Ambition and Humbleness

April 29, 2014

John Webster (1578 – 1632), English playwright, The Duchess of Malfi, writes:

Ambition, madam, is a great man’s madness.

It is quite interesting to make a note of an incident which one face while participating in a presentation in one of the days in past in which it was about the architectural plan of a given building in which the plan had video like presentation, which sounds very artistic and profound in the visual displays of the building since it has been done in professional and excellent manner. However what was interesting in here is that the cost of the plan along with other related costs invested and put on the video or plan in auto-cad or whatever and the size of the presentation are by far greater and more expensive than the actual cost of the project.

One was wondering as to the types of things that are going on in the world in which the significant part is more costly than the more significant part. There are various activities that are going in here in which the NGOs’ are good examples, they are the ones which such complaints are mostly heard of since the salary and benefit of technical advisors paid are by far costly than the actual cost of the project and the type of benefits such given advisors deliver in relation to the amount they are paid and such given activities could be covered and performed by local employees, by less costs, but with great passions compared to the expatriates.

Sometimes, one think and relate such experience of life to a singer who is singing a slow music or what they call the solo music but dancing on stage a rap dance in which the movement could be by far faster than the music which do look ugly into the eye of the viewers and it is not even hope giving to the person as profession since one has performed in bad and irritating way. This kind of drama do also exist in many places unless and otherwise such presentations and performances are done for joke or for fun, it is useless to have such people on stage since they make the color of peoples’ life to be boring and dull even if no matter prestige and achievements they have in their life.

They say as a principle, in the world of art, the first 10 seconds of every artistic work plays major role, the 75 percent of the work since first impression plays significant role in taking rapt attention of the audience. However in cases, when there are artistic presentations which are presented to fulfill the first 10 seconds impression, but put everyone in the auditorium to be bored to the rest of the entire work, here such given artistic work is under jeopardy since it plays tricky game on the principles and presentation and it costs itself very much since the intro is bigger than the motto and the rest of the program as those movies that begin with comedy and end up with series tragedy or whatever which is quite contrary to the motto and agenda of the matter.

Prestige, fame, power or authority, money and other related aspects of human lives have tricky aspects in which such types of things on life on earth are like opium since the more people have them, the more they need, the greater is the thirst level, and thus people could end up in the middle of nowhere since they could think that they have the best of everything and the end of everything. Such aspects of people give birth to unquenchable ambition in which the end is crystal clear; they end up in embarrassment and great desperation and disappointments of life since life has its own mystery and way of going. Ambition should be integrated with humbleness; otherwise it leads to great destruction and bad ends.

I was wondering as to a given experience of life in which there are people who make a living and who do play various kind of drama and games on other peoples’ lives by virtue of the achievements they have acquired in life in which such people are heard that they know what other people think and they invest or make other people invest funds so that they continue their sheet drama, which is more of rubbish and garbage theater in which the trick lies on their achievements, and when one values their achievements, it is fake and empty, and is like a cloud in desert, it vanishes for nothing.

Achievements and prestige are not warranty for such people that they are void of doing bad, or crime against others, but they commit grievous mistakes in life, they think evil and heinous acts on others. They say, behind every prestige and fortune, there is wrong and crime. There should be mechanism which should be employed that such given achievements are merit along with what they do and think on others. What is important in here is not the personality of individuals, but the act which is more valuable. An ordinary person who does think and do good to others is by far nobler and precious than an achieved people who think and do bad on others due to the fact that such achievement and prestige should enable them to perform good deeds and thoughts than bad on others. Otherwise, why people are achieved, what is the point and purpose of having fame and prestige?

Whatever cost and energy and time they put on garbage dramas they have, the amount of time, cost and energy they employ on such undertaking is more costly than the end result, even if whatever claim they do and have, they have futile claim since they cannot see the future, they have failed to manage such undertaking with precision and void of mistakes, but failure is the integral part of such undertakings. In such process of life, silence is the answer one can deliver since it is a shameful act to they have done in history and in the generation they belong.

In silence, disagreement, hatred, loss of appetite, opposition, confusions and clarity, lack of information and the like are spoken out, which they do not understand. Silence costs less than any other method one can employ since it is better to watch the end by observing silence than get involved in any of the undertakings people have. One speaks louder in silence than words and speeches in cases necessary and useful. In silence there is no penny, but time for contemplation and solutions, and the wise use to carry forward the next productive plan and undertakings than other costly projects people devise since it only requires patience and tolerance which is acquired by stability and maturity of inner state of being of the individual, which is derived out of experience.

One measures the importance of others in one’s life by the good they do and think, not by whatever thing which others claim since one is the sole of author of such drama. One values others based on what they have thought and they have done, not what they will do and think, not on what they have known since what they know is not warranty to what they have done. One has self-centered standard in which it is what they did and think that matters best than what they have known. As it is nicely written in a given book, did you feed me while I was hungry, did you give me water while I was thirsty, in which none was found as good friend while living in such valley of desert in fact the claims few people do, is something hypocritical and they tried to use as insulting and belittling one’s capacity and undertaking, which is shameful act on them.

While bringing back the idea of comparison of costly project in relation to significant and more significant aspects, in this given case, the reverse is true in which those costly projects on the video projectile or power point presentations and the end result in which the video display is costly than the actual cost, inhere, the end result is more expensive than the method since silence costs nothing, but the end result of silence deliver huge triumphant and an astonishing result since one is cost and time and energy effective project one employs in silence than other projects people have devised all over. What one has employed in such given project is silence.

When people get achieved, it is automatic that they are crowned with prestige. Such prestige give birth to an ambition on the next undertaking which they aspire to perform which is good, but with ego centric and selfish aspect in which most people are more of ambition oriented, it is not with the intention of achieving further, but with the intention of protecting the prestige already acquired on stage, which is the hidden drama going in their hearts and minds, in which most fail to realize in their own reality since they are not even aware and they are already veiled by the previous achievements they are already acknowledged and recognized.

There are quite few people who keep on going and doing and building up achievement on achievements since they are motive and intent oriented and they are not working for achievements, but they work to find something or do something and their efforts end up by being an achievement in which achievement is the process, not the end, and they use every recognition and achievements as prelude and energy to work and do something to their reality whilst most fail by the first whistle blowing achievement since such world need quite mindset and a maturity.

When people are achieved, they are invited everywhere; they are the ones and who are arranged to give speech all over; they give similar and form letter type speech all over which make everyone to be bored and such speech serve as a trade mark to their identity since they are in state of fears of criticism and other comments yet to be delivered on them; they are the ones who are guest of honor; everyone likes to be around with them until the next ones and drama come on stage. Once, next drama is on, such people are forgotten and ignored since the new kings and queens are borne on stage until they become old as those before them were doing. In this case, the motive and intent of getting achieved is tested, is this to seek for fame or recognition or for genuinely to do something.

Basically, there are two types of such people in which the nature of the thing they are engaged in tell the type of things they seek in life. There are people who work for fame so that they get prestige out of fame which goes to artists and those jobs that require the approvals and involvement of people in which if their work is not admired and recognized by the public, they are lifeless and they consider themselves as useless since it is up to the public to judge who they are no matter best work they have.

The other kinds of people are those people who work for something in which it is not the public that could judge since the public has no adequate capacity to judge who they are, and they do not even seek the approval of the majority as the nature of the job does and they are oriented by the type of thing they work on their daily routine in which the scientists are good examples. Scientists are not involved on a given task to obtain round of applause from the society, but they are sincerely interested and concerned upon type of difficulties society face and thus they are doing that given undertaking with that given and defined intention and motive.

In the former case, prestige or fame is the end goal in which in the later case, prestige is the process that occur toward such undertaking. In the first types of people, in which prestige is considered as the best and elegant end and way of life, it is the nature of the job which demand and made them think to be in that given shape and color as in the later case, such people, the scientists, are not public or vote oriented type of people due to the nature of the task they are already engaged in.

When a scientist seeks prestige or becomes fame oriented by collecting majority vote and public approvals without doing one’s own efforts and here one even becomes strange and lives in state of fear and frustration since such undertaking should be proved and approved by the type of job one is undergoing, and one has to change one’s own profession since the nature of the job demands an outcome, discovery, not public vote and approvals. When an artist becomes a type of people that seek recognition without public engagement, one lives in empty pocket and in hardship.

Those people who wisely understand and integrate prestige which gives to birth of an ambitious attitude and thinking, employing with humble gesture in their relationships, interactions and communication with the environment, other people and the like, people see them shining all over and their entire lives of their stay on earth since they live adding achievement on achievements and they give light to the multitudes and they are hope givers to the millions of people in this world since they have prudently applied and employed such prestige for productive and healthy purpose. Let the number of such people increase on daily basis on the earth!!

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807 – 1882), U.S. poet, “The Ladder of Saint Augustine” said:

The heights by great men reached and kept
Were not attained by sudden flight,
But they, while their companions slept,
Were toiling upward in the night.






Days and Events


April 28, 2014

In the thinking world, one should create oneself than get created by others. It indeed feels nicer when one creates oneself than get created by others. This is like a person who makes a paint for others and a paint for oneself in which, there is huge difference we one makes a paint while being asked and making a paint being unasked. When one makes paint, one creates a thing, where as others cannot make such paint, but they can post it on a wall, put it in their home since this is what they can do. Life in this world is like that in which the few create something, but the mass keeps in custody and as treasure what the few create whether they understand that or not is another aspect and matter, but one thing for sure, since they like, they put or post that paint of that given art work.

The same is true in the thinking world in which those who think create themselves and others by virtue of such thinking due to the fact that thinking is energy, by virtue of such given thinking, they are just created. Those who think that there is nothing new can happen in this world are tied up in their minds and thinking with old and traditional belief. Every day is a new day; every person has the right and responsibility to come up with new and different idea; there is no oppression in the world of thinking, but the oppression lies in its manifestation and translation to the objective world. In such free and giant world, it is dull to think that there is nothing new and different things and aspects can happen unless and otherwise people are tied up in bad and old traditions in which the new and different thinking frees every being from the slavery, colony and dependence of others.

One has written to date is the movement of one’s own lip but not the movement of one’s own thinking and one’s mind since they are mostly observations, collections of other peoples’ experience along with personal understanding and interpretation of the human theater and drama and aspect of life. The Pen one wants to use to write is not yet born, but the thinking is vibrating deep inside. There will come a time that tells the truth and reality of this Pen unborn will reveal itself in its own accent and matters as to what it entails to the World.

Whilst wondering in such given path and valley of such life, people have articulated life by formulating certain recipe in which people devise events which are important, which they are called as holidays that color and beautifully orchestrate one’s stay on earth in a nice manner since festivities are essential and valuable aspect, but also as they become the cause of peoples’ death since people could go beyond their limits they are set to pass. Festivities are vital aspects of human lives in which holidays are required to energize and motivate people, but not to make such events as the end of the world since people need to get refreshed by such functional events. They are like coffee people take at the daily coffee break or lunch time events compared to the stay of person on earth.

Accordingly, there are basically three features of observation of such days or events that are celebrated in which such aspects are the becoming identity and nature of most people in every land. These are national holidays, which are celebrated and commemorated regardless of religious difference people have within a nation; religious days and events that represent and are celebrated as per the nature and character of particular religion one belongs and international days and events that are acknowledged on global scales as per the global declarations a nation signs and since they represent specific or particular denominations and group at global scale regardless of religion and nationality where one represents and belongs.

Such undertaking is one of the determinant factors that shape this world in which people are tagged a kind of identity based on such commemoration of events. Such anniversaries tell on what and how people think besides the belief systems are organized and established. They ask people to think in certain fashion in which when certain event or holiday is come, it makes them think and people make their own social and emotional, self- preparations as to make it very festive events. It has its own impact on the life style of people and their daily routines since this could energize them on the regular days yet to follow up and the entire life cycle of people and thinking of individuals, societies and institutions as well.

Quite interesting to note here three basic holidays observed on every week, the Jew have on every Friday at 6 Pm until Saturday 6 Pm; the Muslims have it on every Friday, and the Christians have their Sabbath on every Sunday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are also holidays people take on every week as per the context of society where one belongs.

Holiday is a day set apart for religious observance or for the commemoration of some extraordinary event or distinguished person, or for some other public occasion. Holidays are characterized by a partial or total cessation of work and normal business activities and are generally accompanied by public and private ceremonies, including feasting (or fasting), parades and carnivals, or displays of flags and speechmaking.

Originally, in ancient times, holidays were predominantly religious in character and linked to natural events such as the annual course of the sun or the phases of the moon. The word holiday, in fact, is derived from “holy day.” Subsequently, secular holidays commemorating historical occasions or distinguished persons outnumbered holy days, although many ancient religious rituals and customs have been carried over into modern times and incorporated into both secular and religious observations.

Today, the outstanding holiday is one of religious observance and abstention from normal work routines, taking place on Sunday for Christians, Friday for Muslims, and Saturday for Jews. In the U.S., Sunday is not only a religious holiday but is also the only common-law holiday. National holidays are days set aside by official government proclamation to celebrate such occasions as the achievement of independence, the founding of the nation, the adoption of a constitution, the birthday of the ruler, or the national patron saint’s day.

National Days or Events

Canada Day, Canadian national holiday, celebrated on July 1. It marks the anniversary of the unification of Upper and Lower Canada (what are now Ontario and Quebec), New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia as the Dominion of Canada. This union was effected by passage on July 1, 1867, of the British North America Act. Formerly known as Dominion Day, the name was changed to Canada Day in 1982 when the constitution was revised. The day is marked throughout Canada by parades, fireworks, and the display of flags.

Flag Day is annual observance in the United States to celebrate the national flag. Flag Day is observed on June 14, the anniversary of the official adoption of the American flag by the Continental Congress in 1777. On Flag Day, public buildings and many individuals display the American flag as a gesture of patriotism and national pride. Some schools hold ceremonies and educational programs that promote reverence for the flag.

Memorial Day, legal holiday observed annually on the last Monday in May in the United States, in honor of the nation’s armed services personnel killed in wartime. The holiday was originally called Decoration Day because it is a time for decorating graves with flowers and flags. Over time, the designation Memorial Day became far more common Independence Day, or the Fourth of July, the most important national holiday in the United States. It commemorates the formal adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Emancipation from slavery is celebrated on 1 August, toward the end of Antigua and Barbuda’s week-long Carnival and national arts festival. This is a time when many Antiguans and Barbudans living abroad return home. Parades, dancing, and music fill the streets during Carnival week, and many calypso music competitions are held, at which aspiring “Calypsonians” perform original songs. Victory Day is on 6 March and Patriots’ Victory Day on 6 April. is a holiday in Ethiopia.

Cambodia’s national holidays include Liberation Day (7 January), Victory Over American Imperialism Day (17 April), and The Front Day (2 December). Both the Chinese and Buddhist new years are celebrated. The Buddhist New Year, in April, is celebrated for three days.

Ganjitsu is the Japanese New Year and is observed on 1 January. Japan’s New Year celebration, called Oshogatsu, lasts three days, from 1 January through 3 January.

Thanksgiving Day, legal holiday observed annually in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November. In Canada, Thanksgiving falls on the second Monday in October. Its origin probably traces to harvest festivals that have been traditional in many parts of the world since ancient times (see Festivals and Feasts). Today Thanksgiving is mainly a celebration of domestic life, centered on the home and family. Most people celebrate Thanksgiving by gathering with family or friends for a holiday feast.

Saint Patrick Day is a holiday honoring Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It is celebrated annually on March 17, his feast day. Saint Patrick was a missionary in the 5th century ad who is credited with converting Ireland to Christianity. St. Patrick’s Day is a national holiday in Ireland. It is also celebrated by people of Irish descent in many other countries, especially by Irish Americans in the United States.

Religious Days or Events

New Year’s Day is first day of the year, January 1 in the Gregorian calendar. In the Middle Ages most European countries used the Julian calendar and observed New Year’s Day on March 25, called Annunciation Day and celebrated as the occasion on which it was revealed to Mary that she would give birth to the Son of God. With the introduction of the Gregorian calendar in 1582, Roman Catholic countries began to celebrate New Year’s Day on January 1.

Scotland accepted the Gregorian calendar in 1600; Germany, Denmark, and Sweden about 1700; and England in 1752. Traditionally the day has been observed as a religious feast, but in modern times the arrival of the New Year has also become an occasion for spirited celebration and the making of personal resolutions. The Jewish New Year is called Rosh Hashanah, or the Feast of Trumpets, and is prescribed by the Old Testament as a holy Sabbath. It is celebrated (generally in September) on the first and second days of Tishri. The Chinese celebrate New Year’s Day sometime between January 21 and February 19 of the Gregorian calendar. It is their most important holiday.

Nauroz, the Islamic New Year, begins on the first day of spring (around 21 March). The Iranian New Year, called Now Ruz, is celebrated around 21 March, or the vernal equinox. This holiday predates Islam, and is believed to derive from pastoral festivals heralding the arrival of spring. The holiday lasts for 13 days, and involves wearing new clothes, giving gifts, visiting friends and relatives, and eating special foods. In particular, seven foods beginning with the letter S are taken, and symbolic objects are placed on the table, including a mirror, candlesticks, and a bowl with a single green leaf floating in it. On the final day of the holiday, families go on picnics.

Ethiopia traditionally follows the Coptic calendar, although business is conducted using Western time and calendar standards. There is a seven-year difference separating the Coptic and the Gregorian, or Western, calendars; for example, 1998 is 1991 in Ethiopia. Also, the 24-hour day begins at sunrise, not midnight. Christmas begins, and does not end, the year—it falls on 7 January. The Ethiopian New Year, called Enkutatash, follows the end of the rainy season, when flowers, having been well watered, are in bloom, on September 11. The Epiphany, or Visit of the Three Magi, is celebrated on 19 January.

New Year Festival Images of the Buddha are bathed in scented water and stupas of sand are built on river banks or in temple grounds to be washed away at New Year, symbolizing the clearing away of negative deeds beginning of Citta , (April). The International New Year (1 January) is recognized in India, although the Hindu New Year occurs in March or April.

Yom Kippur (Hebrew yom hakippurim, “day of atonement”), the most sacred and solemn holy day in Judaism. It falls on the tenth day of the Hebrew month of Tishri, in September or the first half of October in the Western calendar. The day is observed by fasting and prayer and by rededication to a religious life. Like any other day in the Hebrew calendar, it is reckoned from sundown to sundown.

Ramadan is ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, the holy month of fasting for adult Muslims. According to the Qur’an (Koran), the sacred scripture of Islam, God requires believers to fast during Ramadan so that they “may cultivate piety.” Fasting is also intended to promote self-discipline and spiritual awareness, while helping believers overcome faults such as selfishness and greed. The month of Ramadan is particularly sacred to Muslims because the Qur’an was first revealed to Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, during this month.

The most important holidays in Saudi Arabia include the three-day feast of ’Id al-Fitr, which is enjoyed at the end of the month-long fast of Ramadan. Children receive gifts at this time, and wear new clothing. ’Id al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice) commemorates Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his only son at Allah’s behest. This feast also celebrates the annual haji, or pilgrimage to Mecca, during which it occurs. The birth of the prophet Muhammad and the Islamic New Year are also celebrated.

International Days or Events

Labor Day, legal holiday honoring workers, celebrated in the United States and Canada on the first Monday in September. The observance includes parades and speeches reviewing labor’s contributions to society. In most of Europe the first of May—May Day—is set aside as a day to honor workers. UN day, Mothers day, father’s day, Women’s day, Youth day, Children’s’ day, Health day, Education day, and so on are events and days that are celebrated and commemorated at global scale in every land as per the agreement every nation has entered with the United Nation. Although few of them are observed by the acquittal of jobs and daily function, such celebration and commemoration of events and days depend on the type of custom, tradition and decisions of respective states of nations where one belongs.


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Influential Risk Taker

April 26, 2014

The arrival of the year 2000 has provided much of humanity with cause for reflection on the last millennium. Scientific, social, and political revolutions during the last 1,000 years have left an indelible mark on the world that exists today.

Perhaps one of the best ways to examine the sprawling history of the second millennium is to consider the most influential people who shaped it. As American poet and essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “There is properly no history; only biography.”

But how does one go about selecting from 1,000 years of history a representative group of the most influential people? Which individuals most fully represented the triumphs of humanity and shaped the outcome of the millennium?

Five criteria were used to make the selections. The first one—whose contributions had a lasting influence on history?—carried the most weight. The second criterion was the effect on the sum total of wisdom and beauty in the world. This allowed the consideration of artistic contributions, such as a Beethoven sonata, a Michelangelo fresco, or a Shakespearean sonnet, that may not have directly altered the history books but without which world culture would not be as rich as it is.

The next criterion was influence on contemporaries. How much did each individual affect the world during his or her own time? This standard allowed consideration of more modern figures, whose lasting contribution to the world is more difficult to gauge at this juncture in history.

Another point of evaluation was singularity of contribution. If a single person had invented the automobile or the Internet, that genius might have been considered for our roster. But so many of the innovations and inventions that made their mark on history were the result of collaborative efforts. The criterion of singularity of contribution recognized those people whose singular brilliance charted entirely new territory.

The fifth and final criterion was charisma. This attribute brought to the selection process great leaders who may not have been intellectual giants noted for path breaking new discoveries, but who nevertheless exerted great influence by virtue of their ability to inspire other people to act.

Using these five criteria, the people whose contributions most changed the world in ten different categories were selected. The ten are Johannes Gutenberg, inventor; Christopher Columbus, explorer; Michelangelo, artist; Martin Luther, religious leader; William Shakespeare, writer; Galileo Galilei, scientist; George Washington, statesman; Ludwig van Beethoven, music composer; Elizabeth Cady Stanton, activist; and Mohandas Gandhi, peacemaker.

These ten people who helped shape the second millennium were in one way or another radicals, risk takers, or controversial figures. All possessed the courage of their convictions and believed, often against considerable opposition, that they were in the right. Whether influential as religious reformer, free-thinking scientist, defender of democracy, women’s activist, or in another role, these ten people changed the millennium and made history because they refused to accept the limits and conventional thinking of their eras. The world today is so much the richer for it.

Martin Luther was a German preacher who trusted the Bible and quarreled with the pope. His search for religious truth led to the creation of a new branch of Christianity called Protestantism. Protestants do not accept the authority of the pope, the person who heads the Roman Catholic Church. Martin Luther was born in Eisleben, Germany, in 1483. At the age of 21, he joined a monastery, and at 23, he became a Roman Catholic priest. From 1512 until his death, he was professor of theology (religion) at the University of Wittenberg in Germany.

Luther lived at a time when many people were criticizing the Roman Catholic Church. They said its leaders were corrupt and lazy. They complained that its priests did not teach people the true message of Jesus Christ. Luther shared these criticisms. His Bible studies also led him to challenge key Catholic ideas. In particular, he believed that people could only be saved from sin by faith in God and trust in God’s grace (love and mercy). He did not believe Catholic preachers, who said that good works and rich gifts to the church were also necessary. He was outraged when preachers offered to sell God’s forgiveness to raise money to build a cathedral. In 1517, Luther nailed a list of 95 complaints to a church door in Wittenberg.

Catholic leaders could not ignore Luther’s protest. In 1521, the pope excommunicated Luther—that is, he banned Luther from taking part in Catholic worship. The princes who ruled Germany tried to make Luther apologize. But Luther refused. He told them rulers should not interfere in religion. Luther spent the rest of his life teaching and writing. He met scholars and priests who came to Wittenberg to discuss religious reforms. He translated the Bible into German, so that ordinary people could study it. His text was so widely read that it helped shape a new version of the German language.

In the summer of 1505, however, Luther suddenly abandoned his studies, sold his books, and entered the Augustinian monastery in Erfurt. The decision surprised his friends and appalled his father. Later in life, Luther explained it by recalling several brushes with death that had occurred at the time, making him aware of the fleeting character of life

Although still uncertain of God’s love and his own salvation, Luther was active as a preacher, teacher, and administrator. Sometime during his study of the New Testament in preparation for his lectures, he came to believe that Christians are saved not through their own efforts but by the gift of God’s grace, which they accept in faith

Luther became a public and controversial figure when he published (October 31, 1517) his Ninety-five Theses, Latin propositions opposing the manner in which indulgences (release from the temporal penalties for sin through the payment of money) were being sold in order to raise money for the building of Saint Peter’s in Rome. Although it is generally believed that Luther nailed these theses to the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg, some scholars have questioned this story, which does not occur in any of his own writings.

By 1537 Luther’s health had begun to deteriorate, and he felt burdened by the resurgence of the papacy and by what he perceived as an attempt by Jews to take advantage of the confusion among Christians and reopen the question of Jesus’ messiah ship. Apprehensive about his own responsibility for this situation, he wrote a violent polemic against the Jews, as well as polemics against the papacy and the radical wing of the reformers, the Anabaptists.

In the winter of 1546, Luther was asked to settle a controversy between two young counts who ruled the area of Mansfeld, where he had been born. Old and sick, he went there, resolved the conflict, and died on February 18, 1546, in Eisleben but his ideas remained powerful. His followers founded Lutheranism, the first form of Protestantism. Lutherans worshiped simply and trusted in God’s grace. Lutheranism spread from Germany to many parts of Europe, and then to most parts of the world.

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Quality and Life

April 25, 2014

A person was waving his hands while I was crossing the street. As I looked on the waving hands, I knew that person while living in different life scenario. Then, I went to him and we greeted with each other. We were somehow gone into a conversation. And in the middle of our conversation, although the man is decade older and greater in age than me, I notice that the man has no clue of many of the things that are going on in this world. He is the type of person like, when one ask, what is the capital city of Italy, he could say, Japan. But, he has settled life in terms of family make up, and economy terms. He has secured his own life in his own terms and conditions.

And one was wondering here the impact of all kinds of information on peoples’ life in which there are also other kinds of people, who know the capital city of every country, but they have nothing in life and they could eat and live on the streets. The irony in here is not about knowing the name of every country and city in this world, but rather the impact of quality of information people have on their lives. The point in here is that what is important for life and what is important in life that adds the quality of life are very distinct aspects of life. What about the quality in life, is there management style in the quality of life?

In fact, the concept of quality in management is defined and understood in different manners and interpretation in which quality is in most cases understood and connected with kind of standard in which inspection was its traditional idea in terms of product manufacturing in which it is done after the final product is out, but before delivered to customer. It is mostly connected with products, not with the process and other aspects of the product. Hence, it was punishment oriented and those people who do the fault in quality could be punished. Punishment oriented system is backward since the modern quality management state that there is quality management system that orients and discusses on preventing mistakes.

When such quality management has evolved to one stage ahead, it starts taking other components and variables of the product, in which it goes on checking the process and every section of the cycle before the final product is manufactured in which quality assurance becomes the next step in the history of quality management as researches testify. When the quality on a given product is done, it starts from input then goes to processing and then the final product is checked.

Later on, such quality management starts introducing another concepts in which those actors who play behind on the success of such product with intangible contribution as unseen engineers towards the success of the product making in which the top management and other actors within to the making of any given product are checked under the modern quality management in which they become part and parcel of the quality management since everything is interconnected and interrelated in any given matrix.

In the former times, such concept was applied in way that one was in state of being in regrets or drama of telling one should have done this or that, but in the current direction of the quality management, it is done with the idea of predicting and forecasting future needs and activities along with controlled environment of management of the present ones in which there is mechanism that is employed to prevent mistakes and other undesired things to happen, if it happens so, the first thing to do is to upgrade the capacity, and the last thing to do is punishment unlike the old and traditional way of quality management.

Quality management system starts integrating itself with information system in any given company undertakings, since flow and accuracy of information and how people manage information is useful tool to make correct and concrete decision in regard to the prospect and the future destiny of the organizations they manage. In this case, they rely on reliable management information system that only tells the past and present condition, but also the future destiny of the business by employing effective and efficient system within the organization framework so that they can have dependable and secured life. What about the quality of life in terms of not only management aspect but also in holistic conditions and aspects of life as an individual, society or institutional lives?

Information and the quality of information people collect in life add certain flavor in the life style of people when they communicate and interact. What is important for one’s life is the skill or profession whatever humble as the guidance of the book of Desiderata, recommends. As far as people have something for living by any given profession or skill, it is nicer and better to know about the capital city of every country, however there are people who could try to consider knowing the capital city of every country as a profession and end of every knowledge, but they could end up on the streets since the information they have obtained could not escape from making them to live on the streets since money is obtained out of certain give and take relationship people establish on their daily routines activities in life.

After realizing that given person state of being, I said to myself, ignorance is in cases a nice fortune although those people who are engaged in the law school state that ignorance is not fortune. When a person knows nothing and has something for life, he could not even know name and personality of the prime minster or even the president of his country since there is nothing that bothers him and his life. However, it is better and nicer to know things and have something for life as well since box mix make life to have certain taste and color.

When people consider the quality of life, they could consider communication and interaction with other people as it adds certain quality of life though it gets complicated as people who interact very much due to the gossip factor and people pass their limits and boundaries. In this given case, what is the quality of life? What are the factors that contribute people to cherish the quality of their life in nice manner and conditions? What does it mean by that?

In reality, human reality has different features in terms of communication and interactions in which a given person interact with other person, with other individuals as group, within certain community and institutions or other objects of interaction such as computers, cars, robots or machines. Although others employ mysterious communications people try to deliver with unseen and mysterious realities such as the Absolute Reality, God. In such undertakings of life, people establish and formulate different kinds of relationships as per the nature of the object of interaction and they interact accordingly.

When a person interacts with other people, social aspect is important and such communication and interaction is useful as far there exits mutual understanding between both parties. In world where there is no mutual understanding, interaction and communication with other people could even be worse and the quality of life that is expected out of such interaction and communication would be tantamount to a loss. Social life for one segment of people adds certain quality of life as it burdens other people too. There are societies and communities that are by far productive and civilized in world of individualism too.

The quality of life as a given individual germinates as result of satisfying one’s own income and settlement of bills. Income and the amount of income is one factor, but on how one expends one income is another aspect on the determinations of the quality of life in which 100 USD can be expended for different kinds of purposes according to the priorities people set in life in which such aspect of people’s life is subjective and relative and contextual. Here income is very important and useful on the quality of life on establishes besides on how and what for one expends such given income.

When a person interacts with other groups of people, which is informal ones, here one needs certain space and freedom while interacting with others. When any person is told what to think or to act, one’s quality of life is under jeopardy since the question of communication and interaction with other people is determined on the amount of space, freedom and integrity one has secured. In this given case, quality of life is very different aspect since the individual needs far beyond basic needs. One needs other elements of life such as privacy, freedom, gap or space and the like.

What could be quite interesting when a given individual interacts and communicates with other segment like society or community is on the amount of freedom and rights in which the question of justice, equality, in relation to freedom and rights individuals seek along with other individuals becomes the hot issue and regular concern since as matter and result of interaction and communication, a given community or society asks individuals on what to think, what to talk and write, where to go or not, what to do and the like. The idea of freedom and liberty is question unanswered to date; it is still even a question in the civilized world, since such ideas are by very nature vague and which are still relative and contextual.

And thus, here comes an institution that ask everyone, you have to do this or that otherwise you will be punished and the like. Here fear is induced in society by virtue of the existence of such institutions who bring peace and order by the constitution, policies, rules and regulations they formulate. They deliver right; they remove rights; they give and take whatever things they like and hate in which the love and hate relationship goes on as far as such institutions exist on earth. Most people are not even aware, they live in state of fear, but they are.

They realize the moment they are awake from their slumber. They are heard claiming all over, I love the cause, but they hate the person next to themselves and their neighbors. Any cause is lifeless when it ignores the nobility of everyone in its domain. If the pivot point of their cause is the oneness of mankind, there is no point they categorize and label individuals as enemy and friend since oneness cannot be established by categorizing and labeling. The is no need to be rocket scientist to tell such a thing and there is no point even to organize research department for such concept since it is against the core principle and ideals unless they have their own hidden agenda and mission going on behind.

Quality of life becomes contextual and relative since it’s not only about house, cars, food and the like. It is far beyond such aspects in which knowledge, freedom, rights, information, and other aspects are important and useful as there are people who add certain quality of life while interacting and communicating with them, there are also people who do the contrary. As there are places and communities who add certain flavor and quality in life, there are also places and societies who do quite the contrary.

In quality of life, books, cars, professions, jobs, family, friends, societies, politics, religion, philosophy, scientific inventions, hobbies, recreations, foods, clothes, ideologies, people, economy, coffee, teas, beers, music, movies, sports, and so on are very useful and important; each and every of them have an impact and they add certain quality to life besides the mindset and thinking a give individual creates in one’s own island. In this given case, one wishes to everyone to have bon voyage in adding certain quality on others and receive from others too.

In such given case, the external factors are important, but the internal mindset is quite determinant and the balance. One should develop a mindset that cannot be destructed by external factors in which the internal world one create for one’s own and one’s own mindset up people develop as result of peoples’ exposure and experience of life is important. Knowledge and the mindset are derived out of experience since experience is the best advisor and teacher one can have in life.

In experience, knowledge is derived; problems are easily solved; perspectives are gained; directions are obtained; life gets taste and its own color and flavor; people get matured; peoples’ understanding capacity is augmented; people wise judgment increases; peoples hear the future than past and present. The quality of life gets better and nicer. The quality of management also gets nice shape.




A Psychic or an Abnormal

April 24, 2014

A friend of mine once shared me one’s own observations of the types of people exist in this world. And he said, there are three types of people. The first ones are those types of people who do not have a clue on what is going on this world, they just eat, drink, or whatever. The second types of people are those types of people who perform what they are asked to do. They have clue on the face value and they are obedient to the system which they belong and they perform a task according to the instructions they receive.

The third types of people are those people who are the master minds and they ask everyone to do this and that, in which they are originators of the drama that is going in this world, from small to large level, depending on the magnitudes of task they perform and assume. And I said to him, you have forgotten one type of people. He asked who they are. I said, they are the types of people who know the motives and intent of the drama behind in which such people know the thinking and motives of the master minds who are authors and owners of the original sources of such theater on earth.

The person replied you are absolutely right. The population of such people is unfortunately very few since it needs quite a gift and an opportunity to know such drama and theater due to the cat that in cases, it does not need a profession and in other case one should work for such people, the master minds. For example, as part of my personal experience, I remember one thing which made me think to connect such drama of life on earth which has resemblance to a movie I watched few years back entitled Dave. They are asked to arrange a dinner with the intention of informing my future destiny, which was on February 9, 2006 at someone’s home. The place was in Haifa, Israel.

It was quite an astonishing drama on earth that happened between one person and few big men, in which such few big men invited a dinner at somebody’s home. And he told me that your future job is writing, and we are your assistants. They made me connect that my responsibility is like the guardian or head of a system, and I was not sure on that man trying to deliver since the idea was very vague and I am not the type of person who can protect anyone since I lived a lonely and private life in there and until now. I could make them think that I am kind of special person, and it is their right to have such thinking and such given arrangement came as result of their belief and the system which they belong in which it is the system which is responsible than one ordinary man.

Afterwards, I came home; but checking and provoking goes on until now, in which the drama is still going on stages behind. I am still writing as I was writing before and nothing change on that aspect of my life since I used to write before I was even told that my future job is writing. I keep going and am going on writing views and personal reflections. However, they are not my assistants since I have no office, no funding and the like. In fact, they have organized, as one heard from other sources, legal and illegal mafias and networks and gangs in here for multi purposes as to removing, which they failed and one knows such dramas of their own plot going on behind.

One does not even need to be psychic or gifted, or even abnormal, but by virtue participating or observing in that given undertaking which they organized in their home, one was aware of their drama, which one does not like to cooperate and even work with. Even if one of them in that dinner was not sure since he reflected on his own face, which I observed shrinking, in way that I understood this drama does not belong to us, or whatever. In this case, even if one was not sure of the sign language or dramatic arrangement that night delivered, one made one’s own plan after and then watch every of their move in care.

It is very simple to escape such evil plot in which doing the right thing, to do things in straight forward manner, following one’s own consciousness and dreams and instincts is a remedy since there is no point one correlate or connect one thing with another thing and arrive at any given decision. For example, when people are in love, and one is not around, people hug pillows as replacing a lover. In this given drama pillow is a pillow due to the fact that one is old enough to love another person in way people hug a pillow. One has passed that given age and drama of love since love manifests in sacrifice not by hugging a pillow or giving a flower such as rose and whatever.

As one was not sure to hear, various songs were issued and arrange in connection into such drama. If this is true, one wonders that this world contains many mad people who look very normal but they are not checked even. One was wondering as to the funny and strange incidents one face since that given time up to now as result and plan of such mad people who are abnormal due to such catastrophic and disastrous conditions and situation they are immersed since they want to correct wrong by bad moves and wrong plans too. It is not possible.

Therefore, such peoples dramas are still going on in which they are still working hard as to what kind of bad end a person should have. To the contrary, life is generous; it bestows good and better in every day. The four types of people exist in this given drama which is going on this world to date. The few still live a life of scrutiny everywhere since they know the inside and the drama behind where as the three types of peoples live with fake and artificial confidence. They have a balloon like confidence which get shrink as small needle is put on it.

There is a time bomb for everything. And there are two types of time bombs or explosives that exist in this world. The first ones are human made and they go by the will and efforts of manmade decisions. The other bomb is mysterious ones in which no one knows the fixed time when such bombs are to explode since they work in mysterious way and manner. The mysterious explosives work in different ways far beyond the keen and knowledge of human mind conceptions and calculations. None knows the workings of such explosives. Everyone knows what they are after they happen.

Three types of people are aware of the first type of explosive and they can escape of the explosions yet to happen, since they work for known systems and they work for people’s mind but they cannot escape from the second type of explosives. They do not know about the working of the second ones since it is beyond their knowledge and capacity. The fourth types of peoples are also victims but they are not like three types of people.

While such theater is on stage, one keeps on observing what people around are doing, and one in most goes by the view of Einstein, which goes like great people discuss ideas; medium people discuss events and small people discuss events. In such scenario of life, one live by doing the mix of such three aspects; this depends on priorities and important aspects people have in life in which three of them are important, but the crux lies on the balance and the need.

The Transparent Truth

April 22, 2014

I met someone whom I knew long time ago. And he looked surprised on his face to find me alive and I noticed that strange look on me from his reaction. I realized that he was troubled inside by my survival since I thought I had been rumored in bad shape to him. We knew each other since we grew up in similar area. And we somehow went to café to have cup of coffee together and in every words and conversation I made with him, I realized he was deleting kinds of bad idea he was delivered in past. People speak louder in facial expressions than in words when things are bit different and way from normal.

In fact I told him the bad things he could hear from possible sources, and where such information came from, why they were originated. But, the funny thing was that they never told him one good thing about, since they were supposed to balance as their profession or job even dictate or personality if they think that they are big. It is just wild guess to know on why they did that since the mess belongs to them not to one ordinary person. One heard most big men in the town are in mess since the aspect touches many people. Let the truth shall set you free is the answer one can deliver.

Few are heard saying it is the time of the end since they are in mess, but it is just time of the beginning for those who are not even in such messy and fishy conditions of life. They say bad things happen for good reasons which is indeed a true statement, but could be  still vague and sometimes could lead people to be waiting for miracles or take them to foolishness, it is for the good purpose. If this happens for one moment, it could be proper to think like that, but if such a thing happens in continuous manner, not days or months but for years, with same people and bad intention, then one think here bit different since it is possible to change such bad things into good ones in different mechanism and means of telling them that they are the ones who cause bad things, not for good purpose but for their own bad purpose too.

One of the interesting thing I observed in here is that when one meet people of and in past, the times goes back and people make you end up in past memoirs than think about the future. Life becomes on past than present and the future since the only thing one can have in common with such people is past which is very limited and even insignificant as compared to the current condition of one’s life. There is no intersection and cross-section one can find with such people, and there is no point that one could stay even longer since one seeks new and different things in life. Past is good, present is nice but future is the best.

They say in the Qur’an that do not tell thy vision to anyone even to your brother, they plot evil against you. This is one of the astonishing and superb advice humanity was delivered by such great Book since it is great fact and plain reality that the moment people tell what they have planned to do ahead, there are always individuals who interfere for good and bad, they come in conformity with or against their plan and goals, help them to gain success and be triumphant or complicate and destroy their destiny and goals since this world is a world of rats and cats. In fact, they call the bad ones as evil whisperers.

There could be several assumptions that can be underlined and delivered due to such occurrences when people plan something and that plan, for instance, could be failed by interferences of other people thinking and motives. The first one is it has its own purpose and reason behind as those wise people tell. The second one is, it is not timely in which it is not ripe to happen and objectively translated, but such interference to hinder such happening is one level or stage of development to its future translation and happenings if it is something that should happen since everything passes stages of development before it is matured.

People take lesson due to the fact that they do not even know how to translate certain matters into objective reality as they take lesson, it happens true as the fruit bearing time comes as Thomas Edison said he took lesson on many hundred times on his trials and failures on how things do not work out. When certain things happen contrary to what is originally intended and planned, there is mystery beyond such fact in which it could have happened in different mysterious manner since mysterious realities happen in mysterious manner since it is on how people understand and perceive realities matter.

Few things happen for reason especially when they are something extraordinary, there are many noises heard all over since new practices and thinking affect the dynamics of everyone, such as communities and institutions. Everyone could throw a stone to be an obstacle according to their capacity and amount of oppositions and dislikes—though few things get translated to this world void of oppositions and supports of peoples votes—but with the motive of supporting the existing ones without realizing that the new move or things people come up could be by far brighter and something that strengthen the existing system or whatever. Fear is hidden in many peoples’ minds and hearts and governs most due to reasons that ignorance is the root cause of such fear since they say the known devil is better than the strange angel.

Musician John Cage said, people are frightened of new ones, but I am frightened of the old ones. People are always change resistant since they get accustomed to a way of life and they develop all kinds of attachments to the existing ones which cause certain amount of fears and they are not free to think outside the box and they think like the fish in a fish bowl. While having such designed mindset all over, new things are not encouraged since people are not sure on what the new style or thing is going to deliver them due to the traumatic conditions people pass in life and fear of failure in past undertakings people could have failed in past since the root problem could go to the ideology, or the strategies people apply in translating ideologies into reality, and time factors are few cases.

This depends on the type of people and social setting one belongs, and one should have a plan in which when someone has a plan in place or people who are ignorant of what one’s plan is, they can complicate by destroying or ruining the person’s life; whereas when a person has plan which can be detected by others, they devise all kinds of strategies in order to complicate that given plan and undertaking by making all kinds of bad arrangements they can and within their domain. So, they make any given plan not working, but if that plan should be carried out and happen as true, it will surely happen in its own good time.

While such theatrical drama is on stage, I met someone in few months before and we were somehow engaged on conversation regarding all kind of events that is going on this world. That someone was wondering as to the mechanisms in order to help my dreams fulfilled. And I replied, I have a plan which does not need any help from others since it is just writing and sharing views, which I do in every week. I am going up to my plan, which is writing. I do not go so far and further since I am not an activist or revolutionary or whatever, but I am just ordinary person who thinks that sharing view in one’s own way is by far better than any other thing beside the regular routines and undertakings one is performing on daily basis. There is no colored, orange or banana revolution one is undergoing in both underground or behind.

The purpose of writing in here is two folds. The first one is to tell that one thinks in this way and manner. The other is to share one’s view to those people who are interested to view my page. In this page, one talks, listens, meditates, sleeps, walks, drinks, eats, dreams, thinks, fights, loves, with and to ideas. Idea is the core existence and life of this page. It talks in every tongue and languages since thinking has no race, color, ethnicity, background, age, sex and so on. Life is beautiful as it delivers ideas to whomsoever it willeth. Inspiration does not belong to anyone since God inspires whomsoever God willeth!!

When people ask for truthfulness and transparency, one thinks that it is still fake items that are found in the department store than the real and objective world. At least, we should get permission on writing about the word and the concept, since practical translation and manifestation is another theater. And if such world is possible, it is nice. One of the purposes of writing is to being truthful in one’s sharing of views although it is very hard to reflect and translate in this world since truth is harmful when it is put in wrong place. It puts people into bad shape. In reality, it needs quite a mindset.

Transparency is relative and contextual and one is not even an institution that should be transparent. I am truthful in every of my undertakings, but I should not be like open and transparent in every condition since private matters are private and personal. One does not confuse personal matters and lives with other things and functions since they are separated. Private plans are personal and they do not need any one’s contributions, if they need, the person knows whom to ask and seek guidance, whom to converse and communicate, but it is not other people who should ask on one’s behalf.

Private goals are personal and they do not need any extra hands and assistants since the nature of this undertaking is writing and it is about sharing views by using thinking tools such as the mind, hands and fingers in one’s own way, but not using other people’s minds, hands and fingers. Kidney and liver are not important in here. But, one is grateful since one obtains a suitable Media to share such given undertakings. However, it is important to employ care and wisdom, in which knowing and identifying what to tell, to whom to tell, and when to tell are useful elements in creating better communication and interaction with other people. Few people understand without being told many details as others seek every detail. It is good to instantly know who needs, what and why.

Communication and understanding is important in creating connection between people in which it is tiresome to live with people who seek every detail since it is better to live with people who do not seek many details. They just know the gist of the items of every aspect in here. Life on earth is about understanding. When people live, it is the power of understanding that binds them. And people preference with other people depends upon the magnitude of understanding level. If someone seeks details in every of the conversations or matter one raise, the power of understanding is under big question and life becomes problematic and complicated since people deploy their energy and time more in giving explanations and giving further details.

When a person speaks in Japanese and the other person listens in French, people should ask clarification on certain matters and aspects. However, when such giving and taking relationship and communications is becoming repetitive and too much, people get tired and they seek for other people who listen in Japanese since everything has its own limit. When everything passes its limit, it results in disappointments and complications. The quite strange thing in here is that people speak same language but they do not even understand with each other since they put headphones into their mind since they do not like and they do not want to understand, in this case, time will tell and of course, it is definitely telling everything.

Transparency is related to being open and frank where as truth is connected to the thing that corresponds to fact or reality. Being frank in truthful manner is useful but one should be aware of the consequences of such acts deliver. Both acts are important and attributes and virtues which should exist in this world in order to create free and civilized world. However, we live in world where there are many hidden plots are going on in which transparency is possible to certain fields and scopes and falsehood is becoming norm in which people, society, institutions are not truthful and transparent in many of their undertaking and that is why people find reading in their daily or other communications, they use words such as apology since mistakes are inevitable, but mistakes do not happen and exist in truthful world and reality.

For example, in past few years, there were two big blasts in such given aspects which happen by two individuals who wanted to show concern and feel responsible, telling the world that the state is going in non-responsible and unaccountable manner by presenting facts and truths to the world, in which the Wiki-Leaks is one factor; the NSA staff, Edward Snowden is another aspect. Both individuals tell one thing in common, which is the drama hidden and going inside few peoples’ minds, in which such given case is true and exist in every palace and state. Both individuals are considered as criminals and irresponsible.

However, institutions ask the mass to be truthful and transparent. One can see the paradoxical events and drama that is going on stage—past, present and future too. This does not mean that they are not truthful and transparent; they are, but in certain significant occasions and matters that change the fate of society from left to right, they are not, which they should. Every institution and society needs its citizen to be confidential and this is one of the ways they measure the loyalty of their citizens, but the idea of Confidentiality arise from doing something bad or something that should be kept hidden, not being transparent, for the good or bad motive behind.

This is one of the features of this world in which people are required to be confidential in order to protect sovereignty of society or nation or whatever of the company. When company keeps certain secret or recipes on how their organization functions, it gets successes; otherwise if secrets are leaked out, the company could fail and will be out of market. The idea of confidentiality in most cases is connected with protection and safeguarding the best interest of any given party. However such keeping confidentially is valid and virtue until that person lives and works for that given party but will be over when the time is off.

The purpose of one’s write up is to tell what is not considered, ignored and deleted matters as making them important, relevant, significant and useful since they affect the dynamics of everyone in most notable manner. Most do not even realize. It is not to tell the obvious and which is on the face value. For instance when a given community forgets something which is vital and essential for its own development and successes, one reminds the way things should be and since people could have created their own comfort zones by deleting the significant matters aside. It is not arguments and proofs that are useful but the objective reality and fundamental matters that speak out louder. One is not guarding people, but one is working and protecting the truth. When people are in problem, there is police force that protects, which is not even my job. People and what they think is not important, but what the truth should be is the most significant and fundamental aspect of one’s life.

When a given society builds a dam, one could be considerate and grateful of such process, but there is no way that one should be asked to write since such undertaking is personal and such process could be admired and appreciated by many people in many different ways. There is nothing one adds or reduces in this given undertaking. As a citizen one is grateful and appreciative, but one also thinks further and other profound things can yet to be done. It is just a beginning of many beginnings. This is not life and death thing which determine the fate of anyone since it is premature to tell such a thing.

The transparent truth in here is that truthfulness and transparency does not go along since both have their own consequences in their own good time, but one should be truthful in order to develop trust and confidence in life and with other people, and the same is true with transparency. But, it is quite foolish to think such virtues could put one’s life under jeopardy for many reasons since this world is a world of cats and rats. In world of cats and rats, one should have the life of the dog since the dog is outside this game of rats and cats. Albert Einstein said the essence of success lies in keeping secrets. Memory and the Power of Memory are the best place to keep secrets in safe condition.



Stealing—A job or A Crime

April 19, 2014

Why do people steal others? Is stealing a crime or sin or means of balancing the wrongly and unjustifiably distributed balance of economy within a society which could be related to a population theory—Thomas Malthus’s influential work, he proposes that when human population increases more rapidly than the food supply, population is checked by “positive checks” such as war, disease, or famine? What is the root cause of stealing other peoples’ properties? Is stealing other people property improper in world or society where economic and wealth disparity and imbalance is normal conditions and aspect of life? Is stealing forbidden in community or society where few accumulate wealth by wrong ways and unjustified means? In such a world, who is stealing who?

One of the root causes for a person to be busy in thinking and stealing about other peoples’ property is poverty. The other reason is envy or jealousy. The other reason is with the desire to be equal to others, even if people have something to eat and for living, ego centric attitudes. The other reason is ignorance of the consequences of the act of stealing deliver, which is prison and other related consequences that is to come afterwards since people revenge on such given act by which those who do the act of stealing live in frightened, tense and scary environment of life due to the nature and character of the act delivers. The act puts those who do it with bad shape in which even if they are decorated with gold and other goods of this world, they have fake and empty inside which is full of confusion and stressful.

In all cases, society was supposed to arrange and facilitate to the peoples or members of society to facilitate the right livelihoods of life. If such is the case, why do people think on stealing other people’s property in world where everyone shares and has what everyone should. Stealing is like an imbalance that occurs in the metabolic activity of every human being which causes as illness, such illness is caused by imbalance of the economy factor and thus it has its own cure. But, there are other forms of stealing which occur in life, which are not related to material aspects, but in terms of emotional and intellectual aspects, which are by far worse than the material ones since they cause immense damage on others intellectual and emotional reality due to the fact that they are not replaceable or re-compensable due to their nature and character.

Hence, there are two types of people in this world. Those who steal and become rich and those so till but they are not even rich, but they do it for satisfying tier basic needs of live. The poor thieves have their own models in their lives in which the rich ones are their role models and they want to become like them. And they keep on stealing until they reach to that level or status. Such people have no desire except being rich and show off to others that they are rich, but they do not tell their profession which the public knows very well.

Stealing has informal and formal approaches in its method in which there are individuals who steal other people’s property in order to fulfill their daily need, in which it is very accidental and spontaneous act as there are people who are organized and have structures and they do it as a job. Both are wrong and harmful acts which live in every society which are also caused by the society. Society is not ware of dangers of such groups yet to cause in the future as they are kept silent and ignored since the kill the bright destiny of any given society if they are just considered as normal condition and way of life.

What is quite interesting to find out in here is that there are people who steal until they become rich, and then they establish their own business with the money they have stolen somewhere else, they do normal things; they have companies and organizations that function under normal circumstances. The strange thing in here is that one could find such people being suspicious of everyone around them, fighting those people who steal them while they are employed in their organization. That is why they say, a thief mother does not trust her daughter, in which they assume and think that everyone around and is employed in their company joined them to steal since they have generated wealth out of stealing and they know what their background looks like.

The society is accountable and responsible in creating wealth disparity and imbalance in which it creates its own thieves and robberies since it is self centered and has no care to those who are disadvantageous and the needy. The disadvantageous and the needy in its own good time happen to be thieves and robbers when there is no means and way of generating one’s income. In this process of life, when such people think that when they can get money out of easy and simple means, they consider such act as their regular duty.

The organized robbers have structures like any given company. The structure is kept within and I their sheet circle. They have different office in very informal place and in mansions and buildings. Few of them have company with tax identification number in order to get house rent or building apartments since they have to be legal, but behind they have different function. They have all kind of jobs up to doing coups d’é·tatthings. They have networks all over the world as those good organizations do. They have tag and trade mark in front, but they operate for different functions.

Stealing is defined in a dictionary as to take something that belongs to somebody else, illegally or without the owner’s permission; to take or get something secretly, surreptitiously, or through trickery; to take something that somebody else has created, especially ideas, theories, or a piece of writing, and present it as your own; to win or succeed at something unexpectedly, luckily, or dishonestly at the expense of others

In its first definition, which is to take something that belongs to others without their consent, which is the normal type of stealing which exist in many societies, but depends up on society’s degree of awareness level and the extent of maturity in which when more people who are independent in terms of economy and understanding exist, such practice is not even an issue in terms of material issue, but can exist in terms of intellectual and other aspect of human lives.

In this given case, an individuals who throws one’s eye, hands and fingers into somebody’s pocket and houses and mansions up to those people who are organized and have structures belong to such given group as we observe and watch in the holy wood and other countries movies. There are also other people who steal other peoples’ wives or husbands of others. They could gamble in their live and other peoples in which they could commit indecent proposal they make in life since there are people who get into divorce without even getting married.

In its second definition, it is to get, not to take, something secretly through trick is a stealing which is obtained in the intellectual realm or mind game in which the cybercafé drama and internet is good example, in which the hackers are going into many peoples’ bank accounts, email accounts and the like and take something from people without their knowledge and permission. It is just matter of playing the mind game, which requires bit of intelligence. It is not like throwing one’s finders and hands into somebody’s pocket, but it is just matter of thinking ways and methods of stealing other people property without going into other people’s home or pocket. Plagiarism is one form of stealing in which people steal other peoples’ intellectual property.

In its third definition, it is to win with luck but at the expense of others in which people here are gathered to gamble. And one of them tried to do things in way that one is pretending as if one is free from such gamble or sin. Here the gambling is done between them, but one pretends as if one is void, but leaking information to outsiders and one dishonestly win the game of their gambling although one was originally and entirely involved. One good example in here is the coups d’é·tatthing in which intelligence officers and other officers always involve in coups d’é·tatprocess, from inception to its end. When the coups d’é·tat succeeds, they will hold top positions, but if it fails they are the ones who leak that info, since they have double standards and personalities.

Whatever reasons and root causes are there in robbers are robbers; thieves are thieves. There is no excuse to be a thieve since it is not healthy and good job since it causes suspicions and it is life that makes them to lose confidence since thieves depend upon other peoples’ pocket. If peoples pocket is empty, they have nothing to steal. They live after people. What make few functions—both bad and good ones—resemble between thieves, artist such as singers, movie actors, politicians and the like, they are lifeless without people but the life of scientist is not lifeless without people which depends on the nature of the object of research especially if the research is about nature.

The most connected jobs and functions in relation to preventing and removing on what the thieves do is the Police Work. The police are connected to thieve in two ways. The first one is they obtain information of crimes from the thieves. The second one is that they hunt thieves whenever and wherever crimes are committed. Hence, the police have always lists of suspects of thieves in everywhere, whichever and whatever crimes are done, and they hunt down such thieves based on the sophistication and simplicity of crimes. They call such people, as the usual suspects.

And there are also two kinds of police forces. The first ones are the police thieves in which they have police uniform and are recognized by the public as the uniform tells, they get their payroll from the police commission, but they work for the thieves; they obtain certain amount of commission and benefit from the thieves since they are paid for what they cooperate. The second ones are those police forces who are real and true police people who are paid and work for the police commission. And this world continues holding both people as the police commissions everywhere have insiders within the thieves; the thieves have also their own insiders within the police forces.

Written materials state that Police, is agency of a community or government that is responsible for maintaining public order and preventing and detecting crime. The basic police mission—preserving order by enforcing rules of conduct or laws—was the same in ancient societies as it is in sophisticated urban environments. When any given person becomes a member of police force, one should evaluate and measure ones’ standard, not by what the public comments and state, by the duty and responsibility it is naturally shouldered in its daily undertakings, in which the truth should be the standard of life for any person who claims oneself as Police Force than what other people claim and tell. Truthfulness and falsehood are free from love and hate.

Stealing aggravate violence in a society, be it material, intellectual and emotional one since it is about overriding and touching other peoples right and integrity in lives and the act overrides and disrespects other people’s freedom and liberty they should maintain and keep in lives, by putting certain pressure and mistrust within society. One of the causes that put certain pressure, lack of confidence and mistrust within and between society, institution and individuals is the existence of stealing; the strength and integrity of society and individuals and society is measured as to how far it is capable to prevent, protect and remove such bad act amidst its domain.