The Paradox in a Matrix

February 27, 2013

Life in this world is networked and interconnected between creations. Such link and interconnections are at times visible and at other aspects, invisible. The links that integrates them are assumed by others as energy, or forces of attraction or whatever. The most useful element for existence is, in fact, The Sun, without it, life is a chimera. Hence, there are different scenarios of life and the way such life is interconnected and interrelated between individuals, communities, institutions and societies.

This is just an assumption and a scenario. For instance, A communist party in China can be connected with a political party in America be it Democrat or A state of Palestine can be networked with a Republican party in America; they may suit best. Furthermore, Community X and Community Y in this world can be interlinked and intercommunicate in direct or in indirect manners, knowingly or unknowingly too. When a given X is related to any given Y as mentioned, there are processes that make them resemble even though they are under different categories.

In this case, let one take a community X from a religious group, and community Y under a political group, and both live in different parts of the world. This is just one aspect of life in this objective world. And a given person joins a given community since ambition is the drive. Such ambition is relative. And none asks such questions at the very beginning, which is the drama behind by taking few variables such as how they are formulated, and why they are formulated, before any conclusion is made. In any case, they are formulated and they exist by now. What makes them similar or peculiar?

The first one is the goal. When community X is created, it is assumed that it has destiny and promise which is created by a claimed vision whose author is someone, but members assume such ownership is derived thru inspiration from God. It starts from single point such as village or town and then goes to another town of same nation. The families or those who are related to the authors of such vision are primal victims by the system under power since such people go against the plan or goal of the system underway. Since it is religious based, it always starts going against the goal or doctrine of any dominant religion in that system. Sense of dissatisfaction, which result as consequence of being deceived, is one of the causes, here.

When Community Y is created, it is created out of revenge seeking mentality, due to the fact that such resistance is an outcome of any given oppression that exists within a system. Thus, people protest and revolt against that given system in order to free themselves from that given way of life, in such cases, one’s parent or sisters or other relatives have been killed by a system which is considered as dictatorial or being deceived or tricked is another aspect. Another community Y is created with such mentality. Families and relatives of such people are under scrutiny since they put the system under jeopardy.

When both communities interact, they could face similarities in many aspects since their origin is same which is going against the wind, in which they start by opposing what is in the existing system be it political or religious. When they interact with the society, they are minority groups due to the fact that they do not like the system underway and few courageous people are the ones who join them. Most prefer to be passive since courage is the factor here. In courage, detachment and determination are incorporated. And it is obvious, they face hardship although one system belongs to religion, and the other one belongs to political system.

One aspect of similarities here is that they are not liked by the system and thus they are under scrutiny and many wrong doings on them. The other similarities they have are that they have martyrs in which there are people who gave their lives. They have financial stress at the beginning of their struggle and thus many of their plans are handicapped since they do not have enough resource that enable them achieve their objectives. They are considered as enemies of the state since they are not liked, and they are perceived by the mass as bad since they put their life under danger.

They do everything possible to the extent that they use wrong means and methods in order to achieve their mission but they justify whatever wrongs and worse things they do with the accomplishment they have come about. They go everywhere telling that they face tests and trials to whomsoever they meet in life or go to Medias all over, though few give them recognition. They are inconsistent with relation to their objectives and the strategies they use to achieve their goal. They claim that their objectives or goals has a process but it eventually changes and passes various processes, in cases contrary to what they were talking or claiming about in early times.

They live with plastic surgery mentality and every time they change and change once they come to power. In general, they have characters like what the HIV virus has, which is not easily detected by the scientists; in fact what a scientist said about HIV is that it is the weakest virus of all, but has the devastating and disastrous impact in life of human society, which is to mean that they have a paradoxical character and processes of lifecycle. They become forgetful of what they were preaching about—human right, freedoms, justice and the like—which initiators for their going to the field for struggle in their early times since they take power and control everything.

They focus more on protectionism. They have many dos and do not dos, which tell their respective members in order to shape their identity. They tell their members whom to talk or not, whom to shake hands or not, whom to kiss or not, when to socialize or not; where and when to pie; whom to give or not; what kind of TV or media channels to watch or not; what book to read or not. In general, they make fences and walls on the minds of their members in which such members are put in jails which they do not even realize, such imprisonments are related to physical, emotion and intellectual as well. In this case, they produce suspicious people within their setting who go against them due to their own personal experiences or other factors.

Once they get recognition from foreign powers and external entities, they start having different shape and format. Now, everything goes under their mercy and favor. Thus, they do same thing as those people whom they criticized before. Here, they give birth to another force that opposes them. There come another group of people who go to the fields to fight as these people were doing before. They take the format and shape of those people whom they call dictators or brutal leaders in order to protect themselves from such people who go against them. Here they have two enemies as those people before them have. One is inside. The other is external. They live in vicious circle of life until their end as those people before them do.

The other interesting factor is the envy and jealousy factor that consumes their own comrade by their comrades within their circle. When such communities are formed, and it is evident that there are few people or leaders who outshine the rest and they happen to be prominent figures by virtue of their prestigious caliber they develop. In this regard, such people are put under suspicious eyes and they are under two commas in which, the fate of such people is crystal clear. They poison them, they do sabotage on them, and at last, if possible, they could remove them. When such matters appear on the news and to the eye of the mass, the truth is buried. Fabricated stories and lies are presented. This is one of the inescapable characters of such communities.

What is peculiar about these two groups are the religious group takes universal character and nature thru time, it attracts individuals to its domain, but cannot go beyond certain limits since religion cannot solve the problems of the world although it is helpful agent, and is not the only means to acquire spirituality since spirituality is natural and birthright of every one, and people can have different means and methods to develop it thru processes of life. It incorporates different political powers of different nations and gets support from various political denominations. Here it becomes interlinked with politics and political powers of different nations.

Such communities wed with many political powers, and lives with the so called many husbands or wives. After given period of time, this process reaches to its climax and then stops afterwards. And then it becomes and lives by being in one corners of the world as part and parcel of the world. However, the political group belongs to given nation and has boundary, and should live under the mercy and help of other external powers. When it has strong allies, it survives until given period of time, when the allies are gone, the system is gone. It exists not only with the strong controlling mechanism it develops within, but with the support it obtains from foreign power. When support from outside party falls, the system collapses and will be dead.

Although, one belongs to political system, the other belongs to religious mindset; they have same pattern and processes since they pass similar valleys in life routines. In order to protect their stay or extend their life cycle, sabotage and conspiracies are one of the tools they use to promulgate and protect their agenda mission. They develop various tricky mechanisms all over in order to protect themselves from the so called enemies they claim. In reality, they invent their enemies; they fight their enemies; they kill their enemies. This is what one calls a game.

They have enough time and resources to play all these bullshits games since this is their daily routine and job. They have secretive organization operating behind which commits bad acts on others—sabotage and conspiracies—under legitimate offices they have in front, but justify such heinous deeds they do on others from the point view of their undertakings. Labeling and removing people who know their thinking is done by selection. When such communities interact (X and Y), they do not face difficulties since they have similar pattern and characteristics. They have force of attractions since they live in same circle. Both have developed pattern and style in their own good time.

When such systems are transparent, truthful and honest, they would not have a single enemy except such enemies are bad and do not like the truth. The thing is that they have a principle which they do not say it loud, but what others witness on the outside, “All animals are equal, but few animals are more equal”. In this case, those who are in the all animals circle, but are not considered as few animals revolt and protest and fight the system in order to enlarge the cycle of the fewer animals to all animals.

Here, One likes that Greek thinker, who was searching for a person with a candle light in mid day sun, in the middle of that crowd; but they ask him, what are you doing man? And he replied that I am looking for a person. I admire that person since he knows what he is doing, but they do not know what they are asking and they look for, in fact they do not even realize that he was even insulting them.


The Mirage Concept

February 23, 2013

People say, and claim about unity and oneness

In a world, they appreciate a difference

When there is oneness, duality is in doubt

As the nature of this world goes to trinity and quadrupled

And oneness is claimed, sameness is a neighbor

Duality is accepted, diversity is a friend

In such world, in world of diversity

Why do people suffer to make everyone as one?

Why do they sacrifice to change a tree to stone?

A tree is a tree with its fertile soil

Sand can be used to build a nice house

How come a tree and sand can live under a boss?

Where their nature and reality seeks another thing

In world boss is elected and selected and programmed

Nature rejects the artificial and fake one

And can tell and move in its way

People fabricate and shape their own pave

In such world the truth is in the palm of few

Washing with the bloods of the innocents

That needs to get washed and purified

One shall wait for the sanctified world yet to come.


February 21, 2013

There are many layers of worlds and people that exist in this world. These are divided according to different needs and wants, categories and compartments, in which the so called class is one of the group or circle that exist in this world, which is known by many, especially as the elite, in terms of kingship or monarch, royal family, or economy/wealth or intellectual aspects or other aspects of human life. The idea of the elite exist everywhere even in those societies who fight to abolish such classes, they end up formulating their own elite in due course of time. These are normal classifications or compartments that exist in the world. And this is one of the inheritances this world takes as a treasure from the past.

When such conclaves of people are formed, especially in terms under thinking in which various people create certain form of community or society under like-minded category and thinking, and gatherings of such people, they are known as given community or society. This circle can be called the community of friends or the Society of Friends when there is no title. They form an island besides the physical islands people find on the maps. When such undertakings are done with different intentions, the goal is same, to achieve or promulgate a specific mission or objective. These are power and knowledge monopoly over others. People are united to achieve a goal although they have different backgrounds and experiences. They create their own spirals of people. This can be fragmented or centralized, but it is one world by itself.

For instance, when people are organized under ethnicity or race—black or white—the maximum limit such organization or gathering can take place is to a denomination that is very exclusive in which belonging to, knowing and practicing the language and culture of that specific ethnic group or race are the determinant factor. Nature and the practice of such given nature is the actor of such drama than any other aspects. To be part and parcel of such combinations of people are not derived out of intelligence and efforts and choices, although the formation and organization part requires it. It is done by nature and what the natural attraction creates. This is like a tree cannot be carrot like thing. A tree is a tree, wherever it is planted and has grown up. A soil accepts a given tree by nature of compatibility.

When people are organized under professional associations or club, the same is true in which such groups or clubs are exclusive since talent, information and skill they obtain in particular fields are the factors and basis, besides the expertise and experience people acquire in their daily undertakings although choices, and efforts are factors. This combines many people who belong to various and different ethnic group, race and nationalities since the common ground here is skill and information and expertise which is better than the former one since it goes beyond ethnicity or any other small circles. Here a tree can be carrot since it is getting a hybrid thing. When specific plant is mixed up with another different plant, in terms of seedling, the outcome is left to the researcher’s study. Thus, one does a practical and realistic research to get a nice and meaningful result out of different combinations.

When people are organized under form of already marginalized ideology or doctrine, be it religious or political, this combines profession, ethnicity, race, nationalities and the like; it tries to create better and greater magnitude and space that accommodates many people regardless of their profession and backgrounds, and who they are, but what matters here on what they think and believe. This is what they call, human reality is about thinking, not about where one is borne, what type of nationalities one has and the like. This is very fine and better than the rest. This is about the concept of Rene Descartes’, I think therefore I am.

What could be interesting in here is that when people stop thinking further and are content with the already marginalized and underlined thinking they currently hold, considering it as alpha and omega thing, this by itself make them people with certain identity other than their ethnicity, profession and the like, that could convert such thinking to another form of community or society which is not progressive but could be tantamount to a form of ethnicity, or nationality by itself due to the formation and identity they already have in that combination since they reject any different and new thinking to their circle. They are closed minded and narrow minded since they think inside the box, and they are scared to get out of the box due to warm and comfortable zone they have. They are more of club. It is not possible to limit the universe of infinity with finite minds and concepts. This is what John Cage said, I am not frightened of the new ones, but with the old ones, seeking changes in life.

Albert Einstein said, in order to understand things getter, look deeper into nature. In this case, the formation they have be it religious or political, is another identity to what they already have since they are organized under belief and thinking, but they do not allow another new and different ones due to the attachment they have to the existing ones which makes them better than the previous ones, but not better than the new and different ones yet to come due to the objection and resistance they show. Those who show receptivity and accept new and different thinking and belief create their own circle and world and live up to it since they are open minded and think that new ones are better than the existing ones and what they used to believe and think.

Such spirals and conclaves of people do exist in various formations in every community and society people life. What vary here is that the understandings. It is the power of understanding that creates imaginary line between people which make them belong to given circle or not. In fact, in a given community, there are various and different spirals of people that exist due to the way they understand realities and on what they understand although they belong to one big circle.

For example, let one take a variable or an element that exist in this world, which is very down to earth thing, and everyone does and likes. This is sex. A given individual perception until one is matured to have or feel sex is like nil since one is not naturally entitled to feel and think and do about sex since one’s age is below 11 or 10. In this age, one could have information, but has no legal and natural right to do that since age and nature are the factors. Thus, one is waiting for the future to see that.

When one is naturally matured to feel and sense about sex, one could do that act since one finds another partner or matter that feels same way out of interaction. Here what matters is the likes and do not like thing, just satisfaction. One could do it as if one drinks Coca-Cola.  Thus, one finds one’s dimension and perspective for life. Although one did have information about sex and purpose why people do sex which could be related to family planning or whatever concepts derived from family or community or media, while one was brought up, one did it since one is naturally compelled to do that act. This act can also happen at later age when sex is commercialized and industrialized as currently going on.

And the next step is having ownership of a person in which people join company or the so called boyfriend and girlfriend stuff, which assumes ownership of that person’s body and the like. In this case, when one sleeps with another person than what one should do, quarrel and conflict arise. Here sex becomes the cause for conflict and contradiction. It changes its dimension since it possesses certain authority on others due to the fact that it is assumed that it is a sign of respect and sense of concern one has for the other. Here it becomes a manifestation and reflection of virtue and other variables one should take into consideration besides the act itself although being jealous and envious are part of such drama too.

While such interaction is going, one could, later on, find another practical understanding about sex, which is its consequences on others and thus one tries to change one’s attitude towards sex since off springs are the results of such act. Here it becomes an instrument for the continuity of generations hereafter. And sex is institutionalized here with the institution of marriage. Sex becomes under arrest and put in jail. Thus, economy becomes one factor; sense of responsibility is another factor. One’s ambition and vision is another factor. One takes precaution in interaction, and sex becomes like an alcohol not even Coca-Cola since it could take certain forms and shape if no precaution is done due to the fact that it is one of the factors that shape one’s future.

Hence one could sense that there are different layers of thinking and feeling towards same act at different age and levels depending upon type of community or society they exist and belong or thinking one have towards a given act. The first one is natural factor in which one have information about that given act, but cannot and does not do that act since one is naturally and legally not permitted to do so. The second one is the natural feeling, but not legal acceptance which makes people does that given act that includes the industry or the commercial aspect. The third one is its impact on other people, who are around, in which listening and understanding others is another issue. The fourth one is the combined and integrated aspect of that given act in which family planning, which is with the intention of protecting the female, concern for others and the act which is integrated in here.

Observation and understanding of actions and reactions of people towards acts and other objects of understanding raises and ignites the power of curiosity in one’s mind and articulates things about life in way different than what ordinary people could do. Such articulation and way of understanding make few people to perceive things in different way and method than the way it used to be. In this case, such shift of understanding creates an imaginary space between people and thus people formulate their own style and accent and color in life, whether it is acceptable by others, is not even an agenda here. This space is intangible, but can be detected when thinking is outwardly communicated to others. This does not mean that such space does not exist since it is not communicated since understanding needs quite a capacity.

This is what it means to be human, the thinking thing, and it is nature that tells people to think, not the policy and laws people formulate. In nature, one knows the truth, but in laws and policies one is informed on how and when to do it. Conclaves and spirals of people exist and are integrated by the question they raise and the magnitude of their questions create space and media that makes them communicate and interact since they are already united by the power of understanding, whose instrument is the power of question. Question arises as result of one’s level of curiosity and the desire to know things. When people are content with what they have, they are not even willing to ask and go further, and live with the idea of one is okay thing, the idea of being independent is put in to danger since they are dictated by the norm.

People cannot be in same circle and world since they have no same questions. It is not their face or body or profession that creates such worlds, and make them live in same network and world, but the type and magnitude of questions they have on life, reality and other aspects of life. They cannot be fake since questions are natural and integral part of human life. Such actions and interactions create a state of being in their reality and they can understand and communicate easily and nicely. When more number of such humans communicates, they understand, and then they create their own world.

One of the beauties of this world is its diversity, not only in physical and material aspects, but also with other intangible and abstract aspects. Otherwise, if all the people of the world belong to same circle and network, this world will be boring and there is no need to have numerous individuals in the world since they think same and are similar aspects. Difference and the need to have it is very natural, otherwise if one thinks the way other people think, it is just cloning stuff and there is no progress that can be achieved in the human kingdom. One of the achievements of this world is its readiness, although relative, to accept and accommodate new and different thinking although high resistance is always there. Those who have better thinking are like aero plane that flies over the law of gravity and get over the sky and covers the whole world.

There is only one reason why people should think same way, which this is to have some sort of strength since unified people can bring better change, but it is not always possible to think same thing and way; there are always curiosity and question. To be curios is not to be like a cat, but rather, it leads to the valley of question which can lead to the city of answers. People can think same way up to certain level, but they cannot think same way all the time. It is natural to change and shift since change is inescapable and inevitable and natural. When questions become strong, they become significant issues of communities and institutions, and then they form thinking or ideology; here they get pattern and structure. In this case, new world and new network of people are created due to the nature and type of questions people have in life. This is one of the natural patterns of this world. None can stop that.

Confusion and Oppression

February 16, 2013

Khalil Gibran said, “Perplexity is the sign of knowledge”. This is one feature of life. People get confused at one point of their life due to various circumstances they face in life. This is good. Confusion gives birth to clarity when there is a perspective and it is possible to have a view that opens people eye to perceive matters in different way than they have already assumed and forecasted for many reasons. The point here is the mindset. In reality, one of the sources of confusions is oppression.

Oppression has different aspects. There are three different actors in this field of oppression. The first one is the oppressor. The second one is the oppressed. The third is the link factor or the matter that is used to oppress, which is the subject matter. This subject matter of oppression has various aspects and manifestations that create certain levels of communication between people and the respective actors.

The first type of oppression is related to physical or material aspect in which people are oppressed wit tangible matters. These are the freedom of speech, writing, reading, listening and the like. These are also related to movements and the like. They are mainly controlled and governed by those people who have authority over others and lead the society in the ideology they want to promote. The idea of freedom, rights and the like are primal concerns, which are neglected and removed.

The other aspect of oppression is relate to the intellectual aspects in which people are not allowed to entertain and promote their own ideology, philosophy and the like since they are considered as dangerous and they could have many follower and thus those who are in authority will be in jeopardy. Thus, people are not allowed to promote their ideology. There is also another type of oppression in here in which those who have few information and seem better than others do on other such as like having two or three ink and papers, certificates, and they show different kind of oppression on those who have no ink and paper thing.

The other aspect of oppression is an emotional one in which the fear leaders induce on the mass in many instance is one aspect which is very scary and nullifying since the mass lives with psycho trauma and hereditary psychological distress which is inherited as wealth to the children of the future. Such fear is everywhere. What is different is the color of that fear which is dependent upon the context and character of society. In one to one relationship people have, it is reflected on gestures and other communications and interactions people do on others such as stigmatization, discriminations and the like. This is what many people are suffering of and could lead to madness and the like.

The fourth aspect of oppression is with so called spiritual world in which there is a tendency which assume that spirituality is conditioned as communion with God, and such communion is governed by installed way of life and belief systems which presume authority and ownership of the God, and thus every kind of communication and relationship people make with God should be channeled thru them. Otherwise, they are not acceptable. In order to be recognized as good ones within the given community, people seek refuge and shelter in their system so that they can be acknowledged.

One of the major causes of oppressions is the society. Society has always needs and wants. In order to satisfy such wants and needs, society seeks the help of others. In this case, there is no way out such given society can enter or find solutions to the need or want it has, except the systems and ways of life it inherit from the past, and it assumes that everything is fine since everyone belongs to any given group or society due to the natural makeup of human beings, due to the fact that everyone is borne by those people who claim that they belong to fine circle or community.

One of the solutions for such theater is the need to investigate reality in the right manner. Independent investigation of reality is good, but what people can investigate reality is dependent upon their maturity and understanding. In world bias and mistakes are normal, most people could arrive at wrong conclusion due to their understanding and exposures they have in life. Most people could seek or assume that a community where famous person or big people they assume person belongs as true or correct but they forget that famous or big person could make wrong conclusion and choice.

When more independent and great people are borne, not by physical, but by intellectual and emotional sand other aspects of life, this world will change and will be better place to those people who think differently. Thinking is the very nature of human reality, what could be different thru ages is the magnitude and acceptance it covers, which is left to the society. We live in world where combined aspects of the matrix is going, and when the fixed time comes, this world will give birth to the right direction and right way of life will come to the betterment and advancement of the world.

Nature and Human Laws

This world has different laws that go in conformity with the law of the universe and there are also other laws which sound bit interesting due to the varied aspects which is not understood. For example, marriage is a law that is created by human out of the understanding of the concept of sexes in which human beings come to conclusion with the natural attraction both sexes have undergone thru past centuries and ages, which is obvious. Interaction is the basis here.

As traditionally told, when Adam interacts with Eve, it was natural feeling that made him interact with Eve in that manner. Unless and otherwise Adam was like Eve, he would not eat that “forbidden fruit” so that the whole generation is having that bad fruit till this date. In reality, the present generation calls that bad fruit as an ice cream to this date. Everyone is having an ice cream at all age, but what is different is the flavor and the taste which is very personal and contextual. This is very natural and normal, it is not even a sin it is because it was only Eve who existed as opposite sex at that given time on earth as they told us and that feeling is created by nature. None as control over such feelings since such feelings are naturally borne and they exist within us.

When both sexes interact, it is obvious that they could sense that attraction at ages which are considered as minor. In most cases, age 18 is considered as legal or legitimate age to everyone. When a given sex starts feeling about another sex at age 13, in which nature is the factor here, and when such beings want to declare that they are married at this age, they are considered as minor and are not acceptable before the law due to the human laws. Although such institutional interferences are done for the sake of protection, but the natural laws dictates human beings to act in way human laws cannot dictate. Thus, nature and human law should be compatible.

This means two things. The first one is the human factor or law is correct since such age is not the age human beings can reach to age of maturity so that they can make their own matured decision. Although there are people who get married at a matured age and get divorce due to many failures, most assume that those individuals who are at age 18 or below are not capable to identify or tell who is compatible to their character and thinking. It needs sometime to reach to an age in order to make good decision. This is good and realistic.

The other reason could be it is possible to make that decision at that age which is considered as immature or minor but human beings do not reach to that level of maturity. This is assumed that sexual feelings are directly linked and integrated with the institution of marriage. Assuming that such feelings could not appear to oneself unless nature is wrong or other artificial human elements are added to the child that make such given individual to feel or behave in that way or that age. In order to justify such failures, most develop the concept of chastity here which oppresses the natural feelings everyone is entitled to pass.

It is good to develop the concept of chastity, but when such concept is derived it should not be with the intention of making or having sex as if such act is like wildfire that consumes everyone, but rather a feeling and sense that make every human to behave in very human way, otherwise this world would be boring and such desire is necessary and essential since every human need it. Natural feelings cannot be killed artificial concepts since they are natural. What could be important her is the fashion, but in cases and times where such case are becoming corrupt, people should find their own mechanisms and strategies to make life simple.

When natural feelings come, most try to oppress such naturally blessed feelings with artificial and manmade concepts that create psychological distress and stress on one’s reality. The claim that they are saints as result of oppressing nature and natural reality. In this case, when there are people who act and react with what nature tells them, they are considered as adulterer or animal. In reality, who create adultery? It is society or the failure of societies who were supposed to show examples to present day or to the future, and what is the fault of this generation in world where many fake standards are set to such institution they claim as marriage as fortress or whatever?

Likewise there are other naturally borne things that need quite listening to or understanding them than oppressing such feeling with laws and policies. Although, there will come a time in which natural feelings and marriage can be compatible, when the maturity of future generation becomes different than the way we are now. In fact, there are people who get matured at age 13 as there are people who are still raw and immature when they are even at age 70, having children and family they formulate. This needs quite some time to formulate such maturity since societies and institution have to work very hard in order to reach to that level.

The interactions between nature and human reality are quite interesting. When a given individual is borne, human law starts counting the age of a person after the 9 months stay of the womb of a given mother. Age is referred to the sun and body thing, in reality that given person is having life the moment that zygote is created. In reality when that given person is at zygote age is dependent of the mother, and that zygote after it is borne and considered and registered in the hospital as child, is also dependent on the mother. There is no difference between both.

Understanding natural reality needs quite capacity. It is not law and policies that tell truths although law and policies facilitate to understand natural laws and realities in good manner. There are quite other aspects one should figure out while one goes many practices and experience in life. Many of the things we have now are result of people’s choices and decisions in which majority vote has played in shaping this world. This does not mean that truth can be found by majority votes, which is not the right approach to reach to the point of truth since agreement does not comply with the truth.

The question here is not about life and death matters since one is not policy maker or decision maker, but rather one is interested in making personal reflections and offering views in way human binds understand and try to make other people do their own judgment. It is always possible to think in different manner even though it is not possible to make personal view or opinions as public since such matters require other people’s conscious movement and decision. In this case, one is not interested in other people’s judgment, but is just a personal reflection too.

Although the age we all live now is matured when compared to those other past ages, but relatively speaking, we are still in infant stage in every aspects be it civilizations, public administration and understanding mysterious aspects of life. Most complicate things under the cover telling others like, it is mysterious, it is very complicated, it is impossible to tell now, we have limited understanding and the like. This happens for two reasons. The first one is, it is their low capacity in having the grasp of such things that makes things to complicate, it is not because things are very complicated; it is because they do not understand on how they can make things simple or they have no knowledge of the subject of matter.

The second aspect is that they want their mission or objective or plan to make it stay longer and for the sake of their own survival so that they can live with their own understanding and interpretations in which they lived dictating others and the same drama should continue. This is another aspect in which selfishness and ego centered approach is another aspect. This is what one calls hidden drama or theater. Human beings are selfish and it has both positive and negative aspects while interacting and communicating with other beings too.

Whatever motive of objective is operating, there will come a time in which natural reality lives with compatible human understanding as maturity and time permits. There are many things nature is telling this world in which human reality rejects or avoids; when the fixed time for everything is come, out of the hardship humankind passes or when that given maturity is reached, they will understand with each other. Then, harmony and integrations and interconnection will be an evident reality than what few people complicate or take as big deal.

Proverbs and Reality

February 11, 2013

Life is made up of many instances and circumstances in which people interact and communicate in order to satisfy their basic and other needs. In this regard, they come up with different kinds of recipe to life that helps them understand or be understood by others in way situations and conditions dictate. One aspect of human life in this context is the idea of proverbs. Every society has its own beliefs and values and such values are in most cases reflected in proverbs, and every incident is prelude to make such values that are incorporated under proverbs.

If problems and complications on earth do not exist, this world would not reach to this age of civilization and inventions. Problems are very human. They should exist since one of the job descriptions of being human is to find solutions to the problems one face in life. When people find solutions, they offer perspective; what could vary are the types of solutions they provide to the problems they face. Thus, problems become the core of existence. That is why people classify people as foolish, wise, smart, nonsense and the like. The wise come up not only with solutions, but also they share such solutions to others in different forms; hence, they could end up being as proverbs.

Proverbs give useful meaning and perspective, and they are also very helpful and serve to other people as kind of being guidance to handle different aspects of complications, difficulties, interactions and deliver ideas in which people make in their daily routines. For example, Japanese proverb says: first, the man takes the drink; and then the drink takes the man. This is an interesting idea in which how far human beings can control themselves or govern those aspects of their life in way their personality dictate. In reality, most of the things we have on earth are like that.

There are systems that are created by people, but now it is the system that runs people in everywhere. They cannot get rid of the things within the system even if they are wrong. Money is created by people, but it is money that shapes people thinking and movement. Everything outside nature is created by people, but they are the ones that mould people to behave and think in certain manner. Thus, when Japanese say in this given proverb regarding the relationship that exists between man/woman and drink, this can be referred to another reality in a way it makes sense since one of the nature of proverbs is that they are also beyond their face value, in cases, they are figurative.

Lithuanians say, dogs can even make dreams come true. This is a proverb that exist in Eastern Europe, in which a given person dream can be made true not only with the help of one’s own or other big people support, choices, efforts and decisions, there are other unprecedented matters that can visit one’s life so as to make a given person’s dream come true. For example, a given person could dream something extraordinary ad such extraordinary vision can be achieved not only with the efforts of this given individual, but also with the help of external forces—expected and unexpected agents—and thus when such dream is achieved with those forces that sound very weak and despised, but very helpful in achieving a given mission. On this case, besides the vision and objective a given person makes and sets, there are other unseen forces that could lead and help for the achievement and accomplishment of that given person’s dream and goal in life.

There is also an Ethiopian proverb, which goes like; it is not possible not to have a sleep with the fear of having dream. In this case, there are people who could have bad dreams and such dreams could happen true, in such circumstances, even if a person knows that one is going to have bad dream, it is must that one should sleep. These are for matters related in which there are certain circumstances that should visit one’s life, and they could be inescapable. There are also other things one should do even if there are circumstances one should pass. Hence, one should do it even if there are scary matters or difficult conditions one has to face since one should do inescapable things and a must to perform to fulfill a given mission.

Chinese proverb says, one million miles journey starts with single step. This is also important reminder to those people who have set goals and visions in life to the extent that such visions and goals sound to others unrealistic, impractical, wishes and hopes of their minds and thinking. There are also exemplary individuals and societies who have performed outstanding goals and met their objectives in life. They all start by single step in which, in most cases, this could be like first they have created their thinking in well manner in their own minds, which is the first step, and then they translate such visions to objective world, which is another step.

An aspect of this world is that life is expressed in forms of proverbs, even those who are considered as holy books. Many of the things we find in the olden days are put in proverbs since life is not only on what one sees, hear, read, write, feel and the like, there are other mysterious phenomenon that exist in this world which becomes vivid as time goes by. In this case, proverbs play significant role in telling such mysticisms so that life can be meaningful and one can have better meaning as time goes by. And such enigmatic force is revealed in the world of proverbs in which proverbs are used as powerful tool to express such deliberations.

Proverbs tell a given society value and how they derive their value making in which when actions and reactions between people take place, such saying and ideas could exist. There are also other individuals who are behind such people who organize such actions and reactions and formulate to a given statement in way it makes useful meaning and sense. Such people are in most cases like thinkers with that given social dynamics and domain. Most people interact and communicate, but few people observe and formulate ideas and makes statements as result of their powerful imagination and observation skill. Society should take a note of what these people put as remark.

Proverbs are borne within the society. However, those who give them shape and make them appearing and sensible to others are few people who can derive statement of facts in precise manner. Thus, they become friends when they are liked by the society and then they become public property. They are considered as an expression of identity. Here, they represent the public, society’s culture thinking and how it thinks and perceive reality and this world. In every proverb, there is a value and thinking machinery installed within. Thus, it is not only a saying, but also an identity and value.

There are proverbs which belong to particular ethnic or small group and circle, there are proverbs that can be used at universal scale. In this case, there are four types of proverbs. The first ones are those proverbs that go along with culture and thinking machinery of given society; there are also other proverbs that have no boundary in which they can be used for universal purpose. Although there are proverbs that could be formulated for given span of time, and may vanish when a given system or social value is dead; there are proverbs that have long years of existence and continue the same way they do.

It is not possible to create proverbs for the sake of creating or inventing them as it is not possible to write on topics that are artificially imposed, thought or as per instruction and choice of other people, in this case, this given person could be chronicle writer or something else or person who shares other people view using letters. Time factor and the size of population are factors for the existence and life span of proverbs. When proverbs contain universal value, their existence and popularity is by far greater than those who represent specific or particular ethnic groups or society. In any case, it is the size of influence that matters than the age since we live in different time in which the sound and noise of one corner of the world is heard to the other corner in seconds.

Democracy and Fear of God

February 9, 2013

Is democracy and fear of God like oil and water? Can they be integrated in given society or not? Do they need other ingredients such as onion, tomato, heat and the like so that they can have tasteful matter in creating the balance of any given community? Can they be coordinated and integrate or they are the type of things that should not get along and cannot be organized? If that is the case, do we need both or one of them? Or we have to choose one of them or both of them in order to create dynamic society and community with given mindset.

Democracy is mostly related with freedom of speech. People seek democracy with the intention of freedom and rights which are still ambiguous concepts and practices. A given nation is democratic since it is not only it gives full right and freedom to individuals, with the boundary and limits of respecting other entities right such as institutions and society. When a given individual starts touching the nose of one’s neighbor, there is another element which is called law that fixes such actions and interactions.

In this, the question of freedom is answered by the limits it is already set and this is what it means by democracy in which democracy has its own set of rules, procedures, policies and practices. It is like the freedom of speech and writing, or expressing one’s view, there are other aspects that should be taken into account such as the question of accountability, sense of responsibility and the like, which define and makes a given democracy to have a shape. Therefore, democracy is not only about freedom of expressions but also about limits in which such freedom is delivered with restrictions.

Fear of God is a fear that generates by the conscious of individuals which is related with the degree of relationship they establish with an entity called, God. People develop their own communion with God, and they arrive at sense of God, and such senses shape them to behave in particular manner. Religion plays significant role in shaping people to arrive at a sense of God, and thus they develop such fear of God, with the intention of not displeasing God. People try to behave in good manner toward others without rules and codes and article that are put in constitutions, but they arrive such fear with their maturity and consciousness.

Both play significant role in shaping society dynamics. Both are essential and necessary. Both are useful. When one overrides the other in given community, that given community is in danger since the balance will go to one end. When democracy and democratic rights are the one overriding such fear of God, people will be automatic and mechanical in which people function according what is written in the laws and policies institution set as democracy. They become like auto function and auto reply thing and that given society becomes stereotyping. In this case, individual’s freewill is taken by the rules and policies set in the laws institution formulate.

When fear of God overrides democratic right, there is tendency to make people more of submissive to an entity which they have no clue in which superstitions will be the king of that community since as more and greater number of people practice such aspects of life, there is always a tendency that such given community will fall under the grace and mercy of superstitious beliefs, which could lead to disastrous end as there are things that are formulated as result of such trends and practices, in which when failure comes, the society could fall under desperate emotions and moods in life.

Human beings are not created to be mechanical entities. They have natural freedom. They are not also created to live as superstitious beings in which reason and the power of reason is the one that makes human, they should not end up by believing and trusting an entity which they do not have knowledge and clue which could lead to an end they have no clue. They should live with balancing such needs in terms of community and institution level as individual practices grow. The way this world is gong by now, as superficial look, is distorted in which it is going under the rules of democracy, but also with mixed feelings of fear of God.

In reality, what is fear of God? Is the fear of God in the east and west the same or there are cases they have their own differences? In relation to democracy, this world has developed consensus in relation to values and ethics of democracy although there are variations in such aspect which are told by adding adjectives such as revolutionary democracy, liberal democracy and the like, but the basics is the same. However in terms of the fear of God, although religion plays big role, it is also necessary to note here that it is also possible to develop such virtue without religion since such matter is in built and created with us as matter of an environment people belong, it grows and develops as result of interaction and communication.

Is the fear of God and democracy have preconditions in which society has to come about to reach on such stage of enjoying both by wealth, thinking, ideology, will, and the like? What re the motivating factors to have such things exist in given community? Is the quality of leadership or they are something society is to come about as result of evolutionary process? What are the prerequisites to have such community formed? If any, are there such communities that exist in this world? Where are they? Why do we need the? Are they basic needs are the stages society is going to come about as result of passing different stages of life?

We live in world and time where needs arise due to three basic reasons. The first one it is because we inherit them. We inherit many needs of past which are still continuous process. The second one is the need of the time creates and so as to satisfy such needs, society strives to achieve something. The third one is the cumulative effect of past and present creates the need to of the future in which the selfish and self centered aspect of people create some kind of greed in their daily routines and thus people become quite conscious of the future.

In this combined and mixed of feelings and wants of society, people interact with people, and thus there is always driving factor. Life in this world, in most cases, is about needs and these needs are have different features and aspects such as material, intellectual, emotion, and spiritual and other needs yet undiscovered. In this regard when individuals interact as community, they need an environment that accommodates such interaction to be in smother and nicer way. Thus the question of democracy, the fear of God and the standard for communication between individuals and institutions is mandatory, but there is till should be enough room be left for such harmony.

Thus people could seek these forms of reality —democracy and fear of God—as result of creating smoother ground of communication and interaction between individuals, communities and institutions. The crux here is the balance, which cannot have straight-line or marginalized, but should be detected by the outcome of such interactions since they are huge forces operating within this world, but as to the manual of such operations, it is up to the user who should find out the temperatures and scale, which need quite capacity and capabilities and perspectives on how far they can be integrated and coordinated for common ground of interaction.