December 27, 2012

The concept of equality is one of the unresolved aspects of social reality in which most people are heard confusing and using such ideas as words and interchangeably. Words are just combination of letters, but when they are organized in way their arrangement makes sense as being governed by the rules of the convention and nature of languages, they make meaning, and sense. They exert certain influence in the life of human frame and society as well.

Although there is mysterious connection between words and the life of human reality in which it is not possible to survive without the proper usage of words that deliver life and existence in whatever language a word is spoken and used, words have different impact on human reality. Every word is equally important in our communication and interaction, but there are special words that have more influence and power than others due to their nature and influence they have on human society.

When more words visit one’s reality, one changes and have better perspective and view regarding what one thinks in past, present and future; and one obtains changes in one’s look toward this world, social reality and life as well. Experience and communications between people, interaction with people of diverse background and living in different places than one used to, have an impact in one’s reality and perceptions. It is not the number of books one read and number of places one visits and lives that makes one to be a thinker, but rather type of questions and ideas one entertain that make people to think.

On the way, when one reads books for academic achievement, and when one reads books for the sake of knowing, they have different impact on the knowing stuff since the former is narrow minded due to its character and nature, but the later is open minded due to the fact that there is no reward or certificate one looks for. Here, it is just matter of capacity. Reality and knowledge of reality cannot be measured by certificate—ink and paper—since they are the ones who manipulate words and try to drive this world in way their motive dictate. Words and motives are directly connected.

When the concept of equality is understood, this should start to the source in which the very existence of human reality germinates—the word—plays significant impact on the life and growth of human beings. In this case, such words have different characters and nature in the life of beings, the recipient or the human reality is reflection and actors of such drama in which the concept of equality in terms of action and reaction, communication and interaction is equally essential as the impact created by the nature and power of words.

When the very existence of life, which is the word, have different impact on creation, whatever language or tongue is used, the interaction and communication of words between beings is same or parallel in terms of influence and impact on the daily routines of creation, which does have its own variation or gap in terms of perception and seeing one another. Although such differences arise due to the nature of words, which is mysterious, the capacity and nature of recipient is another factor too.

Bearing this in mind, the concept of equality can be addressed from such perception in which, in a world where the very life and survivals of beings vary from one element to another, the practical manifestation and reflections of such aspects of life vary as the sources vary due to the mysterious connection of words and beings. In this case, the amounts of light people have could vary depending on the character and nature of words they receive and know. Words are tools to manifest knowledge and perceptions. Words are powerful tool to communicate ideas and pass information. Without words, it is not possible to have such world up to now.

Due to the mysterious aspects of life in which most tend to presume for granted that since they do it in daily business, one of the very causes of survival and existence are words and the power of words. This is not to discuss about semantics, but to share, superficially, certain reflection on the nature and power of words in daily routines that have connection and impact on the concepts and ideas entertained on our verandas such the idea of equality and oneness, which are words, and concepts as well.

The concept of equality of sexes and between sexes is a necessary requirement to create the balance of this world, but it is not possible to have this phenomena unless societies eradicate the usage of words or jargons they have in their domain for its imbalance up to now; everything starts from the origin or source, that is the language or communication which is an expression of thought. When laws and constitutions are established they should start removing such word that were misused, and then the next steps will be implementations of what they put in the constitution or whatever—the question of strategy.

Although it is not possible to have equality between men, due to capacity, environment and other factors, there are certain aspects one needs to figure out before the reality or concept of equality is addressed. What is equality? How far can beings be equal? It is possible to tell that the concept of equality in terms of economy and between beings is tantamount to nightmares. It is not possible to be equal in terms of possessions, as it is not possible to have equal knowledge and information in this world, due to access, capacity, volition and the like factors.

When such concepts of equality is discussed, what makes human beings drive to think and perceive is the economy factor. The root cause for thinking and any other perspective to gain has direct link and interconnection with the economy factor. In this case, we live in world in which economic injustice is reality; in which what we call human right, freedom, justice are reflection of such driving factor—the economy. While living in such biased world, the concept of equality is one of the actors in the novels people can read and exist as mere desire than being reality since economy dictate social reality.

While such aspect of life is going on, it is not possible to have equality in a given community, forget about men and women, but within men or between women with each other due to factors mentioned, and the way this world is fashioned in past. It is possible to think, but that thinking will remain as being mere wish. The concept of equality should not only be addressed from the point view of men and women, but also within same sex, in which it is possible to think, although the bias and prejudice people have in terms of men and women capacity is partially removed by now.

However, when one looks into the concept of equality whatever sex and place people live, the point here starts not only relating with sex with the primal intention of attacking certain religious group-the east, but also with the equality between beings with the intention of having equal opportunity to the whole, removing the idea of elite and the elites too. When equal opportunity is provided to the whole, it is the concept of equality can be challenged, otherwise, living with the old fashioned and belief style of “all animals are equal, but few animals are more equal”, is the concept this world has chosen in the past, and still going on the stage to this date.

Desiring and wishing to the best interest of the mass—at least in one’s mind—when such concept of equality is addressed, is a sign of civilized mindset and civilization than preferring the world to live in way past and old ideas dictate. Both are choices people have on the stage. The concepts that are originated and going on the stage in these days have hidden dramas and they are implemented in way one removes the other than they are the need and exigency of the time. The concept of individualism is an old fashioned way of life and against the law of social reality.

The Concept of Communism has failed it is not that idea is wrong, or is old fashioned, but it is the failure of those implementers who have failed to translate it by using the improper tool and wrong strategy. Failure belongs to the tools, in which this world has failed in many things. Even those ideas who are taking the upper hands in these days have many failures, but they think that they survive by doing many plastic surgeries on them. One thing all claim, “it is a process, and there are many possible mistakes on the process thing, we are on learning curve, and other justifications people make in their daily routines”.

The drama is the weapon and money factors that are on behind that makes everything go in way things are now, but not the ideas or concepts. Force plays significant role than the concepts. Last, but not least here, there is one thing that should be underlined in relation to the concept of equality in which there are certain communities that tell women and men are equal, but they are not equal in terms of senior leadership they have, are failed and traditional concepts, when such idea or concept is originally incepted.

Although plastic surgery is awaiting for that given concept, such concept and vision is already failed in its entirety due to its inconsistent principles and doctrines no matter universalism and practicality are claimed. No matter how far they are organized and systematized, how far their visions are partially true, such concepts lead many people to misleading end and bad islands which are far beyond in state of confusion and contradictions since their ground is masculine, and they are trying to impose culture than reality; mystify realities that cannot be even mystified and have no even little secret. Due to the mischievous aspects and nature of human reality, they put few people in bad end and dilemma until their truths are governed out and discovered, which at last is nothing and vain and empty. It is just a balloon concept.

When people claim that they have certain recommendations to the existing problems of the world, they are just possible opinions, but they are not absolute guarantee since it is not possible to tell the possible complications such recommendations give birth. This is like the mirage thing on the asphalt road while being on desert in which the assumptions are always found as fake and wrong when they face reality, even such combination of nature tells. Mirage is something that is created out of the formation of the combination of realities of nature such as—asphalt road, sun, distance and being in desert—whose recipe is created in the minds of men—a mirage thing.

In this plane of existence, concepts are like restaurant menus. We take them as whichever restaurant we enter. When we enter expensive restaurants, we get expensive foods, which do not guarantee that the food is assumed to be best quality, but, those cheaper places could deliver to us nicer foods one likes. In this case, concept is like rainbow thing in which the existence of rainbow is dependent upon which direction and at what distant one is watching. When one sees in certain direction, that rainbow exists; whereas when one changes direction, there is no rainbow.


The Drama of the Unknown

December 22, 2012

Is the movie world in the holly wood a real reality or what we see on the objective world is a reality? Both happenings are going on parallel in which those events and matters that are made in the holly wood are becoming a reality and those matters we see in the objective world are also turning down to be movies. There are cases in which holly wood movies lead the world, and there are other cases in which objective world happenings dictate the holly wood too. In both cases, there is till kind of competition and kind of fight since desire and ambition is the major actor.

Although the movie world is based on reality and happenings in this objective world, at times, it goes beyond its scope and is found leading the world due to ambition and desire factors in which the artist mentality is more of dictating the world than any other matters. When the world becomes artistic, it becomes rhetoric than goes to deeper and higher level of thinking in which such tendency could lead most people to live with certain norm even if it is wrong.

Life is not created to be like written in form of certain books, in which the type of things that we see in our daily routine do lead us to inspirations and other undiscovered ideas that lead this world to be better and greater than yesterday. It is not possible to say here that our future is written in the past in which the tendency to make everyone to live with predestined phenomena makes every human being to be a machine than a human reality that has freewill. Although it is useful to train people on how to use their free will in productive manner, the tendency to make and shape most in way past dictate our reality is very wrong.

We live in a world which is very dynamic and progressive, but such process is oppressed and depressed by those people who are in authority since they dictate our life. Our life is mostly shaped by laws, policies, constitutions, rules and regulation, and the free will of those people who interact and communicate with us in daily basis. Thus, thinking here needs wisdom and tact otherwise it could end up in the middle of nowhere. Here one needs a mindset to live and interact with other people based on their choice and preference than based one thinks and prefers.

In world ambition is the king, and desire is the prince, it is not possible to say here that spirituality is the means by which one tend to create beautiful world where materialism is used to build the spiritual kingdom all over. Everywhere in this world, materialism consumes not only individuals and societies even those institutions who claim that they are founded upon spiritual principles and promote spirituality. The whole world is living under fire which consumes itself since the claims and touchstone is the material things.

While living in this objective world, it is not possible to live without material things since the very foundation of human reality is physical, but when claims are done, such reality is one of the requirements besides others that people set in life. When such things are trying to get harmonized, which is relative and subjective, better realities and mysteries can be governed. Although there are unseen realities that cannot be replaces such as love, patience, tolerance, forgiving, in which these have no material or physical equivalence and they are realities that do exist in this world.

Such realities are borne as result of human interaction and communication. Without communication and interaction, they do not exist. As both good and bad characters germinate matter and result of communications and interaction, human reality create its own character and communication as result of the material things. In this case, when certain books tell me, pay certain amount of money to towards something or sin people commit, here it needs certain mindset on why do I pay towards such stuff although I claim that one have spiritual kingdom, based on telling the truth, but in reality we see them failing in their prophecy; live with unending promises and continuous drama.

Here the mass is responsible to make such continuous drama, telling us to live by the book, in world where prophecies and books are adjusted and corrected according to the exigency of the time, since the mass wants to live with certain type of faith or belief, in which it is possible to say here that human cannot live without having faith towards something unknown, since all want to share something. If they know it, they cannot live towards it since they could find it being wrong or whatever. This drama of the unknowing or the absolute stuff is an interesting stage human kingdom develop thru past ages and centuries for its survival. Otherwise life could not be interesting since life becomes spicy and nice when the end is not known.

While living in this theatrical stage of the world, one could make and pause and say that what if the whole world is woke up from the slumber it is having, and stop having such nightmares due to the fact that people should woke here up and smell the coffee which they never had in the entire life for second or minute? Although the claims are there in which those people who think differently are considered as abnormal or silly or whatever, it sounds that it is pretty good time to listen to them since they know something different but truthful. Here it is the mass that should be considered as he reverse than these people whom the mass think as if they are insane and the like.

In this drama of the contribution thing, people contribute money in order to make he belie system survive so that they can be considered as martyrs or good people in their domain. There is already funny trend in which many make gestures of “I am good man, generous” by building church or mosque or whatever, giving funds and they are also told that their fund will be rewarded and returned in ten or hundred folds. If that is the case, such gambling mentality or the business oriented God that gives back to the fund one is providing needs certain mindset in which if that is the case, I could make profit out of such play and doctrine since I give more money. I can raise my income since I do not need any experts to advise me on how to generate funds in this aspect.

It is quite interesting how certain systems are built in certain way of life in which I used to work in certain religious place and I used to see many people playing with the type of stuff they are providing, in fact without shame. I made a pause and wonder, if that fund is returned back, I think God must have done back to those people who give, out of regret, since I had observed that their stuff is being played up and misused. This is what corruption means in different sense and perspective. In this case, it is not they who should tell and preach about the corruptions stuff, but the observers who should tell them, on who they should make use of funds they receive out of their adherents. It is not what is written in their book matters, but what they practically do and manifest.

The Dichotomy of Life

December 18, 2012

The word dichotomy is defined in any dictionary as division into two mutually exclusive, opposed, or contradictory groups: a dichotomy between thought and action. This world has lived being dichotomized in two broad categories in terms of thinking, and action. The West and East, the good and the bad, and science and religion and the black and white, the man and woman, the ugly and beautiful, the tall and short, the obedient and the rebellious, the follower and the leader, the enemy and the friend and the like.

Although the two broad categories have their own characters and qualities which depend on their very nature and the types of actions and reactions they are passing thru, some of the things are very natural, and some aspects are very artificial in which it is people thinking that create certain gaps and contradictions due to the conflict of interest they have while interacting between and within people and in this world too.

What is wrong with a person who makes one’s profession as a singer to have as spiritual song in which this person has used one’s talent in praising the type of things one admire and gives respect? It is not possible to say here that a musician should live all his/he life singing about love affair between people. We have seen many people who are called as spiritual or holy people—Monasticism—while living secluded life but they are considered as saintly character, in which their behavior is liked by God. At the same time, we claim that God created this whole thing for us. This is very contradictory.

This world has been shaped by past as being dichotomized in which the tendency and inclination most have is due to lack of awareness and the deep sleep they have been injected in beliefs and the society. Most live with dream world, but they think that what they believe, think and do is in consistent with the book they have faith. What if, the book they have is wrong and cannot tell them many things which reality is proving by now. We know the fate of those people who challenge these people, which is removing them than giving them justification in rational way. But, we call these people as thinkers and philosophers since we do not have answers to the quest they have.

It is quite interesting to note here that when people think that life and the book of life is written in form of book, in way that most things should be checked against the book, this create disastrous belief and thinking machinery that handicapped the minds of many people since life cannot be written in form of book. If one tells me that do this, and do not do this, you can eat like 300 days and fast for 60 days, I presume that I am becoming programmed by certain system. In this case, I deliver my free will and choice with voluntarily to system.

Here I question myself, where am I, and who am I? Here I become one of the letters in the computer keyboard in which when a finger touches like, the letter “e”, one sees “e” on the monitor. In this regard, I prefer to live being outside the letters in the key board in which the dichotomy of good and bad lives within a given system in all the settings. Here when one presses the letter, f, here one could see letter l on the screen. Although one knows how to handle things depending on the setting and environment one lives since one cannot do thing with the choice one makes, it is always good to think that there is broader and brighter world outside which can be better and fruitful as one chooses and uses one’s thinking in expeditious manner.

The point in here is that it is not what speech or writing or the form of style one uses here matters, it is the spirit; it is the idea and the message one tries to deliver. When people fail in the concept of dichotomizing people, they go with blame shift thing. It is because one’s parents family; it is because one’s fault and the like. The point in here is that dichotomizing people always leads in misleading and deceiving conclusions. The wrong is not on the blame shift, but the ground and the original intent which is wrong and unrealistic as well.

There are different options in life. It is not the type of profession or wealth or belief system that is important. When one does not like one’s profession, there is vast choice and chance in this world, on change to another. When one does not like a given belief system, there is till another choice in this life. The point in here is the mindset; the point in here is the thinking machinery. When a given person has thinking machinery which is imported, one cannot go far beyond those people who manufacture that machine. When a given person lives with thinking that belongs to one’s own, here one lives accordingly. The point is the Mind Set.

We need all these thinking machineries that are manufactured to date as helpful and useful, but they are not life and death thing. One can come up with different thinking machinery as those before us do. In this case, they are used as Bridge to the new and different ones. When there is an assumption that there is no room for improvement, or you are not the one who can come up with different mindset, the wrong and the difficulty comes with those who say so since inspiration, and thinking does not belong to anyone, but whomsoever thinks will obtain what he/she wants and aspires too.

If some comes with a different mindset, it is the author of that thinking who should say so than other people whose motives are not clear. It is the author who should not asked, but rather other people whose deliberate intention and other matter are not clearly investigated. It is their motive and intention that should be investigated than the author since their intention is not clear. Human resistance is normal and obvious. If the original intention is to remove the author, there is no need to find justification for that since it is just waste of time; one could remove the author than going all around the bush. Why do people need good reasons to do bad things on others? Why do people seek positive justification to commit negative matters on others? Why do people require holy answers to perform evil deeds?

The point in here is that, when two things are contradictory, there is no point that people spend their energy and time to harmonize them since nature dictates and they cannot reverse the law of nature. The law of gravity works up to certain miles, this does not mean that airplane has violated the law of gravity in which case this law is designed to have attraction up to certain limits with certain objects by taking certain variables such as mass,  and volume things. The question here is on the mass and volume matter and the inertia thing than telling others that man can win the law of nature. As more mysteries are governed, more realty is borne. When we misunderstand things, we live in wrong and misleading ends as most people do. When they can be harmonized, it is possible to do so.

Freedom and Choice

December 15, 2012

WE live in a time and world in which the destiny of any child is highly dependent upon the choice and efforts a child is making while reaching to age of maturity in addition to the opportunity one is provided with than what the parents of the child dictate. Although the role of the parents is mainly important up to the point the child has reached to making decision by one’s own.

While such aspect of life is going on, the point here becomes, there are two aspects of life one should wonder while making certain decisions life. They are those matters that are very important, and there are also other matters that are very essential. Here prioritizing one’s need and the relevance of such matters are few aspects one should consider.

A given prime minister of any nation cannot have a single role in making decisions on behalf of any given individual. Choice, freedom, rights and the like are not something that can be offered by any government to its citizen as birthday gifts. They are natural. What they can do as institution in here is that they can suppress such freedom, choice and rights. In this case, when they claim that they are democratic, we tell them that they are not since they interferer and pass their limit.

In relation to such particular aspect on individual and state relationship, the individual has every right to question the integrity of such system as far as the individual does not pass the limits set, but the institutions have no right to provoke individuals with the intention of making them violate certain given rights so as to label them to justify that certain individuals whom they think or suspect or they do not like are criminals. Here the contradiction comes, since the provoking is done by passing certain rights, freedom and choice of individuals, which is against the rule of the law set by the institutions.

When checking against individual is done, it should not pass the limits or violate of those individuals rights whom they think are suspect since they are not criminals. When such limits are passed, then the rule of law and the state create certain gap, which can not be filled by anyone since the law here is under great danger. It is like the traffic light and the traffic person in which the traffic person violates the directives set by the green, red and orange lights, but rather the traffic person claims, do not trust the signs, but trust me, which is bit strange and danger.

Although we live in world of process thing, with this process thing, many errors and faults are done, there are many dramas that are going on under the cover, process thing, in which we tend to compromise between doing the right thing and making faults in deliberate intentions taking the variables set under process. Such trend lead many institutions and individuals or authorities to play the game of corruption, since they claim, this is mistake, and will be corrected in the future. However, we measure the capacity of institutions by the justifications they make in which the lesser justifications they have, the fewer mistakes they commit, and the stronger institutional capacity they hold. Thus a given institution is nice when it respects and sees every of its citizen in same eyeglass than wear different eye glass to citizens based on love and hate things.

In my case, I do not need anyone to go to the field to fight on my behalf to make my choice, freedom, and rights respected since I know that I am capable enough to do so. I do not need any help or any outside party to talk on my behalf or to tell me which way to go or not since I am not the type of person who can be dictated by others. If any authority tries to oppress my freedom and right, I report to both local and international institutions on what they are doing on me since I believe that I can make my self clear and express my freedom to the institutions in legitimate way so that the next generation can be protected. This is my stand.

In this process of life, when every individual passes such matters to institutions both local and international, the rule of law can be protected as many comments are going on like this. Being passive facilitates injustice. Letting things go in way one’s right is overruled and over passed makes things even worse. Letting things know by others is a good step, and then action becomes the next steps as many issues are on the table. Institutions like the United Nations are important here since they let many other countries know the theater and drama that is going on all over the earth. This is their daily routine and job. I shall pray that God makes the United Nation to be brighter and stronger that the rights of innocent people can be protected in better way.

When a given system sets constitution, laws, policies, rules and regulation, all these chains of activities and documents should be consistent and compatible with one another; otherwise, when there is inconsistency and contradiction, here a given nation or state or institutions suffers a given danger. Although the Constitution takes the lion share and the major ground for all the rest actions and reactions yet to follow; when there is a tendency to formulate a given law overnight to attack certain individuals and for given purpose, the method needs quite revision.

There are laws that are formulated like condom. They are used to attack certain individuals. They are formulated to destroy certain people. This is all over the world, not only in the developing countries. This is one of the trends this world has been shaped. In-order to remove the destiny or future of certain individuals in which certain institutions do not like, they design law overnight and they remove them. This does not make any given institution democratic or a state which is governed by law, but rather such states are governed by love and hate relatiosnhip in which they will be one of the failed states even if they survive as state or nation.

In this case, the mass lives with fear, and the trauma of fear developed as consequences of few people have undergone. Fear is the balance that govern the whole world in which many people are obedient due to the fear of bad consequences they could undergo even if they have something to oppose. Those nations who have been known as developed states have undergone the therapy of fear in their nation, to the extent their residents even are not aware. Deep inside of everyone, fear lives as stranger, but the moment certain incidents hit their live at any age, their hidden friend, which is known as non-existent in their hearts and minds, fear, starts to germinate. Thus, they live with the so called, behaving attitude, with the norm.

Obedience oppresses free thinking. Obedience suppresses human freedom. Obedience enslaves people behavior towards authorities. In worlds where obedience is king, the question of free will has no answer. In this case, obedience is used as weapon to kill the freedom and rights of individuals. For a person who knows that freedom and rights are set under limit in which they are practical as far as one does not touch the nose of one’s own neighbor, there is no need to tell the importance of obedience, but rather one knows the future consequences of obedience on one’s reality. As Henry Thoreau said, “ I was not born to be forced. I will breath after my own fashion, Let us see who is the strongest”, is the answer to those people who play the fake game and idea of obedience in our life.

Characters and Personality

December 7, 2012

What one wonders as part of personal experience in life is that the influence of characters on personality in which one could bring to table that is this people that are fighting or the nature of characters? Further elucidating this matter to attention, if any given person has developed certain character in life, and another person developed certain character in life, when such characters are opposite and fighting with each other as result of their nature, Is the people who are fighting or the characters?

While wondering in this valley of search in which the influence of characters in the thinking capacity of individuals are not clearly studied and investigated, there are two given factors here, the first one is the nature of the character world. The second is the nature of people. In the world of characters, it is incumbent upon the individual to acquire certain virtues in life.

It is also important to realize the nature of this world in which there are certain universal characters that does not go in conformity with the natural law they are destined to pass such as truthfulness cannot go with lie and deception. For instance, when a politician lie to us, we consider as normal. But when a religious person lies to us , we think that the law of God stop functioning on this earth. This is one of the norm and culture people developed while living on the earth.

In reality, Is this virtues or characters that are fighting or the people who carry such characters on the earth. May be both, what is most important and crucial here is to identify the root cause of the nature of characters before we judge on people in terms of interaction and communication, which are secondary too.

I do not like someone it is not because I hate that someone, but it is because that someone does carry a character which I do not like. Here, it is not personality that matters, but that particular and given character. In cases, when certain characters dominate a personality of that given individual, it give certain biases to the personality of that given individual in which that given person could have many other characters and virtues that can be precious but certain characters could be veil and make us deceiving ad misleading conclusions.

In this case, here needs an eye that can see farther, a heart that can feel what is hidden and the like. Capacity and capability matters here and between individuals. For example here, when referring the book, which state that when Jesus is to come again, like the thief in the night, according to my personal understanding, Jesus will come as being thief; BUT NOT. Where as it is the characters of the thief which matters here in which trick is one of the characters of the thief since there will be abundant people who are tricky that are to exist in the future. They will be tricked as well as they trick others.

Character and personality are interrelated and interconnected, but they are not one. A given person can acquire a given character as result of the environment one faces, but this does not mean that a person is like that. A person acquire a given character due to survival reason or when the norm one is surrounded is like that, in order to escape from the threats and danger one could face, a given person could develop certain habit, attitude and character. However, when one changes the persuasive environment and the setting, one deletes that character and become another person due to the fact that the environment is changed.

This is like a gas cylinder, the gas and the equipment which is used to receive the fire from the gas, in which when the match is lighted up, one gets the required fire for productive purpose as the opposite can happen. The cylinder box can be the personality; the gas can be related to character in which wherever one goes, there are different gas companies that deliver refilling service. However, that cylinder is the same or differs from company to company as result of services they deliver. In this case, the most important element is the gas, but the gas cannot survive without the cylinder box. Both are equally important as they are essential elements fro common purpose.

In life I hate to be predictable by other people. I hate to be remote controlled by others in way that they tell where I am, who I am, what I eat and like since life should have certain secrets that one should. Otherwise, people could trick and deceive and mislead others in way their motives dictate. No matter how far people make their best endeavor to know the movement of others, as intelligence agencies do, it is still impossible to know what given person thinks inside and one’s plan and future is. Satellite cannot tell the future or destiny of a person, bu it only tells where a given person is walking and how one is dancing and the like. It has limitation.

Based on satellite image transmission one can tell where that person is walking, but it is not possible which restaurant that given person is going to have lunch, but speculation can be there, as military intelligence people do.  If a given person tells like I am that type of person, my life is over since this does have its own danger. Here I relate a verse which I read from the Book of Quran 10 years ago, which state like, “do not tell thy vision even to your brother, Satan is manifest foe of man, and they plot evil upon you”, which I think is important advice one should keep.

When one has certain goal in life, one should not be known by others for the purpose of achieving one’s goal in life. Otherwise, one could not achieve one’s purpose. As Albert Einstein said, keeping secret is the essence of success. Unless and otherwise people have significant impact on our life, one should not share everything to other people which I completely agree and understand. In this case, one stops becoming stereo type and the right order and balance of the environment can be stabilized due to the fact that people are not predictable by others in their characters and thinking. By doing so, those tricks in the character world can be reduced and the right way of life can be established.

Here people stop confusing personality and characters in which when one assumes that a given person has top position or an elite in society, this does not mean that person cannot have bad character or characters which are not liked by the society. In certain cases, characters are directly related and connected to positions and status; in other cases, characters and personality are inversely related and thus one should identify and see things separately and as per the context and distinct features and aspects of life.

The Reality of Heaven

December 1, 2012

Most people are shaped to think that there is life afterlife here in which they are shaped due to the fact that their belief and the way they are designed, which ask them to think that there are heaven and hell. Both are the only choice they have after this life. What if there is another choice? what if such worlds are the creations of few people who think in the past, considered in the past as great thinkers, but in these days, just fantasy dreamers or makers of illusory dreams? We do not know this. We have no answer for this. However, there are people who claim that we have a promise, which one is bored of to hear and think.

In reality, hope is very rational way that makes people to live longer. Expectation adds flavors to existence on the earth. When such worlds are not created at least in the minds of the many people we have on earth, life could have been devastating and worse conditions could happen to due to the fact that most are self centered and ego centered. Most people seek to have certain types of hope in life so that their future can be exciting and interesting. This is nice. I like the primal architect who created the existence of other worlds here after in the many minds of people on the earth, originally.

Whatever conceptual understanding people deliver regarding the existence of such worlds, such assumptions and beliefs are summation of expectations and the desire to obtain something as reward for the achievement, many people think have while living on this earthly plane of existence. They say, we live in the right hand of God, in world where directions and places are most irrelevant to Entities like God which is known and agreed by most as the “Unknowable Essence”. Direction works for human since they want to identify, but in Entities like God as assumed by most as unknowable, direction has no importance and significance. But, the underlined fact in here is that, God cannot and will not function in human way since this leads in corruption and misleading aspects in the thinking and understanding realms.

I was reading an interesting article, which was published on the Newsweek on November 26, 2012, entitled the “Science of Heaven” which sounds like it is an extension of the Book the author of this article wrote “The Proof of Heaven”, in which the article state by making personal delusions and experience which is related to the Sandy storm that hits New York city recently, that shutdown the power and activities of the city for few days in a way that such experience relate to the author’s experience that makes him to stay for seven days in comma. The Article states that by putting certain personal delusions which make him connect to the theory of idea of the existence of the next world, but heaven which is illustrated by the great light one saw and face in such an experience.

Although most scientists claim that brain creates consciousness, but what makes brain function is not known and none find out convincing rational as to the motivating and activating factor of the body metabolism of human reality as the philosophical concept and idea dictates and comes here as to those who claim that it is God who creates such creation, but none knows who creates God too. This is one of the dilemma and unanswered questions, which remains being the question of questions on the earth. It is always nice to have questions unanswered, since search is an integral part of human reality and existence on the earth.

The world is heading in a direction in which claims are done that there is a scientific way of the proof of heaven which is highly based on the religious belief and values. What is quite interesting life on the earth is that it is belief that dominates any other thing on the earth. People are highly educated to justify the claim they do in their belief system and value. Education is used as tool to justify their belief system. Education is used as weapon to kill other beliefs and values even if they are correct and true.

Is this possible to proof the existence of worlds in scientific way in world where our tools are inadequate and incomplete too that makes us justify such claims based on incomplete understanding and misleading belief systems installed on the earth? The rational starts as wrong due to the fact that the essence of such world are connected to the Creator in which none knows the right essence and reality of the Creators except certain mere speculations and feeling people have, which are by themselves very limited. A very limited perception with a very limited tools and laboratory cannot justify the existence of Such Creator in rational way except conventions dictate. And this makes science to be unscientific since it leads in many erroneous and deceiving conclusions too.

I relate a personal experience here which visited my reality in February 2006, while I was employed and worked for a religious organization In Israel, which sparked question and doubt to my mind up to now. The experience is related when I was going to the shrine for prayer in which there is a custom and tradition in that given domain to bow down as matter of paying respect to the author or owners of the shrine,whatever, and  when one goes to the shrines for supplications, which is good act indeed; and it is deserving to give reverence to those whom one pays respect for as a principle in life. And one kneels down and prays in language one knows and does not know when one approaches the so called sacred threshold in which the demise reside in the shrine too.  I did this for many days at least twice in a week for more than two years there.

However such strange incident hit to my reality, if any, is  occurred while i was about to leave that given place. And I suspect psychic like thing happened and visited my reality. And probably, I presumed that those propel who were trying to shape me or abduct me to a different personality or identity, which they could assume very holy or saintly, did not make enough research on what my upbringing or where I was borne and raised and the type of personality and individuality I have since I have a problem in trusting anything that does not go in conformity with my thinking ad rational. I feel and think that I am the author and owner of my own faith and belief than any other power on the earth, even God has no power on such aspect of my reality. I guess they take wrong sample, which the community which I used to belong, which is very fake and silly. I think they ignored this part. What is quite strange in here is that the dramatic experience started after I made four pages report although I lived and worked in that particular place for more than two years  in which that report created some buzz in few peoples minds such as authorities.

The experience started on Monday afternoon, on February 6, 2006, and while I was bowing down to pray, I had seen magnificent light and I thought something is wrong is going on my reality since this is not something that can be shared. On Tuesday afternoon, I went to same place looking for another light as in case may be, but while I was bowing down with my forehead to the earth, I had seen remote darkness. Such given and personal experience made me question many things in life than create trust since there are many tricky matters that exit in this world. So, from my experience, it is possible to correlate with the heaven and hell thing which does not even require taking such laborious activity and energy in showing miraculous image to my mind; or which path to choose since there are only two ways one can go according to that given system. But nothing like that happened while i was going for more than to years to that same given shrine for prayer. I am not even an American, in which my destiny is promised and written,  in case they forget.  WHY?

However, the theater and the drama that came after such act makes me wonder the tricky realities and fake concepts that exist like balloon, and the moment small needle touches the, they do not exist. Many concepts that relate to things we do not know and or speculate are like balloons, they need small needle, and then one knows the reality after passing certain hurdles and determination one takes. Thus, I will be wrong to make any deduction based on such personal act and drama, though I have limited knowledge in Physics with the secrets of photons—waves that appear in sound and images too—but I am correct to write such aspects and drama so that other people should know. I did and say this, it is because i did pass conspiracies and sabotages behind in and at my homeland which is still underway.

While living in such balloon type world, one imagines how different concepts are formulated and articulated. Taking that particular art as an example, if I am dedicated follower that religion, I interpret and understand that images or visions that appear n my minds in way that merits that particular belief system. If I am enemy of that particular system, I see it as operation of magicians and sorceress. Although it is not relevant to make any particular decision and reference to such an experience, I see that particular experience as very personal, but I do not relate in way that merits that particular system or I do not use to attack such given system since knowledge is very limited and no conclusion I can make since I have very limited knowledge on this aspect, but there is one thing I am sure, I cannot accept and follow such delusions as reality in my life since I am sure that there is trick and fishy things going on over there as result of personal experience.

Getting back to the theory of the science of heaven, it is quite important to note here that the integration that exist between science and heaven in which it would be very exciting and intriguing as well to correlate science and heaven due to the application and method of science with heaven, but hard to believe whatever definition and interpretation science could give in relation to heaven due their paradoxical and opposite natures both have. Everything in this world should not necessarily be scientific to be believed; any magical and illogical knowledge can be accepted as legitimate and truthful. Miracles have never been by themselves too.

While wondering in such valley and city of life, I come to realize that there are many different worlds that exist in this world, but we realize and know them, the moment we are in touch with them. Here, it is matter of experience and circumstances that shape one’s life. Until then, I say to everyone, enjoy with what you have until you reach to the enjoyment what one has reached up to now. Life is in the eye of the beholder. People are united it is not because they love each other, but rather it is because they live in the same network and world of existence. Otherwise, life is like conversing with same letters and words, but perception is different.