Enigmatic Realities

November 17, 2012

A person who invents the atomic bomb, the person who makes the atomic bomb, the person who bombs the atomic bomb and the person who happens to be victim of the atomic bomb  has different levels and ways of understanding of the atomic or nuclear bomb. In the first case, in the inventor mind, the idea is fascinating even if it is destructive. The person is highly interested in the chemical composition of the bomb, but not with the ultimate consequences of the bomb.

The person who makes the atomic bomb is, the chemist or the person who does the composition is doing one’s routine job with care and skill in which this given person is highly concerned about one’s health and the monthly income one obtains from such making. One might be curious to know, but there could be limit, knowledge and capacity on this regard. When one likes the company and the pay, one is interested in the making of such bomb.

The third level is the person who makes decision to use the bomb so that power and victory can be established in one’s kingdom. The fourth person is the person that uses the atomic bomb in which the military person who makes use of such thing to kill others. The fifth person is the victim of such bombs. The rest will be history and the words and stories and pictures that can be found in the history books and the like.

Life in this world has such aspects. Everything has a beginning and it goes down and upward to different level and categories of people and society depending on the way they take and understand and make use of the things. In this case, life has different flavor and taste depending on the type of things we have. Thus there are people who enjoy, and there are people who feel bad in many instances. When one takes life and the many colors and different worlds that exist in this given world, life is dependent upon the eye of the beholder as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder too.

Personal experience and other people experience in life is one thing, but what tomorrow offers is another aspect although one’s tomorrow is dependent upon today, but there are unseen and other unprecedented matters that can change the color of tomorrow which are not created and developed in today. In this case, life is not only about choice and efforts, but other aspects people should consider since life is something a mystery, but not a magic.

In this particular regard,  life is like Amazon forest in which there are many hidden things that exist in this world as given person has many treasures and gem. It is just a matter of discovering and knowing. It is just a matter of realizing and working on it. Hence, life is an enigma. When one recognizes there is light that can be found in the middle of darkness, in which in darkness one can make and create light; here it is just a matter of what they call destiny or fate as they say. When one goes further, one discovers something.

While such aspect of life is going on, one wonders in the different valleys of life, in which it is people who shape people’s  life. Hence, life becomes interconnected and interrelated with other people. People affect one’s life, but it is till relative and they have a limit. They cannot go beyond certain steps since one can put certain margin as to their interference. Life here becomes tasteful since one has major role and lion share in one’s life and decision. People can contribute something, but they are not life and death thing.

It is not possible to judge and measure people in the profession they hold or whatever since the profession they have is not the end of their reality but rather it is their personality and other realities that should be considered and figured out. Life on the earth is and is not about profession since professions dictate one’s life due to the way this world is fashioned, but this does not mean that one is like the profession one is entitled to d so. It is just like the name a given person is assigned does not tell who that person is but to identify a given object from another, name is necessary. Thus people are identified by names and the way they are seen and communicated.

Like wise, a single event which is put on the news has different stages and levels before it is recognized as a news. The first and the major act is the performer which is initiated by the actors of that given act. The second step is the point of awareness by other people in which when a given act is transferred to other beings, it gets rapt attention. Then the third step is the media people who get interested in this given act. The fourth act is the decision made by the media agency which is interested in that given act when that given act deserves publicity and should reach to the public. Here is the interesting point in which such news is transmitted with volition and good will of the politicians’ even if that given act and information is truthful.

The media personnel do have to work out on here that when such given act is necessary and useful to be shared to the public, and does not put to risk on  the media agency and other personnel yet to happen. After it passes such tests and challenges, that given act will reach to the ears and eyes of the mass as they say, every eye shall see. Then the mass entertains such act according to the personal experience and other stuff in café, restaurant, home, workplace and the like. The interesting stage here is that the source is one person or two persons in which a given act is borne. When it is translated to other people, it passes certain stages—challenges and personalities—then go down or up to the public.

Here various acts can be aborted; various acts are entertained in the media and the like. However, today is what is very different in here is that the so called Social Media, which prevents and allows those aborted acts in previous centuries and years, they get birth and reach to the public without much interference. The Social Media become a nice filed to work in which it gives freedom and access to many people so that the public can be interested and gives great attention so that they can reach to the truth. The Social Media is an Enigmatic Force that enables individuals to be listened and obtain the right attention as far as they have the truth. Here, life becomes quite fascinating since there is no censorship and oppression of rights. Thanks to the Internet, and those who invent the Internet. Life here becomes interesting and adorable since one delivers one’s own information and personal reflections in a way one desires. None tells here, do this, do not do this and the like.


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