Politics, Government and People

February 27, 2014

The first political scientist known to analyze information systematically was the Greek philosopher Aristotle. He compared the constitutions of Greek city-states during the 4th century BC and generalized about the political consequences of the different constitutional systems. The study of political science flourished in ancient Greece during the 5th and 4th centuries BC, in the Roman republic from 509 to 31 BC, in the republics of Italy during the 15th and 16th centuries, amid the political turmoil of 17th century Britain, and during the French and American revolutions toward the end of the 18th century. While the specific methods employed by political scientists throughout the centuries varied tremendously, their common concerns have been to provide useful advice to rulers and to organize governments more effectively.

Political Science is the systematic study of and reflection upon politics. Politics usually describes the processes by which people and institutions exercise and resist power. Political processes are used to formulate policies, influence individuals and institutions, and organize societies …political scientists also study politics in other contexts, such as how politics affects the economy, how ordinary people think and act in relation to politics, and how politics influences organizations outside of government…Political scientists interested in public administration study government organizations and their relation to other parts of government. Political scientists investigate how these organizations work, and try to devise methods of improving them.

The field of public policy involves the study of specific policy problems and governmental responses to them. Political scientists involved in the study of public policy attempt to devise solutions for problems of public concern. They study issues such as health care, pollution, and the economy. Public policy overlaps comparative politics in the study of comparative public policy; with international relations in the study of foreign policy and national security policy; and with political theory in considering ethics in policy making.

Political behavior involves the study of how people involve themselves in political processes and respond to political activity. The field emphasizes the study of voting behavior, which can be affected by social pressures; the effects of individual psychology, such as emotional attachments to parties or leaders; and the rational self-interests of voters. The results of these studies are applied during the planning of political campaigns, and influence the design of advertisements and party platforms.

Political scientists who oppose this scientific emphasis argue that politics is highly complex and variable, continually changing as new events unfold, and driven by unpredictable human actions. They argue that any rigidly scientific approach can only yield trivial results. They point out that their more scientific colleagues have not had much success in developing general laws of political science, let alone making predictions based on such laws. For example, not one political scientist predicted the breakup of the Soviet bloc in 1989 and end of the Soviet Union

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When the right public administration and policy is organized, the foremost important aspect of those who organize public administration is the installation and securing of power and authority amongst the public and, thus, they at firs design means and strategies of securing power by laws, rules and policies amongst the society so that they can regulate the activities of society under controlled and governed environment. What makes the public and the government integrate is politics and political system and ideology although it is not the public that choose the political system and machinery.

While this is the case, when public policy is designed to any given people, is this to adjust or fix the policy in terms of culture and people behavior or to bring change and transformations into the public thinking and environment. When such policy is designed to compromise between laws and culture, it is under challenge and jeopardy. This is like on the relationships that exist in the history of one honey bee that happens to resemble like a fly and die finally as being a fly,itself, in which when policy or constitution or law is adopted is this to convert the fly to honey bee or the reverse. One of the things one hears in here and other places are that most states copy and paste policies from outside and adjust to the behavior or politics of their respective people accordingly.

When any government is designed to have a particular policy, it is to the best interests and advantages of the public since the purpose and mission of any specific policy is clear due to the fact that it has purpose and direction and it ideally describes the best intention of the administrators who represent the public although the actual story on the ground could be different story.  When policies or laws are formulated and cancelled before their implementations and practice; the administrative machinery has big problem since it cannot see the future at least for year. One heard that there are laws or policies formulated, but canceled before they are put to practice which tells the maturity and grasp of political leaders and their respective advisers as well.

When any given political leaders are ruled and governed by public gossips, it is one of the signs of weaknesses and indicators as to the lack of principles and right doctrines it inculcates within the society in which easily frustrates and get confused out of rumors and gossips and could get removed by gossips and rumors as well. This does not mean that all rumors and gossips are wrong, but they are one source of information and way of obtaining information for decision making, they can serve as raw data and get further processed so that right decision can be made.

One of the interesting aspect of politics, government and people are they are highly interested in rumors and gossips in which when they want to do something different, they at first spread rumors then they publicize it as law or policy. The first reason why they just spread the rumor is that they are not sure on the impact of the law or the policy that could possibly affect the life of the public and the first thing they do is they just check the heartbeat of the public by gossiping that this kind of law is going to be released or issued, then they check the blood pressure and heartbeat of the society, when it sounds controllable, they publicly issue and address thru official media and they later communicate officially to the public.

The other interesting about such relationship and communication is that they communicate in very different way than the official way of communication in which the public is always alert on what is going on behind the law or policies and they understand and or they become suspicious of any ruling or law or policy is formulated and they interpret and understand,in their own style and accent than those who formulate, and what is written between the lines and few understand the drama and theater behind the stage new ruling or policy since they are part of such drama or they have certain experience in relation to that given incident on why such ruling is required.

Although it is not possible to invent new discovery or policy in relation to create better romanticism between politics, government and people, the thing that interconnect and communicate such aspects of lives are laws and policies since it is the only way that politicians secure power amongst the society in which one could wonder who is the leader, is this the  public, politics or people or conditions or situations that affect the political dynamics of a nation whose authors are members of the government or it is the need created by the public that give birth to such desire and need which drive the political condition that dictate the government.

Basically, political policies are dictated by incidents than the claim they do since things in most cases are running out of controlling of the ruler and they justify whatever deviations they face with making plastic surgeries on the claims they do and the interpret and understand in way that incidents merit their policies or whatever claims they do. The all kinds of philosophies and political trend states practice shift from one aspect to another due to the fact that it is one factor, people behavior and thinking is another element, conditions and situation such as for instance technology and other new advancements humanity is going to have an impact on the thinking machinery of the political framework and make up, and situations that come as unexpected and unprecedented as in the case of breakdown of USSR to different sovereign states did have an impact on many other socialist countries that made them to think and reconsider different alternatives, political agenda and result on the fabrication of new social systems and thinking machinery as well.

The idea of controlling and suppressing peoples freedom and rights is not a good idea in administering public affairs as time tells by now in which any given government cannot stay  longer when it overrides the public freedom and right in which democracy is the urgent need of nations and peoples and it is not something that can be considered as luxurious item, but rather it is one of the basic needs of any given society in which the state cannot function by deleting or ignoring basic and fundamental social and public rights and freedoms.

For instance, former ideologies who failed in past such as fascism and Nazism are political systems which neglect basic and fundamental individual and social rights and but they are simply bound by ego and ambition. Fascism is modern political ideology that seeks to regenerate the social, economic, and cultural life of a country by basing it on a heightened sense of national belonging or ethnic identity. Fascism rejects liberal ideas such as freedom and individual rights, and often presses for the destruction of elections, legislatures, and other elements of democracy.National Socialism, commonly called Nazism, German political movement initiated in 1920 with the organization of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, also called the Nazi Party. The movement culminated in the establishment of the Third Reich, the totalitarian German state led by the dictator Adolf Hitler from 1933 to 1945

However we live quite in new and different time and century in which Democracy is the urgent need of the time. This should be done not to trick outsiders or just get fake recognition from others but this should be done that it is believed that it is the genuine need of any given society should address. Democracy is a political system in which the people of a country rule through any form of government they choose to establish. In modern democracies, supreme authority is exercised for the most part by representatives elected by popular suffrage. The representatives may be supplanted by the electorate according to the legal procedures of recall and referendum, and they are, at least in principle, responsible to the electorate.

Although the current trend of defining and understanding states becoming totally different as in the case of the previous centuries and ages in which the politics that trigger any given state and integrate it with the public and the public agenda is becoming more organized and articulated in which they start interacting with civilized mindset in which they use everything and every action and reaction with standards, documented procedures and the drama of justifying and articulating laws from the government hidden pocket is becoming over and new human era in this history of political drama of is on stage and the process is already installed at international scale.

One was wondering as to the write up in here in which there are people who say, one should deliver a perspective and a direction. In the first place, one is just ordinary person. In the second place, when one delivers a direction, one should have enough facts and information about everything in which one has no clue about what is going on. In the third place, one should declare or claim station in this regard one is just ordinary man than a politician or a political scientist but s ordinary man one shares one’s view that hit on one’s head. Bearing all these ideas, it is with the intention of sharing views and reflections than waiting to claim for station or organize a political party which is not found in one’s dictionary, culture and vocabulary of life. They can wait for a thousand century in suspense movie to do what they claim.

On the way, the funny thing in here is that the opposition political parties as they claim and are labeled since they do not like or categorized under the ruling party, they do not know who the their opponents are since politics in cases is like soccer game in which one should know the opponent team make up besides getting prepared in one’s own way for the game, in which it is important to have enough information about opponent team history, arrangements and the psycho make up of those who play in the field. Otherwise, if one is breathing deep inside, one dies out of breathing problems and difficulties since one has to respire and the respiratory system should function properly.

When greater level of maturity is there, it is not political parties and those members within parties who fight, it will be programs and doctrine along with practical and tangible results seen on stage in which those who are useful and important to the public at large will be successful, without even expressing themselves before the audience since their acts and works speak louder than what they perform on stage like actors and singers. In the meantime, it is people’s charisma and aura that plays significant role in such given aspect in which how and what the president speaks and articulate is important. Although the public choice dictate over such given aspect of human lives, and most are always attracted to fake aspect of human life since they are the product of this world and they go according to how they are programmed and they are shaped to move on.


Public Affairs Vs Government

February 26, 2014

How does a government account my money, how does a government keeps my money since I am a tax payer, said a person who pays huge amount of money to the government although this is the concern of every tax payer since everyone expects something a return for what one pays for. It is not the amount of money that one gives to a government that matters, but the way and how the government handles the money it receives from the public in which the money one gives is handled in way the pubic wants or the government want since the needs of the public and the priorities of the government are in most cases falling apart. We live in world that assumptions and actual grounds are facing great deviations and variations for many reasons and purposes.

If a government invites a foreign investor or politician for its own interest or agenda in which that given investor is an investor who does not invest a single coin in this country, or juts comes in here as tourist but by the money the government is paying for, here the government is just wasting money or public resources for its own ambition or desire since it does not take into account public dinner or lunch due to the fact that the tax amount the public give to the government could cover public’s weekly needs than the public pay for onetime a cup of tea as invitation to such stupid people or assumed investors who have no importance or relevance towards the public life.

Public Finance is field of economics concerned with how governments raise money, how that money is spent, and the effects of these activities on the economy and on society. Public finance studies how governments at all levels—national, state, and local—provide the public with desired services and how they secure the financial resources to pay for these services. Is any government priorities linked and integrated with public, if so, why such contradiction and conflict do occur in almost in every nation?

When any government or state is formulated, the first purpose is not to create its own island in its own good time, but it put as its foremost agenda to defend and satisfy and respect the public rights and freedom and benefits and advantages of a nation. However, what most nations face in ruling and administering the public affairs is opposition and negation since there is here contradiction between the actual public interest and benefit against the government in which the government establishes all its organs and structures in way it assumes that it protects the freedom and rights of the public, but on the real ground, the reverse happens for many reasons.

In fact, the organs and structures of the government in turns check and violate fundamental public rights and freedoms, forget about protect and satisfy public rights and freedoms, in which the reverse happen is going on as who is tricking who, in which is this the government tricking the public or the public is tricking the government. What is going on in here is that there is the so called a state in which most people have no clue why the state is there and what the state is working for due to the fact that most complain and are not even satisfied and happy with the way things are, they are not even sure that there is an active institution going on, but out of fear and fearof consequences people are obedient to what is going on, which indicate that the public and the state are into divorce and they were even married by force, but they live in state of separation since they are losing or they do not have something in common that make them work together. In this case, the state should marry its right partner as the public should do as well.

And one was into a conversation with someone last time, one was discussing an issue related to money the government is obtaining and we were wondering as to where is our money going since we do not see any public services to the satisfaction of the public, people are dying out of preventable or curable diseases no matter how the statistic is not that accurate, but the reality and fact is going on since it is not the number that are relevant since funding is note an agenda in here, but the actual reality and those whom we know are dying or the money that goes from the public to the government does not escape from paying or covering the payroll sheets and expenses.

In fact, there is loan and aids flowing in from western countries and china, but we are not sure how they are going to be paid out or the motive behind such assistance such countries deliver,  and we have come to an agreement that there is a movement going on and the vibration is something that everyone sees, but people and the government are no sure what its, since it is confusion and contradiction people see everywhere due to the fact the life scenarios has pretty much changed and it is for the first time in its history it secures a  war free decade years and lives in such condition and when one enters into a different life scenery, one live in state of confusion.

Khalil Gibran said, perplexity is the sign of knowledge, and once it stays out of such confusion, clarity gives birth. This is like entering new city or condition one was not aware or have knowledge before in which I was wondering as to my first experience in life. When I used to live in abroad for my first time, they welcome me with warm and nice welcome in which people I did not know, but have common thing to work on at that given time, but not now, they put a chocolate and flower on the pillow they deliver, but to person who had never a pillow. It was confusion and suspicion that they planted in my mind than confidence and trust.

However, clarity gives birth on as time goes on since maturity and understanding takes place, since people learn and experience certain aspect of life by passing the valley of life in such condition as Immanuel Kant said, knowledge is derived out of experience. And one of the things one observes in here is that when there is no war, the military has no job and it focuses on many other civilian activities. They have no job, but they will have a job when there is war until then they do different activities since they should get paid.

When there is no war, the military becomes police, engineers, doctors, taxi drivers, body guards in night clubs, traffic police, hotel owners, business men, and they involve in many different aspects of jobs and they get paid their salary under military payroll. They shift to different activities since the primal responsibilities are to protect sovereignty of a nation and when they do that job, they shift to different activities since they have enough personnel who do the checking stuff on the borders of any a nation. This does not mean that there is no need to have military force; there should be since we live in world of cat and rats.  But, one observes that conditions and situations are the one that create jobs and fields in which if there is no war and other bad conditions, there is no need to have military field and force.

We live quite in different century and time in which what one observes in this world as of this time, nations are bored to have peaceful and war free world, they create war for their own advantage and interest and as was the case in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and so on, Western countries involve in such nations affairs and undertaking since they do not like the face of such nations’ leaders than what they claim.  They administer the money they collect from the public or whatever money they generate, for agendas which do not belong to the interest of the public as the case between Iraq and United States, in which the public in the United States have strongly opposed and the government accepted and admitted such criticism that they made mistake on such project.

Western nations claim that they have social obligation, moral obligation and other obligations in which they interfere on the rights and freedoms other nations and public rights as well, by overriding the sovereignty of nations since they want to remove any given leader and they do that. They have paradoxical style of leadership in which at one aspect they claim they respect individual rights and freedoms, respect other nation sovereignty and the like, but on the real ground, they violate individual rights within their domain, and interfere on the sovereignty of nation. Hence, what kind of government is this, is this working for its own island or for the public, which none has a clue.

For example, The former NSA member, of the Unite State of America, Edward, Snowden publicized what has been going on behind every American house hold, which is violation of rights and freedoms of individuals contrary to the constitution in which such institution like the government has no moral to protect other people right and freedom in world it violates the rights of those people who are its citizens, and one could wonder who give them such social and moral obligation to fight and protect for others in world they are not even doing their homework, who are they in the first place.

This is one of the tricky aspect of life in this world in which is this state tricking the public or the public is tricking the government, which is not even clear as to who is tricking who, but all live with understanding and misunderstanding since it is possible to live by both mentality and aspects of life.

And this reminds me to story I heard about an official in the previous military regime in here in which the official name is not important but it starts with Dr…. he went to Noh Korea for a visit. And there he observed that on Saturday and Sunday no vehicle was moving and he asked regarding his observation. The officials replied to him that this was how they save fuel and the like. And he came back home and reported such condition. And the government here declared that no vehicle should be moving on the weekends.

And later on, one of the officials who work for this government in Korea departed to America, due to deviance from the system, and reported the situation that that given official was not considering whether the vehicles are privately owned or not since all properties were state owned since they do not work on weekends and properties were owned by the government, they were not allowed to move. He missed one factor but later on they corrected this rule and they allowed vehicles to move on weekends. The morale of this story is that is the state governed by the interest of the public or by its own.

Accordingly, when any given state imitates certain things from outside, are they really a need or they imitate or copy since they want to resemble the west or the east. What is the intention behind such drama is the most important thing than any other aspect. If any given cinema place imports latest holy wood movie, the target group is crystal clear and this should not be considered as if it is the need of an entire nation; the target group is simple to tell, it is not the most of the population who has no good awareness of the English language or the street lights are colored like a night club, this has nothing to do with those numerous individuals who have nothing to eat and spend their day and night and sleep on the streets too.

The government and the public lives in isolation in which each one of them create their own island, but the point is that the meet at juncture which is the need in which when the government seeks something from the public, it has its own stone to throw as the public does. But, both live in bored relationship. Who is going to change this relationship into romantic ones, is this policies or will power, which we do not know, but hopefully expect that one day better relationship will be on stage. It is not possible to create love by policies and instructions, but it is possible to bring an order. When order is placed with love and affection, this will be nicer and wonderful world.

The Great Disappointments

February 20, 2014

Jesus is born in Bethlehem in Judea,( 4 BC – AD 29). He establishes a new ministry among Jews, proclaiming the coming of the kingdom of God. His followers regard him as the promised deliverer of the Jewish people. However, many Jewish and Roman authorities of the time consider his teachings a threat to religious and legal authority and to social conventions. He is sentenced to death for blasphemy and executed by crucifixion. Over subsequent centuries, Jesus Christ becomes the central figure of Christianity.

The New Testament presents its understanding of Jesus in titles, descriptions of his person, and accounts of his word and work. In the context of Judaism, the Old Testament provided titles and images that the New Testament writers used to convey the meaning of Jesus for his disciples. He was portrayed, for example, as a prophet like Moses, the Davidic king, the promised Messiah, the second Adam, a priest like Melchizedek, an apocalyptic figure like the Son of man, the Suffering Servant of Isaiah, and the Son of God. (For a full account of Jesus’ life, see Jesus Christ; for a theological understanding of his person, see Christology.) The Hellenistic culture provided other images: a preexistent divine being who came to earth, accomplished his work, and returned to glory; the Lord above all caesars; the eternal mediator of creation and redemption; the cosmic figure who gathers all creation to himself in one harmonious body

Some of the prophets of Israel had characterized the “last days” as a time when God would pour out his Spirit on the whole of humanity. The New Testament claims that promise was fulfilled in the days of Jesus. The Spirit of God, an expression representing the active presence of God, is therefore used throughout the New Testament; this entity is variously referred to as the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Spirit of Christ, or the Spirit of truth (see Holy Spirit; Trinity).

According to the New Testament, the central message of Jesus was the kingdom of God. He called for repentance in preparation for the kingdom that was “at hand.” The kingdom of God referred to the reign or rule of God, and in Jesus’ ministry that reign of God was announced as present. The presence of the kingdom, however, was not full and complete, and, therefore, was often referred to as a future event. Students of the New Testament have argued over whether Jesus and his followers expected the kingdom of God to be fully present in their generation. The unresolved state of that debate is registered in the two expressions often used to characterize the New Testament teaching about the kingdom: “already” and “not yet.”

The Second Coming, also Parousia, return of Jesus Christ in visible form to earth. On the basis of certain sayings of Jesus, the early church expected that within a comparatively short period after the ascension he would come again and usher in the full glory of the messianic age (see Matthew 24:29-31; Mark 13:24-27; Luke 21:25-28). As the years passed, many leaders of the church came to feel that the true meaning of Jesus’ words and realization of his promises were to be found in the spiritual life rather than in an earthly kingdom.

In later times the doctrine of Christ’s return has been held in one of two forms: the first, that it will be premillennial, that is, before the age of the great prosperity and triumph of the church; or the second, that it will be postmillennial—after this age and immediately before the general judgment. The first view is based on certain interpretations of Scripture, particularly Revelation 20:4-7. It is supported by the belief that the present divine order does not contain the means necessary to bring the world to Christ. Thus, it will be necessary that Christ himself returns to Earth in order to rule.

Antichrist, opponent or antagonist of Christ; also, a false Christ. In the Bible, the word is used only in the Epistles of St. John, but the concept of an opponent of the Messiah appears in the Old Testament. Its earliest form is probably that of the warrior King Gog, in the Book of Ezekiel. The term Antichrist was variously applied by the early Christians to any opponent or enemy of Christ, whether a person or power, or to a false claimant of the characteristics and attributes of Christ. The “false Christs” were predicted by Jesus to precede the coming of the Son of man (see Matthew 24). Opposition to Christ’s teaching on the part of the anti-Messiah was also prophesied (see 1 John 2:18). The development of this conception of active hostility is apparent in the Epistles of St. Paul, who bore the brunt of Jewish opposition (see 1 Thessalonians 2:15). The “man of sin,” as Paul saw him, was a Jew, because he would regard the temple at Jerusalem as the seat of God’s worship (see 2 Thessalonians 2:3, 4).

The kingdom of God seems not to have survived as the central subject of the church’s message. According to the New Testament, the church did not identify itself as the kingdom, and in its preaching it began to speak more of salvation. The term generally referred to a person’s reconciled relationship to God and participation in a community that was both reconciled and reconciling. In this sense, salvation was a present reality—but not completely. The consummation of salvation would be in a fullness of life beyond the struggle, futility, and mortality that mark this world.

Paul believed that in the ultimate fulfillment of God’s purpose, salvation would be cosmic in scope. The realm of redemption would be coextensive with the realm of creation. This meant that finally even the hostile spirit powers that, according to the New Testament, inhabit the heavens, earth, and subterranean regions would be brought into harmony with the benevolent plan of God. This final vision differs from that of the Book of Revelation, in which the end is characterized by the vindication and reward of the saints and the damnation of the wicked.

Mormons support religious toleration and hold that all religions contain elements of truth and do much good. Nevertheless, the Mormon church sees only itself as fully authorized and recognized by God—“the only true and living church upon the earth.” This exclusive claim to truth and authority explains the determination of Mormons to carry their message worldwide, even to Christians of other denominations.

Mormon doctrine is derived from four basic scriptures: the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants (138 revelations and other statements, almost all of them issued by Joseph Smith in the 1830s and early 1840s), and the Pearl of Great Price (1842; a compilation of shorter works, both ancient and modern). The truths enunciated in the various scriptures are subject to interpretation and expansion by church leaders, who are believed to receive additional revelations and inspiration.

Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian religious group, founded in 1872 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, by the American clergyman Charles Taze Russell, with congregations in nearly all countries. Members of the group originally were known by the popular name of Russellites. The legal governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses is the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, incorporated in 1884. European members belong to the affiliated International Bible Students Association, incorporated in London in 1914. International headquarters is in Brooklyn, New York.

Adventist is members of a number of related Protestant denominations that stress the doctrine of the imminent second coming of Christ. Adventism received its clearest definition and most earnest support under the leadership of an American Baptist preacher, William Miller. Miller and his followers, known initially as Millerites, proclaimed that the second coming would occur between March 21, 1843, and March 21, 1844. The failure of this prediction was called the First Disappointment, and many left the movement. Following this, a second date—October 22, 1844—was set, and many Adventists disposed of their property in anticipation of the event. The movement was widely ridiculed after the day passed uneventfully. Thereafter many Adventists lost faith and returned to their former churches. Those remaining split into four main bodies, which still continue to flourish.

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Whatever prediction and calculation and precision is there, the life after such promise in this world is still going on, there is no such change and progress in such aspect of human society since human society still waits for the second coming of Jesus Christ, and none knows what such coming is going to bestow or the curse it is going to deliver, but all hope something is going to happen on the second coming which is left on speculative idea and opinions that were written and put before.

The above three sects of Christianity were originated after 1830, in which this was the time most waited for the second coming of Jesus Christ, with on big and great motive, in which all were expecting the promised day in their given book, after making their own recipe and calculation, they were sure that second coming of Jesus should happen, unfortunately Christ did not come, he did not fulfill the promised day agenda, and then they forget waiting for Christ in way they thought, but devised their own mechanism and way of life since he did not come, but they still wait for the second coming, the rest forget about such waiting and they created their own way of life and now they have millions of people under their denominations.

Such expectations cannot be satisfied and completed for many years in forever. When expectations are subjective, it is formidable to satisfy the since subjective case have no objective way of determining. In this given case, the expectation by itself is not clear.He comes with cloud surrounded by angels, and what does it mean by that, in one aspect, it is noted that the time is unknown, in another place, clouds are mentioned in which it is clear that the day or time where clouds could appear on sky, the direction is mentioned, which is the sky where the clouds exist, and how is it possible he comes with cloud.

What is the source of such coming, does the sky belong to Germany, France, Egypt, Burkina Faso, Japan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Ireland, Burma, Iraq, Haiti, Canada, Afghanistan, which place or sky, can the aviation officers let him come, what is the device he is using, is it fighting jet or passenger airplane, or very different one, how,  who are the angels, is there anyone who can identify such angels even if it is figurative, how such angelic condition is reflected which could result in misunderstanding and misinterpretations of such realities.

And most of the things that are stated and are put in the books are considered as mystical and they have no human way of translating them due to the fact that it is very hard to give exact and accurate interpretations about the parables and mystical wording such as the beast, the dragon, the lion of Judah, and the like, in which most are heard giving their speculative ideas and interpretations, and there is none who is clearly authorized to interpreted and understand such ideas. Even those who claim that they are second coming, according to the book, where are the prophecies fulfilled, there is much of things that are not fulfilled in the book in those days of their declarations and coming.

Bearing all these aspects of life into account, such aspect of life in human lives are becoming more of novel and fictitious realities in which it need quite revision. Since the original idea and the expectation by itself could be wrong since most are bind by faith and hope in which they do not know the exact and accurate time as to the happening and occurrence of such drama in which they have no clue of the exact date and time, but they think that they are saints and holy and they know, which could wrong and the assumptions are very ego-centered and self-centered. 

While such drama of life is going on, the book they believe in claims that I come like thief in the night, in which they have no clue of the coming of such man even if they claim that they know which is very contradictory. In fact we live in time that thieves come in mid-day sun, and none knows what does it mean by that except the tradition and the culture in expressing such realities in which tradition and culture lived shaping human reality and connection in relation to the Abstract Reality such as God, most live by being dictated by such mentality and idea of cultures.

The world now becomes a place where wrongs are considered as normal in which people are not even afraid to follow any particular belief system, in one aspect, even if it is wrong. This shows that how people are desperate and frustrated in life and they feel and seek security by making shelters where the mass hide and live, although the way of live are not creating comfortable zone to the people of the world for many reasons and they consider and prefer to be wrong and live with certain kind of company and belongingness with other people being in group or joining certain social circle. This sounds like let us share the sins and crimes together. In fact there is saying when people are friends, they multiply joy and divide sorrow, in this given case; they multiply the sins and crimes exponentially although they share joys too.

When joining and deviating such circles of people become normal way of life, and because of such factors, most people are becoming desperate and loses confidence in following any religious claim since such way of live are becoming corrupt and they are more of human led than divine led, even those who claim that they have divine system, they do not have such systems such as the economic system, the justice system, and other social and communication system, and makes them incomplete and imperfect and they are not something complete and holistic in life. Being incomplete they cannot tell about how to be complete.

One of the interesting drama in here is that such aspect of life is derived out of the fact the life style in which few people are correct and the mass is always wrong and thus people live by the dictate of few people since the type of explanations and analogies they present in order to justify their claims sound very interesting, but later people find out it is sophistry. When such hoax is identified and sorted out later, people became alert of such aspect of life since it is one of the futile and garbage aspects of life on stage.

The other aspect in here is the mass is undermined in which the mass is already oriented and shaped by such mentality of the few and there is no way that they could be considered as wrong since the most part of the world lives by such way of life. Numbers do not tell the truthful aspect since the mass lives where the wind blows and historical records prove this happening and occurrences.  They use here ignorance as fortune and they molded everyone within their domain in this mentality, but the fact is that agreement does not mean that they are correct and true.

The mass is already programmed and hypnotized with huge drama historically in which the present condition and world has no chance and choice except accepting it as normal since it lives in the middle of the thing and the process, and it is not possible to reverse such huge drama, because it raises the issues of conflicts of interest and advantages with others that have built enough arms and forces to protect such drama, which the mass is not even aware until it gets to maturity, and they must be lucky to understand and realize the kind of drama is operating on stage, otherwise the mass lives with face value and what is going on is healthy and normal even if it is wrong and bad.

There are also other people who claim that that when humankind turned from truth, God sent prophets to lead the way back, but in actual terms, as more prophets come and claim that they are from God, the confusions and contradictions between the people of the world is getting stronger and wider as one observes in this plane of existence, the many divisions and sects in terms of belief system are result of such prophets since they claim they are God sent and they have numerous followers. If God’s way is division and conflict, how come such claim could be reconciled with the objective world reality in which conflict and divisions are the becoming nature of the world.

While such theatrical drama is on stage, it is time for everyone to meditate and contemplate on various aspect of such huge drama in which rigidity is one of the characters and features of this world and those systems and ways of life in such given aspect and related, even if they fail, people continue with the life style by adjusting and modifying, making all kind of plastic surgeries within their system and way of life and continue with the way they like to do by modifying to the need of the time. The point in here is that, if the root is bad, how come the leaves and branches can be good.

The No Government Life

February 19, 2014

Theory is an assumption or system of assumptions, accepted principles, and rules of procedure based on limited information or knowledge, devised to analyze, predict, or otherwise explain the nature or behavior of a specified set of phenomena; abstract reasoning. Hypotheses are the first step in creating a theory.

Communism, is a theory and system of social and political organization that was a major force in world politics for much of the 20th century. As a political movement, communism sought to overthrow capitalism through a workers’ revolution and establish a system in which property is owned by the community as a whole rather than by individuals. In theory, communism would create a classless society of abundance and freedom, in which all people enjoy equal social and economic status. In practice, communist regimes have taken the form of coercive, authoritarian governments that cared little for the plight of the working class and sought above all else to preserve their own hold on power.

The idea of a society based on common ownership of property and wealth stretches far back in Western thought. In its modern form, communism grew out of the socialist movement of 19th-century Europe. At that time, Europe was undergoing rapid industrialization and social change. As the Industrial Revolution advanced, socialist critics blamed capitalism for creating a new class of poor, urban factory workers who labored under harsh conditions, and for widening the gulf between rich and poor.

Foremost among these critics were the German philosopher Karl Marx and his associate Friedrich Engels. Like other socialists, they sought an end to capitalism and the exploitation of workers. But whereas some reformers favored peaceful, longer-term social transformation, Marx and Engels believed that violent revolution was all but inevitable; in fact, they thought it was predicted by the scientific laws of history. They called their theory “scientific socialism,” or communism.

In the last half of the 19th century the terms socialism and communism were often used interchangeably. However, Marx and Engels came to see socialism as merely an intermediate stage of society in which most industry and property were owned in common but some class differences remained. They reserved the term communism for a final stage of society in which class differences had disappeared, people lived in harmony, and government was no longer needed.

The meaning of the word communism shifted after 1917, when Vladimir Lenin and his Bolshevik Party seized power in Russia. The Bolsheviks changed their name to the Communist Party and installed a repressive, single-party regime devoted to the implementation of socialist policies. The Communists formed the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR, or Soviet Union) from the former Russian Empire and tried to spark a worldwide revolution to overthrow capitalism. Lenin’s successor, Joseph Stalin, turned the Soviet Union into a dictatorship based on total state control of the economy and the suppression of any form of opposition. As a result of Lenin’s and Stalin’s policies, many people came to associate the term communism with undemocratic or totalitarian governments that claimed allegiance to Marxist-Leninist ideals. The term Marxism-Leninism refers to Marx’s theories as amended and put into practice by Lenin.

Capitalism, is an economic system in which private individuals and business firms carry on the production and exchange of goods and services through a complex network of prices and markets. Although rooted in antiquity, capitalism is primarily European in its origins; it evolved through a number of stages, reaching its zenith in the 19th century. From Europe, and especially from England, capitalism spread throughout the world, largely unchallenged as the dominant economic and social system until World War I (1914-1918) ushered in modern communism (or Marxism) as a vigorous and hostile competing system. The term capitalism was first introduced in the mid-19th century by Karl Marx, the founder of communism. Free enterprise and market system are terms also frequently employed to describe modern non-Communist economies. Sometimes the term mixed economy is used to designate the kind of economic system most often found in Western nations.

Mixed Economy, is an economy that operates partly under free-market principles, in which business ownership is in private hands and prices are set by supply and demand, and partly under government ownership or control….Mixed Economy, economy that operates partly under free-market principles, in which business ownership is in private hands and prices are set by supply and demand, and partly under government ownership or control.

Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

The most important and interesting aspect of Communism is this point, ….a final stage of society in which class differences had disappeared, people lived in harmony, and government was no longer needed…. This is the ultimate wish of every normal person in this world in which justice and equity centered thinking system and people should work on to establish such system except those capitalists who seek to possess more wealth, due to the fact they live in competitive world and self-centered aspects of their lives.. They always claim with each other, what do you have, not what do you think.

The no government system and way of life looks very ideal and impractical, but sounds very profound and interesting idea due to the fact that such way of life requires greater human station and maturity in which it is not something ordinary minds comprehend and put into practice due to the fact that there are certain symptoms, signs and indications as to how system governs people and people interact and communicate with what the system tells and instructs since they know that such system is useful for their daily function and creating nicer and healthy atmosphere in their community dynamics.

The traffic lights on the road in which the green, yellow and red colored ones are good example in this regard in which automobiles are operating and functioning by the traffic light system that is arranged on the road in which such system is good sign and indicator to those advance and civilized societies in which when human maturity reaches to its highest level, the do’s and do not do’s are not that important and people do everything according to the level of conscientiousness, which most refer this era as golden age in which no harm can be put to place on people’s life and the evil thinking is removed from peoples reality and daily undertakings.

Although it is foolish to expect that as far as there is freewill and freedom, people do and think both good and bad, what could be better and nicer as human maturity is going up, the retributions will be stronger not only with objective evidences taking bad acts to courts only, but also with the consequences of life in which behavioral reward and judgment is on stage and will be stronger and evident. This means, people will be in fear of not doing bad act and think bad on others due to fear of consequences of life in which they start to believe that whatever bad act people do on others will make them cost too much in life and they become calculative of life in which they prefer thinking and doing good to others due to reasons that they are seeing everything in their lives.

Such way of looking at life is not dependent upon whichever ideology or religion people follow and practice since doing and thinking good and bad does not have any form or owner or political ideology or religion. In order to be kind to others, there is no need to follow any religion or be in politics, as being human, people should practice based on the free will and moral choice they set in life. There is no need to belong to particular form of belief system in order to know or do good things since such realities are universal realities, and people formulate them in life as result of their need in the society they belong. In places where there are rich people, there is none to give and people could go beyond their boarder in order to give, and generosity could be considered as expensive deed or thinking since they have everything.

And one should not expect any religion to tell me to do this or that and there are people who believe that they do certain act since it is written in their book, otherwise they do not.  They are more of machine oriented mentality. For instance, there are people who smoke wile belonging to certain belief system. There are people everywhere who smoke cigarettes since it is discouraged but not forbidden in the religion they follow. Cigarette is not good for breathing system such as the lung, people should not be waiting for guidance from anyone or religion rules as to quitting of their smoking habit. Since one knows that there are people who practice certain for of religion since cigar is not forbidden, but discouraged. This is not the day and time people should wait for everything to be written in black and white, but people should look for various angles and perspectives so that they can make the right judgment in and for life.

Reaching to stage of maturity is not expecting rules and laws since people know and do everything by default. They do not smoke since it is not necessary and useful. They do certain good act since that act is necessary and useful. They come out of station of childhood in which when people are not expecting anything to be told or advised, then society functions with certain pattern and style as result of past actions and reactions, and such communication and interaction is going in smooth manner, the interference of the government in societies’ daily functions will be lower. There will come a time in which society could forget even the existence of government since it creates its own smoother and healthier environment in its own fashion and way.

In any case, there are two options in which society could ignore or forget the existence of any government in its domain. The first one is due to hate and opposition factors and people become passive in government undertakings and they involve in passive mood to any government callings and urgent needs. The second one is society has created its own supply and demand chain in its own way and there is no thing it needs from the government, and the involvement and interference of the government is very low.

As smoother and nicer communication and interaction within and between societies is come to stage, there is no way that society needs the government, but the government needs the society since it wants to exist as an institution and has to look for society’s obligation towards the government. The government feels frustrated when it is neglected and ignored by society and thus it shows and manifests its existence to society in many different situations and manners.

When society reached to stage of no government is needed, this means the idea of law and order has placed in its highest value and sense, people are beyond such aspects of life in which they have internalized not only the significant aspect of law and orders, but also they are far beyond law and order. They claim that everyone is under the rule of law, but in this sense, everyone is above the law in which laws and orders are realities that are created by human mind, but when that level of human maturity is reached, the emanations of human mind such as law and order become under human realities since human reality lives beyond and above those respective emanations.

This is to mean that it is automatic that people will not do anything bad not only by the fear of punishment of the rule law, it is because it is not useful and important and it is also due to the fact that fear of social consequences of life itself than of the court since there are many crimes going on everywhere that happen, but are not punishable by the court. As they say, law makers are the first to break the law in which one of the violators of law in most case are the rulers or the so called government in which it is important to make a note that huge funds are allocated to intelligence office with the intention of collecting gossips and bad information.

The idea of the rule of law is originated with the intention of meriting and protecting the elite class in any society in which the rich want to protect their property. The rich means the ruling class in which both work together. So they state in their laws such as to steal is a crime due to the fact the poor have nothing to be stolen. When law is installed it should be bring justice, otherwise it is not considered as law. When stealing is considered as crime, to be greed should be considered as crime and should be punishable by law. One is not considering here stealing as good act, but the intention behind such drama is to protect the richer class since ruling class always protect the rich.

The most significant aspect of economic system is what drives economic system in which thinking is the driving force behind such system in which it is what people think that motivates in what they should do in terms of the economy. Whatever economic system any given society employs, it is the impact on the life of any give society which is the major and most important aspect such system, although countries that do have greater GDP are found in the Free Market economy system, the crux lies on the economic justice they put on the system and society they administer.

When society thinks that resource is in abundance, the economic system it employs bases on such thinking and when society thinks that resource is scarce, it employs its own economic system upon such thinking. What matters in here is that how society perceives resources and their attitude towards such resources. For example, a given community could construct a big hydroelectric dam, but what is important and significant in here is not the dam, but the usage of such dam, is this for industries or generating source of income or to play DVD or CD or watch many movies on such electric power; is the cost of constructing such dam returned in few years or long years and what is the equivalence amount even if the return is made in few years as to the cost of investment and so on. The idea of scarcity management is the one that monopolizes and dominates any aspect of economic conditions of the world than any other economic philosophy.

In order to reach that level of the no government status and way of life, one of the obstacles is the economy factor in which economic policies and systems are designed in way that most people are greed in which greed is one factor that should be addressed and removed. In fact as greater and greater numbers of people earn more money and more capital, none needs anything from other people in terms of economy, in this case the idea of generosity and greed are addressed since economic justice could be on stage.  People will not be bind by economic want and need from one another, other needs such as psychological, emotional and social needs are significant ones.

When such want and need in economy is addressed it is in way that the idea and application of work is addressed in different scenario in which people become scared of being possessive, as they say, in earthly rich, peril is concealed, and the idea of giving for free is discouraged but by the investment people employ and others will be developing sense and desire for work will be stronger. In such action and interaction, those who do not invest and those who do not have the desire to work will be vanished, not by others, but by the system that will be going on.  To be rich in economy need greater maturity. One of the problems in this world is that most rich people are not matured enough to acquire wealth. Such maturity is not about multiplying money, but other human aspects mental or psychological, emotional and intellectual aspect, which deliver better and greater scenario about this world.

The idea of the no government system and way of life is an epitome world, but in here is not derived out of definite political ideology or religious claim, but a system and way of life people will reach about passing all stage and processes of human lives in which at certain level of maturity, people come up with certain mindset in which as those automobiles in the traffic light function, people will live by that system. This is one of the ideal world one have in mind in which the need to have government in most case is making most people life boring and putting many activities of human lives under jeopardy since it is in most cases derived out of pressure and by force, the way the government led way of life and system are in most cases corrupt.

In this given case, there is freewill, but people will not practice bad even if they think due to the fear of consequence of what social system bestows in terms of behavioral retributions. The number of conspiracies and sabotages of people lives will be reduced as more people become aware of such stories of life. People will become alert of such situations and conditions of the world. The idea of believing in power and gangs will be reduced to significant number as more productive forces exist on earth. Deceit, lie, tricks and other harmful aspects will be deleted since human maturity will be on stage and there is no point that people deceive and trick others. In other words, The Truth will be on stage and everything will be evident and childish simple. There are people who try to complicate other people by doing sabotages and conspiracies, such people will not have any job and their partners will be remove as well since they have no place.

The problem of the world is not unity, not even a priority, but the problem of the world is on fundamental human verities in which unity is the result that comes as result of solving root problems and difficulties. The problems of the worlds are tricks, lie, deception, and other hoax aspects of human lives. When falsehood, sabotages and conspiracies are removed, the world will be better place. It is futile to think that I and another person in Guatemala to think that we are one family since I have no time to think about that person in there. When people are worried about house rent, it is pretty funny that such people think about the unity of the world, by building big building complexes. It is a paradox.

But when there is no fraud, corruptions and other bad things on the systems and way of life, the condition of this world will be better. It is not possible to expect unity where there is trick and hoax within systems and way of life. It is not possible to divert such fake aspects and dramas of life as if they are happened true and correct and they have purpose and mission, which is double mistake and drama. When every system and way of life is free from sabotage and conspiracy, there is no need to think bad on others in which the root causes of conflicts are removed. In this case, life will be simple and nicer.

When healthy society is created in one’s domain and everywhere, they think healthy things about others. Unfortunately this world is designed to be in cat and rat relationship, and everyone is keeping an eye on the other. In this world and societies relationship in terms of communication and interaction, it is possible to think that the sheep can live with a lion, and it is also possible to think that the lion will consume the sheep by the rule of nature not by the rule of law.

A Brief Stay in the House of Women

February 13, 2014

They say all men are created equal. This is to mean that both men and women are created equal, but in masculine format, language and world. Although the concept of equality is not clarified as to this point in which most assume that such equality is perceived from the point view of rights and freedom people exercise in these daily interaction and communication within society and institutional frameworks, which is the only way as to how such concepts could be crystalized and activated in the process of human lives, people have left the question of equality unanswered and time shall tell.

These masculine way of defining and interpreting realities by such wordings have created misunderstandings and misinterpretation of the equal rights women should share with men, in which past centuries and ages have been driven by masculine orientations that do have an impact on the activities and life, which are reflected on wordings and languages people use in their daily interactions and communications and the type of thinking they could develop and having the right grasp of  social reality and surrounding environment as well although words signify partial reality of what they signify or represent since abstract realities are beyond words and understandings people could deliver as well.

There should be alternative wordings that should be invented in order to represent such sexes, other than the masculine orientation, of their own, the female part which the feminists and women activist claim all over, which is indeed an appropriate concern, although one has more reservation on other quest feminists raise all over and one does not wish to belong to such group either, but there are fundamental concerns and significant quest such people have which the world should answer in its complete scenario and senses. Words are not only combination of letters but there is mystery they carry behind which do have an influence on the life and activities of human realities.

According to my source of reference, it is good idea to review few incidents of historical backgrounds in relation to the right and freedoms women exercise in the historical world.

For much of history and throughout the world, social and legal traditions have tolerated or even promoted the physical assault of women by men. In ancient Rome, a husband could legally divorce, physically punish, or even kill his wife for behaviors that were permitted for men. Punishment of wives was called chastisement, a term that emphasized the corrective purpose of the action and minimized the violent nature of the behavior Under medieval English common law, a husband could not be prosecuted for raping his wife because the law provided that a wife could not refuse consent for sex to her husband. Because much of U.S. law was modeled on English common law, this definition of rape remained in effect in the United States until the 1970s, when many (but not all) states modified their rape statutes.

In Islamic countries a secular, liberal feminism has developed that seeks to eliminate discrimination against women and to outlaw practices such as polygyny (multiple wives), purdah (seclusion in the home), and limitation of the right of divorce to the husband. In India, feminists have organized opposition to the dowry system and subsequent “dowry deaths,” where continuing demands of the groom’s family are not met and result in the murder of the bride. Purdah is system of seclusion of women practiced by some Muslim and Hindu peoples. The word purdah also refers to a curtain or screen used to keep women separate from men and strangers, used primarily in India. The practice of secluding women from men began to disappear with the adoption of Western culture, but the Muslim fundamentalism of the 1980s revived it.

While such theatrical process of life on women were going on, one is wondering as to the movement of women which ignited certain interest in which Western women have taken amazing initiatives in this regard and they have made profound contribution on the progress and dynamism of women in which they have struggled to death on the equality of rights they should share along with men. It is good and commendable to cite one example as reference from my source of reference as well, which makes this opinion sharing to be more prolific since it is based on facts and what the whole world knows very well.

When reformer Susan B. Anthony voted in the 1872 presidential election, women in the United States did not have the right to vote, and Anthony was arrested. In this 1873 speech, Anthony defended her position on women’s suffrage. Susan B. Anthony on Women’s Rights stated, Friends and fellow citizens: I stand before you tonight under indictment for the alleged crime of having voted at the last presidential election, without having a lawful right to vote. It shall be my work this evening to prove to you that in thus voting, I not only committed no crime but, instead, simply exercised my citizen’s rights, guaranteed to me and all United States citizens by the National Constitution, beyond the power of any State to deny.

The preamble of the federal Constitution says: “We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” It was we, the people; not we, the white male citizens; nor yet we, the male citizens; but we, the whole people, who formed the Union. And we formed it, not to give the blessings of liberty, but to secure them; not to the half of ourselves and the half of our posterity, but to the whole people—women as well as men. And it is a downright mockery to talk to women of their enjoyment of the blessings of liberty while they are denied the use of the only means of securing them provided by this democratic-republican government—the ballot.

Woman Suffrage, is defined as right of women to share on equal terms with men the political privileges afforded by representative government and, more particularly, to vote in elections and referendums and to hold public office. Equal political rights for women have been advocated since antiquity. Under the autocratic forms of government that prevailed in ancient times and under the feudal regimes of the Middle Ages, however, suffrage was so restricted, even among men, that enfranchisement of women never attained the status of a major political issue. Conditions warranted organized woman-suffrage movements only after suffrage had been won by large, formerly disfranchised groups of the male population as a consequence of the democratic revolutions of the 18th and 19th centuries.

She went to Europe in 1883, met women’s rights activists there, and in 1888 helped form the International Council of Women, representing 48 countries. At the age of 80 she resigned as president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, but she continued to be a regular speaker at its conventions until her death. American women did not gain the right to vote until 1920, after amendments were made to the Constitution of the United States. The passage of the 14th Amendment in 1866 and the 15th Amendment in 1870 helped to focus the women’s rights movement on suffrage.

The 14th Amendment provided that all citizens were guaranteed equal protection under the law and that no citizen could be denied due process of law. The 15th Amendment stated that citizens could not be denied the right to vote on the basis of race, color, or previous status as a slave. Activists like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony argued that the 14th Amendment conferred on women constitutional equality and the rights of full citizenship.

Anthony always acknowledged Stanton as the founder of the women’s rights movement. Her own achievement lay in her inspiration and perseverance in bringing together vast numbers of people of both sexes around the single goal of the vote. On July 2, 1979, the U.S. Mint honored her work by issuing the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin.

In recent decades women around the world have made strides in political participation. By the 1980s women could vote virtually everywhere in the world, except for a few Muslim countries. As of mid-2005, when women in Kuwait won suffrage, women could vote in all countries where men could vote except Saudi Arabia. The right to vote usually included the right to run for elected office. In 2005 there were 12 female national leaders in the world, including 8 heads of state (3 monarchs and 5 presidents) and 4 heads of government (prime ministers). In 2005 women made up almost 16 percent of legislative bodies worldwide, compared to 11 percent in 1999 and 9 percent in 1987. Despite these advancements, women’s role in governmental decision-making remains limited.

One used to think that America was one of the safest and secured places especially for women, where those who look and work for democracy live and freely practice in which one does not get the point on why America was late in respecting such women right until 1920 which is one case in which a State that claims itself as democratic and free in its constitution took so long since such practice is not something easy going and simple and it need quite a long time and has its own evolutionary stages of development in which a kind of revolution is needed to catalyze the movement that should take over. They considered women passiveness as acceptance which was not the case, but silence in cases is reflection and expression of dissatisfaction and disappointment in societies where there is no complete answer and stronger oppression and suffering is an answer.

It is also quite noteworthy to consider when women are engaged in the field of politics and religions— the two big forces that exist on earth; others state as the two evil forces—as to how far they can go up and can contribute and how far they can make changes in which religion and politics have different settings but they have similar impact on the life of human society. When women are engaged in politics, it is evident that they can go up to top leadership as far as they follow the procedures set in the political system, whereas when women want to activate in religion, they cannot go up to top position in leadership in religion and they cannot be top leaders, but they play every kind of games under that top leadership.

This is one of the paradoxical events and processes of life when women become more active in religion in which they have contradictory realities and conflict and contradictions become apparent on women realities and they are also subjects of controversies when they are submissive and obedient to religion due to the fact they accept by virtue of the tale stories they are preached in relation to them such as the story of Adam and Eve that  dictate their most reality and functions and activities of women.

It is crystal clear as those who are involved in politics since the field is wide open, but as to those who are involved in religion, they play under limit in which they cannot go to top status, which make themselves and others to think that they lack or miss something. Is this because they can be pregnant or what? Power and authority are important and useful elements in in generally defining accountability, rights, freedom, responsibility, dignity and nobility. They are not symbols, they tell the natural characteristics of both sexes since if there is claim that women and men are equal, there must be way that such equality should be crystalized within the frame of social systems. One of the manifestations of such realities is power and authority vested upon both sexes. When such denial is there, the claims that are written in the constitution or policies cannot go beyond being ink and paper.

When women are involved in scientific arena, it is their accomplishment and achievement that dictate than their natural reality and as far as they come up with discovery or finding, there is no way out that they are deprived of such rights in these days. There is no such declaration that is put in written in the world of scientific community that when any women come up with any finding, she should be ignored. It is only religion that put official status of women in which women cannot lead any religion, but the paradoxes women accept such assumption and declaration, which is a subject of controversy.

When such women follow a particular religion, one wonders as to what type of people they are and one make one’s own note due to the fact one is awoke from the slumber one had been injected for many years in past life. It does not need to be rocket scientist as to tell what the type of personality they could be enveloped by virtues of the paradoxes such way of life and systems of life deliver to their respective adherents. In this case, people should be wake up from the romantic nymph they have in terms of the systems they belong, should start re-thinking and re-considering various aspects of human realities and conditions.

This does not mean that women in the political arena are perfect and complete and saintly in which politics needs its own personality and character in which they should know how to mess up in politics, the tricks and all kind of political drama men are playing, which make them to have a different and tricky personality and character than the ordinary people have in life. In fact, those who live in developing nations are playing the game of funding and they want to take advantage of the women right stuff for their personal advantage and benefits as well, which is another subject matter. They still live under the shelter and grace of the masculine world in which they are not free from such world.

When there is underlined assumption and view in relation to the greatest station and spirituality of women over men, then, why such great station and spirituality is denied in leading the word in such arena in which they should lead the world by being prophets, founders of religion and holding top positions as pope, patriarch and so on which the system demands as there is claim, that claim should be truthful and honestly respected than stating it for lip service.

There is no woman in Orthodox synods, no woman Cardinals in the Catholics, who are the highest dignitaries in the church after the pope, no top positions to women in Muslim religion as well, and even in other congregations those who claim they are latest and in other types of such assemblages; they do not allow women to be recognized as top leaders. This makes all religion similar besides their agreement on the existence of evil. Is the case related to virginity or pregnancy or which is not even mystery since women in these days have showed pretty much excellence and vibrancy than other centuries and days? Or this is something related to one of the famous jokes made on women, one of the greatest mistakes God ever made is creating women, which no one gets the motive and drama behind such aspect of life in this world. It is not possible to mystify those vivid realities that do not need such mystification since we live in very different time and century.

However, there is tremendous  progress in such arenas of life in this world in which women activist along with men politicians have come to better way of life and level in terms of freedom and rights women have by virtue of the excellence they have demonstrated in many fields, which is an indication that whatever dogmatic and doctrine is there, they will show excellence in the advancement and progress of the world since this is one of greatest centuries in the history of human kind because of such realities—rights and freedoms—are evident and are like clear day sun that there is no way that such rights and freedom will not be maintained even in those communities who underlined and agreed that women cannot be on top leadership, but by the exigency of the time, they will or such communities or thinking will vanish since they cannot get along with the idea and thinking of this century.

The World in Anesthesia

February 12, 2014

There is an idea and conceptual framework that goes like God sends messengers from time to time in which few believe that there is time limit for such sending. This is one of the ridiculous concepts and thinking one used to think and believe in which the moment one is awake from the deep sleep one had been injected for years, one realize that such concepts and thinking require quite revision and they are source of confusion and contradiction.

One of the reasons is that they claim that God is the unknowable essence and it is not possible to make any claim and justification as to the time limit since it is unknowable reality which cannot be comprehended and analyzed by the limited being like human minds in which such reality is considered as abstract reality and abstract reality cannot be described in way that human mind dictate since both have varied nature and characteristics.

The other reason is that  is the possible manifestation and reflection on the objective existence and reality as the number of messengers are increasing the number of sects and categories people find on the objective plane of existence increases in which they are one of the root causes of disunity and difference between the peoples of the world who were supposed to be unified, by the existence and root cause of such self-claiming messengers, the number increases in which the number of denomination and category also increases.

The other reason is that they claim that they have better revelation and teaching but they all teach about unity but the practical impact they have on the world is disunity, they can unify those who are under their domain, but the cannot bring unified vision and purpose on those who are outside their domain,  since there are people who join them while others are still attached to former ones, although they claim that they have unified purpose and mission, it is not accepted by those who are older and former as one of the trends they follow which became source of confrontations and contradictions on earth.

The other significant aspect of such life is that all tell that God is unknowable and the agree on matter which they do not have clue, which is very interesting aspect of their life. People should agree on matters and aspects that can be proven right or wrong, but such aspect of life is very interesting since they agree on matters they have no clue, and they have confirmed such aspect in their teaching and they loudly claim.

It is also quite interesting to note that they all have promises and hope that should not be fulfilled and the prime intent of such holding of promises and hope unfulfilled is with the intention of keeping followers within their domain and those who are on top will not have any job since such promises are fulfilled due to the fact that human reality lives wit interests when there is hope in which it is not possible to live without hopes and hopes are used for such purpose.

This is also commendable to think that the fear and consequence of fear that comes as result of hope and promises get fulfilled in which none is able to adequately tell what is going go after and beyond the fulfillment and the promises all are set are over, there is none can ably tell except the fake figurative approaches all uphold everywhere and there is ignorance beyond that line and knowledge is stranger in that given city.

And one was wondering as to what makes people fear and frustrate on this given drama, life should be simple but most people do have fear of the consequence of life and they happen to be protective and preventive in every avenue in which people are found in despair and confusion since they have no clue of what is going on this world and the mysteries they claim as secrets are  evident and clear to others, and there is no such secrecy and mystery that should be kept in every church or office or wherever since everything is becoming normal and there is no such fear people should develop since everyone is doing everything in everywhere.

As more messengers of God appear in the future, more division and sects of belief system will be in abundant and there is no way that the people of the world will be one and unified since the trend in this world show that as more self-claiming people do appear in such aspect of reality, they have always followers and divisions. And even if the so called the day of judgment or end of days is come, which they have no clue as to when and where, they have no clear picture as to the happening except claiming that such thing is mystery.

The other aspect of such drama is that as more messengers come, they have always fashion and style in which they claim I was foretold by somebody before in such book, which is more of translating movie script into reality in which it is possible and simple to claim as foretold by others since it is written before and makes it simple due to the fact it is written before in which there is no such hard job and difficulties in having such claim.

All of them talk about the next world which none have clue, but it is way of attracting many people into their domain in which people always seek for reward and punishment not only in this world, but also in the world here after, and even if there is no such world yet to come, but they all talk about the existence of next world. None has gone there and back to this world except mere fantasy few people claim in which they tell and they had brief stay in the next world. Such few people are the one who started telling about the existence of this world and if they are wrong, those who claim that they had brief stay over there are wrong but they think and follow the messengers and everything they do not have clue, they understood and interpreted by how such messengers view and make other people think.

How long this drama shall continue, how long this theater will be on stage? It is crystal clear that when such dram is over, this world will look different and new realm and new way of looking at things appear. The point behind such dram and waiting is one and one, in which many people will be jobless and the money spent on such drama will be stopped, in which such fashion and way of life is needed by the existing politicians and religionists since they need it and want it, if they like and want, the can stop it, but they do not want. The game is money and personal advantage than the good and betterment of the future and the world.

This world should be awake from the anesthesia that had been injected for thousand years. The time should be to revise and rethink on those subject mattes and realities, in which this is the time, rational should take over blind belief and imitation in which reason and understanding should play significant role in shaping the environment and our world. Ask, reason out, investigate, and find views from all different sources of opinions and information and then find out and reach to the point of truth one should reach.

Where is … Heading?

February 11, 2014

When I was writing on my computer, what I typed was where are we heading, and the computer underlined the word are, and I asked the computer by doing the right click, what to do, the computer asked me to replace, are by is, and I just left the title it as the computer asked me to do so, but removed we and replaced it by dots since it is subject and verb incompatibility. And I asked myself is the computer wrong or the grammar, and sometimes I wonder as to the grammar and rules we learn at school and what the informal world communicate, and when one is correct in which there are places where what rules and regulations could be wrong as there are places in which what the informal and unwritten laws even if they are wrong according to formal rules, they are considered as correct.

Whichever the case is, I sometimes like to accept the ideas of others if they are not something oppressive, paternalistic, authoritative and dictating.In cases, I do not like the attitudes than the subject matter in which the way people present their ideas is the most important aspect than opinions they share since I know what is good and bad for me than what other people could tell.  It is good to be rebellious in the path of truth since truth has better and nicer value. And someone asked me, why do you write, I replied, what bothers you here. This is just about opinion sharing, not running for presidency or whatever, which is not the intention of this person as well, in place where there is no even true elections, which is even just fake and symbol. The motive of such write up is sharing of views and reflections about life and what one thinks on that given day. This is about people, society, personal factors and the condition of the world at large in superficial manner accordingly.

This world is conditioned by events and incidents in which what has been going on in today could be found reversed in tomorrow, which make the path and journey of this world to be more of unpredictable phenomenon and changing in every moment as the direction and trends its leaders do not even realize in which those nations who used to see each-others as cat and rat are changed to the contrary of something else in which the direction and trend of their communication and relationship is not something that can be told ahead of time since itispolitical and economic advantage that dictate them than the policy they set ahead of time.

If we know the end in precise manner, the beginning and the middle will be boring. Since the end is unknowable and precisely unpredictable, people intense desire for life and living is augmented by the keen desire people have for life. And everyone makes a pause and ask, what is going on, where are we heading for, what is the purpose and motive behind such drama and so on. And as one wonders and walk on lake side, one had an experience of viewing across the end of where the lake ends in which the lake that does not show its end and the lake that one can view where it ends from a distant. The one that has no end have such an elixir which make one wonder that it takes one’s thinking and mind to somewhere very interesting than the one whose end can be viewed from distant.

For example, when any given person starts sharing views and ideas in writing, this could be considered by others as problematic and difficult situation of life in which other people start playing the game of hair splitting in wording and view one shares, they could highlight by using markers an parkers, which one does not even are, for both positive and negative aspects, but one has no time in discussing such matters further in formal way since it is about informal sharing and people can forward their comments by the section which is found under this write up. Others could start focusing on the most irrelevant and insignificant aspect of such writing since they have no clue of the end of this drama, except mere speculation and ill wish, in cases, they have, but others who are good intent and positive in such undertaking understand the gist of the write up and commented to the author wonderful views and comments which inspire and encourage the author which one is grateful and appreciative of their valuable suggestions.

If one’s life is something predictable and going in way other people tell,life would be boring since the end is already known, but what makes life interesting is that one’s end cannot precisely predicted even by the author of one’s own life forget about other people who have no clue due to the fact that human reality is not a machine oriented reality, but the drama and theater going on making human beings to be a machine oriented reality, but could be speculated and funds can be tapped in this case, but such drama should be over since it is fake and rubbish theater  few people are playing on stage and they can find such actors in holy wood movies than on the objective reality.

We live in world in which polices and laws are formulated or removed overnight for the sake of attacking or favoring one person; we live in world that policies and law are removed with the  intention of meriting those individuals who favor a system and vice versa. In general we live in world that systems are manipulated by individuals as systems manipulate individuals as well and such process is underway. Whatever given aspect of life, the condition of the world is hard to tell to which direction this world is heading except guesses and speculations people have in life in which leaders are failed to lead and manage this world due to the fact they have lost the right and correct vision and world condition is going in pretty much unpredictable manner, and the only chance they have is to adjust themselves to the need and happenings of the world than go by their whatever plans they set to their nations.

This happens for two reasons; there are happenings that can go by their calendar such as the president and prime minster of given nation can go to visit and pay a tribute to attend memorials or anniversaries. Such undertaking can go according to the plan they set and everything goes by their will and wish since it is matter of air flight booking and hotel reservation, if any. However, the earthquake, flooding and other aspect of life in this world is no something that can be controlled except accepting the consequences of such natural disasters and they are not as simple as paying visits and marking colander dates as to making speech at the gathering of the United Nations.

In order to clearly understand how the direction of this world is unpredictable and the changes of this world are playing greater and fundamental roles in the relationship, communication and interaction between nations and societies, it is simple to review the case of Japan and United States of America, which tell how the phases and features of this world is shifting from time to time, from one aspect to another, from one condition to another, which is crystal clear to any observant person in this world on the drama such leaders  have in managing and leading this world. As per one’s source of reference, the following info is obtained that clearly explain such given condition. It goes like the following.

In 1868 a group of disaffected feudal lords, court aristocrats, and samurai responded to the threat of foreign domination by overthrowing Japan’s military government and replacing it with a new imperial government under the Meiji emperor. The Meiji Restoration, as it came to be known, ended 250 years of self-isolation for Japan and introduced an era of rapid economic change. The country’s new rulers adopted the slogan “Rich Country, Strong Army.” They wanted Japan to become economically and militarily powerful so it could retain its independence.

Yet, Japan had no modern machinery, steel mills, steam engines, telegraphs, railroads, postal system, or newspapers. It had few natural resources aside from coal and silk. Nor did it have modern business institutions, such as banking and public corporations. Its main resource was a population that was highly literate for a preindustrial country. At that time, 43 percent of boys and 10 percent of girls had some schooling.Before the Meiji Restoration, Japan had conducted almost no trade. After the restoration, Japan welcomed foreign advisers and sent missions to the United States, Germany, France, and Britain to learn the best techniques in economy and government.

Between 1885 and 1900 foreign trade grew to 18 percent of GDP. Still, to avoid dependence, Japan restricted foreign investments and loans. Initially, the government had to fill the vacuum in promoting industrialization because business was so weak.  The country’s takeoff was explosive. From 1890 through 1938, Japan’s GDP grew 3.3 percent each year, far faster than the United States and the countries of Western Europe at a similar stage of development. Manufacturing grew especially rapidly, soaring from 8 percent of GDP in 1888 to 32 percent by 1938.

The worldwide economic slump of the 1930s, combined with other factors, led Japan to increasingly centralize and militarize its economy. The government passed laws giving itself control over imports, power to direct private bank loans to priority industries and firms, and authority to promote heavy industries needed by the military, such as petroleum, machine tools, aircraft, iron and steel, and automobiles. Industries were organized into cartels (groups of business firms acting in concert to reduce economic competition in a particular market). Heavy industry rose from 35 percent of manufacturing in 1930 to 65 percent by 1940. The legacy of this period was a pattern of corporate organization and government-business relations that remains influential today.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt became wartime president after Japan attacked the United States on December 7, 1941. Although he had opposed Japanese expansion in Asia from the time he took office, Roosevelt was kept from assisting China to any extent by the difficulties of geographical distance and by American isolationism. When the Japanese attacked China again in 1937 without a declaration of war, terming the hostilities a mere incident, Roosevelt refused to recognize the existence of a state of war and thus avoided the application of the neutrality laws. Such enforcement would have discriminated against the Chinese, and Roosevelt was as openly pro-Chinese in Asia as he was openly pro-British in Europe. In 1940 the administration notified Japan that the existing commercial treaty between the two countries would be ended. The administration increased U.S. aid to China and placed an embargo on the export of iron and steel scrap, an important part of U.S. trade with Japan. In Japan, militarists took complete control of the government

In this famous speech, President Roosevelt lists the unprovoked attacks by Japan and details America’s reasons for declaring war. After the devastation at Pearl Harbor, the United States could no longer remain detached from the events in Europe and Asia. After this speech and the ensuing congressional vote, the United States entered the fray of the Second World War.Yesterday, December 7, 1941—a date which will live in infamy—the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan. I ask that the Congress declare that since the unprovoked and dastardly attack by Japan on Sunday, December seventh, a state of war has existed between the United States and the Japanese Empire.Yesterday the Japanese Government also launched an attack against Malaya.Last night Japanese forces attacked Hong Kong.Last night Japanese forces attacked Guam.Last night Japanese forces attacked the Philippine Islands.Last night the Japanese attacked Wake Island.This morning the Japanese attacked Midway Island.Japan has, therefore, undertaken a surprise offensive extending throughout the Pacific area. The facts of yesterday speak for themselves.

When one just read these statements, one would ask, why did Japan made such an attack on others or what is the motive behind such drama in which most attribute such going of the world with wealth and the ambition nations and societies develop behind the accumulation of the wealth since wealth provokes and tempts people and society to do things which were not don in their history, and they show to others that they can do everything due to the fact have something and they can do something. Although it is difficult to make such analysis on behalf of the incident, there are also other possible factors and drama that were happening at that given period in the history the world in which the condition of the world at that given time is another factor that determine people, societies and nation’s relationship, interactions and communications with each other.

World War II, global military conflict that, in terms of lives lost and material destruction, was the most devastating war in human history. It began in 1939 as a European conflict between Germany and an Anglo-French coalition but eventually widened to include most of the nations of the world. It ended in 1945, leaving a new world order dominated by the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

Experts claim that the major and root causes for the occurrence of Second World War are four folds. The first one is failure of peace efforts in which during the 1920s, attempts were made to achieve a stable peace. The first was the establishment (1920) of the League of Nations as a forum in which nations could settle their disputes. The league’s powers were limited to persuasion and various levels of moral and economic sanctions that the members were free to carry out as they saw fit.

The second one is rise of fascism. One of the victors’ stated aims in World War I had been “to make the world safe for democracy,” and postwar Germany adopted a democratic constitution, as did most of the other states restored or created after the war. In the 1920s, however, the wave of the future appeared to be a form of nationalistic, militaristic totalitarianism known by its Italian name, fascism. It promised to minister to peoples’ wants more effectively than democracy and presented itself as the one sure defense against communism. Benito Mussolini established the first Fascist dictatorship in Italy in 1922. Japan did not formally adopt fascism, but the armed forces’ powerful position in the government enabled them to impose a similar type of totalitarianism.

The third one is formation of axis coalition. Adolf Hitler, the Führer (“leader”) of the German National Socialist (Nazi) Party, preached a racist brand of fascism. Hitler promised to overturn the Versailles Treaty and secure additional Lebensraum (“living space”) for the German people, who he contended deserved more as members of a superior race. In the early 1930s, the depression hit Germany. The moderate parties could not agree on what to do about it, and large numbers of voters turned to the Nazis and Communists. In 1933 Hitler became the German chancellor, and in a series of subsequent moves established himself as dictator. Treaties between Germany, Italy, and Japan in the period from 1936 to 1940 brought into being the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis. The Axis thereafter became the collective term for those countries

The fourth one is German aggression in Europe. Hitler launched his own expansionist drive with the annexation of Austria in March 1938. The way was clear: Mussolini supported him; and the British and French, overawed by German rearmament, accepted Hitler’s claim that the status of Austria was an internal German affair. The United States had severely impaired its ability to act against aggression by passing a neutrality law that prohibited material assistance to all parties in foreign conflicts.

The United States spent the most money on the war, an estimated $341 billion, including $50 billion for lend-lease supplies, of which $31 billion went to Britain, $11 billion to the Soviet Union, $5 billion to China, and $3 billion to 35 other countries. Germany was next, with $272 billion; followed by the Soviet Union, $192 billion; and then Britain, $120 billion; Italy, $94 billion; and Japan, $56 billion. The Soviet government has calculated that the USSR lost 30 percent of its national wealth, while Nazi exactions and looting were of incalculable amounts in the occupied countries. The full cost to Japan has been estimated at $562 billion.

Although the human cost of the war was tremendous, casualty figures cannot always be obtained and often vary widely. Most experts estimate the military and civilian losses of Allied forces at 44 million and those of the Axis at 11 million. The total number of civilian losses includes the 5.6 million to 5.9 million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust. Of all the nations that participated in World War II, the human cost of the war fell heaviest on the USSR, for which the official total, military and civilian, is given as more than 20 million killed. The United States, which had no significant civilian losses, sustained more than 400,000 deaths.

They also say, Second World War is a result of dissatisfaction on the results and consequences of the First World War in which three major powers had been dissatisfied with the outcome of World War I. Germany, the principal defeated nation, bitterly resented the territorial losses and reparations payments imposed on it by the Treaty of Versailles. Italy, one of the victors, found its territorial gains far from enough either to offset the cost of the war or to satisfy its ambitions. Japan, also a victor, was unhappy about its failure to gain control of China.

Coming back to the city of America and Japan, what happened after the War was, the United States, one of Japan’s opponents in the war, occupied Japan militarily and controlled economic policy from 1945 to 1952. At first, the occupation authorities embraced economic democratization as their first priority. They introduced land reform and permitted workers to unionize. They also broke up the zaibatsu, which owned 40 percent of all equity (stock) in Japanese companies. By the late 1950s, however, the zaibatsu were reforming. The groups of affiliated companies were now called keiretsu, and banks, rather than rich families, stood at their core.

When World War II ended in 1945, one-quarter of Japan’s buildings lay in ashes. The GDP was only one-third of its prewar level. Riots broke out among people who were barely surviving on 1,000 calories worth of food per day. To get recovery started, the government instituted a “priority production” system, subsidizing the manufacture of basic products such as coal, fertilizer, steel, and electricity. Japan’s economy did not return to its prewar GDP levels until 1955.The United States, one of Japan’s opponents in the war, occupied Japan militarily and controlled economic policy from 1945 to 1952. At first, the occupation authorities embraced economic democratization as their first priority. They introduced land reform and permitted workers.

The rise of the Cold War in the late 1940s pitted a bloc of countries led by the United States against another bloc led by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). With the new international situation, occupation authorities adopted a new priority: to make Japan into a strong ally for the United States. The change in policy became known as the reverse course. To promote economic growth, the United States provided financial assistance and opened its markets to Japanese goods. In 1950 the Korean War broke out, and the U.S. military began buying supplies from Japan, creating enormous demand for Japanese goods. Economic recovery exploded to 12 percent growth per year from 1950 to 1952. In 1952 Japan regained its sovereignty and the U.S. occupation of Japan ended.

While reviewing the relationship of Japan and America, at one aspect, up on the war condition and destructive aspects of their lives, they we supposed to be living as cat and rat, but they live in different life scenario and things have changed so fast and are very different by now than the way it should, but left to both nations a very expensive learning and it was learning to the  world at large in which the idea and sense of war is destructive not only in terms of material and emotional aspects, but also in its intellectual elements in which the power of intelligence is employed on the war business in which the two cities of Japan,Hiroshima and Nagasaki,  are remembered of the destruction of human lives by atomic bombs in which such mass destruction is the result of  military and war experts, which involved scientific inventions such as the atomic power and bombs.And then chemical and biological and nuclear bombs and elements are on stage to destroy human lives in today.

The end result of the war between Japan and America resulted in the complete occupation of Japan’s militarily and controlled economic policy from 1945 to 1952 by the United States in which the shift in policy and management of resources occurred in Japan, not by Japan’s leaders voluntarily acceptance and Japan’s expert decisions, but by force and weapon. This is what it means by the world condition is hard to predict from historical perspective as more factors and examples can be set to the present condition of the world in which life in this world is so unpredictable and it is not even wise to have such profession and have a profession of prophet-hood due to the  fact those in past have failed to predict in precise manner in which if someone tells that China is country of the future, one should tell the ins and outs of such incidence, those periods and events and everything in precise manner otherwise it is just foolish drama and childish game as those before us were playing and who gives regard and pay attention for such prediction that lacks clarity and rationale as well.

This is not the day in which if someone tells something about the future, people should not justify by stating that we do not know, how, when and the like, but they should present facts and people should present their justification by giving tangible occurrence and happenings in relation to what they claim, otherwise what they know as mystery could be understood as trick and hoax than truthful reality. Failure to justify such reality could cost them expensive losses in terms of their failure in the grasp of such aspect of reality and they deprive other people who were supposed to be beneficiary from such aspect of life. Keeping and holding such truthful aspects of life in secrecy due to their failure, corruptions and the huge mess they did could not prevent the spread of such truthful realities all over.

Although the direction of the world has pretty much changed by now in which the second world war gave birth for two super powers such as the USSR and USA, the direction of the world as of today make this world look into different paradigm and scenario after the collapse of the USSR by theperestroika (restructuring), that was authored by Mikhail Gorbachev, leader of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) from 1985 to 1991, the last leader of that country and the key figure in the liberalization and subsequent disintegration of Soviet and Eastern European Communism.

Nowadays, China, Brazil, and other countries are emerging as super power in addition to European and America, and the condition and direction of this world is constantly changing as more super powers come onstage, more strength and capacity is developed, as a result of such given competition, poor nations could have nicer opportunities for growth since such superpowers look into other nations, by the divide and rule policy they follow. Poor countries cannot survive by their own; they look into assistance of the strong powers which is obvious and normal condition and operations in this world. It doe snot even need to be political scientist and atomic power researcher to tell about historical and present condition of the world and possibly predict on the future condition of the world, a layman can make prediction since all expert predictions were wrong and have failed in telling about the fate of this world, what is wrong with layman to make such prediction since failure is one of the hobbies that exist in this world.

Bearing all these aspects of human conditions and life in this world, we live in world that it is very hard to predict the destiny of nation, individuals, societies and so on but people can make prediction as those who make on various soccer games, whether it is scientific or mere guess, it is all the same, which does not need to have a such rational to have such prediction since the quality of prediction is more respected and appreciated by its conformity to reality which is the case in here. If some has website making such prediction and people pay for that website, this does not mean that such website is of higher quality when more of such calculations and predictions are wrong and it does not make people of quality since they only make others pay, due to the fact that books like Bible, Qur’an and other books which are widely read are found for free on many websites.

Making prediction of this world is not like making any guess like to any soccer game and drama as the Octopus were doing in Germany, and is far beyond that in which sages, prophets and experts have failed to tell us the exact and precise destiny of the world in which it is not even possible to predict the condition of two countries which are subset of the entire globe, which are constituent parts of the entire system. This world is not like whether historians or those who study events, processes and happenings could precisely tell, if they do, they are just going like the way soccer speculator are doing since it is hard to tell as per the situation of Japan and America, Eritrea and Ethiopia, Iran and Iraq, and others are going, which is unpredictable and it is not something that most speculate and time shall tell.

The condition of the world is constantly changing day by day in which it is circumstances  and situations that dictate the systems in which human reality is already put under a machinery system all over, is already having stereotype lifestyle all over, and to think outside the box is becoming and considered as being abnormal and rebellious since system is the one that manipulate human and social reality and to change such systems is not something that people can do overnight due to the fact that the existing system favor those few people who originally created and installed and it is employed to the benefit and  advantage of the few and the elite group all over.

This is like there is building whose structure is wrong and there is danger in the building, but what the owners or authorities on the building do is they change the seat arrangements to fix the problems on the look of the building in which the main problem lies in the building. It is the fault of the architect or the structural engineer who did erect the building, but they go after the seat arrangements within which are not even the real problems.

National and universal boredom cannot be solved and remedied by changing the arrangements of seats within the building while the problem lies on the building itself which could destroy people’s lives who are within and around the building if such problems are not fixed well. Changing seat arrangements is not even a remedy, since it is not even problem. In such world, the choice we have is to change the form and shape or structure of the building or remove the building safely; or to live with the national and universal boredom it delivers by accepting the ugly look and danger the buildings have.