Energy and Thought

September 30, 2013

Over the weekend, I was into one of the good places in here which people spend their good and leisure time, and I was into conversation about the idea of swimming with just few individuals in different times separately. And we enter and converted that discussion from the idea of swimming into the concept of physics. I wonder that conversation becomes something not only with the subject matter, the ideas, but people’s interest and depth of knowledge.

When one talks with silly people, one converses silly ideas, but as one talk with people of something, one turns out to be something else. It is more of people’s interest and choice that dictate people than the subject matter. I faced many occasions like this in which when one interact with given people, it is their interest and choice in subject matters that dictate people interaction and communication since it is not possible to communicate with people.

Otherwise one’s time could be spent like that Greek philosopher who went to the market place on mid-day sun with candle light for searching people of ones’ type and one likes. This does not mean that one is better and greater than the other, but is just matter of interest and choice. This world has vast choices and contains many great people within it, but the point is the hobby and inclination which limits peoples circle and on how they interact and communicate.

When one gets back to the idea of swimming, it is plain fact that it is only human beings, unless they are not trained well, that get sunk to the depth of the water due to one factor although all animals are able to swim. This is quite interesting among creation. It is also big ships with mechanical and technical difficulties and other natural disaster who get sunk to the depth of water. When one takes into consideration the idea of swimming in relation to human beings, human beings need training.

Thinking is energy. When people think, they release enormous force on others, surrounding and on their life too. What matters is the magnitude and potency of the thinking, subject matter and the recipient of the thinking. When one thinks on simple matter, it is by itself energy. It consumes and galvanizes one’s being depending on the type of force it releases—positive and negative—which is dependent up on the quality of thinking machinery and the thought.

This means that when one thinks that when is going to get sink in to given swimming pool, one’s magnitude and amount of thinking in relation to the swimming pool is greater than the mass—height and volume aspect—of that given swimming pool and that is why that given force is able to penetrate the water and made that given person sink than float.

Thus thinking has no language and people cannot think in any given language. The feeling or thinking of sinking is similar in every language. It is just force which is reality. When certain feeling or idea comes to being, what makes it happen or get translated to this objective reality is the media, amongst one of such media is language; the other is paint; others differ deepening on the type of idea or thinking people have. For instance, when one is an architect, one has one’s own thinking which is put in design. Design has no specific or particular language.

When such energy is released, thinking, people transfer and translate based on the exposures they have in life but this does not mean that such particular force has particular color in language since language cannot completely dictate and tell the amount and magnitude of the force they have in mind. However, it is powerful force to express the energy or force that is released in form of feelings and thinking they receive from the unknown source.

A single thinking such as, what if I get sunk, has an impact to the person’s swimming ability to the desire and interest one can have to swim or float. There are many possible incidents of such type in life in many other aspects that destruct peoples move towards the goal and plan they set in life. Rene Descartes said, I think therefore I am, is one aspect to figure out here.

In reality, such way of translating thinking into this objective plane of existence differ since there are certain thinking that has certain form such as height, width, color, volume and the like that give to certain flavor. Thus people get attracted to such given thinking based on the type of structure and format they are designed to set. Structure and format could only attract others when such thinking or energy are designed in way they lead society; if they tell the obvious matter and aspects, there is no need to have structure since the existing ones are enough.

There are two basic reasons why different and new thinking are required. The first one is to solve particular problems and difficulties of society. The second one is to elevate society into greater level and height of thinking. It is always natural to have and germinate new and different thinking which has an impact of new way of life and thinking since this is natural process human society.

Here, it is not possible to say that every thinking or way of life has an age like hundred or thousand years in this fast fleeting moments of human lives and changing needs of human society in every aspect with the intention of keeping the existing ones since most people are comfortable to live with them and they are adapted to them; they are accustomed to them.

One interesting aspect in this world is the paradox that exist in every thinking which happen to be belief system that make the entire world live under paradoxical drama and contradiction, that make the wrong to be considered as true, due to the fact they exist for thousand and hundred years and have many followers. The idea in the Bible in relation to creation, in which it states in the second day, day and night are borne while the source of day, the sun is created in the fourth day. In another system, women are considered as equal in cases greater than men, but they are deprived equal rights in obtaining top leadership are few cases that exist capturing many people under them, but they are wrong and inconsistent in their application since reason is the king in here.

While contemplating such aspect of life, there are two basic aspects; the first ones are significant ones which are important and could demand the change in structure of the entire system, which requires cost benefit analysis and time. The second ones are insignificant, but important one but could have a long term effect on the look of society, which eventually could lead to the change in system and structure of society in due course of time. These are good options to change look of society to the future.

In this case, the developed nations have better opportunity to translate such ideas than those who are striving since the issue is money and they are mainly dependent upon the mercy and the round of applause of developed nation. One case here, they measure their growth and betterment on loans they receive, aid and assistance they obtain, grants they are approved, which tell their dependency than the ambition and desire to be by their own. What wrong is there when one poor man obtains such aid from others in world state like governments beg money from developed nations?

One of the important aspects in translating energy or thinking into this objective reality is the question of freedom which is still unanswered in any given society since the idea and its practicality in this world is subjective and relative and contextual in every given society. The reality of human beings like not only in thinking but also with the amount and type of freedom they are designed to obtain, which vary on the type of political economic and social setting people are bound to live in.

Historical trend shows that when any given thinking is released, there are two possible ways that make it work. The first one is the power and nature of thinking which has an impact since it is an energy, and such energy has force over all; it is the need and desire of most people, there is no way that people escape from submitting from such given thinking; it is the need of the time and human society as well. The second one is change is the natural need and style of human society since people always seek change in life. Change is inevitable and inescapable aspect of human society.

Thinking is energy; energy is thinking. Both are two sides of coin. What matter is the magnitude and potency in which the thinking and energy of one person such as let us have cup of coffee here; and the thinking in relation to unraveling the mysteries of universe are distinct; they depend on the amount of time and expertise and information people gather and work out. Although the color, size and height of thinking, whose cumulative impact is the flavor, affect the dynamics of human community and institutional life—thinking has both negative and positive impact as energy does.

Hence, we live taking on which type of flavor best suit our reality in which some take lemon flavor; others take banana flavor; others take orange flavor, depending on the maturity, understanding, choice and decisions people make in life. The existence of such flavors are good as far as such flavors are there, but once the flavor is gone, life could sound bitter and sour since their impact stop shaping one’s reality and they can no more deliver any perspective. In this given case, one prefers to create one’s own flavor in life so that life could stay bit longer and make life quite interesting in one’s own way and accent as well. What else is left for a person whose age is like 50 years to ask consent of one’s parents for marriage in time one has done it three or four times in life?


The Vision and Consequences

September 26, 2013

Vision is the ability to see the features of objects we look at, such as color, shape, size, details, depth, and so on. Vision is achieved when the eye and brain work together to form pictures of the world around. In this case, it is not only eye and brain that are contributing factors, but light whose source is the sun, otherwise, the act of vision will not come to real and cannot be activated since eye and brain are not the only aspect of vision; light is great contributing factor beside the object to be seen.

The other aspect of vision is the ability to see future events and developments in which there are people who see things in their own inside reality, and they happen true in due course of time, which we call, the prophets, since they tell possible future events. In this case, there are different aspects one should figure out in relation to the former one in which the sun is not important due to the fact that it is not an outside object that is seen here, but those images and pictures that are stored in memory and get translated by certain and different actions and dramas within the setting of the individual.

For example, I could see someone like Mr x in physical state of being in which Mr x exist as physical person. In the vision like experience, the picture of Mr x is stored, color, size, height and so on, but what happen in here is that next movement and story of Mr x is displayed in one’s mind due to the nature and character of one’s reality. The contributing factor in here is beside the memory, the so called, the gift of seeing what is not existing in physical plane of existence, but what is going to happen, which is in other words, the gift of knowing.

Vision is integrated with knowing in which such people see everything in their inside, and they see it happening and getting translated on the outer world which is dependent up on certain aspects of their life, due to the fact that they have shown certain interest and inclination in listening and understanding nature, due to different way of understanding realities, along with the power of imagination, in relation to understanding what is going on this world, nature and environment and life in general too.

In such existence the contributing factors are the stored image, memory, along with certain information from sources unknown, in relation to the object and matter to be seen, which could be attributed in most cases, to the authors of given matter or some other different sources. In this given case, when few people see things in relation to something, there is underlined fact that there are different worlds of existence in this and other world which are interconnected and interrelated in which those who exist in different worlds could exist in our minds and we could communicate with them in terms of sound and visual images.

When certain information comes to our reality, they happen in different forms; one is in sound; the other is in feelings; the other is in visual displays; when they are combined and integrated, and people carefully observe and understand such information, and they see them getting translated into this plane of existence, one derives that there is truthful source that informs one’s being about something that can be translated to objective reality. When such occurrence become regular in one’s life, it will not be bizarre but rather something that can be trusted and believed due to its repetitive aspects and happenings.

Visions are true mysterious realities unborn, but they get birth thru the course of time. When more people start having such experience and practice, it will be something which people depend upon, count on and trust since this becomes normal activity. We live in world where few people enjoy such activities, in which the rest listens and watches to such drama. Thus, few people manipulate and trick as result of such gaps and space created with the intention of taking personal advantage and power over others, which is again known as corruption in such realms. Such visions do not require salary and other personal benefits and advantage from others such as fame, rank, position and so on.

Most people confuse déjà vu with vision which should not be the case in which déjà vu is a feeling of having experienced something before although it is the first tine that it has been experienced. Vision is something that one knows that one’s experience in one’s mind and reality and see it happening to the objective world in due time. In case of déjà vu one thinks that it sounds repetition, but in cases related to vision that one is aware that first one happened in one’s mind and reality and the second one happened in the objective world.

The other aspect of visions in here is that it is possible to communicate to a person who passed way more than 100 years in one’s dream or mind, with physical movements, visual images, sounds and feelings too in which such communication and interaction of people who live in different world is still going on; what matters is the type of communication style, communication media, and information they pass which is left to the capacity of the recipients and those who act upon such wild information.

When those people who live in different worlds appear to us and tell us something, and seek the company of those who are in here, it is not because they want to express their loving greetings and deliver ice cream, but rather they have faced some kind of problems in getting translated about the matter they came about in which it is useful information which should be investigated and further processed so that the truth can be found out. Since there is something bad going on under their name, which they do not like, hence they single out few individuals and inform them the truth about the matter they came about so that the truth can be reached and investigated, otherwise they would not seek the company of those who are here if everything is fine and the way they have visualized. This is one hypothesis.

There is no thing that exists without enemy, even God, they say. It is possible to expect in this world that there are two possible forces that operate in which the first one is positive force; the second one is negative forces. Both force have their own fashion and style in operating in which it sometimes is not possible to detect those negative forces in what they happen to be positive forces, but they could try to destroy the matter due to one aspect of this world—sabotage and conspiracies—and such forces are like weeds the grow with good plants with the intention of killing the good ones and unless and otherwise the gardener is good and skilled enough, the plants could die.

When there is an assumption that vision can go like as theory of management dictates, which is the chain of command approach, God here becomes good management course instructor and theoretician in which when dreams and visions go in channels, which sounds funny and up surd. For example, it is not possible to expect that given prime minister can only have vision and dream about given nation where as the rest cannot. In fact, a simple person could see vision of fate of given prime minister and the whole nation.

This does not mean that there are false visions and hoaxes that happen in this world. History tells many aspects in this field in which there are many occurrences in fact in very organized manner that failed and could not succeed due to the falsehood aspect and lack of good intentions. As there are problems and difficulties in the instrument such as an eye, which require eye examinations by an ophthalmologist, a medical physician trained to diagnose and treat eye disorders, there are also vision disorders that appear in such realm, which cannot be cured, but could result in mental illness in due course of time.

The point about having vision is not to introduce ideas and concepts, but to confirm that such dram and theater is going on the stage and will be too in the future since it is part of objective reality which should not be neglected, and deleted, but should be accepted as true. It is important to verify information while few people come with different and useful information, but is inappropriate to justify them wrong as if they make hoax due to their personality and exposures they have in life since Personality and The Truth are very distinct matters.

If I see someone as bad, what I should do in relation to that person, I should find mechanism and ways on how to help and make that person be good than gossip him/her or organize groups so that the given person should end up in wrong or bad ends and that given person could be hated, which is inhuman, indecent and inappropriate. This tells the maturity of those people who see things in which they can go up to what they see than transform bad to good, which is one sign of immaturity. Visions are good since they give opportunity in converting or transforming something bad to good and the good to better, otherwise, it is futile to have them.

Imaginary Concepts

September 25, 2013

The concept of race is interconnected with the idea of categorizing human species into shared biological characters, in which, scientists have found it formidable to separate humans into defined races due to the fact that all belong to one race—Homo-Sapiens—which by itself is a hypotheses; but the drama and theater is going on at this point of time in relation to such given aspect of human activity and society that is still challenge and unanswered since race is beyond ordinary people’s perception and understanding since it has captured political, economic and social interests, understanding and interpretations.

Biologically, human beings, whatever color, race, ethnicity, and background they have, the inventory is similar and equal, but what matter is a psychological, intellectual, and other aspect, which vary on the type of social setting they develop and reside. Although, it is given fact that no two persons can think and behave in similar manner even if they are borne at same place or given family, difference in one aspect of human activity is becoming norm and something that people should accept. The point is to identify and not to confuse between ideas related similarity versus equality and difference versus inequality.

Basically, people are categorized under certain group based on perceived similarities and differences they have in thinking and character in which it is common to hear and understand that the claims going on all over, dividing beings by observed actions and reactions, telling that such group of people are like this since they behave and think like that and the like is so obvious. Such categorization and divisions are mainly concerned on what people share than they do not. Hence, when certain group of people think and act in same manner, they are categorized under one group although it is plain fact that two people cannot act and think in same way as one point to consider.

There are clear differences that truly exist between beings in terms of thinking and actions and reactions, how they understand and interpret human aspects, recognize realities such as man to woman, old to young, young to suckling baby, educated to illiterate, professional to non-professional, one skill to another, and so on which vary depending on the nature and characters of people and their objects of communications and interaction, the nature and character of communication media, and the environment, and social settings they have as well.

It is common fact that certain people act, think, and behave in certain fashion in which language, culture, food style, clothing, housing mechanism, life styles and the like tell certain common identity to certain group of people in which, what they think and do tell who they are and what they think, and how they behave as well. Such difference in such action and reactions should not lead to a conclusion that one is better than the other, but rather one is different from the other.

There are certain aspects of human activity people share naturally as there are certain activities people shares which are created by them and the environment as well in which the way of life, political factors, economic aspects, and sociological matters are some of the things that force people to behave and think in certain manner and style. The same is true to animal kingdom. Animals share most of the things due to nature and environment they are set to live. When a given beast consumes other beings, it is not because the beast is bad; but other creatures cross and pass their boarder and their limit.

Whilst such theater is on stage, one of the imaginary concepts that exist in this world is the concept of nation, which gives birth to thinking and feeling of nationalism. A given nation has historical and political tie between those components that exist within it such as tribe and ethnicities. This does not mean that it is real and true since it is historical trend and convention that dictate most nations. This does not include those nations who have similar or closer culture, languages, and other common factors which could be attributed to natural factors such as color and so on.

The idea of nations is originated and established due to the warriors mentality of historical leaders history of human kind in which it was kings and empires who fabricate boarders and territories, and history tells this aspect to the present in which the present cannot go back and readjust history since it has its own complications and difficulties and it’s not possible to reverse and remove such drama for many good reasons. They have set lines which are objectified by landmarks in which given territory has more of historical back up than natural elements.

The other imaginary concept in this world is the concept of dichotomizing human beings by broad categories such as white or black race although there are many sub divisions between black people as same is true with the white people too, and it could be misleading and deceiving to come to conclusion about such given race, by looking into how certain group of people, in both aspects, think and behave since one could be found contrary to the other within a particular domain.

The other imaginary concept that exist in this world are those identities that are created by belief and ideology in which there are people who could think that they have certain identity by practicing certain political ideology or religious belief or practicing any other philosophical idea, which could lead to wrong ends since such aspect of human life in most cases are subjective, relative and contextual too.

While further explain such aspect, this is like differentiating a given chair with the style and color it has in which certain chair could be designed in a form with given color. While in the process of its service, it is not possible to create or design another form or design contrary to the original design or whatever since time and depreciation are one factors, but it is possible to change its color. When the chair claims that the original color is its true identity, it makes great mistake since this could be proven wrong since color can be changed in due course of time.

When imaginary concepts are integrated in daily routines, most people think that they are objective and real but they could be proven thru the passages of time and thru objective reality when they are testified wrong and are not applicable. In this case, rigidity and fanaticism gets borne, people try all kind of mechanism to justify their claim so that their identity could stay longer. Self-denial starts to germinate in most beings as the case in this world in every place and everywhere is going on.

One of the problems in this world is the competitions that exist in people’s way of life which are created by imaginary concepts and ideals, with the intention of claiming as if they are correct and true. Practically speaking, they are like mirage concepts since most think that they are real but the moment one reached to the point one should, they exist as nothing. They are just empty and vain.

Imaginary concepts and objective reality opened war in this world long time ago, the war is still going on. In the former days, they use armaments, but in today, certain maturity is derived, the war exists in most cases by thinking and ideology, but also, in cases with conspiracy and sabotages. When greater maturity is derived, only those practical and realistic concepts will survive and the rest will perish since time will prove them that they are unrealistic and impractical. They die it is not they will be killed by bullets, but most people reject their claim since they are not compatible with the need of the time and how people think.

Time Shall Tell

September 24, 2013

One of the basic principles of classical mechanics—the concept of conservation of energy—state that energy can be transformed; it cannot be created or destroyed. This tells that there are other aspects which people should consider in which the idea and the concept of God that exist in our world, and is still subject of controversy, and an issue going on the stage, although various assumptions are discussed all over.

It is possible to have a system and way of life in relation to the idea and concept of God, but it is not possible to claim that authority and power belongs to certain group or system of belief in relation to such subject of controversy since the concepts and the subject matter is vague, full of unknown aspects, and a subject that can be proven wrong due the course of time due to its changing characters and needs of the time.

The God that exist in the Jewish kingdom, which relates and gives certain idea in relation to how people behave in making justice such as an eye for an eye, which is then transformed to another idea in time of Christianity, which goes like, if someone beats your left part of your face, turn him the right, which relates to forbearance and tolerance, and again the same claim of ownership in the Quran, which state that if someone puts harm on you, to put him to court to receive justice.

It is not possible to say here that one is better than the other since all could be necessary as circumstances dictate. Such aspect and ways of life are in most cases subjective ad relative, depends on how their culture, concepts, way of life, the system people have in due course of time, and other aspects which are relevant to be discussed than judge by default as if one is better than the other, which puts to wrong end.

Although all these assumptions in terms of one given aspect while people make communion and create certain relationship with God, people assume that they are performing closer connection with God since the book tells the truth and they are followers of the truth. There is one underlined fact in which there is claim that goes like, in all, there is one energy that created the whole universe, and they also assume that human being is singled out due to the fact that human being is an excellent creature among all creations, which none is sure about. What if there is other civilizations, creatures and creation going on that can be by far brilliant and excellent than human beings, which we do not know?

The confusion and contradictions that exist in this world in which this world tends to be pragmatic and objective for ideas and matters that it does not want to accept, and at the same time it accepts without seeing, taking belief or faith as instrument, in which the paradox and way of measuring realities is becoming more of an outburst of ignorant emotions and thinking, in cases, and which are left on the mercy of few individuals who have power and authority over others.

It is not possible to claim here that any idea that exists few thousand or hundred or decades years as way of testifying or validating it as true since it lived for many years and has many million followers since the mass is always wrong; as one false and deceiving criterion to measure certain realities since age is not measurement and touchstone to tell the truthful aspect of realities and concepts since behind such concepts, ambition, personal and group interest, mistakes and sins, money and wealth are hidden, and the drama behind such truth is not the truth, but personal interests and advantages, which includes groups and societal too, which give birth to institutional too..

One of the reasons why such system of or way of life exist in here is the time they appear since all did originate in past ages where civilization and science were not borne, and they had great chance to get multiplied exponentially. They get great opportunity to collect great number of followers by reproduction and preaching. Now, it is reached to a point that none can stop them. The other major factor is the natural desire and inclination of human beings to have faith and they want to believe in something. Such natural desire

It is not possible to have no faith and no sex unless one is abnormal or other health difficulties. Both are natural elements and components of life. What matter is the color and flavor choice people have in life, in such aspect, they differ. The desire for having faith and belief is nowadays manipulated by tricks and deception since such way of life is fighting against objective reality. People tendency and attitude in having belief in older way of life such as religion and the like is getting depleted. Thus, existing systems are trying all kind of mechanism to collect numerous individuals in their system and compound, by trying to provide all kind of ice cream flavors so that they live and work together.

The condition of the world in today is totally different from what such system or ways of life dictate since people seek their natural freedom and quest is becoming an integral part of their life. Such system of belief have no adequate answer and they could not furnish with reliable information, in which they state and explain are below the standard and expectations, and quest of most individuals, and the objective reality answers many questions than the existing belief systems tell.

The root cause for such confusion and contradiction that exist in this world in such given aspect of human society is they were trying the impossible in which as the conservation energy concept state that it is not possible to create or destroy, but they are trying to create and destroy what they do not know, and they want to put everything in their container and bag, although the possible is also found within them.

Whilst such theater is going on, all the possible expectations and prophecies that are put and going on have two fold aspects. The first one is the desire of fulfilling books in to objective world, in which the film making approach is there. This is to tell that certain matter or aspect is written in certain book, and if certain people went on buying land and make a house according to given book, in which such drama sounds that human factor is more of the actor that what is written and stated.

The other aspect is the things that are put and written in books getting fulfilled without interference and human volition in which some of them could get fulfilled without being noticed, and this what the call mysterious aspects. When such aspects are greater in number and happenings than the former ones, the words or ideas that are put in books could be more reliable and dependable that such authors have certain special faculties and knowledge which are far beyond ordinary human aspects as extra ordinary realities.

We live in world when both aspects are going on hand in hand, and the theater and drama of making a given book as sole authority and owner of source of the truth is still underway. We live in world also pragmatism is becoming a norm in every human aspect. When both aspects are considered, telling future events are less acceptable since time is the factor, as trust is another aspect. Now is the time in which new generation is coming that not only asks, but also doubts the claimed truths since the world condition and happenings dictates people to be more of suspicious than develop trust and confidence.

In time, questions get birth and answers do; both live hand in hand by maintaining the balance of this universe. Time shall tell the answer too.

People and Thinking

September 20, 2013

Philosophers, sages and other great thinkers of humanity associate and connect human reality, in most cases, with thinking. And thus there are people who think about people, events and happenings, discoveries and inventions, good and bad thoughts and so on. Thus people vary on people based on what they think although it is very hard to tell that what they manifest and act outwardly is tantamount to what they think deep inside since such conditions and occurrences vary society from society and people from people too.

Based on such action and reactions, people have different characters and attitudes while they translate their thinking to the objective world although there are also external factors that contribute to such given behaviors and attitudes although thinking is the major factor ad the originating aspect of any given attitude and behaviors. People think and they behave accordingly although their behaviors also shape their thinking machinery as well.

And thus there are basically two types of people at all category and class of society. These are classified based on the general theory and assumption that human reality is related and connected to thinking. These classification goes like, one, there are people who act based on what they think; two, there are people who act contrary to what they think. Such people exist at category and level of people.

The reasons why people act contrary to what they think are manifolds. The first one is lack of courage, shyness and the like. The second one is they are not sure on what they think. The third one is due to fear of consequences. The fourth one is due to the way society is fashioned; to create certain resemblance with society so that they could live with peace and harmony with society even if society is wrong.

The reasons why people act according to what they think is since what they think is correct and they believe that it is useful practice to have; they have no fear of consequences of what they think; they have detachment of the practices and ways of life underway; they think is something necessary and essential for life.

Although it is possible to hide one’s act outwardly due to the fact that what one thinks can be concealed and hidden from others, according to this given assumption; what and who one is not on what one acts, but rather what one thinks deep inside. You are what you think than what you show to others. Mostly, people show fake gestures of communication and they show simile to others while the inside speaks and talks of war and hatred against them in which pretension is one of the manifest behaviors of many people.

Being human is connected to thinking than other aspect since we live in most different time and century. It is possible to deceive and mislead people once, but it is not possible to trick then again and again unless they are foolish and stupid and once the truth is out, people get embarrassed since they live showing fake personality and gestures of interaction and communication style.

When the front and back is different, people live in identity and personality confusion. There is no other suffering people can have in life even if they possess great accumulation of gold and whatever prestige on earth, in which their inside and the outside are very different. There are also cultures and ways of life that consider such way of life as normal and when one goes on being straightforward and bold, one is considered as abnormal and mad. Which is the abnormality in which a given person tries to manifest and act based on one’s thinking or those given way of life which considers that it is not possible to be straightforward or bold?

People real and true personality and reality is connected and created on what they think than what they act outwardly since in most cases people hide and conceal what they think inwardly for many possible and good reasons. However, their true personality lies in the deeper level of their inside than the outward. What the outward looking orientation is for the sake of justifying or getting recognition from the outside environment, but it is not true reality of their true personality. Do not think that anyone who puts good clothes on the flesh is healthy and normal as the vice versa is true too.

What those people who study field of study like psychology and related are those who people who are trying to be organized on studying how people behave in relation their thinking, and this does not mean that they know what people think. This is like a carpenter knowing the essence of wood in which given carpenter know how to make nice chair out of any given wood type, but cannot know the essence of wood. Psychologist cannot know what given person thinks, they can speculate and make wild guesses, but it is not precondition to be psychologist to know what people think since the field has its own limitations and cannot go beyond certain margins.

Based on this given assumption, what people think on what they know on others in most cases is partial and is not manifested outwardly. What they claim is partial, and one shows their true inside color to the outside world in which those who have purples color in their thinking could be found as red to the outside world. We live in such theatrical world and the drama of life on earth as getting closer to reality is still on stage.

This reminds me to remark made by a friend long time ago in cases related to why people do not have confidence and trust on others. He said, the foul get snake bites twice. I asked him, how. He replied, the first one is unknowingly; but the second one is when he is asked to show where the snake bite took place, he got the second. Life on earth is like that, and the wise are those who do not even receive the bite once, by keeping the inside way from the outside since it is safe approach on earth while choosing certain path and way of life useful to oneself. One should know when and where one should be bold; and to whom, and when one should keep one’s secret.

Expectation and Consequences

September 19, 2013

Happiness and sadness are the possible consequences and the state of being which are borne by expectation. When people expect something and when they get things as they expect, they become happy as the vice versa is also true. Thus, expectation is a human reality that has its own consequences, both positive and negative since it is reality that comes to being as result of the nature and condition of life.

Expectation is spices of life and when people expect something, it augments the keen desire to live. However, such expectations should be realistic so that disappointment and wrong ends could not happen in one’s life. When people expect, it should be with limit and with concrete aspects and moderation in which if someone is like an airplane pilot, one should not expect that one can go to the space without the right training and adequate skill one should have.

Why do people expect? How do expectations germinate? When do people expect? What do people expect? Such queries are fundamental aspects of expectations which do require various opinions based on way of life people have and their personal settings too. Is this possible to live without expectations as well?

Basically people expect something from people; people expect something from what they assume, the Absolute Power which they call, God. People expect something from themselves too. And thus expectation is one of the core aspects of human life in which life cannot be easy without having expectations. One of the reasons why people expect something from external party is since life is interconnected and interrelated in which dependence is one aspect of human life. People count and depend on people; people depend upon what they call, God; people depend on situations and conditions too. Hence, dependency is one aspect of human life which is created by the nature of this world which is interconnection and interrelationship between matters and things.

There are three basic aspects of expectation. The first one is when things happen below expectations. The second one is when things happen as per the expectation. The third one is when things occur above the expectations. In such aspects of life, people think and behave differently and accordingly. Therefore, when people set expectation, the original expectation should have reliable ground, void of assumptions and speculation, and it should be based on with objective evidences and testimonies than go with mere and wild guess.

Life is in cases conditioned and dictated by circumstances and situations, external factors along with personal intention and thinking, personal, and live by mysterious connections one create with life. Trust and confidence germinate and grow as experience and practice is developed and when things go upon expectation and people do things as per expectations set; but when things go wrong and in cases out of control, if they leave one’s flesh for the hyenas and dogs to play on, one says here, as the writer once said, good bye proud world I am not yours; you are not mine.

When certain people do sabotages and conspiracy behind, it is not possible to expect things can go as expected since there is no one childish here and one knows everything, and who cares about the budget and funding since sheet people spend on sheet matters and aspects and as they also choose wrong company at last. Thus, one lives a practical and objective life than expecting or inventing another person within self to come down by magic from heaven or whatever which is tantamount to nightmares and sheer drama and theater, and it is nonsense and impossible to be like that as well.

One lives one’s own life than follow dictates and plan of others since they are powerless and useless in one’s life and they have zero contribution to one’s life. It is not possible to gamble in one’s life. When expectations become unrealistic, it could lead people to have bad ends, disappointments and wrong ends and people could lead desperate life since they have set wrong expectations and it is objective reality testifies them wrong.

Among all expectations, the worst of all is to expect and wish for other people to have bad and wrong ends, which tells the type of personality and individuality such people have than their expectations. In this case, such people should vanish or re-born. Expectation is an interesting aspect of human life. The balance of expectation is maintained by faith and hope since both are the corner stone of any expectations. When people expect, it should be with good intention and motive and for the good and betterment of others than dwell with silly moves and sabotages and conspiracy so that peoples life could have complications and disappointments in life.

Generally, what happens in life in most cases is that when people wish and expect that other people should have wrong ends; this could be reverse to themselves since the intention is bad and worse. When people expect and wish good for others, the same is returned to themselves as result of such good thinking and wish. The fight goes within the individual than going to the outside environment. In order to have safe life, there is no wrong and bad in expecting and wishing god things to happen for oneself and others since it does not cost anything, but good thinking and wish which tell integrity of individuals in most cases.

People should genuinely ad sincerely wish and hope good things to other people than give then lip service too. Another tricky aspect of expectation is the one that exist in the business, politics and religious world in which there are people who understand such given human nature and want to trick and deceive others so that they live in gambling on people’s lives by putting endless expectation in form of hope and the like, such people could not succeed at the end since their motive is bad, they have wrong intentions since they put lie in hopes and expectations too.

The good thing in life, things happen in the objective world in three different aspects, the first one is by the plan and expectation of the person; the second is by the contribution of other people, external environment; the third one is due to mysterious reasons which are beyond the person and external factors too. In this case, there is always a space that exist, which cannot be filled by anyone on earth, but mysterious reality that is operating on the earth that fulfills hopes and expectations of people, no matter what type of descriptions or title or name is given, which is irrelevant.

The Layers in People

September 17, 2013

One aspect of life as being human is the existence of question and the power of question people have in life which tell what type of people they are and the type of personality and individuality they have. Questions maintain the balance of this universe. Questions and the power of questions attract the possible answers as opinion and as facts. When people say that human reality is found in thinking, thinking is mainly dependent upon the magnitude of quest and question people have in life and the answer they find in life as well.

Most subjects or field of study answers question related to the famous W and H matters—who, when, why, where, which, what, how —are basic aspects of field of study and what matters is the magnitude and potency. The five years field of study and the seven years of fled study do vary and they depend upon the amount of questions and answers they have, in which a single article is also written based on such aspects and it asks and answers and puts its own opinion in such manner and conditions.

Based on such aspect, there are various people who have diverse interest and priorities in life. They vary on such classifications and types of questions they have. There are people who are interested in asking, who, as there are people who are mainly interested in asking the question, when, as there are people who are interested in asking questions like, why, as there are people who are mainly interested in asking questions like, where; as there are also people who are mostly interested in asking question like, which; there are also people who are interested in asking or exclaiming like by, what; as there are people who are mostly interested in asking questions like, how.

Who are the types of people who are interested in asking questions like, who does this, who went thee, who likes this or that. Such people are always interested in knowing peoples move and activities. Their primal concerns are people’s activities and their personality than any other aspects. They could ask other possible questions, but their interest is mainly concerned on people’s personality than any other aspect of life. Hence, they are mainly interested in peoples move and concerns.

When did this happen? When was that? When is this going to happen? These are the type of people who are interested in events and happening than any other aspects. They are primarily interested in occurrences than other aspects in which they are concerned in coordinating and participating in events.

Why did this happen? Why is that? Why are they doing this? Such people are interested in investigating cause and effects, pros and cons and they are mainly interested in making researches and activities related to reasons and causes. Thus, they are mostly interested in analyzing and investigating cases. They are also suspicious people.

Where are they? Where are they heading? Where is the best place in the world? These are the type of people who are interested in places than any other aspect of human life. They give priority to places and spaces than any other matter. They are concerned in knowing places than knowing other aspects. They give value to places. They are concerned in going or visiting place that any other aspect.

Which one is that? Which is the best? Such people are mostly interested in making preferences and choices I life. They prefer one from the other. They are selective and they have selection process in life in many of their undertakings. They like asking and telling others by putting different alternatives and choices in life and in their daily and routine undertakings too.

What is this? What kind of question I s that? Such people are mostly interested in ridiculing and asking people in which they try to ask clarification and or criticize others or they could have an exclamation or express their surprises. They are more of emotions than reasons. They ask questions by questions? They ask answers by questions.

How is this going to happen? How did that happen? Such people are interested in the processes and how such processes are going on. They try to undertake detail research and searches on how things happen. They want to know on the method and application than the result. They are interested in knowing things about the ways and processes they are undergoing than the end results.

Basically the types of questions people have in life tell their reality than the type of clothes they wear, the type of food they eat, the amount of savings they have in bank, the type of friendship they establish, the type of family they come up, and many other aspects. Questions tell the integrity of people’s personality. In most cases, people are interested, in asking, who, which, when, where than, why and how, since these two questions are assumed as dangerous they have possible consequences while people live in community and society.