Life is Personal

October 27, 2012

A given person who lives in Africa and in the West has different emotional, material, spiritual, and intellectual need. Such variations occur it is not because they live in different demography and culture, but also with different economic standard. But the pivot point is the economy. Economy is the key factor that drives people to think and behave in certain way, since money is becoming, of course, the six sense organ people have everywhere. Money drives many people to behave in certain manner.

There are certain matters that are universal and are in common with everyone. Money is the ink and paper thing in everywhere, and the purpose is same. What is different and varies in here is the type of thing that is put in the money thing, but the purpose and function is still the same in everywhere. This makes human need very similar and universal since all seek same things in many aspects.

There are also variations in need and desire, which is other aspects one needs to figure out. Such variations occur due to desire and ambitions people have in life. There are people who have strong desire and ambition and thus they become different than others. Desire and ambition are nice, but when they exceed the desired limit, they are like fire, and they could ruin the person who carries them.

The desire and ambition Adolf Hitler demonstrated in his leadership was very bad and one could see the consequences of such kinds of ambition and desire. The desire and ambition of Albert Einstein was very different and he becomes the source of guidance and enlightenment to many people. The point in here is that not in the desire and ambition thing, but the type of things one desires and has an ambition for is the key element.

It is not desire and ambition that ruin people’s life; it is the type of desire and ambition which is considered as fire. When one seeks knowledge, the doors of knowledge are open according to one’s capacity. When one desire and has an ambition to lead or control others, this depend on the strength of muscle one have, although one had seen in history that those powerful and muscle tough leaders of the world had been found embarrassed and died with shameful situations.

Ambition is important. Ambition is very useful. As far such ambition is for the betterment of one’s life and societal transformation, there is no wrong with it. But when such ambition is used to take advantage of other people or to use for some sort of negative matters that could arise in the future, here such ambition is scary and the result is bad as one had seen in history books. In this case, it is good to go back to history books and refer the fate of those leaders who were ambition and where and how they end up while they live in such scary mood.

Life on the earth is about creating passion and keeping such passion in life by augmenting the keen desire and interest in life. In this case, it is possible to create interesting and suspense like moods in life within one self without waiting or dreaming other people’s gift and the like. In order to live on the earth, the desire and keen interest in life is created within self and also augmented by the participation of others too. This does not mean that life is dependent upon other people contribution, though important and is quite necessary.

Life is interesting it is not because one is having delicious meals in every-day life, but it is because there are many things that are quite unpredictable and cannot be known by today. When one knows the end or how one ends up on the earth, life here becomes boring. If I already know how to end up in this life, I can do it today than wait for many other days and years yet to come. Although there are quite sheet drama that are going on the earth, it is not possible to wait for the fake destiny many people derive for oneself due to the bad motive and interest they have on others.

When people think that it is possible to change the fate of oneself if one goes this way or that way, this could be from the research they had on others but not on one self. Experience and perspective in life are the most important matters than other people research and fake study. When few people pass certain lifestyle, this does not mean that they share same destiny. Although all people die, but what they do not know is how they end up. In all cases, there are many people who have different life styles—even seemly nice and good life styles—they have same type of ending in both good and bad manner.

For instance, they say silent people are dangerous. They also say silent people commit suicide. Silent people are shy and the like. There are many people who do not belong to such category of people, but they end up as stated or not. Destiny or fate is not something that can be detected out of research and study, but rather it is out of person’s experience and knowledge in life which is the most important matter.

Even though, there are huge dramas and theater on the stage, going on behind, in which there are fake manuals and operations underway—Past, Present and Future—destiny is not something that other people talk on behalf of oneself, but it is a reality that the individual is to come about as result of the choice one makes in life and the actions and reactions that one pass in life that shape the fate of oneself.

In this case, everyone is writing the story of ones’ life in the daily routines, and others read such story based on their preferences on life and people. It is a matter of choice than the economy thing in which economy facilitates daily routine, but cannot tell the fates of one’s life too.


The Economy and The Society

October 24, 2012

WE live in a time where basic needs are relative and contextual. A low class [poor] man in terms of income and economy thing, in America could be considered as middle class, if any, in Ethiopia. This occurred for various reasons. The first one is they have and had leaders who can see the future. They have strong educational system and structure. They have experts in the economy thing and the like. They have better grasp of the concept of tax and the citizens do also pay such obligations due to awareness and fear of the punishment too. In any case, the former is known recently before the eyes of men too than the later. Here, age is but a number.

This is one of the interesting aspects of this world in which those who claim are number one, or older in terms of age and history are found following those who are discovered later and recent. Although the book says same thing in which those who are on the behind become on the front and the vice versa, this is one of the fascinating drama this world showing on the stage. The secret is crystal clear, in which those who are recent are doing better things and focusing on great things than dwell with gossips and on idle times. When a given society knows what to focus on and how to go about, advancement and progress in on the stage.

While such theatrical acts are on the stage, there are people who still focus on others, and dwell with sheet dramas even if they are given higher authority and greater responsibilities to serve the mass. They focus on following few people who are thinking and nice in the thinking realm and oblige other people to follow their sheet drama on the stage. This is the Stone Age politics and drama. In such societies and communities, progress and advancements are chimera and fictitious drama, since they are mostly focused on sheet drama due to inadequate capacity and that is what they can do.

Progress is not an easy job. It is not a number that is put on behalf of the growth thing on the newspapers and meetings. It encompasses many things. But, today, every society and nation claims, as if one has achieved this number of growth, while the mass is suffering and complaining on the cost of living and stating that they cannot live; they cannot feed their family, and the like. But the drama is still on the stage. This drama was in the past, is on the present and will be too. How long such huge operation and drama will continue? How long such tricks will be on the stage?

WE live in a time when most people are mature enough to be deceived. They know. They prefer the silence due to the fact they and their lives could not be complicated. Fear is the factor, but not acceptance. Of course, one day, when such crisis are getting deeper and stronger, such complications will overcome the fear, and those who trick them for years will not be playing as major actors and characters on the stage as we see on the Arab countries and nations in past years.

Society or community has different stages of growth and maturity and evolvements. Many societies have passed different forms of evolutionary patterns and growth due to the fact of the natural process every society has destined to pass—every society way or pattern of growth due to the distinct aspects of its own character. For example, culture, political systems every society has experienced, leaders and the quality leaders every society has faced, social movements it had in its own history and story and the like are few factors that determine and tell the characters and distinct feature of
growth in terms of social evolution and patterns of growth.

In this critical period of human history, there is huge transformation going on the planet earth, in relation to social progress and movement. Recently, the Arab society has showed an amazing and fascinating social movement in which none is parallel to its history as it was occurred in the Europeans countries few decades ago such as The French and the like. This is a sign that this world has pattern in relation to social movements and there is an already destined growth stage in terms of social transformation and process.

When a given society is get tired of its leaders, the fate is different kinds. The first one, most become passive and do their job until their fixed time to explode and explosion is come. The second one is there are rebels and freedom fighters who arose within the mass, and fight the existing leadership until the overthrow the leadership. This is one feature in which the developing world is showing. The other world, which is the developed, it does by the election ballots and cards, and the do not elect the leadership they do not like. This is the process underway. The third one is changing the style of leadership when leaders have ears to hear the mass and attentively act than oppress.

Most society converse with the leadership the do not like in silence. In silence, noises are hidden. In silence, the fate of future leaders and governments are borne. In silence, the fate of existing leadership are already told and stated. Freedom, right, democracy, and the like are not something that leaders give to the mass as birth day gifts [occasionally], but rather they the fundamental and natural needs of society and people. In this case, when such matters are ignored, the answer is time. Time will tell the answer rather than the existing leadership and the like.

When society is having nothing to eat, and if any leadership tells that the economy has progressed, this is one of the jokes and games leaders play on the society which should be stopped and deleted from the tablets of this world since those who write such scripts economy is the only thing progressing than the lives of the poor and the mass. If any economy progress does not benefit the mass and the live of the poor, how can we know such progress is realistic and just? Economy growth is not only on the accumulation of capital and wealth in number, but the economic justice it delivers in a society.

144 and 144,000

October 17, 2012

One night, I was reading the Holy Bible, and found statement regarding the number 144 which is claimed as an angel, and the 144000 people who are chosen by God to inherit the Kingdom of God on the earth and hereafter. Although one have respect for peoples belief, faith and value, this is one of the most debatable point and idea in which the so called, which is claimed by most as just and indiscriminately to choose few people from them, and identify as chosen is still question to one’s mind.

What is the criterion for being chosen? Is this to carry the Bible on every Sunday morning, go to worship place on every week or once every week, read and study quotations every day, in group or in private bedroom, have necktie, nice suit and bother other people and tell and preach them about endless hopes and promises and disturb their privacy? Is this to be good and nice person and known by others as holy, preacher, pastor and the like, but in real life, one see them disturbing other peoples life and affairs, doing many sabotages on others, are full of corruption and the like in behind? Is this doing the right thing, and who is going to judge on that?

WE live in world where religion and beliefs are part of culture and daily routine especially in the East in which the Eastern people have much experience and information about such subject of Personality in relation to God so that the world is captive of such mystic relationship between human beings and the Unknown Reality to live by the assumptions underlined before since there is no other segments of society that have developed better understandings on such subjects.

This does not mean that they are absolutely correct and they have the absolute path to heaven or hell since none knows the heaven and other worlds. For this, the answer is clear in which none from the East or West went to next world and get back to the earth, and tell us abut the phenomena of the other world, except the nightmares of few people who think that they have passed the cross points to other world and get back to here, which is none sure about. And thus, there is no other choice other than living by the dictate of others before us. This is not warranty to The Truth.

While living in such world, which sounds confused and enigmatic as well, it s not possible to select 144 or 150 thousand people in world where the standards that are set are ambiguous and subjective in which faith is not something that can be judged and measured by other people or the so called the Absolute since none knows the absolute. And such thinking and belief becomes confusing and contradicting with the beliefs since they are not even holistic or there are further matter that need to be clarified so that better truth can be gained as result of peoples thirst and search for The Truth.

And thus, life becomes quite puzzling to ponder on such aspects of life since this makes the so called GOD very narrow and an entity that favor few people and reject others, which result from the desire of being close toward it; while others claim that GOD is inclusive, not an exclusive entity. In reality, it is not commendable or be considered as pastime to argue about an entity where all have limited knowledge and information, in which it is clearly underlined and assumed that GOD is unknowable Reality, and this argument closes this chapter of being chosen or the vacancy to choose others as chosen too. There is no vacant job or position in this regard.

Whilst such theater is on the stage, it is quite interesting to note the drama, the funds, and the many structured and organized offices under the name or tile of such Unknown Reality, in which many claims are done on behalf of such Entity. Although the democracy thing allows many others to live after choice, the question or the power goes to every one’s rational to use the power of Rationale, understanding and like than being governed with such way of life, beliefs and value making. None can interfere on others on how to make one’s life choice and use one’s rationale.

However, the more people are governed by unscientific, non rationale, blindly imitated perception and understandings, the slower progress this world is demonstrating in being governed by rational and the power of reason, the greater length and duration the confusions and contradictions that are underway. This happens for two reasons. The first reason is there is huge power which in underway, which goes to the benefits of such people who like such process and way of life to continue the way it was and is now. They cannot have job and life. Thus it is great danger. They work day and night for the survival of such systems since it is life and death thing. They prefer to kill other who are against such systems or way of life than let them go since it is their survival.

The second reason is the ignorance and weakness of the mass that let them and thing go the way it was and is now. Both are equally contributing to the continuations of those systems and ways of life that does not go in conformity with law of nature, science, reason, and rationale. Human being should be governed by the power of Rational. Faith germinates out of Rationale in which the rational is the driving motto that makes the power of faith to function and operate. When one considers forms of systems of belief, they have powerful Rational and Reason that is the driving factor. When Christianity is introduced midst the Jewish ground, one of the powerful arguments is the day of the Sabbath.

The founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ, argued that how come a man should submit to the day of Sabbath, but rather it is the day of Sabbath to man, telling and stating that man is supreme creature over all other forms of creations, which is the reality. Faith is light when it is supported and integrated with the power of reason; otherwise it takes those who carry it to the city of dankness and ruins their life for nothing.

We live in a time and century when the power of reason overshadow in better manifestation than the power of blind imitation, which many assume and think and know as belief. Here, the war is between with the power of blind imitation or the belief thing with the power of reason, rational, in which those who carry and assume that such thing are in their minds, and hearts fight in front and in behind. The war should be over. THE TRUTH is the winner.

Reality proves both parties in different circumstances and situations as right and wrong. When people are driven by the power of reason, there are fallacious thing that do come. The belief thing—believing or having faith without proofs and evidences—have its own danger. There must be the Third way, the third choice, which should be The Truth. In this case, both submit towards it since they do not have a choice and an option. The Truth does not belong to both, but both belong to the Truth in their own parts and parcels, since they are not holistic and complete.

Here, it is not possible to trust the faith of a tiny ant desire to take the power of the whole universe, forget about the desire of tiny ant; it is not possible to know what the person next to you desires. Here it is not possible to have faiths that push the mountain, since it’s not realistic ad logical. Here, it s not possible to have reason which claims that man can be converted to ape and vice versa. There must be realistic ground and truth that make both—the power of reason and faith—to get organized and harmonized. Otherwise such integration could lead to misleading conclusions, and to sophistry.

WE live in a time when such combinations are not only the need but also the reality, but the point in here is that, what kind of reason and faith? A person who lived all one’s life washing the shrines and the person who lived all one’s life doing scientific research, in both cases, we see the two extremes, whereas the Reality seeketh the essential harmony and integration.  Here, we do not need martyrs and scholars, but those great minds that live up to THE TRUTH.

Democracy…. ?

October 13, 2012

Democracy is not only about the existence of different thinking and beliefs and sharing values but also the necessity of virtues like tolerance, respect and understanding between citizens in a given society. Democracy is defined in the Wikipedia as a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. Democracy allows people to participate equally—either directly or through elected representatives—in the proposal, development, and creation of laws. It encompasses social, economic and cultural conditions that enable the free and equal practice of political self-determination.

When one talks of equal say of citizens in the decisions that affect their lives, here needs the requirement of strong and unshakable forms of institution that believe in law and order than corruption ,misuses of power and the like. Here we need people who are like in the motive of service and devotion than any other thing, which is not possible to find here on the earth, but there are many trials on this regard in every community and society, since they are all in the infant stage of growth, Although it is necessary to appreciate such efforts, it is not possible to be keep quiet and silent when one sees oppression and misuse of power for wrong purpose.

The struggle people do in many aspects should be considered as part of such democratic process than they be treated as enemies and destructive forces. Democracy can not be established with legitimate and elected states and institutions, but rather those forces of oppositions do help such institutions to be strong since strength and power cannot be established when there are o negative forces. Although it is not possible to accommodate such forces within a system, they are powerful instruments to establish law and order and they help the so called democratic institutions to be strong, healthy and fruitful when they go with the rules and regulations and policies they establish.

However, when they use wrong means and methods to destroy such forces they become inconsistent with the principles and laws they establish the democracy thing they claim, and failure start to germinate in their kingdom. In this case, such systems are borne and dead at the same date, but their physical and material translation to this objective world can be at later time. This is their evolutionary process in which their growth and death rate are going upward in same cases, but as result of the forces, systematic approaches and strategies they employ, one of the two apply to their life cycles. Most systems in Africa are dead after decades of existence they are live in that state of beings.

It is not what they say that matter, but what they think and practical do in order to maintain their given system. At last, the truth is always out as clear day sun, when the right time comes, and thus we see them perishing. The foundation and corner stone of ay given system in terms of social system should be strong such strength can only be formed under strong and reliable virtues and these are justice, truth, integrity, freedom and the like. The funny thing in here is that one given system does not learn from the former ones, and we see them they do same mistakes time and again, as their fate is so crystal clear and here is no need to create formula or recipe since one can see their fate in the former systems that came before. They are not even different.

WE live in a time when things are very different in today. There are two basic factors. The fist ones is the system that is established within the society which is composed of various forms and structures of ethnic and other groups in terms of having respect rights, freedom and the like. The other is the outward factor, which links a given institution with the other parts of the world, external affairs. Both should be established in their own magnitude in which when foreign relations are established with stronger magnitude and stronger relationship than the inside ones, the within factors, here a given society lives in state of danger in which the enemies or the so called oppositions are not those who are within society who are against the system, but rather the system has to re-investigate and reconsider its own relations with the outsiders that can destroy the claim it does as result of its relation and the interest of foreign powers as well.

In this case, enemies can be friends and those who are assumed as friends could be enemies too. Motive is an interesting nature and feature of human and social reality. A given person can be bad in his action, but the motive could be good and the vice versa too. In this case, it is not letters, words, numbers, formulas, and experts view and explanations that is important, but the feeling, sense perception, which is different reality and truthful aspect of human and social reality. It is a real fact that there are many experts explanation in many aspects, which are nicely articulated in many aspects, they are well versed, but the motive could be bad and ugly. Here one uses he sense perception in which is the motive that is very important than their explanations and theory, which is useless and nonsense.

Life in this world is not about only principles, and doctrines, it is about motives. When democracy is maintained in any given society with having a priority the motive than the governing rules and principles of democracy can be nicer and better. In any given society, when the question of bread is priority, it is not possible to make the people forget the question of bread with the fake democracy they are delivered. Such system would die as result of without establishing democracy and not answering the question of bread within society since the motive and the drama behind very different, not sincere, truthful, and the like. We see such systems perish as result of weak foundations they have, wince hey believe in muscle than thinking, virtue and the like.

There are two types of democratic settings which the existing worldly institutions have. The first ones are those institutions who claim that they are democratic, but within a limit in which they give freedom as far one is obedient to the constitution or head of the states they have. They say, one can say and talk about everything as far as one does not touch our throne. The second ones are those who think that they re democratic since they respect the inherent and intrinsic human values such as right, freedom and the like and one is free as far as one is abiding by the rule of the law.

Although it is very hard to give freedom without limit since such aspects have its own danger, it is possible to give respect and offer the right freedom citizens demand as result of their intellectual and emotional ones they come about. A person who thinks that a given society is free as far as given society needs and wants are satisfied where as the rest are deprived ad rejected since they do not belong to that certain group that is leading. On the way, democracy is not something that can be offered as birth day cake gift in which is something that people need occasionally, or the like, rather it is fundamental need and requirement of ever society in every second at this stage of human history in existence. But the question is, How?

WE live in a world where power and systems are governed and operated by the fear and consequences of fear. Fear is a motivating factor for the leaders to create their own system within society. Thus, whatever claim any given society or leadership has, as far as fear is manipulated and employed as means of promulgating their own selfish interest as result of past gestures and actions and reactions they have employed in a system or society. It is not possible to claim that there is democratic environment. Wherever one lives, whoever the people are, and whichever the place is, people are engaged in such cause of democracy, but they in most cases live, with fears of, what if they take my home, my wife, piece of bread one have, if I say this or that, do this or that.

In this case the mass lives in mass trauma and psycho pains since past tells something, which is, if you do this, leaders will do that. That is what this world is saying in which whatever profound words and ideas are articulated in mansions and palaces, the world has in its majority as population, the poor in which such profound tongues and articulated speeches do not deliver joy and happiness to such multitudes in which the drama and the theater is going as was in the past, but the claim which few do, we have two or one digit growth in economy is the major actor of this drama. Any given political system cannot only be measured by the digits of economic growth, but also with the decrease in population of the jobless, homeless, the poor, the needy in its own domain. As otherwise, the claim they do is like the movie one watches in the holy or boly-wood and rather can exist as story on one of the novel books as Nobel Prize winner.

Democracy is about equal right to all as the word and idea claims, but the reality is different. We live in world where our ideas are the ones that judge us, if the idea is liked, one have better right, if not, the same is true. While living in this biased world the concept of equality is still unresolved there is no human race which is free from bias and prejudice. Who is going to judge who, what is the basis, why, what are the touchstones and the like. Whatever organizations do still to date like the UN and the like, they are not free from biases, mistakes, and one does not the motive behind their formulation and recipe. When the UN head quarter is Nepal, or Burma, one could think that there is less drama that is going behind than when one put the head quarter at New York, and put the quotation from the New Testament, by claiming the let the armament get to change to agriculture in world where the nuclear and sophisticated armament needs are becoming the present need of the world.

Although we do not know the future, it is not possible to go to the farm field at this point, but rather to be a military or marine become a nice job. Until when, and with what motive, nations and people go by such needs while democracy is the key world that is put on the head of everyone, where as the desire to lead other by force is a requirement of the age? Although, the trend in this world in bringing democratic world and running democracy is by the fear of armaments, which is the reality, there must be a ground and thinking that should allow citizens to think that democracy is possible with out fear and fear of the punishment leaders do on citizens before the golden age is come. Although the irony here is crystal clear, one should not always wait for miracles to the coming of golden age in which lion and sheep can sleep together unless the sheep is stupid which allow the lion to come next to it, which cannot happen since the reality is the reveres. It is not possible to be unrealistic while trying to live in realistic world too.

It is also quite interesting to make a note here that most nations claim that they have agriculture led economy in which the democracy they claim is a reflection and a facilitator of such economy. While observing them in practical reality, they have broker led economy in which neither the farmer nor the consumer is beneficiary, while the so call the parasites—the brokers—are the ones who are dependent upon both consumer and the producer, who become rich by confusing and contradicting both. Economy is reflection of political system. Every social setting reflects the political structure in certain context and aspects.

Education is reflection of politics too. If any given nation structures its educational curriculum in way citizens can be submissive to its system with out good rationale, here it is not only the citizens who are in danger, the system itself since future is unpredictable, since it is promoting generation suicide in its education policy that could give birth to citizens who can ruin such system since they are not trained and shaped in responsible manner and thinking way; since they are shaped lie to go only one direction, which is the existing and the current system, telling the they are he life; they are the path to life, which is also failed and wrong strategy as one observed in history.

Democracy is about equal say and equal right in world where equality in many aspects is becoming a chimera. This is to mean that one is talking about the impossible thing in world where this word can only be found in the dictionary or as a word in the conversation. While living in this theatrical world, it is possible to claim that most are using such concepts like democracy and liberalism and the like, in which such views are not only inspirations, but result of ambition of such few people. In world where ambitious people are on top, the rest lives with the nightmare and confusions of such people, to create a democratic world would be contextual. However, the choice is entirely left to the mass, who choose to watch such huge drama behind, and prefer to be passive and silent.

ABCD [1234]

October 7, 2012

Once in a space, an angel and a devil met on the road, while both of them look very confounded about the drama that was going on the earth, and made a peaceful conversation with each other. The conversation was about the confounded state of being in which the devil was given here on the earth, and asked the angel, how can I go to heaven. And the angel replied, if I knew, I would not have told you the way to heaven. The devil laughed and …. and continued with the drama and theater going on the earth without giving single attention to the labeling and categorized identity assigned by the adherents and advocators of where the angel belongs.

It is quite interesting to note the struggle and the drama that is going on in way past people belief and dictate our reality of today in which our reality could be by far better and great than this but the thing is that we are already shaped and confused with the past since it was system that was governing us, and will be governing the next generation. Without much change and significant improvement, our lives continue since we are already programmed under a system and conventions. Can we change that?

Why do we count the years of our time since the AD thing and BC thing? It is till system and conventions in which past us still playing significant role in our life? Why do we count our lives and ages with after and before [AB] Hijra thing? Past still is playing in our mentality. The desire and ambition to be the right oneself starts by imitating and inheriting past and others and keep on continuing for the search of I, in a sense that they are used as bridge to find the real I, which is a hybrid I since it is mixed up with certain beliefs and thinking of others in past.

The point in here is that this world is combination of many thinking and belief in the past, and present in which the future is dependent upon such exposures and any discovery and invention uses such facts and assumptions as tool, and come up with the better and new thing which is unheard, untold, undiscovered in past since one uses what is on earth as tool to reach to The Truth one seeks to reach. This does not mean that what are existing on the earth are the end of everything. They are useful and important, but they are not complete. They are not even holistic.  However, they help to seek for the Search for Truth one desires to do while being on the earth.

This happens for two reasons. The first one is power and authority is controlled by few people in power who are dictated by thinking which are influenced and governed by belief. The other reason is that other people receptivity and capacity to understand different ideas and thinking are very limited and there is always resistant to new and different ones, this is caused by the former case. . This is a very essential and becoming fundamental nature of people in this world in which past experience tell much thing than any other thing.

While such theatrical events are going on, when one comes up with different and new idea, the first resistant to such idea originates from the direction or place where such idea originates. Especially, if one is from Africa, it is assumed that that given African copied and pasted such idea from such and such people from the West. When they do not find that such ideas from the western thinkers; then it is assumed that the ideas are taken from other western thinkers who are dead, but not publish their works. When they do not find any answer in this regard, they assume that this is what the future western thinkers think in past, but unknown; they publish in the future by dating back to past.

The funny thing in here is that there are Africans who accept such fictitious ideas as fact since they are jealous and envious gains such African thinkers. Since they cannot and will not even think like such few African thinkers, those who support such fictitious claims die like the clouds in the sky when the right sunny and bright day comes. They have few impact but it is not lasting since their motive is bad and impure, which is envy and jealousy and the desire to take personal advantages such as money and the like. The problem with the western people could be racism, but those who are in here are money matters, envy and jealousy.

In this world, it is quite interesting to not here that: take a note in the note book when wise people speak and write than try to give them critics with the motive of killing them and making them cowardice in the City of Truth. This is impossible. It is possible to give a try to make them frustrate, but it is not possible to make them frustrated and confused since they have the light, hope, faith, courage, integrity, while the reside in the City of Truth. This is matter off state of being and awareness and station people have. Truth has no race, color, ethnicity, group and the like. It belongs to whomsoever seeketh it. This is the beauty of The Truth.

In truth, the big people are found as liars, the small and despised people are honored. The Truth has no palace and mansion in which it is rather a state of being while people reach after passing the hurdles and other ugly things on the earth. Thus, people live various kinds of life style while they live in this city. This depends on the magnitude and potency of Truth one finds out. If it is something that changes how people think and believe in the past, it is a disaster. One faces tremendous hardship since it affects the foundations and corner stone of belief systems and ideologies.

It is possible to create a network to attack such people who know such aspects of Truth, but it is not possible to destroy the light and the see they have made widespread all over. Killing them does not kill their light and seed, instead, the light they have will overshadow the whole earth until single leaf on a tree claims to such given truth, who I am to deny such reality and fact. When any given truth has universal truth, every creature confesses one’s ignorance towards to it.