Riches and Perils

November 30, 2013

The Qur’an says, in earthly rich, peril is concealed. This is one of the interesting comments and things one could observe and sense in those people who go after money and wealth. WHY? Is this because the nature of money makes people to be in such condition or they do not know how to go after money or wealth. One of the two must be true and correct.

Researches state that most wealthy people are not happy. This is one of the indicators as to why such people are not happy since they are swallowed with many types of stresses of life as result of such actions and reactions they pass in life. They are not happy; they live after suspicion and being suspicions of everyone around them. They have no dream or sleep; in fact they are full of nightmares.

Is this because the approach they developed or acquired wealth is unsafe or wrong, or it is because the greed factor in which they think that what they have accumulated in their life can be destroyed overnight if they do not employ a method of protectionism as to their wealth.

They say, behind every fortune, there is crime, which is very popular saying and could be connected as true since such people have life which is full of scary dreams and a life encircled with perilous psychological stresses they have been in that could have an impact on those people who are around, exclaiming, what makes such given people sleepless and restless, while others have peaceful and calm money, but with no money, still unanswered and needs further research and investigation.

There are two major and basic perils that are concealed in those who are earthly riches. The first one is something that can be connected to the rules and regulation they face in which meeting financial obligations in their businesses and affairs they make in life such loan repayments capabilities, tax obligations and other aspects related to such given matters like, the fraud, cheating and other dramas they do behind in which when there is some drama they gamble in between such theater, they have sleepless nights and dreams since they have another bad drama behind and they have everywhere and they play behind the stage.

The second one is a result of such drama and consequences of such bad game they play on others or the casino they gamble in everywhere, or as result of the consequences of wealth itself, which creates mental instability and abnormality they undertake, even if they are wealthy, they dress expensive clothes, they live elegant life by far better than those who are considered as human in the surrounding, which is neglected by the side of neurologist or psychologists since they judge and tell such people behavior and thinking by the garment they put on their fleshes. Such people could look on the outer appearance nicer, but they have perilous psychological stresses in life is concealed since it is just time that matters than any other matter.

When the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. This is one of the trends that exist in this world in which those people who are engaged in the field of money making, they have smart way of collecting and saving money and they know how to multiply their possession in exponential manner. They have developed their own mechanism on how to make and save money, and that is why they get richer. Their anxiety is mostly concerned, what if I lose what I have in way I do not even realize and recognize. This is their nightmare. This happens from the fear of such consequences of life that make most of e rich people to be sleepless and restless in addition to the future money making plans and activities they have in life.

They say, it is easier to make money or wealth once, but harder to sustain and keep it up to the life time. This is because, it need skill and qualities to have possession for a life time. Most people live like the life of an automobile. Thy just fill fuel for a particular period and they live up to consuming such fuel and what vary is the amount of fuel consumption they fill per need which vary on the type of automobile capacity and the type of engine they have. People are like that. The way this world is mostly designed is to live the life of the automobiles. Communism in here is a threat since it does not allow few people to enjoy such freedom and many rights than the most, which are deprived of such a nice thing in life.

When peril is concealed on the life of the rich, the one aspect mentioned is the fear of consequences in which when few people get richer, their feeling of sense of security in life especially when they live in and amidst poor people get higher. They are not secured in life since most people start looking at them and if they cannot be rich like them, their fate is crystal clear. They rob them. They steal them in direct and in indirect means and ways. When the rich get greedy and become self-centered, their end is clear in which one could kill them in order to obtain what they lack in life. When they become generous, they secure their life, and society understands and respects them. Generosity is not only about sharing what one possess, but is means to secure one’s life since society perceives and interprets the acts of rich people in positive way as they are generous and generous.

Although, there is saying which is mentioned in the Bible, it is easier for camel to pass into the eyes of the needle, than rich possess the place in heaven, which is statement that magnify the sins and crimes of rich people in past. But, in today, the crime and sin of the poor is tantamount to that of the rich, it is not possible to tell who is going to heaven or hell, if any.  Those who are in such religious scamp use this statement gives hope to the poor and multitude due to the fact that human beings needs and feels security when they are told that they are better than other people. It is means of consoling such people though it has its own consequence since it allows most people to stay where they are, they could prefer poverty as means of being nice and safe.

As such drama and theater of life is going, we shall pay the peril that is concealed in earthly rich shall be reduced since they are the ones who pay our salary and bills, large tax amounts, we should not curse and blame them, but encourage them so that they help many other people to be richer; they remove greed from their heart and city, and most people shall cherish nice life as they do since life should be natural and simple to everyone. It is not only rich that are under jeopardy and peril in these days, but the multitude as most claim and tell.


Why Do we need Him?

November 28, 2013

Jesus came back and wanted to proclaim the second coming of his reality accordingly. He did not know where to start with, whom to meet. Everything he knew before is totally changed. He was not even sure about the city he was talking about in his first coming. And later, after all such given confusions, he approached an old man and told him the story. He said to him, listen I am the second coming of Jesus Christ. In the former times God sent someone under different name. None recognized.

Now, I am sent this time by the name Jesus Christ since most could forget many things so as to make them remember, make life easy and simple, and tell the world that I am coming again in glory of my father. The old man replied, I do not understand what you are saying, but I think what you say is connected to the Catholics in Rome, Protestants and Jehovah in in America, and Orthodox in Russia and, tell them and find out what they say this is what I advise.

Then, Jesus decided to go by the advice of the old man. He at first went to Vatican to talk to the Pope. Then, he approached to the gate, and the security officer asked, what I can help you. He said, I wanted to talk to the Pope. And the officer asked, can I ask the reason, sir. Jesus said, it is very personal, you cannot understand. The officer said, it isn’t possible to get into his office without the reason being justified in my office. And then Jesus went back and looks for a room to stay there so that he will take the next step and talk to others.

And on the next day, he went to the United State to talk to the protestant Church head. He arrived there in safe. He directed to the one of the big church with numerous followers. It is big place with nice buildings complex. He approached to the gate and asked the security officer the same question as he did in Vatican. The answer is similar, tell me the reason. He said few things. But he was directed to one of the offices and they let him inside to talk to one of the junior staff there. Then the junior staff asked, what I can help you sir, and then Jesus said, I wanted to talk to the head of this church; it is very serious and personal. Then the junior staff said, it isn’t possible to talk to the head since the head is busy with meeting and there should be prior registration of the matter to be presented to him, and if the matter does not deserve, it is not possible to meet him. Then Jesus went back to this flat to do the next move.

Jesus went to the head of Jehovah Witness place. He then approached at the gate, and the security office asked, what can I help you sir. Then Jesus said is this the place where the chosen reside. The security officer said, yes. Then Jesus said, can I meet to the head of this church. The security officer said, what for. Jesus said, I have important matter to discus with. The security office said, they are in meeting, and you can register the matter in here, and gave him sheet of paper, if the head like to meet you, we will call you. Write your name and number. Then Jesus writes his full name, Jesus Christ, and his address and then he gave the sheet back to the officer. Then the officer read his name, what a good name, and said, do you know the name of God, Jesus said, I do not know tell me, it is Jehovah. But you have nice name which I read in the book. Then Jesus went back home and to make the next move.

Then, Jesus went to Russia to meet the head of the Orthodox Church, and then he did similar moves as he did to them earlier. He approached at the gate, and asked him in fact several question. The security officer asked, who are you., he said I am Jesus. Then, what is your second name, Christ. The security officer said, this name is very familiar. I know this name in the Bible. My parents raised me up by calling the name Jesus Christ. It is very nice name. You must be good man. And then, security officer asked, what brought you here, what can I help you. Jesus said, I want to see the Patriarch if possible. The officer asked, what for. Jesus said, I have an issue to discuss with him. The office said, can you clarify, Jesus replied, no you cannot understand, I should tell him personally. And then the security officer said, you have good name, but I cannot admit you in since patriarch is in meeting. And he has many priorities.

And then, Jesus talked to himself and starts conversation with God. God, why do you send me back. Those who know me very well are not even in here. These people have their own homes under my name but none of them realize who I am. What can I do God. I am confused. God replied, wait, and take few times and chances. There are people who could recognize you, not by face, but by sense. If there are none who could sense, I will bring you back till then give them good time and let them have a chance. Then Jesus said, why do you give them such a chance which makes them forge everything. They are gambling under my name. they are chasing everyone under my name. They forget everything. They forget who they were, who they are, what they should look for. They live in different world, they tell many things which are of their own.

While walking alone, he met someone with a book. The man carries Bible, and wanted to open conversation with Jesus. Then Jesus was willing to that man. Then the man asked him for cup of coffee at the café. Then they went to café, and opened conversation. The man was telling him about the second coming of Jesus Christ. And Jesus replied, what if I am Jesus Christ do you know how to verify how do you expect him coming in clouds with angel. The man replied, this is figurative, but not literal. Then Jesus said what if this happened on earth. The man said, there are elders, big people, at the church who could tell such matters. Jesus said, your elders, big people at the churches and everywhere are busy with meeting, visiting places, and telling and doing many other things not related, they are more of politicians, even they do not know what their priorities are. They forget everything, but the book says, I come like thief in the night, meaning while you are unprepared. Then the man said and looked annoyed, who are you to tell this, you are just simple man. The Jesus said, let us stop our conversation here.

Then, the man went to the head of the church and informed this matter to the head. Then the head asked the man to find him and bring him to his office. Then the man was found, Jesus Christ, and they asked him to come to the office. it was a protestant church head who called him. In the next morning, he approached at the gate. The security officer noticed him and asked him, you came week ago and you are back, your business is not over. Jesus said, no, I was called by the head to see him. What is your name, he said. My name is Jesus Christ, and I was asked to come here. What a good name, you are blessed, you must be nice person said the security officer. The security officer called to inside offices and informed them that there is man standing in front of him, and he was asked to come and see the head. The person who was in charge told the security officer, to let him in, then the security officer let him in and connected to the person he was supposed to meet and in touch with him.

Jesus was let into the office and met the person in charge who directs him to the head. The person in charge asked him, what is you name. He said, my name is Jesus Christ., the person in charge, said, wow, what fabulous name. You know Jesus died for you and me and for the entire world. You have such wonderful name. You are lucky. Then, Jesus said, Yes I am lucky. You are lucky in sense you carry the name of person who save the world. Jess said, yes I am lucky, thank you for that. The person said you are. Afterwards, both of them directed to the office to the head and introduce Jesus to the Church. The person in charge said, his name is Jesus Christ and this is the man you asked us to bring in here. The head said, welcome and you have such great and wonderful name. Do you know the significance and profound relevance of this name on earth. This is one of the holiest names on earth, you must be lucky to have this name.

The person in charge went outside, and both are in the office of the head. Then the head asked, you had conversation with a person who belongs to this church and you have challenged the fundamentals of the institution of the church. And he asked what the points are. Jesus said few things. Then the head looked annoyed and he said, behave, if you are going the way you are taking or trying to belittle the importance and authority of this church, your life is over, I will present this matter to the inter-religious gathering which will be conducted in New York next month, and we will make you curse on that meeting and deliberations., you should behave. This is not joke and game. This is serious business. Do not make this kind of joke. Jesus replied, this is not a joke. You are the one who are joking. You make buildings, you have followers, form a way of life in misdirected and misinterpreted and misunderstood belief. It is you who take many people in wrong direction. You should behave than I do, said Jesus.

Jesus left the office after having strong argument with the head. The head looked annoyed and called meeting with few core people and made an order to follow up on him and they put the life of this man under strict supervision and control in that city. They informed to authorities and other people, gossip him behind in bad, and tried to complicate his life. They do not let him out and they confine him to few places and they control all his movements and activities. They harassed and stigmatized him. And then they tried to remove him. With all these complications, Jesus lived his own life as second coming without acceptance and recognition, and he was considered as thief even if their book said he comes as thief in the night.

And Jesus made his own conversation with God, the fault lies in God not in them. Why did you say, I will come in cloud circling around angels in worlds where the clouds are full of airplanes and fighting jets? Why do you say I come like a thief in the night, in world where most are thief in daytime? Why do you say I will come again and give justice, in world where all are found in sins and crimes?

After a month, the New York gathering took place. The head of the church presented the agenda and explained the matter. None was very much aware of the consequences the head was talking about. Since they do not understand what this man was talking about, they have decided to form task force to investigate the matter further. In fact the following ideas were entrained, but not by the Christian group, one from Muslim and the other is from Buddhist. A representative from Muslim religion said, in our book, in the Qur’an, it is stated that when a mad man comes with new or different message, listen to him, and investigate further although prophet Muhammad is the seal of the prophet and messenger of Allah. The Buddhist man said if that man is talking about enlightenment, we should listen to that man than curse or blame him since there might be some light on him.

While they we discussing this matter, Jesus decide to visit all African States. He visited every church in Africa. The have similar answer and view. when he approached and asked them about the second coming of Christ, they go like, in the name of Jesus Christ, hallelujah, what you say is vague, who are you to tell us, and how do we know. They also say, we have to receive guidance from head quarter in Vatican, Russia, France, some say in London, other say in Germany and the like. None of them have the right to decide, but they seek decision and views from their respective head quarters. Jesus was very sorry of their lack of confidence, faith in God, and then decided to go to Israel who crucified the first Jesus.

And then Jesus left to Israel and met and talked to one of the Rabbi there. He asked the Rabi he met, have you heard about the second coming of Jesus. The Rabbi said, what are you talking about, I do not understand. In fact there was man who came as claiming the messiah 2000 years ago, and my fore parents crucified him. They told us he was friends with prostitute of Nazareth. In the former time, when man is criminal, we use to throw and kill with a stone. These days , we use stones for construction purpose we do not use to bit or kill people; that is very old fashioned, we have revolving pistol in fact, we have court system on how to punish criminals, we do not make divorce by the letter the husband writes but we give more rights to women in this day. You see things in Israel have changed a lot. Jesus looked at the Rabi with appreciation and admired how Israel has changed dramatically.

And then Jesus said, O God, Increase my wonderment and amazement in this world.

Prizes and Tricks

November 27, 2013

One of the interesting features in this world in relation to the trick that exists in the award or prize giving aspects in which individuals are awarded certain prize for the achievements they perform in life. This is very good. However, this will be very bad, when there is a trick that is going on all over, in which there are prize giving organization that exist from given village up to international level for good things and for nothing as well. When any given individual is awarded for an act which deserve recognition, it is important and commendable to give recognition since such an act deserve an ward, due to the fact that the type of things an individual perform is clearly known and identified and properly stated.

Last time, I went to someone’s place and that someone is aged above 60, and I had seen many prizes and certificates awarded to his achievements, and they are all posted on the wall in his home. And I was wondering as to the effects and impacts of such prizes on his life and I asked him, are you satisfied in life. He said, it is like fifty-fifty. And I asked him, you have many prizes that are posted on the wall and in your household, how do you feel about them. He replied, they are just like clouds. They stay for few periods, and they just go like that.

And there was someone who was like gardener as hobby and as duty as well. He like digging the soil and tried to plant few flowers and gardens for the organization he used to work. And an award giving organization on greenery gave him prize. After few years, the place he planted flowers and gardens were demolished since that place is needed for road construction. And I went by that given place, all the certificates and his prides are gone like those gardens since the impact of that given person cannot escape from those few plants and flowers, due to the fact that he cannot go beyond. Now, there are no flowers and gardens and the like. And I went to back to his life, he lived deceiving and misleading and lying many people, since I knew him personally, his theater at the back of his life and thus the actions of his life are reflected on his works that are demolished too.

There are many award and prize giving agencies and organization that exist even in the business world. They just come and go like the clouds. They organize big halls, they organize big ceremonies in big hotels, and they invite many people and prominent figures of the world. And they announce winners and make them publish. In fact, they are just profit oriented and moneymaking is the agenda. They make business out of it and they put many organizations in jeopardy since they have fake objectives and aims in life. Such organizations need to be revisited and reconsidered and they should be remove from the list since their intention is short term and they have no long term plan and goals in the life of those whom they give award.

Basically, prizes or awards are given to those individuals and institutions that perform an outstanding achievement that deserve certain recognition. In this case, such recognition is done in a form of award. When such award is designed, the criterions should be clearly stated and put so that the person who is awarded should not be confused or surprised; those who hear and watch should appreciate; and those who give the ward should be confident and respected as well. When such transparency and purpose is met and achieved, a prize has true and honest impact on the life of given individuals, societies and in this world at large. Otherwise, it will be fake drama and theater and those who participate in such game are garbage, foolish individuals and nonsense ones.

When I join a given organization, I was told that the manager or the owner would be giving you an award. It was about one month since I was hired. I was wondering why I was going to obtain a prize. I was not sure. I told to a friend whom I met in bar the condition I was in also, and stated that I was about one month; I did not even complete my probation period and the like. That person told me, laughing at me, may be, they are addicted in giving prize or it is their hobby. And he said to me, be careful, there is something going on behind, and do not gamble with this sheet. When they give you any prize, sell it and let us have fun with it. I agreed with that person comment since it was strange to get a prize in month time while there are many workers who were working for years, who never receive such a thing, except insults and other bad stuffs.

It is quite funny and strange when people are arranged to receive a prize without achieving something that qualifies an award. In this case, the intention behind such drama is clear. There is failure in such awards; there is huge loss in such prizes since the intention is not pure and they confuse and are not clear how far they can go. When bad motives are covered with good things, they fail since the root cause is failure. They intent or act based on spontaneity or they have huge drama behind. In this case, to be foul for today, and be wise for the bright tomorrow yet to come is an answer. This is to mean that to reject such given prizes and awards is an answer due to the fact that one does not seek recognition or rejection due to the fact one has and prefer to live one’s own life with one’s own way and style is preferable.

Expectation should be realistic. One should expect monthly salary than any other gift one should obtain or a prize from UNESCO since one works for one local given company, and there is no thing that could come from heaven as magic since one works a given company. The boundary and scope is limited in which the type of duty and function one has is very limited to size of the company. How is it possible one obtains a prize for an achievements one has not done which cost not more than a monthly salary although it is little, but enough for living, which one does not get it.

Life should be simple. It is not other people acceptance or recognition what is important, but the act and thinking of an individual, one’s concern about others and the type of things one does in life than going all over for approval and recognition. When people do certain act for the sake of obtaining fame, rank or money, the motive is not clear and they are short term ones since everything fade way the moment they are neglected or ignored. This is like the type of people who play in the stadium with spectators and with no spectators in which those who play in front of full audience play nice since they are attached to the audience not to the soccer.

When such people are categorized under groups, there are people who do certain acts for the sake of recognition, tricky people; and there are people who do certain act with seeking no recognition from others. When no recognition is sought by others, people are attached to the acts, they feel responsible and accountable. They are not ego oriented and ambitious people since they do certain act since they have to do and it is part of their daily routine and activity. While living in this world, when people are more act and thinking centered, the game and drama of such tricky prize ward and giving organization will vanish and perish since they have no longer and sincere impact on the life of individuals and the world at large.

Tongue and Heart

November 26, 2013

Benjamin Franklin said, fool man’s word is in one’s tongue, whereas the wise person’s words are in the heart. This is like that as they say, action speaks louder than words. This could also be related to an idea that could mean that most of the things that are spoken out before their time cannot be translated to objective world due to the fact they are hindered by interferences other people make in between and they get obstacles or they are more of words and they are not something that can be effective since they are just words and they do not get translated to action and objective reality for many reasons and purposes.

We live in world and time in which there are many people who make their business by creating fictitious gossips and the like, fabricating information with the intention of making people quarrel and creating conflict so that they get benefit out of such quarrel and conflict people are in. They are idle people with idle jobs. They are worthless and nonsense people since their intention are to create difficulties and complications in other people’s lives. They are like germs, bacteria’s and viruses even if they have big position and names in the society. Such act and thinking is tantamount to being dirt in the human kingdom.

While people live amidst such sheet and strange world, there must be mechanism on how to sort them out since life here needs care and wisdom. Life needs skill in which tact and discipline are the keys to create safe land and home. When people approach other people, one should know who they are before one interacts with them. They approach like friends, but in reality, they are not; they approach as compassionate people, in reality, they are killers and cruel ones.

They say curiosity kills that cat, which works for those people who are curious about movements of people which they follow what type of food they eat, coffee they drink, which toilet place they go, how they pie; what kind of clothes I wear on what day or whatever, and the like. They also ask why not you wear a necktie, which could be easier for them to arrange me, like hanging myself stuff, which I knew such stuff when I was in childhood. And someone came to me and asked me, I want to make a research on your personal life. And I replied, who cares, and I told him, there is nothing you find out other than what I know about myself. If you tell me, what I am not, I said to him, I assure you, you will be lost and foolish. Do not make a joke on your life and live your own life since I do not deserve to be a subject or studied. My life is not something that can be presented as model or in bad even, since I live after my own stuff. Why not you find other business or job, I said.

If anyone comes to see me in my place, one should tell me or I should know ahead of time that a person is coming to see me; otherwise how could I know since people have many interests and different business and agendas of life. If anything is not communicated in clear manner to the person, it is not possible to predict or guess since communication should be clear and straightforward than use sign or codes which are not in my dictionary, but possible to tell. There is nothing I do in behind and every communication should be done in clear and acceptable means since I believe and think that there is nothing that scares me or I am afraid of or I am not criminal or a terrorist even. They say, where there is will, there is a way. If anything bad is going to happen, I know whom to tell. Is this confession or an obituary, one has no clue. I do not mind whatever consequences to come since I do not and never expect anything from anyone.

What is interesting is that there are people, who still think that my life will be in bad shape after few years since I have no pension plan, and I have done something bad in life or I deviated from certain religious system or whatever. They are watching on them, their moves and intents, which is good. This is one the superstitious way of interpreting and understanding realities and such given aspects of life which exist in all religious dogmas. The say to others, this bad happen to this person since one deviated from this church or religion. This is everywhere. But the point in here is that both good and bad things happens in one’s life; they ignore the good things such people cherish in their life, but focus on the bad things since their intention is crystal clear. Both good and bad are relative and contextual.

I hate those types of people who try to give me advice. Everything should be done upon my request, not upon other people decision and experience. This is one of the bullshit things that are found in people’s lives. Life has given me many lessons. The best teacher and advisor that exist in one’s life are one’s personal exposures and experience of Life. If someone who pretends achieved comes and tries to give me an advice, what I said to this person, my aim in life is to be better and greater than him; so one’s advice is limited to one’s experience and exposure. However, I want to be better and greater than this person and one does not even deserve to share one’s experience since one has very limited and tiny exposures. I do not care about prestige and fame people have everywhere since such people have no place in my life.

Basically, there are three major kinds of people. The first type of people, those are those people who copy and paste what the former generation does. These are like the good ones and bad ones as well. They are like having education, family, nice job and the like. Or they do same sheet crimes and sins as the former generation used to do. Such people range from best to worst type of people and there is nothing special and different in their daily undertakings and routines. They do not have any particular aim or objective, but they do everything since everything was done in previous periods and generations, and they live accordingly. They live in vicious circle of activities.

The second types of people are those people who have designed goals and objectives; they live with plans and programs. They base every of their activities according to plan, and they speak out such plans and programs to other people. They share and communicate what they want to achieve to other people, in Medias and other funding organization, and they work hard to achieve what they have already planned. They tell their ambitions and desire to others and they work hard to achieve them. They could fail or succeed in their undertaking since they have already a plan or goal in their lives and undertakings as well. They like attentions. They live by that.

The third types of people are those people who never speak out to others, Medias or whatever, but they have plan and objective, and they live to achieve that purpose and goal. They have their own way of doing things; they do not need recognition and acceptance. Since they think that everything has plan, and purpose, they work and do everything according to the discipline they set. They are not outwardly noticed or they are not showy and type of people who seek attentions.

While living in such noisy world and amidst noisy people, it is important to be vigilant against those people who want to destruct and create obstacle to one’s life since such people intent is to destroy what one has planned to achieve. In such cases, people, from small to big, have bad intent as there are people with good intent since the primal intention is to be hindrance, knowingly and unknowingly, with deliberate and non-deliberate manner, friends and enemies and whoever they are, whatever position is and the like. Sabotage and conspiracy are becoming nature of this world.

There is one statement I read in the Quran, that I like most, do not tell thy vision, even to your brothers, they plot evil on you. This is an important remark since jealousy and envy are very natural and everyone live oppressing and hiding them. What vary in here is the amount and intensity of such characters. They emerge and manifest in everyone as result of any given transaction and action and reaction. This is very obvious. Jealousy and envy live on earth as far as good things exists on earth. When people get or achieve good things; there are always other people who become envious or jealous against those who are achieved.

In this case, the third type of people who are silently achieving their purpose are the wise people in which as Benjamin Franklin said, wise are they who speak in their heart, not by their tongues, due to the fact that they know what approach to be installed, under what circumstance, with whom, when, and so on. This does not include those formal types of interaction such as, if I want to marry woman, I do not need to talk to her in sign language or code. I date her; I interact with her, and when I like her, I decide to get married with her. I don’t even care whoever knows, or whatever since I believe and think that secrecy is only required for the goal one sets in life, no for the woman one want to marry. In fact, in such case, secrecy is costly since one could gamble in one’s life.

Being silent and being shy are two different aspects of life. When people are silent, one thing other people should learn here is that one is not sure of whatever things one need to do, or one does not like that given environment than being shy since shyness comes as result of lack of confidence in exercising oneself. Hence, people misunderstand and misinterpret people act and actions and reaction by the context of different touchstone, and they fall in wrong end and bad land that result in disappointment and dissatisfaction in their life.

There should be separate way of understanding and interrelating realities in which the idea of consistency is not accepted and recognized, but ignored here. Everything should be analyzed and understood as per its character and nature. If I prefer not to share about certain aspect of life, I have reason and purpose, and there is no need that other people should know on how I do things, what I do since in privacy, the secret and importance of one’s life is hidden. Why do other people know what I do, what I think, how I do, even if I have no any bad intention on anyone or in life, in world I have no any friend or enemy, preference or whatever people do in my life?

The secret of existence is life lies in freedom and freewill. When such aspects are shared more and more in big circle and scenario, they get lost, and reality of any being is taken away by others. In such world, to think and to have life without freedom is tantamount to being a machine. One cannot avoid such jail or prison, but can reduce the amount of burden stress, and type of actions and reaction that come from the outside environments and other people by reducing such contacts and actions and reactions.

There is no undo in life and it is foolish and garbage drama to think that when people fail in their daily relationship or communications with others—to start from the scratch again and bring everything back to the original—is unthinkable. As part of one’s personal experience in life, one should not even think such aspect of life when such actions and reactions fail with other people since they fail due the fact they are spoken out by others in worst and they have useful purpose as well. There is a good statement in the Bible, which says, it is only dog that takes back what one has vomited. When things are gone in wrong, they have purpose and intention. One assumes here that such things happen for good. Meaning, there is no way to go back and fix them, but rather to see other and different options and possibilities of life. It is the outcome that testifies the method as they say, the end justifies the means.

They say: ignorance is not fortune.

Technology and Social Reality

November 25, 2013

Arnold Toynbee stated in one of his books, Change and Habit, regarding the choice humanity make in terms of technology, Technological Revolution arrested Social Revolution, although it is a choice to choose technological regress, it makes it formidable or more of idealistic and impractical to implement regress due to the fact that humanity is becoming prisoner of information technology and other technological products. Likewise, in many of the human endeavors and arenas of life, there are few aspects of life, which are becoming obsolete way of perceiving realities; one of such aspect is the idea of prophet hood, or leadership in religion which claims authority from God.

Over the weekend, two ladies preachers met me on the road, and they look like Jehovah Witness preachers, and they asked me, Jesus is coming soon, are you ready? And I replied to them, I do not care, who cares, is he paying my bills or what the business is left over to him. They looked annoyed and they did not want to talk further. The point in here is that people are tied up with many stresses and challenges which are created by society and institutions along with failures and mistakes they make in life, such given people add another stress level to others. And I said to them, they are jobless people since they waste their time for something fictitious and imaginary ideas which cannot be proven and cannot be solution to the world at large although I was one of them in past times and moments.

And I met also another person from another belief system which I used to know before and asked me about the station of prophet in which he claimed that the prophet he follows is the manifestation of God for today. And I replied, who cares and I do not even care whoever the prophet of God for toady is since I have no regard for such type of lifestyle in this day. This kind of drama in my opinions especially at this point of my life sound garbage drama and theaters which have no value in my personal life since none has an impact on my life except my own consciousness. This is just waste of time and energy with fake and useless people. This is my personal view in relation to this.

Any given thinker or philosopher or prophet could claim that one has key to the problems that exist in this world; such solutions are more of opinions and they are not warranty to the solution since they are not field tested and proven. They are more of ideas. They are in cases like mirage thing in which they could probably seemly, but when they are tested and practically implemented, there are many possible problems that are not even identified and forecasted that could come out as result of such recommendations. They could be considered as wishful thinking and ideals than practically tested solutions since they are not proven correct or wrong.

Those prescribed solutions 100 years or 1000 years ago can be good and useful idea but they are not absolute warranty since it is different century and time, in which the idea of experts and the way things are done is the one that takes the upper hand than such opinions which look like vague, ambiguous, contradictory that lead to confusion and frustration, since they are result of being spontaneity, which is considered as inspiration, than being rationally tested and justified. We live in quite different age and century and things need to be sorted out before they are accepted as legitimate and something that has an authority.

And someone came to open conversation about the problems that exist in this world; he told me that there is spiritual solution for the economic problems in this world. And I asked him, what the spiritual solution is. Then he said about idea of generosity, love and the like. And when I looked to his personal life, he is the type of person who always looks or hunts other people money, putting millions of coins in his saving account. I said to him, what you say exist in a novel book. And there are always those people who give me nice surprise, these people are those people who have millions of dollars in their saving account, but they pray day and night by saying, Lord give us our daily bread. Are they not quite funny and strange?

Today is different. If there were no technological advancement, human civilization and other achievements humanity has made to date, I would agree since there is no other possible way that humanity could balance the economic disorder. In this day, things are very different and what one said is just mere wish and is not practical since the root cause for such imbalance should be studied and analyzed carefully before one hand over recommendations. Even those rich people in the west have philanthropy it is because they want to reflect concern and responsibility towards others not the idea of generosity or whatever since such element needs the concept of sacrifice, in this given case, losing what you have, not sharing what is left over.

When people get much money, the amount and degree of greed they have also increase, in most cases, in very direct proportional way. As they become richer, they need more and more than get content. Money is like opium. When one gets few, one needs more. It is like living in opium world as they live in such world, it is quite interesting to expect generosity and love but rather greed and self-centered approaches are the core aspect of such people given life. Unless and otherwise, there is another force that makes such people think bit different, most people are not in way that they share what they have to others.

Even those who follow religious teachings, the first thing most people quote from their religious tradition or whatever, and they say is begging is forbidden. When their belief system forbids begging, they are telling that it is forbidden to give money to the beggars. When the idea of generosity is reflected, it is with the idea of giving, but not justifying not to give money to beggars. Those who follow religious teachings which are assumed to be givers or providers start to justify not to giving since the crux is the greed factor. We live in such quite interesting time of human history which acts and thinking are justified by the book with the intention of justifying failure in many aspects. If they cannot provide solution to those few people who are around them, how are they expected to face challenges or provide solutions at universal scale, which sound bizarre?

We live in quite different time than 100 years ago, and it is not possible to go by the vision of 100 year ago, which could sound like movie making approach than and performing miracles on stage which sound more of trick than objective reality. For example, when Jesus comes back, if his job description is written 2000 years ago, can we say this person a boss or whatever? If we assume that such person is the king of the world, he is the one who should design or give his own job than any other reality. Although it is possible to see things in fair minded view in world since things are constantly changing. Change is what is sure to happen and it comes in every second of our existence in this world. Change is continuous and significant aspect of life in this world.

One of the trends this world has undergone is rigidity. Even if Jesus is not coming again, they claim that the book says, it must happen, and they also claim that faith is the requirement, which is being conservative in such given matter, is considered as the touchstone for such aspect of life. But when one takes the other side of such given coin, this aspect of realty happen to be rigidity since they cannot change their mind. What is the absolute guarantee even if there is no such thing to happen of such unending theater that exist on earth, nothing except those performers on stage who speak, preach, sing on the stage, who think they have authority and power over others.

The idea of scientific achievement makes this world to be pragmatic than wait for miracles on the stage. There is nothing that happen without reason and rational even if faith is requirement. There is no heaven or sky that wait for such miracles since, in times of the first appearance of Jesus, there were naturally flying birds or eagles on sky, but in today, manmade and birth of technology matters are found on sky. See the time gap and difference ad how human beings used to think and what they think in olden times which could be tantamount to the type of words and expression such people cud use in olden times. Time reveals word and expressions.

When technology reached to such height of advancement, it makes different types of thinking, which were super in before, but they are left as being actors in a novel, and kill those superstitious beliefs and thinking, which are not in conformity to its nature and character. Technology is a profound force that proves the bright potentials of this world and extinguishes those opponent forces that put veils to this world to lag behind time. In this day, it is possible to expect an airplane come on sky than a person since it is not possible that a person could come out of nowhere even if people have faith which could resemble such faith as blind imitation of past and idle and vain imaginings that are put in most people mind which yield nothing than whatever.

Technology puts communal life under jeopardy since most people are getting trapped with individualism. It arrests not only social life but also captivated individuals priorities of life. In this case, technology is the one that dictates in most cases most human activity and destiny than what those architects who design our future by past thinking and prophecies since everyone is becoming slave of such products which is an indication that they are not only captured consuming such products, but also by the concepts that are enshrined in such products which do have an effect like detergents that wash way those thinking and way of thinking in before and replace new and different ones which will yield to another civilization yet unprecedented, but surely come to place on the stage to perform its own theater by its own actors.

The Ship VS Boats

November 22, 2013

According to a dictionary definition, Ship, is a vessel that is buoyant in the water and used to transport people or cargo from one place to another via rivers, lakes, or oceans. Traditionally, ship was distinguished from boats by size—any buoyant vessel small enough to fit on board a ship was considered a boat. However, common usage has blurred the distinction between boats and ships, and today the difference between them is arbitrary. Although both have similar function, but the size, facility they carry and volume they entertain and contain matters.

In this world, there are many aspects of life which resemble of the given relationship that exists between a ship and boats in which one ship can be equivalent to many boats in terms of volume and the like; boats could be suitable for selected number of individuals with better speed and the like. When more people, in which the volume is the issue and the concern, the ship is suitable and conducive, but when selected target is the audience, boats are preferable, in relation to the type of functions and purposes they deliver although both can travel from one point to another end point in the water. This given relationship exists in the airline industry and other means of transportations.

In like manner, there is such relationship that exists between human beings in which a given being is equivalent to many other beings in terms of functions and responsibilities and functions at all level. This exists in physical strength, intellectual aspects, emotional realities and spiritual matters as well. This depends on how individuals make use of such resources and the type of focus they deliver in their human undertakings and endeavor. Equality between beings, in naturally unequal world, is a difficult task but cooperation and supporting with each other is a good and healthy things people should learn and experiment and practice in their daily routines.

Although, the idea of Communism as an idea is greatly appreciated and respected, from practical observation and understanding which capitalism is undertaking, since the theory of Communism requires matured mindset and perspective in which such given theory abolishes the greed factor and those greedy elements and factors of human life, which causes for the imbalance of wealth and wealth distribution that put economic justice to be in jeopardy which is not simple thing and matter due to the fact that human reality is objectively translated as being self-centered and ego-centered reality than a reality that focuses on communal and social aspect.

When Institutions establish a system which focuses on the idea of capitalism, there is much possibility of corrupt thinking and beliefs that germinate as result of such undertakings since there are always people that come out as leaders and forefront that dominate and suppress others as a hobby and part of their job as well. When such greed factor and ambition aspects of such people gets its climax, and when maturity hits their reality, they realize that their being at the forefront is not big deal or something that cannot transform this world to good place, but rather such feelings and attitudes create catastrophic aspects and events to happen, they come back to their reality and wonder about their own reality in terms of social aspects and realities they should consider.

The idea of philanthropy by wealthy people are addressed—not with emotional senses, but organized and systematized methods are applied—and germinated as result of such social concern, accountability and responsibility they assume, such given individuals realize that they have something to contribute as result of such given achievements and prestige they acquired and they turn their contribution to outward looking orientations and factors, and they start seeing society in fair sense and with sense of responsibly they assume naturally and socially.

They help society by the achievements they developed, and by doing so, how insignificant it looks in today, but reduce the imbalance of the wealth accumulation and distribution, and contribute something to the problems and social crisis this world is facing at large. This is good sign and healthy steps this world is undertaking which ignite hope and light to the bright things to happen in the future. They cooperate and integrate their concern and social responsibility with the activities of institutions and they help society in very organized manner. This is Excellent!

When the cumulative effect of such few people is summed up, they result in one big step in which they develop and create certain society that can be like them and they create certain direction to the mass in due course of time in which the many boats start becoming one ship in the process of life in which good signs of such aspects are seen at universal scale and level. This process is underway and will continue that will have its own impact on the change this world is going to undertake. This is one of the most important aspects one could possibly tell about the optimistic aspect yet to happen in this world, in which scientific approaches towards social problems are addressed.

Likewise, when a given individual is highly intelligible, there should be many ways such knowledge should be shared to others otherwise when people are swallowed under greed factor, they do not benefit society and their own reality as well. Information and knowledge are two different aspects. Most people are well informed in which they have information about many aspects, but knowledge here is very different reality in which one perceives knowledge as something that practically solves social issues and problems or elevate a given society to higher or greater level of thinking or way of perceiving and understanding realities in scientific manner, one as well organized approach in translating what one knows and recognizes.

This world is much of skill and information oriented than the knowledge oriented in which there are only few individuals who derive such new inspiration and translate what they know to the practical reality, but most are good at copying what these people know and translate it by doing certain modifications to the original thinking and ideas. However when more and more people come and get inspired and have original inspirations, this world gets transformed to better field and aspect and enjoys the elegant products of the human mind can fabricate and appreciate the human reality as well.

In this case, there are emanations of human mind in relation to object creation and society or community formulation in which most of them are the replicas and imitations of such aspects of human realities. They discover a cell phone, an automobile, airplane, utensil, machine or whatever; or they create a community or society. Those who discover are like the ship since they transport certain aspects of society from one point to another; those who advocate are kike the boats. Those who follow and consume such given ship or boats deliver are passengers. When the ship is gone—by both natural and human made catastrophic occurrences—they all are gone. Bonn-Voyage everyone!!

The Human Realities and Verities

November 21, 2013

Human Reality is a reality, conventionally complied by most, and is practically and universally and observed, composed of at least four basic natures as per their characteristics, at a given individual level as discussed before. This given reality is manifested at any given individual reality in different level, there is kind of paradox that exists in any being since the harmonious interaction and integration of any given individual realities looks very contradictory due to the need and character of such realities, in which an intellectual person could be found hot tempered or a rich person could be found non educated and the like.

It is obvious that such realities—material or physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual—and aspects are essential and pompous for existence and their proper and appropriate coordination could result in the so-called sound personality. Although it is formidable to achieve such realities get done at any given individual level, since this makes any person to be more of calculative and a person who carries checklist in every second and minute, which makes life to be more mechanical and boring as well, but there is none who could achieve that even those who are called a spiritual teachers could fail in meeting the need and characters of at least one of the four realities in their life.

While enlarging such realities to social aspect, in which the so called the social intelligence of any given society could be connected to emotional reality of any given individual in which the way society is structured and organized affect the dynamics of any given individual, which can be related to the joy and sorrow, and other emotional aspects which can be shared and recognized at society level, that cause a social intelligence to manifest and dwell in any given society structure and dynamics. And thus, it is possible to guess that social intelligence is an outcome of cumulative impact of emotional reality of individuals.

Any given individual emotional reality causes certain emotional realities and such actions and reactions of many individual aspects could result to an emotional intelligence to society or any group level to the extent that such reality could make other people to make them believe that it is an intelligence with no cause, but it has cause, which is any given individual, and thus, when two or more individuals interact and communicate, they create another field of interaction and communication, which can be assumed here as social intelligence which has its own mechanism and way of operations and manifestations. It is about developing better social skills.

Such social intelligence is caused by the social engineering in which certain society is engineered by its own variables and natures in which language, habits, evolutionary developments, quality of leaders, social customs and other factors are ingredients for its social engineering in which a give society could look an amorphous type, or a box where as any other given society could like having square or rectangular shape, in which it has its own feasible and identified shapes as per the nature and character it develops thru time in its history.

In such process of social engineering, any given society has its own social intelligence, which is relative and contextual in which the genius things that is considered in one given society could have different look in another, and thus society differ from one another as per its own value making and the way it perceives realities. Thus, any given reality or matter validity or whatever falls under the mercy of such given social intelligence in which there are societies which have greater and faster social intelligence than others.

They say: a prophet is dishonored in one’s native land. The point in here is that a given society is not able to know the capacity of such given people and there are harassments and stigmatization and discrimination such given people face in their personal life since they affect the dynamics of that given society—engineering and intelligence—which could put the existing values, beliefs and way of life under question and dilemma. In this case, what any given society does, it buys the protectionism agenda and lives with the idea and action of protectionism.

The two major sources of social dynamics are politics and religion in which religion is the architect, and politics is the structural engineer of any given society. They are the two pillars of any social dynamics in which any given society sets it values and beliefs and thinking by the core religious values and aspects, and it constructs the building or beliefs and values by the political machineries a given society employ as per the context and social interest it sets.

Social intelligence is an outcome of social engineering in which a given society develops its social intelligence out of its own social engineering. The way houses and buildings are designed and constructed are mainly dependent upon designs and structures in which the architectural part plays eminent role, but in most cases, engineering could deviate from the design for many purposes as per the context and nature of the building and rules and regulation of that given society. Although given society can have its own architectural mindset, the way or method they were translated and structurally engineered could be in most case wrong and it was not possible to correctly tell the thinking of any given society due to its failure, for many reasons, in translating to objective reality.

Thinkers play great role in shaping society dynamics even if they were in most cases rejected since the think outside the box. There are different or civilized societies who accept thinkers as good people, and buy note book and write what thinkers advise and translate what has been thought instead of removing or killing them. Such societies have developed and reached greater level of development since they make use of every resource they have for every purpose.

They identify and know their resource properly and the have capacity to identify what is useful and what is not. They are not judgmental and personality focused and personal interest as no place since social concern and the future are the crux. They use everyone, every thinking, and whatever any given society possess to the future of their nations. This is done what an individual possess as human realities in relation to social concern and institutional benefit so that the future of its destiny is created in today as prelude although it is very hard to create what tomorrow seeks in today since needs are continuous, changing and progressive.