Problems and Solutions

October 31, 2013

We live in a time in which taking paracetamol is considered as cure in which the whole body of humankind is likened to sick body infected with malaria, in which the virus that cause the malaria is still there since paracetamol only removes the pains and fevers of the sick body. In such given world, what we see everywhere in here and all over are like short term solution than long terms ones since the administration lacks vision. Although, the claim that they are long terms ones, such long term duration as per the context of time is brief.

When time is measured in relation to human age, they can be considered as long term ones are not that long term since the human factor is the basis in which 100 years in terms of human life, value and action and reactions, is very long but in relation to eternity, this could be like as per the period of single lightning. Thus, people measure time in terms of their existence not in terms of the going concern or continuity ones as well.

That is why many of the undertakings are self-centered and egocentric since people relate to their personal interest than the time in which future is not something that can be precisely predicted, and as people solve every problem in today, every solution gives birth to another problem which are not seen or forecast-ed by the solutions themselves. Thus, problem become the routine and daily business of this world and becomes the fate of this world too.

All ideas rendered as solutions are not solutions although as they say well identified problems are half solved. If there is no adequate capacity to solve any given problem, the identification of problem does not mean anything since identifications of problems does not provide solutions although it gives clues on how to solve a given problem. When people identify given problem, but if they deliver different or incompatible solutions, problem identification and knowing the problems is not guarantee to the solutions as well.

In this regard, doctors are good example. When a physician finds out something about the problem of one’s patient in which the person could suffer of liver, but if the doctor prescribes medicine to treat one’s lung, here one can learn two things. The first one is lack of information or skill of that given doctor; the other is sabotaging one’s life, which are possible reasons and we see this existing in this world. This word suffers of both and that is why what we see and hear in most places and cases are complications although good things are happening. But statistically, this world is in bad condition since many people suffer due to many different complications and difficulties.

Most of the complications are manmade and the require man made solutions. It is an experience that people are good at creating complications and difficulties, but they are bad in delivering productive and healthy solutions that do not lead to further disappointments and dissatisfaction since such aspect of life require different capacity. Most solutions by themselves are problems or cause to other unforeseen problems thus they are not reliable and dependable since they do not last too long.

Comparing to past, today is better, but the future is still challenge to the world since future is not known by anyone except mere speculation and wild guess that are put in different arenas and categories of life. Prophets tell. Historians predict. Writer share their view. Many people said many things about the future in which future is suspense. It puts everything and everyone in suspense since it is not known. When the end is known, life becomes boring. What makes life very interesting is we live by planned and unplanned things since there are certain deviations that visit our life.

What is quite interesting in here is that one problem is fixed; another one is on the stage. Thru such experience of life, one develops certain perspective in life, which could be useful or harmful. As way of life, one learns and takes one’s way towards the problem one has encountered in life, as far as they do not lead to further disappointment and complication, they can be considered as helpful and useful solutions. For example, I prefer the silence in times and matter where I have no adequate information and knowledge. Before I make worst mistakes, I prefer to stay away from troubles and complications in life than go back to them and talk about problems and stories.

I prefer to live with way I am since it gives me a perspective and safe environment to think. To think is to be human. Thus, I see it in my own way than others look into me since I am the one who live my own life than their observation. People could have their own observations, but this does not mean that they are correct. I had seen many people making mistakes on me since they live my life on my behalf, which is very wrong and it is not possible to live in my way by having their own shoes, since it is my shoe which is important than others.

Silence is the best remedy to many problems I did face since it is not possible to fix them. When personal observations are added in silence, I have seen many complications getting removed in their own way, without my interference and my volition. If I had made many efforts or moves into those problems, I knew i would not succeed, But due to the power of silence, I observe things are getting cleared away. This is one of the miracles I personally observed in past years, in which those who try to complicate are most gone and the power of silence has established the balance of life. Future is still unknown to anyone, but there is no thing I change in my life since I find it very useful, productive and helpful way or style, even if it is not liked by others, which I don’t mind, but it is very safe as I have persrsoanly experienced and tasted in past few years.

Many of the problems of past are gone, but newer ones emerge, but seeing problems with optimistic view and eye is something I learn from life. I see that every problem has solution, but what matter is the magnitude of solution one delivers which is depend upon the potency of problems. BY the very gesture of silence, problems get fixed. When there are people who want to create complication, they end up with story of tapeworm and jardia in which they consume with another. Although, there are fewer ones which could last long due to the nature of the problems one encounter. Time shall remove the scars since there are certain aspects that could be solved due to the passage of time.

Every age is new city. In every age, one learns something. New problems come. Different complications arise. All have their own duration, they come and go. By the very nature of every age, every age has its own need which has its own solution. It is always good to see hopes in despair, vision in darkness and life in death.


Promotion and Promoting

October 30, 2013

Why do people promote themselves or other businesses? Is promotion a business or passion? People sell themselves in different avenues and venues so that they get recognition for who they are and what they do. Such people do such given tasks since what they do cannot be recognized by others unless and otherwise they promote it by their own mechanism and means. People sell themselves in different markets or any other places so that the get acceptance of their personality and status.

When people want to express themselves or promote particular matter to the mass, they need a media to express and pass the message they want to transfer. In this case, they have to arrange systematic approach so that they can be understood by others easily. The public receives awareness about them. Hence, they avoid jargon and use simple public words, since words are public property so that the mass cannot go to dictionaries or ask other people in order to know and understand what they transfer from they say and promote.

There are also other possible reasons in which people could express themselves to others by using different strategy is due to the fact that they have something to share, but others have no access to know about them in which they could be deprived of the access to the media in order to communicate what they should. Such deprivation on access to any given media force people to find other possible ways to define and express who they are since we live in pretty good time in the century of human history.

When people promote or express themselves to others, they should be truthful and honest in expressing who they are since what they say matters and tell what type of personality others are looking into them. In other words, there are people who articulate things nicely to the extent that what they articulate for could be by far exaggerated and lose grounds. In this case, they could mislead others. When such promotion works are done, it should be done with sole motive of telling or passing relevant message of a particular matter, not misleading or confusing what they say with what they promote too.

This reminds me to an experience I had personally observed in here, when I used to live 275 KM away from the capital, in which TV advertisement was going on about a particular good; it was a lady who was displayed on the show. The advertisement sounded like it is kind of selling or promoting the legs and parts of the lady than the product. And I was very much confused of the show in which the insignificant took over the significant matter. I called to TV station and asked them, what is the adverting for, the lady or the product? The TV person replied, such advertising shows comes from those who make promotion business, and will tell them such given comment. In fact I was successful in doing that, they stopped that advertising.

When I write in here, I am just sharing my personal view on that given moment based on personal observations and experience I have about on many other things. I correlate my writing style to any given journey in which each write up is like going somewhere. When I go from one place to another place, before I reach to the end, there are possible interventions. I make stop over such has having cup of coffee, buying chewing gums beside the right stop overs one make to end that particular journey. Thus, there are possible deviation I make from the original roads due to the fact that there are human experiences and nature which force people to make stop over which could be likened to restroom and other stuff too.

Likewise people have their own fashion and style in telling who they are or promote that particular business or product. When people promote a business or product, there are obvious ethics and standards they strictly adhere otherwise they could be punished by law as being considered as libel or defamation of other companies when they start to compare other business or products with the intention of promoting what they intend for. In this case, they should follow their strategy. Amongst the savage and primitive strategy which is unacceptable in this time day is to curse or undermine other with the intention of glorifying oneself.

When a person wants to promote someone’s brave action, one could say, he is like a lion. This means that this given person brave act is like the act of lion, which is bigger or greater. This does not mean that that given person is lion and thus, people could create or arrange battle field to arrange this person fight with any lion. When people try to articulate acts or give certain flavor to acts of such given person, they could create resemblance with another character, this does not mean that such articulation is real one, which should be taken literal, but is way of expressing certain realities with the intention of admiring or respect.

Most promotions we see on the TV or internet are ways of addressing particular messages in relation that particular product although way of articulation is also there. But there are few that pass the limit in which they intend to advertise a lion, but they end up telling the story of cat in the household. This is done what they do not have adequate knowledge of the matter they are promoting for. Instead of promoting that given and particular matter, they destroy it with the promotion work. The primal intention of any promotion work is to build publicity and create certain level of acceptance by users. It is not only promoting but creating certain kind of trust on others.

Promotion work has its own method or art. It is not like reading news, or is like stage drama in which people perform particular theater. It is quite different in which the message they are contained are precise and in way they tell particular message about the given matter. Few pass the intended subject matter with the intention of articulating, they confuse playing character on the stage with the promotion work they do, most get confuse and heard complaining that, am I in theater place or watching the promotion?

Present and Past

October 29, 2013

History is the other side of journalism in which history is made up of systematic study of historical records of daily occurrences of past, study of events and transaction of people. When such systematic studies of journalistic records are organized, they become history since history is systematic approach towards people, events, records, and so on. In any journalistic daily news, who, what, when, where, why, how are mostly answered, which gives good clue to those who are interested in the field of studying past transactions and events in today.

In this regard, toady is very different age, in which thanks to the World Wide Web, many people have access to such web that give much information about many things since most are uploaded on the web. Although, it could be very hard to trust the statistics part, number of view parts, and other data loaded on the web, it is just a tool that gives an indication to the future, which is good and lucky enough to those who plan to have good study of the history of the world by most people since such web can help them in obtaining much information.

Hence, historians should ask journalists in way they organize their daily news to be accurate and precise so that they can obtain quality data and reliable info which could save their time and energy. Otherwise history is futile without having good and reliable information, which is presented by those who are engaged in the field of journalism. History is dependent upon journalism as source of obtaining data. This world is interconnected in this and other possible ways, otherwise historians could be considered as liars and deceivers and they could mislead society since they do not gather truthful or responsible data if daily news is not reported nicely.

Journalism is not only responsible for gathering and disseminating information on dally basis, but it is trustee for the future of history in which they are responsible to the future historian, due to the fact that future historians gather information or data from toady journalists. They are interconnected in this manner in which the future and present can be integrated at some given point although it is very hard to merge them. Hence, journalists should detach themselves from self-interest and advantage; should have the courage to tell the fact and truth however it is hard to be; they should be honest in their undertakings and integrity should be the corner stone of their carrier since it is very sensitive and challenging field.

Bearing this in mind, journalism and history and interrelated in one aspect, which is time in which when journalism reports daily events, then, history studies such events in systematic manner so that people can find out different perspectives and those information that are not even covered and perceived by the field of journalism due to the limitations of the field, time factor and other good possible reasons. Time is the factor in which how people measure and value time is necessary requirement and precondition on the quality of information people gather and obtain. Thus, how do people measure time is one should consider.

When one considers the idea of time, in which time is just a reality created by beings such as the calendar. At one discussion I had with someone, the person asked my age, I said, I am 43; and the person asked my birth date, I said I know it in human way which is very religious, I do not agree with that kind of counting, unless it is required for office purpose, but in reality I do not know it exactly since such count is dominated by belief, on what people call, AD, BC, which is called, ABCD, but I think that that part of counting age and placing birth date should start from the origin f time of creation, which is not known to date as I said earlier, which is since the time of creation.

When people are dominated by belief, they can agree with their own accent by their given tongue, but when people consider reality and the truth as touchstone, it is formidable task to achieve it since this world is already fashioned and dictated by belief in which belief overrides the truth and reality even if the truth is crystal clear out like the sun, people would like to go by traditional mindset and the way they are fashioned since they are already comfortable to live with such given mindset and style.

That is why most thinkers ask, is our past better than our present since they get confused on what is going on. One of the major reasons is that systems and ways of lives are designed by past given mindset and there are plenty of people who just follow without even asking and investigating. Thus, life becomes a life with majority vote style in which those who are minors and the minority groups always live with oppression. When people are consider as minority group, especially in term of thinking and asking, here is an indication for this world to wake up and smelt the coffee since quest is integral aspect of human reality.

This world lives with deep sleep in which it is still in state of dead body which does not feel anything, in which the pains and suffering of the poor and those who are ill is no felt and addressed in significant manner. Problems, conflict, confusions and contradictions are becoming norm and a way of life, and quest is considered as sin and crime. In such world, it required to have a mindset and perspective than blow like where the wind does. It is important to blow against the direction of the wind since the law of gravity always tells a mystery and a reality in which a mystery can be found and a reality can be attained when people blow against the direction where most people go.

When such perspective is gained, a reality is borne, and many people can handle the type of confusions and stresses they face in life as those before us do. Thus, people become vigilant since past and present are always interconnected and interrelated; present people learn from past people mistakes and they take the good ones as well. The future one will have same style. When a person before us claim that I am the special person, by being tricked, present ones make a pause and learn on the types of tricks that had been on, and make great deal in progress so that present ones give lesson to the future ones in way they cannot be tricked and deceived, but they put a perspective on how to escape such psycho and psychic drama and theater.

By doing so, present ones will serve as torching light to the future ones although past one have been tricked and there is no undo in life in which they could correct their grievous mistakes and tricks afterwards. Hence, present events are reported by today journalist, but will be records to the future historians although past historians had no adequate and reliable information since the field of journalism does not reach to such height of advancement. However, future historians have great deal to play than past historian since things have changed pretty much, but they are still in hands of the field of journalism as one of their sources of gathering data and information.

Insignificant and Significant

October 28, 2013

I was watching one of the local made movies in one of the cinema places here. I was wondering on what triggers and interests people especially while watching the movie industry. Although the Hollywood ones are making significant moves in this regard regardless of the critics we hear about the loss of new ideas in their movies. When I was watching this local made movie, before the show begins, there is an intro part, which displays names of movie actors, script writer, the director and the like, was quite fascinating. And later the movie went on, it was by local tongue. And at the end of the movie I just came to an idea that the intro part of the film acrobatic thing is by far better than the whole movie show.

It is quite interesting to note how people try to captivate the attention of other people. In some cases, it is like the body guards of someone very important trying to play, give me more attention than the person whom I protect thing, in which there are many instances in life when one observes how people behave towards other people. This is like when one went to dinner party in big place, and one appreciates, not the food, but the Coca-Cola or the beer there, which isn’t prepared by those who invite, in cases.

When people try to exaggerate and confuse the insignificant with the significant ones, here such given people or society has to make a pause and think a little bit further before they are too late. This is what one sees and observes in most places in here. When one interacts with other people, it is only the person who is interacting, who is responsible and accountable for that given act, than any other person. For example, if I have case with other people, it is only I who is responsible for that given act. None of my family members, or people I know or other people as witnesses should be involved since they are ignorant of such aspect of my life and I am not even willing to discuss these kinds of issues with anyone. This is very personal matter.

And I remember, at one point of my life, there was someone who wanted to threaten my life, in which he was kind of showing pistol revolver. I was kind of surprise in which that act was quite savage and funny, and I was kind of pushing that given person to do it on me since I am not that type of person who is sacred of death. And when he realized that he was mistaken, he tried to show off in different manner as if he was trying to show for other purpose and reason. In any case, there are two people who think that I am bad, one is politicians and the other is religious, even if good ones are there within, and I am happy if they remove me since I like that experience than the way they put me up. But, I hate to be involved in any religious or political organization even if they give me trillions of dollar since I live in freedom and I have quite free mindset which is by far worthier that their ink and paper.

When a person has free mindset, this is the most excellent attribute and virtue one should have in life. I am very much excited by the way life goes on, not in terms of material aspect, but by the mindset I personally derive for my personal life. Immanuel Kant said knowledge is derived out of experience, which is true; I derived certain perspective out of the life experience I personally had. This works for me but I do not advise anyone to follow my fashion and accent since I think that everyone has to follow the dictate of one’s own consciousness. Do not tell who I am since I know it very well and I do not want anyone to tell about who I am on my behalf since I do not need personal interpreter and expounder of my words since I do not hire anyone in this regard, and I closed that vacancy though I appreciate those good people who have good regards for me.

When people try to put role models in life and they in most cases follow the insignificant characters and thinking than the significant ones of such role models, and here, this shows that they are part time lovers of their own role models. To cite one example, they say, Jesus told them to love their enemies or other religious teachers told that. In practice, it is not possible to love their enemies, but they even have difficulties to love those who live in same domain as part of personal observation. I hate to have role models since such practice prisons my freedom and puts high tension and stress in life. Why do I have to resemble someone in world while I can create my own in life?

This does not mean that one neglects other people good contributions in life and this world. One admires and appreciated great people such the heroes and heroine of this world. Sir Isaac Newton said, if I had seen something farther, it is because I stood on the shoulders of the giants. This world is interconnected and interrelated. One learns great deal from other people and devises one’s own way and style. It is not possible to live outside this world, but it possible to create one’s own reality in one’s own way.

What is quite interesting in life, ways of life and other systems of life is that, they give pretty much attention to insignificant matters than the significant ones. As explained before, the quest people have in life is significant ones than they are to be neglected. Since they do not have any convincing and satisfying answers, they ask people to focus on their direction so that they forget and neglect significant aspects of human life. This is totally wrong and unacceptable. People should follow what they think, not what other people think on behalf of them.

In this world, there are significant aspect of reality and human life as insignificant ones do exist. When people prioritize, such needs should be sorted out although such matters are subjective, relative and contextual. When a given society lives at given point, but making huge mistakes, considering underlined idea that if there is love and unity, mistake are considered as correct, which is the root factor for mistaken idea in which this does not mean that way it is now is correct and people should go on. This creates many fake thinking analogies and gesture of peoples in communication and interaction in which most live with fake smile, but their inside is burning.

When a given nation focuses and invests more money in sport, movie making, artistic displays than the invention and discovery, this could make other people watching, what are these people doing to the future of this nation. When entertainment is considered as regular day business, this could raise many questions since this nation has many millions of people still starving, homeless and the poverty is still there. It is possible to scape one dinner by jokes, theater, music, sports and humors, but not many lunches and dinners. Do they see what is going on every home and house hold?

Last time someone asked me to write about image building of nation. And I replied, such image building thing should have honest and truthful ground otherwise it is image destruction. When image is built it should be with reliable ground. And I told him, I could write about image building, but you will destruct it tomorrow. There is mistaken idea, in which when image is built for such poor nations, it is not by removing, disrespecting poor people, and considering them as curse and as if they are hopeless but by helping and giving them hope.

This should also include hope giving thinking towards such people than show the fake parts and images. One can show many beautiful and rich looking peoples to other people, but inwardly such people could look different, who just play the game of image building agenda they have on their faces or flesh. This is very mistaken idea. When other foreign people and world are mistaken, we should not copy and paste such mistaken matters. This is what is said, do not confuse the insignificant part with significant matter in which it is poverty, the significant agenda, but not by fake image building, thru determination of local citizens, and then image building will be eventually is inevitable, will come, since the job is done within. In the world of devils, can an angel make a difference?

Interception and Privacy

October 26, 2013

When people communicate with people, in both natural and artificial devices, there is a big difference that exists between such communication styles in which in the natural communication style such as telepathy, governmental and earthly and man-made institutions cannot have control over where as in the artificial devices, man-made ones such as email, telephone and the like, government and people can interfere and stop such communication style by virtue of the power and authority they are vested upon.

Interception of people’s communication style and communication is one of the aspects in this world in which people intercept people’s communication for various reasons. In this case, people become vigilant against those who intercept or in other words, spy their personal matters when they communicate with other people. People intercept people’s interaction, institutions intercept institution’s matters and people’s communications and communities intercept between communities well. What does this imply?

The first implication of such interception especially between individuals is when they have both positive and negative interest towards each other. When it is positive interest, they want to give them prize, or hug them or kiss them so that such spied individuals could be known to the world and contribute something productive. When the interception has negative sense or attitude, it is for the sole purpose of destroying their lives and destiny as well. If they intercept a man like me, they have no impact for both sides since one does not have such regard for both although one respect those who have good on oneself.

When institution intercepts individual’s communications and private matters, this implies that it does not trust its own citizens and thus it come up with the idea of violating their privacy under the agenda, protecting the sovereignty of a nation. When protectionism is the agenda, institutions have no trust and the degree of its confidence is in desperate attitude, thus it mainly focuses on protecting its own stuff, and makes the life of its people as cat and rat. When individual’s privacy is neglected, and not protected, the nation’s sovereignty is also in danger and this is what most states or institutions forget.

When community or institutions freedom and rights overrides individuals right and freedom, the balance of power has shift and given system is in amorphous shape so that it as to do something to bring nice shape to its order and system. When egoist and over ambitious individuals joins institutions and take power and assume certain authority in such system, such overrides and imbalance occur since such individuals ego is the one that plays significant role in shaping the institutions and society dynamics.

This does not mean that there are not individuals that could put threats to any given society or nation; there are, but this should be confused and should not lead to an idea that many people should be spied and their privacy and personal matters should be intercepted. Both are different aspects. There should be enough and complete ground work that has to be done before one rush to conclusion. In very fact, there are many corruptions going on in authorities’ office in which when they do not like someone, even in personal matter and relation as well, they put tag on one’s identity such as he/she is a terrorist or an enemy of the state, and they remove that person. This is very traditional.

When such wrong acts become regular routine and normal in any society, it is not healthy sign and that given institution is sick and needs to be medicated than those individuals who are victims of such therapy. Hence, there arise individuals to doing the right thing, to protect many people against the wrong doing of such institutions or state since the state functions with the help of ambitious and egoist and tricky individuals. In order to protect such unacceptable acts and wrong doings, there are individuals who arise to protect the mass, in other words, to make a given state behave so that the state should be put to nice shape.

For example, if I said something to society in which the state is doing something behind in which many people do not like or know, spying or the interception, I am protecting many people, meaning I am protecting a nation. This should not be confused with putting given state sovereignty in danger and protecting the mass, what is the state living for, to protect the mass, but when the state is found overriding the right and freedom of the mass, what is it doing for, putting the mass live under jeopardy. Given the fact that the state is not assumed as holy, perfect, absolute and complete, and by the aid of such heroic personalities, the state will be put to behave and even get protected before acts get even worse.

The other reason on why such interception is needed by institutions is that to play psycho game on others with the intention of telling others, I know what you are doing in your bedroom, or whatever. But if one is good enough to such people one should reply, who cares what you know what I am doing. They try to develop certain psycho make up in which those who are intercepted feel powerless and desperate and submit to such spying institution do since none is free from any wrong doings, even those who spy even does it worse.

The other reason for such interception is in fact; to protect oneself from the dangers one might face ahead of time. This is true. However when such acts pass their limit, they become a poison and destroy oneself than protect one’s right a freedom or whatever sovereignty people claim since anything that passes its boundary causes disappointments and dissatisfaction. When everything passes its limit, it affects the other side of the matter and cannot yield positive and productive fruits since the balance has shifted. If someone claims that the beast bites, it is because one goes to the beast field than the human field in which one is not even allowed to enter.

In general, what is claimed by now about the privacy policy and maintaining other international rules and regulation to protect nation’s national secrets and privacy since the existing privacy policy of interception, spying, of individual, society, state or institutions privacy is not adequate and complete and is not even lasting solution. There is popular saying in which it goes like, do not say that someone is a thief by leaving one’s door open. One should put new and different mechanism so as to protect one’s privacy although rules and policies are good, but they are not warranty and complete.

God and People

October 25, 2013

People say, God is not the author of confusion. However, the primal responsible and accountable factor for the division and conflict that exist on the idea and application of God in this world is the existence of God—God—none can accuse or blame such matter since it is not possible; the second factor for such contradiction and confusion that exist between people of the world is those who represent or claim that they represent and reflect God and the like. The third accountable factors are those advocators of such concepts that create division, conflict, confusion and contradictions in this world to date.

There is a big difference between the God that is created in this world by the mind of such people, and the real God since what they tell and describe in most cases is going in way contrary to what those people think and how they perceive. The God that is real is totally different from the God that is created by men on the earth for many reasons.

The first reason is that the God that is created by men is masculine. It gives priority and top positions to men since he/she likes men. It is men oriented God since it is dictated by culture. The culture in the Middle East or those place such prophets dictate the mind of God. It allows men to be perceived as upper ones in life.

The other reason is that it likes to give commandments such as do this, do not do this, go this place or do no go this place. It is eastern oriented God in which it never went to the western part of the planet since it has been originate by the thinking of the eastern mindset. Righteousness has no direction and place since it reigns in everyone who acts or wants to be righteous, b it east or west.

At one point in history, God was warrior, in another God becomes forgiving and forbearing, in another time, God arranges court justice to punish people. When one sees how God is perceived by three generations, one does not think that God changes in thinking from time to time, but it is people understanding, perception of realities and understanding differs. This does not mean that God sends different messengers to tell humanity in such manner, but people change their perception as they mature and understand things. Thus, they shape their thinking and belief accordingly.

It is also possible to think that it inherits the mistakes of the past as right since it justifies mistakes done by those who preceded, just taking as one example, they say, I am the promise one who was foretold in the previous books, in which such confusions are created with the intention of establishing harmony with the previous ones, but they end up with the cause of divisions and separations. As more such founders who claim as ambassadors of Gods increase, the number of divisions and the gap between such claims become wider.

One of the interesting aspect of such claims is that God thinks and functions in very human way. What is quite paradox in here is that the claim which God is perfect and absolute is envelope by imperfect, incomplete and human temple, which deserves quite contemplations. What is dictating here, Is the idea of God or the desire or want of people to follow something or have faith? It is crystal clear that people have natural tendency to have faith in something.

Thus, they follow something even if there is no such a thing, people have done something different to develop such desire or want that is inbuilt in their reality. And it is possible to state here that such desire or want is manipulated by such people who assemble and organize a form of belief, although they contain partial truths, this partial truth manipulates people reality to the extent that it makes them powerless at the end. This is just like balloon concept.

Japanese proverb says, first the man takes the drink, then the drink takes the man. This world is in such state of being in which all the systems and other mechanisms that are invented in the daily operations of human life are created by human beings, but, it nowadays is the system that operates and manipulates people since people cannot stop all the systems that are created to date. People can only manipulate such system by the vacuums it contains which is very limited and so narrow.

For example, when people use internet or cellphone, particularly messages transferring mechanisms such as email and other, it is not possible to control and keep ones secret by one’s own since one is already put into t net. The privacy policies are legal matters and they are just rules and policies to protect one’s privacy they are not guarantee to protect one’s personal matters. One they are put the web; it is possible to think that someone can hack them. One should not think and expect that in order to keep one’s privacy; the safe and best place to store one’s own secret and matters is till the memory.

When people design certain system and way of life in relation to the unknown aspect such as God, they put themselves under jeopardy that they save themselves from other stuffs they claim, whatever book or personality they follow and believe in. In the first place, everything is invented and created, and interpreted and understood according to the human experience and mind. One person cannot be equivalent or similar or be likened to what most people agree and think that God is the creator of all such realities. This is not right time to think like that.

In such given time, the God hat is created by people mind are reached to a point of no return although realities and truth testify that there is still constant fight going on between the God that is created by men, and the real God since the preaching, competition, and all kind of stuff we see on earth is reflection of such definition and understanding in which none of them have succeeded in collecting and gathering people into their domain except confessing in their daily undertakings.

The God that is created found in many domains on the earth which lives under the mercy and will of their understanding and interpretations, but the real God is we do not know since it does not make them successful and achieve their end goal, but make such people by given endless hope and unending promises which is not fulfilled to date, but make them prisoners of social expectations and such given hopes which they do not attain.

Two people met on the road, after they greet with each other, and were somehow went into discussing about mysterious concepts. One of them asked the other, how do you proof the existence of God. The other one replied, I intended to do something for the day but I end up doing something different even contrary to what I intended at the end of the day. Who changes one’s plan? What makes one plan change contrary to one’s intention? Why are one’s plan changed? How is one’s plan changed? There is power beyond the control of anyone which is different and beyond one’s own control, but impossible to define and think what that matter is, except putting mere speculations.

Everyone has one’s own way of perceiving such reality, but it is till based on one’s maturity and understanding in which the God that is created and understood 100 or 1000 years ago God could be different the God as perceived by the present generations, since it is not the God that differs, but peoples maturity, understanding and experience in life differs which have an impact on perceiving and understanding such mysterious subject matters.

If 7 billion of people on earth concur on the idea of God and put arguments about the concept and application of God, this does not mean that what they have agreed is true. There are aspects of realities which are not governed by agreement or a disagreement, such as the sun gives light. Can anyone change such nature by majority vote or whatever? It is not possible. Hence it is not possible to derive definitive conclusion on unknowable essence, but is possible to derive agreeable grounds for communication and interaction, but such agreement does not warranty that it is true or correct.

Truth Vs Prestige

October 24, 2013

What would one do if someone like president or prime minister want to involve in the life of a given individual without one’s own consent, or such people by virtue of the authority they are vested upon try to ridicule, give pressure or sabotage the life of an ordinary man? In this give case; corruption is the agenda here in which such people should assume their function and office when a given individual is threat to the entire nation. Otherwise it is not even their business they interfere in such aspect since this does not belong to particular duty and office they assume.

In such circumstance where a given individual is not even threat to one’s neighbor, and if they find cases to labels such man, with the motive of helping other people who do not label to the respective nation, but they are in danger than one ordinary individual. They repeat same old story and as they say history repeat itself in many instances and occasions, and their fate and end is crystal clear as they commit same mistakes as those before them did.

When any given truth is investigated and found out, it should be investigated out of bias and prejudice in which when there are two contrary ideas, both should be addressed carefully. It is not personality or status or prestige what matters, but the truth is entirely different from such aspect of human life. When there is an assumption that 100 people who are educated and nice that they cannot make mistake, it is wrong assumptions to measure the truth of any given matter.

For example, I used to think that at age 22, when I joined a certain religious circle, one of the inside requirements I had at that given point of time is that such nice and good people cannot be mistaken since I believed in personality and status beside the rational I found out. However, at age 35 I came to an idea that many good people could be mistaken since they cannot see the other side of the coin. In this given case, I come to an idea that what Gautama Buddha said is nice guideline in life since truth and personality are different aspects of life.

Buddha said, “Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.

Many people can be right on one matter as they can be wrong on one matter as well as agreement does not comply with the truth as happiness can be deceiving touchstone to measure the validity of a way of life since many contrary thing can happen in a given system by the virtue of the designs in which there are always fake and tricky standards going on all over the earth.

When people are tricked and deceived, it is their mindset which was ready to or the primal cause to be tricked as in my personal life too. It was my personal mental makeup that was ready to be deceived and tricked than the matter which tricked me is the second. If I was not in that given mindset, I would not be tricked, since I put myself in that shape, I was ready to be in that given situation.

The same is true in every of the action and reaction in which when people are ready to be in given mindset and they assume that certain matters are correct or should be done. When they do in that given mindset, they could find out that they are empty and nothing. For example, I could assume that the world problem is equality of sexes, harmony of science and religion and the like; when such problems are fixed, this does not mean that world will be safe or nicer, but there will emerge new and different problems out of the solutions of such deliberations.

At age 22 I could think that problems of the world cannot only be solved by certain religious agenda, but at age 35 I could think totally different as age get higher that problems of the world can ably be solved by the multiple efforts and choices and will of all kind of institutions, societies and individuals. It is not certain dogma or particular belief system that can ably solve the problems of the world, it may even complicate by virtue of such thinking and belief systems as result of the competition we see on stage.

To sum up, it is not possible to tell the truth and integrity of any given community dynamics by the prestige and personality of individuals since in all such circle all kind of people exist. Truth has no mansion or home since it belongs to none. If truth completely belongs to one given domain, the whole world could not be put in such dilemma since the truth has greater energy and power. All groups or communities contain certain amount of truth, but they are not complete and perfect. They contain as much as they attract.