The Irony Behind

January 29, 2014

33rd President of United States, Harry S. Truman (1884 – 1972), said, a leader is a man who has the ability to get other people to do what they don’t want to do, and like it. However this world in today is not lucky in having such leaders since the so called leaders make us hate what we like in life since they make life to be boring and dis-interesting due to their style of leadership and the system they create within their domain and society which puts too much pressure and stress on the life of society.

Recently,  the 44th. World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland as per the research made by OXFAM international claimed that 85 richest people on the planet are worth nearly as much as the poorest 50 percent of the world’s population. Others claim that 75% of the world total wealth is governed and controlled by 85 wealthy people. What does it mean by that, where were all these leaders who claim that they are working hard to bring justice and equity to the entire human race, in which the above wealth distribution in this world indicate that leaders have failed in bringing what they claim to their respective society since such economic imbalance in society create stress and boredom to the life of human society. Economic system and distribution is reflection of political ideology society and leaders install and practice; failure to bring economic justice is a reflection of failure in political ideology, which shows how the administration and leadership role is malfunctioned.

The economic theories underway in the Western world have an impact on the political make of other nations who seek aid and assistance for their survival and development since economy is the key factor that plays significant role in shaping the thinking machinery of those developing nations who live stretching their hands to the West. In whichever world—West or East—people reside, justice, truth, integrity, unity, and other human virtues are important and useful while living as individual, community and institution. Whatever political or economic ideology people promulgate, the balance is on the influence and impact they create on the life of human society.

In both camps, East and West, few are richer than the mass. Both have different ideology and political make up, but they have similar results and impacts in terms of wealth in which the few circle, the so called the elite are becoming richer and the mass become submissive and dependent upon the few group. What is the point, what is the drama on stage, what is the motive behind such drama? In both camps where different religious, political and economic settings are claimed, the attitude and possession people have on wealth is similar. Few are rich, and the mass is still poor whatever ideology is there. Is there any leader or manager in this world? Who is leading this world, is this ideology or the drama behind such ideologies?

A true leader leaves true legacy behind. When any nation has a true leader, society sense healthy vibration in its daily undertaking and the vision and determination of the right and genuine leader is felt in every home and household. When any nation has manager than a leader, life becomes boring and stressful since the quality of leader is to create stir in the life of human society, but the quality of manager is to perform a task according to the schedule and ensure that salaries are paid at the end of every pay period. Here looks society with a manager than a society with a leader since one observes a stressful faces in everywhere in which people look confused and frustrated in the process of life.

A confused and frustrated society could consume its managers at the end of every pay period when there is no money left to pay salary or when it is awake from its slumber on the psycho drama and games its managers are playing in every time. The moment society is awake from such nightmare, the fates of such given managers are clear; they will not even secure their pension fund and the like. That is why people or society looks for certain form of vibration or movement when it is bored of the activities a given system is doing and operating within its domain.

The idea of manager and leader is mostly entertained in organizations and companies in which most people confuse leadership role and management skills in which a good leader and a good manager have distinct characteristics in which leader is about seeing and designing the future, in which leaders create tomorrow in today’s mind whereas mangers implement what leaders have foreseen and live in present world as per the vision of the leaders. Leadership is vision in which managers implement and execute any given vision. Management is tool to leadership.

And one was wondering as to the functions of those organizations who are led by ambition and vision and one tried to contemplate on the various aspect of their undertaking in which money is one of the significant aspect of life in which when people think that they collect and save money in abundance, they think that everything can be achieved which is one mentality and money cannot be beyond a tool and it is an instrument that facilitate peoples objective and purpose of existence and it cannot be an end goal by itself.

When people become owner of business, to be manager and owner of business are also two different responsibilities as to be leader and manager of any given nation are different, in which ownership is something that goes far beyond managing since in ownership, people are possessive and they are self-oriented, they face difficulty in dissociating the company from their personal reality although business principles dictate them to do so, they become more of personal oriented mentality that do have an adverse effect on those who employed them in which owner’s mentality dictate the business than the principle of the business.

When people become both owner and manager, management principles are in cases violated since it is the ownership mentality that dictates over business mentality. When such ownership is derived out of practicing certain beliefs and values of life, people learn from such people whereas when people become rich out of spontaneity and overnight, there is nothing to learn, since they claim and say that behind every fortune, there is crime.

Accordingly, I was into an organization that was bit ambitious and egoistic in which it tried to be systemic by putting few management philosophies into its daily routines and activities. And it tried to inject around four different management philosophies into its daily undertaking. Although there was commitment towards being systematic and organized, but it failed to achieve since commitment and determinations are not warranty to be systematic and organized, but skill and capacity are another factors people should consider.

The same is true while a nation is become over ambitious to achieve something into its daily routines. When a given nation become ambitious and egoistic, it does not have enough knowledge and capacity to do things by its own, it imports both philosophies, skills and resources from external source, but it could end up being in the middle of nowhere since it is entirely dependent upon foreign sources and mentality. When such trend is considered as norm, the future of such nation is gloomy since it is dependent upon foreign resources and knowledge.

There is nothing it creates by local citizens due to the fact that foreign people and foreign knowledge are manipulating and managing its resource and people mind. This is what they say; colonization is back in its modern face, sense and way as other defines such given aspect as decolonization. Whatever terminology and wording is there, it is not what terminology and naming that matter, but the trend and action, the theater and drama that is on stage which make few people to think further, and ask, what are these people doing, do they know what they are doing, are they deceiving and lying to us, are they playing tricks or are they genuine, who are they, do they belong to this nation and people although they claim they are on right truck since they always seek certificate from international standards and foreign people justifications to everything, and all kinds of question in which the mass will ask such  given question later when they understand.

The quite funny thing in here is that the mass is always late in grasping what the few are doing on stage and behind the stage, even what is going on stage since the mass always live in cultural and traditional mindset, which they say, the mass is culturally and socially retarded due to the fact that centuries and ages have injected the mass to live with deep sleep and it has not even realized on the type of comfort bed it is having such sleep, since it takes year to realize and get determined to change on what it has been prepared and arranged by such systems so as to make and live in such nightmares and fake dreams the mass is having on daily basis. This is not only for developing or underdeveloped nations, but this is true to those who are even developed since the few are having their own theater behind on stage in most tricky and genius way, which will be clear to the mass after everything is gone and done. This is not to bring noise, but to change noise into melody.

The same is true to those companies and nations who stretch their organs beyond what they should since ambition and ego are the factors that drive such matters and aspect of their cycle of life to go far beyond where they should end up, they live in frustration and confusions due to the fact they have gone far and further beyond since most of them live up to present conditions and neglect the future uncertainties of life which could turn the color and fate of their life page from left to right, from green to black and the like.

If future elements and ingredients of life to the good and future of any nation are not considered, whatever philosophies and resources it imports from outside are considered as normal and healthy growth a nation is achieving, but in reality it is not, but can be related to a person who is suffering of serious illness, but takes only pain killer on daily basis. They deliver relief to the pain for the time being, and look healthy to the outward looking orientation, but could not remove and remedy the root causes of such illness and diseases, which will eventually lead to the decomposition of the entire system as more pain killers are taken and the disease becomes apparent and serious in due course of time.

This is what is going on stage in which those nations and companies who become more ambitious as they obtain fewer coins into their saving, they manifest abnormal characteristics and thinking into their reality since they think that they can do everything within their domain due to the fact that material things trigger people in certain manner in which pride and ego becomes kings in their hearts and minds. They could be considered as a woman or female who became pregnant for the first time in which the woman show many abnormal things and characters since pregnancy create certain hormone imbalance into her metabolism that make her behave in certain manner.

When a given system moves and jumps from one philosophy into another, like a grasshopper, there should be pattern, and adequate time should be given for checking the incompatibly of any given management or political philosophy adopted before replacing it by the other ones. Otherwise it shows here that such given leaders are not holistic and people who cannot see the fate of any given nation, which they lead, forget about for few years, but even for few hours. This makes most people to lose confidence on the system and such leaders since they think that they are incapable and they lack consistency on what they preach and what they do, they conclude that such system and leaders should not be trusted and respected since what they say is lie and hoax.

Companies and systems behave in such fashion and manner, they are in their teenage life cycle and process of life in which such age is what they call in terms of human cycle as fire age, they could extinguish many things and they are haste in decision making and they are not even afraid to do anything and whatever thing they like and want to do. When they survive out of such given life cycle in health manner, they achieve greater result and achievements. When they pass such given life cycle without any addiction or failure, they obtain nicer fruits. However, when they fail to pass such cycle of life with addictions, they live a life with traumatic condition of life as those before them do since life has certain pattern in this world as matter of process of life people or societies share in life as result of such consequence of life they face.

Society need true and good leader since such leader shows direction and paves the way to its good and betterment. In a time when society needs courageous leader, society could have plenty of managers. As 100 men summed cannot be one woman as the vice versa is true too, as 1000 mangers summed up, cannot be one leader. Leadership needs quite a passion, determination and is a natural gift; it is not something that can be fabricated but it is something that can be enriched out of experience and education. Education and experience are helpful, but to be leader is beyond such aspects of life in which such people are noticed on how they think and speak and what they think and speak and what they do as to the quality of leadership they have in life.

A leader must be felt in thinking, speech and any other undertaking. It is crystal clear. This is like when one goes by a woman or man, one can sense the type of aroma one is perfumed, leader is like that, it is something objective, not subjective since the effect and influence are easily felt and understood by most part of society, otherwise, it something else than being leader.


God—Transcendent or Immanent or …

January 22, 2014

God is mostly conceived as transcendent (beyond the world), emphasizing his otherness, his independence from and power over the world order; or as immanent (present within the world), in which the idea and sense of God is mostly shaped by such assumptions and conceptions. When God is beyond the world, creation is an emanation of such reality in which the First Mind is the primal cause of all such creation. When God is present within this world, such conception of beyond the world is operating within this world in mysterious manner due to the fact that First Mind is beyond the summation of creations.

When God is assumed that it is totality of creations in which there is no such thing beyond the world, God function in every creation in its own manner, but there is no such mysterious power people seek since it is not beyond this world, but just in this world as people govern and know all secrets of every creation, it ends up being there, and could lead to an  understanding that with an ultimate end of knowing all, human reality could champion God as result of governing and seeking mysteries of creation in due course of time, since everything in here is bound by time and space.

Bearing these aspects of God into account, the idea of God is mostly derive out of fear of consequences of what denial is to bestow or out of dependence people have in life due to the fact knowledge of certain aspects life make them deduce that there is an intelligent being going on their reality which make things work out in mysterious manner for the good and betterment of them As the two Muslim clergies were arguing about the existence of God, one asked the other, how do you proof the existence of God, the other replied, it is because I have planned to do things in my own way, but they are performed in different way and manner than what I have already planned, which made  me think such interference in my plan that there is different being working for me.

One of the reasons why people seek to know God in the olden days is the desire to seek wisdom and knowledge, in cases as claimed by others as power and referred as magic, in which those people who are inspired and tell and do something which ordinary experience and human beings cannot adequately tell are believed to have communion with God. In these days, there are abundance materials and documents on various scopes and fields of file, which are available at fingertip, and one can get inspired on many aspect and arenas of life and inspire by the documents and written materials available in this world and can come up with one’s own agenda and issue.

Even the field of science is dong many wonderful and incredible things which replace those days of the power of magician, like giving sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf in which scientific achievements has delivered humanity that many of the things which were consider as result of the power of God in today are replace by scientific discoveries and findings in which the need and requirement why people seek God in relation to such aspects of life is becoming lame and void.

And it was only kings and monarchs who could tell the essence of such mysterious power by virtue of the power and authority they possess in course of time and other live as recipient of the grace and will of such few people. They created God in their own way and fashion. They pass their own God to the next generations.  Next generations inherit in way they understood and interpreted in their own manner. Generations come after generations by making few adjustments and people reach to point all are by now is which is hard to reverse and stop it either.

One of the theater that is on stage in relation to way of life as mentioned by any ordinary layman on earth is the idea of God and the concepts derived and addressed by philosophers and theologians due to the fact that they are the ones who are mainly focused and engaged on addressing such particular issue and they claim better and greater authority and accountability than any other people and entity since they speak with power and authority which they derive out of nowhere.

As few written materials state that some theologians have tried to combine philosophical and experiential approaches to God, as in 20th-century German theologian Paul Tillich’s twofold way of speaking of God as the “ground of being” and “ultimate concern.” French mathematician and religious thinker Blaise Pascal unfavorably contrasted the “God of the philosophers,” an abstract idea, with the “God of faith,” an experienced, living reality.

Why do we need God for faith, or other mechanism and tolls that are instrumental to know the color and size of God, although there are assumptions that are underlined to date that all assume that God is all knowing, all powerful and the like, which make creation to be powerless and ignorant. How do such people derive as to such given knowledge and aspect of God, but by just favoring human beings as an excellent creation and best beloved of all creations, since humans are bestowed by the power of the intellect which others are deprived.

Is this how God tell Creation, which is like favoring more of human beings in which others are dull, or what, how do such conception or misconception is derived, with the intention of favoring particular creature, like human beings. And in fact, there is trend already underway in which from the creation as human beings are single out as excellent ones, from such human beings, there are particular people who are considered as chosen and best, which are endowed with special gifts and honors, and they are seen as begotten children of God.

Such feeling and thinking of being special and unique is one of the becoming nature of human reality while acting and reacting as group and community in which wherever one face and joins any given community, any given community or society tells its peculiar characteristic and chances and opportunities of life so as to meet its end goal and objective by the vacuum this world is having. When all such given vacuums are summed up, and all communities want to use such vacuums as means of achieving their end goal, they end up colliding at cross section and point since they have similar method and goals and they cannot achieve their end goal due to the fact they all feel and think that they are special and unique.

In this aspect of life, if everyone thinks that one is unique and special, where is the ultimate reality is going to end up unless they are inclusive, in which being exclusive is the fashion and style they choose in order to attract numerous people and register many number of followers as adherents of particular form of belief system everyone is having in order to bring peace and stability in this world, which  is still an issue in which exclusiveness is creating division and separation between humanity due to the fact that the desire to be unique and special is one of the things that needs to be addressed carefully and considerably as well.

One of the tricks such societies or communities developed in their undertaking is that they show people something outwardly attractive such as their building complex or whatever material things that can influence or trigger peoples mind, and they tell that in order to do or get something in their belonging or compound, one should be a member. In this case, people compromise especially when they do not have any club or society membership, and they just join them since the agenda is not only their doctrine, the desire to belong to particular community, society or group. Thus, they attract numerous individuals by playing psycho games and drama of life since they carefully understand human behavior and character in terms of such given aspect of life.

When there is claim that goes like God is the All- something, the conception behind such given aspect is more of inclusive than being exclusive, but the formations and establishments of all communities and societies in every land are more of exclusive and they live in contradictory mentality and idea since they inherit such trend of life from their fathers and fore fathers. When exclusiveness is an agenda, the world could live in chaos and contradiction than peace and unity. People quarrel since they cannot be grouped under one group. Deviance is one of the natures of human reality in world and systems that thinking or belief does not have complete answers to the quest people have in life.

When any given system is not able to furnish with satisfying ideas and opinions to its adherents about what is going on or any vague conception within the system, quest is borne in the thinking mind, and thus it is not possible to reverse or stop such agenda that quest is to germinate. There could be statements or other written materials, but quest arises as result of such materials and opinions a given system provides. For example, when a given system tell that God is the all- knowing, quest can come with an idea that how do you know that God is the all-knowing, can you prove to one that God is the all-knowing by any objective evidence like what Albert Einstein o another scientist or thinking people have come up as they developed a theory with concrete evidence. If it is not possible, it is futile to talk about such nonsense matter since it is jut waste of time. What is wrong with the all-knowing reality to prove everything in way human mind can understand and conceive?

If God does not want to prove itself especially if it uses its own messengers or begotten sons to prove its essence and existence in way that human mind understands, the author of confusion and contradiction will be God and the whole issue will belong to God since God did not want. Otherwise if there is no such a thing, all these self-claimed vicegerents of God should tell in way that those thinking mind should address since they have already claimed an authority.  Failure to express on what they claim is a responsibility and accountability that belongs to those who claim authority. In this case, the denials that come afterwards are result of failure to explain and state nicely and clearly to the human mind in which there is no curse on them and none should be blamed for that.

When God is addressed to the human mind, it was originally based on miracles which rely on the magic power people have seen or heard in the olden times. The God is historically perceived by the human mind is now cannot be perceived same way as in the olden days since human mind is progressive. The conception of God should change as the human mind changes. There is no way that such God remains constant as the human mind changes due to the fact that creation is an emanation of the creator and there is no such fact that tells that who create the creator, in which is this God that create the creator or what, or the creator itself is God, which none is able to furnish an answer to the quest people have in life except mere opinion one tell and writes. Is this possible to tell that it is only daughters or sons who are progressive, but mother and father does not, how is it possible to tell and understand such reality in way that any given layman understand?

Having said this, one wonders as to the point where such claims are now, in which the idea and sense of God today has various structures and shapes and at times contradictory, ambiguous and confusing, and the number of people who are having daily bread by such given claim is enormous. In this dream and dramatic world, when this world spends much time and consume much of its resources to the object of the unknown, the idea of the unknown that do have structures and causes which do not have any single effect and influence on God itself, as per their claim, since they refer anything and everything towards God, God can do It, they do not even reply or give any answer to the letters individuals write, except forwarding such query to God, or delivering speculating views and perception that could lead to misleading understanding of its essence, and we have come to point that we are here by now.

One wonders in here that, can this world stop claiming and working to the unknown by doing and working things to the known thin in which when people start realizing that when theylive up to what they knowand understand, lifebecome simple and organized and thereis nosuchvacuumspeople give to those who can manipulateand play games on their lives. When things are done in life in mysterious way what everyone notice and understand, we all share that mysterious event and drama in life, for example, the dream, but we do not have to give it form and structures for such unknown reality since it brings many failures in life.

One of the failures in here is that it give a misconceptions and misunderstanding that such unknown reality could be known by the box or structure since it keeps on having certain style and form, and people by very nature have very corrupt inclination when there is vacuums or space that are left for ambiguity and confusion due to the fact ego and ambitions are the fire that consume human reality in past ages and centuries of human history. In this case, there are certain bad practices and things emerge but are considered as normal such as doing tricks, sabotage and conspiracy, and the like, that could have forms and structures and various personnel are hired to do such jobs as their regular duty and function as it is going on the present world.

The second aspect in here is that there is always a tendency that goes like when anything has form, boss and subordinate aspect of life germinate in its domain, in which those who are boss want to remain as a boss and in order to keep their power and ambition, they devise all kind of strategies and policies so as to maintain their power and stay in leadership, but they claim that they are doing it to protect the cause or structure of God or whatever. In this case, they could deny God and keep their system since the systems here on earth are fabrication of human mind. Hence, they could delete God inwardly, but put fake gestures of God as per agreed variables and components by the mass, live deceptive life since the unknown cannot be channeled and controlled and governed by known and limited aspects.

The other aspect is that people tend to forget that unknown stops becoming unknown the moment it starts becoming knowable in which the trend we see on this world is that they tell us God has color, size, height and the like. There are many people on the streets or café we meet, who carry certain books, who tell us that God is like this or that, they also say that, God is forgiving, God loves you and the like in way that they claim authority and fellowship to God and explain to us the things they know and do not know with the desire and ambition and egoistic personality they have installed in their being; they also claim that such grace and majesty they have been gestured is by God, but in fact, what one sees and observes in them is that , not grace and majesty, but abnormality and selfishness, confusion, misunderstanding and misconception.

Accordingly the idea of God as considered by the mass which are transcendent and or Immanent becomes MR X or Mrs or Ms Y and people tend to forget such mysterious power or reality which they are introduced at the intro or beginning of their life in the journey which they call, the search for reality or truth and joined particular form and style of life, but they end up claiming that such reality is realized under somebody’s dream and nightmare. And then people end up in prison which is hard to get out since they live in the middle of nowhere. Numerous individuals in this world are living such life in which even if they have quest, they prefer to understand in way that, it has wisdom, there is mystery, my understanding is limited, I am stupid or foolish, for the things which they can seek possible and realistic answers, but they do not even realize that they have been programmed under the software which is, the fear and consequences of fear bestows in life.

Quest is virtue people can have in life when they seek possible answers to the vague and ambiguous objects of understanding that they face in life. Quest needs integrity, courage, detachment and honesty. It is not simple station people can have in life unless they have practiced and induced certain process of life. Quest here is not about asking the obvious things for clarity, such as like, the color and size of banana, but rather, for instance as it is about what a given system live in contradictory aspect, what it delivers in its constitution or principles or doctrines, in which if there is inconsistent approach and statements, and one know where the inconsistency is by taking into account certain variables and facts in its domain.

When people deliver their freewill and freedom to system of belief or to a given form of life, the power of quest has no significance and value, even if they could, it is like, what is the color and size of banana type of quest they have, they cannot ask fundamental and significant questions even if they know that huge drama is operating behind. They prefer to be stupid and foolish than rebel to those bad drams that are going behind the stage, which is nonsense.

They forget that the God which they were introduced at the beginning which is transcendent and immanent become a God that lives under beautiful mansion that prepares and bakes ice-cream, cakes, and drinks nice juice and coca cola. Then, as one was wondering living in this valley of God, one woke from one’s slumber and ask oneself, where am I, who am I, and realized that one is going in sheet and misdirected valley. Then, one makes a pause and think a little bit further in order to make the right decision with the right thinking, which is if God is knowable and can be found in system or box, this God is creation of those who create system or box.

In this case, one prefers to create one’s own God since it is possible and others did that before due to the fact that Freedom and Freewill are the most expensive aspects of life on earth which one values and appreciates. I will go after my own accent, and none has power and authority to control my thinking and belief and let us who is the toughest to champion. I prefer to go by my own than dictates of others and buy the product of other peoples I am not even exceptional since one does not belong and follow any belief system and way of life and there is no such exception that lives in my world. I am the only one who live in my own island.

Standards and Reality

January 21, 2014

When people make joke on certain aspect of life, especially if it is something that defame or put critics on certain standards of life, such people who make such jokes are put to problematic conditions since they are considered doing libel, in societies where jokes are considered as insults or beyond jokes, meaning putting certain critics or pressures on standards in most cases is considered as defaming those people who are after such standards. In reality, joke are not only humors, but serious matters, in which people should consider in way that they are, though, addressed in humorous style, but the fact and truth they deliver is something enormous.

The normal and obvious questions and challenges people could raise are like, who is he in the first place, in which authority becomes an issue here; the other opinion could be raised is, what is the point, even if the joke has a point, but with the intention of rejection such claims in a joke; and other possible opinions could be raised, such as, what is the intention, even if someone has an intention; since human resistance is normal and obvious in any undertaking due to the fact that there are new and different ideas delivered in form of jokes, with the intention of delivering certain ideas and critics so that learning can be acquired.

This depends upon peoples capacity and their approach in life in which there are people who admire and appreciate jokes, not only with the intention of making other people laugh and are done as pastime, as there are other people who think that they should be considered far beyond making other people laugh, but request society to correct its mistakes and failures in way of life and functions it have in its daily undertakings.

This is very relative and contextual in which what makes particular people laugh could be an insult to others, which requires different mindset and perspectives since life is in the eye of the beholder as beauty does. Understanding is another aspect in which there are people who understand jokes with that given idea they deliver or not. A joke that makes given people laugh is something that can be serious matter to other people, in which they do not even laugh, but could offer serious look. It is just matter of telling in which spiral of people and world people live, which makes most share same pain and joy in life.

For example, if someone makes a joke in relation to ice hockey, mountain climbing and walking, ice storm, pets, I could be bored since I do not understand and like such given aspect of life, which is primarily dependent upon exposures of life people do in their daily routines, likes and do not likes are one aspect people should figure out. When jokes are done, they base reality, but they make certain deviation in order to make fun, but tell something beyond what is on the stage, which is one way of delivering certain ideas, which is an interesting approach towards life on the earth. But, when they pass their limit, they become an insult; one could end up in jail since they became defamatory.

Accordingly, there are different types of people in relation to following certain philosophies and ways of life in incorporating to their dictionary of life. The first ones are those kinds of people who like talking things in very stereotype model in which they are fashioned in certain style and they cannot go further and beyond the world and things they know. They claim that they have standards to measure, the effectiveness and adequacy of everything but they could probably forget that what they claim is incomplete and are not even adequate for many reasons.

The second types of people are those kinds of people which do not have standards of life but they are open-minded to accept anything which conforms to their thinking which they think is right and correct. They do not have any touchstone as to reject or accept any claim, but they reject something if they do not understand or want; they accept something when they understand that it is something useful and necessary for their personal life since they think that they have enough experience and exposures in life.

The third types of people are those people who have no standards in life and they do not know what is good or bad, but they go in direction where the wind blows in which they live after few people thinking and way of life; they do not have even capacity as to set standards in life since they have no such maturity. They cannot set certain standards in life and they live in a way as to how and where the mass lives, since they cannot live outside the will and choice of the mass.

Resemblance is what they seek in life than deviation since fear is hidden and security is established when they live in place and thinking where the mass hide. Numbers matter to such people that are considered as way of securing safe way of life since they live and have trust in the voice of the majority even if the mass is wrong. Quantity is the major aspect than quality of life.

One of the reasons why most people live as to where the wind blows is obvious reason, which is the economy factor. When people become economic dependent upon others, from the fear of dying out of hunger and poverty, people submit their freedom and freewill to others, they become captured under the direction and intention of those who have strong economic reserve since economy is the dictating factors and the determinant ones in life.

The other reason is that most people have no confidence in life. Confidence in life is one of the social skill people develop and acquire in life thru exposure and practical experiences and actions and reactions they face in life. A person who has grown up with problematic environment is assumed to be matured enough to pass trouble and complication since they are part and parcel of such people’s life. They are considered as regular and daily routines in which such given aspect of life is norm to such kinds of given people.

The fourth types of people are those people who do not care as to whether there is standard or not, but they live up to the condition of the time and the world in which they do not waste their time in thinking and doing the check balance of life. They just live since they have no time to calculate and tell this is in conformity with standard or not. It is not even their business and sheet since they do not care about such matter and aspect of life.

While such theater and drama of life is on stage, one wonders as to the importance and significances of having standards in life in which standards have their own pros and cons in life as people want to come with something new, to the invention and creativity, new and different things that people are intending to come about since the adequacy and completeness of standards is one aspect one should figure out.

The first aspect is that is the standards at hand are complete and adequate, if no, how is it possible to measure and verify the integrity and correctness of others that are new and different which people could come about in any aspect and areas of life. If the standards are not complete, the standards should be revised and reconsidered than the new and different things—Inventions and Discovery—due to the fact that the touchstones have defect and it is not possible to tell that something is right and wrong.

The other aspect in here is that is it possible to come with perfect and compete standard while living in such incomplete and imperfect world in which, what are found at hands are reflection of such aspect of human world even if whatever prestige people have developed in life. The prestige people have in life up to now is the summation and cumulative effect of such imperfections and incomplete aspect of life, which can be considered like, one eyed person is considered as king in the world of the blind.

Bearing such factors in mind, although it is good to have standards in life, it could be sometimes deceiving or the standard could be misleading in which what we think as true and correct in today could be found in contrary aspect of life in tomorrow since things are constantly changing in fast and faster frequency. The condition of the world is changing in very intriguing manner in which there are many unprecedented occurrences of life that shift the way people think from left to right.

This does not mean and signify that it is useless to have standards, but not. Standards are good, but they should not put everyone and everything under certain jail in which they should not dictate in way that people are forced to think and behave with such given standards on stage even the standards sound shallow and silly in cases. Standards should be formulated not only on what people can do and are able to do, but what they should, even if they cannot, since excellence is the core aspect of anyone’s life.

For example, if people judge people by the certain acts in which if they assume that those people who drink beer are bad people, here they fall under wrong judgments since there are many people who are bad, but they do not even drink beer. When standards are not even holistic by their own state, and if people try to put certain touchstone by taking wrong or inaccurate variables, people become judgmental, and they do not reach to the truth they should due to the fact they have wrong standards of life. Hence, they live tricky life as they get tricked by the standards they have on their head and table, which is one aspect people should figure out.

The other aspect is tax procedure and implementations in which if we assume that those people who do not pay tax are thieves or corrupt people or criminals in world where fairness is under big question and jeopardy. This does not mean that paying tax is crime or a sin, but the amount levied on tax payers is fair or not, if they are measured by the amount or percentage they are imposed to pay, the standard could be an issue since numbers are the ones that dictate here in which such numbers are just fixed by authorities, which put pressure on tax payers.

In all cases, standards in most cases are subjective and relative and they change as the process of life changes and as maturity of society alters as well. When society changes from one level of development to another, its standards also change since such shift and way of life dictate society’s thinking machinery, that do have an impact on how it values and measures acts and peoples activities upon certain touchstones it formally and informally establishes.

The Vice Versa

January 20, 2014

It is quite noteworthy to take few things and matters in life especially when few people try to devise a mechanism in shaping society and system and designing a generation by any given ideology and perspective in which they come up with certain recipe of life, which could be correct or false, but they get determined as to the translation of what they think in mind into this objective reality, they fail or achieve for many reasons, which are far beyond their intent and wish for different reasons.

One of the reasons in here is that wrong people are trying right thing in which when people do or think something good, they should be inwardly good and their motive and personality and reality that they should be pure and in order to get achieved. When the container is bad, it is very hard to expect the water in it will be good, and hence, people should be inwardly look nicer when they try to think and achieve something nicer and better to the good of society they design and shape.

The other aspect is the vice versa in which things contrary to the formers ones could happen for many reasons in which amongst the one reasons is due to the fact that wrong people and good thinking are taking power,  in which the shift in other people reality could occur due to the fact they have power over others, and good people could go for revenge or something contrary, with the intention of getting away from those who are bad, and think right, but this is done by the wrong people in which things could go contrary to what it should, in the eye of the good ones.

When right thinking with wrong people is mentioned here, trick, in other words conspiracy and sabotage, is on stage in which they say and tell other people the right things, but when they translate into reality, they put tricks on it so that none can argue or criticize or could get remove, when they notice is that there is huge drama on stage when such critics is placed due to the fact that they do things on intentional basis, in which such people could trick society and other people for the time being, but they get tricked by the tricks they do at the end of their day and drama of life since those before them had same fate in their autobiography.

It is not also possible to have nicer buildings whet the foundations are bad, although they look good and standing for viewers and passerbye’s for time being, they get destroyed as passage of time and the fixed time is come. It is not also possible to expect healthier plants when the root is sick in which it could look growing to the outside, but inwardly and its evolutionary aspect is growing with all kind of diseases which eventually vanish and ruin the entire plant when the disease control over the entire organs of the plant as well.

These kinds of complications cannot be resolved by arguments, policies, rules, consultation, but having the right and necessary foundation for the building, by having healthier roots to the plant as well. Human interference has no value except it aggravates and put complications to have wrong and bad end as the solution is crystal clear, which is to remedy the root is the necessary matter.

Likewise, the same is true in world where people drive themselves with the intention of forming and having bright future to the world at large, the wish can be accepted, but it’s practicality will be a great question to the world at large since the root has difficulty although the fundamentals are wrong and biased and prejudiced in which it is though possible to have universal thinking, reality and society, but by universal foundation, not, by the given family or people who think that ethnicity is the basis and the fundamental aspect  of such given life.

It is not also possible to expect tomato while the seed is carrot. When the seed is carrot and is planted in Iran, it cannot be grown up as potato even if it is planted in Paris since there are certain universal aspect which cannot be changed and affected by any human expertise and human interference since they are very natural and it is not possible to expect vice versa reality due to the fact that such realities are very natural and cannot be artificially fabricated while the root is natural, and this is not something anyone, whom one met on the road  can interfere and change to a different aspect of life.

Bearing all these aspects, when people try to interfere with the thinking and understanding that they  can do something which is to the good of other people, while putting few coins in their pocket, while those people are inwardly bad, they should check themselves before they ask others to check themselves. How many times I was asked to check myself all these past years, and I went home, I checked myself, I just found few things in my luggage, there is nothing I found, but they still ask me to check myself, what is checking, which I do not get it. They are more of words than acts and they keep on trying to give pressure, which cannot even be a blood pressure as well.

This is what happen when people promote bad agenda under the good cover, they ask those people who know their trick, behave, check yourself and the like, since the try on stage is mostly inversely related in which the good is tried by bad container, which is not possible and that is why the world we live in is in such shape and in paradox since trick is on stage that any other aspect of life in the most undertakings of humanity. Life was supposed to be simple and natural, but those people who make our life to be complicated are those people who have different agenda and shape our world to be in such fashion, which will continue since we live in the middle of something.

Confusion and Understanding

January 13, 2014

I was into conversation with someone who thinks and believes that he is the son of God since he has Christ in his bedroom, in his pillow and in his everything. And I was not sure what he was trying to deliver and I asked him, what do you mean by that. He said, you see when you have Christ, you have everything. And I asked him, do you have all these building and every road you see around in your possessions. He laughed at me and he said, it s just figurative.

When people try to deliver something which they think right and correct, they become emotional and spontaneous and they lose track and confuse the rest of society since they are into something which they think is their own, which could have negative connotation and implication to others. In this regard, they fall in wrong trap which I shard to remove since they live in confused state of being.

Why do people get confused? One of the major reasons for such confusion in life is the lack clarity in what they believe and think in which what they think and believe correct is an assumption that is developed by other people understanding and interpretation of realities in which they are captured by the analogies and examples presented as facts and justifications in order to accept certain realities as truthful and correct.

The other reason why people get confused is that when reality justifies wrong on what they think and believe as truthful. They believe and think that what they have in mind and heart for centuries and ages as correct is something that can be prove wrong, or it could be found out as hoax for different reasons and they become confused and frustrated and they live in such state of being due to the fact that they have no answer and there is no way that they can justify since reality speaks louder than what their belief and thinking dictate.

The other reason is that this world is mysterious and have many unknown aspects in which there are certain aspects of life that come as exigencies of the time even if what they believe and think is there, when new and different aspects of realities come to happen, people are forced to their own understanding that can be misleading interpretation and understanding as per the context of their belief and thinking due to the attachment they in the belief system they are bound to live. When new and different aspects of life come to happen on stage, there is no way that people only justify such aspect as per the context of dictation of their belief system.

One of the reasons why they can be wrong when people justify any incident base on the belief system or thinking machinery they have is that they have no absolute truth and perfect standard in which the touchstone they have to measure and check the integrity of any happening is incomplete and imperfect due to the fact that they are limited beings and they are fallible under any circumstance in which the measurement is not free from such mistake and error due to the fact that it is created by human beings.

The other reasons is that it is foolish to expect that everything is written in black and white in any given book in which expectation is one of the tests and difficulties people face in life in which they expect things to happen in their foolish understanding and drama and theater they put in their imagination and imaginative world although various interpretation and understandings are delivered in their upbringing and family they have been raised up and society that molded their reality, they have been injected for years which have eminent role in turning their expectation to be in their own way.

Bearing this in mind, people get confused when strange drama hit their reality and when such drams is something that cannot be changed, but something that they should accept since they have no choice and they cannot do anything even to remove it due to the fact it is something that should happen whatever belief and thinking they have in life, prestige and power, wealth and personality, if it is something that they should accept without no choice, they get confused if such happening is something that they do not like and want to admit and put into their life.

When any incident happens, it has dual impact in life. The first one is positive. The other one is negative. Both are inescapable aspects of any incidents. The crux in here is how people adjust to such incidents since everyone has the capacity to adapt or adjust one’s aspect in relation to any incident people face in life. In this case, there are people who refer various books with the intention of finding guidance and other peoples experience of life which are in similar conditions as they are as there are people who commit suicide since they cannot accept if it something that goes contrary to what they think and wish for their life.

Whatever matte happen, the most successful people are those people who are patience and observe such incidents and investigate as to the root causes and make their own personal research and deliver an understanding which put forward and add something a value to the advancement and continuity of their life in way that it can be lesson to other people in which the recipe they come about can help many other people.

Life in this world had many tricky aspects since trick is the becoming nature and the major aspect of life in this world, why do one listen to other people advice although it can help as an input, but can be further processed;, in this world other people suggestion and experience is good, but it is still an input, since one should devise one’s own strategy as per the need and context of one’s aspect since one has the capacity to see things as per the context of one’s aspect.

Thus, confusion will not have any place in here since one sees every incident aspect of life as per the context of one’s view and direction. One has already removed the excuses for the happenings of confusions to intrude into one’s reality since understanding is the core aspect of one’s life and reality.


Accountability and Responsibility

January 12, 2014

Ego and ambition are married for centuries and ages in the history of human kind. They lived as companion marriage since they are not legally marred. That is why they are disturbing the world of humanity for ages since they are not in legitimate condition and status of life. When ego is combined with ambition, it is like wild fire, and they consume everything even if society has constructed something for centuries, they have power to destroy everything overnight.

What is the point of having personal ambition over national interest in world where society seeks humble and matured individuals who have concern for the future and the good of society since time tell different story as to the need of society, which seeks detached and far sighted individuals who should assume responsibility and accountability in relations to their daily undertakings and workings?

Responsibility and accountability are directly related and connected aspects of life since people are accountable according to the degree of responsibility they assume in the office and whichever undertakings they have in their daily routines. When responsibility is inversely related to accountability, a given society is in danger since it does not have right procedures and ways of doing the right thing on the right manner.

When people especially assume office in leading any given nation, they should free themselves from any types of personal ambition and interest and prefer the good of society and betterment of nation than their own since such responsibility have too much accountability and they are considered as responsible people when they relate responsibility and accountability in various aspect of life.

For instance, a given nation prime minster earns something lower than any director of any other agency or office in that given domain, it is not possible to claim that such earning is not related to accountability and responsibility since there is confusion and contradictions between assuming responsibility and the type of burden an individual assumes while performing daily duties. Earning should enable the individual live stress free environment in relation to the daily undertakings deliver.

This is more of a joke and trick than the type of responsibility and accountability they assume in relation to the function one assume in discharging responsibilities to all matters related to that given nation, discharging of daily undertakings and functions as well. When those people at top are given low earning as compare to the function and responsibilities they assume, it opens room for complication and corruption and all kind of hassles they induce into their life since earning is the basis of life.

The purpose of allocating bigger amount of earning in relation to responsibility is to make the indivudaul discharge one’s function in expeditious manner, not only with the intention of deserving or non deserving, but also wit the intention of making he individual productive so that the earning should enable the individual to be more innovative and fruitful in the task one is assigned to perform. Otherwise, it  is futile to give higher amount of earning to those individuals who held big position whatever education and experience they are bestowed, if they are not productive, it is just waste of resource and good for nothing.

This puts doubt and mistrusts on the system since individuals who assume big offices and rank are paid low, and when have a life which is beyond everyone, it creates doubt, stressful attitude and thinking on society and everyone asks, where is the money come from, how is such life possible with such low income and the like. The system suffers of mistrust and lacks transparency since what s said and what is going on are falling apart.

If I saw something bad in my dream like a month ago in which foreign army was kind of intruding into this land being supported by their air fore stuff, in which the army looks like those people in here in terms of facial and uniform, I am not asking any pay for such dream experience. This is just to bring to attention on table that there are certain experiences that do not even require to be paid a single penny, but they are significant and important information that could save multitudes and innocent peoples lives, but due to the nature of the function, people are not paid for such experiences of life.

Any given system is successful when it develops confidence and trust society. When society starts counting on the system, such given system is secured ad successful. However, society, individuals and institutions are living a life of rat and cat than being human, in which the style underway is more of suspicion and suspicion is the becoming nature of life on the earth, which needs quite reconsideration and revision.

One of the major reasons and factors for life to be in such condition is that power is controlled by those individuals who are egoistic and ambitious and they drive society o an end which none has no clue, even those who author such end have no idea where they end up, and as result of their personal interest and desire since such ambition and ego have no end, they fabricate their own drama and theater which puts everyone life to be under jeopardy.

The second major reasons is one the side of the mass who has been injected with deep sleep by the propaganda and dramas of such fabricated theater people are force t watch, they have no clue where they are driven since they are tied up in the world of consumerism’s, in which shopping and consuming what is on one’s veranda is becoming the major and main concern of society, in which there is no a such knowledge and awareness as to where such consumerism is going to end up.

While such drama of life is going on, life is gong on in way as it should, and those who have toasted the cognac drink in today are found in jail in tomorrow and others will come I turn in their place until their time is over. Life is like that in which people replace people in good and bad as per the intake and contribution they make in life in which all kind of menu that exist in today in relation to the type of people and identity they have will continue the way it is, but adding and removing few parts and menu which are born and remove as per the need and requirement of the age.

AS per such context, as less ambitious and egoistic individuals come on stage who assume and take responsibilities of good and big offices, the world condition will change and nice things will be happening in our world which comes as result of maturity and understanding of such people who prefer betterment and bright future to the progress of the nation they belong than their personal drama and theater and matte rand interest. This will surely come to happen.

Language and Paradox

January 7, 2014

I was reading an article which claims the significant aspect of using local language than the English language in which the article claims that it is more of nationalistic, and tries to reflect the importance and necessary aspect of using and writing in the local language, but it is written in English language. I was wondering is this critic or what in which the article contradicts itself even if the claims are correct, but the methods and ideas reflected are very paradoxical and they are contradictory.

This reminds me to a remark which was made in here long time ago in which there was a given society which does its daily functions and decisions on committee basis. Whatever thing is put on table, it is a committee that decides. And the practice goes on as to making a decision as to the number of times as someone should pie in a given day and the committee is about to make a decision. And there was someone who noticed that way things are going are not fine and put an agenda that we have to stop seeing every issue on a committee basis. The committee decided we have to see this agenda by another committee.

Language is a means where by people use to express their ideas, share messages and communicate with other people so that good understanding can be created and smooth environment for interaction can be placed as it is also means of misunderstanding and misinterpretation between people have in life. It is just a tool. What matters in here is that the level of understanding and way they understand matters than the nature of the language itself since language is a communication and interaction media.

This does not mean that language is heritage people should preserve since it is one of the means of expression of one’s identity. It is historical treasure society should preserve. This does not mean that people should not use other people or culture into one’s culture or identity with the fear of losing one’s own identity and heritage. This is wrong interpretation and understanding. Peoples should use their local language in addition to other language they know in due course of time, and there is no wrong with that.

Using one’s own language is good. Language and culture are like visa in which they work with certain boundary and limit, and they become useless when they cross any given boundary. In this case, to learn other people and culture becomes mandatory since survival becomes the issue. And people are forced to know other people language, it is not only with the intention of getting attracted to such people, but with other forcible measures which they cannot remove since they have already crossed the boarder and the limit where their native tongue is necessary and essential attribute for their existence and life.

One of the dictating factors that put pressure in peoples live to know and learn other people culture and language is the economy. Economy is a reality that shape human thinking, way of life, culture, language and other significant aspect of human life. Economy dictates people’s culture and way of life than any other aspect since people are bind by economic factor since it is the basis of their survival. Whatever detrimental aspects are figured out, the crucial aspect of human life is the economy, which is the pivot point of life and survival at any given individual, institutional and societal lives.

While living in such a world, language defines people identity in terms of their thinking and way of life in which it shapes their thinking, behavior, and actions as well. When certain word exists in any given language, the deed also exists. Meaning, when word such as, thank you, exist any given language, the practical reality also exists which is a reflection that such society admires and respects people good deed since the word is used to express such action and reaction, due to the fact it tells that the actions also exist.

When a word like, apology, does not exist in any given language, the society does not know such deed, in which there is no way that people ask an apology for the bad they do to others in which they probably consider it as normal. In this case, words tell that such deed is void due to the fact that society does not practice and know or realize such things should happen in their daily interactions. The absence of words tells such society does not manifest the action since it is not in their dictionary of life and they do not act.

In this case, what any given society should do, if they find it that act exist in its daily undertaking, it should invent new words and introduce to the public or it could inherit from other language which they practice and use in their daily undertaking. By doing so, it gives meaning to existence and life to the daily undertaking of society in which society understand with each other not only by the action, but the words it communicate with one another.

Using native language and preserving them is an essential attribute of society life and way of keeping its integrity. However, this should not lead to understanding and interpretations of undermining or voiding to know other people language and culture. Both should go in simultaneous manner, by keeping the balance. Knowing and using one’s native language is necessary and useful, and adding other peoples language and culture is an asset to the culture one naturally belongs.

Any given individuals share something where one belongs to natural family, then society one belongs, then to nation one is in, and at last to any person who lives in another corner and part of the planet since human being is a universal creature where all share something with one another, what vary in here is that the degree and extent of what they share which depends on the personal exposure people have in life.

A person who has a carpentry profession in England and in Burkina Faso have similar trend of life, they live with woods and other tools that help them make chair or table or whatever. What vary is the type of tools in term of sophistication and the amount of money they obtain out of making such chair. This depends on the economic factor of societies they belong but both are carpenters. They have two eyes, nose and the like, but what vary is the color and language they speak. But they have something they share as being human.

Bearing this in mind, it is good to be nationalistic, but it is bad to remove or undermine other people language and cultural setting due to the fact one is patriotic in one’s daily undertakings. Every society has its own treasure and heritage. In order to have better understandings and communication within this world, one should know and learn other people language and culture in very nice and expeditious manner so that communication and interaction in this world will be nicer and smooth and this world will be safe place to live since understanding is the core existence and value of human life.