they think that such unique personalities and individuals do deserve to be followed and respected, and the path they come up is something that deserve martyrdom.

What makes such many people to suffer and seek the path of martyrdom in such people undertakings is that the figures’ or authors’ conviction and determination in the path they are undertaking, if they were not originally determined to pass all kind of suffering and pains, the rest and the mass could not show similar acts, but it is their original faith and passion that force other people to take their examples and lives into their own lives and reflect so that they get to achieve something in life in way the authors’ of the cause such figures have visualized.

It is not possible to have any cause prosperous without the path of martyrdom; the degree and intensity of such martyrdom tell the magnitude of the success the cause they come about could bring about. When more sincere and responsible people take the path of martyrdom, the prosperity of such given cause is insured and assured of its noblest success since such people would not spend not only their time and energies along with all kind of resources they have, but also their own lives to the success of the cause they love for.

The second type of martyrdom people choose is towards Idea, in which it is not personality or individuality which is the most significant element of life, but it is idea. People seek the path of martyrdom towards idea. These people are very few people since they are the ones who receive source of inspiration; they are founders of any given cause which most people could be martyr with. They are attached to the original inspiration or discovery they have come about as result of their own efforts and deliberations they make in life, they are strongly connected to ideas and they pay all kinds of sacrifices they should towards the fulfillment of their ideas. They become martyrs to ideas, not to personalities and the causes such personalities come about.

Both kinds of martyrs make survive any given cause and live longer. Since the basement is on righteousness and virtues such as sincerity, knowledge, conviction and faith, such virtues have adequate capacity to remove fear, ignorance, idle imaginations and fancies and other negative elements that put setback on such given causes. Both positive and negative forces have been on struggle at all times and conditions in life since these are an inevitable and inescapable aspect of human life.

And those who can go like the airplane will survive and take passengers from one point to another, from one destination to another, but those who fail to go against the law of that given point of gravity will raise up for the time being but they fail and fall down to the earth and even to the mud of the earth since they cannot keep the right momentum, they get stuck and at last, they fail back to the ground and they cannot go far beyond certain limit due to many factors and reasons, which are so obvious; one is they finish the fuel, and the second one is due to the capacity of the engine, which they call engine failure and the like.

In such case, even if the flight number of the airplane is registered, the air traffic control is aware of such given flight the airplane is having, and other appropriate procedures are done and kept in safe manner, they are not warranties to the success of the flight the airplane is making since the right procedure and safety precautions one should make is with the safety of the engine and its parts, the heath of the pilots and on securing the abundance of the fuel, which are significant aspects but the others are less significant aspects of this given flight.

When such given causes are established with the right martyrdom they should seek in life and they start proceeding with the kinds of procedures and thinking which make them forget in way that given airplane forget such as the engine, fuel and the pilot things and the start focusing on less significant procedures in which the ticket office, hostesses, air traffic people, security guards and the like could happen to be more significant than those that should be and they could start forgetting the pilots, safety of the airplane thing and the like.

And in such cases, the fate of such given causes are simple to tell; they get stuck and they cannot go forward beyond certain limit since they are bound by procedures, set of rules and other systems which put them to be in jails than claim the right freedom which they were supposed to enjoy. In this case, even if they clam, they are flying on boundless spaces, but they are still on certain limit which they are asked to bind. At last, their claim is finished and they live a life which their reality should be and what they are falling apart. This is because they focus on the less significant aspect than the significant one, and this is surely one of the consequences of not knowing the right priorities in life.

Hence, it is not possible to be martyr, out of the blue, in which such act requires its own virtues and determination, people should manifest and reflect since it is a process of life people come up out of passing valleys of difficulties and pains to the attainment of achieving something in life. This act has its own denizens since it is created to certain people, any by passer bye cannot join this act since it is something that require certain mindset and perspective. As all people cannot study similar fields and al people cannot be martyrs.

Basically, there could be two types of people in such given realm in which there are people who imitate to be martyr as there are people who are real and genuine martyrs. The first ones are those people who just copy and paste the later ones since they like to be martyrs. In few societies and culture, it is not possible to identify which are genuine or not, which ones are true or not since people could like to die since they could be disappointed by life style than on the right grasp and understanding they have on the subject and object of martyrdom.

What could be interesting in here is that when people are martyrs for causes established with unknown and fake motives and purposes; can martyrdom be used as guaranty to make that given cause as truthful, can martyrdom be considered as justification to the truthfulness and correctness of any given cause even if it is based on trick, lie and deception. When 100 foul people are added up with another 100 foul people, they become 200 foul people; and when 1,000 foolish people are multiplied by another 1,000 foolish people, they become 1,000,000 foolish people, and it is very rare here to find that 1 wise person could come up amidst such people while the chance of probability is even very low.


Criminology—Sin to Scientific Punishment

June 21, 2014

Crime is defined as an action prohibited by law or a failure to act as required, an activity that involve breaking the law, an act considered as morally wrong, a shameful, unwise or regrettable act. It is mostly connected with breaking any given law in which the idea of breaking any given ruling or law is considered as crime. This could lead to a bad idea that an any act that is not detected by law as good, which should not be the case since any act that brings harm to others due to failures and immorality should be considered as crime since the jurisprudence in place in every society has its own context and is not mature enough to punish all kind of bad acts that are going in this world.

When a person commits any given bad act on others is considered as bad and when such bad act is further processed in legal system and make sure that a person commits bad act, the person is considered and proved as guilty, then he is promoted to another station of bad world, such as the criminal so that one is put in jail or receive whatever punishment one is going to receive based on the dictates of the consciousness of the jury. This is normal way of proceedings people have everywhere.

When a person commits any bad thing against oneself, this might not be considered as crime since the person is doing it against oneself, since crime in most case engages involvement of the other party, except in few cases such as committing suicides, few society or ruling declare in their legal frame work it as crime and the person who commits a suicide is criminal since he killed a person, one self. Here, the crux lies on the act, not whoever the person one is committing a bad act against with. The mindset of having the suicide thing by itself makes any given person to be in state of criminal since the reality of any given person germinates from thinking.

One of the most formidable aspect of crime is that it is not possible to tell as to when, where, how and why any given crime occurs which make crime as one of the becoming universal nature of human reality that can manifest at any time, by any person on whomsoever since human behavior is beyond speculative thinking and judgment. Thus, crimes do occur at anyplace and at any given time by whosoever. Although people could assume that those people who are in better economic and social status in any given society are free of crimes, but they could be the one who commit several crimes in most intriguing ways than those who are considered as the usual suspects in the lists of the police stations. It is just out of control.

When people become suspicious of other peoples’ behavior, they could suspect something of any give crime to happen, and thus, they stay away from such people, but they could forget that they by themselves could be found as criminal, at later times, committing certain given bad act, which they were scared of others since their life and the way they think about life in the future is not in their hands. No one’s life is insured and secure unless and otherwise people live with certain kind of faith and belief which is not even warranty that they will have crime free environment and life.

And we have reached to point that human beings by now create a field of study, which employs a scientific approaches on making all kinds of investigations and researches relate to crimes. Criminology is the scientific study of criminals and criminal behavior. Criminologists attempt to build theories that explain why crimes occur and test those theories by observing behavior. Criminological theories help shape society’s response to crime both in terms of preventing criminal behavior and responding to it after it occurs.

The discipline of criminology has evolved in three phases, beginning in the 18th century. Although crime and criminals have been around for as long as societies have existed, the systematic study of these phenomena did not begin until the late 1700s. Prior to that time, most explanations of crime equated it with sin—the violation of a sacred obligation. When scholars first distinguished crime from sin, they made possible explanations of criminal behavior that were not theological (religious). This, in turn, allowed for the dispassionate, scientific study of why crime occurs. The development of this study is now known as the era of classical criminology

The second phase, which began in the 19th century, is referred to as modern criminology. During this era, criminology distinguished itself as a subspecialty within the emerging disciplines of psychology, sociology, and economics. Scholars formed criminological societies and founded criminology journals. Criminologists conducted empirical tests (observations or experiments) of their theories, rather than relying solely on speculation, and consequently developed a wide range of theories.

The third phase, beginning in the second half of the 20th century, may best be called independent criminology. During this period, criminology began to assert its independence from the traditional disciplines that spawned it. In Western Europe, the United States, and Canada, criminologists expanded their professional associations and published an increasing number of journals. A number of universities developed graduate programs in criminology. Criminological theories have become more multidisciplinary (spanning various fields of study) because independent criminologists seek to understand crime itself rather than study crime as one aspect of an overall sociological or psychological theory.

Criminology researches state in accounting for criminal motivation in people, criminologists have used various psychological theories that attempt to explain human intellectual and emotional development. These theories can be divided into three categories: moral development theories, social learning theories, and personality theories. Moral development theories describe a sequence of developmental stages that people pass through when acquiring the capacity to make moral judgments.

According to these theorists, this development process may or may not be completed, and people who remain unable to recognize right from wrong will be more likely to engage in inappropriate, deviant, or even criminal behavior. Social learning theories emphasize the process of learning and internalizing moral codes. Learning theorists note different patterns of rewards and sanctions that affect this process. Personality theories assume a set of enduring perceptions and predispositions that each individual develops through early socialization. These theorists propose that certain predispositions or personality traits, such as impulsiveness or extroversion, increase the chances of criminal behavior.

Although there are people who use good moral judgments, recognizing right from wrong, such as those people who are married, who are considered as people who exercise sound morale judgment within any given social dynamics, but they are not free from committing crimes, both within the family they establish, also with the outside environment, in which such making up of sound social and moral judgment could help people in practicing what the norm does, but it is not warranty to live crime free life and environment. This is what one observes in everywhere and in every society. This does not mean that having married life is bad, but it is useful and productive and one way of life and commendable approaches to life on earth.

When people commit crime, what follow next is the impact of crime on individual who are victims, its impact on the society at large and to the entire world in which the world should have mindset and state of being like when the nose is hit, the eye should weep, but unfortunately we live in world that the nose is hit, but the teeth laugh, which is strange and funny world. In such case, punishment is one way of approaching crime although it is not guaranty to create crime free environment, it is just one method though it lacks many other elements and aspects.

Punishment is one means of protecting and preventing crimes since it induces fear into the minds of those people who are on the next move to commit crimes, or other people who could intend to commit any given crime. Fear is one of the instruments and powerful forces that create stresses and confusions into the human reality and by doing so, those people who would be into crimes could be stopped and given signals of warnings so that crime is not good idea and job people should have in mind. The point in here this is the punishment delivered tantamount to the act of crime, and how such equivalence is determined and measured? What are the factors?

The idea of punishment goes along with character and nature of crime in which it is mainly dependent upon how light and severe the crime is, goes from physical punishment up to psychological and emotional punishment that result in further consequences on the person who commits a crime. Thus, it ranges from simple to worse on what type of society one lives in, since culture and tradition, and religious practice play significant role in the punishment process society undertakes.

Although many complaints and critics have been delivered in almost all justice systems that exist in this world since such aspect of life is relative and subjective, is mainly depended upon politics and dictates of the consciousness of the jury, which are very human, and they cannot be complete, due to mistakes and failures. The other reason is grievous crimes are done in most sophisticated manner in way that evidences and testimonies could not be found due to the fact that they are done with precise calculations and knowing the nature and character of the law. They play the games of rats and cats since such people who commit such crime know how to escape the law. The other one is due to bribe and corruption cases in which most legal system are not free from corruptions.

There is no as such mathematical and objective formula established and formulated on the crime-punishment process that is set on stage, but past experience, statute law as article and codes, arguments and proofs, evidence and witnesses, play significant role in the jurisprudence of any given society— system of law—which value the quality of justice framework in any given social dynamics. How far any given justice system is strong and healthy determined not only on the speed and convenience of the justice process, but also on how far it truly identifies and tell the innocent from the criminal is significant touchstone.

While such drama of life is going on, does punishment secure crime free environment or make it even worse, whatever justice framework society installs, what is the pros and cons of punishments along with the crime rates in which it is one superficial understanding in here is that crime still goes on as people who work on the legal frame work of society become harder and harder. What is the reason behind to make no crime zone society, are these, the quality and strength of justice system, economic measures regardless of the justice system, moral and psychological aspects and the like?

Researches indicate that the prison population in the United States has reached an all-time high. Convicted criminals are being imprisoned at higher rates and are serving longer sentences, but is a tougher stance on sentencing really benefiting society? Does the threat of imprisonment deter potential criminals? Do prisons rehabilitate criminals? In this point/counterpoint, the national criminal justice commission argues that the prison system wastes public resources, converts nonviolent offenders into violent criminals, and disproportionately punishes some racial groups.

Various forms and type of criminal punishment are going on stage in every society such as the Compensation—certain punishments require offenders to provide compensation for the damage caused by their crimes. There are three chief types of compensation: fines, restitution, and community service; Incarceration—criminals may be incarcerated in jails or in prisons. Jails are locally operated facilities that house criminals sentenced to less than one year of incarceration. Banishment—societies have used corporal punishments to inflict physical pain on wrongdoers. Tribal societies find these punishments particularly appealing, since they are immediate and direct, and often debilitating.

Capital Punishment—the most extreme form of punishment is death. Execution of an offender is known as capital punishment. Like corporal punishment and banishment, capital punishment has been used since ancient times; Other Approaches—Modern forms of criminal punishment include alternatives that contrast vividly with corporal punishments and large-scale warehousing of offenders in prisons. Modern programs increasingly emphasize an individualized approach to the rehabilitation and treatment of offenders.

The increase in the prison population did not reduce crime nor did it make any given society even feel safer and secured. In fact, some criminologists have argued that the overuse of the penal system for so many small-time offenders has actually created more crime than it has prevented. They ask to introduce the idea of scientific punishment that circles around on the fight against crime must not start from all kinds of punishments on hand, but thru understanding the root causes or factors of causes crimes, and working harder on the establishment of new community and society with mindset of free crime environment thinking and attitude along with subsequent reformation of society and communities with consolidating its organs of structures such as the institutions as whole with new and transforming concepts and practices.

How is society going to be restructured in way that crime could no occur is the most challenging issue of our time since crime occurs for many various reasons, past, present and future? What could vary in here is that the nature and character of crime which is dependent upon the way and how society things, which is progressive. When any given society advances in good, the bad also advances in similar manner. One of the interesting characters of crimes as the society advances is that it gets organized, forms and structures. It could be considered as regular business and way of life too.

Although the idea of making significant change and transformation on the education systems and curriculums, the existence of economic justice in any given society dynamics, the control of desire and ambitions along with ego centered thinking and activities, which get along with simultaneous strength of the justice system itself are some of the things a given society should meditate upon since people do commit crimes for money reasons, and other self centered activities and desires such as sexual interest, to satisfy power interests, excessive ambitions and individualistic thinking and attitudes and so on.

Although various emotional matters are also causes since excessive feelings and emotions are one of the root causes to commit a crime and people get out of control of their own that is why they go and choose the bad way. Other people are revengeful attitudes and revenge has no good path and good fruit since it always take the worst choice which is called as the crime. Although people are penalized to the crime they commit, sometimes, it is good to consider other perspectives in matters related especially to capital punishment people receive.

The last and final and strong punishment anyone can receive here on earth is the capital punishment and the idea of capital punishment is directly connected with the idea of death since people’s perception about death is derived from religious outlook due to the fact that a person who does bad will go to hell, and in order to remove that person to hell, one is penalized with capital punishment since society thinks that the act is bad and deserves bad judgment. What if the person who is removed by such capital punishment live comfortable life in the next world since, as per the context of such given belief, God forgives, that person was given him a mansion, which none knows.

Although the concept of death is derived from past and religious perspective, most think that such people who are punished by such grievous punishment are those who commit worst types of crimes. In fact, when they are penalized being amidst within society, such is the grievous punishment than they are delivered by death since human reality is about thinking, they suffer while they are alive, but when they are removed, none knows the further consequence of death and what kind of life one is going to live afterwards, if any. Since it is only belief that dictates such justice system and they could rationally think such people do not deserve living and life on the earth on what they commit although they could be types of people who do not even like to live on the earth.

Accordingly, it is important to note in here that there are different levels and states of crimes. The first ones are those crimes that are penalized by the justice system. They have evidences and testimonies and the jury can make sound judgments. The second ones are those crimes that are not detected by the justice system due to lack of adequate evidences and testimonials the justice system require. The third ones are those crimes that do not receive equivalent judgments to the nature and character of crime, due to failure of the judiciary system. The fourth ones are those bad acts that are not even recognized as crimes due to lack of society’s way of understanding and knowledge reality and other aspects of life, in which ignorance is one factor.

They say, the language of the law is difficult to translate because words or expressions in a particular language often carry concepts that do not exist in another. Whatever terminology or wording is there, articles or code exist in our world, there should be universal consensus among such practioners to derive certain touchstones in relation to bad acts of whatever character and nature they have as per the context of universal human nature and reality so as to derive the right and appropriate laws and law procedures since there are certain crimes going on, but not detected by any given law underway due to the hidden aspect of such drama and they are committed secretly. Hence, the jurisprudence of any society should not only follow but lead the social engineering and sentiment.

Center of Focus

June 19, 2014

Last time, I met someone one whom I know in relative past, and I had no a such acquaintance with the person, except exchanging normal greetings as saying hello as we meet everywhere and we had no a such further interaction. And I heard something bad about the person in which this person somehow intervened with my life in past with bad in which this was in a time I had no penny, 6 years ago. This person intervened with a person whom I met in bad time, who could offer me a nice job so that I could settle my personal expenses and bills.

As I met the person this time, I was not in condition to only just say hello, I need to talk to him on why he did that since as far as my knowledge about this person was concerned we had no such acquaintances in bad or good. We had no further knowledge and there was nothing that put us in good or bad shape that make us to be in love or quarrel. When that person said, the usual hello to me, I said same thing, but I said it in way I needed further talking and interaction. He was not sure why I did that. But I told him that I need to talk to him. He agreed and we went to a café close by.

While we were in café, I directly raised the issue on why he tried to make bad things by rumoring on me behind bad since I obtained the information from reliable source. He looked frustrated and confused since he never expected. I thought he expected that I was kind of telling him something like good news. He did not know what to tell, and he asked, who told you this, I said, my source is someone whom he knew very well and there was nothing he could further talk since the source was reliable. Then he replied in way trying to be smart, by diverting his own agenda, I said this it was for your own sake, in order to protect you since the person who was going to offer you a job was bad person.

I was wondering here that even if devil was offering me job, I was in position to take it since my concern at that given time was not who was going to give me a job or money, how I was going to settle my bills. However, I told that person do not tell me you are protecting me, first protect your own selves and then think about others. I further commented, a person who cannot protect his self, cannot protect others since protection starts from self. I also told him also that his intention was bad and I would tell this story to the people in his around and surroundings since they should be careful of his behavior and character and thinking which could cause further harms to other people.

I make this kind of conversation when I become sure that the information I receive is certain and something that have an impact on my life. Otherwise, I just ignore such type of information as far as it is not that important and necessary and it has no such single impact on my life, I just pass it as if a fly is on my face, I just do the movement of my hand since flies go away. However, that was the only incident that visited my life in past years, but as doors of one opportunity is closed, another one is opened in different gates. I believe and think that that life is kind and good and generous to me up to now since I am capable to settle my needs and bills by my own since past 6 years. For and to everything, time has already delivered the complete answer. This is awesome!!

When people try to be nice in such ways, if it is genuinely from the point view of being nice, according to this given case, being nice here means finding other means of income that I obtain so that I can settle my bills than close the only door that was opened to me during that time, such way of being nice to other people is tantamount to being rude and bad since such people are sophistry type of people since they are the type of people who are like honey with poison; they kill you laughing; they hate you showing fake smiles and fake gestures of love since they could close doors of opportunities opened although new doors could be opened at later times in their own fashion and style.

On the way, this happened in money situations and matter, but if this is something that happened in case of husband and wife thing, this could have been worse. This is like, if I had any woman whom I love and that man interfered to change the mind of that given person whom I love, this would have been a disaster; unfortunately, there was no woman that exist I love since I never find any and this was not the right time and is not even since female thing is not even my priority of life and I am not the type of person who could be arranged to marry any woman by other peoples choices and decision since I know myself better than other people know me.

Although there were females who were arranged in past to participate in such garbage drama and theater as actresses in movie making in which the funny and strange thing they agreed to work and cooperate with them in a way the comedian pastor did, they forget the root principles of their way of life for the time being, but cooperated with them so that I could be arranged to falling in love with them as romantic comedy stuff, which does not exist in the dictionary of my life and world, and the moment they noticed this, they could go in cruel way so as to make me mad and commit suicide as well; and it was wrong calculations and they had no knowledge of how things should go; I do not need any help on whom to be with.

I believe and think that what one thinks is what one really is since the reality of any person is on what one thinks, not on one acts and manifests. Anyways, I am grateful for the offer, but I perfectly know, whom to live with since such life is about character and thinking compatibility. How come fire and water can live together, how come oil and water can be mixed? They could say, do you think I was going to do that, why not even worse things, if people cooperate in foolish drama, why not they perform any foolish act since the inception is the most important element than the act. The point in here is why do such people cooperate in bad dramas if they claim they are good ones, which they do not even have adequate answers and justifications since the answer is crystal clear, which is, they were bad people.

While such theater of life is going on, the idea of being outwardly nice, but inwardly being bad and rude, is becoming reflection of envious and jealous people since such people manifest their hidden behavior and thinking, not by straightforward personality, they cannot be upright since they know the points where and when to be flexible, they know how to present themselves to others since one knows such aspects out of observation, personal experience one face in life and from what other people could tell since to write about envy and jealousy, one does not have to be envious and jealous, but from the experience one faces from such people, from other people who become victims of such thinking and acts, one could possibly share views related to such aspects of human life.

When people become outwardly nice, but inwardly bad, they have something to take on others in which the first major cause is they want to take personal advantage and benefits from other people, which is in most case related to money, relationship and marriage things, and other relate aspects. The second major cause is that they want to protect themselves in a way they want to rectify their mistakes and failures they commit in life by the conspiracy plot they are doing all over. They rectify mistakes by other mistakes; they want to change failures to success by evil plots and thinking. They live in vicious circles of mistakes and failures, which is hard to escape.

The most important thing one can do in life while facing such people in an avoidable places such as work place or other avenues where one should be with, and interacting with such types of people is to interact with them according to the move they make since it is useful to be vigilant in way that such people could not get the chance to trick, and do not get disappointed even if they get success once, but do not let them have the second one, since it is their hobby and jobs; they spend much time in thinking and working on such stuff.

People focus on people, who become victims of such envious and jealous people, for many different reasons. The first reason is that there are people who are always the center of attention, in which they have something that make them different which oblige other people to be interested in them, in good or bad, and thus people are forced to have focus on such people due to their personality and individuality factors. Personality here refers to those characters and thinking one share with others; individuality refers to the distinct personality which an individual possesses but others are deprived off. Wherever they go, such people are types of people whom others point fingers on. These are people with personality of center of attraction.

The second reason is the incidents that visit such people in which when strange or unique incidents happen on certain individuals, such given individuals become the center of focus, and every eye focuses on them. They are those kinds of people who obtain focuses due to circumstances of life in which such incidents of life could happen by nature or with situations that are beyond their own controls such as the case of woman with multiple children or other related cases that do visit peoples’ lives outside their plan and thinking. Examples of such type of people are a woman who give birth to 8 children at a time, a man who give birth to child, and other related type of peoples’ exposures of life that are strange and unique and such people become subject of controversy and issue, which goes on until they re found as main subjects on the research fields of study to the scientific community and world.

The third types of people who do certain strange drama and theater with the intention obtaining fame from the public or they do commit grievous mistakes in life, in which wife could kill her husband or man could kill his wife and children; they do certain act as result of their good or bad choices and decisions they make in life. What make these people to share something in common is that it is choice and decisions they make that binds them, although one type of people could do something different as others could do and make bad choices in life, by result of such given undertakings, they become center of focus by other people.

The fourth reasons is that such people must have done something extraordinary achievements in their life in which they have performed wonderful achievement in the field work or study they perform. These are scientists, wealthy figures, scholars, film actors, politicians, athletes, artists, and other prominent figure who achieve something in their scope of responsibility and work. Hence, people focus their eyes towards them since they are special and unique personalities and they obtain rapt attention wherever they go since they are already prominent figures by the achievements they have come up in their undertakings.

Natural personality, circumstances, choices and achievements are some of the reasons why people obtain attention and focus from others since people are interested on people for many possible reasons besides female and male things in which people keep an eye on people according to their own interest and inclinations. A person who is achieved and a person who spends a night on tree could not have similar magnitude and level of focus they obtain from others.

A person who is on a tree could accomplish his mission since the end goal is to seek attention and focus one seeks from others, but it is not something that people carry it in their minds and hearts for years. This is just like for fun. Where as a person who is achieved in certain field of study or scope, could have influence on others base on the nature and character of the field, and the potency of the achievement itself for more than a moment until other new achievement replaces it. This depends on the nature of the field and type of achievement.

Whatever type of focus people are delivered, there are always other people who see such focus or being as center of attraction by others as good opportunity to do something as there are people who could see such obtainment of focus as a threat and dangerous aspect of life and such people, who are center of attraction, could cause danger to the society they belong since they are already center of focus, and every eye shall see them due to the nature of center of attraction they already are encircle and engaged with.

In order to see such focus as opportunity or as threat, one has to look first to the nature of the aspect in which what makes such people as center of focus, is this achievement, unique personality they are endowed with, good or bad, competition, is this because they sleep on a tree, or what else. Once the nature of the focus area is identified, it is possible to understand the next move.

Once the nature of the center of focus is identified, the second aspect is that what is the personality and individuality of such people, do they seek power or authority, and what for, what do they seek, is this money , or fame, or what else could be. This can be identified by the thinking they promote, if they write, by the write ups; if not by making personal acquaintances with them, talking and interacting with them. Once this is identified, people can reach to consensus that such given center of attraction along with the motive of such given individuals.

For example, one writes in here is not to seek fame or recognition from others, but writing is one of the passions one have in life. This is not to seek round of applauses from others, but it is just way of life. In fact, the nature and character of center of attraction tells by its own something such as the case of person who wants to sleep on tree and the center of focus a person obtains as result of discovering something in the field in which the inventor’s intention is not to seek fame, but to discover something but in the process of inventing, one obtains money, fame and other connected matters, however, in the case of spending time on tree, the end goal is just fame or being subject of focus.

The type of envious jealous people whom people face in life while they were ordinary people and as they become subject of focus or attention changes as per the nature of subject of focus in which their mechanism and approach is different as per the nature of achievements and type of focus people obtain in life. When one is layman, the type of envious and jealous people one could be surrounded are laymen; but, when one becomes achieved and popular, the type of envious and jealous people one could be surrounded are laymen plus popular and achieved people.

As one’s good things in life increases and changes for better, the bad ones, not personal, but external ones, one is to be surrounded are directly proportionally and the bad also changes. The good thing in here is that when the good becomes more and greater, person’s capacity and ability in most cases to prevent and protect oneself from any bad increase simultaneously and one knows very well on how to protect oneself since the good always opens many ways of portals of protection and prevention mechanisms too.

English poet, Alexander Pope (1688 – 1744) wrote, Envy will merit as its shade pursue, But like a shadow proves the substance true. One of the methods one can prove that what one does is true and good, when envious people, both good and bad aspects, are around on what one is doing. This is one of the indicators as to the correctness of the subject matter one is already engaged with, whose practical translation is reflected by various conspiracy thinking and evil plots or they get determined to change themselves for better and best.


When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.

Jonathan Swift (1667 – 1745), Anglo-Irish writer and clergyman