Features of Prosperity

July 29, 2013

When a given nation is poor in economy, it is mostly reflection of not only in lack of resource or usage of resources or deployment and implementation problems, but also in thinking and thinking machinery of society itself. Thus, it needs to think over and again and again in its value making, its culture, hobbies, interests and habits as well. Thinking is summation of emotional, spiritual and intellectual elements along with material application and implications in which there is no land on earth that is created void of resource. The gap lies in thinking machinery.

When any given society needs to grow in economy, the first thing it has to do is not to receive aid and assistance from those that are developed, but it has to deeply investigate the root causes its obstacles that hinder from such growth since the obstacles are mostly found in culture, habits, beliefs and belief systems which result in poor thinking and imagination, and thus it cannot get out from old stuff and vicious circle of routine activities and daily practices since it is already trapped in romanticism that put chains and jails due to the fact that it already created its own comfort zone which is comfortable to the way of life underway, but is bringing huge catastrophe to the future and progress of nation.

Why any given society does lives backward life in world it can have better prospect and prosperity? Although the first factor is external, in which its foreign policy is one factor, it still cannot remove such excuse since the internal one is the major factor to its inside and external elements in which the need to have a ready society for change and open minded people and way of life, then progress is surely at hand.

Most societies are shaped by armaments and armament is the power that creates the balance. In this given case, fear is the king and suspicion is the friend that lives in every home. When any given society lives with void of such element such as fear and suspicion, life will be easy and the desire and hope to grow and prosper will be at hand. In world where armament is used as leader, to expect prosperity is chimera since human prosperity does not only lie in material prosperity, but also emotional, intellectual and spiritual prosperity and other aspects yet to come as the need arise, which are natural and destined path of human reality in every place.

In order to arrive at such given state of prosperity, it is not politics and religions that lead or create such prosperity and such way, but also the moral choices of societies and individuals along with institutions in which it is not the golden age desired by people or way of life of any specific religious or political ideology that create such realm, but the combinations and coordination and the step by step evolutionary process and movement of human kind along with progressive and unending needs and desires which will result at some point of time, such given aspect of life and world, whose fragmented need and their inception is felt at its infant stage by now, and at this stage, which will be the need of the whole world thru the process of time, the need and reality of entire human race, so that human kind will achieve at reaching certain matrix in the life in this world, with its maturity and this world will surly reach and enjoy due to the fact that such needs and prosperity are interrelated ad interconnected and are very natural too.

The idea of telling the poor will in inherit heaven or the kingdom of God is tantamount  childish joke and drama in which being poor cannot be merit to be closer to God rather it should considered as wrath of God than any other thing. Poverty cannot be an excuse or mercy to be spiritual or agent of God rather it should be discouraged, but rather working hard and transforming oneself and society to higher state of development and state of being than ever should be the merit to possess any good of this world and the next too.

The idea of God in former days was being friend to the poor and enemy to the rich in which the rich live creating their own God than possess and share what most believe and think since they put analogy of the camel and needle thing. They made God in their own image, it is not God who created man by its image, in which the God of olden days have prepared heaven to the poor; but in reality, this could not be the case. How come God said in their book, work as good thing and in another place permitted poor people to be in heaven, is this not a paradox?

When people work, material progress is on the way, which is mainly dependent upon which social settings they live in. Healthy societies and institutions have created such social make up as those who are ill does not do this make up to date.  When one works, one gets material benefits, which creates intellectual and Emotional satisfaction that could have an impact on spiritual elements of human life. One simple thing has an impact and has very interrelated aspect with another at any given individual level in which such realities are natural and they are connected by huge force. Same is true for institutions and societies and their integrity and fate is created and shaped by choices they make and their own manuals and operations.


Freedom and Free Will

July 17, 2013

If  all the people of the world have  similar thinking and follow same type of belief system and philosophy, this world will be boring and there is no need to have such number of people and population in this world since human reality is directly connected with the question of freedom and such freedom is mostly exercised in thinking, belief and way of life. It is also good to think that diversity is not only in belonging to a particular belief system and way of life but also appreciating the difference that exist in such systems, and creating better environment to accommodate all such existing systems as they are  than demolishing them and making them to belong to one form of system, which is again boring and not important since this makes this world monotonous and other belief system as if they are useless and worthless. It is indeed a chimera to expect that all people in the world will belong to one or same belief system since it is against the law of nature and objective reality too.

Diversity means, respecting and being tolerant in the way people think and believe and appreciating such difference and variation as means to do good things to the future than remove the rest and make every one belong to one group, which is impossible and not important. When such process of life is going on, there is always constant fight and struggle between individuals and institution in which individual in cases question the integrity and value of institution when institution are doing crime behind which put the question of individual freedom and right and integrity and under questions. Thus, individuals revolt against institution in order to protect the freedom and rights of the mass and considering the prospect of the future so that institution should behave.

When any legitimate office is found doing an act which could be considered as crime if this same act is done by any other party or individual and is considered as crime, what would one wonder if this is not considered as sin or crime since it is done by law makers or institutions and it is assumed as legitimate that such given act is committed in order to save or secure the freedom and rights of the mass, and they say this is not crime; but in reality, anything that put harm to any aspect of individual right without one’s knowledge is crime.

If any institution does an act without the permission or knowledge of any other party, and when it considers such bad practice as its duty with the intention of protecting the integrity of its institution, by over passing personal information of individuals to other people or agents and conspiring and sabotaging of one’s life, checking one’s home or flat without the permission of the individual and the like are considered or tantamount to stealing and robbery since this is done without the will and knowledge of the owner and it is crime; it violates the rights of individual freedom and privacy. That is why, it is said that freedom is relative and the claim, I live in free society is contextual.

It is not possible to protect the law by breaking the law in a society rule of law takes the upper hand. However, when institutions play the game of being smart, breaking the law in order to protect the law, this tells that institutions capacity in formulating laws that go in accordance with the makeup society and they do not know how far society has gone and is smart over them; that is why they cannot formulate laws that preserves order and thus they are forced to break the law they formulate although they are also suspicious too.

There are quite few individual who understand such given claim and the idea of freedom and its practical application in any society, and when they understand such situation, they protest against the law or policy which is formulated by the few who override and control the free will of the mass. When freedom and free will become programmed, in which do this or do that thing exist in any society, the idea of freedom will be dead question, but in reality, this should not be the case.

Human reality and freedom are interconnected and interrelated. When the amount of freedom is restricted, the integrity of being human is under jeopardy. Here, being machine is closer definition and understanding than talk about the concept of being human since freewill is one of the aspects and idea that identify human reality from many other objects and objective realities. When human beings do things with the moral of having and making choices, they develop certain confidence and trust on the system and society they belong.

There are two ways of restricting freedom. The first one is indirect one, which is like arranging supplies or alternatives, by limiting the supply or set of alternatives in doing things. For instance, in market oriented reality, when the supply is restricted to few, there is no set of different alternative that exist and thus, people are commanded to abide what the supply dictate. When there is no much alternative aspect or way of life. People abide what is on the table, and consume what is on the stage than have new ones. In the world of press, they limit the type of papers that are published to few menus and people cannot go beyond such papers.

The second one is by telling such aspect of freedom in policies, rules and regulations they formulate, this is the direct one. They tell that it is possible to have your pie every week, or twice in a day, and you have to do it in this place or that place to do that; do this or do that, in which rules and regulations take every single freewill and freedom of individual rights and freedom. Every article takes and removes a freewill from every human, voluntarily and non-voluntarily and since it is law everyone should abide. Law preserves order; as it takes away freewill.

For example, the current condition between America and Edward Snowden, is one case in which when Edward tells about what the state is doing on behind, which is against the constitution and laws it formulates, the man is considered as criminal and enemy. If any a given individual commit same act done by the state, it is crime and the man could be put to court, but when the state does this, it is not crime, but informing suchgien act to the public is crime. The point is not justifying the state of individual or establishing court room in here, but to discuss the idea and the drama on the stage in which there is discrimination between acts and personalities in which it gets Kris crossed, in cases.

And sometimes one gets confused as to what is crime and who is criminal and in which those who assume and think that they are guardians and attorney of truth are found doing the contrary, and when others tell the crime they do behind, they pretend themselves as if they are free from the crime, but their hands have been washed by bloods of many crimes. The crux is that when this world reaches to higher and greater level of integrity and maturity, discriminations between acts and personalities will be over, until that we live with pains and we pay for every pain.

Any act which is misdeed, fault, misdemeanor or whatever that takes away the benefit, privacy or whatever of other party is crime or sin. In this case, the criminal has to be punished and pay damage or compensation according to the rule of law. If the crime touches different countries, this should be tantamount to compensations put by the international law. Any act which is committed by individual or institution, as far it is crime or bad, it is crime, and there is no justification to make it correct or holy since it is committed by any institutions. Bad act is bad even if it is committed by God. It is not possible to make thousand bad acts as one good deed since bad cannot be good.

One of the drama and theaters that is going on the stage is that, there are people or community that consider or treat itself in two different features in which when institution backbite, or when one tell bad thing about a person to institution, it is considered as delivering information, but when the individual backbites to other people, it is considered as grievous sin. They make God busy in identifying what is being told to whom, which sounds bit up surd. If God is just and correct, according to the claim, God sees the act than whoever does that bad act, and when any backbiting is committed by individual, prime minster, pope, even by God itself, if the act is grievous sin and deserves grievous punishment, then same should be done to all than put Mr. z as nice and Mr. y as bad, but doing same bad act.

It is quite interesting to make a note in here that if any authority is claimed from and on behalf of God and such authority is required to be accepted by others, the idea and concept of God has to be clarified before such given claim is accepted and considered as legitimate. If God has institution, and such institution is established by election and those who elect every three or five years, are the type of people who never return the money they borrow from others; who get divorces two or three times; who do not like their wives of husbands, who do not pay their obligations or taxes nicely; who nicely backbite those people whom they hate and the like; it is simple to guess what kind of institution they are going to establish since such institutions can claim that it is from heaven. Who and where is God?

It is not possible to expect perfect institution from imperfect people. God help people when they are ready and they free the channels from such shackles. And it is simple to tell who they are; what they do behind and what their hidden drama is on. They are just like desert water. A century old hereditary disease cannot be cured by one person; it becomes their nature.

The Writer and Write Up

July 13, 2013

There is an idea that is going on the table of those people who are concerned and interested in the world of writing in which there are people who claim that writing should be used for entertainment than any other matter or aspect; as there are people who claim that writer should be a teacher and should inform and inspire the mass. Although the claims are mainly dependent upon which types of community and social setting people live, such objective and mission cannot have universal and common priority since writers reflect the life of any given society.

Any writer is dictated by what the senses feel and think in which eye, ear, nose, tongue and touch are basis that inspire thinking and imaginations, which connects to the inner world and reality in way that such objectively recognized aspects of human reality are expressed in form of words that give meaning and sense to others. Every write up is like building a house in which each and every paragraph and words that are constructed give meaning and sense according to capacity of the writer. There are write up like beautiful mansions, and as there are write ups like small homes too.

A good write up is a write up which can give different meaning and sense when they are arranged and rearrange in which such mysticism should be enrolled in. This is to mean that a given write up could have 20 paragraphs and when one reorganizes such paragraphs in different arrangement, they give different meaning; when one arranges to different re-arraignments, it gives another meaning. It is to mean that the 20 paragraphs write up can have at least 20 different stories and meaning, but beyond that. This is one’s dream write up.

A writer who lives in the western society could write about entertainments in which new models of automobiles, fashionable clothing and house and the like could be the concern, whereas the writer who live in poor country, if one writes about comfort and such luxurious cars, this could be considered as fantasy or abnormality since such writer does not reflect reality and is far from objective reality. What dictate the writer is the way society articulate, think and feel about life and their reflection on their life style than dictates of politicians and other people from alien world.

Hence, the driving factor for any given writer is objective reality in which those who reside in western world are correct and those who live in striving countries are absolutely correct. There is no a such recipe on how and what to write, but it is the inspiration. Inspiration does not come by chance, but what they see on the objective world drives them to write and share something in way that society could think bit different and further than the regular routine.

A write up is reflection of thinking of that given writer on that given period in which one reflects one’s emotions and feelings combined with thinking and imagination. Hence, people write on many things which varies from personal diaries up to well written novel stories and other books which depend on the type of interests they have. A beautiful write up connects not only articulations and styles but also it contains strong subject matter and ideas that triggers controversy and debates. Many people are into it since it ignites interests and quests.

When any writer is into a write up, it creates identity and style and thus people formulate their own recipe in a way they write and they are also identified by others by their usage of words and the style they choose, their power of expressions and messages they transfer to others. Thus, there are different types of writers in which there are people who write novel story and as there are people who inform the truth, but hidden and going on behind.

The life of Stephen King and the life of Salmon Rushdie are different although both are writers. The former lives in relatively free and secure environment than the later in which the later lives a life of cat and rat since what he wrote is not liked by other people since his subject of interest raises certain opposition and negativity to his life. He touches an aspect which is not liked by other people.

One of the interesting ideas in relation to write up is coherence and flow in which a given writer puts his idea in way that one follows the other. Coherence is subjective element and is contextual in which one writes in way one wants to address or pass given message, but in cases it is useful and essential since there are people who consider an aspect of mental order or disorder thing, but the main point in her is that as far as a given writer puts and coordinates in way it makes sense, mental order or disorder is in everyone and such field is inexact science since the field of psychology is one of the inaccurate science that exist in our world.

When a writer becomes one sided in which on supports and writes a given political and religious drama, here, it becomes biased and the writing gets corrupted. Writing is mostly connected with inspiration in which it is not something that can be done in orchestrated manner to support given political or religious agenda, her it becomes thesis than being a write up since it is about the truth.  When any writer or write up is exposed to promulgate any given agenda, it is more of tool to propaganda than it serve as instrument o the truth and the world of truth. In this case, those who are organized in such clubs and associations are more of cadres than writers since their concern is about the form and style than the truth.  

It is also quite interesting to note on how people appreciate give value to works of writing than the art and power and nature writing, in which if writing did not exist, such write up would not exist be it holy writings, novel, subject matters. They consider such aspect of writing as fore granted and people tend to forget the very and first cause of such existence in this world. This is like one goes to the soccer field, if there is no comfortable field, it is very hard to see great and talented football players since the cause  is the field. Without good field, it is not possible to have nice soccer and soccer game would not reach to this level and state of progress. May the Power of Words prevail on earth thru Writing.

Why People Quarrel

July 12, 2013

I was asking myself in one of the days, in which I was contemplating on the many features and phases of life, everyone is passing, especially in the peoples external or what the politicians call foreign policy, and come up with thinking that why do people create negative relationship with others. This could have many answers depending on the context and type of relationship people establish with others. Hence, most people employ protectionism approach in life than going out or being open, supportive or whatever good things to others and they establish their own style and pattern in life.

This is universal. Suspicion is the king in every society, and trust lives under water and earth since people become tired of many things in life and such style come to their reality due to the fact they are at least betrayed once by other people, society, and institutions on the earth. This world is economy centered world in which scarcity is the drama behind agenda, which is also entertained in the table, but greed is the factor what people forget to think about. Greed speaks in every tongue, but what varies in here is the color of the greed.

Underling such factors as one point, it sounds that conflict between individuals, institutions, and societies is becoming nature of the world, which should be reversed by agreement and unity when enough will and determination is applied by people, societies and institutions. When division among people, societies and institutions come, this should be the cause for stronger unity to be addressed to the future, by sorting out the root causes of problems and delivering everlasting and sound solution to the future so that prospect of individuals, societies and nation should be preserved.

When conflict and quarrel between people come to place, it tells two things. The first one, if it is possible, to solve it and make it better; if not, there is one thing to learn, which is to create an accommodating environment which is tolerable and understandable, with the intention of appreciating diversity and difference. Diversity does not only mean in color, race, ethnicity, but also thinking and visions. Certain society could deviate from a given communality due to the fact that it thinks different, and when such thinking is not acceptable by the norm, it could be rejected. In this case, this society can form its own island. This island should be accepted since freedom is the natural quest and reflection of integrity.

One of the basic reasons why people quarrel is personal advantage and interest in which when there is conflict of interest and desire and goals and ambitions, they quarrel. There are people who have quarrels in terms of give and take relationship, in which when one wants to take personal advantage over other, here conflict arise. The other reason is between ambitions in which when a given person has an ambition contrary to other person, here, they cannot interact and communicate, but could have fight since their ambition is not in agreement.

There are also people who fight not only in ambitions, but also with strategies even if they have same ambition and goals and objective, they could not agree with strategies. Ego is the factor, in which the desire to be listened and respected is one factor. The feeling and thinking that I am better than you is another aspect. When people want to achieve in certain mission, it should give equal credits to all who want to achieve than put few individuals as lion and others as barking dogs. As far as the point or end goal is the same, when people fight with strategies, there are many other factors that should be considered amongst them, is the strategy cost effective or not, compatible with the goal or not, for longer period or not, in which time is factor.

The other basic reason or the most obvious ones is type of political relationship which people have in which when certain nation has political reason not to talk or interact with others, and such given people do not like others due to the fact that their nationalistic feeling and thinking dominate their interpersonal factors. For example, in case of Ethiopia and Eritrea, there are citizens of both nations, who quarrel without knowing each other, interacting and the like, they quarrel since the political factor dominate their interpersonal actions and reactions.

There are also nations of same citizen in here and outside, they quarrel and have conflict due to political reasons. Such given aspects have deep rooted complications and many years of back history and at this point, it reached to its climax. This has many possible reasons beside historical and cultural and political factors. Although many trials have been undergone in past, it was not possible due to the fact that such excuses enlarge the bad conditions to date. The first responsible factors are political ones in which politicians are responsible; the second and major actors here are religions and religious leaders. Both are accountable and responsible, although they point fingers on others. They were supposed to remove such difficulties.

When such conditions get to worse in any given community, any society has to be wise. It should create its own dynamism in better and greater magnitude than the politicians and the religions matter in way that respect, tolerance, understanding and magnanimity are reflected. This can happen in way that such given society creates its own core people by creating its own rules and policies, neither political nor religious, and forget the politics at upper hand and whatever or any religious drama, but it should have its own aspect in way that future is the main agenda, resolving current conflict is the major theater it should play. This is not to create disturbance, but to create responsible and accountable citizens to the future.

This can be introduced by few people who understand the danger and realize the future consequences of such aspects between people and as far as such concern is there, victory is always assured. Most people fight here due to the fact they like to be respected and they have strong desire and feelings of nationalistic thinking and feeling, but in reality such strong feeling and thinking of nationalistic—it is true and genuine—should be reflected in respecting others and being tolerable to other people thinking and feeling about same objective. Most fanatic people in such realm are the cowardice ones when the real danger is come and they do not cooperate since they reflect their egoistic thinking and personality than common concern.

The other possible reason on why people quarrel with others is when people want to side others in which they do not know each other, but there could be some kind of conflict between people, they want to favor one side, such favoring has no any particular personal interest and advantage it brings about on others, but with the intention of supporting one side since they like one party, people quarrel without knowing each other. This is unacceptable and wrong since people lack confidence in what they are doing and thinking.

When people try to be helpful and supportive of another person, be it neighbor, workmate, a person one who meet in taxi, and every place, irrespective of religious or political drama, change will come. When both agendas are there, people continue fighting with eachother since both are the primal cause and factors for divisions although they preach us about unity. Most trails have failed in past, since such formation and motive was not pure intent since they were already poisoned by political or religious drama.

The Graduation, Color and Life

July 6, 2013

A friend of mine once shared his view about his personal experience in which it was the time on his graduation date. And I asked him, why do you wear the black overcoat and why did the university select this color although this could have its own historical background and enough reason for such aspect of academic life. And he replied, they are right since they chose the right color.

And I asked him, why and how. He replied it was the time I became assured of my own reality in which death took place at that given time and I became sure on that given day although I was not sure studying all these years. He further continued, listed I plan to be an engineer, and I happened to be sociologist and now you see myself killing my ambition and vision by the objective reality. It is not me, but what the society and conditions in here shape my reality.

And one was wondering as to how our reality is shaped since most of us are shaped by the way society is shaped and most are forced to live like being a machine than have real identity and reality. In this case, life is summation of opportunities although choices are there in. As far as there are constant efforts, although they consume us, it is also possible to change the already designed and formulated fates of people, but with ceaseless energies people apply in their life.

Here is a matter of applying other elements that cannot be obtained in the schools and curriculum, but people find in their own way, looking for goals and attaining such goals, they learn something that cannot be found anywhere except in their personal experience and exposures and dictionaries of life. Life in here is left for chance than efforts and energies, it is mostly consuming for those who come from poor background than can be colored by one’s effort and capacity since the society in here has scarce resources and in places and societies where there is scarcity of resources, greed is the king and queen.

Then, life is matter of survival of the fittest in which those are strong have enough resources. Being strong in here is not necessarily of muscle, but also with taking and collecting money, trick and other related aspects that delete most of the human factor and elements are one aspect although there are standards of life which society claims, but in reality and the practical aspect of life goes very different to the objective truth.

And, when that given university chose that color as I was thinking, is that person correct or there is mystery which can be found out later or there is nothing to be mystified, or what. The tradition and culture in here claims that black is done for sorrow, if it is green, can give hope as white does, and there is no such mystery that can be obtained or else that given man is correct which could tell something than hope. Even, those people who study the relationship that exist between colors and human behavior—the psychology of color—tell something. Tradition and culture also tell something.

Research has shown that certain colors directly affect human emotions, human feelings, and human behaviors. The color blue which is frequently used as the color of hospital rooms because it has a very soothing effect that is used to treat illnesses and reducing pain. It accomplishes this by slowing down the rate of the parasympathetic nervous system which controls breathing, heart rate, and subaceous (sweat) glands. Many offices are also decorated blue because research has shown that people are more productive in blue rooms.

The color red, on the other hand, accomplishes the opposite of blue by stimulating a faster heart rate and breathing. Sports teams also sometimes paint the opposing locker room red because it is believed to cause their opponents to lose energy. The color yellow is believed to enhance concentration, so it is used for legal pads. The color white is used in many countries to signify professional authority, purity and innocence.

For instance, doctors, lab technicians, and other medical professionals such as scientists often wear white lab coats to connote their authority, cleanliness and sterility. Many brides also wear white dresses to convey the purity and innocence that they believe marriage signifies. Many buildings also purposely paint rooms white because it makes those areas seem more spacious than they actually are.

The color black is used to signify power and authority, black is also considered a color of sophistication and elegance. The color is mysterious and can be associated with evil, taboo and gloom. One could possibly make the connection between such understanding and interpretation in which the white and the black are associated and make one’s own personal judgment.

In fact, it should not be colors that should drive human behavior and thinking since human reality can change even the definitions and understanding create by the norm since we do not have to follow the norm at every time, when there is need to have change, change should come and take place otherwise being human is tantamount being a machine. Human thinking should be the driving factor towards color than colors to rive human factor.

For instance, in one community, if any woman wears red colored cloth, it sounds like, and she needs to have sexual intercourse, and is believed she is ready to have sex since they think that such color arise sexual feelings and intercourse. Whereas in places like here, when women have such colored clothing, it is to indicate that I am in my menstrual period, meaning, blood is on, and such given color does not arise any sexual feeling m which is quite contrary.

Getting back to the point of overcoat clothing of the graduation, which is black and that person’s given personal experience, it sounds that the real cloth is inside the overcoat in which those who graduate make their own choice in having that given cloth for their graduation, which they do it since they choose and they can do it to have whatever type of cloth, but they do not have any choice and right to choose the color of the overcoat since it is the institution that provides them. Life goes on like that since they are already shaped by the institution as identity as the overcoat signifies, and they do whatever they want and they like, which is being under the overcoat. There are only few people who make this process inverted as result of the choices, efforts and decisions they make in life.

The Image and Poverty

July 3, 2013

When one looks into the surrounding environment and the type of struggle few people are trying to make in which they try to portray an image which lives in their minds than in the reality of the mass, it sounds that life in this world is full of paradoxical events, and one wonders here that, are these people fighting to listen to their own ego, maintain their egocentric thinking and wish or they are trying to change the picture of the mass, which is still unanswered. One says this, it is because they what they claim and what they do are falling apart.

The point in here is that those people who are heard that they want to change the poor image of poor people, in which they drive an automobile that cannot be dreamt by the poor, and they are not even observed giving coins to the poor to have modest dinner, and they do not have any single diary that reminds the sigh and suffering of the poor, but they remember them in meetings and when they face outsiders and foreigners, and there are people who observed them and give them a title such as, lords of poverty in which they make business out of it and out of the poor condition society faces. They sound that they are happy with the way things are.

This reminds me to thinking I had wile I used to live abroad, in which that given community has focused on owning and constructing building, and I was trying to contemplate what type of connection this poor man had with the type of image building stuff such people have and one could not find any meaning with that except fooling myself, and fulfilling their own agenda, and one had resigned by heart, and wrote wall kind of write up related, in which they checked my flat and find out from my laptop, since they had master keys; they know movement of my lip than what is on my mind. One decided at that given point, it is not essential to sacrifice one’s freedom for such fake drama. One is not lover or enemy of stone and rocks.

When such given type of people exist, they exist like a community or society in which they are found everywhere in meetings and social gatherings, but they do not represent the condition of poor society since their life and what they claim do not go with reality and the poor. They prefer to show themselves as model, but in reality they cannot be examples and models since they have a life which is contrary to the poor. They are the one who welcome guests; they are the ones who are allowed to talk to foreigners and the like for the sake of image building.

Due to the fact that they are such types of people, in which they try to portray the fake image, those people who intended as target, foreigners, to make them change their minds, know everything better than those plots political and fake thinking since when people make efforts to change image, they forget one thing, which is the reality. When efforts are initiated and applied to change image, it has no truthful ground since it misses facts and reality. The priority should be to change the life and condition of the poor than work for painting an image. When the priority is inverted, any given society lacks truthful ground and walks in different town.

Portraying image come as the process of changing the lives of people than invest huge fund so as to make change the minds of others since the motive and intention is not sincere due to the fact that it should be the life of the poor condition that should create distress and feel bad than the image that is come out as result of such facts and the efforts to eradicate both should be done accordingly. One of the funniest things in here that there are foreigners who help and try to integrate their efforts in this cheap drama losing grounds and trying to give fake image which is tantamount to stupidity and nonsense.

When one claims that the poor condition, one is not denying the progress and efforts that are applied to change these conditions, in which one is appreciative of and very grateful for such efforts although they are not enough and cannot remove the poverty of the mass. The mass knows such drama and observes them with attention, gossiping them they are fake and cheap people who deny and lose ground since they talk about buildings and road lights and nightclubs than they observe how many people do eat lunch or dinner.

While living in such theatrical world, when people lose ground or focus in building image, there are many things that are oppressed. The first one is the truth. The second one is freedom. The third one is losing confidence and trust in which when people are asked to focus on image, they are trying to make self denial since reality speaks louder than what is being claimed or said. In this case, society faces identity crisis and confusion, and contradiction comes to place.

While such drama of life is going, when the cost that is applied to change such image building stuff that exit in the minds of the foolish is calculated and sum up, it can change the live of many poor people since the focus goes to wrong end and place and there are people who play the game of corruption in this regard in which they take personal advantage over the mass and they need this fake drama to continue so that they make their own money as the lords of poverty do. In this fake drama, past and present, there are people who become rich since this world needs such mindset and the system allows them to do so; it installs such process to continue.

Therefore, a Kris-cross society comes to place such as there are people who make efforts to create image and apply every energy to build such image locally and they have supporters on the side of the outsiders as well; there are people who are against the image building within, in which they have supporters in external environment, outsiders. The balance and the touchstone go to the fact and reality. Both societies have their own resources and they produce their own professors in order to protect their own political dramas and theater.

When one considers both processes, priority should be given to changing the live of poor condition of the mass than the focus on image building since when the condition of the lives of the poverty is changed; it is automatic that such image is already built. For this economic growth of a nation is not guarantee to the changing of lives of poor condition.

The poverty of nation or mass can be changed when there is economic justice and fair distribution of wealth. When the strong helps the weak, than oppress or remove the weak; and when the poor is encouraged to work and opportunities are provided to grow, in such manner, the lives of people can be changed. When one observes the surrounding, it is political agenda that dominates economic growth in which one should be member or supporter of political party, otherwise survival and growth is becoming chimera. This is not healthy sign of progress rather such given society should remove such belly.

Thinking freedom is the one of the major factors to have healthy society; otherwise society will be passive and observer of such drama. When free thinking is allowed, not in superficial way, in which when people deviate, they face conspiracy and sabotage behind, and when such free environed society is created, and those bad are removed from the thinking machinery, with truthful and genuine ground, society will obtain greater achievement. The achievements up to now are superficial and make few segment of society beneficiary. This can be enlarged to bigger circles of the mass when there is will, determination, confidence and trust on the mass.

The Prohibitions

July 2, 2013

This morning I was reading a magazine, in which I found an interesting thing on it, which is related to the subject matter one want to discuss. It is conversation done between son and father. The son asked his father, dad, how much does it cost to get married. The father replied, I do not know son, I am still paying for it. This attitude makes many husbands and wives to put into divorce since life become tiresome activity and they cannot resist the type of challenges that come between them as result of lack of understanding and tolerance. They do not enjoy life since there could be many do’s and do not do’s in the home.

Why do people get bored in life? It is not because they do not obtain the necessary freedom they seek in life as one of the major reasons. This starts from single family or household in which as the number of do not do’s increase, the amount of stress also increase which result in dissatisfaction and disappointment in life. When people have free environment, which is relative and contextual, the amount of happiness and joy they entertain increases since human reality seeks such environments to think better and further.

Prohibitions start in olden times especially in books, do not do this, if you do this, you will be like this or that. This world in most cases prefers to entertain warnings and threats than opportunities and glad tidings due to the fact that most laws and policies are designed with an idea and motive that prefers to think that human beings are rebellious if they are left open and their animalistic nature dominate in cases where no law is set. Thus, people design rules and regulations to control the environment and establish order.

In many places people visit, they are asked, no smoking, walking beyond this is danger and the like since such announcements are done for the sake of securing safety, since those acts do put certain harm. Thus, people are forced to be prohibited due to the type of places they visits and the type of activities they perform. When any given family has many prohibitions, members of that given family are stressed and they do not feel confidence in any undertakings since they are not sure that they are allowed to do things in an environment they face other than what they belong. Such prohibitions create distressful conditions in their life and they lack confidence in life.

The same is true in communities or societies which people belong, the number of prohibitions affect that whether they are sure or not about what they are doing even if something strange or what they do not know or face. For example in any given community, sex before marriage is considered as if one is not chaste and as sin. This sex is done between man and woman, in which room, bed, feelings are essential aspects of life. And one day I asked a man who belong to that circle, what if I do phone sex with woman, is that forbidden, he replied, this is not written, but it is immoral. If any female who does such sex, even if she is not seen with a man on the street, she could be considered as if she is chaste or honest, but not.

The point in here is that most prohibitions lead to another way of doing things since human beings need their own freedom in their own way. When most prohibitions are there, they find many ways and different methods of doing things so that they satisfy their own desire or whatever things they seek in life. In cases, prohibition trigger to do things that are prohibited since there is always the curious mind going on, which asks like, why, and thus people are found doing things since they are prohibited and they do it since there is a rebellious nature.

If you do not prohibit them, they do not even remember about it, since they are prohibited, and they do it as an aspect of human nature. When people are told, they do not like to be told since they think that they are matured enough; when people are prohibited unless and otherwise such prohibitions are forced aspects and matters, they do it such has the prohibition has health risk, economic risk and other aspects that put risk to their life. Otherwise people are tempted to do what they are forbidden to due to rebellious nature and the curiosity aspect they have.

What would one do if husband or wife always asks, do not do this or that, in this case, the husband or the wife one day in their lifetime will do that stuff since they are asked not to do even if they know the consequences. This is what makes the husband or wife, the way it was mentioned before; I am still paying for that. What costs much such people are in most cases, they do something that is prohibited in whatever which do have an adverse effect on their life and future and they pay the price. There could be other different cases in which people are seen doing what they do not like in order to protect their marriage and life even if they do not like, they adhere to in house rule since they know the consequences if they go outside the marked line.

This remind me to story I read about husband and wife, in which there was a husband and wife who lived all their life with love and respect in which they had such an attachment with each other. The point was the husband made a lie statement at the beginning of their introduction, while they had their first date at the cafe; he ordered coffee with salt, telling her that it is his favorite drink. The wife somehow looked at him with strange surprise at that given time. And while they lived together for few decades, she served him by providing coffee with salt all their life.

What happened was when the husband was about to die, he wrote a will in which he said in that will, my love, I have a confession since I lied to you; you know the first time we had a date in that café, I ordered coffee with salt, I said it since it was unbelievable moment to me, I loved you and I did not believe that we were in café since you accepted my invitation. When I ordered coffee with salt, it was my first time to have it in my life; I did not know why I said that since I was in great excitement. And the wife wept a lot since she realized that she prohibited her husband the right thing since she did not know and understand what her husband liked and deprived him the right thing he wanted.

The point in here is that there are times people do such prohibition due to the fact that it is such prohibitions are important for their life; there are time people need prohibitions in order to maintain the common goal and objective they set in life otherwise their goal and plans will be chimera. In order to maintain their vision and future, they make lines and do certain prohibitions in life so that they can achieve their purpose and goal in life. When good people interact, they put prohibitions in order to maintain their common goal stronger so that their life can end with nicer fruits and nobler achievements at the end. What matters is the understanding and the way one handles such matter, which need quite a mindset.

Human natures are not only rebellious and curious but also conscious of what is going on as they mature nicely and they behave according to the norm due to the fact that such norm is created out of many years of actions and reactions of diverse peoples experience and background and thus norm has purpose. Prohibitions are signs and indications of status of beings in which when given society is like in childish state of being, it has more prohibitions than as they grow mature. Lack of trust and confidence between members of any given community is a reflection of prohibitions in which suspicion is another factor.