Stealing—A job or A Crime

April 19, 2014

Why do people steal others? Is stealing a crime or sin or means of balancing the wrongly and unjustifiably distributed balance of economy within a society which could be related to a population theory—Thomas Malthus’s influential work, he proposes that when human population increases more rapidly than the food supply, population is checked by “positive checks” such as war, disease, or famine? What is the root cause of stealing other peoples’ properties? Is stealing other people property improper in world or society where economic and wealth disparity and imbalance is normal conditions and aspect of life? Is stealing forbidden in community or society where few accumulate wealth by wrong ways and unjustified means? In such a world, who is stealing who?

One of the root causes for a person to be busy in thinking and stealing about other peoples’ property is poverty. The other reason is envy or jealousy. The other reason is with the desire to be equal to others, even if people have something to eat and for living, ego centric attitudes. The other reason is ignorance of the consequences of the act of stealing deliver, which is prison and other related consequences that is to come afterwards since people revenge on such given act by which those who do the act of stealing live in frightened, tense and scary environment of life due to the nature and character of the act delivers. The act puts those who do it with bad shape in which even if they are decorated with gold and other goods of this world, they have fake and empty inside which is full of confusion and stressful.

In all cases, society was supposed to arrange and facilitate to the peoples or members of society to facilitate the right livelihoods of life. If such is the case, why do people think on stealing other people’s property in world where everyone shares and has what everyone should. Stealing is like an imbalance that occurs in the metabolic activity of every human being which causes as illness, such illness is caused by imbalance of the economy factor and thus it has its own cure. But, there are other forms of stealing which occur in life, which are not related to material aspects, but in terms of emotional and intellectual aspects, which are by far worse than the material ones since they cause immense damage on others intellectual and emotional reality due to the fact that they are not replaceable or re-compensable due to their nature and character.

Hence, there are two types of people in this world. Those who steal and become rich and those so till but they are not even rich, but they do it for satisfying tier basic needs of live. The poor thieves have their own models in their lives in which the rich ones are their role models and they want to become like them. And they keep on stealing until they reach to that level or status. Such people have no desire except being rich and show off to others that they are rich, but they do not tell their profession which the public knows very well.

Stealing has informal and formal approaches in its method in which there are individuals who steal other people’s property in order to fulfill their daily need, in which it is very accidental and spontaneous act as there are people who are organized and have structures and they do it as a job. Both are wrong and harmful acts which live in every society which are also caused by the society. Society is not ware of dangers of such groups yet to cause in the future as they are kept silent and ignored since the kill the bright destiny of any given society if they are just considered as normal condition and way of life.

What is quite interesting to find out in here is that there are people who steal until they become rich, and then they establish their own business with the money they have stolen somewhere else, they do normal things; they have companies and organizations that function under normal circumstances. The strange thing in here is that one could find such people being suspicious of everyone around them, fighting those people who steal them while they are employed in their organization. That is why they say, a thief mother does not trust her daughter, in which they assume and think that everyone around and is employed in their company joined them to steal since they have generated wealth out of stealing and they know what their background looks like.

The society is accountable and responsible in creating wealth disparity and imbalance in which it creates its own thieves and robberies since it is self centered and has no care to those who are disadvantageous and the needy. The disadvantageous and the needy in its own good time happen to be thieves and robbers when there is no means and way of generating one’s income. In this process of life, when such people think that when they can get money out of easy and simple means, they consider such act as their regular duty.

The organized robbers have structures like any given company. The structure is kept within and I their sheet circle. They have different office in very informal place and in mansions and buildings. Few of them have company with tax identification number in order to get house rent or building apartments since they have to be legal, but behind they have different function. They have all kind of jobs up to doing coups d’é·tatthings. They have networks all over the world as those good organizations do. They have tag and trade mark in front, but they operate for different functions.

Stealing is defined in a dictionary as to take something that belongs to somebody else, illegally or without the owner’s permission; to take or get something secretly, surreptitiously, or through trickery; to take something that somebody else has created, especially ideas, theories, or a piece of writing, and present it as your own; to win or succeed at something unexpectedly, luckily, or dishonestly at the expense of others

In its first definition, which is to take something that belongs to others without their consent, which is the normal type of stealing which exist in many societies, but depends up on society’s degree of awareness level and the extent of maturity in which when more people who are independent in terms of economy and understanding exist, such practice is not even an issue in terms of material issue, but can exist in terms of intellectual and other aspect of human lives.

In this given case, an individuals who throws one’s eye, hands and fingers into somebody’s pocket and houses and mansions up to those people who are organized and have structures belong to such given group as we observe and watch in the holy wood and other countries movies. There are also other people who steal other peoples’ wives or husbands of others. They could gamble in their live and other peoples in which they could commit indecent proposal they make in life since there are people who get into divorce without even getting married.

In its second definition, it is to get, not to take, something secretly through trick is a stealing which is obtained in the intellectual realm or mind game in which the cybercafé drama and internet is good example, in which the hackers are going into many peoples’ bank accounts, email accounts and the like and take something from people without their knowledge and permission. It is just matter of playing the mind game, which requires bit of intelligence. It is not like throwing one’s finders and hands into somebody’s pocket, but it is just matter of thinking ways and methods of stealing other people property without going into other people’s home or pocket. Plagiarism is one form of stealing in which people steal other peoples’ intellectual property.

In its third definition, it is to win with luck but at the expense of others in which people here are gathered to gamble. And one of them tried to do things in way that one is pretending as if one is free from such gamble or sin. Here the gambling is done between them, but one pretends as if one is void, but leaking information to outsiders and one dishonestly win the game of their gambling although one was originally and entirely involved. One good example in here is the coups d’é·tatthing in which intelligence officers and other officers always involve in coups d’é·tatprocess, from inception to its end. When the coups d’é·tat succeeds, they will hold top positions, but if it fails they are the ones who leak that info, since they have double standards and personalities.

Whatever reasons and root causes are there in robbers are robbers; thieves are thieves. There is no excuse to be a thieve since it is not healthy and good job since it causes suspicions and it is life that makes them to lose confidence since thieves depend upon other peoples’ pocket. If peoples pocket is empty, they have nothing to steal. They live after people. What make few functions—both bad and good ones—resemble between thieves, artist such as singers, movie actors, politicians and the like, they are lifeless without people but the life of scientist is not lifeless without people which depends on the nature of the object of research especially if the research is about nature.

The most connected jobs and functions in relation to preventing and removing on what the thieves do is the Police Work. The police are connected to thieve in two ways. The first one is they obtain information of crimes from the thieves. The second one is that they hunt thieves whenever and wherever crimes are committed. Hence, the police have always lists of suspects of thieves in everywhere, whichever and whatever crimes are done, and they hunt down such thieves based on the sophistication and simplicity of crimes. They call such people, as the usual suspects.

And there are also two kinds of police forces. The first ones are the police thieves in which they have police uniform and are recognized by the public as the uniform tells, they get their payroll from the police commission, but they work for the thieves; they obtain certain amount of commission and benefit from the thieves since they are paid for what they cooperate. The second ones are those police forces who are real and true police people who are paid and work for the police commission. And this world continues holding both people as the police commissions everywhere have insiders within the thieves; the thieves have also their own insiders within the police forces.

Written materials state that Police, is agency of a community or government that is responsible for maintaining public order and preventing and detecting crime. The basic police mission—preserving order by enforcing rules of conduct or laws—was the same in ancient societies as it is in sophisticated urban environments. When any given person becomes a member of police force, one should evaluate and measure ones’ standard, not by what the public comments and state, by the duty and responsibility it is naturally shouldered in its daily undertakings, in which the truth should be the standard of life for any person who claims oneself as Police Force than what other people claim and tell. Truthfulness and falsehood are free from love and hate.

Stealing aggravate violence in a society, be it material, intellectual and emotional one since it is about overriding and touching other peoples right and integrity in lives and the act overrides and disrespects other people’s freedom and liberty they should maintain and keep in lives, by putting certain pressure and mistrust within society. One of the causes that put certain pressure, lack of confidence and mistrust within and between society, institution and individuals is the existence of stealing; the strength and integrity of society and individuals and society is measured as to how far it is capable to prevent, protect and remove such bad act amidst its domain.


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