Expectation and Consequences

September 19, 2013

Happiness and sadness are the possible consequences and the state of being which are borne by expectation. When people expect something and when they get things as they expect, they become happy as the vice versa is also true. Thus, expectation is a human reality that has its own consequences, both positive and negative since it is reality that comes to being as result of the nature and condition of life.

Expectation is spices of life and when people expect something, it augments the keen desire to live. However, such expectations should be realistic so that disappointment and wrong ends could not happen in one’s life. When people expect, it should be with limit and with concrete aspects and moderation in which if someone is like an airplane pilot, one should not expect that one can go to the space without the right training and adequate skill one should have.

Why do people expect? How do expectations germinate? When do people expect? What do people expect? Such queries are fundamental aspects of expectations which do require various opinions based on way of life people have and their personal settings too. Is this possible to live without expectations as well?

Basically people expect something from people; people expect something from what they assume, the Absolute Power which they call, God. People expect something from themselves too. And thus expectation is one of the core aspects of human life in which life cannot be easy without having expectations. One of the reasons why people expect something from external party is since life is interconnected and interrelated in which dependence is one aspect of human life. People count and depend on people; people depend upon what they call, God; people depend on situations and conditions too. Hence, dependency is one aspect of human life which is created by the nature of this world which is interconnection and interrelationship between matters and things.

There are three basic aspects of expectation. The first one is when things happen below expectations. The second one is when things happen as per the expectation. The third one is when things occur above the expectations. In such aspects of life, people think and behave differently and accordingly. Therefore, when people set expectation, the original expectation should have reliable ground, void of assumptions and speculation, and it should be based on with objective evidences and testimonies than go with mere and wild guess.

Life is in cases conditioned and dictated by circumstances and situations, external factors along with personal intention and thinking, personal, and live by mysterious connections one create with life. Trust and confidence germinate and grow as experience and practice is developed and when things go upon expectation and people do things as per expectations set; but when things go wrong and in cases out of control, if they leave one’s flesh for the hyenas and dogs to play on, one says here, as the writer once said, good bye proud world I am not yours; you are not mine.

When certain people do sabotages and conspiracy behind, it is not possible to expect things can go as expected since there is no one childish here and one knows everything, and who cares about the budget and funding since sheet people spend on sheet matters and aspects and as they also choose wrong company at last. Thus, one lives a practical and objective life than expecting or inventing another person within self to come down by magic from heaven or whatever which is tantamount to nightmares and sheer drama and theater, and it is nonsense and impossible to be like that as well.

One lives one’s own life than follow dictates and plan of others since they are powerless and useless in one’s life and they have zero contribution to one’s life. It is not possible to gamble in one’s life. When expectations become unrealistic, it could lead people to have bad ends, disappointments and wrong ends and people could lead desperate life since they have set wrong expectations and it is objective reality testifies them wrong.

Among all expectations, the worst of all is to expect and wish for other people to have bad and wrong ends, which tells the type of personality and individuality such people have than their expectations. In this case, such people should vanish or re-born. Expectation is an interesting aspect of human life. The balance of expectation is maintained by faith and hope since both are the corner stone of any expectations. When people expect, it should be with good intention and motive and for the good and betterment of others than dwell with silly moves and sabotages and conspiracy so that peoples life could have complications and disappointments in life.

Generally, what happens in life in most cases is that when people wish and expect that other people should have wrong ends; this could be reverse to themselves since the intention is bad and worse. When people expect and wish good for others, the same is returned to themselves as result of such good thinking and wish. The fight goes within the individual than going to the outside environment. In order to have safe life, there is no wrong and bad in expecting and wishing god things to happen for oneself and others since it does not cost anything, but good thinking and wish which tell integrity of individuals in most cases.

People should genuinely ad sincerely wish and hope good things to other people than give then lip service too. Another tricky aspect of expectation is the one that exist in the business, politics and religious world in which there are people who understand such given human nature and want to trick and deceive others so that they live in gambling on people’s lives by putting endless expectation in form of hope and the like, such people could not succeed at the end since their motive is bad, they have wrong intentions since they put lie in hopes and expectations too.

The good thing in life, things happen in the objective world in three different aspects, the first one is by the plan and expectation of the person; the second is by the contribution of other people, external environment; the third one is due to mysterious reasons which are beyond the person and external factors too. In this case, there is always a space that exist, which cannot be filled by anyone on earth, but mysterious reality that is operating on the earth that fulfills hopes and expectations of people, no matter what type of descriptions or title or name is given, which is irrelevant.


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