The Obvious Matter

June 28, 2013

When one goes to the satellite TV that are transmitted to here, there is usual and obvious announcement going on in every few minutes such as “this is CNN”, and one of the person whom I shared table in café said, did we say this is BBC or Aljazeera. And one was wondering as to why people or such given institutions say such obvious matter louder is an idea one contemplates on further.

And someone whom I met in past told me something similar aspect in which this was an interview conducted and transmitted by a famous TV station and the journalist ask similar and obvious questions and there was one man who noticed their style and gave them a shock, when they arranged and schedule him to make an interview due to the fact that he assumed that they are not doing their job, since they ask similar questions to everyone they face. And the interviewer asked the guest, who is Mr x, and Mr X replied since he was well prepared, he gave his resume which was like papers in box file to the interviewer.

When institutions develop certain style in their communications and interaction, they should not be considered and prejudged by others in way that their answers and replies are predictable and known ahead or they should not dwell in the idea of being unpredictable by others, losing their steps or limits, shifting to different end with the motive of being unpredictable by others so that what they claim could be proven wrong and they could be found fake and wrong as time passes by.

Any given institution cannot be defined and interpreted as agent of God since it is predictable or unpredictably by others, but this could require different way of understanding. When it becomes predictable, they claim, closer than one’s life vein; when it is not unpredictable, they claim, it is unknowable essence. But both are human way of understanding. Both are human perception than what that real essence is. It is just human method of perceiving God, which s no absolute, free from error and cannot be the way God is since it is very hard to tell about such entity.

When institutions claim authority and power on matters they have no clue, they have underlined assumptions and ideas and they divide and label people on the types of perceptions and understanding they have toward such entity. Categorization and labeling becomes the agenda in here they narrow and limit everything to few circles based on understanding and thinking. Hence, they should be working out in way pertinent to the particular activity and query than categorize and label many aspects under one group which could mislead others and lead them to reach false perceptions and conclude things to wrong end.

Why do certain institutions or individuals use similar fashion or style in which they develop certain brand and they cannot get out of certain fashion or style since they think that they developed certain standards? In the market world a given business flourishes and dies by its brand in which when a given brand is liked, it flourishes; and when given brad is disliked, it is removed. When a certain standard is developed such standards could be the cause of prosperity or failures as well since they do not allow flexibilities. In this case, it suffers since it is not flexible.

Hence many institution suffer it is because they develop their own stuff in their own way and when reality proves them wrong, they face hard time in changing due to the need or the condition and new need arise, and they incur huge costs. They make huge survey and hire consultants and the like and they incur costs, from single penny to billions of dollars or whatever. There are also many unnecessary costs and expenses such give institution incur besides the regular activities they perform. Who is responsible for such loss or cost?

The first responsible body is the institution who initiates such programs without having proper knowledge and awareness. Institution should have better eyes and ears than individuals and when they initiate any given program, its feasibility and existence should be for at least greater that its survey period, than incur costs for a project that can be borne and dead in the middle of the program without getting actualized and translated to objective reality. When any program or project is initiated, it should be with the intention of delivering fruit than getting consumed in the middle of it since it is not realistic and useful.

The second responsible body is the consultants who make such processes continue and stay longer since it is the question of income than reality; when consultants want to make everything delayed, they are elongating their pay period due to the fact that they are paid for the job. They always seek to see things in longer period due the way such surveys and analyses are done in way those people before them used to practice. Even if they did it in faster period, they could not be trusted since it is assumed that enough time was not spent and delivered to arrive at certain point. Such obvious trends such people have come about make any program costs more that it should be.

Taking such given aspects in to account, there is always obvious dramas everywhere in which one is doing a repetition and extension of the other in many institutions and daily routines. Many people get bore it is not because they are boring, but the system designs them to be boring in which a given system does not allow them to do things outside the box or they are not allowed to do their own things which they like since the system says, do not do this or that, it puts threats and prohibitions in what they like, thus they prefer to oppress their feelings and thinking due to fear of consequences. And they look boring to those who enjoy such given system.

For instance, there was an institution which I use to work when I was abroad, they have form letters in which they use similar reply standards although they give answers pertinent to the questions individual and others which they interact and the like. These are, “in reply”, “further to your” and the like, and they also use much of words like “in which”, and the like. But the point is that, they have two type of reply which is detected by the conclusion, in which, if they reply to good ones, they end their letter with words and statement like., “we Pray and the like”; but when they think that one is bad to them, they end their letters when there is communication which they should reply and give answers, with no concluding remarks of such type and they make it very strong and business type. This is one approach.

They forget that none lives by the grace of their prayer and none seeks their help but it was quest and questions one have in which one needs specific answers to the questions one submitted, why did they do that to me [strange shock, giving two lines of telephone in way the rest should stigmatize, depriving one’s allowance at the end of one’s stay, and the like in three different emails to their address] was the question, and they answer, we pray, then behave. The question was crystal clear, the answer is not clear and is not even an opinion, but rather threatening and sabotage and conspiracy on behind. Who is normal or abnormal in world questions are clear, but answers are not even clear and not directly related to the questions.

When institutions answer and reply to communications they receive from various individuals is known ahead of time, they loss respect and it is difficult to give them the right honor they deserve since they become predictable and they tell similar answers to different type of questions. This makes what they do as hoax than an aspect that goes to truth and reality; they are not trusted since what they tell and reply is easily predictable. People lose confidence towards them and people do not give them the necessary reverence they seek. They can trick many people, but one cannot be tricked by them since one lived inside them.


Knowledge Vs Tests

June 27, 2013

The amount of any given test to any person is equivalent to the type of knowledge people have in which there are various kinds of trials people could face in their daily routines due to the fact that they know something. Suck knowledge varies from people to people depending on the nature of object of understanding or the subject matter people know. Thus, tests become inescapable aspect of their life since they know something.

The first type of test they face is from their own in which the person within is making and struggling with ideas, thinking such as hopes and visions, challenges and opportunities, good and bad, desires and ambitions, and other related aspects in which the ego becomes the first aspect of such given matter. It is the fight and the constant struggle such people make with their own self which could be an obstacle when they interact with outside environment; the type of clean atmosphere they want to create with the environment. When people know something, they need certain space which should accommodate—respect and reverence—depending on the type of thing they know and they expect something from other people.

The second type of test they face is from other people in which when they do not obtain the right status and rightful position they should have since they think that they deserve, here, they could quarrel with the society and they live creating certain gap between themselves and the society due to the fact that they know something and society does not want to recognize and give acceptance to the claim they do. In this case, they develop their own way of life and discipline in order to narrow the gap and reconcile certain contradictions that could be there in. Such types of tests could range from ridiculing them up to removing them.

The third type of test they face between what they know and the objective world in which if it is true and society does not accept their claim, the challenge they have in this regard is on designing and devising strategies and approaches on how to translate this matter or aspect of what they know into objective reality and world since it needs all kind of support from others; and if the matter is something sensitive and could affect other peoples life, their life could be like rat and cat since what they know could affect other individuals it is not because they are bad people, it is because what they know is something sensitive, but useful and necessary.

The fourth type of test they face is the hardship they face and if what they know is something or if it is something like a discovery, they have no privacy in their life; they are checked everywhere; their home and their life is under strict supervision and control due to ignorance and arrogance of other people who put them in suspicious conditions and they are subjected to evil and organized plot and thinking on their life and those who could be around such as families, relatives and friends. They have life which is scrutinized by other agents or institutions as well.

The fifth type of test they face is the organized drama of making them subject or topic of discussion everywhere. Even if they have invented something new and different, they are not to be accepted or recognized due to envy and jealousy, and due to the sensitive aspect of the finding of the discovery, if it is especially something that can hurt or put something which they do not like, to those people who have power and authority on others. There could be another theater going on their behind whose primal motive is to loot and claim their discovery so that they can be discredited or they find another strategies and mechanism with the motive of discrediting or rejecting their claims when they come up with a claim.

While such theatrical drama is on the stage, one wonders on how to come out of such tests that put like few drops of anesthesia on one’s life on daily basis so that one could get up and release oneself from the comma state of being in life. One makes efforts to reverse the anesthesia drama into normal state of being, by being alert and making the necessary precautions, and lives in both worlds in way one adapts to both. One devises all kind of strategies to have success at the end of one’s life since it is lifetime project and has many phases and chapters, in which, the fore front agenda is to put the discovery at the forefront so that the rest tests and difficulties can be overcome and new and different tests and difficulties will be faced as well.

While passing and working on such undertaking, the motive behind such drama is work and find out The Truth, in which such truth should be investigated based on personal experiences, both good and bad aspects, communications and interaction with other people as part of the process of life, observation of events and occurrences in the world, referring relevant books and articles and other reading materials, using other means and documents and information pertinent to the idea one is already engaged with so that the possible Truth shall come out and be reached.

The magnitude of tests and difficulties in most cases indicate in such given aspect and process of life, the truthful aspect of the given matter and the amount of victory one has already realized, since such given aspect is sensitive, and it is personalities that are more important than the truth, the truth is forced to live hiding from the eye of the public and the world prefers to continue with the same old agenda and similar ideas it entertains in every day.

For example, if one comes up with an idea based on any given book and derives certain theory and if that given book has million or billion of people as adherents; the choice in here is two; the first one is to investigate the idea and if it is true to accept; the second is to investigate and if it is found out to be false, to reject, since any book states, choose between alternative and decide than move in blind way or manner. In this case, the book itself could be assumed as wrong since it cannot justify any claim.

When people are confused or ambiguous any given aspect, there are many possibilities that such vague sects could be clarified besides the standard and thinking, and perception and idea they have. While doing this they can seek suggestions and views which are not decisions, but they are helpful opinions. However such view could be misleading since what they receive as opinions should be further processed in different mechanism since trick is n the stage and was on the stage. For this, reality proves everything out than what they deliver as suggestions.

What is the unerring balance to justify any given claim is one aspect people should consider. Any truthful aspect of any given book should be translated into objective reality otherwise it is just novel or fictitious stories than any other matter. However, few people could say, what if this is lie; this is hoax, which tells what type of things they develop and install and who they are than any other thing and reality.

The Desire of Knowing Future

June 26, 2013

Future is unknowable for many reason, but it is something that can be predictable and forecasted since it is not possible to go and make single walk without the desire and try to know what is going on to the future than have blind walk and wild guess since modern time needs modern way of looking at things about in this world which include the future reality as well. There is no wrong in trying to know the future, but there is bad when one sticks to speculations and predication, considering them as fact even if they are proven wrong in due course of time. This is just waste of time since there is nothing that can be changed since truth cannot be changed to falsehood at any cost and expense.

For example, there were people who assumed that this man will not have food and anything, but the future and reality is not like them, things change and one get a job and have food; and it is foolish to expect same mistake to the future since when one does not like one job, one changes to the other although the assumptions and variables they took were wrong and they made catastrophic failure in past and same will happen true since they do not have legitimate ground and truthful approaches and thus they fail. What they have is money and power, but the jobs are still there as far as one has profession.

When reality tells something contrary to what people think and predicted, they should accept the reality otherwise they are in danger. This is what they call rigidity, in other words, there is no flexibility. Reality and happenings prove them out true or false although predictions and guess are there too. When people find out that what they think was wrong, they have to admit the truth than trying different mechanisms and ways to make their false or untrue aspects of life so as to make it correct or true since one thousand false happenings and fictitious stories cannot make single truth or one truth. When one adds like one false with another false, it becomes two or three false than one true. This is what the sound and color of truth looks like.

One aspect of the desire of knowing the right thing about life in peoples and human life is match making. Match making is mostly connected with fixing male and female by looking their physical and physiological and character and behavioral actions and reactions in relation to their education and economic status in which people make choices based on their feelings and interest they have on others. Hence, there are people who take such aspect of man and woman thing as business and their profession. There is no harm on that as far as this is for the good of them, but will be bad when conspiracy is going on in which sabotage is the drama which could ruin such people’s life. This works correct and untrue for many reasons too.

Astrology is another aspect which people make use of in which such wild categorization of people and their interest according to birth dates is considered as one of the approaches in match making, whose scientific ground and justifications hard to trust and believe since people cannot live in way they are getting birth and in which such categorization of people needs to take into account places, societies, level of economic development, social and psychological aspects of society and so on.

A given person who lives in developing countries whose astrological sign is Libra could be found as doing injustice in every day where as another person in who live in developed countries whose sign is Venus could be found doing contrary than as put as given character and behavior of that given sign. This is to indicate that such belief are one of the superstitions people could develop due to the fact that there is gap and vacuum in life and within this world that the space that creates the desire of knowing the future is one of that factors for the creation of such aspect of life on earth.

Why do we need to know our future? If anyone’s future can be known ahead in precise manner, there is no point of counting years ahead, and it makes no sense. Although such aspect of knowing the future in this world had come about a planning and monitoring process, and becomes predictable due to the fact the human system is already underway and shapes such aspect of human life like to be knowable, there is still much part of this world and human aspect unknown due to many factors. Since most assume economy as core point to measure peoples fortunes and success in life, and there are people who lose what they have accumulated all their life in a day as there are people who become rich overnight, and it is still not possible to tell fates of people from such point of view.

Basically human beings share universal nature as whole such as two ears, nose, two eyes and the like. The inventory is same, what is different is the color and style of the package in which one has different color and size from the other. One has brand; the other has no brand. This variation come as result of choices and efforts people make in life which variation of efforts and choices are dependent upon opportunities, choices, maturity of individuals, and political and economic setting of societies, culture and tradition, religion and philosophies and other given aspects of individuals.

It is not also human beings are universal creature that people share similarities, they have their own peculiar characters in terms of thinking and behavior as well, such as per the context of a given nation, on a community based, on profession based, on association based, and when people share and interact with each other, this is obvious that they manifest similarities in thinking and character and such similarities become their identity. It is such obvious facts that people are shaped by the environment they interact.

A person who never count single letter and is considered to get birth in a time when another person who is professor who has same sign like that person, how could one expect that such people can have similar characteristics or behavior or attitude or thinking or similarities given they have same birth date and hour second? Of course, there are similar characteristics people cold share, but this similarity is not from the point of having same birth dates or close birth dates.

In such scenario, people could have different attributes and characters based on social, cultural, political and economic settings. And it is not possible to claim that people have same destiny or future since they are borne in same place, have same profession, are in close age, grow up in same family, and develop personality and other factors due to the fact that every individual can have peculiar characteristic and identity. Most people make wrong calculation and recipe and come to wrong conclusion by taking wrong and fake standards and inaccurate variables of life. In this case, one asks them to wake up from their slumber and have life than dwell with already molded traditional styles and ways of life and the regular routine this world has been dealing with.

Circumstances of Life

June 25, 2013

What would one do if one faces very difficult situations and circumstances in life one cannot get rid off? Difficult situations come to our life it is not because of our wrongs or mistakes or of a curse, but rather one thinks that one has very important and essential functions one should perform in life since it is because one should do something to change this aspect than submit to it. In this given circumstances, life will be struggle for such people since none can ably tell them the possible answer.

The point is that one knows the solution but many people have all kinds of speculations since they have no clue of the state of being of one’s reality; but one does not know how to do it in practice since this world is not designed in way it accepts one’s view; this world is designed in way it entertains on what is going on and is busy what is on the stage and one cannot get rid of such conditions due to the fact that such conditions is inevitable aspect and conditions of life. Hence, one lives in two different worlds, in two legs, in which one resides in one and the other one lives in the other, but in both worlds, one has the focus.

This means that such problems are not those kinds of regular problems people face in their daily routine such as at work place, families, friends, relatives and so on, but such conditions are very far away from such aspect of life. Most think that such conditions are not that problems, but in reality, they are due to the mindset people have. They are like those peculiar problems and difficulties people face due to the way of life, thinking and belief they develop. In this given case, there are many options people can make in life which tell their understanding about life on the earth.

When such difficult condition visits one’s life, the first step people do is to find solution in which one goes everywhere to seek remedy. What if such solutions cannot be delivered by anyone on earth? In fact, everyone could contribute one problem on daily basis. And one could not find solution due to the nature of the problem although every problem has a solution, but few problems stay longer; it is not because they have no solution, but it is because such problems are not ending, they add different color and increase in every day, which makes oneself to be alert on the type of problems one could face than live a problem free environment. One is sure about the daily tests that one faces, but what one does not know, what type, and the moment one is aware of such matter, one becomes aware of the stuff and takes precaution. In cases, one could feel wrong when there is no test or plot and drama behind since one gets used to it, “the beware drama and related”.

There are possible solutions for such types of difficult conditions. The first one is to adapt to the problems and one could perceive as part of one’s daily routine since adaptation is one aspect of human reality. When one adapts to such difficult conditions, this does not mean that one accepts them as if they are good, not, but they are difficult aspects of life, but one consider them as normal way of life. They become a segment in one’s life. Here, most people suffer and commit suicide and have bad end since they cannot create such adaption environment in way that such difficult conditions are something that cannot be welcomed by them. When such mindset is created, life becomes simple to understand, accept and welcome difficult conditions and aspects due to such given mindset created by one.

Such difficult aspects and conditions of life are one of the job descriptions people should workout thru life time and they find different kinds of solutions in every time. Although such problems are peculiar, it is very hard to find adaptive mechanism in this world, but what one should do in here is that adjusting to those tools and instruments that exist on earth until one invents new ones that are compatible with the nature of problem one faces. For instance, when one gets bored, one uses entertaining tools such as cinema, soccer, and other good places with the motive of spending few hours there just to change a given mood and is useful.

While residing in such state of being, people learn perseverance, tolerance, understanding, seeing things in different way and manner and other aspects of life. Problems shape human reality. Difficult conditions of life tell maturity of individuals in way they give different and productive approach towards their respective solutions. Hence people develop a way of life based on the nature and character of problems they face in life and they become different according to the type of things they face in life. Then one obtains certain perspective and view regarding such aspect due to the nature of adjusting mechanism one applies.

One of the disappointing factors in seeking solutions to difficult problems people face in life is expectation. Although expectation adds flavor to one’s life, this will happen when people are in good terms; but in cases, when people expect something from other people, when they are in such difficult needs and conditions; when expectations go wrong, people could have bad end. The first step people should do while living in such circumstances of life is to create a state of being, expectation free environment and atmosphere.

When this is done, the difficult condition are half solved due to the fact that there could be people who play psycho game and add more difficult conditions to one’s life. This means like when one sees a pillow, pillow is pillow where on rests one’s head, if any, than use it parable to a love game. Live up to surrounding environment and take what is on the stage than have fool dream and expectation. This is like making one’s expectation realistic in which when you do good to other people, expect the same amount of good in return, but do not expect any good return for no good one does or any bad thing one does in behind or in front. Do not waste one’s time in expecting something to happen, but make something to happen.

The second step people should do is to create HOPE, which is not people oriented, but object and goal oriented. Hope is not an easy step. When people create hope in this regard, they win every bad and ill feeling and thinking within and outside. This is absolutely possible. This hope should not belong to any book or quotations or religion since such hope need its own dimension and perspective. Such hope is designed from the difficult conditions and from the motive of getting rid of such difficult and bad conditions. When people pass from the first to the second step, then they are achieved and they can be guaranteed that they can do much more things in this world. And having done this, they see things changing and the surrounding environment becomes better as they move with good steps ahead.

Hope is a reality that comes to being based on the strategies people design to escape difficult conditions. This is like creating something meaningful and useful activities in the middle of darkness. When an activity one is getting used to it is stopped, one should create another activity that replaces it. When there is an activity or people who are disturbing, remove them from one’s surrounding than getting stick to them since they are not important. When such strategies are designed, people take every difficult aspect of life as means of doing something new and different in life than consider them as curse or put any superstitious belief. Exploit every opportunity that comes on one’s veranda.

Do not even feel and think that bad comes to one’s life since one is curse or bad, one is not important, but is just normal process and way of life. Difficult conditions of life are normal way of life and they are something that can be overcome by another way of life. Think that there is always good that comes after such worst happenings in life. And one should avoid any bad and wrong feelings, in which superstition in such aspect kills one’s bright thinking. Any way of life or thinking can be overcome by another way of life and thinking. This is possible. Life is on the eye of the beholder. Do not consider any silly ins and outs and tiny aspect of life and people move and silly dramas as something relevant or important, do not allow such aspects hindering one to achieve the goal ones sets in life. Give always priority to most significant aspects than less significant aspect of one’s life.

While passing in such valleys of life, such people start attracting ideas and other unseen aspects that help them live good and nice life comes towards them, at least in their own reality and they start thinking that they can do more things on earth. Life on earth needs its own training and skills, and such skills are developed on type of difficulties people face in life. As people strive to find solutions and they make every step, solutions also come towards them. When difficult conditions come in life, it is possible to create some kind of adaptations. In such given case, do not forget that it is not the problems that are in most cases very difficult, but people’s perceptions and attitude due to the problem people face in life. When such strength is developed in one’ life, those weak and wicked people and thinking vanish as well.

The worst problem or difficult conditions people could face in life is being without fulfilling basic needs, such as no home, no food, no shelter, while living in such absolute poor conditions; life never stops. Do think that the worst scenario of life one could face in life, and make an experimentation process, thinking that one face that given life condition and deliver its solution as well. There is no need to be prophet or philosopher to have such life and thinking. This is one aspect of life people could face at any point. Then, anything comes to happen, it is not even déjàvou, but what one already predicts, whose question and answers are preconceived and known ahead.

There is always life that comes after such life. In whatever conditions and situations people face, there is always life that comes afterwards. HOPE means creating different aspect than the normal conditions and circumstances that make people to survive. Hope is not dependent upon other peoples wish and good deeds, it is just a reality that comes to being whose fulfillment none can ably predict and describe. The point is to have the mindset and the thinking. To think positive does not include thinking like when a person comes to you having a pistol in his hand and showing it to you, he is directing to kill you; oh, and he is going to give me milk or an ice cream. Do not make foolish wish and thinking in here.

As they say when a person is already wet in few drops of rain; one is not even scared of any heavy rainfall that comes afterwards. There is no other bad thing that can happen beyond this, if so, let us know; the types and magnitudes of such conditions in this time, and this tell on what and how one think than what such conditions are. Avoid speculative thinking; focus on the objective actions and reactions although speculations could be truthful; try to change every bad and ill motive opinions and actions to good and positive ends.

Few Basic Reasons

June 24, 2013

There are few basic reasons why one does not want to listen to the so called big and old people. The first one is that they are not free from biases, in cases, from prejudice. They are more of ego centric and self centered in many aspects. The second reason, time is the gap and another factor one should take into account. The third one is what one think and know is beyond their standard and what they think they know, since they lived with wrong and misleading mentality and standards although they have convinced various people in past as if what they think and have is true and correct, but it is not.

This could be like a teenage teaching its mom on how to give birth to a child, in case it sounds true since there is always lessons and ideas younger generation gives to the old. One of the defense mechanism older generations come up to defend its own integrity, culture and discipline is by creating proverbs/analogies that goes in conformity with their practice and experiences of life so that when the younger generations comes to face hears such sayings, they behave with the norm since they could sound that they are true, but in reality they could be proven wrong since they could be outdated and incompatible with the need of the time. Hence, one should be alert of such aspect of life.

Although one pays respect of past aspects and old people, such respect should not be abused at the expense of like accepting whatever things they claim and say. One could listen to what they say; this does not mean that one accepts whatever they say and claim; they should not confuse such matters. In matters related to national interest and concerns, they are respected and accepted; however, in matters related to universal aspects, they are neglected and ignored since they pass their limit and boundary and one voids such claims and any undertakings besides the knowledge one has; one knows the ill motive behind. Knowledge of the truth cannot be ignored and deleted by one’s culture and tradition since culture and tradition are lamentably defective to measure the standards of truth since such aspects are universal and different? One prefers one’s death than accept such culture and tradition as legitimate way of reconciling or measuring or voiding such aspect since this is not possible.

When those people before us lived with fake and wrong mentality, we should not follow their footsteps, but rather we should tell them they were wrong although they do not accept since they think that they know things better than anyone, and they try to compare and contrast between experiences and those people in their time. The world is in bad shape for many reasons. Is this not because of them, they did not make enough efforts to change this? Why do most people suffer in any given society? Is this not because they were following wrong mechanisms and approaches as they advise the current generation? Is this not possible to convert ratio in which mass should have nice life? Why not?

When I was living abroad, I used to work on one of the offices on up stair floors, and I used to go downstairs to have coffee break since the coffee machine lived in the downstairs. And there, I met an older man, who did not belong to my culture and nation, who just came after me in the coffee place, and I asked him to take the coffee stuff before me since in my culture, I told him that we respect and give priority to older ones. But that man refused, and in fact, he said, they did this it is because older people in your place are selfish. We work in same place and you came first, you should serve yourself even if I insisted that man refused.

And I was contemplating on that given act of that man, and I was wondering about which one is correct or false? Did I make mistake or he is the one who did that given mistake? And I went home with thinking and contemplating about such matter. Finally I came to an idea of observing older people, since I came back from there, according to the culture in which why such given mindset was needed and required, and later decided that that man is correct and I still think that he is correct. Why are those old people on the street neglected and abandoned if such mindset is cultural?

When given act is cultural, it should be in the blood and heart of everyone that given or few people think and practice. If it does not exist and live as stranger in the mindset of the people, such given practice lives in few people mindset and it is their stuff which dominates since they have power and authority over others. Even if they have media or owners of media, what they reflect and tell is what they think, and feel, their imagination and wish, which is of the few class and segment than the mass. We still live with past mentality to change and create better world to present and future. How is that possible to achieve?

While such theater is on the stage, new bloods and minds rise up to create better future and world, they face hardship and difficulties since the mindset already adapted and created in past will not allow the present generation to come up with different and new idea since such people of culture and tradition think that they will be ruined. Here, they ask everyone to behave according to tradition and culture since they will get lost, not from the point view of their nation, but from their egocentric and selfish attitudes. They have resources and money, but they use it for wrong purpose and cause, which they will regret, since they defend their own emotions and ego and personal hidden interest than any other thing.

The point in here is that today things are different; one or more person of their family members—who claim of high national interest and nationalism—lives in the western world, they are getting rid of it from their blood; they are facing identity crisis and everything lives in their home being mixed up. Money plays the game of identity than any other thing. We live in very different time in which it is not possible to trick and gamble most people since many are aware of such drama, and everyone is in most cases conscious enough; being silent does not mean one is ignorant, one knows, but there is no other choice, when the choice comes, everyone says, good bye culture and tradition, money is one’s culture and tradition.

Money talks, and those who have nothing, listen to it its drama and theater than the game of culture and tradition. When we get our money, we create our culture and tradition when the turn comes to us. Until then we wait such dramas get over.

Bee, Butterfly and Fly

June 23, 2013

In our day to day interaction with people and the environment, there are basically three types of people that exist on one’s surrounding environment. The first ones are those people who are like flies, one sees them in dirt, they prefer to live in such surrounding. The second one are those people who are like butterflies in which they add certain fragrance to life and they have such taste and flavor. The third ones are those who are like honey bees in which they are sweet in taste and they add color in way that one can consume them.

The difference that exist between people who are like butterflies and honey bees is that, in case of butterflies, they are like perfume in which the sweeten our life due to the fact that one cannot eat them and they cannot go to the digestive process due to their nature and character. Whereas in the case of honey bees, people can eat them and put them to the digestive process since they are eatable.

Likewise, there are three types of people in interaction and communication people make with other people. The first ones are like bees in which they add constructive aspect to one’s life and they are useful and helpful to people so that their life can be nice. There are people like butterflies in which they add certain flavor and taste to other people, but not like honey bees. The third ones are those people who are like flies in which they add dirt to other people and try to ruin other people’s life, which are bad ones.

In similar manner, in government and business relationship, in which tax is the core aspect, there are business men who are like flies, in which they feel and think that tax is curse and penalty, than it is constructive to society. These type of people are those business people who are fully engaged in the business, they do not leave any matter to those professionals whom they employ since they do not trust and have any confidence on other people—due to their suspicious nature—they control everything and follow up the finance reports, though they do not have capacity to analyze and understand reports, and department; they ask finance people to reduce the amount of taxation in behind and in indirect, in cases in very direct manner, and at the same time; the can go up to killing finance personnel if possible if they know their secrets.

They prefer to blame others for every mistake although they are the initiators and primal responsible person due to the fact that they interfere in everything, they think that they know everything, in reality, they know very little things, but they make noise everywhere, having very little information and superficial matters; it is their little saving and money that speaks louder and makes noise everywhere; they force or misdirect their finance personnel to reduce tax or make nil statements, but they pretend to other audience they face in different places and arrangements, they speak louder regarding the significance of tax and other responsibilities and they have very different face and personality to other people.

They harass their finance personnel by bringing other people who belong and gamble their game, checking their integrity and skill, in reality those who check are below the standards and they do not deserve checking and verifying other people. It is just gamble game they play. Since they believe the blame shift approach, they put the wrong and whatever sin is committed by the business to the professional they employ, by putting the auto reply format and excuse—lack of professionalism and knowledge—in reality the blame goes towards them since they do not employ professional and knowledgeable people since they do not want to pay much and they escape everything by the blame they make on others.

The second aspect of business men to government relationship are those who are like butterflies. These people are in different in which they do not interfere in their finance department although they are fully engaged in the business. They prefer to trust the finance personnel even if they could make wrongs and other reports. They give full responsibility to those people they employ although they have no choice and they have no interest to interfere. They give full responsibility to the people whom they employ although they do not have confidence on them, but out of no choice, since they cannot do their job in professional manner.

The third type of business to government relationships are those who are like honey bees on which such business people are out of daily routines of the business, they receive reports and they give recommendations  and make decisions based on reports; they have always key corporate people  whom they correspond and interact ; they do not interfere in the daily routines of professionals they hire; they reaches to greater level of wealth and  maturity in which they prefer to focus on social development and other arena. Paying tax is not even an issue to them. The give such responsibility to professionals they hire, and they highly believe in developing standards and new brands than interfere in daily routines of professionals….

Nationalism and Nationalists

June 18, 2013

We live in world and time, peoples feeling and thinking toward nationality is immense and very tense than feeling to belong to universalism, in which it is the economy thing that makes many people to think and live by such boundary since universalism does not deliver economic security due to the fact that one has to belong to certain nation or national identity in order to survive besides the natural feeling people have, which is borne within them.

There are three basic aspects of nationality in which nature, birth is one factor; there is an acquired feeling and thinking of nationality in which society has been shaped by unwritten laws and policies that start from given family then expands to community level; the third one is the new and emerging feeling and thinking which comes a result of action and reactions of few individuals that happen to be the feeling and thinking of the nation thru the passage of time and acceptance society offers due to the influence they have on the life of given individual as well.

A given nation is combination of many ethnicity. When a nation respects value of every ethnic group within the society, it becomes healthy nation. Although there are many conflicts going on everywhere between tribes and ethnics, there is constant efforts by given nation institutional structures to reconcile contradiction of such conflicts. Most of the conflicts that are going on between such groups have historical background, they cannot be easily removed since there are many irreconcilable elements due to lack of forgiving and tolerating aspects of life and maturity and understanding of people in every tribal and ethnic groups, since none wants to lose such drama.

Hence, people prefer to live having such conflicts as way of life and they are comfortable to live as being cat and rat than any other aspect. Do not forget that there are always people who think that they are boss of every society, they need such conflict in order to show their supremacy, and since it is becoming their fashion besides the fear and consequences of such conflicts could yield as in cases war is considered as business when it is taken in great scenarios which is going on the earth.

Nationality consist of such drama in which conflicts between given nation amongst tribes and ethnicity is part of drama, and when one belongs to any given nation, such conflicts are part of such drama along with good values and heritages a given nation contains. Many people do not refer such part of life as part of one’s nationality in which they consider the tribe or the ethnic they live as their nationality. Nationalism has wider arena than thinking and feeling of tribes and ethnicity in which the pains of one’s tribe and ethnic should be genuinely and honestly shared by others, otherwise the feeling and thinking of nationality will be vain and empty.

When such is done, there is real sense of nationalism. Most people attribute their thinking and sense of nationalism with few aspect such historical dramas such as when there is victory in the past, they attribute to such aspect to the present and the future as part of national heritage although such conflicts and contradictions between ethnic groups and tribes are there in. What is most interesting in such aspect is that that are few people who articulate such drama nicely and give imagination ideas and expressions to the mass so that the mass is captured by such understanding and interpretations. This is one of the interesting drama people have.

One of the institutions and people that play significant role in shaping such felling and thinking is intellectuals who reside in higher institutions, they deliver and express such feeling and thinking far beyond than the ordinary man think and know, and they impose intellectual and other elements in dictator a manner so that the mass lives submitting to such idea since such given idea is presented and delivered in intellectual manner, though misleading and deceiving, this could be. They shape society with such mindset, so that future could be controlled and perceived under such given mindset. They give articulation to matters that are very simple and plain, try to mystify aspects that does not even need as such mystifications.

The artists and theatrical arts that are going on the earth are one of the tools that are used to express thinking and feeling of nationalism, and sometimes they go beyond the boarder in which they mix feelings of other nations as their own due to such exaggeration and articulation, which is result of as deep love and interest they have for their nation and the art work, profession, they have. Both feelings, the love they have for their profession and their nation, are found mixed up, and the end result becomes exaggeration, imagination, unrealistic and untrue feeling and thinking.

The other aspects that play in shaping such thinking and feeling of nationalism is the military and other prominent figure of given nation; they develop certain recipe out of past transaction, they create their own and tell the mass that such is the way one should behave towards a given nation. If a given nation has warrior history, such nationality could be shaped in warrior mentality and the like. Those who are prominent always take advantage of the reputation in order to shape the mass with claimed national feeling and thinking.

Whatever conceptual and practical application nationalism has, nationalism is something that is inborn with everyone, and what could be different from one person to another, from one tribe to another, from one ethnicity to another, is the way it is articulated and manifested in one’s daily routines. There are people who are highly passionate; there are people who are less passionate; and being passionate is not guarantee to the true and genuine feeling and thinking one have forgiven nation, since when bad conditions come, those who are highly passionate could betray their nation; and those who are less passionate could defend their nation and be at the forefront when their nation is in bad terms.

There are always heroes that are borne thru generation and time, due to their intense passion and desire to serve their nation, which is reflected and determined on the type of impact they have and the type of sacrifice they do for society although there are tricky actions and reactions going on the stage on this aspect. But, all citizens are equally accountable and responsible to a given nation is a good and healthy mindset than thinking and believing in way that tell all animals are equal, but few animals are more equal. When a given nation develops such mindset, which will come thru maturity and passage of time, things will be better; more responsible and accountable citizens will come out that help and are useful to their nation. The beauty of diversity lies in respecting and tolerating between various understandings, perceptions, thinking, interpretations along with their practical application and manifestations.