God—Alive or Dead

December 28, 2013

There is a widely quoted statement of German Philosopher  Friedrich Nietzsche, although written materials state that such mater appeared before his time in other works, he is famous in the statement, God is dead, is an idea most people connected to Nietzsche, and it given an idea that is God dead, by the actions and reaction of humanity in these days since what is claimed and known as virtue of God and what really God looks and sounds to everyone is very paradoxical idea. God sound a paradox and in cases as a hoax than any other aspect of human life since if there is just an Absolute and Just power on earth as claimed by others as God, where is the justice and the interference, is what everyone ask.

God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. Yet his shadow still looms. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it? This is what Nietzsche said in one of his works.

The cover of the April 8, 1966 edition of Time magazine asked the question “Is God Dead?” and the accompanying article addressed growing atheism in America at the time.  At the time, a movement called “death of God” was arising in American theology. The death of God movement is sometimes technically referred to as “theothanatology”. The main proponents of this theology in its original incarnation included the Christian theologians.

Why do people kill God, in cases by their minds and the ideas they come about, although it is not possible for chair to kill its carpenter, but as an idea, human beings by virtue of  natural freedom they are bestowed, the do whatever things the like, in their inside, in their thinking world, although the outside and external environment is another aspect which require another mindset since there are other people who think and do something contrary to what they think, there will not be easy task to promote and promulgate such idea as an idea , going further as something that can be translated to action in the objective world.

Basically, there are different concepts regarding God. God as an idea, which is mentioned in the religious outlook, and what thinkers claim in which, one is quite contrary to the other. In these two contradictory perception of God, the idea of God exits, but what quite vary in here is the method and application in defining and preachment towards to God in relation to the thinking and philosophy of God derived by these two camps. When religious outlook defines God as something unknowable reality, but can be knowable in certain mechanism such as prophets, messengers and the like, the thinking world claim that do not tell me anything if something  is unknowable, stop there, and I can find it in my own way.

What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? This is quite fascinating statement and remark Nietzsche exclaimed in his work, in which those who think that they are close to God have killed God by the misdeed and misbehavior we see in every place, in our homes, churches, workplaces and the like. They claim that they believe in God, but they killed God in their deeds as result of the opposite view and perceptions and thinking and acts that go contrary to what they think and believe in reality is, none knows who God is, except the mere speculation and guess they have in their pockets and bedrooms.

While such dramatic world is going on, one wonders as to the color of God that exist everywhere in  which people have their own paint in relation to such reality. They say. God is not the author of confusion and contradiction, but such confusions came as result of the egocentric thinking, ambitious  perspectives and selfish interest people have in life in which people seek power and the need to be recognized as someone that create such gap and contradictions between understanding such Absolute Reality all claim that it is unknowable essence. I am glad that it still unknowable and we can say whatever things we like since it is unknowable, and none is going to judge us.

The desire and the need to have faith and belief in human life make humanity to create its own God and kill it in its own good time since there is still freewill and freedom people have. They create the type of God they like, and they remove it since they do not like it, and replace it by another God due to the fact that faith and belief are natural phenomena, but the fashion and style people choose in creating such connection with the Absolute Reality is dependent up on the colors and size of God which human being like and their convention dictate, which is merely dependent upon the likes and the do not likes.

What everyone is seeking in this day is the idea of legalizing in which people tend to be religious than being spiritual in which they create kind of comfort zones in way telling themselves that if I do this, I am fine and okay, which is deceiving and misleading way of life since they legalize themselves and think that they are safe since salvation is the question, believing in someone is considered as being saved, form is greater than the content or the intent, reading given books and praying is considered as safe way of life, while living in world that requires people who should be like those candles  during the power is cut off. Yet his shadow still looms. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers?

What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? This is the game that is invented by the name of God, which stayed for centuries and ages, in which people keep on playing such gamble under the greatest game of God, whose end is not even known, but there is one escaping goat, which is justified as mystery, unknown mater, due to the fact that it cannot be known by human and limited beings, but people keep on living and justifying under such things mysterious realities and secret aspect, which is till fake theater and drama going on the stage.


The Idea of Sacrifice

December 25, 2013

The word sacrifice is defined in the dictionary as a giving up of something valuable or important for somebody or something else considered to be of more value or importance; something valuable or important given up as a sacrifice. When people interact and communicate in their daily lives, they operate and function in way that they can be understood and recognized in nicer way, thus they sacrifice something for one and another. When male and female interact, there is a reality that comes to being in their interaction, which is called love, which is manifested and measured by the amount and extent of sacrifice they do for one another. This is between two beings that are opposite.

When sacrifice is communicated and interacted with the mass in which few great people have demonstrated in their lives to the good of the mass and the future of the world, as history books tell, which we find in political and religious arenas of life, it has different reflection since the love such people have is not only towards people, but the goals and visions they set in life, which incorporate people as one element, but not as the end, the end goal is the vision they set, and hence, they sacrifice their lives, property and other aspects of their lives to the vision they set in life.

When their vision in life can be integrated with others, they coordinate and combine it in form of institution; it gets structure and content, and people work together to achieve something better. For instance a given organization can be established to help the needy, old people, homeless people, mentally ill and the like. When such institutions are genuinely established, they attract those genuine people who have personal vision to give assistance to such people who used to put activities of such type in their personal diaries, but go beyond diaries and put their efforts in very organized manner by joining such institutions and they sacrifice whatever things they possess in life to the good of such institutions, to society, which goes in alignment with their personal goals they set in life.

When a person has set good vision, person does not kill those people who come against it, but devise other genius mechanisms that cannot be hindered by others. When the vision is authored and owned by person, there should be healthier and nicer mechanism to its implementation for its fulfillment. When vision is copied and paste from others, there is no other mechanism and tools such people use except using those mechanisms those people originated as an original idea, hence if they killed people, others kill since they inherit the vision. However good vision in this great century is a vision that does not cost many lives and properties for bad and thus it should be carried out by no loss of lives and property as well.

People make sacrifice in many ways and conditions to the good of people, goals they set in life and in fact to the betterment of the world as well. In fact, what is sacrifice; is this something that people do part of what they have or losing what they have? Is this something they do in leisure time or as regular and daily activities of their life? Why do people sacrifice for others? What is the driving factor that makes people to sacrifice what they have in relation to their life, knowledge, property, rime and the like? Conceptually, the idea of sacrifice has grown up from past up to date by religious outlook, which are described in the following statements taken from written materials of others, which are helpful and useful for understanding the historical progress the idea has achieved.

Sacrifice (religious ritual) (Latin sacrificium, originally “something made holy”), a ritual act in which a consecrated offering is made to a god or other spiritual being in order to establish, perpetuate, or restore a sacred bond between humanity and the divine. Offerings may consist of humans or animals (blood offerings) or fruits, crops, flowers, and wine (bloodless offerings).

Sacrifice played a central role in many ancient religions. The ancient Greeks sacrificed animals (such as goats, sheep, horses, dogs, and cattle), sometimes consuming part of the offerings in a celebratory meal as a way of establishing communion with the gods. In Mexico before the Spanish conquest of the 16th century, the Aztecs offered human sacrifices to the sun god, a practice that took as many as 20,000 lives a year

During the earliest period of Hinduism, the Vedic period, Hindu priests offered humans, animals, and plants in sacrifice at certain stipulated times. The ancient Chinese also practiced human sacrifice and made offerings of domestic animals and of food to gods and to ancestors. Sacrifice has never been practiced in Buddhism, although devotional offerings of incense, lighted candles, and flowers are made to the Buddha.

Sacrifice was an essential and elaborately prescribed part of Judaism until the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in ad 70. Among the many sacrificial rites of ancient Judaism were those for thanksgiving and for expiation of sins

In Christianity the death of Christ on the cross is considered an exemplary and perfected sacrifice offered to expiate the sins of humanity. Throughout the writings of St. Paul, Christ is identified as a sacrificial victim (see 1 Corinthians 5:7; Ephresians 5:2; Hebrews 10:12-13). The Eucharist has been associated from the beginning of the Christian church with the sacrifice of Christ, and in some Christian churches, notably the Roman Catholic church, the Eucharist is interpreted as a form of participation in Christ’s sacrifice.

Many theories concerning the origin of sacrificial rites have been offered, especially in the 19th and early 20th centuries, but no conclusive case has been established. Contemporary scholars tend to be more interested in the symbolic and functional significance of sacrificial acts. One theory, for example, considers sacrifice a form of nonverbal communication between human beings and their gods. Another relates sacrificial offerings to the economic value they have in a particular culture. Several scholars have argued that the forms of sacrificial rituals resemble the structures of human relationships and that the rituals are therefore symbolic not only of religious aspirations but also of the daily lives of those who take part in them.

Whatever definition and conceptual understanding is delivered., the trend we see on our world in relation to such concept of sacrifice, in which people sacrifice animals or human beings for redemption of their sins exist as in idea, but whatever sacrificial elements are done, people keep on making sins and many mistake in life in which such acts are reflected in form of regret and those who have sense of shame could ask forgiveness or ask an apology and those who do not have sense of shape keep on making same mistake and sins of life, due to the fact they donot understand whom to seek such forgiveness since there is biased or illogical way of telling, when they ask, whom they should ask, and the like, for many possible and convincing reasons.

Basically, the idea of candle is good example and illustration in relation to sacrifice in which there are two types of candles. The first ones are those candles who are used when the power cut off is there, in which they give light and they help those people who are in the power blackout areas. The second ones are those candles who are used to decorate anniversaries, birthday parties and the like.

Both candles exist in every system and society, since power cut off exists everywhere due to natural disasters and other unforeseen condition, and people lit candles so that they can cook their food, do few things they should so that the operation should continue in a way it should. Every system and society celebrates its anniversary and other events, by lit candles. The crux is on the nature of the function of the candle.

When people sacrifice, is this like to be for birth day and anniversary celebration or when the power is cut off, which is left to those who can see things in their own way in which those candles who are used when those people are in dark, they consume themselves to the good of others. Unfortunately, when one opens an eye, most people like to be birthday and anniversary candles in which they prefer to be next to huge cakes in which they like the company of those cream cakes than any other aspect of life.

Re-Visiting City of Psychology

December 23, 2013

Last time I opened conversation with someone who sounds that he is spying on me. He started his conversation about a movie he watched—it does not sound he watched, but he was told by others who watched and have special interest on me to tell about the story of the movie—in which he said there was a doctor who know about the mental illness of somebody in the movie though many others have tried, but could not detect, and in the process of interaction the doctor ad this person somehow met in the cross section of life, and the person showed interest as to be cured and the doctor asked for funding and the person found out the money proposed by the doctor, and subsidized so that he could be cured since it is this only doctor who know such aspect of this person. And I was wondering as the confusions and the gambling and gamblers in this world.

The irony of telling me this garbage story of this movie, if any, made me to connect the type of personal experience I had in life in which I said to the person—by my deep inside I know what you are trying to deliver, you silly and garbage man—I am not that somebody in that movie who could sponsor such doctor, in the first place I do not have money; in the second place, I am not mentally ill since I know things properly, I function in very normal and human way; I work, I pay my bills, I manage people’s daily activities in the office, beyond that I share my ideas in writing to other people on my personal web blog. I like watching soccer and movies over the weekend and enjoy having conversations with people whom I like to interact and communicate.

And this makes me think regarding those people who think and claim that they know what other people think due to the fact they study psychology or they are psychiatry, which sounds bit tricky if the claim goes solely to the field of study which is misleading since it is possible to know what other people think, but it is not possible to entirely relate such aspect of life with the field since thinking is natural phenomena and knowing what other people think is also a gift people can be naturally bestowed than learn thru training.

What such people could know is they study behavior and thinking for years, they categorize and label people under tags like trade-marks, and the moment they meet someone with given thinking, they categorize and associate with the behavior they studied before, and they put label to that person. This is just what other people claim as the wild guess. For example, there is a story of person whom I knew in before in which they studied his life;he had nice life when he was married with his first wife; he loved her very much. At some point of his life, he got divorce and he suffered so much.

They were expecting him to be mad and commit suicide, which did not happen, on the contrary he married another woman and lived in fact better life than before for many reasons. According to recipe of life designed and put by such people, who think that they know, people with this kind of behavior and thinking go like this or that, this person was supposed to be mad or commit suicide, but it never happened.The point in here is that when people associate and related people with certain thinking and behavior in one group, there is one thing they do not underline in which individuality and personality, in which personality is a reality people share as result of behavior and thinking, but individuality is reality and what makes a given person peculiar and distinct and unique.

If someone is starving, the consequence of such starvation is reflected on the physical body in which everyone knows what starving body looks like. When a person is mentally ill, the disorder is manifested on the way of life in which that given person cannot work or employed, there is unorganized speech one is making and one does reflect in the clothing style, which one sees the road. When one is not emotionally well, one is hot tempered for silly things in which, anger is the becoming identity of that given person since one cannot control one’s emotions. And other aspects of life also reflect in other manifested ways and manners.

One can tell who is normal or abnormal at distant and by making an intro or opening  conversation in which few people confuse brilliant minds with retarded personality, genius people with dull and ignorant people out of different motives unclear to date. But it is not possible to make or decide by majority vote on the personality of individuals in which few people could decide that Mr. x is mad or not, and it is not proper and appropriate to come up with such mindset by looking negative variables of such given people with the intention of putting them to wrong end.

There is one cheap, codswallop and child psychology few people use everywhere in which they rumor bad about people whom they hate so that such given people could end up as to what rumors say due to the fact that most people act according to the rumor. For example, when I was in high school, the girls I used to know at that given period used to tell me stories of such type, in which when girls try to ridicule or scorn at boys, the boys can be mad out of anger or irritating situations girls are creating or doing, which make boys to be shy, with intention of making boys to end up in bad.  This bad story is something which I used to know when I was teenage, but still underway by the so called adults or so called people who think that they are professional in a field of study.

When people study behavior in relation to thinking, which the field of psychology is engaged in, it needs certain discipline besides those mentioned and are working on the field in which what we see on our lives and other people’s lives as well that as the field is becoming tool and instrumental  to conspiracy and sabotage, since there are professionals who are used to justify false claims as true and remove individuals by prescribing wrong medicines and giving wrong treatment to those who seek their assistance and guidance.

When a field of study becomes subjective than objective, it is means of delivering corrupt thinking and ideology since there is no absolute way to verify and testify and measure what they claim due to the fact that people are in cases sophistry in their approaches and methods of delivering certain idea to the mass. Hence, there are few fields of studies that deserve contemplation before they are accepted as true and legitimate due to the sophisticated and complicated aspect of the subject matter the field is engaged to study.

One of the interesting features of those fields of study is that the concepts govern as far as the person who invent the idea is surviving or in life in which the death of person could prevent or stop the widespread of the idea from getting promulgated and propagated due to the fact such people or personalities could be powerful, they could have money and power and they take every idea of what they claim to every corridor. The reality is that what they claim is mostly done by the gesture of money and power they possess, their claim vanishes as they perish.

What does written material state about such field? The following few excerpts state something regarding the field which is the focus. Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and the mind. This definition contains three elements. The first is that psychology is a scientific enterprise that obtains knowledge through systematic and objective methods of observation and experimentation. Second is that psychologist’s study behavior, which refers to any action or reaction that can be measured or observed—such as the blink of an eye, an increase in heart rate, or the unruly violence that often erupts in a mob. Third is that psychologists study the mind, which refers to both conscious and unconscious mental states.

During the first decades of psychology, two main schools of thought dominated the field: structuralism and functionalism. Structuralism was a system of psychology developed by Edward Bradford Titchener, an American psychologist who studied under Wilhelm Wundt. Structuralists believed that the task of psychology is to identify the basic elements of consciousness in much the same way that physicists break down the basic particles of matter. For example, Titchener identified four elements in the sensation of taste: sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. The main method of investigation in structuralism was introspection and its influence in psychology faded after Titchener’s death in 1927.

Introspection, in psychology, is the observation by a person of his or her own mental processes. In the 19th century Germany psychologist Wilhelm Max Wundt claimed that all psychology begins with introspection. Wundt was interested in discovering the elements of the mind. His research involved letting his students experience some event, such as a colored light flashing against a wall. He then had them introspect and report aloud what seemed to have occurred in their conscious minds. From such introspective research, psychologists argued that the visual sensation was composed of such elements as quality, extension, duration, and intensity.

Many modern psychologists consider evidence obtained from introspection to be unreliable and subjective. Psychologists of the behaviorist school have emphasized observable behavior, rather than inner conscious states that are not open to objective observation. However, behavioral psychologists sometimes use introspection to verify data that has already been observed.

Functionalism (social sciences), the view of society as a system made up of interrelated parts, all interacting on the basis of a common value system or consensus about basic values and common goals, is school of psychological thinking that stressed the study of the mind as a functioning and useful part of the organism. The functionalist attitude was a natural outcome of the widespread interest in Darwinism and in the doctrine of the “survival of the fittest.”

Functionalism emphasized such techniques as human intelligence tests and controlled experiments designed to test the ability of animals to learn and solve problems. Every social custom and institution is seen as having a function in ensuring that society works efficiently. Deviance and crime are seen as forms of social sickness. Functionalists often describe society as an organism with a life of its own, above and beyond the sum of its parts.

When one looks further in to the above premises of such given field—structuralism and functionalism—both principles have their own pros and cons in their entirety for one big and major reason. The first reason is that human mind is not something that can be traceable and known by another human mind although the activities and thinking of any given individual can be known and studied, but this cannot necessarily imply and tell the basic essence of human mind. Human mind is an unknowable essences in which one can simply tell that such reality is beyond the scope of everyone’s thinking due to its very nature and character.

When one studies the inherent character of the mind, the maximum level and stage one can go up to studying other people is dependent upon the maturity and understanding of those who make the study which is very limited and could be the minimal nature of the mind since human mind is very progressive and dynamic as per its evolutionary stages of development. Is this possible to tell the type of machine one uses to manufacture any paper, by looking at the size and color of the paper one uses for printing? Even if the paper is of best and elegant quality, by looking at the paper, one could tell, the machine must be nice and excellent, but cannot tell what really it is.

As one observes the basic methods and principles of such field in which it voids one method and replaces by the other, this is an indication that how imperfect and incomplete aspect is trying to investigate and know something that is beyond its capacity and capabilities in which human mind is an entity that can be studied, but mere guess and speculations are the end results as one observes the result and deductions of the researches and deductions that come out as result of such analysis and investigation processes. When researches are done and end results are declared, they have to be in conformity with reality and the truth, otherwise they are futile and the field will be misleading and deceiving when such contrary findings are publicized and declared.

Deviance is seen as forms of social sickness, as the Functionalists claim. However, people deviate from one way of life to another for various reasons although the context of such idea is related to negative form and implication. However, most of the causes or forms of life that are on stage on the present days are the causes and result of such deviance. Jesus Christ deviated from Jewish society; Muhammad deviated from Arabian pagan way of life; Buddha deviate from the moral decadence respective society he used to belong was facing in his time. All other great thinkers of the world cause and come up with new and different perspective as result of such deviation they face and manifest in their life. They come up with mindset that remedies social illness society face.

When such given field tries to make researches and studies on such types of people, it falls under grievous error since such people are exceptional and different, the mindset and norm does not govern such peoples thinking and way of life due to the fact they are revolutionary thinkers and personalities. They cannot be governed by rules and policies which people know since they are the ones that bring new laws to humanity. When they make researches on such unique figures, such fields misleads and deceives others since they cannot justify their claims and findings due to the fact such given findings are not compatible and contrary to the thinking and way of life such people deliver and manifest to the objective reality for many reasons.

There are people who claim that such field and study are solely introduced with the intention of promoting certain group agenda or circles of society in the beginning, or used as instrumental to justify claims of certain ideology or belief systems in history and to date, but when it becomes wider as the findings try to dominate the mass, it becomes a subject matter of discussion and center of attention and the mass start opening an eye so that the public start to checks its integrity and honesty of such findings in relation to its conformity to reality and the truth than accept whatever matter they bring on the table and say though they have been studied for years and centuries.

One of the interesting aspects of such field is the brain weight it has come about stating that the black and the white people have different brain weights, in which the white people have greater brain weight than the black people, and they also say that this does not affect the thinking gap or difference as if one is better than the other. This is very contradictory in which when there is difference in brain weight by nature; nature tells something than what the claims do if they are true, and since there is nothing created without purpose. The way they interpret and understand such finding sounds contradictory and something hard to trust. Accordingly, if there is difference in weight or mass a difference in thinking should be there in, which should not be denied or the finding should be false or misleading, one of the two must be correct. As previously explained, similarity does not signify equality as difference does not denote inequality.

What makes such given field study and finding hard to trust is for two possible reasons in which the Search for Reality testifies. The first one is the nature of the matter; the human mind is beyond the conception and perception of the human mind which is beyond the scope of everyone’s thinking. The second one is the instrument that is used to know about the essence of the mind, which is the mind itself is very limited and is subjected to many failures and mistakes as history books tell many aspects of such given fact.

As per such context, there are people who make 30 years of research and could end up with a finding, such as, when your nose gets cold; you get cough and flu type of researches and findings in which they tell certain aspects which are obvious and something that does not require even 10 hours of research. They spend their time in futile matters and aspects of individual’s life. They make research especially on few individuals whom they think that they are threats, under doing the work which they claim, psycho analysis research, and they end up in telling fake and wrong stories of such given people.

Although it is possible to tell how I behave towards certain incidents in which my work mates can tell; they could tell my behavior in relation to certain incidents and matter, which does not deserve any further research since they know who I am and how I behave towards certain aspects due to the nature of duties that create certain interaction and communication we make in the office. If someone from outside tells me who I am by making research, this person is telling fictitious tales about me, which deserve waste basket and put it in the garbage than any other place; I do not even have time read and listen such garbage stories which I do not understand and do not want to know.

For example, someone whom I knew in past, he is from Canada, told me my great personality and how great person I am when I used to live in abroad. And I went back home and contemplated, the implications and bi-implications of such saying according to what I think who I am, and who in reality I am it sounds more of flattering me, I said to myself. Culture variation is one aspect in which it is their culture to magnify those people whom they like and to curse those people whom they do not like. When people make study of the mind, mind is cultivated according to the cultural advancement and make up of society in which it is not possible to derive certain international standard unless internationally accepted culture is set, which is impossible.

In such theatrical and acrobatic world, people can go on making further researches as to relationship between behavior and mind, how they are interconnected with thinking since it is their duty. Without making such given researches, they cannot pay their bills and cover monthly costs they incur in life, but not by the expense of other people lives, but not by destroying other people bright destiny and future, but not by creating fictitious analogies and stories to remove individuals, but not by having propaganda all over Media, but by genuine concern, knowledge and virtue that every field require, which make them honored than get cursed and blamed for centuries and ages yet to come.

What is quite strange in here that funding agencies and those institutions that fund such type of silly projects and subject matters in which companies should not invest their fund on silly subject matters and up surd ideas that does not deserve attention and have significant matters but we have observed that funding are circulate with the intention of belonging to particular circle than the subject matter in which the insignificant aspect take over the significant aspect of life, in which belonging to particular group or circle is becoming more relevant and important than the idea or the subject matter, which tell the aspect of this world, where this world is heading and the type of people who lead this world that  any other thing.

When this world is becoming noise oriented, it is difficult to find melody since noise make most people to be deaf or lack certain hearing elements that put unclean matters to the environment, people appreciate the chaotic sound, that result in the noise pollution thing, this world is suffering. When such condition is considered as norm, people who come up with melodious and beautiful sounds could be considered as abnormal or undermined since the measurement and the tool is already noise oriented and is not capable enough to test and understand the new melody in its befitting manner.

This does not mean that there are not elegant achievements this field is undergoing as compared to the complexity of the subject matter. There are indeed profound achievements and decent accomplishment and findings this field has done especially since the time of Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), Austrian physician, neurologist, and founder of psychoanalysis, who created an entirely new approach to the understanding of human personality. Through his skill as a scientist, physician, and writer, Freud combined ideas prevalent at the time with his own observation and study to produce a major theory of psychology.

Most importantly, he applied these ideas to medical practice in the treatment of mental illness. His newly created psychotherapy treatments and procedures, many of which in modified form are applied today, were based on his understanding of unconscious thought processes and their relationship to neurotic symptoms. Regarded with skepticism at the time, Freud’s ideas have waxed and waned in acceptance ever since. Nevertheless, he is regarded as one of the greatest creative minds of the 20th century.

Written materials regarding the finding of Freud in relation to Dreams state that in Freud’s theory stemmed from his observations on dreaming. He came to see that many of the characteristics of dreams were shared with the symptomatic memories recalled by his patients in the narrative of “free association.” In his therapeutic relationship with his patients, Freud had abandoned hypnotic suggestion in favor of encouraging the person to speak freely about whatever came into his or her mind. Unintentionally, the patient would bring order to these free associations, whose structure and content Freud used to try to understand underlying unconscious processes.

Ancient cultures believed that dreams were spiritual in origin, often foretelling the future. Aristotle believed that dreams originated from within the dreamer, arising from the heart. Modern dream research has focused on two general interpretations of dream content. In one view, dreams have no inherent meaning but are simply a process by which the brain integrates new information into memories. In the other view, dreams contain real meaning symbolized in a picture language that is distinct from conscious logical thought.

When true dreams are translated into practical reality, according to one’s personal experience in life, they could have different way of understanding and interpretations one can deliver. The first one is what other people think about us, what is going to happen and the othersare figurative in their practical happening. When one says about what other people think, for instance, if I see someone in my dream killing me in my state of sleep, I could understand that this person is thinking to kill me; whether this person will kill me or not, it will be up to the police since I have the right to report such situation to the police; the other is crystal clear in which this person could kill me in literal. The third interpretations could be something bad can happen in my life.

While such great scientists exert their time, energies and gifts and intelligence to cure peoples sickness and save their lives, however, there are people, in today, in the field who operate like gangsters, who do things contrary to what the pioneers in the filed have done, that deserve quite contemplations. The pioneers in the field teach great lesson to those people who are in the field in today who use the field as means and tools to conspiracy and sabotage since they showed as to what their focus area should be, in which helping and assisting people is best way of applying their knowledge and integrity than killing and complicating other people’s lives by inducing fear unlike the pioneers in the field who installed confidence in life, and the like which tell who they are and they have shown the high standard and ethics the field demand by virtue of the sensitive aspect of human nature and reality.




Freedom and Society


December 21, 2013

The concept and practicality of Freedom is more understood and realized in better fashion in today than yesterday and far past since human mind is getting matured thru the fatal process of social revolutions that were underway in the history of human kind. Life becomes smooth when such given idea is translated in to action in its appropriate media and the people who are interacting in such given media need certain mechanism in putting the concept of freedom into their daily routines and activities.

When any action is integrated with such given and great concept of human reality which is the core aspect of human life—FREEDOM—it needs a mindset in which freedom of movement is connected to human physical aspect although laws and regulations are related to intellectual aspect of human reality; economic freedom is related to the idea of man’s intellectual, material, spiritual and emotional aspect in which healthy wealth can be acquired when there is freedom in thinking, in which the idea on entrepreneurship is related to creativity, and creativity is realized when there is freedom.

Scottish-American lawyer Andrew Hamilton was 80 years old in 1735 when he defended American newspaper publisher John Zenger, who was being tried for seditious libel. Zenger, founder of the New York Weekly Journal, had printed articles criticizing the colonial governor of New York. During the trial, Hamilton persuaded the jury that the articles were true and therefore were not libelous, and Zenger was acquitted. Hamilton’s speech, excerpted below, demonstrates the conviction that tyranny by those in power was constantly to be guarded against

Excerpts from Hamilton speech on freedom of speech state that, “Power may justly be compared to a great river; while kept within its bounds, it is both beautiful and useful, but when it overflows its banks, it is then too impetuous to be stemmed; it bears down all before it, and brings destruction and desolation wherever it comes. If, then, this be the nature of power, let us at least do our duty, and, like wise men who value freedom, use our utmost care to support liberty, the only bulwark against lawless power, which, in all ages, has sacrificed to its wild lust and boundless ambition the blood of the best men that ever lived”.

The primal purpose of power is to serve society, not to abuse by the gesture of authority and opportunity people are provided to serve. When power becomes as means of oppression, the fate of those who lead and use power for destructive purpose is crystal clear; they harm society for the time being and but they end up at loss at the end of their drama and theater they perform. When people use power for the right purpose and goal, they yield its noblest fruits, they get respect from the societies they serve out of admiration, not fear of consequences, whom they serve and they live happier life. When love and respect is maintained by the use of power, leaders deserve honor.

Bringing the above quote of Hamilton to attention, power is used as great river and its appropriate usage leads to prosperity where as its abuse leads to destruction and demolition of any given system since the nature of power is tantamount to that great  river whose irrigation and other useful mechanism while applying to something beneficiary bring prosperity to society. When any given system and society uses power for its appropriate and proper purpose, its prosperity is securely established, but if power is used to politicize people freedom of speech and expression of opinion into negativity and put an abuse to hunt and harm those individuals who exercise the freedom of speech for its rightful purpose and goal, the fate of any give system is death and will be decaying thru the process of time and will eventually vanish and perish.

Any given system is prosperous by the process it employs since if the process is healthy; it is possible to tell the end result. When the process installed is under oppression and depression, the end of any given system is not hard to tell due to the fact that referring history books tell many stories of such kinds of systems. It is not words or sayings that justify any given system, but its actions and do’s and do not do’s that tell what it is than what it claims. There is always choice to choose good from bad.

In this valley of Freedom, one of the means where by checking and telling the existing of any given freedom is the existence of varied opinions and perspective which are justified and measured and practically implemented in any given society dynamics in which when any society has one sided and one ideology in its implementation of thinking, such given society could be likened to having one or similar type of food on a table in which this society has no buffe or different menu of thinking in world where varied thinking can be implemented and practiced. This can be known by the daily undertaking society is implementing within its own domain.

When freedom of speech is restricted to those who propagate and promulgate any given system in which such freedom is used for the propagandas purpose, the nature of human reality is under jail even if it is moving from one place to the other, since most part of it talks about the color of dress and pants and the like. When people are mostly free to talk about the nature and color of the pants, but are scared of talking or putting any kind of critics to a given system, that do have significant impact on society, such fear is the sign of social illness of any given society and it suffers since freedom is restricted out of indirect oppression, which is caused by psycho make up of ruling of any give system.

When any given system loses confidence, the first thing it does is it selects few core people who are anti-system, it make them victims of its own therapies so that the mass lives with such hypnotism and put it under traumatic condition. It makes its own society to live under certain traumatic and hypnotic condition, and the mass focus on living by the expectations created by the system, living by thinking of the type of meal it is going to receive from the system than revolt against it even if it is doing many worse things on the society. Society becomes powerless since fear is scientifically and powerfully induced into its parts and organs by poisoning many of its functions and parts.

Society can be healthy when freedom is purely and its proper sense is installed and practiced otherwise the freedom and rights could look appearing on the outward looking orientation due to the fact that the institutions are formulated and the like but when one goes into its practicality, is the system or outward mechanism that could possibly exist, but such given institutions could be found doing another job and business since in few societies it is done for the prime intention of seeking funds and fake recognition from others. Freedom is an intrinsic human reality, it is not something that few people formula and decides and offers as birth day cake or gifts, this should happen since it is one of the fundamental and significant aspects of human reality.

When any freedom or liberty is sought, it should be done to reach to the point of Truth, not to justify any given political or religious agenda in which form has no better value, but it is the intention and the purpose towards reaching to the point of Truth, otherwise its existence and practicality is futile and there is no point of seeking freedom. It should help people, society and institutions to reach to the point of the Truth. When any given society and system seeks to reach to falsehoods, it should live under oppression and with no existence and seeking of any freedom.



Life VS Problems

December 19, 2013

It was in the time of Prophet Muhammad in which someone came to approach the Prophet and asked an advice regarding the way and condition of his life in which this man feels stressful about the situations of his life and came to face the Prophet seeking an opinion. He said, honored Prophet, I have something to eat for 300 days in my stock, but I am empty for another 65 days  yet to come, with nothing to eat, what do you advise. The prophet told the man and asked him to go and tell this story to Ali and tell him back what is going to say.

And the man went to Ali and there he watched him what he was doing and asked Ali on what he was doing. Ali replied, I am just having fresh bread my wife is baking for the day. The man was embarrassed to ask and say further since Ali, who is highly respected on that group of followers and circle of Muhammad is having and doing things on daily basis not even worrying about the next day. The man said, I got my answer, and get back not seeking any further advice from Ali.

They say worry is an interest paid by those who borrow trouble in world where stress is becoming the core aspect of human life due to both internal and external factors and elements of life. People worry since they are in trouble. What make them to be in trouble is due to both internal and external factors in which we live in world where problems are becoming norm and regular activities of human life. Life in most cases is problem oriented and as solutions are there too.

Problems and conflicts and contradictions are the becoming nature and character of this world in which people tend to assume that their life is going in wrong direction when there is no conflict or problem as such state of being becomes their routine activity. Many profound thinker of the world emerge out of problematic conditions. Many great leaders are borne out of maintaining best crisis management theory of their life. Many great people are sourced within such aspect of world.

What is quite an issue in here is that there are different reasons as to why people face such problems in their life which are known as tests and difficulties; they pray day and night that they get removed from such situations of life. There are people who use such conditions of life as an opportunity of life in which they do something new and different things in life thus, they enjoy such given aspect of life as there are people who fail to manage such conditions of life and they are found getting frustrated and confused in life.

The first type of tests and difficulties are those types of tests that they occur in people’s life as result of their failures in life. The second kinds of tests are difficulties that visit people life as result of their successes and achievement in life. The third type of tests and difficulties people face in life are those problematic conditions that come since tests and difficulties are the becoming nature of this world ad thy re inevitable to happen and come. The fourth types of tests are those tests that come as result of misunderstandings and misinterpretations of people in their daily interaction and communications they face in life.

Failure is tool to achieve something better. It is one way that one can use to enrich one’s experience in life, and it helps people to do something better and nice. The future can be nicer when people learn from their failures than get depressed. Mistakes are opportunities and instruments people use in order to enrich their exposures of life. They are great learning people make in life so as to look for good things and do better things to the future. When failures are used to rectify those possible mistakes people yet to make, they are great learning experiences of life in which people employ in their daily operations and routines.

When people achieve something, they are always encircled with two types of people. The first ones are those who appreciate and admire and respect. The second ones are those who complicate and conspire in which jealousy and envy is the center of their lives. When people get accomplished, the have to pass the tests and difficulties that come from such kinds of people whom they know and meet. That is why, few prominent people say, when they become leaders, make my enemies closer, but my friends close since they will be watchful of the consequence and type of things they come about as closer look and control they have over such people since such people and the type of difficult conditions they come about.

Problems are the very nature of this world in which it is also traditionally mentioned that Adam face difficult conditions of life since he ate that forbidden fruit, he was put to trouble. Then they say, we all inherit such trouble from him, if it is in reality, but not. However, problems are goods means where people can get achieved and be in learning process. When people solve something, they learn something. They learn from such given problems since they are inevitable aspect of human life. They come whether we are achieved or not, whether it is our failure or not, there are problems that just visit our life. For instance, car accident may hit us while w cross the road due to the failure of eh automobile driver in which the driver could be the one who did that to us. It is not our failure or whatever, but it is just one aspect of human life.

The other type of problems people face in life is neither of the above. People do certain act in their life. They do it with good intention. However, they are misunderstood and misinterpreted by others, and thus they face hardship due to other people misconception, bias, misunderstanding and misinterpretations of their thinking an act. They face different kinds of challenges as per the magnitude of the act in which if it is something that put certain people’s lives under jeopardy since they are doing something bad and ugly things behind, such people who do good and courageous acts will live under high pressure and controlling mechanisms.

When such people overcome such hurdles of life, they become special and different and they could attract many people under their thinking and act. This happens like an airplane which is struggling against the law of gravity in which airplane escapes the law of gravity since there is carefully and scientifically designed energy that is applied in the engine in which the force that is applied on the air plane overcomes the law of gravity and the air plane goes away from such given law and floats over the sky and becomes helpful and useful so as to transport many people from pone place to the other in safe and fast manner.

Such people who overcome such difficult conditions of life are like that. They do not even need any help from others. They do not need recognition from others. They can do it by themselves since they formulate their own recipe of life. They do not need any advice and guidance from others since they are the ones who know how to overcome such conditions and hurdles of life. These people are subject matters that need and deserve certain contemplation since they have something to share to this world and they do this since they have something that makes them win such hardship and difficult aspects of life which are cause by other people on deliberate manner.

Crisis Management

December 18, 2013

They say: when you are in Rome, act like Romans. This works true to those people who live in the city of Rome. However, when people are in Paris, and if they like to act like Romans, the Paris people could report to the police so they will be caught and could put them to jail since they are not behaving. To live in certain city, it needs a perspective and mindset otherwise people could live under psychological stress and they could suffer since they do not live with the right mindset the city needs. Right mindset does not mean it is absolute, but the mindset that is required by the norm. When people deviate from the norm, such kinds of people could put harm to others since they are not abiding by the law; they are not conducive to the law and order in any given society.

There are two great cities in this world. The first one is the city of the rich. The second one is the city of the poor. When a rich man enters the city of the poor, and wants to stay in the city of poor, but by being rich, it is not possible. Everyone will beg him and at the end of the day, he will end up possessing nothing or being poor. When poor man wants to live in city of the rich, one suffers with many complications since one cannot afford living and one lives as being observers; one lives with suffering and just being observer of such drama of the rich and could end up being beggar.

There was someone whom used to be poor like few years back. And I met him last time, and he happened to be rich out of the blue. When people become rich in sudden, in which there is no such clue to how they become rich, they are top subject of gossips, and everyone talks about them since they are kind of surprise. And I had cup of coffee with this man since we had close acquaintance in times before. And he is all same banana stuff as was before in thinking of major aspects of one’s life. I could not notice any difference. I was wondering as to why such people do not change even if they have something compared to those times while they have nothing in their saving account.

In his poor condition, he used to think, what if I do not have lunch and dinner tomorrow, in his rich condition, he thinks, what if I lose what I have tonight. Suspicion is the center of his life and I was thinking like, why do people suffer of such traumatic condition in which they think that something bad happens to them is the center of their life in world police stations, military force, and other protective mechanism are there in. Although there are certain realities that cannot be protected by outside protective mechanism, it is the individual’s personal social skill and strengths that enable such conditions to overcome, people live in such condition and make others who are in their surroundings to live the way they live, in which such stress they have in life is contagious to those who surround and who are around. They suffer and make others suffer due to their bad conditions.

In this condition and stressful environment, be it in personal and family life or work environment, there needs to have quite a mindset. This mindset enables people to manage such crisis in which the environment they are working in. The crisis management needs quite a skill in which such people should be listened and understood from their perspective and point of view at first, although no solution can be delivered due to the fact that they are the ones who can give solution when they are ready and determined to change themselves. They live in vicious circle of crisis and they cannot get out of such crisis since they are in kind of comfort zone to such given life style.

For example, I could work with a person who lives within crisis in which crisis are the center of one’s life and personality as well. It sounds to me that such types of people enjoy such crisis and uses it as stick to those who work around whenever they ask for salary increment and other benefits, the crisis one is in is used as protective mechanism so that people never raise such benefits. And one was wondering as to the look of their financial statement, when they are company owners, by virtue of the profession, it gives me an idea that their true reality and personality is apparently reflected on such statements which is crisis oriented. This is just an experience of life, which is considered as part of an experience.

It is also quite interesting to note those who are rich by now, who have evolutionary progress and advancement in life, which is very healthy and commendable and exemplary ones, they live with old and past and traditional mentality when they put and engage themselves in different sector. For instance, a person who lived selling onions all his life and now could shift to another sector and be involved in industry. One’s mentality and method of being rich in onion selling cannot be practical and realistic when one opens a factory and industry. The first and major reason is both sectors have varied nature and characteristics in which the former is merchandising and the latter is manufacturing. A person who lives all one’s life selling grocery items may not be successful when one engages in manufacturing enterprise for many reasons. Professionals put critic that they live with traders’ mentality— not as investors who own industry and factory.

Manufacturing enterprise is not about buying and selling but rather producing those items to buying and selling process. It is about considering and valuing human resource as the excellent and valuable resource a factory can have than the grocery items. Human power in here is the core value of existence of factory or industry, not the grocery items. The funny thing is that such people are heard saying, they say what professionals and other people say about the value of human resource, but they do not practice and make it practical in their factory since they have not understood well; understanding means putting into practice; they do not trust such idea or they are greedy although they give all kind of justification not to pay due to the fact they do not want to pay such as low productivity.

They still claim and say that what if I lose what I have overnight; what if they took my money; what if I cannot pay other benefits in the future. With this mindset, people can pay daily bills, but cannot have bright future to their life whatever goals and plans such people have in life and to the company they establish. If they do have such circle of suspicion in their life, they should not open such business that put accountable and responsible on the life of others. They should live a life that can accommodate their own family like being in grocery since the stress should belong to their circle which they are solely accountable than the mass. Such people are the ones who are like cancers in the life of any given society, they seemly and outwardly make others think, they are well-wishers of society, but inwardly, they kill and poison the destiny of the mass as well.

What is quite good in here is that there are wonderful people who act like Romans since they are in Rome. They live with great perspective and mindset in which signs of hope are emerging. This contributes to the prosperity of the nations and its people as well. People who live in manufacturing enterprise start paying attractive salary and benefit packages who will remove such traditional mindset factory owners who act like Roman in places where they live in Paris since they speak louder and they are noisy for the time being, but action speaks void of such practical reality. None is foul; everyone listens, but makes one’s own decision in due course of time. Workers are in state of maturity; they hear and see many other things.

In the long run, they will have their own freedom and liberty as the competition becomes fierce. It is good that such nice people will establish nice order and state of being on the life many people since they pay attractive packages. Paying attractive salary is not only about money which is ink and paper, one of the measurements in which factory owners are valued and tested and measured. The extent of salary they pay tells the degree of respect they give to employees and their capacity and personality, than the status of the employees since employees can be hired in other companies by higher and greater salaries. When they say, they value human resource, do they pay attractive salaries is the first agenda, if not, they can speak nonsense and noisy words which tell who they are than what they claim since actions speaks louder than words.

They say, when people are in difficult life condition, one have two possible solutions in order to maintain healthy and good life. When one can change it, do it accordingly; however, when it is not possible and something one cannot change, change the way one think about the matter. And either of the two are possible solutions otherwise people could end up in the middle of nowhere when they struggle to change something that cannot change out of ego and ambition factors. And whatever excuses and blame shift comes afterwards, they are too late to fix since many things have gone worse, and they could not listen and understand the signals and signs of life that they have been indicated and shown. Even the magic force they invented and relied upon will not help them since nothing is beyond the choice and decision of the person.

Life as Chewing Gum

December 17, 2013

There was a couple and the lady was very talkative, and she kept talking with people on the phone, street, and café. And she talks with people on the phone for over three hours. End of every month, they have massive phone bill and the husband was very worried about this matter. One day, they were at dining table and the phone rang. The lady reaction was immediate and she ran to the phone and start chatting. After half an hour, she hangs up and came back to the table. The husband was happy that she hangs up in half an hour and he thought it was good sign where she normally does not hang up for at least three hours. He happily inquired as she was busy to hang up so early. But she replied, it was just wrong number.

Have you ever come across with such kinds of people who focus on such aspect of life in which their hobby or duty is to focus on such nonsense aspect and useless areas of life, in which they probably consider themselves as if they are useful or important people in life? Have you ever come across with people who are addicted to just talking, they talk about garbage things, but they consider themselves as if they are very important? Have you ever come across with people, who focus on silly aspect of life, but they ask other people not to focus on silly matters, which they confuse what is silly and what is significant? It is just matter of priority in life.

And, have you ever met people who try to consider minor things as if they are major and important, in which they focus on silly aspects of their life due to the fact that they can go up to that far, which tells that they have nothing to do, except focusing on small subject matters and areas of interest?  These subject matters could be connected to, where is Mr. x, what is he eating, where is he sleeping, with whom he is sleeping, the type of underwear, what was his dream, where is he today, what does he wear in today, and the like. They try to put insignificant and irrelevant matters as something that deserves attention in which there are people who think that minor things could be the cause for the downfall of their regime or administration in world where they leave aside significant matters and relevant matters as if it is irrelevant and nonessential as well.

When people focus on silly details, they become prisoners of nonsense ideas and thinking, and they have no even bright future to create since they are tied up with silly ins and outs of daily routines and activities. In this case, they have put identity crisis in their personality if they think that they can go up to far distant since they have already chosen a path that focuses on past and present, which is the dark side of them. When people focus on the dark side of past and present, they cannot have any nice future since they have consumed their energy. People can have dark aspect of life, but it is possible to change it since life is about thinking, not what other people think and tell. Hope is something that one can create than receive or wait as a gift from others.

Change can come with volition and determination of the individual in which it is will power of the individual along with the determinations that can bring significant change on the life of the individual. It is not religious teaching or political ideologies that have an influence, but the readiness of the individual and one’s determination for change that has major contributing factor to the change one can come about in one’s life.

For example, in my experience of life, I used to think that it was the power that exists in that given religion which had power on my reality. However I came to realize that it was my age that made me think like that since I was like age 22 which made me think like that. But in my personal experience of life, I come to realize that it was my determination and readiness for change that has an impact on the shift of life style that I should come about. I had seen many people who happen to be religious and then irreligious in their life, which tell that it is the individual determination and readiness and commitment which is the major contributing and significant aspect of one’s life than the word they claim, which is the reality.

Albert Einstein said, great people focus on ideas; middle people focus on events; small people focus on people. This is very useful guidance as one should observe I life since it is not my business to focus on other people sheet. This does not mean that when they ask me for help, if I can, I help them since my idea in relation to people is to deliver assistance as far as I can as an idea. I focus n the idea than the personality people have in life. If someone was bad person to Mr. X, or Mrs. Y, I feel and think that there is reason behind, I do not take their wording as face value of those people who judge people. There is always a reason behind for people to be in one or other manner.

This is to mean that people can be bad or good in past, this does not mean that they live continuing the way they used to be or being like that. Change is inevitable and inescapable reality of human life. People change in terms of thinking, character, behavioral actions and reactions and the like. A forgiving person could be found turning as a man who seeks justice in the process of life. A man who was revengeful could be found forgiving others. It is not possible to judge people by past behavior and thinking since people change in terms of character and thinking as circumstance of life dictate. Change is constant factor in this world which never changes.

Definitely, I would not say, I am the type of person whom Ralph Waldo Emerson said, which goes like, to be great is to be misunderstood. Though such statement is done to those who are great, I could not want to connect myself to such given aspect of life, although I made few people in Israel whom I never met in my life before to think that I am different while I used to live there as to my personality and individuality that is different from those whom they meet and interact and communicate for many reasons, which eventually  put my life and reality to be under strong control and pressure since I get back home, which is still underway.

Last time I met someone whom I used to know decade ago. He started to talk about aspects of our acquaintance decade ago. Many things did happen in my life afterwards. Revolution happened in life. I was bored to discuss since he was telling me about the reality of my life which I killed it like few years back. I was not sure how and what I can talk about with this man, and I tried to divert the agenda of discussion, and later on, I just left him there by mentioning that I have another task to do. There were people who tried to approach me as company. In such company, the try to make m feel bad or stressful, then I removed myself from such company.

When one lives with people who are like pessimistic about oneself, what is the point of having company with such people? It is nice to be with people who can give hope and light than feel depressed and talk about nonsense in which loneliness is better than any other company they and such people deliver. They cannot see the good in you, what is the purpose of staying with them, and seeking their company. Life should be simple and natural. One needs those people company who make life simpler than those who complicate and make life to be problematic. Even if the whole world comes against me, I keep doing the job and task I should do since there is no force that can stop me from doing it. There is always freedom and choice to make one’s decision.

I see people in two aspects. The first ones are those who are like chewing gums, they are good as far as one stays with them for few minutes or hours, and they have no such importance and significance on one’ life. They are like chewing gums, they are nice for few minutes, but as one goes on and stays more, they could do as chewing gum does, like one could put harm to tongue or whatever. Thus, one just stays for little time, and then one goes away. The other are those who are like daily foods one needs to have in life so as to survive and appreciate life, this world and what life could bestow on earth, which one seeks in life.