The Script and the Actors

April 30, 2013

How is it possible to claim perfection since one have complex building and head quarter, in world where perfection and completeness are something people can try, but not achievable? It is good to try, but it is bad to claim that one is perfect.  How is it possible to claim a destiny of a nation since it written or mentioned in one book, in which the rest of the nations will keep dormant? In a tablet, one could write, America will lead the nations spiritually, but in practice, they wanted to lead the world by being world police but they failed even to manage the disturbances in their cities, as in recent bombings and shootings one hear on the news testify. Americans like those who flatter them best.

By such incidents, the question of individual right and freedom becomes under question since it is not possible to preserve such individual freedom when the mass is put in danger. They have failed to manage the individual freedom in which such individual freedom needs mindset and great capacity otherwise it leads to chaos and frustration. Circumstances force them to violate the individual freedom to protect society’s and institution’s integrity and freedom they seek especially when the individual interacts with society and institutions—in public places by the recent bombing in Boston, in which survey cameras—which faced opposition by the public before, as violation of individual rights and freedoms, but now are becoming the need and requirement, and the public cannot oppose, this is for their own safety too.

And in another tablet, one wrote like, Africa or black people are the pupil of the eye, in which in practice they are considered more different than something in the eye. In all of one’s tablets, one writes great things about every nation. It is nice to perceive people and nation with good, but it is wrong to deduce that all nations prosper because they are penned by given person or people. This is one of the wrong approach and way of life this world has demonstrated since such aspect and trend of life is going on with the intention of making few people as holy and chosen figures. A given nation prosper it is because it works hard, such as, it has good leadership, it has good society which cooperates with its leaders; it integrates its resources, both natural and human resources nicely.

There is also an underlined assumption by most in here in which, they say Ethiopia is mentioned in the Bible for more than 39 times—who cares even, and so what—which is not warranty to this nation to remove its poverty and other difficult situations this nation has been for past thousand years, except such thinking serves as source of pride and other disliked behaviors that tries to belittle others and creates sense of discomfort to those who do not believe and think that identity is not something that is formed out of such belief and thinking. Now they fight like the color or style of clothing is like this or like that in nation where many millions cannot buy such clothes; people cannot eat properly, and the like. How strange things are?

There is no other way that a given nation prospers, due to the fact that few people could see that future distant goal at present since they are gifted. They can claim that they see the future, but that claim is not something that makes the event or matter to occur. This does not mean that they know everything. For instance, I could see that this nation will prosper; this does not mean that it will prosper because of me, or since I should be the leader of that nation which is very wrong and erroneous conceptions, understanding, interpretation and one of the misconceptions in this world. This is not possible.

If someone in the past told about me, without having consent of mine, then that person is wrong and is a liar, he is the one whose life is in danger, and those people who claim that there is such a thing. One of the funny and strange trends about this world is the continuation and relay of prophet hoods, which is not registered in the athletics federation as relay competition, in which they handover one to another without the consent of each others, and the funny thing in here is that they understand and accept with each other and claim and they even say” I am the promised one” in a world promise is only found as word in the dictionary than in day to day life and betrayal is becoming a common feature of this world.

And this nation elects its leaders in its own election mechanism. There is no such a thing written in the constitution in which a leader is the one who see good things about this nation, or may be afterwards, they may consider. I can do this when I am elected by the public, but unfortunately, forget about the public, my neighbors do not know my name, what I do and who I am in general, and I cannot be even person who represent them in simple meeting forget about being a leader. Seeing the future and leading a nation are very different aspect of realities in this world, they are two different professions in fact one is a profession or a duty like being a leader, the other does not need to be or have profession, but could have different state of being, but past has shaped this world in wrong mindset and thinking.

They say in their book and interpretation that, my kingship of not this world, but it is from the above, which none knows. And I am the type of person who does not understand this world, forget about the other. There is an already underlined misconception and confusion in this world in which there are people who are considered as perfect exemplars and teachers of humanity, but when one sees their life, they advise what they are not. For example, in one aspect of this life, there are people who are considered as perfect exemplar, and they underline the significance and importance of having profession and work.

When one investigates their life, such people had a profession, few of them had no, but they left their profession and preach about the betterments of humanity, making it as profession, and in reality they do the reverse, they never worked by their profession, and were employed, but they live advising other people to have profession and work. In this regard, the book of Desiderata advises me, to have modest profession and earn money, which is by far better since Desiderata lived and advise this before them. Few tell that children are gifts of God, but they do not have any children in their life or are not even married.

Sometimes people say and explain and advise other people regarding certain matter and aspect of life, but one sees it in their real life, it exists as novel, or they advise other people what exist in their life as wish or dream, but they look as experts when they give advice to other people, and we see them giving great discourse and thinking to the audience. In practice, they are empty and vain. They are like balloon. They could claim that so powerful is the light of unity, but what good is there in which a group of barking dogs cannot win a single lion. They can bark and shout loud, but they cannot win one lion in practice. A group of people with stone cannot kill a man with machinegun, but a man with machinegun has enough bullets, can kill them all even if they have and contained many stones since he can do it from far distant.

In any circumstance, one does not think and wait for the future that one will be a star or whatever in the future, if they know and understand. This is what and how they shape one in their psychic drama and theater, in way one will feel and think that one will be someone in the future. The point in all circumstances of life, the choice and decision about my reality and future is in my hand. One cannot be programmed machine and object since freewill is the core and basis of one’s life. As far as one knows what they think, one can shift to different since their end, objective, thinking is already known and they have reflected this in past life on other people. If one wants to be star, one would change a profession and would work on that than become a simple office person.

There are concepts that are sophistry in which they look interesting and exciting on the outside, but when one goes deep into it, they are empty and nothing and useless, they create disaster and may cause worse conditions since they have their own danger. One aspect of such matter as mentioned before is that, the whole world is shaped like with the tendency especially in religious mindset in which the authors of religion are introduced, all of them have no black and women at the beginning, and they are not recognized to a station of being top leader at universal level. They cannot go and take that great station since it is designed for white and male. There is no mystery in this, except fake manipulation.

Most of the things one sees and observes in our planet are the product of past belief and thinking, there is no way that such thing should continue the way it is, although there are good things, which are not necessary to mention here and remove. Good things continue and they will. But those things one does not like, one fights them on daily basis, within one’s surrounding and in the world at large in peaceful way and mechanism. Such struggle continues with daily conversations one makes with others although they are told—do not talk to him or give him misleading information, wrong answers, and negative and bad ideas, he is bad and the like—but I show to them that how I am very nice and great person in my daily undertakings. However, such people were trying to translate a script into this objective reality, since they have wrong production manager, fake directors; they have failed to do that given movie.


Who created God?

April 28, 2013

The idea and concept of God is derived from beliefs and ways of life that was articulated in past, whose origin is not known, but most attribute the idea and sense of God with religion. Although religion is the best actor in ideas and matters related to God, politics has joined partnership with religion in shaping peoples belief and identity in determining values and beliefs in many nations and societies. Politics in most cases support beliefs and ways of life that go in conformity with its ideology no matter how neutral it wants to be and it claims, as religion plays eminent role in shaping the politics.

Bearing this in mind, although it is not possible to claim and state the God that exist in this world has different features and is derived from politics, it can be classified and recognized that God in this world has four aspects. The first one is the God that is already and generally defined in religion as whole. The other is the God that is defined by thinkers and philosophers, which goes contrary to what the religion defines and agrees and the like. The third is the God that does not belong to both camps. The fourth is the God itself.

The God that exist in all religions is defined by few chosen individual who claim that they have authority and receive the holy spirit in different forms and they claim that they are messengers and manifestation of God, they represent God amidst human kind and tell those who follow them to go this way, go that way, do this, do that, and so on. This is done base on acceptance of their claim and station, in which they define God in most similar manner, but the method and application is different.

To illustrate further on this matter, it is good to use the analogy of most people since it gives clear sense and idea than being vague. The idea of carpenter and chair relationship is a good example here. The chairs are related to followers, adherents, lovers, servants, rebellious, apostates, enemies and the like; and the carpenters are related to founders of religions. In this view, most chairs are different due to the fact that they are made by different carpenters. The knowledge, skill, creativity of carpenters are reflected on the types of chair made although the purpose is same, but what matter is the beauty—form, size, strength, value and quality of raw materials and accessories applied, time it takes and so on.

When one sees such chairs placed on the market, their selling price is different due to the fact that they are made by different manufacturers and the amount of costs incurred by the seller. The same is true to those religions in which those who author religions are different, but their purpose is similar. They all have one purpose, creating the connection to God they claim—which is the unknowable reality and essence—and those matters attributed to God in most cases are same, but what matters here is that on methods, which is tantamount to size, shape, and other factors applied to the making of the chair.

In case of great thinkers of the planet, thinkers—most are, derived and deviates, from being followers—it is related here that they do not care who the carpenter is, but the chairs think that the carpenter cannot make it if there is no tree, cheap wood and the like. They think like that the causes and root factors of the making of chair, which is the major area of their concern than what the carpenters claim since the carpenter is not trusted by the chair. The carpenter could say I made the chair from eucalyptus tree, but the chair could say, no, I am made from olive tree. This is dependent upon the type of relationship the chair and carpenter have, in most cases, the chair questions the integrity of the carpenter due to its own reasons.

In this given circumstances, one could say that both can be true in which such given  chair claims absolute ownership and identity to the carpenter since it is made by the carpenter, where as in cases where tricks are there, it is also true to question the integrity of the carpenter in order to verify that right methods and approach is applied in compatible with the nature of the wood so that the chair can function for many years without trouble and difficulties as it is put as its life years per the advice of the carpenters. When such advice is sent by the carpenter, the carpenter knows in better manner than anyone, though could be wrong, how and what it is made, where, as the carpenter has no clue of such matters, it is not possible to tell that life years and other aspects since the carpenter do not have adequate knowledge.

In this given case, does the carpenter know where the wood comes from or does it investigate the nature of the wood before it makes a chair is one factor, how far the carpenter knows the essence and nature of the wood is another matter, and how far it integrate knowledge and skill with the nature of the wood is another factor, how far it focuses and integrates its knowledge and skill along with the nature of the wood, in relation to the need, market, is another factor. When the carpenter focuses on market based approach, it can make more money as far as the knowledge and skill are there; when the carpenter focuses only on integrating its basic skill and knowledge to the nature of the wood, the making of money depends on how far it is accepted, on the mercy of the market; the crux lies here the knowledge and integrity of the carpenter.

When those claims made by all the followers of religion is investigated further, although they think that the people of the world will be gathered under their respective domain, since they have promise for that, but the objective reality and the current condition of this world testifies to this truth very differently and at times contrary to the claims made. The sects, divisions and denominations of all religions increase on daily basis, instead of being united; people’s desire to be different and to belong to different forms and way of life is increasing on daily basis. Instead of uniting the whole people in to one category and domain, people intense desire to question and doubt them is daily growing. Peoples search and start and look for different means and ways of lives other than the existing one is daily increasing.

In such paradoxical world, to expect that the people of the world will belong into one form and way of religion sounds chimera. Religion by itself becomes a problem than it solves the problem of the world. When it is seen in different perspective, as religion united numerous individual into a given domain, it becomes sign of identity, but, in cases it becomes source of antagonistic feelings and thinking in the world.  When they claim that they believe and think in one reality, what is the point of creating conflicts with methods, strategies and approaches unless and otherwise people fight in order to preserve their prestige, ego and self-centered attitude and thinking, what good is in there? In fact those who are organized under forming unity, they create their own island and add the number of religion by one than create unity.

So, such thinkers grow and get organized as conflicts and contradictions between followers of religions grow. Such contradictions and gaps between various religions are good opportunities for the germination of various organized thinking and concepts due to the fact that those who believe and think in religion do not manifest and reflect what they say and claim outwardly, in cases quite contradictory and cruel. Every problem and conflict is an opportunity and means to do something and contribute good and to the betterment of the world. Unless people are corrected by other means, they do not behave. In order to make religious view and institutions behave, such thinkers are useful and prolific since they show them the way, how to be better and make them strong so that the norm of this world is respected and moves nicely than see such thinkers as enemy or aliens.

This reality is going on all over even in here. All beliefs and belief systems are imported from foreign countries.  When one goes visiting from place to place, they make other people think that the founders are borne in here. This reminds me to story I heard from someone longtime ago. A given person lent one’s precious antique to another person since this person was going to leave the place to different and far distant for many years. And that given person received that antique, and put it in his salon, with the intention of returning back to the person who left the place. And later, any visitors come to this person’s house [the one who borrowed], they admire and appreciate the antique; when they ask him, where he got that, he did not tell.

And after few years, the owner of the antique came back, and asked the person to return the antique, but that person refused, in fact, betrayed. He denied and claimed that the antique belongs to him. Then the person was very much annoyed and opened a court file. The jury was opened and the person was asked to bring witnesses. The people whom he knew at that given place[ the one who lent], some of them move to different place, the other ones were dead; others even lied due to fear; he had no other evidence to proof or use as testimony unless that person return the antique with trust; and those who are at that given time were those people whom knew that the antique belong to the person in fact borrowed, but pretend that it is his own.

Then, the judge decided, after meticulously listening to the words of witnesses, but made wrong decisions by testifying that the antique belongs to the person who borrowed. The jury in most cases listens to objective facts, in this case, what such individuals say. In this given case, those who testified that the antique belongs to the borrowed since they do not know the source of the antique, but what they know is they saw it in the house of this person, though he pretended as owner. The moral of this story is that when such people claim that this matter is theirs, they borrow everything from others or the outside, they customize few settings to their custom, and end up claiming it is their own stuff. In reality, it is just imported, but customized according to the way of life and people think. That is why they say, how come one put clean garment on bad body?

In relation to the third aspect, which is the God that is not defined by both groups of people—religionists and thinkers— in which there is always gaps and contradictions that exist between such entities, in which one is derived based on the other. In this case, there is always space that exist between such groups, in which those who follow religion define God by the context of their belief system, but those who are thinkers define God by the context of their observation, but does not go in conformity with the followers of religion, but is true from the point view of such observation. In this case, such space is not manageable and identified by both, but it exists in this world without being noticed and observed, but functioning.

In this given case, the carpenter could miss certain point of the making of the chair in which, when it tells about the nature chair, should know the essence and nature of the wood, and in this case, it cannot tell about the essence of the chair and tells that it is unknowable, and at the same time, the carpenter found about the knowable aspect of the chair, in this case, both aspect manifest contradictions in the making, and knowledge of the chair. In one aspect, the nature of the material, the essence of the tree, is unknowable, and in other it makes and advices on how to make use of. In this case, it could mislead the chair and do in wrong fashion due to lack of proper knowledge of the essence of things. Both fall under erroneous concepts.

Hence, those who think that the carpenter is the owner and author of the chair without going further to the essence and other attributes of the tree, the religious and thinkers, since their idea is based on the concept of the carpenter, in which one of them support; the other ones oppose. In this case, their origin of concept is the carpenter, not the matter beyond the carpenter. The problem comes here that when the chair claims that the carpenter is perfect and absolute, which is not possible. There is nothing perfect and absolute in this world. This is what they call blind imitation of belief and thinking.

Therefore the idea of God itself cannot be derived in this world, due to the fact that the tools that exit to date are inadequate, incomplete, imperfect to testify and proof the real essence of such reality except calming the existence of such REALITY since they all fall under misleading and wrong conclusions even if they have partial truths which can be agreed and proven out. When one talks about the mind of God, one is talking about one’s view regarding concept of God.

When the unknown becomes known, it stops becoming the unknown.  This drama of knowing the unknown, which is currently on the stage, the dramas of limited minds do by limited and agreeable measurements and standards need further contemplations. Here the fallacy is on the stage since there is contradiction on the stage. The contradictions is on the concepts and methods on which how come such unlimited and unknowable concept and reality is defined and measured under capacity and knowledge of the limited and known realities?

In this world, there are two aspects of realities in which few aspects are done by majority vote in order to avoid complications, whether they are true or false, it does not matter. There are other realities which does not need majority vote or peoples acceptance, in which majority vote cannot override them, or prove them wrong since they are true. Amongst them is, the sun gives light to the world, in this whether the people of the world agrees or not, it does not matter, the sun gives light.

Few truths are like that. They do not seek approval of the mass, they operate and function in this world since they are true and nature of the reality; none can stop it from functioning too. In cases, here, the need for majority vote or public approvals are for being leader, being an artist, and other realities, whose life and death aspect is dependent upon acceptance by others. Such realities are beyond such factors in which people agreements and rejections do not testify the truth of such realities.

There are certain realities that are true and approved by the public in its own good time. This needs capacity and understanding. This drama and theater is still unknown and unacceptable. We can agree on one God but our agreement does not comply with the reality and is not warranty to the truth of that reality since we all are limited beings. Agreement does not testify the validity of reality, as rejection does not approve the reality of matter.

This is what one performs in one’s leisure time. This does not mean that what one does is less important. We live in world where a movie or music is considered as most important activity, which shows that how society leads stressful and much distressed life than any other thing. We live in world where most important matters are considered as futile matters. In this case, it is always nice to be in searching mode and mood of life and seek the essence and mysteries of realities and life in every day. For this, one does not need to refer any book or quotation, but life gives a nice lesson than what other people does and tell—without paying tuition fee, advisers consent, lectures,  and so on. So, I keep on sharing what other people do, think along with my personal observations. Thank You Life; You are not human!!

Conversations and Communications

April 26, 2013

People converse with people with different kinds and levels of communication styles and mechanisms. Such communications style is derived out of relationships and understanding people have with people. Hence, they have their own style and approach in transferring and transmitting messages, sharing information and communicating as well. When people communicate with people nicely, healthy atmosphere is created within and outside their environment even if they have enemies, and those people who do not like them.

Basically, there are three aspects of communication and conversation styles. These three types of conversations and communication styles are dependent upon maturity and understanding of individuals. The first one is straight forward approach. People use the straightforward language and words for the things they want to share and talk about. They do not go all around the bush. They just put the thing as it is. The second one is people use and become selective in their usage of languages and words they use. The third one is they use figurative approaches and parables to represent and express things they want to share and express.

When people communicate with other people in straightforward manner, they have fewer acceptances and understanding with others especially what they share is something those people do not like since many people do not like straightforward approach. They say such approach is dry and leads to confrontational, and they prefer to refrain to use straightforward manner due to the shyness and less confidence they have in the type of things they are doing. Thus, they prefer to be selective in their language since using straightforward communication lacks wisdom, but they forget that wisdom is relative ad subject and is not something that has straight-line and direct principles. What is wisdom? Is this to lie or not to share what one knows?

When people converse with people in being selective and very indirect in their usage and communication style, here it needs a mindset and understandings level. People somehow should live in same circle of thinking and belief so that there are certain standards which tell use this word, use that word, and be selective in way of life and interaction and communication style. People have developed certain world and certain people communicate and understand with each other. In this case, they replace the straightforward communication and languages into a polite and different languages and wordings. They consider people and their level and status by the language and wording people use and exchange.

When people use figurative approach or parables in their wordings and communications, here, they are not free to use such words on straightforward manner depending on the system or way of life they reside, in which culture and customs are the result of such oppression and lack of freedom in a given political systems they live. Culture is derived out of people and thinking and practice, and is dependent upon political system people reside. People prefer to use codes and symbols for the purpose of communication even if they can talk and hear, and see things. Or they have difficulty in expressing what they know and recognize and they find or correlate what they know with objects of understanding that are already known and can be understood by others.

While such communication and conversation styles are going on, one wonders that it is possible to use the mix of these three types and means of communication styles depending on circumstances and situations one faces and on the type of people and environment one is interacting. In places where there is a need to be straightforward, on should be open and straightforward; in places and environment where one needs to use or be polite way or being selective, one does same; in places and people where and environment one faces, when one needs to use figurative approach one does same. This depends on the knowledge of environment, society one faces and types of thing one faces and interacts are basic factors.

One uses straightforward approach, selective in wordings or figurative approach, depending on the environment and type of people one interacts and communicates and one act accordingly. Although it is very hard to be fastidious in one’s communication and style, one make endeavor to go and live according to the situation and circumstances one faces in life. When one faces difficulty in explaining the matter, one uses figurative method or examples to elucidate the matter further in better understanding. All are essential and useful in communications.

For example, in a community or society one lives in, in which the issue or the priority they set in life is money, food, automobile, house, and so on are life and death things, to think of ideas or talk about few essences of reality that cannot get along with the things they seek in life, here it is futile in fact people could make one as pastime and foolish since their priority and concern is very different as the vice versa is true. In societies where biases and mistakes are common, to be correct and talk about true things is considered as a novel. Which is novel, is this the one on the stage or the one that was written thousand years ago whose actors are not even known? None can use me in this regard; do not waste your time?

For instance, a given prime minster could be dead while making the false as correct, lie as truth since power and authority is in one’s hands, in this case contradiction come into one’s metabolism since thinking and reality does not get along, but it is not possible to support liars and deceivers even if one has power and authority. In this case, when there is no such freedom and one is surrounded everywhere by enemies, one uses one’s own mechanism and approach to pass messages and shares information. But, reality speaks out different as those liars still speak out different things. The same will be true to those who follow same style, their fate is same, and their end is close too.

People judge people on the types of influence they have on others. People perceive people as wine, to tell that one is sour at the beginning, but as one takes more and more, one gets to like. There are people who observe other people as honey with poison, in which people kill people by being sweet and without being noticed. This depend the type of interactions people have with other people, it is just their personal observation and understanding, since none of them represent oneself. It is not possible to tell the reality of a person without interacting or having proper eye glass, although to speculate and misunderstand is one thing.

A given person thinking and character, one year ago, and now, are different and when people change in thinking, their behavior also changes. One could be perceived by others as a honey, poison, or wine since three of them are different realities with different functions, but one is very different from such realities. This reminds me to people’s misunderstandings and misinterpretation of one’s act and thinking while one was living in abroad. One was perceived by others as difficult person, corrupted believer, enemy, and covenant break, but later and at last, as special person. Why do people perceive one person in different interpretations and understanding?

The mass is always wrong, they say. The mass follows the communication and conversations style manipulated by the few. When few people introduce few words or jargons, the mass follow using them. The mass always lives by being tricked by few. This is one of the becoming nature and reality of this world. Until the truth is out in its own way, whatever they say, or whoever they are, one keeps the communications style one already has, live by it since one finds it as useful from the point view of the experience one has developed in past years. There is no need to ask fund or fill grant request for this since this is very personal view and does not necessarily be the path others should follow since one does not advise others.

One does not believe and think that money is the root cause or problem here, it is just facilitator of thinking and belief, but rather the way thinking is articulated, beliefs are molded and installed and the attitude, that are the problems, even those who think that they are leaders, they are not changed in attitude and thinking. One amongst all is the death of a person could takes 15 days until funeral ceremony, in which such trend creates depression of the society capturing the media and everywhere, in which the thinking machinery respects the culture, which is backward, and promotes it loudly, which should not be the case.

How come, when the captain or pilot is mentally ill, how do the passengers expect a safe flight or proper thinking and good faith since the plane crushes at any given point? One respects the great contribution to the good of the nation, but the stuff is done posthumously sounds very tricky and contradictory to the transformations process they think, which does not include culture and thinking, which are major ones that need an overhaul than changing stones and rocks to houses. While living amidst such society, it is safe to devise one’s own communication style since trick is on the stage and the one that leads society.

Life and Soccer

April 25, 2013

Life is like a soccer game. One wins. The other one loses. This depends on the type of preparation and organization one does. In soccer game, besides the organization and preparation a team does, tricks are important to beat any opponent team. Tricks are part of the game so that one can win. Tricks are done to mislead the judge or referee. Otherwise a team cannot win especially when the opponents are very strong and tough. The crux is to win, not to lose, meaning there is regular duration or period which is 90 minutes, and there are few extra minutes that can be added as injury time and in this duration, one has to win, score goal into the net.

What makes the soccer game exciting and fascinating is that the end result is not known at the beginning of the game, though many speculations and predictions are going on. If the end is known at the beginning, it would have been boring and would not be such an industry to date and could not be sources of giant incomes. It gets rapt attention of the mass, and billions of people watch it paying and costing money and spending time as well. People travel countries to countries to watch and entertain by it. Many advertising companies are engaged in sponsoring activities related to it, and those real actors on the stage become wealthy too.

There are four major and important components in every match or soccer game. The first is the two teams that compete. The second is the referees who judge the game. The third is the spectators, the fan. The fourth is the ball. Others are accessories to the game such as facilities like the stadium and other equipments. There are 22 players on the field, in which both team have ten players and one goal-keeper, in which 20 people are allowed to play by foot, two players are allowed to play by everything within a limit, but are permitted to play by foot once they cross the border, and if they touch the ball by hand, it is foul and penalty will be given to the opponent. There are three referees who run the whole court in order to judge the game.

Every game has its own rule, discipline and policy. When mistakes are committed by referees, they change the entire course of the drama, and teams even lose even if they played well on the field. Sometimes, people refer this to luck than playing well. And life is like that. Most people try to organize and get to do things in well and thoughtful manner, but they do not last attaining at the end due to the luck they have. There are people who do small efforts, but obtain many achievements and get many successes in life. This is part of and one the drama of life on the earth. And thus they could be found everywhere, giving speech, discourses, and presentations and give recommendation to others and to the audience, but they have very few things to share and similar stories to share. When people face them twice, they get bored since they have nothing to talk or think about, they present same old stories.

One of the interesting aspects to the existence of such matter is the system already underway that helps them to be like this or in such shape, and they know how to manipulate given system; they know the tricks, they know what to say and what not to say, what to think, what not think. They know the jargons and they go by the jargons, they have many faces everywhere, they do many acrobatic things in order to obtain what they want. They focus on the forms than thoughts or ideas, and they have nothing when one goes further and deep inside. They are like balloon in which they look big on outside, but they are nothing once the balloon is touched by small needle. Thus, they live with that shape and form.

In any soccer game, there are spectators in which such spectators are fans of clubs they like and admire. When such spectators are well disciplined and behaved, they respect rules, but when such spectators are ill behaved and ill disciplined, they fight with each other and clubs are penalized and punished for such misconduct. In any soccer game, to win and to lose or to draw equal are the three aspects of any game, in which such venture is possible events and occurrences. In this given case, those big clubs could be beaten by small ones, and those small ones could be beaten by bigger ones and the like. What makes soccer interesting is its unpredictability as life does.

There are many similarities between soccer and life. The first one is that one needs the help and cooperation of others to set and achieve a goal, otherwise it is not possible. Even if one gets the help of others, the coordination and integration one makes within the team is another aspect. And the result of the team is based on how the referee manages the game as well. Even if such conditions are met, the organization and team coordination of the opponent team is another factor. While all such factors are going on, a given team could lose due to the fact that it is not capable enough to beat the opponent due to many factors and reasons.

The first reason is the other team or the opponent is tough and strong. The other is it lacks proper coordination and skill in which the players lack skill and techniques and tactics for many reasons. The role of the referee is another matter. The field and other facilities and other related aspects are other factors. In this case, a given team could lose due to many inside and outside factors since it lack skill and knowledge, but also due to the nature of the game in which one should win or lose or else one draws equal. Hence, when a team wins, it is not only the players or coaches on the field, spectators or fans of a team rejoice; the other side also loses and become sad.

After all this is game. One wins. The other loses. Beyond all reasons it is place where unity and fellowship is manifested between people. It is a place where partnership and brotherhood is reflected. However, lessons are taken and people learn from their mistakes, and they become better people and get prepared for the next match since games are good and important in life in many aspects. Life will be boring without soccer games since soccer is one of the places people have fun. When people play, it becomes more of function and duty, but when people watch it, it is entertainment.

When such games end in bloodshed, they pass bad memoir to those who are victims and the next generation. In such a game, maturity and understanding is a requirement otherwise one should not play, get involved or support any club. This is not appropriate and proper. In soccer games, many injuries occur, the worst ones are referred to the hospitals, few players die on the field and other disappointing aspects do come. A team loses few people whoever the team is and who they are. This is part of the game. Everyone does not like this since every team incur costs to win, but when failure comes, they accept with good attitude and respect. The losing team does not say, return our money, we incurred much cost and so on, since they know that the purpose of participating in a game is to win or lose they incur costs depending on the size and capital it accumulates, it invests and wins and losses.

When a nation plays with other nation, it becomes the source and cause of unity and reflection of sovereignty of nation in the field in which people are more united. And in cases, those who live in developing nations and places, they use soccer as escaping mechanism to fly to other good nations as being professional. In any case, it is good to watch soccer and reflect as an observer than belong to particular club or groups and when one is neutral; one sees the art of the game than be involved in it. Here it is not possible to say to observers stating that it is none of their business to make comments, but, since they feel responsible for the game and feel that they are part of such game, they share views out of concern and sense of belongings.

Having said this, what is criterion of good team? A good team has efficient and effective players, nice coaches, and secured facilities such as stadium and related equipments and facilities as team, good administration, consultants and management team, great fans, continuous financial resources and incomes. When any team organizes its human, financial, time, physical and other resources at hand in expeditious manner, it will be one of the best teams in this world as currently seen on the stage such as Germany, Spain, England and so on.

Perspectives and Reflections

April 24, 2013

When this world is created, it is with most intention that it has reasons, in which many think that it is created with purpose and function. What vary in here is that the types of purposes and functions which are dependent upon the types of understandings and perspectives people have. Hence, people have various perspective and understanding. A building specialist considers as this world is like ladder; a gardener perceives as if this world is like a flower, and could plant many beautiful flowers even in the graveyards and so on.

Whatever interpretation and understanding people have, whatever wish and dream people have, this world continues and goes on with the operations and function it has although various interpretations and understandings are there, which are derived out of practical actions and reactions such as a person who has hypertension can die with silence mood, a person who has diabetic could die with kidney or heart failures or other possible complications and so on. And there is no need to be a prophet to tell such kind of occurrences, events since they are already known and experimented and these are directions people go and function.

While such state of thought is going on, there are people who could think that this world is reflection and translation of many other worlds which they do not know, but they assume that there are next worlds and different worlds which they could obtain out of their dream or teaching of people whom they pay respect. Although such interpretations and understandings are derived from beliefs and thinking, there is no practical proof or evidence to date that testify the existence of such worlds, even by those who believe and think, they design system and thinking as if there is, and they preach others as if there is, but their practical reality is very different, which is very paradoxical thinking and belief people have. It seems that they are not sure.

What most attribute in this regard, the three concepts which are important to think and believe that the existence of next world as proof. These are faith, hope and promise. When one has faith, they say, you can push the mountain, in reality they cannot even push a simple car, when one gets stuck in the middle of road and seek their assistance to make it to the corner of the side so that others can go well and avoid disturbance on the road. Most of the thinking are assumptions and are not even warranty to existence of such worlds. Even if many things are written on many books about the existence of such world, this does not guarantee to such existence.

Based on books and people’s belief, one could tell that there are possibilities of existences of such worlds, but based on what people practically show and manifest in this objective world, it is the contrary in which people assume that there is heaven and hell, but the way they manifest their separation of those dear people in terms of death sound that they are going to hell, although the feelings of separation and departing creates sorrow, but how people accept and welcome such incidence is different. Although people claim that it is the degree of regards and respect they have to those separated, but it sounds that there is mixed feeling of uncertainty where such people are going and their degree of attachments they have for such people.

Most people perceive this world and other worlds by belief and thinking they are bounded by, which are inherited by the past generations, and there is no point that they can create new since they are content, even if they are wrong and fake. They cannot accept the new and different ones—human resistance—even if they are correct. This is for many reasons, which are attachment to the existing ones, fear or lack of trust, and suspicion on new and different ones, and hence they prefer to live in the comfort zone they have, even if they are wrong. The other reason is egocentric and self-centered feelings and thinking since most people do not accept or admit their failure even if they are wrong, they prefer to live by making plastic surgery on their thinking and belief machinery than removing while it is wrong and fake.

Life is in this world is like mirage on the asphalt. One thinks, there is water at far distant, when one reaches that distance, there is no such thing except the optical illusion one creates on one’s mind earlier than what practically exists on the asphalt road, which is mere illusion and empty. Assume here there that there are 12 passengers in a minibus, and they have different thinking and belief. When they travel, they could open a conversation, and they could not even agree in many of the things they discuss about. And, in the middle of the travel, then, an accident comes and such accident did not touch anyone of them. What they do here, and such miracle is interpreted and understood in way their faith or belief dictate.

In reality, it is the accident that they have in common at this given point, but their belief is interpreted and understood according to their given thinking and belief, which they assume, it protects and saves them from that given accident, is different and personal. In such case, it could be the skill of the driver, and other possible causes that saves them, but they attribute, relate and associate such incidences with their belief system. This is one of the characters of being human everywhere.

Why do we relate to whatever things we face as different and new matters, with past, or things we know even if such matters are unique and different? Is this from the point view of that tells, I know everything, or everything is written in my palm or our diary books, past books, in my belief and thinking, in my house, my quarter, and nothing new can happen and come? What is the point of trying to justify the truth of a matter or anything that happens different from the point view of standards and cultures already on hand? Which one is better, to revise the standard or to reject the new and different matters that are even true? This is up to the users.

Truth means to be exact, accurate, fact and so on. Facts can be ascertained, but not fabricated with fake and false documents and evidences. When the truth of any matter is justified with wrong and false procedures, it leads to catastrophe and disappointing ends since the process is wrong. Truth and cannot be measured and judged by false standards and fake procedures. And it is not possible to test the validity of matter by wrong and fake measurements that lead to wrong and false ends. When fake and wrong procedures are installed, those who participate in this drama are fake and wrong, and is not possible to expect right from such people.

In this case, truth has no patience to wait for false procedure to proof, but rather it paves its own way in its own way and mechanism than make a fool wish. It does not even wait until the right and proper procedures and standards are installed in the system but it creates its own mechanism and system in its own way. In this case, new world comes into being that replace the fake and wrong one as those before it does since the existing ones are fake, and they cannot accept the truth without a coin, but they are found cooperating the lie, trick and deception, but with money.

In order to bring the truth inside the city of light, the false and doubts should be removed. The Truth cannot cooperate and work with lie, and deception. It has no interest and desire to work and live with trick and deception. Here, they are not capable and they cannot get along. In this case, as those before it does, truth always germinates with humble beginning, but ends up being complex and great in its own good time by the good people it attracts. This is one aspect and nature of this world. Hence people will stop asking, how do we know? Many people start knowing it and realizing it, and here they lose power and strength to stop it, but truth rather obtains strength and recognition by others since it is only true.

Time—Curse or Blessing

April 22, 2013

Every day has its own color. Every day has its own sound. Every day has its own illusion. Every day has its own dream. Every day has its own nightmare. Every day has its own vision. Every day has its own pollution. Every day has its own beauty. Every day has its own noise. Although it is very hard to consider a day as 100 years, a year, or thousand years, what one knows about a given day is as it is scientifically measured that it has 24 hours, or 1440 minutes, or 86, 400 seconds.

In this 86, 400 seconds in a day, neurologists claim that a given person thinks more than 60,000 things per day. This means a given person thinks about a thing like in 1.44 seconds. One thinks about a given matter, which takes 1.44 seconds, and as the number of things a person think decrease, the amount of second a person spend on thinking on that given matter increases. However, the underlined and the bottom line second according to such given study are 1.44 seconds.

Every day is equal. Every day is not different from the other day in terms of length and duration since 24 hours is equal to one day. The feeling and thinking of specialty on days happen, in most cases, in the world of human beings since they want to make few days as significant and special depending on the calendar dates and the type of things they make on their lives Thus, people singled out few days and mark them as different and special in which they claim, this is the day, we pie on this side; this is the day we kill a bird; this is day we stop sleeping and the like.

They make days significant as per relationship and workings, but days by themselves never claimed that we are special. This does not mean that every day is same. Every day has its own color and sound. Meaning, the weather type, the type of heat, cloud, and rain it delivers, makes every day become different. The type of circumstances it offers to the people and world makes it different. Naturally, earthquake hits a given land, and that day become heavy in the lives of such people since it induces fear and frustration. Clear sky, nice weather and beautiful climate makes a given place look beautiful, and it affects their thinking and mood in life.

When a person has plan to do something, one takes much of one’s time in thinking about that given object or goal. In this case, the amount of time one thinks on one given subject is focused and mainly concerned about similar matter. In this case, a given person thinks much of one’s time thinking about that given aspect of life. One of the interesting aspect of life as human reality is time and time management, which needs organization and management skill. People use their time and manage their time according to the type of things they do, their vision and goal in life, and their capacity as well.

Basically most people knowingly and unknowingly plan their time—24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week—to meet and satisfy their basic needs and human realities in which such needs and realties are material, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs. They classify and categorize and manage their time in way their way of life dictate. Few try to balance; others go by the way of life tells and asks them to go. Hence, the idea of creating harmony between time and their life style is mainly dependent upon the type of life style they have and the goals they set in life.

While such interaction and elements of life are going on, a given person’s time is affected by emotions and thinking. This means, when a person is depressed, one takes much of one’s time thinking and feeling about depressive matters, and the mood is the same, but the type of objects one thinks and spends in thinking are similar such as mourning, war, and other sad stories. When one is in happy mood, one spends much of one’s time in happy matters and aspects of life, and shares happy stories to other people. Both conditions are contagious and what people practice.

What is quite interesting in here is that when time is measured in relation to a given work, and people which have very interesting impact. Assume that a given office has one staff and works for eight hours per day. There is another office that has two staff and works eight hours per day. When both have same amount of work done in a day, but they have different amount of working hours per given day. The first one has eight hours per day, but the second has 16 hours in given day since manpower is the factor here. The amount of work is what matters in assigning manpower.

When time is managed based on the amount of work done, and the type of things one wants to accomplish, there are certain conditions one should consider. Work should be measured by time it takes than manpower. When the aspect is something that requires more time, manpower here has no impact. For example, when one is engaged in the research work, research requires more facts, data, and thinking and ideas that need one to arrive at concrete decisions. In this case, when one increases number of people, unless and otherwise it is for data collection, they have nothing to do with the type of conclusion what one wants to deliver since they should not be told of the final point one want to reach; this matter is very confidential and others could steal and claim as if this is their own finding.

When time is created, it is up to the user; it depends on the user type; it is to mean that there are people who accumulate wealth; there are people who obtain prestigious education; there are people who obtain fame and rank; there are people who discover something; there are people who do things according to their capacity; there are people who do several things in several ways and manners; and whatever approach people devise, time is one of the resources and tools people use to do something, although the type of society and the system society is shaped in is one aspect, individual volition and effort is another aspect.

The other aspect here in relation to time is that prioritization and time in which people prioritize their need, and they budget their time accordingly. When a person takes or puts watching cinema as priority number one, this person could be an actor or a person whose job is related to such area. When a person gives much time in reading books, this person could or aspires to be a writer. When a person gives much time in watching market places, this person could be broker or marketer. This is to mean that people budget much time to the type of function they focus most, and they budget time accordingly.

When there are things that need much time and energy in order to arrive at definitive conclusion, people could budget few hours per day in order to arrive at that given point and goal until that end point becomes their daily routine. This end point can be a point that cannot seemly be reached, but to think and work on it that it can be reached, not only as hope, but also as reality is a nice thing, since things change and many things are not in the hand of those individuals who think that they can decide the fate of others. History and referring history books is simple and there is no advice one seeks from others. None is the owner and author of Time.

In this regard, one works on daily basis on the work one is doing—Past, Present and Future—until this work is finally done. The work is going on phase by phase. There are many phases one is working on. Every phase has its own character and feature, and every feature has different actors and agendas. People act and react based on the type of things they choose—be it good or bad.. There is nothing one stops here. I do not understand and listen to everyone, but I listen to my instinct and dreams. It is not my bed or sheet that makes one to have truthful dream, but nature. Bon Voyage, again, to everyone in this City!!

The Sophistry

April 20, 2013

One of the interesting aspects of life on the earth is the suspense it creates in all aspects in which people expect something that makes their stay on earth very spicy. Expectation augments one’s intense desire for living. That is why many people create hope so that their life on earth becomes interesting, and they achieve at the end of day. However, when such expectations are wrong and fake, they result in disappointments and wrong ends.

There are certain words that can be concepts; there are certain words that cannot be concepts due to the nature of meaning and their practicality and influence they have on this world and the people at large. Amongst them is the word infallibility, which is void of error or mistake. When people claim that such thing is true and practical, the mistake starts by its very definition and understanding.

God and the idea of God is justified by a phrase, unknowable essence, and whatever aspects are attributed to such entity is justified since it is not known, but a matter of agreement. Agreement does not comply with the truth. We do not know God, and it is not possible to proof he infallibility of God.

There are other assumptions that are underway, such as the most great infallibility, great infallibility and infallibility, which mean that there are three layers of infallibility. Mistakes are mistakes, but one understands the level and amount of mistakes institution commit than their degree of infallibility since to err is natural, and very human.

When concepts are derived, they should be truthful, realistic and practical than be mere outburst of emotions and feelings of the author. Hence they exist being mere wish than be in a reality since their nature is inconsistent with the truth and reality. There are many concepts that are underway on earth, they could stay for more than thousands years as well, but their practical translation and reality is tantamount to novel book story than being practical and truthful. Thus, they live by tricking many people and deceiving the world at large since they are getting used to in the daily lives of most people.

Therefore, it is not possible to expect the perfect world while living in imperfect world, a complete world while living in an imperfect world, thus people live with hope and faith that they can attain certain goals in life than live with fake and empty mindset such as the concept of infallibility, which is wrong and fake. It is not possible to be infallible since it needs to be in perfect and complete mindset, which is not possible since thus world is imperfect and incomplete in aspects such as the social reality like justice, rights, freedoms and so on.

Although there are good solutions and ideas that serve society up to certain period of time, in which time, they could be proven wrong in due course of time. Time is one factor in which a given mindset could be correct for certain period of time, but could be found as wrong and lie in due course of time. In this case, infallibility is not something that can be considered as fore granted, but time is one factor, this is for cases related to natural sciences which can be proven by objective experiments.

In matters related to God and the absolute reality, the first mistake is the assumption made in which how come given institution claim itself as infallible while the claims made to the Unknown Reality, which is God, whose manifestations and translation to this world cannot be known by limited beings and imperfect beings, whose temple is limited to money and sand, and a reflection of their personal exposures in life. As there are good sides of such people have, there are many weaknesses such people have and their combination is result of both good and bad.

How come such impure, imperfect, incomplete beings claim the guidance they state in which when such guidance could come thru the above, while being corrupt, killing, and other bribery situations are going on. Where is such infallibility and the perfection claims where the behind drama is different and impure?

In this given case, what one has practiced in past life is a learning, but one never accepts such claims at present and in the future.  Even God is fallible since we do not know it, people claim the game of infallibility under sheet and stupid game and drama. Who cares about infallibility, but one cares about oneself than such institutions and the claims people make. And it is good to know the dramas and theaters on the stage, and the conspiracies and sabotages that are going on behind. One learns a great deal, and it is nice to get a learning here, but it is bad to belong to any particular religion and politics in this world as a principle.