Apocalyptic Vs Corruption

May 31, 2013

This morning while I was watching local TV news, I have seen a meeting held by Orthodox Christian Church here in which the Patriarch of the Church was stating the existence of corruption in the church administration, in which correction and rectification has to be made so that the church can be put to its rightful position. This news created mixed feeling and thinking and I sensed and watched it with great interest and feeling for many reasons.

In the first place, I admire and appreciate the admission and acceptance of such wrong act in the church by its leadership since many of the religious organization try to deny and lie than accept the reality, which made me deliver great respect to the Church administration. In another page, it made me question that what does such act imply and its implication and bi-implications from the point view of books and occurrences and the like.

While thinking of its implication and bi-implication, it made me think that this is what they call fulfillment of prophecy in their own terms, which made people to expect something as promised in their book. However, there is danger to such aspect of the book and its fulfillment in which in that case, there will not be any religion if the end is come as according to their book. Meaning, religion will not serve as instrument and path to God. Here there must be shift of objective, mission, strategy in which religions could exist as means of community development than wait for the fulfillment of prophecy as promised and derived in their book.

This means whatever thing that is prescribed in the books are outdated and expired whenever and whatever people take from the book could poison them than give them life since there is no need to take the prescriptions in the book as expired medicine do. Those who are formed under title before “I am the promised ones” are liars and deceiver, which could be considered as beasts since they deceive and misled many, heads of states due to the fact that their organization and community exist in every land, their books are translated in every tongue by now.

The point by now is that it is the translation of one of the prophecy written by Russian Writer, Fyodor Dostoevsky, in the book, Grand Inquisitor. Who are you to tell us, wait outside, and so on, which tell that society cannot and will not accept such drama since many wrongs have been going on, many diversions have been done, and there is no way that such thing can be admitted as correct and true except removing it sounds easy and simple. The reality cannot go like that since removal was tried for past few years which they fail, but ridiculing, resistance and rejection is their job and function on duty by now since such acts are normal and repugnant due to the fact that it is lairs and deceivers who try to judge the truth.

What will happen if the end is come? See the job opportunities, the funding, the organizations and communities going on, the infrastructure underway by such title, and the like. This will be changed to nothing. Do you think that such aspect of life is needed? It ruins the life of many people, and thus even if the end is come, no one accepts and recognizes due to the fact that selfishness and self centered approach is the center of life on the earth. Selfishness is the axis of evil here.

They prefer to remove the person than remove all these matters since they claim that I should see him; but it is possible that they can see him, all eyes shall see him, yes, there is satellite TV, it is just a matter of placing the person, if any, on TV, all eyes can see him, it is just matter of willing to watch TV or not. But the point in here is that such drama is designed originally with the intention of making it everlasting and unending since there are many aspects that are put in figurative such as dragon, beasts, kings, and the like, which makes this subject matter intriguing.

In this scenario, the current corruption that exists in religion is an indication to its future fate but also an implication to other aspect of life which made many people to mediate and contemplate further. What is the point of replacing religion with another religion, modifying and adjusting, principles and doctrines? What is the point of creating new religion with the intention of collecting others who cannot belong to one or other form of religion? The point about religion in most cases is, do this, if you do not do this, you will be like this or not, you will drive Mercedes Benz or you will have an ugly wife that make you lead miserable life and so on.

Being apocalyptic is one aspect of religion. Corruption exist in here too in which telling the fates of people, by putting certain psychological stress and perilous aspects in such manner is another matter which this world has to figure out and address. In this given case, there is no need to be people who give warning to others, but there is need to do something useful and necessary acts to the world. It is not what is written on books that matter, what people think and do.

Instead of arranging people to have bad end, to think and do something useful and constructive thing so that their life can be changed to another good end what is expected of great people, since people still live with ancient myth, they still preach and think that bad should be their end when they do not follow and what they follow, they do not worship what they worship and so on. Today, things are very different. We line in very different century and time.

It is not what saints and good people think which sounds very paradox and intricate since how come saintly people think bad fate of other people. If there is such claim, they should change bad fates to good end which makes than more saintly since they can change bad ends to good; otherwise if they tell the bad ends of people, they live in misleading and deceiving and being corrupt as well.

When there is claim that there is power, such power has to change worse conditions to good, guide to the good than lead and force others to bad ends otherwise such power is not good, but rather it is sheer politics or bad power that lead people to have bad end. In this given case, whatever people and power people have and claim, it is possible to overcome such claim, in very simple mathematical and philosophical formula, which is think and do good, nothing will happen.

For example, in my February 2006 experience, I was asked to see doctor there, in which she gave useful guidance. However, there is still one question remain unanswered. She asked, is there anything bad you commit in your life? I was confused to such question in which I did many good and bad things in life. This is one of the psychic fraud thing in which they make you think about bad stuff and at last you will be mad or commit suicide since you contemplate on it, why did she ask, is there anyone who knows my bad stuff and the like.

For that matter, I do not even care whoever knows the bad and good things, and if they like I can tell them all the things I did in written from childhood up to now, since I do not and cannot do anything bad or good which is very different from those people who think they know inside; our interactions and communications are limited to the type of people and objects of communication we face in life. But for sure, I cannot marry my mother or my sisters if they think that way.


Mystery Vs Superstitions

May 30, 2013

Every society has its own custom. Every society has its own tradition. Every tradition has its own habit. Every nation has its own culture. Every culture has its own value. Every value has its own belief. Every belief has its own system. Every system has its own dogma. Every system has its own superstitions. Every superstition has its own danger and consequences hard to realize and recognize.

When a given system creates its own value system, it measures its denizens based on such standard so that communication and interaction within it can be smoother and healthier. When a given person does not interact in way such system is designed, one is by default, is not member of that given system due to the thinking style and way of life one chooses. Hence, such system cannot count on such people since they have willingly resigned from membership and they do not need to be judged by the standard of such systems due to the fact that they do not belong to such system.

What is quite interesting in here that the superstitions that are created under belie system in which the fate of such individual when they deviate from given form of belief and way of life is in general is all the same. They all have similar way of understandings and interpreting the life style of such people due to the fact that they deviate from given way of life or system of belief. In this case, such people who deviate from given system of belief become victims of several types of therapies of such form of belief, in which their life gets poisoned since most belief systems have money and power over society and their life is getting complicated for many reasons.

According to my personal experience and other information gathered on such matter, the first thing they do is they create links with authorities, such as politicians and they try everything behind in order to complicate one’s life. Although there is claim that goes like religion and politics are different and they should not interfere with each other, its practicality is very difficult since everyone belongs to one or other form of religion, which indicate that there is struggle going on translating such idea since we live in very religious society and it’s not possible to dissociate both, but they are still friends behind and in the bedroom too.

The second aspect is they find people in work places and living areas who can work for them in order to complicate their lives. This is done with the help of politicians since those people who cooperate will feel confidence on what they are doing due to the fact that working with politicians mean legitimizing their activities, but they do not measure and analyze that even if they are doing bad and wrong things, they consider it as correct and true.

And they make everyone think that he must be bad or must have done something bad or wrong since the public has no adequate capacity to analyze further and to think in different mindset. When they see no change in every day routine, the public later change their minds since what they see and what they heard is very different and falling apart. They get embarrassed since most have been participated for wrong purpose and end which resulted for no fruit except embarrassment and disappointment and dissatisfaction at last.

Here what they use is the superstitions as weapons and killing instrument since the public lives with many superstitions that are created by belief systems, but they did not give chance to analyze their own values and how far their belief and superstitions they have are correct and truthful. Both religions that do exist in here have their own superstitions, and when people get educated, it get even worse, it has form and structure, and is considered as part of the belief system, but it is just one of the balloon concepts, when small needle is put, it is just nothing, it is vain, fake and empty. They have no effect and impact.

The third aspect is they use the media people and artist; they do whatever thing possible to use the Medias a mouthpiece of propaganda. When one enters in this city of thinking and going against the wind, one face harassment, stigmatization and all kind of insult in front and behind. This is one of the natures of this world in which resistance is reflected and manifested in many aspects to such people. Such people share such challenge and difficulties since they are not ordinary. If they were ordinary people, they would not face evil plots and thinking such garbage drama behind.

Besides all such rubbish and garbage theater and foolish display, one wonders as to the look of this world in which this world is divided into two great category; the first one is with people and society who think that this world has to change and be better with significant move and shift towards belief and thinking; the other one is world and society which thinks that this world is okay, there is no significant change this world needs. One supports the idea of the significant change and shift in thinking and ideology that this world needs than the way it is.

The first of it, is religion. Reality proves that religion influence in the life of human society is getting weaker as not in the case old olden days which was life and death matter. Today there are alternatives that can replace religion and its way of life. In fact it was life and death thing in past. But things are very different now. The number of people who follow religion will be decreasing in the future sine religion cannot fill and quench the thirst of individuals. It’s not even possible to replace the existing religion by forming different and newer ones since people do not like to be told of what to do or not. The numbers of individual who think like, “who cares”, “so what’ will be greater in number which will put the integrity of any religion under question.

This do happen because it fails to meet its promises and its integrity becomes under big question due to the fact that its advocators use tricky mechanism to convince the mass. As result of the number of tricked individuals grow in number, the lesser impact religion can have on this world will be the reality.

There is no mystery and secret few people only understand and know since the author and owner of mysteries claimed by others as God is not discriminatory and racist. God has no book, except their own understanding and interpretations. When God become knowable, it stops becoming unknowable. The God they know what is in their hands, which is the result of their imagination and thinking.

Parapsychology and People

May 29, 2013

The field of parapsychology state that there are occurrences and happenings that cannot be explained and described by known psychological or scientific method and principles in which such state of being is very different from the normal and regular operations and activity that can only be known by few people due to the extra sensory perception (ESP) they develop, but considered by the mass as bizarre, demonized and other interpretation and understanding people have due to their belief system they have already been shaped, that could tell that their belief system is in accurate, wrong and incomplete due to the truthful aspect of such occurrences known and exercised by the ESP people do acquire thru time.

For example, in the previous February 3-22, 2006 personal experience, which is very unique and special in the history of my own life, I can give one experience in here. When the person whom I conversed, one of the member who hold top position during that given time, told me that, “I made people think that I am special person”, and I heard in the middle of our conversation, the voices of two people, who hold same position as this person did, they said, “He must be special person”, “he made me think that he is special person”. He also said they could be jealous referring those people in here. I knew that both people since we worked at same place for same organization. There is no further acquaintance between us. But I heard their voice without their physical presence and device, but just being in my flat, which they call the paranormal experience.

In this given case, the belief system we used to work for tells that and explains nothing about the telepathic and other experience of such type, this does not mean that such experience is wrong, that exist only in one’s imagination, and is an experience one cites here for misleading and deceiving others. One of the experiences of such paranormal experiences is that they cannot be proven by scientific method, and any experience that cannot be proven by scientific method does not mean that it is false and non-existent. For this, this experience is relevant and useful for me since I am the one who experience it, and there is no need other people are called here to justify since all are human beings, and the person whom I did make such conversation could make lie statement since everyone is human. And everyone is human even if they are big and great.

In such experience, the reality of human beings is known and realized as experience and practices take place. However, the drama that goes like, you are not the one who should practice such an experience, you do not deserve this, is another matter in which the author of such experience is unknown and there is no touchstone up to this point about the existence and happenings of such experience since wealth, educational status, social status, and other status are not even the criterions. This is not even about special talent, which should be tested by TV show to know the left and rights of it, due to the fact that the laboratory is inadequate and incomplete to measure and testify such claims, besides the bad motive people could have, and the like; this is about discovering realities of human realities as per experience and practice they face and have in life. This does not require jokes and dramas too.

When people try to obtain fame and name in such aspect of life, it sounds to me that it is wrong and gets spoiled due to its nature. And if the public is interested to know, the mass can read such matter, by using GOOGLE engine and searching for materials there on the internet since various experiences of such type exist and many materials are found there which were very useful to me in order to arrive at concrete decision that such experience exist and I learned from the experience of other people who post on the internet that gave me relief and helpful idea so that I made further research in order to arrive the truth of realities I want to reach based on such an experience. As per my own, when I complete my works, I will publish as book since I have my own sponsors.

As per such an experience, it is possible to know what other people think about oneself, not only thru gossips and backbiting people do, or what they write in columns and tell about other people, but in other means and device which everyone posses, but can be manifested thru listening and understanding one’s own reality in one’s own way. This device is useful due to the fact that one can protect oneself from one’s enemy, but strengthen with those people who are good ones as friends. Using such means, people can tell future happenings and occurrence as well.

In such method and finding, people can hear the thinking of other people regardless of being belong to a particular belief system. This is universal reality that can be used also for universal purpose. There is no need to belong to particular ethnicity, belief, nation, education and other groups people should, but it is something that is inbuilt in the nature as part of the sense organs everyone has, but when people apply in their daily routines, it depends on how far they coordinate and make use of such reality. There is no racism and discrimination in exploiting what this faculty bestows as part of an experience I had in life.

One of the challenges people could face in her sit e pretension part when they claim that they know such things. It can be easily manipulated; and mischief is challenge, due to its nature in which it is not something that can be practically tested and proven out. In such case, maturity of individuals is important here. This is not something people should use to show off on other people, or to make other people that they are special and unique. For example, if I know that someone thinks bad on me, I stay away or if that person needs to be corrected, I should tell that this matter that person thinks is no good so that one can rectify one’s move.

The other aspect in here is that it is not also legitimate and truthful to connect such aspects of life as part of belief system, with the intention and purpose of promoting drama of given belief system. Such experience is universal activity and undertaking; people communicate with other people in such mean since they are human, not since they belong to particular belief system. But what makes their life easy and simple in such communication as part of belonging to particular belief system is understanding, but such understanding is not the cause of the existence of such reality since as other sense organs such as eye, nose and the like exist.

However, what makes few people as special is not the existence of such faculty and the practice of such aspect of life, but what they know by using such faculty is that make them unique and special. When they know special dramas, operations, and hidden agendas that are going on behind, this makes such people to be unique since they know truthful aspects by using different mechanism, since such an activity is not on duty on regular day activity, and what most people do not have clue.

As mentioned before such paranormal activities are related to the field of parapsychology which faces challenge up to this point in its acceptance as science due to its nature, but as the field studies it is the study of suppose mental phenomena that cannot be explained by known psychological and scientific principle, which makes given scientist and psychologists out of this game and drams since they have no adequate explanation and clue of such matter as per result of their study.

The Search for Reality of the truth in this world is not complete and adequate for two reasons; the first one is due to the limited aspects of the tools that are used to testify the validity of realities in which human mind has its own limitations. It is the limited being such as human which tries to investigate and know the truth of nature and realities of such gigantic universe. The second one is that nature and universe are infinite and unlimited. There are many things which we do not know since nature is unlimited. Based on these conditions, what we find up to now are useful and necessary, but they are not complete and perfect.


May 27, 2013

The idea of pan-Africanism was originated by few people who lived, educated and raised in the west, but wear black skins as African do, from the motive of seeking African independence and freedom, with the vision of creating unified states as, United States of Africa (USA). Such an idea was incarnated by few people, and most refer them as initiators of the current African Union in today, which celebrated its 50th. Anniversary over the past weekend—established under title, Organization of African Unity (OAU)—in complex building, was built by Chinese company in the African soil, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with presence of over 50 heads of state of the Continent, and other invited guests abroad and in here.

The pan-Africanism conference that was held in 1945 in England—year the United Nation was formed—took historic chapter, especially with formation of the OAU in 1963, in which such movement finally resulted in an establishment of an organization which is currently operating by its own citizens of its own soil. Both 1945 and 1963 obtained unique chapter in the history of this world and human kind at larger for various reasons. And we have reached to momentum time in history in which its 50th. Anniversary is currently on the stage and various delegates come here to celebrate with mixed feelings.

People commented that this two or three days event cost over 1.3 million US dollar, which could cover modest dinner for 1.3 million starving Africans, and could open life changing opportunities and livelihood of many thousand Africans if this amount is invested to factories and industries, especially in half of the African nations, that can operate as medium or small scale industries. The paradox of this world lies in here in which what leaders claim and reality tells in cases are falling apart. They say the poor are rich in vocabulary, but still poor in money and economy too.

Although such mindset is copied from the west, celebrations and style of celebration, with the original idea of uniting and getting to be on stage with theatrical art and music, in which this world is more of governed by more of artistic mentality than any other matter, imported from the outside, but the claim sounds very paradox, and it is not possible to think of freedom and independence once the mind is already raped and thinking with imported mentality. One could also tell the corruption going on behind, the number of people who make use of such opportunity as means of obtaining material and personal benefits as well.

Is Africa seeking freedom and independence from outside pressures or its own backwardness? Is Africa seeking liberty from the scars left by its colonizers or from its own imported thinking, which consumes it on daily basis? Is Africa seeking independence from the rest of the world or from its own gods? Is Africa seeking freedom from its own local colonizers or from its own debts? Is Africa seeking its own liberty and independence from nature or artificial civilizations? Is Africa seeking its liberty from its own looters and tricky people?

Life in this world is full of paradoxical events in which the theater that is going on the stage sound very intriguing due to the fact that there are certain realities that people should accept although they have various claims in which when the mind and emotion is still in prison, it is not possible to claim independence and freedom in world where such aspects are handicapped. We eat their food, their culture, and thinking on daily basis, and we claim that we need to be free and independent by the meetings and gatherings we do, this sounds that what kind of freedom and independence people seek, is not clear, and from whom?

Although such unity and struggle and organization has obtained its nobles fruits in making the African people to express and claim about their freedom, rights, identity and other aspects with confidence, to those who undermine and despise them, since such unity is the source of courage and confidences, it needs to take further steps ahead due to the fact that Africa was slept in past century since it lacked adequate consciousness and maturity due to the fact that it lacks leaders and thinkers, who can do with such commitment to change the fate of the continent.

For example, a given nation could secure its stability and peace by the struggle it did, but its prime minster and president could not be free, but in jeopardy due to the nature of the system, outside pressures and other factors hard to tell, as they did before. Until when such leaders live with pressures behind, which they call as gangsters who will at last be consumed by other gang operators in their own goodtime. African leaders are criticized as being more of instruments of western pressure and force than they are instrumentals to serve their society. This needs re-thinking and re-contemplation before such danger is due. Lords of poverty exist most within than the outside. The storm is still with us operating behind until clear sun comes too, which will surely come.

Today is a different day for Africa it is not because of the time, but it is because more Africans get matured than ever, none can trick and cheat them even their own leaders. None can deceive and lie to them. Silence here means an expression of dissatisfaction and disappointment, but when such silence is exploded, new day and new world for Africa will come. It is not number and percentage that are put as growth that justify the growth of economy of Africa and Africans, but rather it is reality and the truth, which is reflected and manifested in the daily lives—by the number of starving Africans that tell the reality of Africa and Africans.

While such theater is on the stage, one heard that Africa is the owner of ancient civilization, which is ambiguous and quite contradictory when related to the way things now are, not even clear as that what kind of civilization that deliver while such continent lived with harassment and being deprived of the good things of this world, in which its resources have been looted and taken control of colonizers and even by its own leaders. Even those leaders who came to power after colonization have looted its resources and killed its own innocent and intelligent citizens.

This sounds to one that considering that given civilization with the case of athletic running such as 10,000 meter running. In such race, leading the first and second round does not mean or guarantee that one wins the race, but rather, the wise are those who wait until the final lap is completed and thus they change the gear, they complete the race winning, it is not leading the group for the first and second round that makes the race complete. If this is the case, one agrees with that civilization claimed due to the fact that it is not warranty to the current state of being the continent is in, otherwise it is just about the round up.

We live in time in which the current direction of the world forces everyone to think more of the universal mindset than of a nation and the continent in which the 50 years old organization still seeks the aid and assistance of the international citizens and organization to resolve local and inside problems. This forces one to think about global enterprise which is underway such as the United Nation as useful and essential tool to resolve those issues that are far beyond such organization although people criticize it as toothless lion. In order to establish global mindset, there is no need to belong to particular religion or particular ideology, but the condition and situation of the world faces everyone to have such given mindset.

Bearing this in mind, it is possible to tell that the groups that are formed under such mindset become hindrances and obstacle to achieve world unity better than it should since such belongings towards groups of ideology creates gaps and contradictions between human race, which was supposed to be universal and unified, but by existence and compartments of ideologies, beliefs and practices, they create boundary and divisions between this world and make this world to be a confused enigma than ever.

Whilst such world is going on, one wonders, where are we heading, who are we and other aspects of life still remains unanswered since today is a reality that is borne by yesterday, and future will be summation of both. In such aspect of life, this content is getting more organized though it gets organized by an imported mentality and ideology, whose later formation and establishment gets shape by its denizens and leaders, and reached to this state of being, by having its own complex building and structure although it lives with contradiction and confusion, it consumes western mindset and seeks freedom and independence from the western ideology and pressure, being paradox is becoming its nature and reality?

Africa is currently imprisoned with political, emotional, cultural and intellectual mindset and perspective of the west due to the fact the west promotes universal values and ideology too. People claim that it does copy and paste from the west. This could mean that African identity is left only on the color of the skin in which the mindset needs revision—does being African mean uncivilized, savage, primitive, a people who live in forestry or an African means a people who fight to win poverty, and other unfortunate conditions the continent faces due to colonizing powers and its own failures and unfortunate conditions?

While such struggle is going on, the African continent meets the western civilization at juncture even if it fights to win western pressure since problems and complications have same pattern and method of solving them. For instance, when one need a house, one need to construct it. Such construction needs different mindset at different time to the point we all reach in which people need engineers and architects. What could be different here are the designs and the cost, which depends on the type of civilizations people acquire and reach. The science of engineering and architectures is a universal matter; it has undergone various level of development until it gets to this point. Do not forget here that various Africans do get such education in the west.

We all share values at universal scale, at continent level, and a nation level. When such sharing and processes of life get integrated and coordinated nicely, life could be easy and nice, but when such process becomes amorphous, it will be drama of few people since nature has something to share and tell that human race is universal creature and entity than thinking and being bound by nation and continent. What make a given continent unified are problems, pain, and difficult conditions of life, when such matters are removed, it will be formidable to think like the way it is now, but nature tells something that human reality is universal in addition to being confined to nation and continent.

Quality of Life

May 24, 2013

What is quality of life? What does it mean by quality of life as per the context of human reality? This is one of the intricate subject matter which can have different application and perspectives based on which angle people perceive. And this makes this subject as one of the rainbow aspect in which, at what direction and at what distance one is looking at are important aspect and factors.

For example, when one is politician and economist, one could perceive this quality of life from the point view of economy. When one is a religionist and politicians, one could perceive this quality oaf life not only with material possessions, but also with the type of fear of God one has. When one is a philosopher, one could perceive the quality of life in terms of the thinking freedom people have in life. Hence, this subject needs different mindset unless and otherwise people agree on the basic natures of human reality as individual, society and institution too. It needs quite a mindset.

Assume that a given person is wealthy. Wealth is acquired not only material possessions are accumulated; the means by which such wealth is acquired is intelligence. The power of intelligence is applied here to come up with certain amount of wealth. In this case, such person could not be well verse in the subject of economics, sociology, anthropology and other aspects of intellectual aspects. What researches indicate in this arena is that most wealthy people are not happy since life is not about material possession.

Any other person can be well versed in a given subject matter and this person could be well educated in many subjects in which one could think that one has the end of everything due to the fact that one is well versed in different subject matter as matter of prestigious education one obtains. In this scenario, such type of people are observed, committing grievous mistakes in life in which since what they think they know and what reality is in cases are falling apart. Life cannot be complete.

While such scenarios of people lifestyle is there, one could derive certain recipe of life in which education, wealth, fear of God and the like are important aspect of life as employed in peoples way of life, but fear of God does not necessarily mean, following particular form of religion, but also doing good things due to the respect one has for something, which is installed in everyone’s reality by nature.

When people think that they are happy with the life style they have, happiness does not necessarily mean that they are truthful or correct. What makes people happy could not be in conformity with the truth or appropriate way of life. The interconnection between being happy and being truthful is not necessarily directly proportional. People can be happy with the way of life they currently have and they could say that they find the end of everything. However, if they make further efforts, they could be happier and better than the way of life they have since life is not perfect and it is not possible to obtain perfect life style while living in imperfect and incomplete world.

Considering such aspect of lifestyle people could have such as material, intellectual, emotional, spiritual elements, quality of life can be connected with how far people integrate such aspects of human reality in harmonious manner. This could be superficial way of looking at such aspect of life, but it is objectively seen and manifested in everyone’s reality since they are natural aspect of life styles and way of life operating in this world. Its practical application and methods in life can be dependent upon the type of lifestyle people choose, but the basics are similar and can be applied to anyone living on the earth.

In fact, the needs and want of individual, society and institutions are very different. For instance, basics needs are relative in terms of individuals which depend on what type of society one lives in. The most common are food, clothing shelter, and there are few additions to them such as automobile, TV and the like along with telephone is becoming one of the basic needs in different countries according to the context of individuals. Education, health facilities and the like are also one of the basic and fundamental rights and need of individuals in this world.

The basic needs of society are different from that of the individual since society is group of many individuals which has pattern and form and structure. Freedom, justice, rights, and the like are basic needs of society. When a given society does not give the necessary freedom and does not deliver the right justice to the interactions and communication of within society, its life is handicapped although it serves full and basis rights of individuals. The life of society here becomes under jeopardy since its basic rights and freedoms are not respected.

When institutions are formed, they are formed with the intention of helping the individual and society. Thus, constitution, laws, policies and the like are the basic needs of any given institution so that it can serve the individual and society as health ad useful bridge. When such bridge has difficulty, the life of individual and society becomes jeopardized since this means that there is difficulty in the laws it formulates.

Quality of life in terms of given individuals should be perceived and considered from such point of view that addressing given individual life. This means that it is not the individual possession and accumulation of possession what is important here, the picture of society and that of institution is also useful since life in this world is interconnected and interrelated with many aspects. In society where 95% of the population lives in poverty to be rich is not an asset but rather a liability.

Failures of individuals in terms of having quality life is not about laziness of individuals but on which type of society and what type of societal make they live is very essential. Hence, when one lives poor life in poor country, this should surprise anyone or this should not have any further interpretation and understanding since this is obvious. There is no any confession statement one should write since life is not about material possessions here, but people in such countries live due the fact they have other natural elements that help them live peacefully.

When the desired quality of life is created in this world, which does not even exist as reality, but as wish and novel in this world, due to the fact when material possessions are fulfilled, other elements are lacking; those who think that they can create better worlds have failed to achieve since they have their own hidden agenda and other behind motives; most people will enjoy the best quality of life as human reality. What we see on the planet is that one society could be better than the other; this does not mean that betterment is the sign of perfection and being complete.


May 22, 2013

I remember in one of the days of my life, I was infatuated with a lady. In that city of infatuation, there were many thing incorporated such as love, appreciation, quarrel, conflict, mistrust, and the like. It was mixed feeling and life. I was glad and it did not work out and I am happy for that though I have good respect for those goodtime I had in life. And when I look back of such life, there is nothing I miss since there is big difference between the old I and the new I, which is very different as Rene Descartes said, I think therefore I am.

One of my problem in life is I do not miss anyone and anything in life of past since I think that past is not something people should worry and think about, but rather it is the present state of being which is necessary and useful. In present state, past is dead and the future is borne. Although future is hard to tell, it is the present that is the most important aspect of life on the earth. When I do not miss anything and those people who observed my life and someone commented that there is no monastery in the city, but you live the life of monasticism in the middle of city. It sound like that when I look my surrounding, there is no one around, but the funny thing I am happy and content and it sounds to me that when I spend like few times with people I get bored. It sounds to me that they take and kill my time.

Having said this, it is quite interesting to bring to attention the idea of monasticism in which in a certain church, monasticism is not simple in which, it is a station people reach after having certain criterions of life. It has standard and is great station in that particular belief. Although I respect that belief and standard, but when I look to it to a greater circle and scenario, it is very intricate since when many people strive to be in monasticism, what would be the fate of entire nation, no TV, no movie, no city, no factory, no farm, no food, no money, no work, and so on.

This needs quite contemplation although there is claim that this is station that few people can only attain, but the idea in its entirety could put a given nation under jeopardy. Any concept can be considered as legitimate and safe as far as its impact in greater scenario is not dangerous even if it is not possible to do it in that scale and magnitude. When such is done, it is possible to accept that given concept or practice is good for the nation. Otherwise, people and nation can go the way it is, accepting blind imitation of past in way such things and ideas were imported from others.

One of the interesting idea of religion, which given birth to one of such concepts by now, which is becoming an instrument for transferring and transmitting ideology of the west and east, in which eastern nations use their own religion to induce their concepts, western nations do same. Africa is trapped wish such beliefs imported from outside, and now talks about freedom and justice and rights, in a time it gives her organs to such ideology with volition. Africa is raped by such belief systems. Africa is married with such belief systems with lack of adequate knowledge. What would happen to a person who is married to partner whom one has no clue of that partner’s personality and thinking? It is hard to tell.

In this case, the journey becomes like a confused mule walking with loud ring, in which confusion is adding confusion. Modern African beliefs—Christianity and Islam—are imported. Its cultural heritages and gods and or its own values are neglected and ignored due to the fact that they are considered as savage and obsolete. Although it is good to copy what is good from others, if they are copied without taking careful aspects of identity into account, the danger is there as all of us are witnessing, the identity confusion and crisis that the continent faces everywhere now.

The idea of monasticism is not an idea that has its own origin here, it is derived from a given belief system. When poor nation imitates such ideas as good and as it is, there are other aspects people should think about since such idea has its own fallacy with nature and with the type of development and progress a given nation aspire to do. The idea by itself is not correct and other people claim that it is an expression and reflection of failures to face the hardship and difficulties people face in life, which is read on the other page and at the back of the book which is not written.

Why do people seek the life of monasticism? Basically it is an idea that expresses hatred toward the lifestyle underway in the world. Meaning, people do not like a given way of life in system, or the surroundings, and thus they flee away to forests or monasteries where they do not want to see such things, worldly matters, from the fear of having sin and seeking saintly life. The better option could be to face it and change it than flee away from it since this should be done to change the world. Saintly life cannot be obtained without interaction between people in which when people do and think good things to others, they achieve saint characters.

Amidst such life, there is great purpose why this world is created and there is good purpose behind it. But the point is that, the way of life underway is not good since it allows few people to enjoy what is in the world; but the mass is watching and observing such drama. Such inequality and injustice occur as it is obvious that those who are managers of this world, who are called in other words as leaders, in past, and present, let things go, but using trick as a weapon to arrest the mass. They created many beliefs and fake systems as such mentioned one of them, in here and made the world live with trick and trickery.

And I was telling this and other stories to someone whom I met in life, and that person said to me I am not surprised they only give you electric shocks; they could have given to you much other stuff. This is one aspect and page of life in this world, in which there are many other concepts that are created with the intention of accomplishing certain mission and drama, in which most take them as they take coca cola, but they end up having certain life complications as those health complications come after the amount of intake people have in their course of life time, since they do things since they like it without taking into account further complications.

A given state means many things to nation. State should be supported by public. State should listen to society not with the eye of suspicions and mistrust, with the eye of fellowship and brotherhood. When few people tell the dangers and further consequences certain beliefs and practices, they should be asked and further information should be sought than they be harassed and threatened. When a given state does something and anything in such maturity and consciousness, it develops and gets strengthened, and gets its own value and integrity.

This does not mean that let us delete what we have up to now, and start our own journey, since this will be another mistake. But it is time to reflect and meditate further in the possible and further consequences of such aspect of life of a given nation and its future in way that the present goes the way it is, but the future should be carefully designed and planned and worked out. This world provides opportunities, threats, challenges, which accompany two processes, failures and victories, going hand in hand. It is not money and material possessions that can create better changes and development, but also emotional, intellectual and spiritual elements. In case of spiritual elements, it is not only religion that is the only instrument to acquire it, other possible means should be created.

WE live with belief system and values that lived with us, not one or two hundred years, but they have thousand years of company, and we considered them as great value and means of expressing one’s identity, but the problem lies in those whom we imported them, but claim that they are ours and they are beginning and end of everything. How long shall we sleep on the couch which is comfortable to us in past and present, but stony and stormy to the future? The answer is in your own hands since vision should be integrated with right strategy and tools, amongst them is to remove such concepts and focus to those that merit vision—Hope and Prosperity.

Nose Vs Eye

May 21, 2013

They say, when the nose is hit, the eye weeps. This is an indicator to which everything is interconnected, but the interconnection lies on what type of connection each and everything has in which if the nose is hit, teeth cannot be manifested, but rather could be hidden within the mouth due to the fact that smiling is not on duty under such circumstance. It is not only the nose that could be hit but also any organ could be put to danger, and the function of eye in this instance is to reflect that feeling and emotions due to the nature of responsibility it carries. There are many other natural actions and reactions of such types in this world.

Eye is an interesting and sensitive aspect of human organs, as retina does for the entire eye, it sends and receives message, people device codes of communication within an eye and between eyes. One does not expect anything to be told in every word and paint, but when people physically communicate, they pass messages and transfer thoughts and feelings with an eye. The size and beauty of an eye does not tell the integrity of a person, but eye is a tool that people use to express their feelings and emotions and expressions. It is also possible to reflect revenge, regret, love, hate and other feelings and emotions of peoples have with an eye. Eye is the most powerful instrument people are naturally bestowed.

When people are not free and freedom is under question, they create many codes and different way of communications other than wordings and speeches, the eye plays significant role in such circumstances. For instance, when a person blinks an eye to another person or shows such interest by the eye on the road, in a café, in a hall, or inside the elevator, one gives appreciation and admiration to the other; but when this is done with opposite sex, it shows that there is an interest or like, which does not guarantee that both sexes are getting married or holding that person for a promise to the future, but reflection of some kind of interest, that depends upon the other person’s approval.

People communicate with people in different mechanisms, an eye manifest to such communication in different style. As mentioned before, when the nose is hit, an eye weeps, is an indication of many aspects of life in this world, when certain thing happen in one corner of the planet, another thing could happen as being reflection or due to interconnection they have or any other reason. For example, when the IRS office in the United States of America is hit by Mal-tax administration and other unseemly conducts of the office which put that given tax office’s integrity and honesty under suspicion and doubt, and tax authorities and officials to resign, similar thing happened in here, same campaign was done and tax office ministers’ were put in jail at same time.

When any given matter or aspect happens in one place, there is tendency of same matter to happen in another place which indicate various things. The first one could be they are doing with joint efforts and collaborations, which is obvious. The other could be coincidence. The other reason could be different; people refer such thing as mystery, when it is done without communication and being network to one another. The other reason could be unknown. In this aspect of life, one could find and investigate many incidents of life that occur in our planet in relation they have with one another so that one can come up with understanding that the interconnections, interrelations, networks and other aspects of occurrences of life in this world. Both good and bad things can happen at same time, but in different places since such aspect is one of the objective realities of this world.

When such happenings have repetition, and they occur time and again in regular basis, it shows something. For example two people cannot do similar things every time unless they are twins. Two institutions cannot do similar activities in joint manner unless they have agreement to do that, or they are bind by law. Likewise, two counties cannot do similar activities at given period unless they have ties. This is very obvious. However, when two societies do an activity in joint manner, such given activity puts the integrity of one society under question mark, here leaders should rethink before they commit suicide on the fate of that given society since such activities do not reflect and manifest the identity of their people. Since this could be related to a story of honey bee and fly, which died being a fly at the end.

Interconnection and interrelation between creations is evident as mentioned in the Greek thinking and ideas, but what is the challenge up to now is how they are interconnected and interrelated, finding the link, mystery, nature and the connection of such creations in the whole universe could lead to identifying and providing simple and easy solution to the problems that exist in this world. Such research is done not with the intention of finding the connection between the liver of donkey with the lung of lion. That is why the field of science is necessary since it tells many things about such aspect of life. Scientists are respected since they deliver truthful solutions after tiresome experimentation processes they undertake.

Based on nature, one could tell few things, but based on research and inventions, one could come up with different and higher recipes and methods, such interconnections and interrelationships are addressed so that the future can be simpler and easier to understand based on past occurrences and activities. Nature can give inspiration, but does not tell methods and how to do things. It ignites interest and views. Hence, it is important and useful to focus on nature in order to receive inspiration. Upon nature, people add their expertise and come up with better finding.

Unless and otherwise one study past events, occurrences, and the relationship between occurrences and events in scientific manner and holistically, and in way corruption does not take place, the future cannot be addressed accordingly since pattern is always there. The problem here could be when people try to create interrelationships and interconnection, they should be detached from personal and other interests in order to arrive at the concrete truth they want to reach. Most people could relate certain aspect with the intention of giving credit to certain group or ideology or people, which should not be the case. Trying one’s best to be close to the truth is healthy and nicer way.

WE live in world and time that events and occurrence and interconnections and interrelationships are justified in way they merit given group, ideology, doctrine, people and the like. This is not a problem as far as it has truth in it. However, people could fall under wrong trap when they try to justify the truth of matter while they have wrongs in their hands. In such approach, it is not possible to reach to the point of truth people want to reach since bias, prejudice, mistakes and failures part of such drama. In order to find out the truth, people should be detached from whatever belief system they have, attachments they have in their life so that whatever thing they meet in the search for the truth, people should accept than reject such claims.

Such Truth has various levels and processes. The first one is derived out of given person personal experience. Then that given person derives it by personal observations, imaginations, practical experience, other and different occurrences, referring other people and books and the like. Then, when that given person tells other people, there are two forces working in parallel; there are people who accept such claim it is not because they understand what given person’s claim, it is because there is something they share in common with the person such as hate and pain. There are other people who reject such truth since such claim is dangerous and it ruins their destiny. Both live in parallel, but in same world.

When both forces operate in parallel, the given claim gets stronger and wider since it is true and convinces many people. In this case, the balance goes to it since those people try to understand what such given claim does, they start rationalizing and when such aspect is done, it was their emotion that was supporting, and then, they get to understand it and when such understanding is there, they get reconciled of the contradictions they face within themselves, since emotion and reasons gets harmonized here. In this given drama, the balance of truth gets stronger again, since it works harder due to the fact that it is true and the reality is the one that proves it out than round of applause.

And then the fight become between people, such given truth brings on table the contradiction and conflict between such people; they look that they are in agreement on the face book, but quarrel and contradiction is going on behind. Here they live in irreconcilable contradiction, and they become more of political and have fake image to the outside, their back is very different from what is put on the front. While such processes of life is going on, the truth becomes reality since it tells what is going on as matter of such theater on the stage in which the hidden is manifested and the back is seen on the stage.

In this drama of truth, many people participate. When people cooperate, they are like data. They deliver data in every day as per gestures, wordings, signs, and so on. In this given case, every person is used as bullet, but they are harmless due to the fact that the truth is very strong and cannot be easily killed by such bullets. Every person tried their best, but to the contrary, they become data to the dissertation process the truth is undertaking and they testify to the validity of such claim as result of their participation. Truth means conformity with fact and reality, which is done as result of their choice and decision in life.

One of the interesting drama of this finding is that people opened war on spellings and wordings, it was also observed that they start changing letters of names and words with the motive of bringing fallacy to the theory of numbers and letters, but this is not only about letters and numbers, they cannot erase certain past events and happenings since such finding is beyond connecting letters and names, but also correlation of numbers or years with events. They miss this part. They try to personify names with characters and personalities and make silly calculations with the motive of falsifying a given claim, but the point is that they do not even have a clue as to what the finding delivers since this is not about ink and paper. And who cares even who a given person is and what one looks like. This is not about ordinary people and events, but rather it goes far beyond such aspects.

For example, when one says here 1983, this goes like 1+9+8+3= 21, in which 1983 is correlated with 21; and when one state here 1963, this goes like 1+9+6+3= 19; Now can you change: 1819, 1945, 1963 or 1983 to whatever or the significant events that happened in this? They cannot delete such aspects of numbers since there are facts and connections between such aspects. This is not about personality, but about a mystery if you would understand. This is just one single approach to such incident but there are plenty of them yet to come. Interpretation and analysis of such finding is left to individuals, but a given person has one’s own since this is one of the set of stuff one have, whose package will be released in the future as whole.

Coming back to the point, as they say, when the nose is hit, if the eye does not weep, there must be difficulty between the nose and the eye; the bridge that exist between the two must have collapsed, otherwise, it is natural that the eye should weep. There is no way that one should check whether an eye weeps when the nose is hit, due to the fact that this is obvious. In this case, when one comes up with the truth of something, it is not possible to say here that this finding is not true due to the fact that the relationship that exist between the truth and reality is like that of the nose and eye relationship, since they are natural aspects, they live connected and integrated. It is just matter of understanding it and then acknowledging.