Chronology—Sequence of Events


May 27, 2014

The sun’s first rays of light conflagrated crossways the galaxy 4.5 billion years ago whose contradictory evolutionary aspect of the most visible and politically active creationists theory maintained that the entire universe was created within the past 6000 to 10,000, in which both are beliefs and assumptions that are underway and live in this plane of existence due to the fact that both assumptions left their own advocator and followers on our living and existing earth. However, both have no perfect and complete answers to date as to the precise time where and when life has commenced on the earth.

As they say, Darwin’s objectives in writing On the Origin of Species were to replace current theories of separate creations with a theory of natural evolution. Darwin nevertheless left room for an initial act of creation: “I believe that animals have descended from at most only four or five progenitors, and plants from an equal or lesser number,” he wrote at the conclusion of his book. He added that the presence of analogous physical structures across many different species implied “that probably all the organic beings which have ever lived on this earth have descended from someone primordial form, into which life was first breathed”.

Darwin later expressed regret over this concession to creationism, and for the rest of his life he ruled out any role for God in the origin and development of living things. Although the idea and theory of Creationist, which is putting things into order was originally introduced in the book of creation in the bible, in which as he such give theory claims that God has taken six days to create things by chronology and classification, although there is no reason stated as to why creations were classified in that given manner is not clearly stated, but such idea of chronology later on became a science and people have come up with the practice of putting things according to chronological events in which time happens to be the primal basis for such classification.

Chronology is defined as science dealing with division of time into regular periods, the arrangement of events in order of their occurrence, the assignment of correct dates to known events, and the reconciling of discrepancies in dates caused by variations in the systems employed in modern and ancient times. Political chronology is determined by the dates and the sequence of events in human history. Most ancient nations related their history to the lifetime of some central figure or to the reign of a king.

Chronology is defined in the dictionary as order of events, the order in which events occur or their arrangements according to this order. Basically it talks about past events, but based on past occurrences of events, on studying nature of success or failures of individuals, society, or institutions, it is possible to give predictive chronology to what best fits them and are useful for the successes to any society or institutions since one of the root causes of failures in any given society undertaking is that they try to do things in non-chronological manner due to the fact they are deceived and tricked by few successes they obtain and they become over ambitious to do many things at a time.

This system gave a fairly complete chronology of an individual’s time, but the history of the nation was often unrecorded between the death of a king and the accession of his successor and by the omission of obscure or unpopular kings from the written records. As political chronology developed, historians instituted the use of so-called eras based on national, ecclesiastical, or scientific reasons, each era being dated from an outstanding event or a convenient date called the epoch of that era.

Accordingly, there are three basic natural and chronological eras of individuals, society and institutions along with their respective systems they create, establish and maintain. These are naturally created and people have no control over this given aspect of life. These are birth, growth and death. These are inescapable aspect of chronological aspects of life which are irrevocable. None has the right and power to make change or remove such given aspects of chronological aspect of life on the earth.

The second aspect of chronological aspect of life on earth is the fabricated one in which people do create events and they establish certain pattern in life. For example, a give individual could get married at early age and one could make other given processes and aspects of life accordingly such as buying a car, house, and so on. There are other individuals who do the reverse in which they buy car, buy home and then they get married accordingly. Chronology in life here is subjective and contextual although society could recommend that people should be married at younger age and have wealth by working hard together.

Even though it is very hard to claim here that a given chronological arrangement of events or doings are correct or not in which life has no such definite recipe in such way that people choose the type of lifestyle which they like best in way their thinking, emotions and characters dictate, most people define way of life by taking such variables of life into account so that they have fruitful life in their undertaking in which they put certain chronological happenings in their life which most call systems or belief systems that put certain thinking and actions in chronological manner due to the fact that they are advised to do this after or before one do this is an example of such way of life.

There are two given aspects of chronology in here in which that historians or other people who put things according to chronological way are doing is they classify based on historical events in which they just study pattern and events in chronological manner. The other aspect on life is arranging things on pre-events in making certain classifications and categorization of events and other occurrence in life and people pre-program events and happen at a given individual, community, society and institutional levels in which they put certain pattern along with the growth and pattern of progress of society.

For example, people cannot celebrate Christmas after the New Year since the festivity of Christmas is put before the New Year. There is no way or law that state people should celebrate Christmas after the New Year since people in here celebrate the New Year before Christmas is happening although both people belong to Christianity and they follow particular and similar way of life and belief system. However what matters in here is that national events and holidays play significant role than religious festivities in which what is of top priority is significant in which nationalism in cases plays eminent role than religious ideals.

When any given society wants to perform something like in non-chronological manner, it lives in crisis as there are certain patterns in doing things in chronological manner in which there are things that have objective nature as there are things that have subjective natures. Subjective and objective realities and matters are not something one creates by one self but they are something that happens in our daily routines and none can delete such give aspects of life.

The non-chronological aspect of happenings in any given society could cause paralysis of system and society since things happen in abnormal way and manner that do cause a disorder in the balance of the activities of the norm and society, hence things should happen step by step and little by little; certain things have their own pattern and it is not possible to escape certain aspect of life since they are irrevocable. One should happen after another and it is not possible to escape certain dramas and events of life due to reasons that certain things happen with hidden intentions and motives that go behind the curtain.

As any given ordinary individual faces mental illness, which is a disorder characterized by disturbances in a person’s thoughts, emotions, or behavior, the same is true to institutions and societies in which such disorder do happen at all levels at all stages, be it rich or poor, educated or uneducated, white or black and the like. The term mental illness can refer to a wide variety of disorders, ranging from those that cause mild distress to those that severely impair a person’s ability to function.

Everyone has such disorder, but what varies from one person to another is the degree to which such disorder is reflected in any given individual live, which is manifested in thinking, speech, behavior and the like. When such disorder is reflected at society and institution level, this could be reflected on ideologies they follow, laws and rules they formulate and types of actions and reactions going within such given domain. The non chronological or sequence of events that visit any given society or institutions makes any give society or institution to be in such social disorder or institutional disorder and that is why one observes the drama everywhere; there are even certain laws that are formulated and cancelled at any given time before they are even publicized or implemented.

When a developing nation wants to perform an action or thinking that a highly developed country does, there is an underlined fact although people have universal nature and realities, there are certain pattern of realities that do happen since they are the byproduct of any given process of growth in which certain thinking and behaviors are not result of peoples freewill and freedom of choice, but they are results and by products of given growth and developmental processes deliver since they are derived not by the choice and decisions of people.

Ambition and ego are fake aspects of life since they create burning desires that are borne as result of achievements people gain in life and they are not controlled and checked within the dynamics of any given society, such ambition and egoistic community will vanish since they are like fires that could consume society for nothing. All great leaders of past and their kingdom were vanished since they were egoistic and over ambitious to do many things at a time.

As humbleness is not a warranty for any success but one should live between these two cities of life—ambition and humbleness—in which there are times and places one should be humble as there are places and times one should be ambitious. When ambition exceeds its limit, it devours everything. Ambition is one of the factors that contribute to any given individual, society and institution’s lives to be in chaotic conditions and disorder manner that put the chronology of events and happening within a given domain to be in jeopardy.

While such theatrical drama and story of life is going on, it is wiser to live with contemplation, knowing what is to come first and last than live with reversing events and the drama of life in their own good time since there are few things that are irrevocable and must to happen even if many dramatic and fake stories and functions people do everywhere, life makes everyone to cost since few things should happen and must happen in their own good time whatever chronological order people set.




Features of Time

May 26, 2014

As yesterday and today was tomorrow, tomorrow and today will be yesterday, but present is always present and does not change. This is an inevitable aspect of our life due to the fact that everyone is affected by time. Time is relative and subjective since the color of days and minutes and hours that sum up a day do change at any instances in which it is circumstances that weight such given measurements of time than the natural cycle they are bound to circulate since every day has on average 24 hours; a hour has 60 minutes and a minute has 60 seconds in every day though days have different names and colors.

Physicists agree that time is one of the most difficult properties of our universe to understand. The concept that time is a fourth dimension—on a par with the three dimensions of space: length, width, and depth—is one of the foundations of modern physics. Although scientists are able to describe the past and the future and demarcations such as seconds and minutes, they cannot define exactly what time is. The length of a day 900 million years ago was only about 18 hours, based on the changing length of the lunar cycle over time, the scientists calculated the rate of lunar retreat over hundreds of millions of years.

Based on this rate of lunar retreat and the orbital mechanics of the earth-moon system, the study authors found that a day on earth about 900 million years ago, lasted about 18 hours. The study indicated that, one year—one complete circuit of the earth around the sun—equaled 481 days. Compared to current measurement of one year, which contains 365.252199 days, one year, 900 years ago had 8,658 hours; one year on the current measurement standard has on average 8766 hours in which there was at least 108 hours difference per given year, and none knows who is accountable for the missing 108 hours per year since the shift on measurement of one year equal as 365 days commenced.

What makes life interesting is not the length or duration of time, but those incidents that do visit our life in such given time which are dependent upon the type of personality and activities everyone performs in a given day. Whether we have 365 or 481 days a year, the crux is what people do in these days. When such days are active, meaning, they are busy with all kinds of activities; such activities shape our reality and individuality at certain span of time. In such way, time values the extent to which a given person is active or passive in life. In time people live and die; in time people achieve and fail; in time people change and replace people as circumstances dictate people’s way of life and interaction.

When people are dictated by time than they dictate time, they become slaves and prisoners of events and human dramas in which they start expecting whatever things to happen in particular days than they create or invent things; they start becoming machine or programmed human mind than a human mind with free will and freedom. In such manner, their realities as being human is tested and challenged by circumstances. Hence, they give names and numbers to days and they signify a given date with another date by the events they know.

They like weekends and they hangout with other peoples in café or restaurant based upon time in which they are affected and influenced by time. They happen to be time oriented society since they do things according to time in which they wait for the time to come. They go after the time than they go before the time since they are already chained under the influence of the time drama. They happen to be time worshipers in which one observes that many societies and communities communicate by circling a date on a calendar on the events they are going to perform and celebrate. One calls such people as time worshippers.

When people become expectant of times by putting or waiting for days on the calendars yet to come, they happen to be fake or funny for many reason since it is not what is put on days to come that are encircled on one’s calendar that dictate given people, but it is just actions and reactions people are having on daily basis, it is matters and circumstance that are on one’s veranda. Time is just an instrument people use to implement something than wait for miracle to happen.

Assume that a given holiday is celebrated by certain people in which such given holidays have been assigned a numerical figure [1,2,…] and naming which are governed by the rule of language or words people formulate [Monday, October, ] in which the day is here dictated by words and numbers. For example, January 1, is a holiday to the western society in which such given people celebrate the new year festivity, but they might not realize that they are dictated by words and numbers along with the significant aspect of their drama which is the movement of the sun and the moon since they do not arrive at January 1 by counting the number of fishes they eat per given day.

For instance, on January 1, 2000, people around the world celebrated the arrival of a new millennium. Some observers noted that the Gregorian calendar, which most of the world uses, actually began in AD 1 and that the new millennium truly begins in 2001. This detail failed to stem millennial festivities, but the issue shed light on the arbitrary nature of the way human beings have measured time for well several millennia. These errors, however, are hardly unique in the complicated history of the Gregorian calendar, which is essentially a story of attempts, and failures, to get time right.

We live in world and time that words and numbers affect the significant parts and aspects of our life in human way since society cannot live without communication and interaction Medias due to the nature and characters of life and the process of life that is already going on and installed on the earth and none can remove that given way of life since it is not possible unless people use sign language as the major way of communication and interaction style.

We cannot get out or escape from such vicious circle of life and none cannot remove words and numbers, but what people can do in here is that they could change or transpose letters or words and numbers or reduce the nature and character of words by the removal or change of wording or naming campaign since they do not like any invention or discoveries along with such related aspect as the people in the west do. They could spell the word like Barrack at the beginning, but now they spell, as Barack; they could spell the word tewodrose, now they spell as tedrose. This is more of childish and rubbish letters drama and game they play and have; they were having in past. But, the truth is beyond such combinations of letters and numbers. It is far beyond this given aspect.

Words and numbers have significant role in playing and deciding the fates of people and society in which in every word, there is energy. This is not even such mystery or secret since everyone knows and feels this out of personal experience in life and it is just matter of understanding and as those people make further researches, people govern their own mysteries in their own fashion and style since understanding is personal and experience dictates one’s own understanding in one’s own way. None should be blamed for this since to being human is to find out inner mysteries of human life in one’s own way.

However, when people try to mystify those things that do not need even mystification, here one is not ready to hear or exchange such garbage stories since one governs something in one’s own way, not in other people’s way and understanding since there is no such finding that can be presented to other people for justification than being mere personal reflection one put in one’s own diary. Words and numbers are like the energy people receive from the sun since none can obtain energy without the living sun; as people see on the sky and when there is no sun, there is no life on earth; as there are no words and numbers, people cannot communicate and understand with each other.

For example, if someone tells me that today is the big day in shaping human history, by just mentioning the number and wording of day, I could be confused since day has no number and name, a day is a day. For instance, if someone tells me that December 12 is big day, I do not get this since people start numbering and naming a day, starting from a given point of time in which certain belief system dictates such a day. One knows, it is day, but one does not know that it is December 12 since agreement and convention dictate such given understanding and way of life. One can agree and understand since it is just people’s way of life and people communicate and understand in this manner, but this does not mean that one is true and correct. Agreement does not mean one comply with truth.

The measurement of time, they say, probably began with the concepts of past, present, and future. Throughout history humans have used various celestial bodies—that is, the Sun, the Moon, the planets, and the stars—to measure the passage of time. Ancient peoples used the apparent motion of these bodies through the sky to determine the seasons, the length of the month, and the length of the year. Hence, a year is divided into different seasons,; seasons are further divided into months; months are divided into weeks, and weeks are distinctly broken down into days; days are shared into hours, in which a hour is further got into minutes whose last division and breakdown goes to seconds.

With such measurement and categories of time are going on, humanity has reached to point of controlling and measuring time in scientific method and devices since the first mechanical clocks were invented in the 14th century and the use of the pendulum clock became popular in the 1600s. Various researches indicate that several areas of science and the humanities—including physics, geology, biology, and philosophy—overlap with the scientific study of time. Time scales and the concept of time are integral to our understanding of the universe, Earth, and the organisms that live on Earth.

In Physics, Einstein’s first major contribution to the study of time occurred in 1905, when he introduced his special theory of relativity and showed how time changes with motion. The word relativity derives from the fact that the appearance of the world depends on the observer’s state of motion and is relative to the observer. Einstein’s special theory of relativity tell us that an object traveling at high speeds ages more slowly than an object that is not traveling as fast.

Geologists—scientists who study Earth—use the geologic time scale to measure spans of time in the 4.5-billion-year history of Earth. This time scale measures blocks of time and is important for understanding the biological and geologic history—and evolution—of Earth. The longest blocks of time, eons, are divided into shorter blocks called eras. Eras are divided into periods, which are made up of epochs.

Biologist state that many organisms exhibit biological rhythms. These are periodic biological fluctuations—changes in sleep patterns or hibernation patterns, for example—that occur in response to periodic environmental changes such as the cycles of night and day, darkness and light, and winter and summer. Organisms use biological clocks—such as circadian, or daily, rhythms—to remain in harmony with the cycles of day and night and the seasons. Philosophers have long argued about the nature of time. Some philosophers have proposed that newborn babies may experience the passage of time. Others have proposed that the human mind must learn to construct time.

Accordingly one could raise an issue that how come 60 seconds pain is equivalent to 60 seconds laughter although the time length is equal?


Absorbers and Reflectors

May 22, 2014

They say in Astronomy that understanding what one cannot see is difficult, but it is not impossible. Many astronomers believe that as much as 90 percent of the matter in the universe is dark matter, matter that does not emit light. Some scientists think dark matter may be exotic particles that do not consist of the atoms making up ordinary matter as we know it. Although dark matter currently cannot be observed directly, scientists have evidence of its existence from observations of its gravitational influence on visible bodies, such as the vast collections of stars known as galaxies.

While relating this given aspect of the universe to the human action and reaction, the same is true in the world of humanity in which there are only few people who discover and invent something—emit light into the world—who contribute something to the ever advancing and continuing human civilization, unlike most who are gossipers, who prefer to be obstacles and are inventors of problematic conditions to such few people. They are dark people who want to come between the invention and the majority public, the invention and the inventor, out of jealousy and envy and other human factors with the motive of removing any given invention due to their egoistic and selfish interests.

The rest is the user groups which are called as consumers. Most people are observers and users of such human drama. Most know what and how to use the invented matters since they cannot invent something new due to the fact that inventors later on tell on how to use them, when, and the like by the working manuals they deliver after they complete their researches and the invention process which they are undertaking since what they have come about shall be publicized later. Once the invented matter is on stage, its effect and influence on the world is entirely dependent upon the nature and character of the invention in which few inventions stay for shorter period as others could stay even longer.

Accordingly there are two basic attributes of human realities in terms of thinking, in which the first ones are type of people who reflect—reflectors and the second ones are types of people who absorb—absorbers. The reflectors are the type of people who reflect everything in which they know something and they just reflect, in terms of sharing or talking up to doing it in their practical lives, in which they involve at least one person in such given undertaking. They could hear, read, know something in their undertakings, and they try to implement in their daily routines.

The absorbers are type of people who just breathe deep inside, they contemplate and meditate in their inward lives and they put everything inside their drawers, in their office and homes since they do everything inside and within their own selves. They do not take anything outside and they do everything to and by their own, which are in most case known as selfish and self centered people due to the fact that they do everything inwardly, but they do not involve anyone in their undertakings for many reasons. Absorbers do not take other people into account, they do not go other peoples veranda in order to take personal advantages, which make them a people who live in their own given island.

There is difference between selfish people and absorbers in here in which the absorbers do things inward and they do not take things outside but selfish people do things to outside in order to take personal advantage since they could encompass two or more people in the activities they perform when they want to take their own personal benefits and advantages. Selfish people are both absorbers and reflectors since they know how and when to use all kinds of medias, but the central motto of such given people is taking personal advantage and they can go or get involved to best and worst activities since taking personal advantages is pivot point of their lives.

Most people are pessimistic about the world we live in since they live in difficult conditions and situations of life and the perception and understanding most have in regard to the way they live and the world is derived out of experience as those few people who enjoy comfort and luxury appreciate and value the world in optimistic manner. The world we live in is far from personal interests and desire since it is not the view of neither of those people who enjoy comfort nor those people who have difficult situations of life dictate, but it has its own pattern and fashion. It goes far beyond the perception and outlook of such people since it has its own dynamics and process of life which is far from any human perception and understanding.

In such world, people reflect their thinking and action in many ways and manners in which they think and do simple to complex things based upon their capacity and integrity; those who reflect in most cases are the consumer groups in which they have nothing of their own, but they share what the most and majority share since they have absorbed nothing. They give what they have, and thus, they are left with empty handed at the end of days in many aspects of their lives, not only in monetary terms.

The absorbing types of people have many things to offer but they do not. They could probably deliver few of what they posses for many reasons. They keep everything inside. They are in cases considered as secretive or whatever, but they are far beyond than secretive people are those people who are share something and the do not tell to others; they know something, but they could share in very intriguing manner to others. Albert Einstein said the essence of success is in keeping secrets even if there is no secret; such people absorb many things towards their inner realities than reflect to the outside.

Does nature reflect or absorb things? Nature has both attributes in which there are matters that reflect as there are matters that absorb as well. In both conditions, there is something to experience and feel in which both are useful and essential aspects of human life, but what matter is time, place, and knowing the right amount of reflection and absorption, which depends upon capacity and skill of individuals which is derived out of experience and exposures people gain in life, that are dependent upon type of people, activities, and other related aspect of any given individual.


Good and Bad People


May 20, 2014

Austrian novelist and poet,Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, said, whenever two good people argue over principles, they are both right. This is from the point view of telling about goodness is more virtuous and important than of the discussion topic; the virtue such people possess could tell something nobler than the subject matter in which both are assumed that they have solid reasons and sound rational as well. The point in here is not about the argument over principle, but rather what makes people good or bad, in which such goodness or badness in most cases is contextual and subjective.

Although people are by default considered as good since they follow particular way of life or system of life in which such people are assumed as an outcome of the practice of given system due to reasons that there are practical observations on the way of life, on those people who follow that given practice. However, following a particular way of life is not warranty to being good as rejecting any particular way of life is a reflection of being bad. A person who steals money from the rich and buys and delivers food to poor people who have nothing to eat is considered as holy savior by such poor people even if the rich people wanted to kill him or consider him as bad person.

When people relate goodness with an act, thus a given person could be considered as good since one performs that given good act; when people start personify like someone is good or bad as whole, this act of labeling could forget certain aspects of goodness or badness, since there are obvious and possible mistakes and failures people commit; no one person can perform all good acts and people are in cases emotional; they do things out of emotions and spontaneity. And we hear them saying, I was annoyed, I was disappointed and the like to justify the type of bad acts and things they do on others. Most people tell about most aspect, but it is not correct, cause further dissatisfaction.

People meet at junctures of doing good acts; people, to the contrary, meet at junctures where they perform bad things. One knows such type of people in life in which one does not need both of them since one has a reason. The future is very different and it requires different people. In fact, in places and time when one had failed or made a mistake in life, one does not want to see such people in future since it is bad idea to have common cause and ground of interaction since the juncture is not good, which are failure and mistake although those who are met on the good times and points one did could even be better than the failures.

To be good at a given point does not tell that one is perfect and complete since goodness is subjective and relative. People learn from failures and mistakes and it is nice and proper to revise and rethink oneself. When people fail in terms of communication with others, they lose confidence and courage to communicate further with those whom they fail, and they send mediators to narrow the gaps, but when the gap is like between the truth and the false, it cannot be reconciled or narrowed since one has the truth and the other is in falsehood. How come fire and water can live together?

In fact, they are heard saying their sins have prevented them to talk to the truth or a person whom they would like to interact since failures or mistakes are not only just simple errors but they have natural power that makes such people to get embarrassed and they prefer to stay way, and they get silenced and they could probably wait for the death of person or looking for something bad to happen on him so that they justify their mistakes and failures by wrong understanding, which is the usual superstitious way of understanding realities, which is the double error and failure again; outward consequences of failures are veils that shut peoples eye to see the right thing or the truth.

The type of incident or cross section where people meet tell the types of relationship they are going to establish since good places bring good people together as bad places make bad people to join. The nature and character of any given place tell the type and character of people interact and communicate since it is not possible to find bad people in good places as it is not only possible to find good people in bad places. They are ideal places here which are not created.

However the point is what is the criterion to be good and bad is another aspect which one should figure out since in peoples’ communication and interaction most people define, understand and interpret people based upon personal interests and advantages in which the standards are in most cases are deceiving and misleading due to the fact that there are people who live misunderstood and misinterpreted for many factors and reasons.

I could be considered, for example, by any given community as covenant breaker, but in my interaction with my surrounding environment, I could be a person who never breaks single glass in my entire life. People perceive people based on certain touchstone which they put in life in which a given person’s character and thinking varies as per the type and nature of environment and people one meet and experience in life. When one face people what one assumes as good, one tries to be good as the reverse is also true since people give us both good and bad things in life and it is appropriate to manifest and reflect one’s thinking and character according to nature and character of the environment and people one face in life which is obvious.

One of the interesting observation one know about good people and bad people is the age length in which people presume that bad people stay longer than good people. English novelist and journalist, Daniel Defoe, said, the best of men cannot spend their fate; the good die early and the bad die late. Can age tell the true reality and personality of one’s state of being—bad or good—or what the person performs and thinks no matter long or short years one stay on earth? They also assume that bad people stay longer since they are given more chances to be good. It is very hard to believe such hypothesis since people attribute goodness on those whom they like or badness on those whom they hate.

Although the idea of being good and bad people is contextual and relative, there is common understanding and interpretations in telling personality of people by the outwardly manifested and reflected communications and interactions and thus people define people by the context of their outward actions and reactions and how people observe and understand. Accordingly, when people define people are good; this is as per the context of their understanding which neglect to who they originally are in telling and defining others too. People define people by the context of one’s thinking, character, belief and other personal and social, psychological and other makeup of as per their understanding which is not free from err and bias.

It is common understanding that most people define people beside their educational and other achievements people have in life in which for most belief and the type of belief system belong determine the personality and individuality of anyone since the balance is based on the type of belief system and the contribution one makes as per the context of that given belief system. This could work right even if it is not warranty to those people where they belong in particular belief system as part of personal experience one used to have in previous way of life, which has its own pros and cons as well.

When people are judged by the belief system where they belong, it is more of political and politics in which most people are superficial and it is not possible to find genuine human element since most are in the first place are shaped by any given ideology and they try to be considered as good in that given belief system and ideology and thus, they show fake parts and they do not have real personality of their own selves since they have already been divorced to their own true self by the thinking and characters of any given ideology and system of life which they belong and they practice .

They have lost their true identity even if they claim that they have found out that they have true life out of following particular system since they are benefited from way of life they practice which make them forget that they are practicing a program that is invented by someone’s mind, but if they can do something different of their own, they could have better and nicer way of life than what they follow and they are programmed which makes them to live as being slaves of other people ideologies and human programs created by others since they are not capable and they do not have adequate capacity to have their own true identity by their own fashion, and this is what they can do, to maximum, copy and paste other people thinking and ideology and claim that they are saved.

One believes and thinks that there is no perfect thinking machinery and there is no point that one believe and accepts that any given system is perfect and correct. In this case, one should see people and the system in separate manner in which people are manipulative and tricky when they belong to system since there are always open rooms for ambiguities which are sources and causes of confusions and contradictions which result to corruption of any kind be it—material, intellectual emotional and spiritual—in which at any cost and time people could gamble and play on the gaps already there in order to take their own personal advantages and benefits at all levels.

In such scenario and way of life, goodness and badness is very tricky element of life since most people live with superficial thinking and character which they have covered up and they hide the true identity since most of them meet like in a way a man dates a woman in which in such dating relationship, they meet at place and time when and where both show fake facial appearance, thinking and characters in which most people are reserved in what they talk, think and act since the pivot point of such given relationship is attraction with fake gesture and ways of communications.

In such way of life, people meet, interact and live with fake images and personality by burying their true reality and personality in their underwear or wherever. Most are tricky and they have fake communication and interaction. In this case, when true and genuine people come with genuine character and thinking, they are not compatible and they cannot get along with the system since the system is already made up of most elements with fake gestures, characters, and identities of such personalities, past, present and to the future as well. In this given regard, one has to laugh when they laugh, one has to smile, when they smile and the like; this is the kind of attitude that everyone will have when one belongs to a system of life and will be the fate of everyone since one should walk in way most walk even if what one thinks and feels is different.

As part of my personal experience of life, I remember onetime like decades ago in here, the man was like abroad in the US for vacation and I met him at the place where we used to meet. This was at the time before I went to Israel. And at that given time I had no dinner and no breakfast. The man hugged me with tight hug which I did not like since my stomach and emotions were empty and I was not like in that mood of hugging. Then we somehow greeted, we started conversation. The man was telling me all his experiences of the US States and he was also telling me lists of breakfasts he had in there. I was like in mood of chewing what he was telling me even if I cannot get that given breakfast in here.

And I was wondering as to a point of a given teaching which both of us belong tell and we clearly understand since we read books, which goes like if one person feels pain, the rest should feel that pain, and share that given pain. But it was good experience to know people in that given circle in which they feel like to have a smiling face or happy laughs in that given congregation since they have something to eat in their homes, but to those of us who had no lunch and dinner, we cannot borrow smiles and laugh. I later on realized that these people seek restaurant or café waiters who offer them fake smiles. However, they forget we do not seek service charges or tips, but we seek the truth and the truth is not found in fake gestures of smile and communications.

It is not possible to trick the truth with fake gesture of smile or happy faces since the truth speaks it out everything for its own sake and in its own good time by its own people. To those people who live and grow up amidst difficult conditions of life, problems are not horror movies but they are part and parcel of one’s dictionary of life in which there is no point people attribute superstitious understanding and interpretations to one’s life. One grows up with problems and difficult situations of life and there is no point one is afraid of such condition of life since there is already experience and strength one acquires in life.

The idea or superstitious understandings which goes like, God shall not put his grace or blessing in a land of crooked society, individuals and the like is just crooked and human way of understanding God since we understand that problems are bridge and ways people learn and wisdom; difficult conditions are means by which people learn strength and obtain vigor in life; such given understanding could not escape from being mere superstitious. We have seen in today that poorest nations are emerging and coming up; difficult conditions of people’s lives are changing, since tomorrow is another bright day.

When such people join and work together in real sense and fashion, they can bring tremendous changes and profound things can happen in their life as they join with people of similar or closer type, character, belief, thinking, plan and nature. Otherwise, it is just waste of time to spend with people—no matter prestigious achievement they possess—a life with fake smile, fake gestures of happy face—due to the fact that they require fake gestures of communications and interactions since their true inside is fake and empty. Real unity comes as result of genuine and real inside; it is not acquired by wealth, education, other possible achievements and whatever. Inside speaks nicer than the outside.

Cell Phone—An Angel or A Devil?

May 19, 2014

Communication is sharing of ideas, information, and messages with others in a particular time and place, is a critical part of individual life and is also significant in business, education, and any other undertakings where people come upon with each other. Communication includes writing and talking, as well as nonverbal communication—such as facial expressions, body language, or gestures,—visual communication—the use of images or pictures, such as painting, photography, video, or film and electronic communication, telephone calls, electronic mail, cable television, or satellite broadcasts.

A cellular telephone, is a means of communication, is designed to give the user maximum freedom of movement while using a telephone. Although cell phone gives best freedom of movement to the user since it is handy and one can communicate with other people thru the instrumentality of such device regardless of the place where one should sleep, stand or sit, it does not take into account an aspect of human life which is connected to freedoms and rights, due to lack of maturity of the user groups since users also overrides the freedom and rights of others by making or forcing them to hear other people stories—over passing of information or intercepting devices used for intelligence purposes—who use such devices without one’s own consent and interest.

And I was in taxi mini bus which contains at least 12 people. And in the mini bus, I was wondering the impact of individualism in that given context in which we were using taxi transport to reach at destination we all seek, but one was wondering as to few aspects on the usage of products of technology that requires certain mindset and maturity and the manner to which the idea of personal freedom is translated in relation to group or other peoples freedom and rights as per the incident one observed and experienced at that given mini bus due to the fact that people are in such romanticism of the products of technology that make them forget or override on the right and freedom of others.

In addition to the radio that was on by the taxi driver, three people in the mini bus have opened the radio on the cell phone they carry, and they listen to the transmission without putting headphone. And I told to one of them who was next to me, can you please use the headphone since you are forcing me to listen to the type of things which I do not even choose to listen. The person asked an apology and put ahead phone to the cell phone and started listening the thing by his own. And I accepted that given apology since it was proper.

One observed few aspects of life in one given instance, the first one is the product of technology and its application in our daily routines; the other is the exercise of freedom and rights with that given instance of life—individualism versus community or group rights; the third one is the means of transportation that helps twelve people, serving everyone without discrimination to point where all want to reach. In such mix of life, one wonders life is not something that one can calculate and plan one self, but also what other people impose and deliver. It is just an aspect of life. Few people deliver nice or hot cakes for the day as others kill our joy of the day too. This depends on what one faces in life.

And I was wondering this given act to a larger scales and scenarios on the impact of such disorder to society and global levels in which when everyone wants to do everything by one’s own, the type of things to come about, and the noise everyone is going to listen everywhere, and such disturbances do exist at every sector, walks of life and the like. In this context, the importance of rules and regulation and the interferences of institution are vital. Here I make a pause and told myself, there are various levels of things should be done.

The purpose of any cell phone communication is not to make other people hear the garbage of their stories or whatever, since the motive behind such communication drama is to transmit and share important messages of life which both people should than make other people hear or overheard the stories of such people. Even if one here is not a cell phone user, since one has allergic to such device, one is forced to listen to such human stories which people share, that has no relevance to one’s life without ones’ own permission and interest. Sometimes, it is costly to listen to such stories of other people.

In creating the right conceptual understanding and thinking, awareness is important in which people should be aware not only on the usage of such given technology, the cell-phone, but also on how to use them and what for. There are people who start costing, incurring extra cost in life as result of the introduction of such product of technology as there are people who start calling to the people whom they do not know due to the fact that they have the cell phone. The other point is that do they need to have the cell phone, or do they like to have the cell phone, in which is this the need or the want that drive them to have the cell phone is another matter people should figure out?

Doe the cost one expends on the usage of such device return equivalent amount of benefit in terms of social, emotional and psychological aspect or it is in fact costing people to extra expenses and other intangible costs besides the financial charges it delivers on one’s life, which needs everyone to do personal accounting and economics on the calculations of such given aspect of human life. Does it add quality of life or burdens one’s life hearing silly or garbage stories of other people who call people outside one’s plan and thinking?

Once such level of awareness is securely done, the other important level on the management of usage of such technology is rules and regulation since rules make people function well and work right. Meaning, a person has the right and freedom to use the cell phone, but a person has no right and freedom to disturb others, not only by making spam calls without the want and interest of others but also with forcing them to listen the noise of one’s life to others. When one is in café, and people communicate and share messages by such cell phone conversations, other people are forced to listen to the noise of such people without their will, which should not be the case and if cell phone was not introduced, this would not happen. When one good thing is introduced, it is obvious that people should accept consequences it also offers since there is no other choice.

Bearing this given aspect, assume that everyone wants to do everything by one’s own, and what the consequences of such freedom of doing things by one’s own would look like and the type of amorphous look and thing a given society could have, which do have an impact on the thinking machinery of any given society’s undertaking. Laws are not only useful but also are necessary. This is very rudimentary reality of human undertaking. However when rules become paternalistic, they lose the balance in which the primal intent of any law is not to make everyone a machine but to put a margin as to far one can act and react so that peace and order can be established within a system or a society.

In case of that given mini bus, if there was a law that tells people to use headphone in order to listen to such given radio, people would not be disturbed or get destructed since it is not that given noise that disturbs but the attitude of individuals who opened radio transmission without asking permission or obtaining the necessary request from those people who sat next to them, who try to override the freedom and rights of others. It is such given peoples’ attitude that makes other people to think bad on them than the radio transmission, since the question is not on the sound as the psychiatrist tell, but the point is on why I am not respected, who is he/she to override on my space.

When people abuse the natures and characters of a thing with the intention of applying excessive personal desire or interests on other peoples or else when people start thinking louder than others, the matter becomes source of conflict since the fundamental and significant aspect of human realities are always there such as freedom, right, justice, and the like even if elegant technological products are invented, they cannot suppress and or remove such human aspects of life, however they could probably instead aggravate them to better or take them to the worse which depends on the application of such products of technology within society since it needs quite a perspective.

Perspective is gained out of maturity of individuals; when people are matured enough on social skills of life, out of their own personal exposures in life, they know what for, why, how to use such products since this costs them further on the emotional, mental and psychological aspects of their lives. Why do people just feel like calling others even if they have nothing to tell or there is no such important matter that make them call, they just give a call even if they do not that much love a person, they could even say, I just called to say, hello, to a person whom they could meet on the road while walking when there was no cell phone thing, they could not even say hi to that person. One agrees that it has nerve impulse impact on those people who are put on the circle of cell phone as those people on the sheet circle of cigar do live, they just do it since it is demanded from inside.

When new products are introduced, it is not possible to tell the social consequences of such products due to the nature of the product and it is also time that tells the fact of such things. Hence, when such products and interact within any societal dynamics, the cultural make up, thinking machinery, attitude and other psychological aspects of society matter to the social consequences of the drama of such devices since they can serve as an angel or devil within any society due to the fact it is the society that can make them both.

To have cell phone is full right as to have no cell phone apparatus even is rightful to anyone. People cannot be judged on how far they use the cell phone or by the type of cell phone they have in their underwear or pocket since there are people who have sophisticated cell phones but they just call few numbers and they do not go far beyond that they have such given cell phone for the sake of claiming that I have this kind of brand, but they have no clue of features and applications of cell phone in use due to ignorance and due to the fact that they have no such need that make them buy such given cell phone. It is just showy and fake image people want to portray on other people.

To people whose contacts are very limited and can be outreached by physical means and contacts; cell phone is of no use and importance since such person’s given communication and interactions are activated by physical means and one has no further associates that can be reached even by telephone. One prefers traditional way of life in this regard since there are no further contacts and communications one can make with other people unless and otherwise one waves one’s hand in cases one meet other people whom one knows in past at the cafe or the street that are good places people interact and communicate.

Unity—Human or Nature?


May 16, 2014

When two people are united and want to create something or could work for a certain cause that promote something, they should need something in common so that what they think and work for could flourish and prosper. The common ground should be the source of their energy and motivations so as to make them work harder and deliver them vigor so that they function well. When such circle of unity is enlarged to numerous ones, they also find another common ground to work so that they can achieve something and they undertake something to a given cause to do something, which the history of human kind testifies.

People are attracted to people in terms of color, education or profession, accidental events and opportunities, thinking, understanding, imagination, gifts and talents, beliefs, recreation or resort places, dressing styles, perfumes or deodorant sprays and so on. Such attraction could be instant and long term one which depends upon the type and magnitude of attraction people make on others. When such attraction stays for longer period, the binding factor is not temporarily and there is genuine communication and interaction that unifies such people. In this case, they have real unifying factor.

What makes people unify that make them live and work for longer period of time together, in terms of number, quantity and quality, in which the objective and goals they set in life matter in creating such unifying and binding factor that can make them stay for longer periods. Although religion plays significant role in shaping such given unity, it is not enough and complete for many reason since religion is by now becoming cause of disunity and division amongst the people of the world which were supposed to live under one big tent.

Hence there are various unifying factor that goes at least by two people can make from the point view which start, of such as, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, which is logical assumption in which if A= B, B=C then A= C, kinds of deduction that could be misleading and lead to wrong directions and conclusions of life, up to creating genuine and gentle unity between at least two people up to global unity in which people could be united for many factors and reasons.

In any case, when people are united to build a nation, it is something serious business and it needs a mindset and perspective, since history tells many things and people should know history of others and theirs from the point view of not making double mistakes and grievous sins that generation could inherit. Few mistakes are irrevocable as others could be reversed too. This depends on the magnitude and time duration of a given mistake. Few mistake stay longer as others stay short too.

When people especially are engaged in the developmental process of any nation, there exist various levels of integration and unity they make in order to build their own nation in stronger manner. The most rudimentary level of unity they can do is the unity they establish with tribes and ethnicity in which when such people are united ethnic concept and thinking, it is very shallow, closed mindset, and it cannot go beyond certain limit since it has already handicapped itself to nature and is subjected to contradiction and confusion of the objective reality of this world for many different reasons.

There is no need to be rocket scientist to be borne at given family, at given tribe or ethnicity. A mother and a father, a male and female, have created someone to a certain tribe as result of their natural attraction and interaction they did in past. Such nature has nothing to do with national interest and politics unless such natural result is integrated with another objective fact and reality in which the urgency of the time is by far the need of the age than the creation that is created by the will of nature to certain tribe or ethnic group.

People are unite in terms of ethnic ideas with the idea of showing and reflecting their existence, what they eat, how they dance, how they talk and the like, in which they display such drama of their life on the theatrical stages in theater hall, this sounds nice and is very interesting. However when people are united to promote any given ideology with the basis of ethnic unity, it is like a person who wears tuxedo suit, but with bare feet, in which a person looks nicer on the few parts, but the rest part is still not compatible with the outward looking orientation of the person which looks ugly, and boring in fact, very primitive.

People should be united in terms of idea and thinking than color, race and ethnicity. There is no philosophy or concept that is required to unite two people who belong to same race or ethnicity since nature does this very well, in fact better than human beings due to the fact that when two human beings want to unite in terms of race or ethnic unity, they add poison to it. They start pointing fingers on others and it becomes a unity that bases on survival of the fittest which is backward way of thinking.

When people are united in terms of perspective and idea, regardless of their background, this reflects very human way of defining and translating unity than the natural way. By nature, two people who belong to same tribe are united, but by being human two people who think similar regardless of their tribe are united. When such human unity is established, it needs achievement, efforts and choices since those people who integrate with thinking have something to contribute than those people who are united in terms of tribe or race since such unity does not require efforts.

The unity that is established with thinking or idea is a result of efforts, choices, some sort of brilliance and hence it is done by plan and thinking; whereas the unity that is established by race or tribe which is natural is done by accident. No one has chosen to be borne in any given family or there is no pre-planned drama or efforts of anyone to be borne in any given tribe, but by the accident, such people meet at some cross section of life and they work hard what history has delivered to them than what the future should up hold to them.

Hence, it is not possible to remove both groups of people since one is naturally united, the other is voluntarily created. The genocide drama will soon vanish since history is not warranty to the future. Natural unity is the basis of voluntary unity in which people can be united further when they find similar and common field to interact. All politics that base on ethnicity cannot stay longer and they end up in bloodshed since resource and economy is the fundamental and significant aspect of human lives than race or tribe at this point of time.

For instance, there are countries that are administered by the idea of federalism in which different federal states are created and one central government function on central basis; here, the real concept of federalism is not practically tested and experimented, it is not even proven correct since the main issue is not on the table. Everyone is dependent on the central government that is why it looks working. However, when each federated state starts known its natural resources and starts thinking that it does everything by its own, the idea of federalism is in jeopardy and the central government will collapse due to the fact that they do not need any governing and oppressing institution that tell them do this or that since this is a human tendency, activity and process of life.

When nation is integrated and united, the natural unity is the basis in which keeping the integrity and sovereignty of every tribe and race is unquestionable, and is of significant importance, but to be united in terms of ethnicity is very rudimentary reality. A nation should be integrated by the idea, whose value which is very progressive and dynamic so that vibrant and dynamic nation can be created. A nation whose unity is created and united by integrating ethnicity and tribes is stagnant, and cannot go further even if it looks going forward, it is not moving as it should, since it is united by rudimentary aspects of life.


Coup d’état Vs Change


May 15, 2014

Coup d’état, is defined as seizure of an existing government by a small group. This overthrow is sometimes accompanied by limited violence, as when the head of state is killed in the coup. A coup d’état involves relatively few members of the population, and these few frequently are military officers. Participants generally control strategic elements of the armed forces and police and have the cooperation of at least some civilian and political leaders.

For many years the coup d’état has been used to overthrow governments in Latin America. Poverty and illiteracy among the people and a long tradition of military leadership have made these governments especially susceptible to overthrow. There are also other possible excuses such few people present as justifications to overthrow a government by finding faults and weaknesses of system they respectively belong. Instead of helping that given government they belong, they put new and different ones. Why?

Historical records show that most of the coup d’état that took place in Africa are by the master minds and plots of western countries or foreign force interference in terms of funding and other supports such as armaments since they claim that they have both national interest and moral obligation which they claim to themselves. In places they want to interfere in terms of political interest and advantage, and if they find something that goes with the national interest they claim, they justify their own political interest.

In places where they have no ground and rational to interfere, they use the other bullets such as they have moral obligation to interfere. In both bullets, the revolver pistol is the same, the person who takes the shoot is similar, which is to overthrow one government and establish another one in its stead. The case in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt and other countries is examples of such given case even if they fail to do it in Syria and other countries.

Why do western nations interfere in the internal affairs and political aspect of other countries is not something clear to everyone since they are found interfering in nation that they could have no such interest even if the agenda of moral obligation is just cover; and by doing so, they are the ones who judge the fate of such nations than the public. In fact, the indigenous public is the one who gave them the opportunity to play their game in other nations due to the fact that they have strong opposition and hatred towards the system everyone belongs so that they play their own sheet drama on the fate of such nations since they get the stick from the indigenous mass.

When there is no maturity between the mass and the state—which is to mean healthy interaction and communication between both parties—the gap is always a media for such western nations to play and gamble on behalf of the mass which the indigenous forgets and do not understand and they do not even learn from the fates of those nations who went grievous crisis by such overthrow of governments. Coup d’état has most disadvantages than advantages since it benefits few part and segment of society than the mass as historical trend shows due to its nature since it involves few people, but ask the mass to wait for years to come to the point which make the new government that is put live a similar sheet circle and way of life as those before them did.

It costs very much since it destructs in overnight what has been constructed for decades. It is simple to destroy than construct. From practical observation and understanding, one could claim here that it is easier to do things in wrong way than the correct way since such way of doing things are mostly the results of ambitious and egoistic people than the objective reality. In ambition and ego, the truth lives under them, but it is just matter of time, and when the fixed time comes, things will be crystal clear and such given people could be stressed out and suffering will be the daily fates of such people.

The primal root cause of coup d’état is the governing system; since it does not administer and manage the affairs of its system and the majority public due to the fact that it is in capable and immature and thus it causes injustice, oppression and imbalance in the society. When such shortcomings are managed nicely by the governing system, the idea of coup d’état is not even an issue in which people will focus on other developmental activities of a nation and society.

The idea of coup d’état in a nation is a reflection of immaturity of people who belong to a given system since they think that aggressive change should come overnight or they are self and ego centered and they want to take personal advantage with the new system they want to establish in given domain due to the fact that they are overambitious and their such given ambition cannot be contained in a system they belong since they have hidden interest and different agenda which they are not open to share it with others. They manipulate a given system, they become victims of western plots and thinking and thus they revolt against the system which they belong, they disturb others, then they come to power at last when they are successful.

In any uncivilized nation and society, it is not possible to think that every second is free from coup d’état plot and thinking at every level in which there are people who think inside their mind; as there are people who keep trying in different ways and manners; as there are people who practically manifest by doing an attempts in which the successful ones become leaders and reside in palaces, where as those who fail will live in jail. However, those states who took power by coup d’état are not in most cases successful in bringing significant changes and development to their respective nations than compared to those states who are established by non- coup d’état attempts.

When people are active in such coup d’état attempts, especially, belonging to a particular system and they want to overthrow the system which they belong, it is pure reflection of greed, ego, ambition, lust, since they can make significant changes within the system they belong by putting pressure, setting alternatives and the like. None is going to listen to them since it is the face change, one ugly face is changing by another ugly face; it is like putting money from left pocket to right pockets and none expects any profound changes since the issue is not about significant change, about change of face, change of the size of pocket, which does not help anyone, in fact kills the current good indicators of progress of nation than any other thing. People will suffer when the new hyenas are put on stage until their stomach and belly are full.

Is this possible to expect good results by bad methods? Is this possible to expect nice fruits with bad roots? Is this possible to expect nice future with dark solutions? We shall wait for the answers. Time shall tell.