The Good and The Bad

January 30, 2013

When a given consultant or advisor in life tells you, do not see evil or talk evil or hear evil, is this possible to not do the evil things mentioned while living in this world or it is the definition of evil that should be considered here? What is evil? Is evil something that has power over man/woman that can cheat or deceive others to do something bad? If that is the case, what is the wrong of person who commits evil? Is evil a power or a choice people make in life?

In traditional sense, there are given societies who consider evil as if it is come under the cover of snake who gave a power to woman who was brought up from the side of man, and deceive a man. How come a person who brought by one’s side can deceive oneself for one thinks that one is better and stronger than a person that can come from one’s side unless that person who is brought up by the side has different power as claimed, evil power? And is this possible to accept such understanding by today? It is not possible.

One of the interesting aspect of human reality is the blame shift thing in which people tend to deny or reject their wrong doing from the desire of being considered as holy or perfect, and they require another object who should take the blame so that what they always do is considered as correct and they are the type of people of no mistake, and thus they find another matter that should take the blame. This matter takes the blame of everyone, but at the end of the day, one could find that this matter is just nothing, but a fictitious reality that is created by those people who think they are perfect.

Why do people seek other objects of understanding for their blame shift purpose? Why do people seek pointing fingers on others than accepting their own failure? Why do people demand different justifications for the grievous errors they commit in life? Is this from the desire of being good? Is this from the desire of seeking prestigious recognitions from others by virtue of their achievements and accomplishment they make in life? Most people tend to justify their integrity as if they are nice not by doing the right and correct thing, but rather by pointing fingers on others. Why?

It is essential to note here that people can do both good and bad things in life as result of their moral choices they make in life. Such goodness and badness are relative and contextual in most cases. Although there are underlined facts and assumptions for the acts that are considered as good and bad, which is detected by the outcome of the acts, such acts are mostly governed by the type of personality people do have in life, which is made from their environment they are shaped in such as—religion, education, family, friends, community and the like—that tell a given person to be like this or that.

A given person is liked by others since that person does an act which is liked by others. This act is contextual and relative since acts have different category. For example, prayer in religious setting is a good act. However the type of prayer people make does have a difference between people since the content matters. A given group of people could pray like, our father in heaven as your will is in heaven, let it be on the earth; where as another group of people could pray like, our father as your will is already on heaven and the earth, please make your will to interfere in our life. The act is same, but content is different.

This is subjective. The application and the content could be different. One could pray adding different kinds of body movements; the other could not make any specific movement. The point in here is about attitude that makes people to belong or be identified as good or notorious in given circle of people. In this case, there are people who could make the prayer, but not add any movement, and there are people who make prayer by making movement, but both are making prayers. Those who make prayers with body movement can be considered as good ones in given circle, but those who do not could be considered as notorious. This is contextual.

When one goes further about the matter that makes people to do movements while addressing prayer as justified by others guided by “holy spirit”, and those who do prayer by making no movement of the body which are considered as notorious guided by “ evil spirit”, which is subjective and being judgmental. It is not possible to receive same answer while worshiping different and opposite powers by asking same question in prayer one is making since one is good and the other is bad. The problem here is with the perception of such powers.

The crux here is on the answer in which people expect reply by making prayer in which there are people who consider prayer as asking, and when they receive an answer, then, they say, my prayer is answered. In this case, whatever movement people make, they could receive an answer. Can one say here that a person who makes no body movement and receive nice answer, and worship evil as the one receives same answer that makes body movement worship holy power? In this regard, if evil is capable to give good answer, the problem is the way evil is perceived.

When people do good, they are praised and they feel grateful about the thing they have come up. When people do bad, they curse evil and the blame goes to that evil. Here, where is the free will of these people in which they thank the holy spirit that makes them achieved, they blame the evil thing for their failures. These people are by default some kind of machines in which such spirits are acting. They are war fields of these spirits than being a human.

Hence, they need some kind of overhaul to make them a human than consider them people who interact and communicate with Freewill. Being human means having such freewill, the moral choice to do good and bad, otherwise when human reality has lost its freedom, its being human stops. It becomes something else than having the necessary quality of being human. Here, they could need guidance and perspective to bring them to the right and correct reality—the human reality.

The tendency of being good as if one belongs to a particular group of society and the tendency of labeling others as bad since they deviate from their given circle is contextual and subjective in which being closer to one means being farther to the other. In this regard, closeness is relative. Thus people come up with mindset by labeling others “sinners” and “holy” due to such mindset already designed, by way of life and system underway. When one is sinner, one is removed; where as one is holy, one is considered as important.

For instance, when a given society forbids confession of sins before men is forbidden, it is forbidden. There is no need to be rocket scientist to explain this matter. This does not mean that one makes more sins since it is forbidden to confess. This does not facilitate people to make more sins, but gives authority and capacity to individuals to be conscious of their own selves to function in way they cannot harm others as they mature and rejects others people authority and power on their life. This reduces the amount of tricks and the play few people do like; I am the boss, game on others and provide the equality and equal accountability of functions and acts.

Good and bad are dual aspects of human acts and communications, people judge people by the extent and degree of their communication and interaction. The good in given community mindset could be considered as bad in another community mindset. Whichever standard and mindset people have and the type of community standards people design, good is something that can bring nice feelings to others and bad is something that hurts feelings of others. In this case, misunderstanding and misinterpretations between people is normal.

Thus, the solution here is further discussions and different way of understanding in which people should be understood by the context of their culture and their personal exposures in life than judge them by one’s own, which could lead to disappointments and wrong ends. It is not possible to bring the people of the earth in one or same standards, since there are different understandings and perceptions that could not go in conformity with what is put on the norm; and there are cases in which such deviations from the norm could result and become centers of standards as times goes by as history testifies.

The good in one given society is good in others as there are similarities; and there are cases in which the bad in any given community could be considered as good in different mindset or community. Such variations in standard and thinking and acts are the becoming nature of this world. This is not to create such centers of standards but to indicate there are other aspects of human existence that goes like in different undertakings than as expected, promised and agreed since situations dictate human reality and community undertakings. This is also not to deny that bad is bad in whichever culture and community it exists, such as killing others and the like.


The Sounds of Dream

January 28, 2013

One of the interesting aspects of human reality is the realization and the recognition of the so called the”dream world” and the “real world” in which one could say here is there any difference that exist between these two worlds? Is dream a result of fantasy or mere imaginations, or it is one of the human realities in this world? What is dream? Is this what they call the subconscious mind or one of the manifestations of the Great Mind—Conscious Mind—of this world? Is dream a real world?

When a person falls asleep, it is obvious that there is another reality which is going active and working in a different way and method. Such activation of human reality in most case is understood in way traditions and beliefs that currently exist dictate than what that given reality delivers since that reality is subjected under the manipulation and interpretations of such world that exist in this world. Thus, the tools in this world are used to define and interpret such realities since they need some sort of expressions, which is the human language.

How can we interpret dreams? Is this possible to interpret the dream? Is this possible to interpret dreams by using figurative approaches and methods? Is this possible to tell dreams without telling or knowing the personal exposures and experiences of viewers’ of such dreams? Is this possible to have dreams get translated in universal approaches? Do dreams have ethnic aspects or status aspects or whatever? Do dreams have precondition such as wealth, education, religion, ethnicity, race, sex or age?

One could possibly have dream about a given prime minister or president or any other big men wherever. Such dream could be true since there could be connection between an ordinary man and a prime minster or other big men, depending on the type or extent of relationship both parties could have. It is possible to have dreams about big people in the so called small people mind since the so called big people affect the life of these people. Everything in this world is interconnected, but what matters is that link or that connection or how they are interconnected which is not identified. An ordinary man can see a big man dying. It is not status or personality that matters here.

Basically, when a given person has dreams, dreams could have different features. The first one is what that given person thinks and was thinking in daily routine. The second one is what that given person wishes or aspires to do. The third one is a dream that comes as result of combination of such aspects of one’s life as claimed by others as personal imaginations. The other dream is a view that one is not even aware of it in present and active state of being of that person, which is very different, but could be true. When there is a dream that tells about past event, this is what one sees as replay mode while watching soccer in TV or DSTV soccer matches.

Dream is about seeing at night or in today, about things yet to happen in tomorrow or next month. There is no such definite or particular time span to the happenings of dream one sees in today. What matters here that when something that happens in reality to what one sees in dream, one correlates to the reality of such dream by the outcome. There are two aspects of the dream world. There are also feelings that come in the dream world, not only the matter which helps in interpreting and understanding, which makes people to state that I have scary dream, or I have such a nice dream last night and the like. Both are feelings that put people in different mood.

And hence, one could say here that the physical reality is used although it is assumed asleep or dead, but it is still an instrument, which is used in the world of dream which is connected and made use of to the see objects or matter that are used in this world of dream, in way such physical reality puts the object in its memory so that one make use of what was happening in last night is coming true in today as result of such memory so that one identifies that state was in dream state, but this one is in present real world. But, both are worlds that have been understood by people in different mindset and way. Here, belief and thinking matters than what the world deliver.

The other world that exist in such world is the world of emotions in which in dream state, one senses different emotions and feelings which made one to have nicer sleep and the vice versa due to the existence of such reality. Emotion is one aspect of human realities which also exist in the dream world. For example, one could say here that, last night, I was fighting with a tiger when I was sleep and I live in a city no tiger lives, which sounds figurative and nightmare too, but could mean that one was fighting with a person who is very strong and fighter stuff. This dream has two aspects; one is the object which is an animal; the other is the meaning or understanding such animal deliver in human world in which the human language understand what does it mean by fighting with tiger means.

The other world that connects the dream world and the real world which one faces in day time is the world of intellect in which one use the power of intellect to connect both the dream world and the real world. In this case, capacities of individuals, and their personal experience matters. In connecting such dreams, when one connects the tiger delivers in this real world as if one is fighting with cat, here one could arrive at wrong conclusions, misleading one self and others and at last one could be deceiving one self and others. Understanding and interpreting dreams is another element which requires another mindset. Here is where corruption could exist. The sharpness and the way people connect these worlds matter; this by itself is another aspect of human reality.

It is not possible to interpret and understand dreams which are bad as if they are good and nice. In places where there are dream interpreters, they could interpret bad dreams in good since they like those people whom they come for seeking such guidance are nicer to them and the vice versa. In this case, it is The Truth that is the remedy and solution since Truth cannot be converted to falsehood, cannot be bribed and mischeived as well. When there is a try which is going on all over to make one thousands false into single truth, here is the failure since truthfulness and lie hood cannot be friends, are not compatible and they cannot and will not agree due to their nature. How come fire and water exist in one bowl?

It is not negotiations or gambling that makes one million false into a single truth, which is not possible, but when the truth is out and achieved, by the very nature of truth, false should die and will not survive since the world of such realities is like that. When dreams are understood or interpreted in wrong way, it is the reality or time that testifies and proves things out to the reality. In this regard, The Truth is the answer than what translator or interpreters of dream tell. Here need an eye that can see what is beyond; here needs a heart that can feel what is behind; here needs an ear that hear what is outside; here needs a mind that can rationalize and investigate well.

The most interesting aspect of these worlds are that it is not education or wealth or profession, or poverty or religion or politics that matters, it is the experience and exposures of individuals which can be considered as one of the requirements to have the proper way of communication and understanding, channeling the objects or to the sources of such dreams, whose real and correct cause and effects matters are hard to figure out and tell, but one could sense and feel. There are many matters which we do not know since we live in limited and biased world and thus biases are becoming the very nature of this world. People live with such biased mindset and thinking in order to be identified as good and nice ones by others.

In general, the dream world is a means by which human beings are protected and guided. In dream world, people could see their future and sense what is going to happen in their own reality and with the surroundings environment. It is one of the worlds human beings are entitled to reside in order to unravel the mysterious aspects of human reality. It is not about seeking achievements or recognition from others, but rather it is one of the basic human realities like eating and clothing. This world is one of the essential worlds and needs of human reality since it is a world that truly exists.

Human reality’s completeness and perfection—relative and subjective—increases as one governs and resides such and other mysterious worlds of life on the earth. As more enigmatic realities are governed on the earth, peoples’ appreciation to life and this world augments. Those people who know and admire such mysterious aspects of life enjoy existence on the earth since they seek additional wonderment and appreciations, in world where mysteries and mysterious worlds are endless. It is just matter of opening, not blinking, an eye and viewing them with correct and truthful manner.

As one cannot have dream while one’s body is active since it is assumed that such dream are visions by definition or category since one has an experience that is not in the present reality or surrounding of that person, but could see a happening which is going to occur after 30 minutes or an hour. In this case, physical reality, the emotional aspect, and the intellectual matter are working together in one’s active state of being, but they see a reality which does not exist at present in one’s surrounding. In this case, life becomes interesting since one lives twice where as others live only once.

Truth and Future

January 26, 2013

Any matter should be accepted as true and legitimate since it is true; no matter what type of category it is categorized and label. Any given thinking should be accepted and recognized as true even if it is categorized by others as science, religion, philosophy, mythology, and the like. It is not the form that is important, but the reality of the matter. There is a tendency which is on the earth that claims or categorizes thinking as if it is something philosophical even if it is true, with the intention of undermining or understating the thinking, which is totally wrong and up surd.

Knowledge can be derived out of the combinations of the many instruments that are governed up to this point. Religion by itself cannot be the end of everything as science, philosophy and others tools cannot achieve the cause of Knowledge, but as result f the combination and proper integration of such tools humanity has come up, the Cause of Knowledge can be established. The desire to create an island in terms of winning hearts and minds of people has failed to date since there is nothing that can be created out of competitions.

We live in different time in which one could not find anyone who can tell the precise picture of this world, in which all predictions of past have failed to create the future which is dreamt in past, but all make adjustment and plastic surgeries in order to justify their claim; there is no one who can tell us about the destiny of this world, but all speculate in way their emotion and intellect dictate, which made one conclude hat this world is no something that can be derived with the imitation of past belief and thinking, but rather conscious and thoughtful ideas and actions shape this world and thus people should make a pause and think that what was put in the past is mere emotions and guesses abut the future can be create out of organized and proper thinking and actions. Past helps in shaping the present, but the present should make a pause and derive different direction by removing superstitions and shape the future.

It is here to time to contemplation the findings up to know in all aspects of this world, and organize and make a beautiful world by creating harmony and melody with such findings in all aspects without discriminating and having no prejudice so that The Truth should be carefully investigated and can be created with the past findings and the future can be seen out of past transactions and occurrences in this world. Past events and occurrence in this world have pattern in all societies and there is no great thing that happen without any reason, even if silly things can have a purpose and make sense.

The desire and ambition to create an island in thinking and belief world should come to an end in which there should be enough and ground that a conducive environ to the children of men should be invented so that all shall live without stigmatization and discrimination. Since there is lack of knowledge, and capacity in the territory of knowledge, thinking and belief, this world cannot accommodate the children of men under one great and very welcoming such environment. Those who tried have failed in creating such world, but there should be a way out in the future that such world can be created out of conscious study and investigation of past occurrences, human nature and realities and the like.

One of the reasons which such trial and error thing have failed to date is that there are always individuals who are at the top as center of authority In this case one of the realties of human being is being suspicious of the nation and country where such centers of authority reside could have political manipulation and maneuvering so that the cause they establish could possible have political aspect and drama in which the can be used to achiever a different political purpose and goal. Thus people join them for few years, and they go out side their circle after they find out something which goes in conformity with such thinking.

The other reason is that there are always individuals who are organized under group or institutions, in which they are mainly focused in the protectionism of such drama, which made other people think in different way and they understand the cause they come up with different mind set since there is huge drama of protectionisms going on around the bush. In this case people become more interest to know the drama behind than what is on the face book and the face value. Thus many people will be interested with the drama behind than what is on the public eye and outwardly proclaimed to the public which could be truthful and correct.

The other reason is that when they are failed in what they have proclaimed or told to others, they prefer to be living in winning mindset even if they are losers, buy finding and creating analogies that justify their existence and survival. They do not accept any truth which does not go in conformity with what they think or believe since they are molded enough to live by the mindset already set and designed. Thus, they prefer to say, we are learning and learning curve, when the fail even if the learning thing they have is false and in correct. This brings to the attention of other who observe that such people and the system they have brought has something wrong with the thinking machinery they have and thus the prefer to live outside their circle due to the inadequacy and fallacious aspects of their system of belief.

In this world, it is possible to live or win any thinking by other thinking. It is just the mindset. When a person is shaped to think or believe in a given mindset, it is not possible here to say that any given person is like fish in which when a fish is put outside the fish bowl, it just dies. This analogy could be wrong when one consider human reality to that of fish reality. There is always choice and chance to live by a thinking which is important. Being closer to one means being farther to another and this is one of the dynamics of this world and how this world operates.

It is not people who matter in our life, but it is the thinking that can bring many other people to one’s thinking. When there is thinking, there are people. It is just a matter of finding and knowing them. People live due to the fact they think, they have goal in life and they have also other people who support their thinking. Here, life is about perspective and thinking that brings others, which is the most important thing than the people who think against one’s thinking, which could be bet since their motive and actions are always wrong and inaccurate. Life is full of mysteries whose secrets are endless. In one’s daily routines, one governs the mysteries of life and lives by it. When such mysteries are share to others, they could be considered as tales or fake stories. In order to keep the dignity of such mysteries, one prefer to keep to them to oneself than share it to others.

What is Power!?

January 22, 2013

They say: money is power. Knowledge is power. Love is power. Word is power. Force is power. And of course, power is power. In fact, what is power? Accordingly one could come up with a mindset in which power has different aspects and manifestations, which is created out of the influence of various aspects of life. Power makes few people to manipulate and kidnap others in many different ways.

The first aspect of power is a power which is created out of the will and choice and decisions of few people who become leaders in many ways. There are two aspects that exist in this world. The first one is a power which is established by armaments which we see in Africa and other developing nations. Leaders establish power here in a given society so that they could be respected and make others to behave in a way their principle, if any, dictate. These are dictatorial in nature and character. Fear is the one that helps them to make them stay in power.

The second aspect of power in this regard is the power which comes as result of the charismatic aspect and knowledge few people have that are put as leaders of society in which they govern their society as result of the nicer, which is relative and subjective, administration they install in their given society. Here, the power of intelligence is the actor which plays significant role in shaping society and community dynamics than the power of the armaments. This is what we see in Europe and North America.

There is another aspect of power which is described in feelings in which people call this as power of love. This power of love is expressed in different ways which depends on how individuals and communities articulate their way of life. There are communities which claim that the power of love is God; God is Love; and God is power. They further describe such love as faith or belief. There is another way of expressing love which is between individuals in which man or/and/to woman relationship, which makes them feel nicer about other person. They praise it in songs and poetry, “when a man loves a woman, he gives his back to his friends” and the like. This is just emotion.

There is another aspect of power which is created as result of the influence of the very nature of wealth is bestowed on human reality. Wealth is one of the attribute of human reality in which people are created to produce such wealth. As the amount of wealth increases, the amount of influence such possessor of wealth expands to better and greater circle. Here, wealth becomes power since it creates spaces between possessor and the rest. In this case, the possessor of such wealth does have influence on others as result of their needy conditions and situations. Hence, they say here, wealth is power. One can perform one’s goal in life by virtue of the wealth one possesses and accumulates. The desire to have wealth becomes an instrument for such power to exist.

The power of knowledge is another aspect of the world of power in which the more people know, the more influence they come about on others, the more transformational results they obtain in their life and within the society they belong. Here, what they speak, write and share to others have something deserving to be listened and take a note than pass by like anything, and thus people like to read their books, works and what they speak and the like since the believe that such people know something they do not know, and thus they trust what they say and write.

There are two types of people one could find in this category. The first ones are those people who devote their life and time and energy in searching for something and they come about with something which is useful and essential to the world and its people. These people derive something by the virtue of their prestigious education and experience they have undergone and they come with something beneficiary to the world. This one of the profound contribution this world receives and makes use of due to their devotion and dedications for the search of something.

The other types of people are those people who have not that level of education, but due to the desire and thirst for Search of Reality, they come up with something useful and essential to the world and its people due to what many people call—Inspirational thoughts—they come up with something and contribute great deal to the betterment of the world. This is also another profound contribution to society and the good of the world, wherever they are, whoever they are; the crux here is what they share and contribute, which is unending, progressive and changes from time to time as the need of the age change.

When anything happen, which goes beyond one’s thinking and expectations, people could say, “this is magic” since there is no way that people can justify and rationalize such happening except the power of magic. There are three possible justifications one can say here; the first one is those who judge such matters have limited knowledge and understandings on Search for Reality since they prefer to not waste time to make research on why such things happen; the other possible reason is since things are going beyond and contrary to their wish and expectations

The other possible reason here is that if they accept anything that happens, which they claim as magic as true, their knowledge or belief on something would be destroyed. IN order to maintain their belief or knowledge on something, they prefer to say what others know and have as repugnant and dwell in their own fashion and style from the selfish and ego centered approach they already have maintained and established system they have installed for years and centuries.

This is what one finds when one reads in history books in which Jesus Christ was considered by the both political and religious leaders of that time, although the king had his own reservation—magician and sorcerer, betrayer, mad, devil, and the like— and thus, they crucified him and made a grievous mistake and sin in which such error is heredity, but the power of the Mission of Jesus Christ overshadowed the whole earth, whatever labeling and cruel measures had been taken on him. This is not to preach about him, or to claim a station, but rather to indicate one aspect of Power in which when people misunderstood other people, they have an impact to limited level; they cannot stop any mission from its fulfillment and accomplishments to the end. It is just a matter of time.

In general, power has three features. The first one is the inventors of such power, which can be assumed as initiators of that given power in any aspect or field. The second one is the object or the matter which is used as instrument so that such power can be created as result of the genius or special aspect of such individuals who become author of that given power. The third one is the recipient of that given power, in which most submit or follow such individuals due to the natural and potential of those people who create that given power. In the world of the recipients, the number of people who live in such realm depends on the object and the influence of the authors. And thus such connection is dependent upon the magnitude of those two aspects, the author and the object.

Territory of Idea

January 19, 2013

How come people give respect and reverence to their mind creations? How come people deliver such great honor and glory to the fancy and imagination of their own creation of their minds? How come people derive imaginary ideas and illusory worlds, and at the same time they advise others to stay away from idle and vain imaginings? How come people come up with ideas and perspective that govern their whole reality until their end is come, and ask other people to behave in a fashion as if such idea comes from the unknown?

How come people give such great honor to the ideas of few people and proclaim that such ideas are from the unknown and are perfect and complete, but by known people who are incomplete and, imperfect, in world perfection and completeness are relative and subjective, and build huge building complex and contribute huge funds and make mansion and big houses so that such people be respected and revered and fight for their greatness and honor, and compete with each other forming different forms of groups, with people of same claims, while living in such incomplete and imperfect world, but claiming they are perfect and complete and the like? Although such claims are derived out of the deep sense of the need of belief and faith as being human, but the methods and applications of such claim could need sort of further revisions and contemplation.

By the virtues of the big houses and great mansions they build and have they attract numerous individuals to their territory and camp, and make them live and recognize them as citizens and denizens of their city until they find out by their own, the games and tricks that exist in their compound and world. When such claims are done, they give various titles and positions—good and bad—to those people who reside in their kingdoms. However, delivering titles, position, tags and labels are not solutions, but rather the complicate things. The crux is the Truth, in which they deliver strange shocks to those people who find out something g and the drama behind.

And then I called one of the members to report the matter on the next day, on Saturday, and he exclaimed, “you are chosen”, you are special person”. However I was wondering, is he joking and making tricks, does he have no clue where I was borne and raised up? That was very strange. The point in here is that not in my English usage of the word that or the redundancy of usage of words, but rather the lie and tricks that is going on the stage which should be the matter that should be on the table. How come people who have lower station or whatever than oneself give a station to oneself which is unacceptable. This is not one time mistake, but rather it is deliberate drama and huge operation going on behind—intentional and evil drama. Money talks here than what the truth can bestow, since they can make fabricated truth for some time, but it will not succeed since there is a limit for everything.

It is quite interesting to note here that even though it is quite appropriate to be governed by well organized ideas—relative and contextual—there are cases in which such ideas are considered as alpha and omega thing and people are trapped under ideas that put them in jail in one’s reality and people cannot and do not want think outside the box due to the fear they are induced and the type of sufferings they are to come about if they deviate from the shells they are already in.

In this case, there are few individuals who come about with different views and perspective that turn the pages of history from left ad right. Although they pass hurdles and tribulations, the magnitudes of idea and perspective they come about will overshadow on the earth, and bring tremendous transformation. Here it is quite possible to tell the magnitude of tests and tribulations they take is tantamount to the transformation and change they come about on the life of human reality and society.

There are various types of individuals who come up with such kinds of ideas. There are people who have different ideas and perspectives but they apply such ideas on their daily routines since they do not share to other people. There are people who share such ideas in the café and restaurant, and do no go further and beyond that. There are people who share their perspectives and ideas on different scales and levels of society. There are people who formulate their ideas and put their arguments, and write such ideas on different publications so that others and future generation can make of.

There are only few individuals who come up with a perspective, and other people write on their behalf, but they have numerous individuals who make use of their ideas due to many factors and other mysterious reasons in which such individuals are considered as special and holy figure, and they still govern the life of many people, they guide many others to have a life style and fashion, and formulate system and way of life. They bring great changes in the life of human reality and this world. They create vibration in bringing change in societies and institutional lives.

It is obvious that all of them pass tests and tribulations until they reach to their age of maturity. This is the trend this world has demonstrated in the past and is the very nature of this world and every society. No different and new idea is welcomed nicely at its inception, and it is a must to pass different stages of oppositions and oppression until it get to its final stage of acceptance and recognition. This is normal process and stage of any idea—and its author—that has great contributing factor to the society and the world.

While such theatricals stage of idea is under way, one would make a pause here and ask, is this not possible to accept any view and perspective which is different and true, and could be at times an ugly truth, to make it evident with out any tribulation and such huge oppositions this world is undergoing. The answer is crystal clear. NOT. It is because most people are comfortable with the comfort zone they have already created and are comfortable with the already designed way of life and system. They prefer the exiting ones than go with the different and new ones due to the attachments and self centered attitudes and thinking they are already with, and they resist.

There are different factors why few ideas and perspectives excel others and become evident. The first one is their nature in which if the idea has universal thinking and character, it is a must that they will be evident in the life of human society. The other is that ideas are true and correct and go with the need of the time. They are carefully done with the practical researches in which observation and imaginations are the keys to open the portals of mysteries of such ideas.

When people come up with ideas that can have an impact on the life of human society, they pass circumstances and other difficult situations in their life. They get to face difficulties in communications and interactions with the environment thy live in. In this case, they come up with disciplines and styles of their life in which they derive principles and doctrines of their life and how they should interact with the person next to oneself and the society at large. Here they design way of life so that they can achieve to the mission they set in their own life.

While living in such arena of life, such people are considered as scout since they govern an idea territory which was not governed or was hidden in past. They show to others those hidden realities or discover the mysteries of acts and thinking in way which was not perceived and understood in past. These people do not tell something that did not exist or whatever, but it is just matter of discovering as result of the experiences and challenges they face in life and the desire and ambition to know smoothing, which is something different, new and higher realities. They say, the beginning of knowledge is the discovery something we do not understand.

When a new idea territory is introduced, the visa and resident permit in that territory require the acceptance of other outside factors. Until that recognition is done, that discovery is there. But resident permit and visa requirements require the recognition of outside parties, but this does not mean that territory does not exist. Yes, it does.

Justice and Capital Punishment

January 17, 2013

When people live in form of community or as group, it is obvious that they interact and communicate with one another. And thus, such communication and interaction brings certain forms of interactive media in terms of action and interactions. Hence, doing good and bad will be inescapable aspect of human reality since people live with such mindset. Here, there is no need to refer verses from the Quran or old and new testament or any other books since they are obvious things one faces in pone’s daily routines and activities.

When such interactions and communications create smooth ground to interact, people have healthier and nicer relationship with each other. Whereas when such interaction and communication creates certain difficulty, here it requires the interference of other people and institution to rectify and correct such aspects of human life so that the next steps will be better. In this case, when there are good things between people, the reward is nicer relationship and environments; however when there is bad relationship, this goes up to filling the court case for final judgment and decision.

This depends on the amount and intensity of the doing or the wrong act. When a person kills another person, this brings to the attention of the victim family, not only saddened aspect of the family, but also other possible psychological and social crisis in a given community dynamics. The signal of the killing act is not about the crime or the wrong act, but also the future possible consequences of such drama as the scale and intensity increases, which is chaos and frustration in that given community dynamics. Thus, it is possible to make a pause and contemplate here.

When a person kills another person, they say, the killed is equally accountable to the crime since he/she is the initiator of such wrong act, otherwise the killer will not have deliberate intention to kill without that person’s original involvement. Every wrong doing gives both to another wrong act, which could be worse and stronger in effect and consequences. In this case, people get the reply to their act accordingly. A person who does good things to another person shall receive same reward as the person who does bad to another person does same as well.

Reward and punishment starts from thinking and character level, and then goes up to the interferences of other parties in order to solve the situations, which depends on the impacts such acts have on society. It is possible to think that such interferences or the need for such interferences depend on individuals or societies or institutions maturity and strength in which two given individuals could solve their difficulties with their own style and the same is true for institutions and societies as well. It is matter of personal discretion, since difficulties are contextual and subjective as well.

The style of justice, which goes like an eye for an eye, which sounds revengeful attitude and thinking, does not bring justice, but rather encourage people to be more chaotic than people who are governed by the rule of law. The idea of giving the left chick while the right is beaten does not bring justice, but it becomes the cause of creating many tricky individuals who play the game of oppression and injustice since people could give their right part as they are beaten the left side. The idea of burning other peoples house when they burn one’s home is tantamount to revengeful than being just.

This time indeed is one of the greatest time in history of humankind since capital punishment is considered as obsolete and not necessary due to the fact that human minds has reached to certain level of maturity in those societies where they remove such death penalty. If Jesus Christ was borne and promulgate his teaching in the west, none would curse him or crucify him since there is relative thinking freedom and environment than what was in the past. The same is true for other thinkers who suffered and sacrifice their lives since time and level of maturity of society are major factors in here. Why do people are penalized in such punishment while other alternatives measures are possible?

When people become more fanatic in their belief and thinking, attachment to the system they create could blind their eyes and undermine other peoples precious value and contribution and thus they become aggressive and cruel to any other thinking which does not confirm to their thinking and belief due to their selfish and egocentric attitude and thinking they develop in their own realm. In this case, as they say, even if they have eyes, they do not see, and even if they have ears, they do not hear. Bias is the king in their heart; prejudice becomes the prince in their minds. We pray they feel and think better as time permits.

When such laws are set in any community dynamics, and the judgment is left to the individuals, this brings more tricky issues and matters than they be placed in their context and appropriate perspective. In this case a given community suffers of misinterpretation and misunderstanding since everyone becomes interpreter and translator of such practice. When such interpretations are done, this is dependent upon individuals’ capacity and thus, on most cases, people are ready to misinterpret than understand things in correct manner for various reasons. The divisions and sects we see in our planet in terms of belief systems are results of such freedom that is given to individuals who manipulate and use many other people as victims of their therapy.

Laws are necessary since they bring order in any community dynamics. Laws are necessary since they make everyone to behave in right manner due to fear of punishment. Laws are essential. They are indeed mere codes, but they have an impact on the life of every human society. They bring justice and order although it is relative and contextual and subjective. And hence it is necessary to have institutions than leave such matters to the discretion of individuals.

Otherwise, justice comes under the mercy of dreams and nightmares of individuals, which will bring injustice, disorder, chaos and frustration in any given society dynamics. When justice systems are fall under the mercy of individuals, the wrongs could be masters of oppression under the cover of petitions, by putting fake signatures and names, in order to remove certain rights of individuals who work against oppression and injustices; in this case, every signature of such petitions are signs of jealousy, lie and envy than make justice and rights be respected and preserved in any community.

Justice is a not about majority vote or the mass; justice is about to the truth. It is our knowledge that the mass always live with deceived and tricked mentality and it is quite imperative to deduce that the saying which claims, ”the mass is always wrong” due to the fact that the mass lives by being mislead, by few manipulative and tricky minds who can make present the false as truth, and create fictitious stories in order to convince the mass since the power balance goes to them. However, though painful and needs quite other courageous people to come on the stage to speak the truth, these manipulative and tricky people will fail and the sun of truth will overshadow as time goes by. Until then, we shall wait with silence and patience. God is indeed very Great!!

Why and How Long?

January 15, 2013

Malcom X categorized the two types of Negro people in his time, such as “the house negro” and the “field negro”. And one could say here that he was also talking about the two type of people that could exist in any minority group. In this connection, he was stating, the house negro are the well dressed one, in which they eat well, and they live in a nice household, and walk by the will and choice of the master. We in here call these people—the bandas—in which they are the ones who help the British army to remove King Tewodrose—who at last killed himself than surrender to the foreign power, who was replaced by another king Yohannes—serving as one of the bandas as history tells, in the 1840’s. Who are they in the first place to help and cooperate for other people, and thus, these people live with identity crisis and confusion.

While he was talking about the field negro, he said, they live in ghettos, and are homeless, but they are intelligent; they fight for the freedom and justice, and they do not even pray for the well being of the master, but rather they pray for the death of the master. And he claimed he belonged to the field Negro. We call these people here as freedom fighters. They are noble since they know who they are and where they belong. They prefer liberty than slavery. They struggle for their freedom than being colonized by other people’s free will and choice. They pay every price to their rights and identity than being dictated by other people’s choice.

Martin Luther king addressed in his famous speech of “I have a dream”, while being dressed well, he had seen a vision in which his four little children will not see any racist discrimination in the future in which a black man will not be cursed because of the color of one’s skin in the promised land, which is America. Now this is happening. This is great! Although it is difficult to trust the calling of God to him taking him up to the mountain top to proclaim words of freedom, due to the fact that such claims are personal and contextual; one accepts and works for the motive behind such drama which is equality, freedom, justice and the like.

We live in a very different time and century. One does not need to have vision and dream to fight and work for freedom and justice since both exist in our day to day reality and routine. There is no need to go to the mountain top or to the river or wherever else, as they say, “the face of God is everywhere”, to have communion with God since one does think that God is closer than one’s blood cells as traditionally said. In this arena of life, life becomes more tasteful when one gets to ask certain questions in relation to those people who have come about with certain vision and objective and the like. They claim they have vision; they see the future, but standing within particular village and parameter, and they do not let other people to join them their high rank.

For instance, the Disciples of Christ are those people who were around. The disciples of Mohammed are those people who were around. The disciples of others are those people who were around. Those who are put 1-12 or 1-10 are those people who belong to that particular circle. They appreciate other people and they give them certain rank even if they are close since they do not deserve that station next to the prophet hood. In this case, as a person who belong to an African thinking, one could raise, why does a person who belong to Ethiopia, does not deserve 1-12 is a personal question even if Ethiopia mentioned in such books many times.

The drama and the theater of such drama are crystal clear. They give recognition to such people to certain limit and if they go beyond that, they think that they do not deserve or they do not have that capacity. As mentioned earlier, racism is not an attitude difficulty or thinking problem, but rather a hereditary disease which is contagious. However, we live in different time and pages of history in which this generation will not let things go, and things be in same way as old way fashion or thinking or belief system tell; this generation asks certain questions in which why past is fashioned in that manner; and can we not change what past has devised and delivered to by the present day society than letting things go as was before?

We are not created to be machines; we ask and we challenge systems so that the truth should be spoken put than let things go in way dictated by past thinking and belief. The Greece says, ”the truth spoken before its time is dangerous”, although it is correct and appropriate advice since many thinkers of past ages have suffered since what they tell and say but it is not possible to say here that truth has no age and time since it is always true. What is interesting in here is that one observes the competition between number and types of disciples of founders of systems in which one given system says one has 12 and the other one could say, 19, but there is no still darker skin.

Is color or race one of the requirements to be disciple or ethnic background? Is this because the nearness or closeness in terms of physical or biological matters to that given circle of prophet hood which is put as criterion to be in that station of disciples or due to capacity problem? What is the difference between mentioning a given place or nation or putting one of the members of that nation in station of that disciple thing? Is there any difference or it is all the same? Is this marketing approach or it is the way thing should be?

There are quite many questions that many could form as result of things that are put on the books against the reality in which there are many events and occurrences that are going on the earth that are not mentioned or even predicted in the books, but they are adjusted and justified by adding words and phrases to the books or mystifying the book and delivering different interpretations and understandings to the books. How far the world and how long this world should go in this way and manner?

Immanuel Kant said, experience is the basis of knowledge. And one says here, I was but a man like you, but when the winds of questions hit my forehead, my life enters the city of dangers, and woke from my slumber and opened my eyes to a different world and ask oneself certain questions about life and what was going on my world, and I ask, but I could not receive satisfying answerers, then I choose the path of quest which made me live in the City of Search, as life time remedy even if there is no answer than live with tricky mindset and get deceived and used by others, due to the fact that asking is the very existence of life and quest is an integral part of one’s life.

We live in two different worlds; one is natural and what the creator bestows to the world, although one does not know who creates the Creator of this world, which looks full of hopes and brighter gifts and opportunities; the other one is what systems and human provide which is very narrow minded, fake and empty, sabotage and conspiracy, greedy and the like. We live in these two worlds, and we take what both worlds offer and deliver since this is what we are provided with. One interacts with these two types of people on daily basis. Every day is learning day. The good thing is that one has always the chance and choice to make a change and a difference to this world, according to the capacity and will of everyone.

However, there are margins and boundaries set to communicate in which there is no truth or any walk beyond that margin in terms of thinking and belief, in this case, one could tell such people, wake up and smell the flavor and odor of the flower, since coffee smell is fabricated, but good in day time. Being human means and depends on the amount of price people pay to the value of Freedom than any other thing. One should pay the right value to human freedom than being colonized and shaped by other people truth, which is relative and contextual, for truth has no particular mansion or group.

Freedom has two aspects here. One is created without one’s consent, as life in this world has two different aspects. One is the natural non-freedom thing in which one is created without one’s consent, the non-freedom thing exists here; there is also another freedom that comes after one gets birth, which is the freedom of nature which is exercised after certain practice and experience which is very limited. These are the natural freedom to smell, hear, and speak and the like. These freedoms are shaped, later, by rules and regulation which is set out under the context of society where one belongs, which becomes narrow and get shape. Thus, we live in combined forms of freedom, and shape our reality accordingly. Therefore, we walk in the Valley of Search. And we ask accordingly!!