Layers of Knowledge

September 24, 2012

They say, the beginning of knowledge is to know something we do not understand. Khalil Gibran said, perplexity is the sign of knowledge. Both aspects reflect and tell few aspects and feature of what it means by knowledge and knowing, which tell that knowledge is not something that can be picked from department store, it is station and stage of human development in which one reaches after passing certain stages and processes of life in this plane of existence.

Having said this, knowledge as defined before by others, it is broadly classified as subjective and objective knowledge, which indicate that there are certain aspects of knowledge that can be objectified, which is tangible and can be seen outwardly, and there are other aspect of knowledge which is related to subjective reality in which such aspect is related to the knowledge and idea of relativity.

How come a sixty second joy is equal and equivalent to sixty second pain and suffering? Although both are equal in duration, the intensity and the amount of emotion and feeling one faces in both circumstances which is different, the impact they have on health is very different; the influence in one’s thinking is very different. In the sixty second excitement and joy one faces, one could obtain positive results and hopes in life. Whereas in sixty second pain and suffering the reverse could happen. While dwelling in sixty second pain, one could consider those pains as if they are equivalent to year, where as those sixty second excitements could be considered like one’s experience in fraction of microseconds. It is just relative. Time is relative in terms of its consequence here on one’s reality.

While such features o knowledge is going on, as dictionary defines, knowledge means to know, which can be anything. When one considers knowledge as word, it is about knowing, like this knowing can be related to washing of one’ s face after sleep, washing one’s hand before the meal and the like. Where as, when one considers such aspect of knowledge in terms of concept, it is something else. It goes far beyond the knowledge of washing one’s face, or gossips, but this has different shape and reality.

Knowledge of the laws of the universe and the knowledge of where one given person is having glass of beer are very different in terms of nature and character. Both aspects define tell to the personality of such people by their focus and area of interest is, who ever they are and whatever position they have within society. Knowledge is not something that can be certified by ink and paper, but rather it is continuous process and unending journey of human reality in the love and search one has for The Truth.

Knowledge begins with something that looks and seems true, but it has different levels and state and layers of development. Taking good examples of those people who discover and did something in this arena, who find out something like the case of Isaac Newton, it is quite fascinating to see some light on what makes Newton to focus on the finding he came about. The first question he did ask, why did the thing fall on me, why not on others, and what makes that thing fall on me, is the beginning of knowledge and the matter that ignite sort of interest to his thinking and theory to his reality, which humanity is making use of to date.

The beginning stage of such people as perceived by others, what he/she is talking about, they are considered as silly people; abnormal people and the like. They are considered as people who lost their normal consciousness. This is the sign of and manifestation of truth and knowledge in its earliest stage as perceived by other in most rubbish and garbage manner. This is one of the healthiest sign and indication that such people have found out something that most people do not understand. This is nice and healthy.

One of the first steps those people who find out something which most people do not have grasp of it, is to avoid such company and focus on the finding they come about and work harder on such filed they are innovating and searching. As Newton did, they navigate such territory until their last breaths of life until what they find out make sense and can be easily communicable to others. They are the scout. Here needs, tolerance and patience, and in fact, focus is the pivot point o their life. Focus is on one point. On the finding and discovery they come about; hence their role models are the life experience of such people than any other being on the earth, if any.

While such path of the undiscovered territory, knowledge manifests itself in very different manner in which those knowledge that are considered as important in the norm is considered as silly matters by such few people, and are not important and life and death thing, since life in this knowledge of the navigation is very different since the focus and the goal is very different. It is not what other people perceive and think important, but it is the pivot and central point, which is the idea that is crucial. Thus people live in different world although there is one big world in here. What makes people vary here is the value—The Idea.

They commence their life with perplexity and they continue with knowing something that most do not have clue and understand. Then they continue making sense and giving life to the multitude as they continue with their search for truth and knowledge. Thus, life is no easy skill and task in this world. There is great and huge enemy going all over since what they know could have different impact and influence on the life of human society. The network and magnitude of their enemies tell the potency and magnitude of truth and knowledge they come about since such aspects of life in most case are directly proportional and related.

Knowledge here means to know something that is hidden and undiscovered. It is something that most people could understand and live comfortably with, but at some point what they have been dealing could be wrong; and those people who know such thing live in dangerous conditions since they are not liked. The first type is something most people have no clue, and they let others know. The other is something that is considered as true and correct, but could be found out wrong and bad, which others call, the ugly truth. They do not want it even if it is true thing.

WE live in world where both aspects of life is going on hand in hand in which the saying and the claim few people do, the mass is always wrong can be considered as legitimate and true since it is here referred as something useful and truthful due to the fact that most people follow what is on past, and continue with style and fashion and way of life since what they have and do create comfort zone and they feel secured. This does not mean that they know and they are correct, but the reverse could be true and is true.


Nature and Human Reality

September 17, 2012

Nature and human intelligence has very interesting and healthy and bad relationships to date. This relationship was introduced and maintained by few people who excel the rest of humanity thru the intelligence they have acquired and developed thru time as result of keen observation and perception. Thus they become successful and they helped the rest of the world to date by inventing certain matters that are useful and necessary for our daily operations and movements.

One of the interesting idea nature delivered to human reality is the idea of aero-plane in which the idea oh what makes the birds fly, which ignited sort of interest to the inventors and brothers —Orville Wright & Wilbur Wright—and they happen to invent the first airplane in 1903, which later becomes an industry and source of income and life to many people on earth, and help human society to have better, comfortable and secured life, though such aspects of life is relative and vary from society as well.

The other interesting contribution of nature to human intelligence is the idea of factory or industry in which such idea is connected to the way or the metabolism of human factor in which every human being takes in something, then process what it takes in, and ten consumes the goods and removes the bad from its body. This is what every factory or industry does. The idea of —input, process, output—works and lives in every filed to this date, and by looking how human body functions and operates, it is possible to see how nature is designed in nice way, and human reality is till makes copy and paste what nature delivers to this date, and will continue too.

The latest industry which is the information technology uses this method and application in its working. The Industrial revolution makes use of such function. The agricultural revolution did the same thing. These three aspects of life exist at all level, and scopes where humanity is making use of this concept and application in its daily working. Nature has great things to tell how far humanity tries to make itself complex and sophisticated, it is till captives of the ideas and concepts of nature although the articulation is something that deserve respect and recognition too.

The other aspect of relationship of nature and human intelligence is in the idea and concept of automobiles. It is the tires revolution. Tires are done in escort basis in which when nice automobile is fabricated, they deliver one extra tyre, which they call escort, which one could see this in every automobile that is manufactured to date. This is related to the escort kidney everyone is entitled to receive by virtue of nature.

What is interesting in here is that when one faces tire problem on the road, even if one does not have the escort tire one should do, none is willing to deliver one’s extra tire to the one who is sick or stuck on the road due to the problem of tire one faces. Is this because of selfishness Or with the thinking that could exist like, this can be fixed by the garage person or whatever? The same is true when one is facing kidney problem, many people are not willing their escort kidney to those who are victim or ill, due to the fear or lack of trust the science say to them, and keep their extra or escort kidney than deliver to others? They say, it is extra, but we do not know why everyone is bestowed with two kidneys, if that is extra too?

It is quite fascinating to bring to attention, the idea and the attitude manifested in the movie entitled “John Q” in which famous and respected actor, author and the like did it very well on the contribution human beings should manifest towards one with the other. There are quite few people who could do that, but this number should be multiplied in exponential manner. This world needs quite such people who can make a difference and create stir in the life of human society as the movie explains in its own way.

This is not to ask for kidney or escort tire, but to discuss certain aspects of human reality with its interesting relationship as of to date, in which thee is tendency toward this world, which claims that technology, science and the like has replace nature, and those ideas, which claim that the idea or concept of God is dead, although they make use of the concepts and its applications from nature, and they deny the contribution of nature to human intelligence and civilization as of today.

Although the claim that is done behind or in front in relation to the ownership of nature, like who created nature, who is the author of such nature, what is the path to the creator of this nature thing is still ambiguous and not clarified, the tendency and struggle that exist between such camps like, with those who claim—We are the path and life to the author of nature, and with those who claim that the idea or concept of God is dead and we do not need to have God since we have killed God and created our own God—is till interesting, but one chooses the MIDDLE WAY here since both are correct and wrong, one takes the good from both worlds so that one could reach to the absolute Reality in its own good time.

The other aspect of nature and human intelligence thing is the waste management in which industries and factories use their waste for another purpose. They create a circle thing in which everything they use have its own vicious circles of the process in which there is nothing that can be of no use as the nature does. For example, nature offers to the world water in many content and context such as river, lake, sea and oceans. When the natural sun gives heat to such types of water, it is natural that evaporation comes and then the so called cloud happens to exit. And then the cloud thing after its own good time converts the white crystal and ash thing to another form of water, in a form of rain, which can help and destroy as well depending on the amount of drops, which again refills the water forms that already exist. Although it is very hard to measure what amount of water is gone up and gets back to the earth, but the idea is very interesting in which there is nothing that is created with no purpose. This is what human reality is trying and doing in every industry and factory.

The concept of information technology with the idea of networking and connecting the people of the world in world wide web is a reflection of the natural reality which human society and reality is making use of, especially the Chinese and Egyptians in the olden histories and ages, which is the heart to heart and mind to mind communication as perceived by others as —telepathic conversation and communion—which could be understood by other beliefs as wrong and devils tic, which by itself is wrong perception and understanding is another aspect of such relationship. None knows how and what human body is made of and none governs the mystery behind such secrets except speculation and guesses which claim that human body is made up of soil, others claim by air, wind, water and the like. Although such field is too late to govern such invention as compared to natural reality, but too fast in communicating and connecting people all over the world, this is one aspect to figure out and discuss.

Nature has two features. The first one is the seen and the manifested. This objective world is the reality such as the sun, moon stars, people and the like. The second one is the hidden, and the undiscovered, which is like the law of gravity and others, whose reality is manifested as people of capacity emerge and the human intelligence grow and develop. The same is true in any given individual life, community make up and structures of institutions in which one could see observe in what is manifested to the outward looking orientation, in most cases, is the fake ones in which forms in most cases mislead and deceive and trick others since form is needed to create rapt attention from the other world and peoples. As one goes further, one could notice the drama, theater, sabotages, conspiracies and the like going on behind as they say, behind every fortune, there is crime, which illustrates the truthful aspect of many realities in this world. This is just a matter of understanding and perception.

Nature has in most cases offered four seasons and two time tables, which are the day time and the night season, in which the presence of the sun is considered as day and the presence of the moon and stars are considered as night time. In life all face two things, which are ups and downs in life, which are obvious in everyone’s life. The four seasons are the summer, the winter, the spring and the autumns. There are four different aspects of life as human reality of life on the earth, which are the individual, community, society and institutional lives, whose strength depends on the intensity and potency of events that hit them, and happenings that occur in such aspects of life vary as the ins and outs vary too, in which there are times when springtime hits individual and community life as the are dry seasons that hit society and community life.

Happiness and sorrow are parts of daily routine in human existence, they are must to happen. Both aspects of life pass away as they visit everyone’s life on regular basis. The crux in here is what is on the perspective of individuals, communities, society and institutions have toward such aspects and seasons of live which is dependent upon the maturity, understanding and perception of life of such entities have and their strength lies on the understanding and perspectives they design in life. The first aspect is the private life, which could be connected to the family life; the second aspect is the work or schooling many people that are engaged in their daily routines, which can be connected to the professional or the time most spent at work place; the third is the type of interaction everyone creates with the society or rest of the community where one belongs or whatever—Social Reality. The fourth aspect is the interaction and communication most establish with rules and regulations, which can be connected to institutions such as states and the like.

Features of Idea

September 15, 2012

Every idea has to be measured with three aspects. The first one is its contribution to the society in which whether any given idea can create stir on the life of existing society, in which the pragmatic approach is a necessary touchstone. This is essential and necessary. Any idea that does not deliver influence on its surrounding cannot be considered as important and useful, which is obvious and plain fact. This is one of the necessary aspects of idea in which idea has to bring certain impact on the life of its surrounding.

The second aspect in which the measurement to any given idea is that idea has to be measured as per its own context in which idea is relative in most cases, and besides its influence on the life of the surrounding,. The nature of the idea is something that has to be discussed further. For example, an idea which is important to certain ethnic group and an idea that has universal nature and character should not be measured and evaluated with same measurement. In this case, the wrong comes with the standard of measurements than the idea itself.

The third aspect of any given idea measurements is that from the perspective of time, in which time is the factor. Any given idea that sounds up surd in toady could be found a life and death thing in tomorrow. This is what history testified top humanity in which there are thinking and philosophers and scientists who were found silly, abnormal and mad in their own good time, but thru the passage of time, they are considered as bright, brilliant and people who see the future. In this case, the shame goes to the public or its leaders who value such given idea based on inadequate measurements and standards.

This is not to give age or years or dates of expiry to any given idea like the daily commodity most consumers have in which there are two types of idea one has to consider. The first one is the idea related to universal and cosmos which are like the law of gravity, thermodynamics and the like, and such ideas are related to nature. Such ideas have two aspects. The first one is the nature and capacity of the knower, human reality, which is limited and thus could vary from time to time as human capacity changes. The second one is the nature of the object, the law of gravity, which cannot change since it is natural. It is not possible to fix certain period or age to the law of gravity.

The other aspect of idea is related to human action and interaction, which they call social reality, which vary from culture to culture, society to society and the like. Such ideas are relative, and again, it is not possible to give certain age to such ideas or whatever thing pertinent to the society since it is agreement and conventions which are the ultimate factor than putting certain margin by authors of any given idea. For example, if I say to you that drinking is forbidden in this society, it is not possible to give 100 years or one thousand years, but it is the consciousness and the dictate of the society that matter than putting certain age or number of years.

Human reality and this world has many features in which the truth and thinking many people come up should be consistent with such natures in which when certain idea is contrary to what the surrounding or the living environment testifies, it could not exist, but if the idea or thinking has universal truth or truthful hint in its application, it survives and becomes manifest reality in this world.

This is one of the reasons why few idea or thinking excel others and survive by attracting numerous individuals since they give certain comfort and sense of security to their thinking. However, they are not holistic and they keep on attracting certain number of people, and live in this world by giving some light to this world. When this world is capable of integrating these many lights, which are found in fragmented manner, there will be bright and nobles fruit in this world. Otherwise, the way it is sounds like a child who is struggling to become an adult on overnight, which is of no use and value.

The desire to be number one in which is becoming nature of this world, in terms of single individual life, community life as group, and as an institution is one of the sickness in which such character and behavior this world is reflecting is like a human being who live in one’s teenage in which in that given age, one thinks that one is the center of this universe and the like. The competition one sees in this world is something that can be compared to a person who lives at that age. They say, I am number one, but that given umber one thing could be related to a proverb, which goes like, “In the world of the blind, one eyed person is considered as a king”.

The point about life in this world, every age is like new city in which there is something to learn and take from, this world is like a laboratory in which every idea and whatever thing that exist is being tested, and those who are the so called number one thing, in all fields, are testing such ideas or thinking that various people come about with the measurements and scale they have in their hands. What they have is incomplete since this whole world is not absolute and the things that have in their hands is not holistic, but could be better than what was on the past and what those people have at current, which does not mean that they are the end of the world and everything.

What is interesting in here that any given book or idea can be absolute and can be considered as legitimate source of truth, when it tells the absolute truth in its absolute sense, which is non-existent. However, what one find in many books and societies that certain truth in every book, but as result of such possible integration and combination, one could reach to the absolute sense of truth in its absolute term, which is till relative since time is the factor, and its impact or coverage is another impact and the like. There are many aspects one needs to figure out before reaching to a definitive conclusion.

Hence, life as human being becomes a challenge since every one lives in the constant motion and movement of thinking as many actions and reactions affect everyone life. The action and reactions in this world at least have an impact on our perceptions of certain realities, about other people and life in this world, depending on the maturity and understanding of everyone, which is till relative. They say, miracles have never been by themselves, which is to mean that there is another impulsive force that could cause any miracle to happen and exist.

While considering other aspects of idea, what triggers idea to get inspired or exist is another aspect in which there are certain ideas that result as result of inspiration from nature, there are other ideas that evolve out of the problems and complications certain society faces, there are other ideas that germinate as result of keen desire and ambition of authors or certain people, and the like. Whatever reason or cause is there, idea has in most cases useful and necessary impact on our life as far as it goes in conformity with natural laws, needs of society, and time based factors which are the very nerve and causes of their existence.

Good Wish Vs Reality?

September 8, 2012

Is this possible to make or convert one million wrongs to one single right even if one possesses the whole earthly and world treasures like wealth, power, authority, dignity, honor, glory and the like? Is this possible to convert or make one believe in matters one have no clue or impose a personality or culture or identity of others on one without the volition and interest of one? Is this possible to convert certain abstract and intangible matters to something tangible such as can one change air into something solid object?

It is something deserving to contemplate on certain matters and aspects of our life in which there are certain modes of life which were neglected and deleted in recent past life due to the fact that there is tendency in this world that this world is tending to be technocrat and pragmatic in which there are other aspects of life which are correct and true, but we see them neglected, but they are one of the root causes for perishing and vanishing of many people in this world due to the fact they are ignored or rejected, and such and certain truths are necessary, but they are oppressed?

The funny thing in here is that there are many people who do not even learn from such people in which they do and commit same mistakes as others before them did since they are egocentric and selfish personalities in this world which they think that they have power and authority over others, and thus they do not accept that they are even losers, but they fight and struggle and pretend as if they are winners or have something to share and tell the world even if they have something that make them stay in power for few years, but we know that it is just matter of time; they they go like others before them did. Such people and their respective systems is like a building whose foundation is done on ice; when the ice is melt, it is already gone.

There are three aspects of people in life of such matters in which there are people who accept that they lose, they accept and live by adjusting their thinking and mentality, and tell others that they were wrong. Probably, they could say here that they were tricked or deceived. Such people are at least good ones. The other types of people live by confusion in which they try to continue their life and system by making certain adjustments; but they live confused , in cases frustrated life, since they are confounded. The third ones are those people who completely deny that they have lost or been deceived or tricked. They think that they are correct and right and preach others that they are better and special ones. These people live in identity and personality crisis in which this world contains vast majority in this category. Most people are comfortable with such types of life style.

If whatever thing or a given group claims has the truth and right, the whole world would have joined it at the moment of its and in its earliest period of inception than it takes centuries and ages. All the groups that claim that they have truth, or the right path claim same thing; they have same character and nature, but they keep on attracting certain numbers of people in their category, and live by creating certain island, have its own jargon, its own special people and the like . It lives by putting margins and boundaries to its denizens and creates division amongst the people of the world which should have lived as one and with no partition and separation.

The two major actors of such drama are religion and politics in which they have both constructive and destructive factors which pout the life of human society in paradox and confusion due to the tricky nature they are bestowed and the drama the actors of such cause are playing on the earth in every land and nation. Both are solely responsible for the division and contradiction that exist in this planet. Thus, all watch them with vigilant eyes due to the fact that they affect our daily routines and activities. Both claim and authority over others due to their very nature history has furnished us; and thus all abide by the authority and rules they establish even if they are wrong, since there is no other choice and option.

WE live in a world and time where paradoxical events and drama are on the stage in which one lives with other by respecting boundaries and margins set otherwise, fire will devour and destroy the other. They are sensitive and sensible elements and life on the earth. Thus, both are similar and identical in one aspect. Trick is the very nature of both in which there are conspiracies and sabotages behind every palace, church or mosque and the like. Whichever the cause is, there are people who promote such elements as there people who oppose the. And the third ones are those who discover what is going on behind such elements. The rest is just listener and observer.

While such drama is on the stage, they say, behind every fortune, there is crime, in which there is no and impossibly no religious or political doctrine that could unite the whole world into one creed and cause, since it is not only impossible, but it is also boring. This is just simple chimera. We cannot be under one stuff since we do not want. The need for diverse ideas and doctrines is necessary. . People can make a wish, but they cannot attain since the whole movement and activity of this world is turning in appreciating diversity, but not under one common cause, religion or political group. It is not one person that could save the world, but it is the cumulative effect of past, and present activities and choices and decisions that are done at individual, society and institution levels that exist in the whole world that save and determine the future of this world.

An attempt to create a sense of unity in thinking and perception under one and single colored umbrella is tantamount to contradicting the nature of human reality which is the diversity in many terms not only in sharing views and opinions, but also in the fundamental nature which are the becoming very nature of human reality—diversity of religion, politics, culture, tradition, race, sex, and the like, which are not only necessary abut also essential for our existence and human survival. WE keep fundamental aspects of human reality, but we share views and other opinions without turning away from natural and necessary aspects that are already established and get firm ground in the life of human society.

Ambition and Ignorance

September 1, 2012

Life is the way one takes it in which one could feel warmth in the middle of cold and vice-versa. Everything is controlled and governed by on how one takes it. People differ on the way and how they think and what they think since life as human being is not about anything but it is the mindset. Hence, we live in a world where people’s life is governed by ideologies, beliefs and the like. In most cases, belief plays major role than any other thing.

It is quite interesting to note certain things in which nature have many things to tell. It is good that nature dictates man in many instances although there is constant struggle and fight to overcome nature. Natural laws are irreversible. This is very nice. This is very awesome. For example, death in terms of physical existence on the earth is inevitable to all. Although there is an attempt to reverse and change this natural law, it is not possible.

This is very good that we all die and perish at one point. It is good that life as human reality on earth has an end at one point. Although one does not have a clue about the other aspect of death, which is assumed as spiritual or whatever death others claim, since dying from one system of belief mean getting birth to another system or way of life in here.

The point here is that there are people who struggle against the laws of nature in which there are certain realities that none has control over except accepting limitation and stupidity of human aspects in which an attempt to reverse such drama is childish display and foolish game than any other thing. Why do people choose a way that is not something acceptable by others, but they do it in intricate manner?

Albert Einstein said, there are two things infinite, the universe and human stupidity. I am not sure about the former. In any case, although he did not mention about the later, in other words, he is sure about human stupidity. Human reality is very limited reality in which there are certain aspects one could not deny or reject, but we should accept than deliver such limitation under certain forms of belief or way of life, which equals to deceiving or tricking oneself. We all die whether we have belief or not, but we can not tell to what our fate after once we die except the faith or form of belief we are shaped.

How can a child tell one’s fate when one gets older unless one does not reach to certain age which shapes one’s reality in form of profession or belief which equals mere speculation or wild guess? How can one tell the fate of one’s reality after one dies without knowing or experiencing the next worlds? We all live with certain expectations. Since we all are shaped by beliefs or ideas that ages more than centuries, we think that they are correct and true. Being correct and being true are two different aspects in which being correct is contextual and relative where as the truth is absolute since this cannot change with changes and chances of this world.

In a world where past belief and thinking are shaped in way they have structure, we accept such forms and structures since one does not have chance and any other option and this does not mean that one is correct and truthful. Getting accustomed to certain practices and tradition could deliver certain comfort and secured feelings to the society but this does not mean that one is heading to the right and truthful direction. In any case, agreement cannot tell the correctness and truthful aspect of social life since there were ideals and thinking on the earth, in which case created certain harmony and agreement between people, but they perish as of now, for example, communism.

WE live in word where tricks are becoming the very nature of this world in which many people wake from the deep sleep they are injected after they have killed many other innocent people due to many reasons. The major reason is ignorance, and the second other major reason is ambition. Ignorance and ambition are bullets and guns that kill many people and put many societies in the middle of nowhere and point of no return area. They poisoned many innocent people with difficult disease hard to heal, and it is not possible to find the right physicians who can give even a remedy.

When ambition is combined with ignorance it ruins its leaders and their respective followers in due course of time. When ambition is combined with relevant knowledge, here it become an eye to the world, guides society to better truth and reality, and then this leads to right prosperity and direction so that the rest lives in peace and security. Ignorance is one of the diseases that does not find its medicine in this world in which one have observed the difficult ignorance living in the so called knowledge. The more one knows, the better one confesses one’s ignorance.

When ambition is combined with ignorance, its result and consequence is fear and frustration. Fear is created as result of such bad combination which ruins those who carry them. IN this case, life gets no meaning and no value since they live in wrong recipe and integration. Thus, society lives in darkness without even realizing it, and the moment it wakes from the couch, it is too late to correct. Then, they ask, Where were we heading, where are we heading? They curse those who lead them and they curse themselves, but they should curse their stupidity and ignorance than any other thing.

Ambition and ignorance are masks that curtain human reality to see the future and light, and the nobility of other beings too. In this case, pride is another element that comes on the table along with fear and their friends. Thus, such form of society lives in isolated island to few periods and times, and they perish and vanish and others will come and take it, if they do not learn, their fate is the same. Wise are they who learn from others than commit same mistakes as others before them did. In this case, We prefer to be silent and watch this drama and theater.

Ignorance is related like the people who live in the world of checking words with alphabets in which few take the spirit, but others take the letters and the words and try to mislead others. Those who take the spirit are guided to the knowledge, but those who take letters and words are found in the middle of chaos since they have bad motive and nonsense way of perceiving realities since this world is not only governed by letters and words, but beyond these, this world is operated by motives, feelings, emotions, and other unseen realities which is beyond the control of anyone. In this case, those who seek knowledge lives in better condition and state of being than those who seek ignorance. Letters and words are games those politicians play, whom we see in every day dying and being replaced by others.