Wealth and People

August 30, 2013

Every morning, I get up and look through the ‘Forbes’ list of the richest people in America. If I’m not there, I go to work. [Robert Orben] Superfluous wealth can buy superfluities only. [Henry David Thoreau (1817 – 1862]. You can only get poor quickly; getting rich is slow. [Jane Bryant Quinn (1939 – )].

Respectable means rich, and decent means poor. I should die if I heard my family called decent. [Thomas Love Peacock (1785 – 1866)] He must have killed a lot of men to have made so much money.[Molière (1622 – 1673)] If you can actually count your money you are not really a rich man. [J. Paul Getty (1892 – 1976)].

Wealth has an interesting impact on the life of human society in which it has both positive and negative impact on the possessor of it. Wealth requires certain level of consciousness and maturity on the side of the possessor otherwise it is like a fire, it consumes those who possess it and those who surround it as well.

It is not possible to have wealth without being smart in which intelligence is the factor. Once that level is reached, when certain people acquire it, they develop generosity as there are other people who acquire it, they develop greed. Generosity and greed are the possible characters which are borne in the city of wealth in which people undergo both in the process of developing and accumulating wealth.

Although there are assumptions in the religious arena in which they give certain amount of their wealth as contributions[tithe]—which is called taxation in the objective world wording and concept—such people assume that they get refilled in double or triple even more as they give to the belief system they belong or to the poor which they like, which could sound like a gamble or type of superstition in which there are people who think that they give funds to such purpose with the motive of multiplying their accumulation exponentially.

While contemplating of such given aspect, it is wrong and self-centered when people give money to charity or the poor or any belief system with the intention of making personal profits and other gains which could lead to disappointments and dissatisfaction as things go wrong and deviate from what people put as expectations. When such act is done, it should be with the motive of being generous and helping than expecting personal recompense and rewards in turn since the core value of any religious belief is not self-centered but selflessness.

When people give or pay taxation, they think that it is just an obligation or others could assume as duty but they do not assume that the amount can be refilled in double to triple since they think that they pay to the government. In religious concepts, they assume that God will give them more money as they contribute since they think and assume that God will provide everything to them.

In case of paying taxation, they do not assume that the government will not provide them more jobs or means of obtaining incomes, but in reality it is the government that gives them the license, the business and the like since it is the government that provide policies and rule on how they should operate and function and obtain an income too. But here such concept and belief does not work since belief is the cause and the factor.

The idea of giving has two broad conceptions in which when they give to charity or belief systems or poor, they assume that such amount can be refilled; when they pay tax, the assume that their money is taken way. When citizens develop certain conception about giving in which such giving has purpose and right motive, such maturity is needed in perceiving such giving as part of their social obligation and duty.

When people gain more things, they are socially and naturally accountable and responsible to the society and system they belong, but this requires mindset and should be done voluntarily. When such people reach to that level of maturity, they do things in their own way and fashion as those mature and conscious people install charity accounts and funds in order to discharge their social accountability and responsibility in thoughtful manner. This is one sign of being wealthy.

Wealth and income are very distinct in which wealth is an accumulation whereas income is a flow of goods and services in which people relate wealth as lake and income as a stream flowing into and out of such given lake. Thus, wealthy people are those people who design and install systems to accumulate and increase such wealth by the inflows of such goods and services they render to the public.

Wealth can be accumulated in two possible ways which are bad and good ways. When people employ healthy approach, which are good ones, it is those pure and good lakes in which they have pure thing and conducive environments for fishes to live and even for the surrounding environment as well. When the employ bad approach, they are like those impure and bad lakes that could poison and kill those fishes and could have bad atmosphere to the surrounding as well.

On the first approach is healthy mechanism in which such wealth and people have healthy impact on their surroundings and they influence the environment nicely. They have pattern and developed and installed system to acquire wealth and the process and trend has its own peculiar characteristic depending on the nature of business people are engaged and interact and the type of personal characters and thinking and philosophy they have in life.

They have also ways to reestablish and reinstate when they fail since they have already developed mechanism and approach and learning experience when they already had it in their own terms. They have developed confidence in their undertakings and they have optimistic mentality. They can be generous and they believe that everyone can make it since they are able to do it. They think that everything is achievable since they are accomplished. It is in most cases linear in its progress and has certain evolutionary stage in its development.

The other mechanism which people employ are in which there are people who employ bad approach to accumulate wealth such as superstitions, corruptions and the like in which wrong mechanisms are employed to accumulate wealth, and the moment such practice is stopped, the accumulation is lost and they live with no way out to the extent that they cannot even reinstate and reestablish what they have accumulated before and they lose everything.

They do not have adequate system to multiply their accumulation and they are in most cases are greedy due to the fear and suspicion they have developed in the process of accumulation in which it is spontaneous in its nature and has no pattern and trend in the process of accumulating such given wealth. This is like terrorism in its way and methods. They do everything to acquire and accumulate it since the ultimate goal is wealth.

Both types of wealth exist on earth and they have peculiar character depending on the methods and ways people choose in life. Both live in any society. What matters in here is that the extent to which one is more balancing than the other. Those healthy look societies do have such healthy trend as those ill ones do have bad mechanisms in employing such wealth. They have discipline and rule on what to do and what not to since wealth is not an end but a means or process of life.

When healthy ways and mechanism are employed in any given society, the health of such society is securely as established than the ill motived and bad mechanisms since healthy mechanisms believe and think healthy and good approaches in any of the interaction they make with others where as those who have ill purposed and employed bad mechanism establish and believe in bad approaches and ways of life.


Understanding in Misunderstanding

August 29, 2013

One of the ways of life that goes on the whole world is misunderstanding in terms of many aspects of human life. This is becoming a norm in human life. This exists between an individual within self, two people and the many other aspects of human life in terms of community, society, institution, nation, continent and the entire world as well.

What this world has undergone and learned thru the process of time and its evolving stage of process of life, creating and accommodating such misunderstanding, by peaceful mechanism than the use of force and armaments. The type of solution people deliver tell who they are than the nature of misunderstandings since such aspect has two broad ways of resolving, which is useful and harmful mechanism.

The root causes for such misunderstandings in this world are beliefs, and belief systems besides ambitions and self-centered and ego centered attitudes by, individuals, societies and institutions that exist in the world— past, present and future too. Quests have possible answers based on what type of belief people have than any other matter.

In order to create understanding and better environments in this world, there are different systems that are employed amongst many endeavors going on the earth. There are also few individuals who are motivated and initiated by such challenges and misunderstandings, and come up with possible ideas and suggestions with the motive of filling such gaps and misunderstandings. When quests reach to its zenith, misunderstandings take place and people seek for possible answers in their own way.

Misunderstandings are opportunities for people and other segments of societies to work harder and make them busy in finding out possible mechanisms and ways so that they can come up with new and different views and perceptions. This is not about quarrels and conflict between two individuals and other silly details and ins and outs, but rather is about concepts, beliefs and perceptions that affect the daily routines of many individuals, systems, societies and institutions too.

In history of human kind, Siddhartha Gautama is one of such great people, the man who later known as Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was the son of a King who could have better and comfortable life in terms of physical or material aspect, but, he devoted his life to the search for The Truth and Understanding so that other people could be helped out and he could also help the end of suffering of many other people too.

In fact, it is not an easy task to create the power of Understanding between people. Understanding is power, not only communication skill and capacity. It is a means by which people create common field of interaction and communication. It is like wave length in which certain waves interact and communicate easily in certain level of frequency when they are channeled in the proper wave or communication media, they happen to be sounds and they can be heard easily.

They say that there are four fundamental forces of nature, which will eventually merge into one and greater force as the law of attraction implies and the way such universe is created indicate too, but such oneness can come about as result of greater understanding of the human endeavor. Such fundamental forces are natural and no one can possibly change them, but people can know and understand better as result of their own deliberations. Understanding and misunderstandings are inescapable, but such gap can be managed based on people’s capacity.

As they say, it is possible to create connection in place where negative and positive magnetic poles exist in which both opposite magnets interact with each other as the law of magnetic fields in physics state. This attraction is not only about magnets, but also in the world of thoughts in the human kingdom. When people interact and communicate, same is true in which when two people have strong personal characters, they cannot communicate and interact since they have similar characteristics as similar magnetic poles push with each other, they will never get attracted to themselves no matter how they seek to be one and unified.

However, in such human atmosphere and environment, it is possible to create Understanding between people since human beings have freewill, but magnets do not have that free will. The power of understanding is the one that creates such fields and common fields between people so that they can communicate and understand with each other, by leaving aside those points and issues that put them in quarrel and conflict, and can manage their differences by focusing on those issues that enable them work and live together. This will be too mechanical and laborious.

Such Understanding has limit and boundary, but can easily be broken since such media is created by putting margins and boundaries, otherwise when the limit is passed, disappointment and dissatisfaction arises and the idea of understanding will be void. When a man is attracted to a man, and woman is attracted to woman, and the entire generations is like that, the possibility of having continuing generation is under danger. They have to identify which way they can be attracted, which they cannot be attracted too. This is one approach.

The other approach in such arena in here is that, when people know that they can misunderstand in certain subject, but they think that they can work together, and when there are mandatory reasons and situations people cannot avoid, and they can live with understanding, but misunderstanding is there. In this given scenario, people have mindset that they cannot understand with each other since they have different priorities and understanding, but they have to live together and work together since they think that one day such understanding can be created and solution will come.

Faith and Hope are the corner stone for such given people due to the fact that future or time is the answer. Thru the passage and process of time, things will change and new way of perceiving realities could emerge which could eventually reconcile such contradictions and misunderstanding between people. This is another aspect and way of life in which steadfastness in what one’s think and believe gets birth as a result of such fusion—Faith and Hope—and people could taste the fruits of such actions and reactions thru time. Time is the actor.

If everything is written in black and white and in clear manner, there is no point that such contradictions and misunderstanding appear between people, but the beauty of being human, while living as people is that the gaps and ambiguities that are clarified and crystallized thru the process and passage of time so that the fruits of being human such as faith, hope, steadfastness, integrity and other aspects could occupy certain space in peoples life. Otherwise being human could be tantamount to being machine. The truth and falsehood will be sorted out in time.

No being is complete and perfect. Misunderstanding and understandings are result of such imperfections in which when people admit their incompleteness, they could understand with each other, when people do not admit their imperfection, such misunderstanding could end up in turning outs to be conflicts and contradictions at a higher level that put the gap in wider scale than it should.

Misunderstanding between people could lead to confusion and contradiction, but certain and different mechanisms are employed, confusion and contradictions are cleared away thru the passage of time and reality proves out every confusion and contradiction since this world operates in two different laws and ways—the law of the known, and the law of the unknown. The law of the known is crystal clear since it operates in human way, but the law of the unknown is not possible to tell, in which time is the key factor that could ably answer to the quest people have in life. People obtain the right answer thru time.

In such world, it is possible to understand and misunderstand people and circumstances. Both are possible ways, since they are based on choices and ways of life people employ in their life. This does not mean that what they misunderstood is wrong and fake as Ralph Waldo Emerson said: to be great is to be misunderstood; and what they understand and agree is true since understanding in cases is based on majority vote and personalities since agreement does not comply with the truth.

One asked, do you have the answer to the quest people have in life; and one replied: I am still waiting for the answers.

Attitude and Altitude

August 26, 2013

When people think attitude determines the altitude one can go up, this is tantamount to suppressing the idea of freedom, which is left unanswered or with the intention of burying the idea of quest since many queries are left on stage without having right company and people are asked to behave in world quest is the king in one’s reality, which sounds quite funny and interesting since it puts the integrity of being human in certain way or fashion than use their commendable freewill.

What people can go up to is dependent upon how far they are humble or they are bent or down could led to the down fall of and destruction of one’s reality one has built for centuries and ages in which one could lose as result of such gesture since there are more tricky people who play tricks and gamble using such aspect of life due to the fact that they gamble on spaces and vacuums people create as result of the way of communication they have already installed in their daily routines, which could need revisions and reconsideration since this is not time for people to be used by those tricky gamblers and play the game of such corruption.

Humbleness is not sign of maturity but rather a sign of killing one’s real personality and lack of confidence than it tells any other thing. When people are asked to behave in order to think, this tells two things. The first one is that the thinking realm is shaped by the type of container they are asked to be in. Every thinking has its own level, in which it has height, width, color, size and shape. The container in which such thinking is asked to be in should be compatible otherwise this looks like software and hardware incompatibility. This looks like the attitude is the one that shapes the thinking and it sounds such approach has hidden purpose and agenda.

When any person originates any given thinking, if it is with the intention of having and collecting followers, attitude is the factor and it matters too. When any given person does not care who is going to follow or accept or give recognition to such thinking, there is no point that such attitude is useful since acceptance and recognition are not the agenda here. They tell this is genuine and that is not in world being genuine is a novel. In this case, attitude is not important and a factor here. According to such given aspect, attitude is not important since one thinks that this world is shaped by seemingly good, but inwardly hurting and fake gesture and attitudes, which makes the reality and the truth to live under cover.

When people want to think and if they are asked that attitude should come first, this oppresses the world of thinking since the method or the envelop is considered as priority, it is not possible to think in one’s given way. One is here people who values and appreciate the necessity of freedom and the existence of freedom than any other thing. Freedom and the existence of freedom make people to think than what they are asked to think and how they should think. When attitude comes first before thinking, people are becoming an automatic machine than being human. Being human is tantamount to the amount of freedom one have in life otherwise the idea of being human is handicapped.

Attitude maters in the altitude thing for one big reason which is when one expects something from others in which acceptance or recognition is the agenda or expectation is the matter on table. When no expectation is set, or recognition is the agenda it is not possible to expect or put attitude as standard as an achievement. Achievements are two kinds, the firs one is measured and recognized by human beings; the other is void of such aspect of human elements since there are certain aspects of realities in which humans and their fabricated tools are not adequate to testify the validity of such aspects and thus no one is capable to tell what any person come up since the tools are inadequate to testify. It is just a matter of time.

While such theater is going on, one wonders and imagines that the whole world is injected with deep sleep for centuries and ages. What has been assumed as correct and true is based on deception and trick foundations. In such world in which the foundation is like on ice basement, it is not possible to expect that this world has right standard and touchstones to measure the truth of any given matter except, it follows the dictates of the past and it tries something to be complete and truthful, which is not enough and accurate even.

In such world, priorities are set based on who things are moving. Originally, it was people’s emotions and thinking that dictate peoples decisions, which in turn, thru the process of time and evolving stages of human development help human reality to install human systems. Now, it happens to the created and invented systems that run human freewill. In both instances, for sake of understanding and communication, what is underway is acceptable since it makes people understand and communicate.

However, such given way and methods of life underway are incomplete and are not even holistic for two basic reasons. The first one is motives and the ideology behind are mostly biased and prejudiced, it mainly encompasses beliefs and doctrines than reality and the truth, in which there are times when a thing comes, it is measured by beliefs and how such beliefs dictate than the reality as they are—telepathy as one example—and it merits those who were beneficiary of past belief and thinking and ideology in which it undermines new and different ones due to prejudicial factors and reasons. This makes the whole system to live under the grace and mercy of few individual who manipulate such given system. Being better does not mean that one is complete.

The other reason is that such processes and systems that are already underway are safely protected and guarded by fear and suspicion and thus it is not possible to change them due to fear of the consequences of new and different ones and thus fanaticism and fundamentalism are result of such fear and consequences of fear. Fear is mostly caused by ignorance.

While such drama of life is going on, it is not attitude what determines one’s altitude, but rather is the thinking level as Rene Descartes said, I think therefore I am— height, color, size, shape, width—which is primal concern with inspirations of the thinkers. It is thinkers thought that change the world of humanity than the character of the saints since thinking shapes character.

The Three Fake Partners

August 21, 2013

Money is a combination of ink and paper in which people communicate and understand with each other thru the instrumentality of such given matter, while they exchange commodity transactions and perform daily undertakings. Money is widely exchanged for goods people sell or buy. Long ago, precious metals such as gold and silver were used as medium of exchange, as money. Money has other uses, which is to measure the value of things such as bicycles, clothes, pizza, hamburgers and so on as money is a way people accumulate wealth.

No one person came up with the idea of money. The idea developed slowly. Before money was invented, people traded goods using the barter system. Eventually, people found they could use precious metals such as gold, silver, or copper to help them trade. Once people started trading metals as money, coins were soon invented. A Turkish kingdom called Lydia made the first metal coins around 600 B. C. The coins were stamped with the king’s seal. About the same time, people in China began to use paper money.

The above points which were found in different written materials are an indication to other aspects of human life in which there are different causes that do take certain shape and exist by having and taking forms, due to changing needs and the exigency of the time. None can ably tell when they are started, who started them, and how they got started. Amongst them is the public or society administration, religion, other social aspects of human life. However, they exist by being significant aspect of human society and they affect the ins and outs of social dynamics of human society and fates of many individuals.

One of the interesting combinations that exit in human society is the relationships that exist between business, religion and politics. It is true and reality that marriage takes place between two parties, but in such aspect of human society, such three aspects of human life were married for centuries and ages. Their marriage plan ended by divorce due to their failure and being incompatible with the reality since reality proves them wrong due time, and in cases as, separated life , although they still want to re-marry with each other and such marriage has its own pros and cons too and its own features as well.

When such entities started to live with each other, they were intending to have the power which all assume and think as, beyond conception and thinking of human will and power, God, to put such entity and matter in their own container and bag. They have tried for centuries and ages, which they fail. They have devised different mechanism to shape and tell and make such entity under their mercy and will, which they again fail.

They have written books and designed theories that make many people to live under such stuff, although they have succeeded to considerate level, it is not possible to make everyone live under such matter. In fact, those who rebel in such campaign and drama are put under suspicion since they have created system to make such people suffer and they have every way to complicate their life due to the fact that the thing that controls and monitors everything is the matter they have created and such style and way of life lived for centuries and ages, although the mass know such matter with different understanding and interpretations, in which the saying, the mass is always wrong is a good testimony.

While such theatrical drama is on the stage, why do many people feel or think or do confess that when they are in problem or difficulty, they follow certain form of religion or practice when the time they think that they are desperate or hopeless in life or certain problems come to their life. Such people in the first place have no confidence in life. They think that social life or system is the beginning and end of everything without investigating the root cause and major grounds that establish social system in every nation or society. If they had enough knowledge and ground, the God, they think they get close is the imagination and production of social systems—they created God than God created them—which lived in society before and after their tribulation, which has no power to solve the root and fundamental challenges and problems of this world, since such aspect of life is the cause of divisions between peoples.

The fashion and style in which when people are in need or in problem, they go to churches or certain form of religion in order to solve their problems is now as one supposes here is very obsolete and self-centered and is a problem by itself than solve problems. This lacks enough ground of truth and reality in which problems are the basic verities of human life. These are important as human existence which should be solved by the individual although the methods and strategies that help people could be different. A problem that one faced at age 22, and another problem faced at age 40, the way such given person solves such problem are very different, since their nature is different.

When one was at age 22, one could follow certain form of religion which was very useful and helpful. Whereas at age 40, such given person thinks that there are many different alternative and ways of life one should see or one could think that one is able to create different mechanism to solve such given aspect of ones’ life than going to church or follow a particular religion since at this point one thinks that one is capable enough that one has different grasp on how this world functions and operates, and one thinks that one is able to solve one’s problem by one’s own way than follow the dictates of others such as the instrumentality of other causes such as religion, politics and the like.

We live quite in different time in which the drama and theater of collecting people, by creating many difficulties and stresses on society and people’s lives with the intention of gathering them towards certain form of religion should be over. When such drama is going on, people shift their attitude and thinking, and they create their own mechanism than follow the dictates of others and ways of life that are underway since all of them have failed to date, forget about solving the problems of the world, but they cannot even address their own inside problems properly, reconcile the contradictions that exist within their domain.

In this case, one could think that they fabricate a problem, and the solve problems by two tools, in which politics create problems and complications and religion solves their problems created by politics. One wonder here the revers in which religion creates problems, but politics solve to certain extent of such problems, but the most part goes to the individual and society which should re-think and re-consider it values and ways of life so that better world and reality can be create as they reverse such huge drama. If God is like something that can be in such container, I have a better God that lives outside such given container since it gives me nice freedom and choices than the one in container.

Medias and Focus

August 19, 2013

When Western society dwells in terms of media organization and undertaking, especially in an area of entertainments, it means beyond entertainment in which the agenda that is going on behind or the way such media organizations are structured could have their own intent and purpose;and it is far beyond with intention of money making and making their people laugh and smile, of shaping and creating citizens void of depression and stresses as well.

While any thinking machinery of society plans to make its people happy, happiness is not result of laugh or smile, magic or holy water, or it is not state of being that goes on and off like a lightning, but, it is regular state of being that comes as result of constant and continuous efforts and moral choices and thinking people make in life in their daily routines. When the thinking machinery of any given society is stressful, it is not possible to create happy society and individuals. Laughing or smiling is one of the ways when people reflect their happy state of being, but is not warranty to constant state of happiness.

Happiness is state of being that can be created by the individual, having the right and ready mindset though the external and outside environment has a role to play due to the fact that life in this whole world is connected in many aspects and each and every action and reactions has an impact on this world no matter how insignificant it looks to peoples eye. In fact, there are profound things that happen in our life and our world by insignificant and unexpected matters and conditions as part of the history of the world and such aspects fascinate, inspire and motivate many people since they are special ones and moments.

Why do many citizens of any given nation get bored in life? The first one is the system they are shaped in and designed is not correct. The second one is the system they are being created and asked to follow does not encompass human verities, in which material civilization is not warranty to create stress and anxiety free society. The third one is the current systems underway allow past mistakes as true since they do not want to change significant aspects of their system even if they are found incompatible and proven wrong by the reality but rather they are considered as contributing factor to such state of growth, if any.

When any given society grows, new challenges and complications get birth too. Growth and complications are inseparable in every aspect of human endeavor. One of the disastrous causes of material civilizations in society, it causes confusions and contradictions in many undertakings and life. When society achieves certain growth in economy, complications in terms of material aspects becomes an issue although intellectual aspects are there, but the emotional and other aspect of human elements require other ways of life, or mechanisms, of which few are underway, but are not sufficient, enough and complete. Such challenges exist as results of such development in which problems and challenges in society change as the way of life changes.

While Americans wanted to fill the gap in life, they created an instrument called—the Hollywood—with the motive of showing and reflecting what their society thinks and the types and way of life their society have as the movie is part of an art does. They performed those aspects of life which they cannot, but can happen thru the passage of time as the science fiction films do. They also induced their dreams, hopes, visions and thinking about the entire world and how they perceive the rest of the world. They preached the American religion with the Hollywood.

Afterwards, the rest of the world started to live with the idea of the American dream. They captivate the attention of most people to be the prisoner of their thinking and dream. Hence, they achieve their plan since most still wish to go to America to be prisoners of such dream than be a free being. When most people start sharing such dream, they give life to America, but by killing their society and nation they used to belong, although the root and major contributing factor goes to the society which they belong since it does not deliver better system and way of life they seek and want for life. Space is the actor.

When any given society wants to imitate others, one should at least be at a similar state of thinking and development level otherwise it is like a seed of barley seeking to be a flower of another fruit, in which it is not possible to have a given seed wishing to be a flower of another fruit due to the fact that they have natural pattern of growth and state of maturity. When developing world citizens wish to be American citizen, the first motto is crystal clear, economic or financial security, and then the American dream, if any, is next step since these could be inseparable in America; they start injecting the American thing in their stage and process of acquiring such citizenship.

And any developing nation or society copies and pastes such way of life, especially in shaping generation and society, Medias are the major tool. When they are asked to focus on entertainment, they are in jeopardy since they are intended with one big motto, attention diverting agenda. This does not mean that societies in developing nations do not need entertainment. They do, but entertainment is not a priority. The concept and questions of Change, Freedom, Rights, and Justice should be addressed and they are the primal concern and should be the prior agenda than making people laugh within injustice, and lack of other valuable ingredients of human life and society.

While a rich man laughs and smiles, such way of life and state of being is commendable and nicer to one’s health, and digestive system. Whereas, when a poor man is asked to laugh, one’s intestine and human system could be under jeopardy. It is good to laugh and smile, but not by losing grounds and fundamental aspects of human life and society, since they are not even priority to such given society.

Unfortunately, the rich are too far to laugh as researches testifies though there are rich who really laugh and poor who are really depressed and stressed out too. The priority should be like working for justice, rights, freedom and the like than going to entertainment places and lending ears to such given stuff since they make society and the entire system to be lazy and forgetful of its own basic necessities and rights.

One of the interesting things one heard in here is that especially in the area of writing movie script; one should write romantic comedy to get an audience. And one contacted and faced certain individuals who gave an idea and are interested to buy a script of such type in this regard. And one started writing a script. And it starts with something comedy but end up being strict business and something one should write about.

And finally one decided that one should watch movies of such type.One was wondering, as there is no such romantic thing in the real life and the movies that are addressed and considered as romance are about sex and desire about sex. And here one comes up with the idea of indirect censorship since one should write script of such type, otherwise one cannot get chance or audience. One was here also asking where this society is driving for.How long this drama will be on the stage?

While such given society lives in its profligacy and the shift and the drama on the stage is not even clear to those who watch such rubbish drama on the stage. However, one concluded to write a script, but not romantic comedy, but an idea one should address so that one day one will make a movie of one’s own dream than follow the dictates of foolish and garbage people on the stage as time permits too. Why does one have to follow others in world one can change others?

We live in world and time—business people, religious and political leaders—along with few ambitious intellectual people—joined partnership in shaping society and nation, and they confuse and infuse people with pastime and vain thoughts that come as result of their nightmares, which they failed in past, fail at present and will fail in the future, whose completion is even catastrophic and devastating since they want to create a world and nation with an enterprise, whose end is not even clearly conceptualized by their own minds—but money is the major driving motto—and they come up in an island which will be destroyed by the chains of conspiracy and sabotages they have devised for others, that consume themselves at the last of such human drama and theater.

As they say thieves work together in unified manner when they do the business—stealing—but they quarrel when they divide on what they have stolen or robbed. It is possible to have unity on wrong causes and purposes, but it is temporary, and it is not even lasting.

Human Anatomy and Reality

August 13, 2013

Human body and reality has connection since the complete system of human anatomy is organized by 10 systems. This makes the human anatomy complete and healthy since every system has purpose and function. And this makes human body mystic and something beyond physical since the cause and effect, the organizational makeup and integration of each and every system is fascinating, although it is not possible to tell how every human being survives—life and death—and where such cause for existence and energy for survival—other than basic needs and wants—come from is still unknown as the universe does too. Whereas the animal body system is composed of more than 10 systems as scientists in the field found out and told us in many different books.

According to Burnie, David. “Comparative Anatomy.” Microsoft® Encarta® 2009 [DVD]. RedmondMicrosoft ® Encarta ® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved… The human body is composed of ten body systems, groups of tissues and organs that work together to perform well-defined functions. Each body system coordinates its activities with those of other systems to maintain the healthy functioning of the entire body. Its highly organized anatomy enables the human body to perform a wide variety of life-sustaining activities, including fighting off infections, digesting nutrients, growing, and reproducing.
1. Circulatory System–the circulatory system uses blood to deliver oxygen and nutrients to body tissues and remove waste products from tissue cells
2. Endocrine System—the endocrine system is made of many glands—groups of cells that release chemical substances called hormones into the bloodstream
3. Urinary System—the urinary system eliminates waste products from the body and helps regulate the body’s water and chemical balance.
4. Skeletal System—the human skeleton is a strong, flexible framework of 206 bones that supports the body and protects internal organs. In addition, the bones of the skeleton store calcium, a mineral essential for the activity of nerve and muscle cells
5. Nervous System—the human nervous system oversees the activity of all other body systems.
6. Muscular System— Skeletal muscles attach to bones of the skeleton and control all voluntary movements.
7. Respiratory System—the respiratory system consists of the lungs, a pair of elastic organs housed in the chest cavity and the air passages leading to them.
8. Digestive System—the organs of the digestive system break down food into simpler substances for absorption into the bloodstream.
9. Immune System—the immune system defends the body from invading organisms that may cause disease.
10. Reproductive System—the primary function of the male reproductive system is to form sperm, the male reproductive cells, and deliver them to the female. The female reproductive system is more complex than that of the male reproductive system.

Each and every system is carefully designed and created for purpose since every system has its own function and purpose. When one of them is missed, one is in problem and difficulty. When the human kingdom in its entirety misses one of them, the whole of human reality is under jeopardy thus it needs every one of them for its survival. Here, it is not possible to say that I do not need one or two system, since it is natural and imposed reality and function and thus one cannot avoid.

In process of life, when people miss one of the systems, they will be in problem and thus they need to get medicated. What they cure in here is not the system, but those mechanical aspects that prohibit such system, that make the system to be abnormal or malfunction, but the system is already there and it is inbuilt. This is not about choice or whatever, but it is very natural, and it does not require even majority vote, to make one function or not since it is natural. One does not have to be rocket scientist since every layman knows this fact by now.

What will happen when one or more systems are not functioning in their natural way, the whole human body and reality is handicapped and is deprived of its full potential and capacity since the system is halted. Thus, it is not also possible to verify and check the integrity of one system by another one since every system has its own peculiar nature and characteristic and is not even capable to measure the capacity and performance of other system, but what they can do is, they are mutually reciprocal and integrated so that they form one complete system a result of their combination, interaction and communication within the matrix.

While correlating such human anatomy an analogy with the entire human race—the body politic—there are many different systems that exist in this world such as political, religious, philosophical, scientific, culture,  and  the like, that shape the human race at different level and stage. Each and every system is important and useful as the every human system does. The problem and difficulty comes, when one says I am more powerful and important than the rest. When one system claims authority over others, it puts the entire system under jeopardy and the balance goes to wrong side, and that given body system, is in trouble and cannot function normal.  This is what is happening in our world, past, present and future. When human beings reach to that level of body politic, they know their limit and they respect and integrate with each other. Until then we live with pains and hardships due to the fact that the entire human body politic is at its teenage.

Who Solves Our Problem

August 7, 2013

The drama and theater of knowing the fate of this world is still underway in which there are at least five major actors that play the game of knowing the end of this world, and time is becoming the answer, though there is no answer thru the process of time; they still claim that, time will tell, and such understanding and thinking is becoming more of saying than reality. Why does time tell in world where time by itself is becoming a question?

Science solves individual, societal and institutional problems and it becomes one of the useful tools that exist in the life of human society. Philosophy delivers perspective and fixes sophisticated social problems of society in a place where thinking people reside. Religion gives way and is a way of life that shapes human society to date. Politics is way of administration and social system that govern society, individuals and institution by managing spaces and gaps that exist between such components and ways of life. Wealth is a mediator and core factor that exists in everything and serves all of the above.

In this enigmatic aspect of human life, to think and thinking machinery is pompous for many reasons. The most important one area dual; one is to solve a particular problems and the other is to deliver a new perspective. When new and different perspectives are gained, past complications are removed and newer ones emerge since problems are the very nature of human life. It is not possible to live with problem free environment as being human since problems are the very nature of human life. What could be different is the type and ways and methods people use to solve such problems.

While living amidst such process of life, life becomes so enigmatic since human society develops and grows as the economy or wealth grows, which do have an impact on the political system, thinking machinery, on beliefs ad belief systems, and on inventions too. In this process, all tend to grow simultaneously, in which complications germinate as growth appears. At this given point, new and different way of life emerges which require new thinking and different thinking machinery. Here problem comes when such growth is coming up, but people tend to stick to olden way of life and thinking, and thus, such society has to perish or reborn in many aspects.

This is like to woman which gets pregnant for the first time in which such pregnant woman comes up with different psyhco and emotional make up since she gets strange or another organs, the baby, which she is going to carry, but not before in her entire life, although she knows that she give birth to a child as other women did in their life. But, the stress, different emotional makeup, and other things change as she carries new organs in her body which requires safety and security in her side so that the child get birth as the right time comes.

When any given individual, society, or institutions reaches to certain level of growth or development, not practiced before, the character of individuals, society and institution changes since this is for the first time and people could be excited or other people could be depressed due to the fact such environment could be very human since every action and good thing at least on any given individual life has two possible impacts on other people or aspects, in which there are people who feel good as there are people who feel and think bad. This is part of human life and reality due to the fact that egocentric attitudes, selfishness, ambitions and other personal interest are major causes.

New and different and emerging characters and thinking comes to exist as such growth is there, this is very natural and obvious in which new and different need is coming up and thus, new and different perspective and solutions is required than tell society or those who belong to given thinking or something different and newer ones, to go by past or old belief and thinking. This is wrong. Growth and development always causes new way of thinking and new way of life and new and different perception. It is not such given individuals who create, but the action and reactions of society and individuals who bring cause to observations and imagination of such people to see things in different way and method.

This is very natural and human and society should understand such process of life as natural and normal, than curse and blame such people otherwise the next level of growth and development will be under jeopardy since such rejection has an impact on the thinking machinery of the entire society or nation due to the fact that openness and tolerance are major cause of civilization and development than closed minded approach and rejections.

Hence, problem and complications, in cases are the reflection of type of growth society is undergoing since they are reflection and expressions of social activities and interactions. Their complexity and simplicity tell the magnitude of development and growth of any given society, individual or institutions and their reaches and aspires too. They should be perceived as part and segment of human life than be cursed since the reality of human life mainly depends upon types of problems they face and how they fix and how long does it take them to solve.

How far they face problems, their frequency and their interaction and perceptions of problems is also anther factors. To think and believe that human beings live void of problems is to deny human existence. Every activity give birth a problem, and it gets solved as well. When people stay in certain problem longer than expected, they have something to figure out. In this case, if they cannot solve that given problem, they should change the way they think about that problem as well.

The above mentioned five major actors in the drama of our life and this world are tools that help us solve our problems and as they also create problems and complications in our life. However, for the most part, life on the earth need capacity in which it is the individual, society and institution that are mainly accountable and responsible to the problems people face in life and thus solution should germinate from them. As the most significant aspect of our life lies in our hands since choices and efforts are cause and solutions to the problems people face in life since every effort and choice people make in life could have possible problem and complication as they solve such difficulties too.