Memory and Power

March 30, 2013

When most children grow up in the schooling environment, what the schools could possible teach regarding the power of memory is in their lessons they deliver, in which those teachers do say at the morn of every period, do you remember what we have discussed or taught yesterday. This is how the power of memory start functioning in which most associate memory with reading, writing and understanding which augment other capacities of memories in indirect manner such as the power of smell, taste, feeling and the like.

As more interaction and communication with the environment is enlarged, one interacts with others senses organs in which everyone becomes aware of being human and what human being should do or not, what one likes and does not, and thus, everyone come up with recipe of one’s life in which one have taste and flavor of life according to exposures and choices people make in life.

And such processes of life is going one, one has memory. The memory stores everything—activities, images, smells, tastes, feelings, thoughts, actions and reactions—in which both good and bad aspects of such mentioned realities are stored in the memory. When one faces certain matter if it is in the memory, the memory brings it up on the mind since it remembers. And people say, “I remember”, which is the bridge between past and present. When one loses such faculty, the bridge between past and present collapses.

For instance, last time I went somewhere. I did smell a perfume which I use to have it on my body decades ago. I was some how in past mood of life in which this makes me remember not only the smell, but also the place and the types of things and people I met in life. I connected the smell, place and people and activities I used to do while I used to have such perfume. Memory is in interesting faculty which integrates not only time, but also activities, people and events too.

When one meets someone whom one knows in the past, one remembers not only the object of the person, but also events and activities related to that given person. In this case, the power of memory is used not only to remember tangible objects, but also intangible and abstract realities related to that object of experience. Memory is interesting aspect of human reality in which most think that it is fore granted due to the fact that one already have. But the power and potency of such memory is measured not only with remembrance of the tangible, but also with intangible aspects but related to that object.

The other aspect of such memory in which people are heard of confusing the object of memory with the event in which they remember the person, but they confuse what they did or what type of activity they have performed with that given person, in cases they  confuse the activity they have done with one person with the other. This is related to disorder of remembrance and other weakness of memory in which people are not attentive and watchful in their performing of activities since they do not have diary and other useful tools that help them remember in way they can quote the right person with the right activity of past.

That is why people face a memory loss disease which is known as Alzheimer.  Researches state that “The most common cause of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease (AD). AD is a progressive and irreversible brain disorder. The actual cause of AD is unknown. AD slowly damages, and then destroys, a person’s memory, judgment, reasoning skills, personality, autonomy, and bodily functions. The disease specifically affects several components of the brain. These include: a gradual loss of brain cells, called neurons; damage to neurons so they no longer function properly; the loss of neural connections—called synapses— where messages are passed from neuron to neuron”. May God Protects this world, and its people from such problem!

And the other aspect of memory in which this world has practiced and used is in written forms and in archives, and with the subject it covers in the schooling and up to University level, called the subject of History. History books tell us past event which people do not live due to the way society and people are shaped to live, history and historian, which are useful elements as components of this world. How far such histories and records of past events are kept accurately and how far they are precise. It is up to the field and those specialists in the field who have scientific basis to prove. History, anthropology, sociology and so are the ones who tell the useful aspect of historical records and help many people to store events and record of past times so that future can be shape accordingly.

The other interesting aspect of the power of memory here is that it gets tricked by the djevou experience one faces in life in which one assumes that when  a given experience come, one automatically thinks that one did face it before, in reality but not except the mere speculations people make and justify about that given experience which made one think that one had it before.

And it is also interesting to note here the power of memory functions and exist in the world of dreams in which one could remember same kind of dreams that did happen before. There are few dreams one could have which could be repeated, same act or same act but different places and the like. In this given case, the power of memory functions even if one is asleep and passive in physical conditions.


Individualism Vs Social Concern

March 28, 2013

They say, human being is a social animal, which indicate that there is an aspect of human reality that goes beyond being an individual. It is automatic to think in here that when a given individual starts interacting with other objects such as another individual, groups, society or community and institution, one develops a kind of awareness that is linked to one’s reality, depending on the magnitude and type of interaction one have towards other.

In this case, one’s knowledge and information about others increases as far as there is interaction and communication in both aspects—positive and negative. And thus, there are various types of people that exist in this aspect of human life in which there are people who show concern to others as there are others who show the reverse. There are people who have superficial or fake gesture of concern, as there are people who have genuine concern towards others, as there are people who have no concern towards the affair of other people too.

While such interaction and communication is going on, one make a pause here that why is that possible to make pressure or make other people force them to show some concern to society or other people due to the fact that they belong to particular nation or society when they think that they are achieved or accomplished, but they are considered as garbage while they live ordinary lives? This makes few people question the integrity of those who put certain pressure on such people due to the fact they are considered as garbage since they have nothing, but they are considered as noble since they have few savings in their accounts or achievements in life, but at same time, they claim that human being is created noble.

In such circumstances, life becomes very interesting since it is mainly connected and related to advantage and selfish interest. Life here becomes like business and marketing, which is profit oriented and maximizations, than social phenomena. Social phenomena is integrated and interconnected and has mutual reciprocity in which when a given individual suffers, society has to help that given person, and when society suffers that given individual has to support that given society. Individuals suffer it is not because individuals are lazy, but rather the society has not put protective mechanism and system to reduce the amount of suffering to individuals. Life in this case is interconnected since society is the one who formulates such recipe of life than that given individual. This is just one aspect.

The other aspect of individual to society relationship is that no matter how a given individual behave in any circumstances, society thinks and feels responsible to any individual in its component whatever character and thinking a given person has, society assists individuals as far as such individual do not disturb their neighbors. It respects right and freedoms of individuals than force them to behave in certain style as the norm does. Individuals feel responsible to society since they are not stigmatized and discriminated, and whatever style and fashion they have, they feel accountable and responsible to the society or community they belong and such feelings of social concern becomes natural. This is another aspect.

The other level of interaction and communication in here is that a higher level of interactions and communications individuals reflect and manifest whatever bad or negative attitude society show and manifest to them, they do good to society and community they belong as result of their personal philosophy and principles of life. This is not from the point view of community or society value, but from the point view and attitude of individuals have as Principle of their life. Although such communities and societies do not deserve respect and recognitions, but individuals by the virtue of their Principle show the necessary respect since they are better in value and principle than societies. This does not mean that they are members of that given community dynamics or system of life.

In such ways of life, social concern and responsibility germinates in the life of individual it is not because society or community deserves, from the point view that it is because society has to change and obtain better level of achievement. In this case, there is no need to open class room or preach, but everyone has to learn from such people, if any. Such individuals play significant role in shaping society or community than the society itself. They should buy a note book and jot down a lesson from such people. Hence, it is not the doctrine of the community or society that matters, but the attitude and maturity of such individuals and the Principe they have in life which is more significant and more essential.

To show concern and feel responsible to society one lives is very natural since all are equally accountable to the contribution of society formulation although acceptance and recognition is another matter. But, the attitude, thinking, philosophy and virtues all should enjoy is by their very nature can be different, but they should have equal right and freedom in the exercise of their practices of life due to the fact it is not communism one is promoting, but rather it is social system and social accountability and social concern. To have social concern and feel social responsibility is natural, but to reflect is another stage of action.

While such given thinking is underlined, when individuals are stigmatized and discriminated—which one observes, in front and in behind—it is not possible to claim here that one should fight back such discriminations. However, one is wise enough to think that such discriminations and stigmatizations has an end and wait for them to finish the fuel of such stigmatizations since it will end as the fuel which is imported will be consumed. In such scenario of life, one prefers to be silent watch their drama until the primal actors are dead.

To have social concern is very natural and necessary component of life. This is what one knows and realizes, but there is no point that others should impose since individuals act and react based on the impact society make on their life. This is done when the society accepts one’s effort and thinking and motive, it is nice since it is understanding that matters. When society understands individuals in suspicion and with misunderstanding and misinterpretations of their thinking and act, then it is society that should change its perception and interpretation skill than such individuals. It is understanding and interpretations of thinking, communication, interactions, and actions that matters than what individuals want and desire.

Inventions and Their Valleys

March 27, 2013

Few years back, I was in the middle of debate in a place where religious views were shared. This was between a man who had a different experience, which he called as the exercise of power of evil,[which I do not care], with woman and a man who do not think and believe that there is no such evil power,[which I do not care] that exist on the earth. Both groups share their views in relation to the book they believe and think, although that man had added an experience he claimed as the power and exercise of evil in relation to his belief system and the way he thinks correct.

After that conversation, which I was passive to actively participate, but was reserved to share my thought since this topic was not clear to me. And I went home with meditating on the topic, not only on the subject matter, but how people address such subject matter. Both groups were sure that their books dictate their belief system than what their experience and practice tell. And I was somehow get stuck there, talking to myself if any experience hits or visits my life which can be contrary to what the book or my belief system tells, do I have to reject the experience or the belief system was the core idea I did contemplate further.

Then I came to an idea that none knows everything; everyone knows very limited things, and how come I reject such an experience which could sound strange and cannot be defined in any book or belief system, but rather I should make personal research and further investigation than deny such experience as if it never happened and blame my imagination in order to arrive The Truth of that experience. Even that personal imagination thing is also an experience and something which I should study further. Hence, I keep on doing my personal research and personal project, phases by phase, in order to find out The Truth. Now, I have arrived at a concrete Truth which satisfies my thirst since I am the one who questions it and find my own answer.

The point in here is that when any given person faces certain experience in life, does that mean that it is irrelevant or not an issue until it hits certain amount or number of individuals due to the fact that such experience is considered as issue or a hoax. None knows and realizes a given person in better manner than the person oneself, and it is not possible to claim here that a given person is lair and deceiver since such practice is done in way objective evidences are put although there are certain matters that can be justified in that manner. And as far as that person’s request is protection, not even funding, as ordinary citizen, there is no point to threaten or gossip all over as if one is mischief maker or deceiver.

Based on such personal experience, one comes to definitive idea that the touchstone of defining and measuring The Truth of any given reality in this world is based on numbers, by the voice of the majority. And even if others come to justify such numbers, they are denied because they are few; there are other factors like, power, money, prestige and the like. In this case, one waits for the numbers and money related matter until such Truth is realized, this does not mean that what one faces and know is wrong and a lie, but not the case in here.

We live in world where measurements are biased and mistaken since Truth cannot be measured by numbers, money, and power and so on since all are fakes. They are vain and empty. They work for certain period of time, and they have expiry dates as medicines do. When their expiry dates come, others will replace them and take same vicious circle of activities. Various thinkers and scientist of the world are testimonies. They know truth of realities ahead which are not liked by those who are in power and authority and thus they suffer; they face difficulties since measurements were biased and mistaken. Time and reality testifies to their truth in later times. When a person faces difficulty for purpose, it delivers joy and happiness than sorrow.

A good example in this regard is about a scientist who invented the laser. The scientist who invented laser was ridiculed by the scientific community in few decades before. They said he invented nothing since they did not how to use it, for what purpose such invention can be implemented. Later on, when they realized that there are something useful behind such invention, they used for good purpose such as CD, VCD and the like. Now such invention resides in every single household. This is the story of this world few decades ago in which scientific civilization is advancing in nice way forget about the times of Greek thinkers and the period of Galileo in Italy.

This is not to claim that one has an invention or discovery, but it is from the point view of telling stories and sharing views as to how far this world is behaving in such manner in relations to such inventions, and other strange experiences people face in life in which they are heard of being rejected and denied since the drama and theater behind has different color and sound which is not known by the mass. They say, what value can this invention add in order to disqualify any claim, but they forget that when any claim is made, there is a value that it can add unless bias and jealousy are cases here or their eyes are covered with blindness or bad or dirt eyeglasses.

Coming back to the idea of invention, even though there are people who could have different kinds of invention, the readiness and maturity and understanding of society and their respective leaders remain constant and unchanged due to many factors. The first one is suspicion that result from lack of trust of new and different ones. The second one is personal interest and selfish advantages. The third one is due to ignorance and fear. The fourth one is due to biases and prejudices.

While such theatrical drama is going on the stage, this world has undergone tremendous inventions and accepted profound findings to date due to the fact that it has no choice, and there is no other way this world can go and function, and welcomed many inventions although such resistances are there. For this, one is very grateful since there is always Bright Sun coming out after thick darkness.

Idea—A Friend and A Partner

March 26, 2013

What good is there in producing movies and music of same color and tone, but different actors on the stage? What good is there in producing movie to the blind? What good is there music for the deaf? Such aspects of life—Music and Movie and Art—are spices of life in which they make peoples stay interesting and create certain feelings of excitement on life. However, when they start becoming boring, they put society in danger, and society could find different ways and means of entertaining.

That is why different ways of life exist on the earth. And last time, I was reading an interesting article which state that new idea in the holy wood is becoming dead, in which such people are heard saying they are bored of the movies that are currently on the stage due to repetitive and similar ideas entertaining on the movies out. We live in world where things we see and hear become and tantamount to noises although they are produced with the intention of delivering new messages.

People have to make a pause and ask why this happens for. Are we not creative or there is no idea left over? For this, it is simple to go to the media coverage in which one can come up with ratio analysis in relation to the number of people exist in the world with the number of inventions that are on the stage and underway on daily basis. Most are trapped with daily routines in which economy is the concern than invention. But, invention can secure economy.

What is the root cause of the loss of new ideas on any given society? What makes given society and people become a people who live in same style and rhythm, in which thinking outside the norm sounds and is considered as sin or crime? What makes given society to live with thinking that should go in consistence with what they want? Is need drive thinking or thinking drive need? What makes people to live in way their thinking machinery is already designed and permit them to do so, even if they think contrary to their belief or thinking machinery, they do not?

One of the major reasons is lack of the right freedom people and society should exercise. This starts from childhood, then goes up to maturity. In this given case, family philosophy, community or society philosophy and state philosophy matters in which the doctrine that people are shaped does matter. Freedom does not necessarily go to political system, but goes down to the family upbringing and style and the way any given community dynamics is shaped as well. This also includes schooling, friends, working environments, and café and restaurant policies and so on.

In this regard, the concept of freedom has different features. In a religious mindset, freedom is related with idea of the observing and being obedient to what they call the laws and commandments of God, in which true freedom lies in observing such laws and commandments. In political mindset, freedom is connected with freedom of speech, writing, observing proclamations of human right and the like. In philosophical aspect, most associate with thinking, and the right and alternatives set in expressing and practicing any thinking. In scholastic environment, freedom is an idea that requires a free environment in making researches and experimentations, investigation, which dislike outside pressure and influences.

The idea of freedom is mostly confused with the idea of observation and obedience, in which what dictionary defines and people know, but how such given concept is derive out of interaction and communication people make is different. When there is law, there is order; when there is law, the idea and practice of freedom is under limit since law combines and integrates needs of society, community, institutions and many individuals. Although dictionary defines it nicely, concept limits in different way. Thus, one makes a pause and tells others, it is defined in a dictionary like this, but its practical application is different; it is subjective, relative, and contextual.

The other major reason for lack of new ideas is the attachments most have towards the existing thinking and systems, in which they assume that we are okay and fine, and there is no need to bring new and different ones. This is one of the cancers this world has to remove due to the fact that such mindset are created with the intention of putting those leading figures ahead of everyone and it is their deliberate move since they have huge resources to protect the dramas they have and due to the upper hands they already have over others and on the eyes of the public. However, most people forget that they can be better and worthier than these people and they become submissive to the ideas and morale of such people.

The other major factor is the system and way of life in which it is the result of mechanics and mechanical way of life. People are becoming more of machines and their way of life is boring in which they have same type of routine in their lifestyle. And most people are shaped to think like follower and admirer than a leader. They work like 5 or 6 days a week; they spend few hours in entertaining of various types, but like the motto is same; they do home related work and activities and the like. They call their friends and have get-together. They think that they are doing various activities, but the formats of their activities are very few and they cannot go outside such formats due to the system and way of life which is already installed.

Beside the fear and ignorance, which are the two evil actors of such drama, the fear of consequences is another aspect one should figure out and emphasize more. Most people have different kinds of fear. These are the fear of rejections, the fear of failures, the fear of other possible consequences that could put the author of new ideas in places like court, jail and the like. These are few factors for most people to choose the way of life they currently have since they already live in comfort zone.

In any case, this world constantly needs new ideas and matters. Otherwise, this world will be in danger. These new ideas should not only facilitate and help grow the existing good ones, but they should deliver new and different ones untried before that could make people to think in different perspective, which allow people to be more of human than being a machine. In this case, courage is one factor; detachment is another aspect; curiosity is an aspect here. When such combinations are integrated, this world will constantly emerge to be new, beautiful and different, and people’s keen desire and interest to live will augment.

This is not time to think, facilitate, accommodate and promote hate politics in every aspect of human affairs and fields of study, but this is the point and time when and where diversity of opinions and views are to be respected, reflected and manifested. We live in very different age and century in which progressive ideas and thinking are all over the stage. Then, one should make a difference to all over.

Hence, it is possible to disagree with one’s view, but it is not possible to make any given idea die or remove as far as that given idea is the requirement of the age, whatever hatred and opposition is going all over, that given idea will flourish, prosper, spread wide over and will become a friend in any given home and land, which will dine in any house since that given idea is liked. Everyone will start protecting and preserving that idea since that idea becomes and belongs to them than the author. It is will power and the magnitude of that thinking that makes any given idea to be partner and friend with anyone. The color of language is not important, but idea is the crux. Idea is a nice friend and partner than what people can offer.

An Apple or A Carrot for an Eye!?

March 25, 2013

Is it possible to tell the fate of this world by past books, in which there is an already underlined assumption and thinking that states that this world has an end, in which such end has different justification and interpretation, in world where most think that God changes his mind and plan thru passage of time, due to the fact that there is an observations that makes people think in such way? Is this possible to tell the fate of our world by just reading and practicing books, which are already revealed but failed,which looks like reading script and making theatrical act on the stage, or there are other mysteries that people do not have clue, but happen thru time?

Is this possible to tell the fate of any person, even if conspiracy and sabotage are strategies and means that can lead a person to bad end? NOT. When any given person knows that there are people operating behind to make or take that given person to sad end, and if that given person is aware enough, one should not take haste decision or bad action against oneself, but rather one makes a pause and take actions that are contrary to what they think and desire. In this case, to think positive and do good is the only remedy that one can do on daily and hourly basis.

In this world, there are different and major plans operating, in front and behind. The first one is what the nations and people of the world at individual, community and institution level plan originally such as, in five years, yearly, semi-annually, weekly, and daily and the like. This is the combinations and mix of such plans in which given individual, community and institutions plan based on the time frame work, space mindset and what they know and believe and they all coordinate and integrate their resources, time and energy in order to achieve betterment in all aspects. This includes both good and bad plan. This is just one aspect.

The second plan is a plan made by such given matrix, in which it adjusts itself since there is deviations and circumstance that make things go contrary to what is already expected. In budgetary accounting, this is called, the flexible budget or plan in which adjustments are made when things are going contrary to what is already visualized or planned, and thus another plan is required to make a given plan be realistic and objective so that it can be measured and monitored so that effective administration and utilizations of resources can be made at the end.

The third plan is plan that has no form or structure, but is assumed and expected that there is matter or something that can happen beyond such expectations, which they call it contingency, in which such deviations cannot be objectively quantified, but there is an already assumed set of mind and state of being that there are always happenings that touch reality that cannot be forecasted accurately, but something can happen. They call such aspect of this occurrence as a risk; and thus risk management and plan is required since such matter cannot be quantified easily and accurately. That is why people or companies ask insurance companies to give them security and cover them a protection. There could be many different and other plans too.

When anything goes beyond such reality, it is really undefined and unknown. There cannot be any plan that can be devised in order to see the future precisely. And thus there is no need or want that anyone can seek since one has already tried to see future and the business of life cannot be outside such matter since one has already devised present and future based on realistic ground, but the failure goes on the variables one takes in order to arrive or forecast precisely.

For example, an airline company has to see the necessary components in which both inside and external factors and elements are to be studied which includes also both human and natural factors, such as the weather and other related aspects. When such airplane industry forgets the number of eagles that fly over the sky that can disturb the engine or the flight, here, the company is in disaster although such factors are the business of air traffic controllers. It is known here that such eagles are easy and simple factors, and they can be removed easily or the plane has to fly over the sky in a time when there are no such flying objects. The right solution in here is that it is not removing the eagle as nice and human solution, but making them alive and having nice and safe flight since both are equally important.

The problem comes when there is already biased outlook and mistaken idea at the beginning when people make and take the variables such as in the case of animals or few segment of society which could lead people to make wrong conclusion when people devise plan and make strategy since they have already mistaken idea at the beginning. For instance, let one bring to attention here the character of the snake as deceiver which is already put in the book, but in reality, and there is already underlined convention that claims that everything created is good. If everything is created good, there is no point that people make stories to justify as if one is good or bad, here the outlook originally is biased and confused from the very beginning.

Many of the things we face in this world, in which this world looks like a confused enigma at this point, and many people try to justify happenings and present occurrences within this world from the point view of past traditions and books, since they are already programmed under certain thinking machinery, and they cannot live outside that given circle since they live like a fish, not even a human. In such confused and enigmatic world, it is obvious to expect different contradictions and confusions. In this case, it is better to remove those matters that one does not understand than further investigate know such matters is the trend this world has undergone since ignorance is the basis of the charter.

Nowadays, things are very different and many things have changed and many progressive thinking and people are everywhere. It is possible to know everything and everything can be objectified and known when further clarity is asked and sought, since it is possible otherwise it is the failure of those people who have failed to justify and know. This is not the world of “I do not know”, but it is it the world of knowing and the world of making further knowledge and thus, when any failure comes contrary to what people have already visualized or forecasted and that did not put in way they have already put on their marshal or regular plan, the failure goes to the planning or the planners since planning is an eye of nation, people, company, which failed to see accurately and precisely.

The Other Side of A Coin

March 21, 2013

A coin is a currency which is used to buy a thing from department store or any market. Every nation has its own currency, what varies here is the type of mineral or matter in which the coin is made up, the color, the size, shape, beauty, and the purchasing power, which depends upon GDP and GNP and other factors, which is left to the economist who are doing such calculations and recipe. That is not the intention here.

For example, a given coin is made up of iron or aluminum. When such matter is put in the pocket of someone whose trouser is made from synthetic or fabric, which does have its own side effect on the skin or the health and cleanliness of the trouser or skin, in which being a coin is not warrantee or guarantee on the side effects it is going to bring on the body of the who hold them. Thus, people take it even though they know that it has its own side effect and pros and cons due to the fact that they cannot survive without having that given coin since they can buy and sell things.

One of the reasons why those who are developed use the credit card system in which they reduce the amount of risk, burden and side effect such transactions and exchange of coins could come about. Thus, it is safe to use single card system for huge amount of coins and money exchange. This makes life simpler and easier and even safer to communicate and interact in which carrying numbers and numerous coins and paper money could create its own stress in which few people are heard, they are nervous when they carry much money in their pocket.

Life in this world is like that in which there are many things people do since they have to survive, whatever consequences such aspects do have, otherwise it is not possible to survive, thus they do it since they have no choice even if they are not obliged by external force, there is no such pressure from the outside, but they just do it since this world is designed in that given way and style. The method and how people do live, it is because they have to get a coin with its pros and cons, one just put it in one’s pocket. This is done, since one has profession and will to work.

The paints, color, pictures or images in a given coin does not guarantee the consequences it is going to bring about, but rather they are essential values of coin, and without them, that coin cannot be considered as coin since the identity of that given coin is dependent upon the type of things added on the matter even if they can add another complications on the skin of the person who holds it. Again, there is no other choice, but people continue holding it. There could be preventive study and mechanism and research made on the type and nature of that coin and its health impact on people, that is one good thing, but researches could be made and decisions are done since it is immaterial, and less destructive, but the harm is still there.

The moral of this idea is on the impacts of certain processes or system or way of life, even if they are considered or known as something, but they could have another irrevocable identity and character on behind, which could be bad, which they cannot avoid, and is something different to what is put on the face value or know by others. The ray of the sun is good since it makes everything to be seen and feasible to everyone, as there are cancer that are caused by such radiations as few research suggest. These pros and cons things are everywhere and there are inseparable things and matters of life on the earth, they call such aspects as twin duties and the like.

Take another example here. Knife is a good one in which when one is nice chef, one knows the purpose behind such tool, but when one is a member of gang, one uses for bad and evil purpose. Thus, knife has dual purpose as coin does in which coin is an aluminum or iron by its nature and character, but it has also another purpose which serves the beneficiary or any person who carries it. Duality is one aspect of life on the earth in which such duality always causes or results such as contradictions due to the contrary aspects of such functions, which depend on the user capacity and skill.

What is quite important in here is that it is not only the matter which is inert, but the activation of the matter which is equally necessary and it should not be confused as if it is its intrinsic character and reality of the matter. In any case, the matter is a matter but can have duality in its aspect depending on the type of the user. Information Technology is another aspect here in which it makes life easier and faster. They say haste is worthier than inertness, in which Information Technology makes everything to be in faster way of communication than make people being sleepy and slow as delay is not a good and correct choice.

This world has dual matters in many aspects, in which duality is one of the features of this world. It is not possible to tell one and ignore the other, but it is being realistic by taking two aspects of given matter, in which one is always good; the other is always bad. Both exist in this world and they are found in objective realities and as part and parcel of this world. This duality has also other aspect; one is the seen, the manifested, the told; the other is hidden, untold, undiscovered. Both exist as part and parcel of this objective world. It is just matter of understanding and awareness.

Democracy—A Vision or A Wish

March 19, 2013

It is quite interesting to note the struggle people make in installing a system which was alien to the way of life before. For example, in countries where there was no democracy, it is formidable to install it since many people live in traumatic thinking and attitude of being undemocratic since the scar is very hard to remove, which could require time, may be a century. The tendency and inclination of being dictatorial in leading the world is still underway.

Democracy is about social equality, but in relation to the process of establishing system, there are always models as there are bad examples within a given system. They say Rome was no built in a day, which is an indication that tells that everything is process and nothing comes in 24 hours. However, there are few aspects that could delay such process due to excuses such system create and such excuses are justified by the process thing, but in reality they are failures.

One of the good things in here is that there is will and determinations to put in place such system although there are impediments that create obstacles to the path underway and in place. This is one good thing. The system practices it within its own boundary, which is not enlarged to greater and outside circle. One has to be member of that given group to practice such democracy since it is allowable when one is member. The point of having such democracy is from the fear of pressures or since it is life and death thing due to the way society has been structured and other factors.

The other factor in here is that they think that they are better than others in this field of democracy since they have practiced for more than few decades while others live in dictatorial lifestyle. This is one of the things one heard all over in the city in which they are heard saying that this society is till immature to have or practice democracy, but they with confidence say they are author of democracy in this nation, by showing dictatorial gesture and tones in their speech and undertakings, and this is what one calls a paradox of democracy in the society.

In societies where fear is induced in one or other means in past, to install the software of democracy is not easy since the hardware is not compatible. It needs upgrading the hardware first before it installs the latest software. Tolerance and understanding are one factor, and there are also other important elements one has to figure out before such claims are made. There is fear induced in terms of weapon, in terms of economy class and other aspects in which supporters of such system are playing casino games on the public and they are used as tool to justify such claim.

For example, there are growing numbers of those people who accumulate certain amount of capital within given system. They speak louder since it is their bank account that made them shout louder, and the rest listens to these people since they will have same amount in bank account in the future, otherwise they cannot have any means and access to have such accumulation of money in the bank. They are good examples as the installers of such system claim so, and they use them as examples too. But, they do not see the danger in the future and on the society.

What will happen to such system in here is that they can have numerous individual as members since they seek advantage and benefit, but not on the ideology and the principles. Even, when one asks them, what is the capital city of Ethiopia, they could answer like, it is Asmara, and they confront with other people, saying, is that not so, meaning, they do not have clue on the principles and ideology of the political party they follow since their interest is wealth accumulation. Such people are cancers to the system and the society at large since they are bad bridge between public and the state which installs such given system.

While living in such matrix of society, democracy is handicapped since everyone is asked to shut up one’s mouth by the neighbor in one’s given compound, there are at least one spy a system runs, who hears and sees the thing which the innocent people say and do. They make life as rat and cat instead of having a life of human. Hence, people prefer to be silent since they can be misunderstood or misinterpreted by those people who want to hear and understand what they like and want than what the person says and wanted to be understood.

In this matrix, to have democracy is not possible since fear is already induced not only in bullets, but also with psycho make and structure of society. Many people become passive and they say—I do not care—this happens it is not because such people lack concerns for their nation, but these people think that they are perceived as bad, and they prefer to see the entire system in suspicion and prepares trap to put them in jail. Such fear is everywhere; one hears such comments everywhere.

This fear can help given system run nicely, but is this beneficiary and healthier to make such fear stay longer, which could have its own consequences to the future of a system and the next generation. Here the system could need an engine overall. It is always good to copy the good from other nations, in which China is not good example in democracy, although it achieved good economic growth without democracy. Is it not possible to have economic growth with better democratic environment?

Is this not possible to create better environment and way of life in this world in which those developed nations are not even aware? Why do we follow their footsteps of conspiracy and sabotage? Why do not we have better model and way of life in which removing conspiracy and sabotage could be the first agenda for discussion and resolving issues of the society? Why do we justify our acts is whether it meets international standard, as escape goat, why not international standard is measured according to our act? There is energy, resources and time people and institutions spend on such conspiracy theory thing on daily basis, if they apply such energy to the good of their people, they will bear nicest and noblest fruits.

Good example here can be the amount or costs applied and loss of human lives two ruinous wars have on this world—World War I and World War II—what if all those resource have been invested to the good of this world and betterment of its people, tremendous results will be obtained to this date. It sounds that to do bad is easier and simpler than to think and do good in this world, and this world suffers because of the bad choices it makes, but those who already choose the good ones and do good things are the beneficiary and advantageous in any cases.

In societies where such democratic environments are to be put in place, the first condition is readiness, the second aspect is maturity and understanding and the third is action. When such combinations are integrated in good motives, all parties can achieve their goals set in life; they become beneficiaries of the system they want to establish. However, when conspiracy and sabotage are considered as tool and strategy, all becomes victims of such therapy, they yield of no fruit. The point in here is that the mindset. Do we need the system or do we need power or personal advantages?