Eco System and Human Aspects

March 28, 2014

A person who has an African background and African life exposure, an engineering in profession, a follower of Muslim religion, likes watching movies, reading thinkers book, likes playing soccer can develop a given mindset out of personal exposures of life; another person who has similar profession and exposures, but who live in different scenario and environment, such as in Europe and North America, can develop a mindset out of personal experiences of life, but they both are not necessarily think similar things and ideas in relation to the world at large about their own reality since human and natural environment is one factor besides personal exposures in life.

For most belief and a belief system gives perspective about life, but for others, people develop a mindset based on cumulative effect of exposures of life such as belief and other exposures in life, in which there are people who makes their belief system and the values set in their belief system as center of their life and they do other activities in relation to that given mindset; as there are people who think that belief and the values in the belief system is one of the things or activities they do in life, in addition to other activities and thinking they set in life. It is not only individuals, but also societies and institutions who have such arrangements of priorities in which there are systems that make a given belief as core and there are systems that make belief as one of the activities they do in life.

For instance, the five-sided headquarters building of the United States Department of Defense, The Pentagon, has 111 mtr and 555 mtr in its width or height —adding up to 666 mtrs—which make other people in certain belief system to correlate the given number with the idea into something they know in their given book; when the inaugural ceremony of the elected US Presidency is made in every four years, it is the Bishop, mostly protestant Christians who recite the prayers, as far as my knowledge is concerned, not even a Muslim clergy, who does the chanting and the like. This kind of action and reaction made other people to think that politics and religious mindset are married in such given undertaking. Belief is the core value and the drama and behind agenda on stage.

The same is true when one goes to the Arab state in which it is the core value of the Muslim religion that play significant and fundamental role in shaping the value of the institution, The State, in which there are Arab and other non-Arab states who officially claim that they are Muslim states, their doctrine and values are dictated b the Muslim religion. They put belief as the center of everything regardless of their perfection and completeness, which is another aspect, but as principle and way of life, they put the religion as core aspect of their undertakings.

Accordingly, people create certain living environment not only out of physical requirements such as the land, financial resources and asking permission from urban planners and the like, the settle under certain given space and they live as community. When people are related in terms of building or construction of houses, which they call as neighborhood, but when the thinking and value making of such people are different, it is not possible to live together as community. They need certain aspects of life that should be in common so that they can communicate. Otherwise, the distance between two neighbors could be equivalent to the distance between Kenya and Atlanta, not in physical but in terms of interaction and communication since they do not communicate infrequent manner and condition as well.

Organisms develop their ecosystem—organisms living in a particular environment, such as a forest or a coral reef, and the physical parts of the environment that affect them—human beings do have their own respective eco system in terms of thinking and way of life in which they live comfortably in their own respective and perfect environments, and they function very well, they have an energetic strength and enthusiasms in their daily undertakings. This happens it is not only because of the sun, the moon and the star factors, but how they make up their environments in their surrounding which is dependent upon their own efforts, and choices they make in life too.

And it is quite interesting to note a different aspect in here in which that there are poets and writers who try to express their romantic expressions and life with the idea of correlating with the movement, color and scenario natural atmosphere and environment such as the color and size of the moon and the sun and stars and as there are also people who try to flatter with each other—men to women and women to men—by putting all kind of analogies of mountain, sea waves, stars, moon and the like. And I was wondering as to the connection of a woman who sat next to me in a restaurant, correlating her beauty and emotions with star or moon, in which I said to myself, I do not understand a woman, or I do not understand the moon since either of the two is correct. This is not to make that kind of spontaneous and unrealistic connection between people and the environment.

Accordingly people create their own environment and atmosphere based on thinking level and category, belief, hobbies and interests, profession, way of life, color, race, ethnicity, ideology, and so on in which the idea of creating one’s own environment along with other is one aspect, and the idea of creating one’s own island is another in which people invent their own way of life in way that they are comfortable to live with. A person who like to be in private and a person who likes to be in social settings have different taste and thinking in their life style in which both have their own values and way of perceiving realities and it is not possible to claim here that one of them is only true, which leads to wrong deduction and conclusions.

One of the views people need to consider in here in creating suitable environment or condition of life or ecosystem in one’s life is the idea of compatibility between each other. For a person like me, for instance, I am not comfortable to live with a person who wants everything to happen in one’s own way or putting all kinds of preconditions in life or a person who puts all kind of towels in one’s shower room by assigning a towel to use per day as according to color or size which sounds strange thing in my life or a person who like mountain climbing or flying or whatever which is not in my dictionary and vocabulary of life. I do not want to waste my time by doing all kind of things related since I do not want to do things for the sake of resembling others or pretending since it is just waste of time and a life of full of stresses and complications. Simplicity is the best thing one chooses for life. Simplicity does not mean being stupid or idiot.

At the top of the hierarchy is the planet’s entire living environment—which is known as the biosphere, within this biosphere are several large categories of living communities known as biomes that are usually characterized by their dominant vegetation, such as grasslands, tropical forests, or deserts. The same is true in the world of humanity in which the entire humanity live under one big environment—the earth— in which upon the earth, there are different continents, and within such continents, there are various nations, and within various nations, there are numerous tribes and ethnic groups.

When such environment is connected to the human reality, which is the thinking realm in which a person who thinks on daily basis about food water, car, house, in which material and economic conditions dictate one’s life; the person who thinks regarding how to create a discovery in relation to atomic and nuclear energy; a person who thinks about sociological and psychological makeup of individuals and human society; a person who thinks how to discover in theories of mathematics and computers, and the like, have an influence in shaping their own respective environment in which it is quite the mindset they have on daily basis that molds their reality so that they live under any given environment than any other matter.

A person who thinks that life is about worship, a person who thinks that life is about philosophy, a person who thinks that life is about natural science, a person who thinks that life is about mountains and topography, a person who thinks that life is about entertainment, a person who thinks that life is about telling the behavior of the mind, a person who thinks that life is about historical site and history; they all have their own respective social and human environment in which a person who thinks about natural science and the person who thinks about entertainment could require different human environment so that they can function better and nicer as the arrangements they require is set according to the nature and character of thinking.

Every creation requires its own respective conducive environment to survive and function better. This is very natural. The same is true to every human being. A person who aspires to be great scientist could end up by being a specialist as mail room person since the environment one is surrounded and opportunities one is provided in life dictate human destiny than any other thing. A person who was born and raised in United States could end up being a great scientist due to the opportunities factor and elements of life one is provided in life; that same person, if one is born and raised in Ethiopia could end up being police person or whatever since it is opportunity that shape peoples reality than who they are and what they do in most cases.

To the contrary, there are quite few incidents of peoples experience in life, who lived being misunderstood and misinterpreted in their respective society they live in which there are people who were considered such people as dull, lazy, and unintelligent, bad and so on who were in cases ridiculed and recommended as foolish and bad by great personalities or figures, but they could end up as being someone in the history of humankind and they have contributed great deal in the advancement of human society and this world too. In fact, they have changed the course of human history from one color to another by their outstanding and profound contributions they make in their life, which become the source of light and knowledge to the multitudes.

Ralph Waldo Emerson stated that to be great is to be misunderstood. For example, one is the case of Albert Einstein and his tutor in which he was consider as lazy and unintelligent in his time as he was a student; the other is the case Jesus Christ and rulers of his time as he was treated bad and in ill manner since rulers of his time considered him as mad man and demonized person and the like. Life is full of unpredictable events and surprises which make the journey of life to be interesting since it is not possible to know the end at the beginning at the beginning otherwise life would somewhat be boring and there is no point people make their life in every day, but the fate of anyone cannot be known by others since human beings are not created to be machine.

This world has quite interesting scenarios of life in which the environment is the one that shape peoples reality than their true reality in which a person’s true reality could be someone who can do something great in the world, but a person could end up being a waiter in someone’s café. What is the point in here is that organisms have no problem in acquiring the perfect environment for living, since nature delivers originally although in today, human factors are disturbing their perfect Eco system due to the so called pollutions factors, but human beings do face much difficulties and hindrances as to obtaining the right ecosystem in terms of thinking and aspiration for many possible reasons in which most of the factors are man made.

The point about thinking is that it is the person oneself who should be able to create the perfect ecosystem in thinking than the outside factors and nature in which when the person is aware of the obstacles and challenges one faces in terms of what one thinks, one devices one’s own strategies and living environment as to what makes one’s lifestyle better and nicer in relation to the thinking goals and objective on set in life. The first good strategy is to remove every trace of desire and ambition in terms of material things in which aspiration should be set in way that material things facilitate and help to achieve one’s goal than they become an end goal.

This does not mean that a potato can be a carrot when an environment for living is changed in which a potato is potato whatever or wherever the environment is changed, but what could take place in such instance is like that German Potato, French Potato, Caribbean potato, Ghana potato and so on which could vary in terms of color and size, but the taste and the nourishment and nutrition value is like what the potato delivers. In fact, there are certain aspects of peoples’ reality which cannot be changed due to change of the environment but could get even worse when shift of human environment is taking place as there are people who function and do well when such change is taking place.




Setting Priorities in Life

March 25, 2014

In one of these days after lunch, as I was into watching three TV stations by switching on the remote control from one to another, while the two western broadcasting TV stations—BBC and CNN—were busy in reporting live on daily update on the news about lost Malaysians Airplane, but Aljazeera was live transmitting on the summit of the Arab League at the same timing. I was wondering as to the theater that is going on stage in which what is important and crucial for one part or segment of society is not that curial and life and death thing to the other, which means that priorities in life are subjective and contextual and relative.

Although it is possible to give speculative idea regarding the motives behind such drama in which why two western TV stations were busy on the Airplane accident and the Aljazeera was reporting on the ideas entertained at the Arab summit, I was thinking as to the major topics that should be discussed at global scale in which the significance and relevance of the matter is something that is manipulated and tricked by politics or few people than the matter itself since any incident can be considered as top priority or an idea that has universal character when it is approved or rejected by those who lead the world, which is obvious since the question is not the weight of the idea or the matter, but the will or mercy of few individual show design and manipulate this world.

And when the world has no activity at all levels, and there is no qualified report to be made at any given day, the Media could focus or be busy in reporting on why an ordinary man pie like this or that since there is nothing to report, by inviting all kind of experts why a given person pie like this or that, by brining historical background on how pieing starts and who started it and delivering all kinds of explanations and suggestion from all kind of cultures and walks of life. They make others to be foolish like them since they have no worthwhile news and thus they set their own priorities accordingly. In this case, the public follow what the few put on the Media and make all kind of good and bad comments. That is why as they say, Media shapes the world; since Media is the most powerful tool to influence and they govern most than any other means of communications.

Accordingly, there are few other aspects of life in this world in which there are different kinds of views and decisions that are made on daily basis which affect the daily dynamics, activities and routine of human lives and activities. These are political decisions, administrative decisions, legal or jury decisions, expert decisions and the like. They have their own perspective and respective views, but the political decision in most case overrides on others since politics is the one that manipulate the entire world. Any given idea or matter could be true, but as far as it is politically accepted and correct, it cannot be translated into this objective world. This is one of the fake gesture and aspect of this world which need revision and reconsideration since any idea should be accepted as true and legitimate since it is true and correct.

When a person is in need of bread, one could find ways as to find bread is top priority since one cannot move nor have life. Nature puts such priority since it is not possible to deny or override nature. However in certain human case in which when basic human needs are fulfilled, there are no such natural stresses and pressure that drive people to formulate need but they could go by the passion and emotional dictations and in cases by the artificial environment and atmosphere they are surrounded. Thus, they are dictated by other people or external pressure. For example, a person who satisfied one’s basic need, when one goes to the supermarket, one could be confused as to what should be first on what to buy, the deodorant spray or the perfume, based on the context of society one reside such needs have their own character as well.

There are many incidents of life at different levels and scales in which when such needs get crystallized in form of leadership or get institutionalized, they fall under the mercy of leaders who decide the fate of their respective society. Based on such understanding what makes a given person set that something is of top priority in one’s life is an aspect in which it is always the human natural needs or thirst towards something that does make people to formulate something as top priorities in life in which the driving factor always come from the inside and also from outside factors. In few cases, there are circumstances as to making top priority as less priority in which such deliberate move or shift towards priority do happen due to various reasons. What makes people force to set something that should be as top priority but regard it as less important is one aspect one should discuss.

When top priority is considered as less important, the first reason that comes on stage is the idea of failures in which when they fail toward that something. When such failure goes on institution level, it could take the form of corruption in which people are involved in corruption and the matter could destroy their fate and destiny. By virtue of the power and authority they are endowed, they prefer to make delay or postpone such given agendas that should be on the table, since it affects their destiny and they are involved in such bad or sheet drama, which put them in bad shape, they prefer to delete or remove any matter or the person that should be given top priority, by neglecting it as if it is irrelevant and less important.

The second reason in here is that they do not understand the significance and relevance of the matter since the power of understanding and interpretation of realities are one factor. There are quite few things on this planet earth in which they were considered as less important, nothing or void, but in due course of time, the matter have natural pattern and life cycle, and by the process of time, they appear to be more significant and useful. For example, there was a scientist who invented the laser, but the scientific community ridiculed him as if he invented nothing at the time of invention, since they did not understand or have the grasp on what to do with the invention, and in fact they said, he invented nothing. However, in due course of time, laser appear to be the need of everyone and one find in every household and everyone by now uses products of this invention such as the CD, DVD and many other electronic devices and activities of human life.

The other reason is that when power or people of authority do not like, for instance, if the matter is an idea, the person who brought the idea, in which the idea of confusing personality and the idea is another matter. When people do not like the personality of the person who brought any given idea or matter, and the person could be a type of person who does not care about their personality, authority, honor or whatever type of respect they expect from that person, and that given person neglects and does not give attention to their critics or whatever things they do on him.

For instance, Socrates, the most erudite person on earth, was accused on the quest he had about in life and whatever in the world, and he asked everyone to have and employ the path of quest in life since he had questioned everything. He was asking people in his time to have inquisitive and inquiring minds. But the authorities in his time did not like the way he employed since they thought that he was about to spoil or teach bad things to the younger generation. They accused him and sentenced him to death.

The other reason in here is that, envy and jealousy which are very natural characteristics of human factors, whoever they are since both have universal nature and characteristics in which what could vary in here from people to people, culture to culture is the degree or extent to which people are jealous and how they manifest such characters to outward world, few do it in intriguing ways and others do it publicly. Bearing this in mind when people are jealous, they could shift or postpone the matter which should be on top priority especially in case of discovery or invention. In this case, they do not want to bring the right things on the table, they put many silly agendas as top priority and put delays on the matter that should be significant or important as irrelevant.

The other reason is that when the invention could have profound impact on the life of human society in which the idea could create certain confusion and misunderstanding between and amongst human society in which if it is something that is related to belief or type of superstitions people have and if the idea is one thing that can erase such thinking and belief. Most people are attached to the type of belief system or belief they are accustomed with and they cannot easily detach themselves from such system or way of life.

They prefer to live with it even if it is wrong and fake. In fact they say, the known devil is better than the unknown angel. When, the idea negates such thinking, even if it is important and useful, it is put as less important since fake unity on stage is better than a truth that can divide the whole. There could be other and different possible reasons which can be discussed further.

Having said all these, when the matter that was put as irrelevant or insignificant become significant and relevant in due course of time, the funny thing in here is that, by the time the idea or invention becomes significant, the author or inventor is dead or the author lost one’s appetite of the recognition one is delivered by others since enough considerations and regard was not timely given; the author learns many thinking, behavior and characters of individuals who have significant position, and the author finds them as the most silly and garbage people on earth. They are in cases found as nasty and rubbish people who do not deserve any respect since the author become aware of the sabotage and conspiracy drama and theater that was going on behind the stage.

One of the strange and funny things one ever heard was that a given society made huge mistake since its leading authorities were in huge mess. They prefer to be wrong by just following fictitious principle or doctrine that they had no belief, but they borrowed from others. The statement goes like, it is better to be wrong and get united than be right and disunited. This world has never been united and correct even since its time of creations and will not be since human needs are different and there are natural and possible differences that cause disunity between human beings, which are one natural aspect of this life and this world.

In the City of Truth, there is no mistake. It is not possible to err since there is no mistake or fault in place where there is truth. The Truth is always the torching light that guides people to knowledge and freedom. It is not possible to err when there is truth. The nature of truth is to guide humanity to the World and City of enlightenment. Hence, it is not possible to expect error and the word itself does not even exist. However to those who claim that they have the truth, how is it possible they welcome errors and at the same time, they claim that they are infallible? Both are like fire and water, they cannot exist together unless the underlined mistakes are done by the authors who confuse error at on aspect and welcoming it as acceptable when there is unity, at another, infallibility is claimed, what kind of confusion and contradiction is that.

Even those who use such given system who use such principle in their way of life, they have all kinds of confusions and contradiction within, but they surrender themselves to fake smiles and artificial gesture of unity. They do this since they are scared of critical thinkers and with the intention of removing critical thinking within their domain due to the fact that they have no possible answer and information. In order to block such critical thinking, they put everyone under certain restriction and they deviate from the natural truth they should abide, in which quest is integral part of human aspect and reality and dynamics of life. Who cares about unity with a person whom one never had single cup of coffee in one’s life, where there is no truth in which false and fake gestures and image of communications are considered as basis of unity?

There are different circumstances that make this world to be living like rat and act. In such given world, this thinking and life style is important since that possible and coming human maturity is not yet ripe. Otherwise, it is not possible to create norm in such world unless this world reached to the so called the golden age where that given maturity is on every human mind which is even more of wishful thinking at this moment than a reality. There are different levels and stages of human maturity in which any given idea is incepted but considered as mere wish, will be translated to objective reality as time goes by since it passes all kind of processes of maturity.

The author then exclaims that we live in world we do not completely and perfectly understand, but people know superficial elements of life and claim that they know this world better than the others, which is still limited up to their imperfections and limited human reality. Most people forget that there are certain aspects of life in this world, which does not seek approval or rejection by other people in which their involvement or disengagement has no impact on the life and destiny of others, but they could think that they are life and death thing in other peoples’ lives. Few things do happen to this objective world even if huge opposition is going on stage since they are part and parcel of natural realities and they do not seek any kind of round of applause from others, for example, hurricane, earthquake, and so on. In this case, peoples’ approvals or rejections have no impact since they have their own pattern which is not dependent upon decisions of others. One does not need any help from others since one can manage oneself in one’s own way.


The Human and The Environment


March 18, 2014

How has the Earth remained hospitable and patient for life for billions of years? And a person whom I met in past life once commented, if I were the creator, I would never leave a single person on earth due to the stupidity aspects of people’s bad thinking and act on each other which they do on every day and night since stupidity is also highly found in organized minds and people’s lives. And then he exclaimed, that is why there are natural catastrophic disasters occur in our earth as those superstition people claim and state such as the Hurricane, is a name given to violent storms that originate over the tropical or subtropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, or North Pacific Ocean east of the International Date Line.

It is also possible to create connection between people and the environment and other aspects of this world in which as the hurricane and other catastrophic things do happen, there are individuals who can be correlated to such aspect since they have different thinking and act that could resemble to creating catastrophic events and happenings on people’s lives due to their nature and they have been designed in life as per the exposure they face in life. When there are people who play and gamble and trick other people by virtue of money they have, power they are vested upon, responsibilities they shoulder, which they call in other words—the corruption—there should be other individuals who should arise to protect the mass from such hypnotic drama and theater the mass is arranged and programmed to pass, without knowledge and awareness and will as well.

With all such noises and noise pollutions, this world is still survived and nature is still working out although the fight and struggle between the artificial and manmade world against the natural one is still going on, in which the desire and ambition to control nature over human made worlds and fantasies is still going on, people are forced to accept what nature has bestowed to the world such as the death factor, the growth factor, the birth and other very natural aspects although few things are replaced by human made and artificial intelligences, but it is not possible to override and overcome what nature and natural law do bestow. Nature has ways to benefit and ways to punish in which it give nice trees and fruits in one aspects and it also punishes by natural disasters such as the hurricane and earthquakes as well and this is how this world keeps it balance to norm.

While such theater is going on, one wonders as to where is this energy, this earth makes use of, come from, how is this constant refill done, is that the sun which is the primal source of energy, where does the sun get that energy from, who deliver such massive energy to the sun? And such process of life is unending since there is no definite answer although there are all kinds of opinions arise from all kinds of branches of knowledge or those paternalistic communities and societies who took sole authority and responsibility and claim, stating that, we know better than others, we have the truth and so on, which is still a fictitious story and stuff they have on their verandas.

Opinions and answers are different matters. People can give their opinion on matters related to what they know and they do not know. Every answer is an opinion, but all opinions are not answers. When people deliver ideas in relation to unknowable aspects, this does not mean that what they claim is an answer since what they claim is just mere speculation and is something that cannot be proven by reason, and it could be something that cannot ably satisfy the rational and inquisitive mind. In this regard, one should clearly identify which is an opinion and what does it many by an answer since all things should not have answers, if they do, life would be boring. One of the purposes existences as being human is to find answers since quest is an integral part of human reality.

Basically, there are two types of answers people get. The first one is like a school based and oriented approach in which people raise their hands in every venue and avenue of life, they ask, and others answer, such answers could be found from other people, and books and all kind of possible source of information they should obtain life. The other is the answer people obtain from life in which people could interfere in both good and bad aspects, people obtain answers from incidents and activities of life, in which there is no need to raise one’s hand and ask a question, but one receives kind of answer when one wakes from the sleep, when one is working in one’s office or in café and in all kind of situation and conditions of life.

When one live in the valley of quest, many surprises are hit and people face all kind of strange incidents as result of their thinking and quest they have in life. In this case, people adapt to the type of life style they set to their reality. Adaptation in human beings is very natural as the earth environment change people adapt to any given life style. Human beings live in a world where there is hotness and coldness in which adaptation is one of the natural characteristics of human reality. People adapt to any lifestyle in terms of weather and human environment as well. The idea of what if, and what would be in most cases have their possible answers since nature has a balancing mechanism when different assumptions and scenarios are given, change will happen automatically since there is always natural balance in life.

We live in world we do not, perfectly and completely, understand, but people understand and recognize certain aspects of human reality as they practice and face, and then, it is just a learning curve and learning process, the crux is people always just learn something out of any given life experience. There is a different types of weather and climate in the world and environment, the same is true in human world especially in working environment in which one can correlate any work environment tantamount to the weather in which when one live in extreme hot and cold weather, it is not possible to remove one’s skin in hotness as it is not possible to resist such coldness weather by clothing and food, and both cannot be controlled by even air conditioning system.

When one joins an environment which one does not like, one tries to put on or off different clothes and have all kinds of food to resist the coldness or take many drinks to face hotness, however, when such mechanisms do not work out, what one does is to change the place since it is easy to change a place than buy many clothes as to resist its coldness or buy many ice cold drinks to face the hotness since, both become costly and they could create further health complication on the long run. In fact, everything people do have a long term consequences on everyone’s health which is obvious.

As an experience of life, one used to work in an organization tied up by loans and tax issues, one was working as finance person. Beyond tax and loan factors, the working environment was so intimidating and one faced horrible mind control drama and it was a disaster to work in such organization that hunts job by bribing government authorities in hundreds of dollars when they arrange jobs although they claim that they work by committee, they share as they do their jobs and they share the bribes in their uniforms, which are categorized as miscellaneous items and part of their promotional activities too.

And one was living in such organization with all kinds of case of tax and loan, and assigned to work in finance, one was thinking to the extent that one inherits such stress and confusion due to the nature of responsibility and function. One never took millions of dollar as loan and carry as tax debt, but one saw it in records, and one made to  think that one was the one who took the loan and have tax issue than the company, this is just to show the stress level one carries while one live in such environment.

Guess what kind of personality that the owners of such company could have as they carry such enormous loan and tax issue, before one joined them and was hired in their company and which is still going on, which is obvious. How come a government sells a large piece of land in one million dollar is till question to everyone, why not to me, is a question everyone raises, I am also a citizen, I can buy it?  One of the interesting things is that when the government sold such big land for one million dollar, it did not tell them the many millions of dollars of tax debt which it already put in it’s back drawers, which they face after they bought. Tricky people are always tricked by others and nicer tricky ones since life makes the balance in this manner.

And one was wondering as to the type of adaptations one had while working in such arrogant and crooked working environment, in which one was forced to observe how people outwardly appearing regular to the outside happen to become irregular in their inside, as they change in constant manner from hot to cold, which show their unpredictable personality in terms of what they think and how they behave, in which their true face value and what people claim in their tongue do fall apart for many reasons, in fact the major drama and game behind the stage is human factor such as money, sex or love with women, and the like. In fact, money is found speaking not only in English and in Amharic but also in …. as well although it takes too long to get internationalized what has been too localized due to their nature and characteristics.

It is quite interesting to note in here that the type of lifestyle or principle they claim, which sounds bit up surd and funny, a principle and doctrine, which is full of confusion and contradiction to their fluctuating characters and thinking that goes like as the mood goes up and down, which is result of spontaneity and irrational thinking. While living in such environment, one observes everything in silence and waits until the end of their sheet drama, and one makes every walk with contemplation since in contemplations many answers were found and many problematic conditions were solved in one’s stay in there. It is quite strange working place and environment in which it is like one can find in the place Sahara desert, the city of Arctic, which is just an experience in life.

When people confuse religion, politics and business, they have wrong and misleading principles of life since they have tricky life and life style in their undertakings. They become more of anything hunters than people who go by program and vision. They say everything for the sake of saying than it is because their life principle, in which situations and conditions dictate them than their principle or doctrines since business is about money; religion is about detachment; politics is about rule of law; in which in three of their undertakings, people could fall under wrong trap which is hard to remove.

Most of them have fake image and personality. The image they have within their family, to their respective customers, to respective competitors, to their employees, to the government, to their personal friends and to entertainment places and other public places are quite different. The point in here is that they forget they can do things in truthful and honest manner and they confuse business principle with trick and trickery images and personalities in which most of them prefer paying big money to manager than paying a bonus once a year to the low level staff—a staff who made them hire a high paying manager—in which the cost of paying one month salary to such managers could be tantamount to the bonus they should pay to low level employee they should receive to their holiday. They are like a balloon; they are gone as small needle is put on it.

In such human world in which peoples character and thinking goes like the fluctuating weather, people should put all kind of clothes in their head as to resist and protect themselves from such thinking and character since everything is possible due to the fact people are unpredictable, and they do all kinds of surprises to everyone. Do not get surprised to whatever thing they put on the table since such people are the type of people who can put both honey and poison combined on table. How can we tell that such given people honor their low level employee, without giving them their daily lunch at work places, which is even at minimal cost?



From Unpopular to Popular

March 3, 2014

Whatever the season,” writes French intellectual Roland Barthes, “through mist and cloud, on overcast days or in sunshine, in rain—wherever you are, whatever the landscape of roofs, domes, or branches separating you from it, the Tower is there…. There is virtually no Parisian glance it fails to touch at some time of the day.” At 300 m (984 ft) high and weighing about 6,300 metric tons, the network of iron girders that is the Eiffel Tower is hard to miss.

Designed by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel for the Paris World’s Fair of 1889, the Eiffel Tower was unpopular among Parisian artists and architects who saw it as a modern, useless monstrosity at the time of its construction. In fact, it was almost torn down after the fair ended. Once the tallest building in the world, it now has become the universal symbol of the city.

The Chaillot Palace faces the Eiffel Tower from across the Trocadéro Gardens and its famous fountains. The palace was built in 1937 and is the home of several museums: the Maritime Museum, the Museum of French Monuments, the Museum of Mankind, and the Henri Langlois Cinema Museum. One of the largest live theaters in Paris (seating 1,200) lies beneath its terrace.

Eiffel Tower, is a tower in Paris, France, an early example of wrought-iron construction on a gigantic scale. Today the Eiffel Tower is considered one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks. It attracts more than 6 million visitors each year.

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It is quite interesting to note in here that Eiffel Tower was considered as … unpopular among Parisian artists and architects who saw it as a modern, useless monstrosity at the time of its construction … but in today, it is … considered one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks. It attracts more than 6 million visitors each year….This is another character and feature of this world in which whatever thing is started or incepted as something in someone’s mind, most people could have no taste, or whatever good at the time of inception, could undermine but in later time, it is recognized as one of the noblest contribution and achievements in human history, for example, the Eiffel Tower.

What are the reasons or motives behind such human drama and history in which most of the people who negate and try to belittle and ridicule such undertakings are those people who have better understanding, better power and authority, who obtained greater achievements in their fields or human history, however they fail to appreciate other peoples’ undertaking in which such contradictions and way of perceiving certain realities is an aspect this world inherits from past and still continue and is going on stage.

It goes without saying in here is that the first factor is ego in which when people get achieved in something, they become ego centered and they try to associate and relate everything with their own personal ambition and interest in which such ego and ambition give birth to a pride which is a curtain that veils them and make them fail to appreciate the gems that is concealed and embedded in other peoples realities. They think that there are only few people like them and in their circle who should do something better, and they do not even think that other people who do not belong to their circle or conclave can do something better and great than them.

The other factor is that the ignorance part that is embedded in their reality in which when they do something nice or they get achieved, they fail to realize their ignorant part in which achievement does not tell ignorance. This is to mean that they can be expert or an expertise in one field or aspect, but they are not holistic or they cannot know everything since human reality is very limited reality in which one cannot know everything and anything due to natural limitations.

The other actor in here is that fear of consequences or the fear in which they have no clue on what the new or different undertakings is going to deliver in which they have attachments to what they know or get achieved, which could be disproved or something that can be change by other people in which the fear of such consequences of the new and different undertakings are going to deliver make them anxious and they prefer to reject any different claims other than what they know.

The other factor in here is the fear of failure in which what they know could be disproved or proven wrong by the new undertakings other people could deliver, in which what they have assumed as correct and right for years could be something useless or meaningless by the new settings, and  in this case, they prefer to resist and reject since resistance is one of the natural and universal human characteristics due to the fact they do not understand and realize that the new undertaking could deliver better perspective and options of life than what they have assumed and lived with and in past years.

The attachments and kind of romanticism they have with the type or way of life they are having at present or accustomed is a reflection what they want, think and desire, not what it should since most people do not accept anything or whatever if it is contrary to what they think or wish. Self-centered approach and mechanism in life is employed as if it is the end of the world and what the world seek as its elegant or best way of whatever, but in reality what the current world should have could be the reverse or something that needs revision and reconsideration in many aspects of its own undertakings.

Such human drama is not about the Eiffel Tower but also in many different arenas of life in which people are in most cases change resistant and they do not adapt or accept anything new or different in simple or positive eyes, but rather seeing everything or something new and different is an installed program and trend what this world is undergoing in which this is becoming human and social nature whatever prestige or status people have in society, people and society are like that.

In fact, such resistance and opposition is becoming one of the signs and indicators on and of the working and truthful aspect of such new and different undertakings in which when systems, people and society strongly oppose on certain different and new human drama, it is one of the indicators of the future successes and the practical and realistic and truthful aspect of that given human drama or aspect as history testifies. Such strong and fierce oppositions make the working of such new human drama to work out as watering the plant is required to make any given plant grow, such human dramas appear strong from such humble beginning to stronger end by the help of strong oppositions and being ridiculed since these are must to happen before they get matured.

Optimistic and Pessimistic

March 1, 2014

Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924), Russian revolutionary leader and theorist, who presided over the first government of Soviet Russia and then that of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Lenin was the leader of the radical socialist Bolshevik Party (later renamed the Communist Party), which seized power in the October phase of the Russian Revolution of 1917. After the revolution, Lenin headed the new Soviet government that formed in Russia. He became the leader of the USSR upon its founding in 1922. Lenin held the highest post in the Soviet government until his death in 1924, when Joseph Stalin assumed power.

Mikhail Gorbachev, born in 1931, leader of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) from 1985 to 1991, the last leader of that country and the key figure in the liberalization and subsequent disintegration of Soviet and Eastern European Communism. Gorbachev set out to reinvigorate the Soviet system but inadvertently destroyed it. His policies aimed at relaxing tensions with the West, particularly the United States, made a crucial contribution to the end of the Cold War, which had divided the world since the late 1940s.

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In 69 years, the Soviet Union that was established by Lenin who made it one of the strongest Super Power in this world , but later was destroyed by Gorbachev, regardless of the sabotage and conspirators and their  theaters were going on behind, and this is one of the features and characters of this world.  Both have their own pros and cons in which one could say here that both were necessary conditions in their good time and the need of the time created them, but in due course of time, breaking down wins over the union since it is will power that is the most important and significant aspect of peoples life.

The union or unity established by lie and deception or trick and by force is worse and is no better than the disunity that comes as result of the freewill and freedom people exercise and have in life since it is the will power of individuals that is important in life. It is not possible to create unity by force or by trick since disintegration and disunity will be the end result; in such process of life whatever scientific justifications or rationale is given to justify, the end result is clear as the case of Soviet Union, and at present case, the case of South Sudan, Libya and the like.

Unity should be established based on truthful grounds and truth is the cause of trust and faith in which whatever hope and promise and faith is required to be established, the truth is the cornerstone, it will be something deserving to have faith and hope in any given domain be it religious or politics. However, in this world, trick, lie and deceptions are the becoming characters of many systems or way of life, it is futile to have faith and hope in such domain since the foundation is lie or trick, in which it requires quite a thinking and contemplation. It is not what the building complexities or stone and grasses that speak, but the drama behind the master mind whose prophetic events have catastrophically failed, but they are justified by the plastic surgeries people are having in everywhere which is the becoming character and features of this world in all respects.

Unlike the predictions that is going on stage regarding the end and destruction of this world or the upcoming third world war, this world is heading into better and higher state of being although the challenges and complications on stage are getting stronger and tougher in due course of time. In order to make sure that where this world is heading in which signs and indicators of what is going on to better world and state of being, past transactions and actions and reactions between nations of this world are showing tremendous progress and maturity in the affairs and relations they are having which shows that better and healthier way of handling their aspects is on stage.

For example, war of 1812, conflict between the United States and Britain that began in 1812 and lasted until early 1815. President James Madison requested a declaration of war to protect American ships on the high seas and to stop the British from impressing or seizing U.S. sailors…. World War I, military conflict, from August 1914 to November 1918, that involved many of the countries of Europe as well as the United States and other nations throughout the world. World War I was one of the most violent and destructive wars in European history. Of the 65 million men who were mobilized, more than 10 million were killed and more than 20 million wounded. The term World War I did not come into general use until a second worldwide conflict broke out in 1939.  Before that year, the war was known as the Great War or the World War.

World War II, global military conflict that, in terms of lives lost and material destruction, was the most devastating war in human history. It began in 1939 as a European conflict between Germany and an Anglo-French coalition but eventually widened to include most of the nations of the world. It ended in 1945, leaving a new world order dominated by the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). The most important determinants of its outcome were industrial capacity and personnel. In the last stages of the war, two radically new weapons were introduced: the long-range rocket and the atomic bomb. In the main, however, the war was fought with the same or improved weapons of the types used in World War I (1914-1918). The greatest advances were in aircraft and tanks.

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Having observed the actors and participants of such wars, and how they are related with one another and function in today, the trend and the type or style of leadership has pretty much changed and there is tendency that indicate that war is not used as an option to secure sovereignty and power of nation, or means of resolving misunderstanding and conflicts that arise between nations but rather it is mutual understanding and cooperation and other diplomatic efforts and ways of handling in which nations prefer to invest or cost money for diplomatic meetings and consultations than enter to destructive war that cost them huge amounts of resources which put burdens to their future aspiration and progress they seek to their respective society and nations as well.

The legacies of World War I and World War II are creations of League of Nations and United Nations. Both bad conditions of the world gave birth to good aspects in which both bad aspects force this world to see the future with better hopes and promises and nicer way of seeing the future and healthier mechanism in handling affairs and difficulties between societies at universal scale is created. The magnitude of challenges and complications in this world tell the extent of triumphant it is going to achieve. Challenges are in most cases are directly related to the extent of victory people are going to achieve in which the stronger the challenge, the higher victory they possess.

The worse condition as the world face, the better conditions is created in the process of life since people work day and night to remove such difficulties. The inventions in the field of sciences are the results of complication and difficulties of human lives and every scientific invention is on stage since there is difficulty and need to have that. Although there are few inventions that came or happen before their time, but when the right time is come, they will be daily need of human society. 

Both optimistic and pessimistic aspects of human lives and conditions of the world is going on daily basis and the drama of such given life is unending and it is not possible to precisely predict as to where this world is heading except the wishes and expectations and speculations people give on various aspects and conditions of life in which people are heard claiming that they are working to the betterment and advancement of this world, which ii very good and praiseworthy indeed.

Life and death are interrelated and interconnected by many processes of activities in here in which, both the beginning and end are not known ahead, which make life and stay on earth to be very interesting and people desire to life is augmented since many of the things cannot be known ahead of time. If we know the end at the beginning, why do we live meaning if one knows that one ends up life by car accident, life sounds up surd due to the fact everyone waits for such incident to happen and make life something different.

The same is true on telling about the end of this world in which when we know the end of this world, the purpose of existence will be meaningless and the justifications that are delivered in relation to this life and hereafter will be useless. Although it is not possible to tell where all those predictions about the fate of this world take us, it is sometimes important to meditate and contemplate on why we need to know about the end of the world since it is our desire that create such knowing. What would happen if we do not have the desire to know about the fate of the world in world where none knows what and where their-own fate is heading too?