Fusion and Future

November 10, 2012

Arnold Toynbee in his book of Change and Habit stated that “is the fusion of world religion and politics necessary”? He puts interesting and analytical remarks regarding the essential aspects, but also the relevance and viability of existence of different politics and religions due to the varied need and nature of human reality and existence of varied society with their implications and applications of the existing institutions too.

Although it is important and necessary to have oneness and unity among the human framework, it is also necessary to have the diversity and varied outlooks that should exist to satisfy human natures and needs too. The attempts to make one or create unified and hybrid ideology with the essential unity that all seek to derive is on the way, but due to the continuous and ever changing human needs and necessities that fluctuate as time goes by is another challenge such ideology and those who try to bring the newer ones should consider and think about.

As Toynbee pointed out in that given book that every given religion in this world have succeeded to attract numerous individuals to belong to their respective group or domain, but they all have failed in bringing the essential oneness or to unify the entire human race into one form of religion to date due to many reasons. In very fact they all claim that they are from God, but the division and source of enmity that grows day by day amongst the respective adherents, which goes contrary to their core belief—love thy enemy—which make one conclude that such religions are the products of the imaginations of the authors than the Power they claim since as days goes by one sect adds to another.

The World’s greatest school of thought and religions since the birth of Christianity, such as, Confucianism which was brought up by Confucius to revive the morality and philosophy of Chinese people became the Official Philosophy of Chinese State in the 2nd Century.  Zoroastrianism became the official religion of Persian state in the 3rd Century. Islam was introduced to this world in the 7th Century. While considering such four aspects of Religion that do have profound impact in shaping humanity and this world, they attracted millions and billions of people towards their respective compounds, and they all have made their own wall and the division between such religions and their respective adherents is till underway. In other words, they all are sects of the religion of God, if any, though they have many sects within their respective domains.

It is only ambition and desire that is left over than the practical and essential oneness under one form of religion, although the claims are endless and promises are still unending. We live in a world the promises all claim are more of fictitious hope and illusory matter that exist in the minds of those who claim than the reality itself. As days goes by, reality testify that the need of the age shifts from one corner to another, but the essential oneness and unity is always there. But none of them have succeeded to bring the desired unity they claim. Forget about uniting the entire human race; all have failed in creating that relative unity that should exist between their respective adherents within their domain.

How come such variations and differences that could spoil the unity and the covenants they claim is truly exist within respective domain, is this possible to expect the greater and real unity, world unity, while they all have failed in creating their own too? How could such claims could be true while reality speaks louder than what they claim and tell? It is not proof of and burden of arguments and theories that bring unity in this world, but satisfying the need of the age which can ably answer the quest of life of the entire human race.

Is it possible to get a cloned idea that can create harmony and unity between societies and institutions possible? Are the attempts underway which claim that “we are the one who can come about that essential oneness and unity practical or realistic without giving electrical shocks and psychic treatments to those who question and ask the integrity of their system and claims”? What is this world waiting for to fix the many existing ones or to come with the newer and different ones?

What is quite interesting in here that what the world and the many unjustified claims to date are going and the prophecies that were put in many books and societies are not sharp and events are mostly not going in way that such prophecies dictate? What leaders both political and religious ones do they do every effort and make every plans to make the so called the past prophecies that are put in form of books, they put ever effort to make them come true. Thus, they are not afraid to remove those people who ago against such plan and work. But, this does not make any sense since this one of the attempt that is operating and underway, which make the human reality to be machine or like computer keyboard and processor.

Life becomes very interesting when the end is not known. For instance, death is considered as relative end point, but it is not the ultimate end point of life as human reality. There is an idea and assumption that claims there is life after death and hence most live with suspense and expectations. Expectation is spice of life and augments one’s keen desire and interest to live. When one knows the end, the existence of various ins and outs will be more of game or theater than any other thing. Here, life is becoming more of joke or game than being reality since the destiny is known, and others strive to reach to this end. Life becomes boring since most of actions and reactions are designed in way to reach to that given end. In this case, all the plans and all the actions are put to reach to that desired end. Thus, one should rethink and reconsider other aspects and events that happened and occurred on the earth without being given prediction and prophecies that do shape this world in way different and way out from the desired ones.

The desire and the need to shape this world in way belief and past actions and reactions dictates is one of the interesting games and theater this world is playing although much sacrifice and huge costs have been incurred to date. While such theatricals drama is on the stage, pone could make a pause and think little further on why this world is interested to play such drama, while many things are being changed day by day and things are moving so fast.

In the First World War and Second World War many millions lives have been lost and tremendous costs were incurred to bring power and remove those who are not like by those who have power on others. This huge dram had been over and the wall that divides Germany into who have been destroyed, and now we have one Germany. It sounds quite up surd and interesting why that division and re-unity is happening to German although we know that it was ambitions and desire that lead nations and people to live in that fashion.

We do not get why Eritrea and Ethiopia are still in quarrel and difficulty since the current leaders were the ones who were fighting for liberty and freedom and rights, and they won the battle against their common enemy. We were expecting much better and stringer relationship between these two countries, but rather the quite different and opposite thing did happen. One does not get why leaders fight at the expense of their people while their people live in better harmony and stronger relationships as the leaders are living as being rat and act. It is quite funny and strange in here too.

The drama and destiny this world is deriving in cases are strange, and in other aspects is quite awesome. The inventions and discoveries are solving the daily needs of human and social reality although they are not capable enough to address the root causes and problems humanity is suffering to date. The better and nicer relationship nations and societies are having to this date is promising, in one aspect. However, the stage is still more of theater than any other thing since one observes very paradoxical events and occurrences that go and happen on daily basis.

When one thinks of the fusion of the world religions and politics, it is something that deserve much contemplation since such fusions have its own danger and its own consequences, but rather the existence and survival of different religions and ideologies give flavor to our existence and life in this world and thus this will be the continuous drama and the unending theater this world is going to have in the future without choosing one of them as the best and the end of everything too. But, we shall pray in our terms that the good shall win and happen to this world.


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